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1220 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An angel come to Earth to help save the world finds himself rescuing one of his own in this fantasy dominated by elaborate CGI effects. Gabriel (Andy Whitfield) is an arc angel who like others of his kind periodically takes human form to help battle the forces of darkness, led by Sammael (Dwaine Stevenson), and rescue humanity from the forces of evil. Gabriel joins six other angels for the latest round of street warfare against the agents of the dark, but en route he encounters Jade (Samantha Noble), a beautiful angel who has succumbed to the temptations of the world of humans and now supports her heroin habit as a streetwalker. Gabriel is immediately drawn to Jade's troubled soul, and takes it upon himself to bring her back to the forces of good, but his efforts to redeem her threaten to keep him away from his mission to defeat the darkness. Gabriel was the first feature film from Australian writer and director Shane Abbess. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Keywords : angel, evil, heroin, prostitute/prostitution, rescue
Fantasy, Supernatural Drama 
Andy Whitfield
Dwaine Stevenson
Samantha Noble
Michael Piccirilli
Jack Campbell
Harry Pavlidis
Kevin Copeland
Brendan Clearkin
1192 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: When fading hitman Roy (Ben Foster) escapes an attempt on his life by a mob boss, he knows he is living on borrowed time. Releasing Raquel (Elle Fanning), a young prostitute also tied up, she latches on to her new protector and they travel to Galveston, Roy’s hometown to plan for retribution and an uncertain fate. The screenplay has been adapted by Melanie Laurent from the novel Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto. --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Criminal's Revenge | Facing Death | Hired Killers | One Against the Mob
Keywords : cancer, hired-killer, hitman, Mafia, prostitute/prostitution, revenge
Drama, Thriller, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller 
Ben Foster ... Roy Cady
Elle Fanning ... Raquel Arceneaux
Beau Bridges ... Stan
Lili Reinhart ... Tiffany
Maria Valverde ... Carmen
Jeffrey Grover ... Doctor Fineli
Christopher Amitrano ... Jay
Mark Hicks ... Lou
Michael Escamilla ... Angelo
278 2/4
The Gambler 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this remake of the James Caan 1974 vehicle The Gambler, an English professor (Mark Wahlberg) who is also a compulsive gambler finds that the only people who will have anything to do with him are those to whom he owes money. Wahlberg stars as Jim Bennett, a lecturer reeling from the death of his beloved grandfather (George Kennedy). His all-or-nothing personality gets him in debt for more than a quarter of a million dollars to the no-nonsense Mr. Lee (Alvin Ing), who runs an illegal gambling den. Jim attempts to play his way out of the hole by borrowing money from vicious criminal Neville Baraka (Michael Kenneth Williams), but his strategy backfires and leaves him owing the latter as well. His wealthy mother (Jessica Lange) initially refuses to give him any more money, which prompts Jim to make contact with Frank (John Goodman), a loan shark who offers to front him the cash he needs, but promises that failure to repay will lead to the death of his "bloodline."
At the same time, Jim teaches a class of college kids about Shakespeare and Camus. His best student, Amy (Brie Larson), openly flirts with him, but he's also preoccupied with trying to get through to Lamar (Anthony Kelley), a star basketball player whom the university higher-ups want him to pass so he can continue to play. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Gambling | Race Against Time
Keywords : addiction, bookie, gambling
Drama, Psychological Drama 
Mark Wahlberg ... Jim Bennett
Brie Larson ... Amy Phillips
Jessica Lange ... Roberta
John Goodman ... Frank
Emory Cohen ... Dexter
Richard Schiff ... Jeweler
George Kennedy ... Ed
Griffin Cleveland ... Young Jim
Omar Leyva ... Valet
Steve Park ... Number 2
Chil Kong ... Blackjack Dealer #1
Da'Vone McDonald ... Neville's Muscle
Amin Joseph ... Neville's Bookkeeper
Cjon Saulsberry ... Neville's Posse
Teebone Mitchell ... Neville's Posse
Alvin Ing ... Mister Lee
Karen Ritchie ... Blackjack Dealer #2
Tina Wang ... Roulette Croupier
Anthony Kelley ... Lamar Allen
Josiah Blount ... Nebbishy Student
Shakira Ja'Nai Paye ... Questioning Student
Melanie McComb ... Mouthy Student
Andre Braugher ... Dean Fuller
Domenick Lombardozzi ... Big Ernie
Chanon Finley ... Pole Dancer
Raquel Pomplun ... Bottle Service Girl
Mattie Hawkinson ... Wide Eyed Student
Lauren Weedman ... Banker
James Wellington ... Indian Casino Dealer
Carlos L. Smith ... Indian Casino Ranchero
Steven Fisher ... Indian Casino Gambler #1
Henry Penzi ... Indian Casino Gambler #2
Steve Kim ... Mister Lee's Heavy #1, Korean Bodyguard #1
Simon Rhee ... Mister Lee's Heavy #2
Leland Orser ... Larry Jones
Todd Tetreault ... ROTC Squad Leader
Trevor Denman ... Horse Race Announcer
Jessika Van ... Sports Bar Waitress
Mike Rylander ... Game Announcer
Marques Johnson ... Game Color Man
Mark Schotz ... Assistant Basketball Coach
Kent Avenido ... Gambling Den Owner
Marc Abbink ... Press Member
Rio Ahn ... Korean Pit Boss
Cham ... Student
Christian Taylor ... Student
Greg Duncan ... Security Consultant
Jennifer Floyd ... Nurse
Jason Her ... Radio Host
Rex Hindrichs ... Donovan Cham (Wildcats Player)
Jahmilla Jackson ... Supporting
Sarunas Jackson ... Wilhelm
Sun Jae Kim ... Gambler Ken
Daniel Mitchell ... Jim's Dad
Monda Scott ... Nurse
Norman Towns ... Brodey
Taylor West ... Female Basketball Player
Steven J. Wong ... Mr. Mahjong
Moses Yim ... Upscale Gambler
1124 2/4
Game Night 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a fictional murder-mystery game set up by Brooks (Kyle Chandler) turns into a real-life kidnapping, hypercompetitive couple Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) must lead their group of game-night friends to rescue him amid twists, changing alliances, and deadly stakes. Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Vacation). Jesse Plemons, Billy Magnussen, and Lamorne Morris co-star. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Kidnapping | Under Siege | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : couple, friendship, games, kidnapping, murder, mystery [whodunit]
Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Action Comedy, Black Comedy 
Jason Bateman ... Max
Rachel McAdams ... Annie
Sharon Horgan ... Sarah
Kyle Chandler ... Brooks
Billy Magnussen ... Ryan
Lamorne Morris ... Kevin
Kylie Bunbury ... Michelle
Jesse Plemons ... Max
Danny Huston ... Anderton
Michael C. Hall ... The Bulgarian
Camille Chen ... Dr. Chin
Joshua Mikel ... Colin
R.F. Daley ... Tats
John Francis Daley ... Carter
Michael Cyril Creighton ... Bill
Brooke Jaye Taylor ... Linda
Jonathan Goldstein ... Dan
Kelly Johns ... Ryan's Date
Steve Witting ... Clowns
Andrew Benator ... Clown
835 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Colin Firth stars in this biopic of famous literary editor Max Perkins, which centers on his personal and professional relationship with eccentric author Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law). As Wolfe becomes consumed with his lengthy novels and begins to alienate his lover Aline Bernstein (Nicole Kidman), Perkins struggles to reel in his talent in order to deliver another best-seller for Scribner Publishing during the 1930s. Laura Linney, Guy Pearce, and Dominic West co-star in director Michael Grandage's debut feature film. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Memory Lane | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Writer's Life
Keywords : author, eccentric, editor, literary, novel
Drama, Period Film 
Colin Firth ... Max Perkins
Jude Law ... Thomas Wolfe
Nicole Kidman ... Aline Bernstein
Laura Linney ... Louise Saunders
Dominic West ... Ernest Hemingway
Guy Pearce ... F. Scott Fitzgerald
Vanessa Kirby ... Zelda Fitzgerald
Miquel Brown ... Eleanor, "Perkins' Maid
Corey Johnson ... John Wheelock
Lucy Briers ... Miss Wyckoff
Harry Attwell ... Assistant Editor
Erick Hayden ... Staff
Ken Hazeldine ... Staff
Richard Clark ... Guest at Purring Woman's Table
Richard Dempsey ... Director
Neville Malcolm ... Band
Joshua Robinson ... Dancer
Andrew Byron ... Grand Central Station Conductor
Jane Perry ... John Hopkins Hospital Nurse
279 2/4
Get Hard 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart headline this Warner Bros. comedy about a wrongfully convicted investment banker who prepares for prison life with the help of the man who washes his car. Etan Cohen directs, with Ian Roberts and Jay Martel handling screenwriting duties. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Cons and Scams | Culture Clash | Fish Out of Water | Men's Friendship | Prison Life | Unlikely Criminals | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : prison
Comedy, Buddy Film, Comedy of Manners, Crime Comedy, Odd Couple Film 
Will Ferrell ... James King
Kevin Hart ... Darnell Lewis
Tip "T.I." Harris
Alison Brie
Craig T. Nelson
894 3/4
Get Out 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young African-American photographer (Daniel Kaluuya) is nervous at the thought of meeting his white girlfriend's parents (Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford) for the first time during a trip to the latter's country estate. However, his anxiety soon turns into outright terror when he discovers that the family's seemingly idyllic community is hiding a sinister conspiracy, one that involves the disappearance of several black people in the area. Jordan Peele, one half of the comedic duo Key & Peele, makes his directorial debut with this horror thriller. Allison Williams, LaKeith Stanfield, and Caleb Landry Jones co-star. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Dysfunctional Families | Family Gatherings | Ghosts | Race Relations
Keywords : Black [race], estate, girlfriend, sinister, White (Caucasian)
Horror, Gothic Film, Supernatural Horror 
Daniel Kaluuya ... Chris Washington
Bradley Whitford ... Dean Armitage
Caleb Landry Jones ... Jeremy Armitage
Stephen Root ... Jim Hudson
LaKeith Stanfield ... Andre Logan Hayworth
Catherine Keener ... Missy Armitage
Marcus Henderson ... Walter
Ashley LeConte Campbell ... Lisa Deets
John Wilmot ... Gordon Greene
Julie Ann Doan ... April Dray
Rutherford Cravens ... Parker Dray
Geraldine Singer ... Philomena King
Richard Herd ... Roman Armitage
Erika Alexander ... Detective Latoya
Ian Casselberry ... Detective Garcia
Trey Burvant ... Officer Ryan
Sean Paul Braud ... Police Officer #2
905 1/4
Ghost in the Shell 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In a future in which humanity and technology have begun to merge, a cybernetically enhanced policewoman (Scarlett Johansson) hunts a mysterious terrorist who can hack into his victims' minds and control their thoughts and memories. Her pursuit eventually leads her to discover the full truth about her traumatic past. Pilou Asbaek, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, and Michael Pitt co-star. Directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman), Ghost in the Shell is based on a popular Japanese manga series, which was already adapted into an iconic anime film of the same name. -- Jack Rodgers

Action, Science Fiction 
Scarlett Johansson ... Major
Pilou Asbæk ... Batou
Juliette Binoche ... Dr. Ouelet
Michael Pitt ... Kuze
Lasarus Ratuere ... Ishikawa
Yutaka Izumihara ... Saito
Tawanda Manyimo ... Borma
Peter Ferdinando ... Cutter
Anamaria Marinca ... Dr. Dahlin
Daniel Henshall ... Skinny Man
Kai Fung Rieck ... Diamond Face
Andrew Stehlin ... No Pupils
Kaori Momoi ... Hairi
Adwoa Aboah ... Lia
Rila Fukushima ... Red Robed Geisha
Pete Teo ... Tony
Xavier Horan ... Section Six Soldier
Kurt Kishita ... Street Hustler
Shinji Ikefuji ... Kinsana
280 1/4
Ghost Rider 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a motorcycle-riding stuntman offers his soul to Mephistopheles in order to save the life of the one he loves most, he is forced to play host to a powerful supernatural entity whose flaming skull visage strikes fear into the heart of his enemies in this feature-film version of the long-running comic series. By day, Johnny Blaze (actor and comic-book devotee Nicolas Cage) is one of the world's best-known stuntmen, but when the sun goes down and he is in the presence of evil, the death-defying daredevil bursts into flames to become the indestructible, motorcycle-riding antihero known to the world as the Ghost Rider. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Deal With the Devil | Curses and Spells | Metamorphosis | Out For Revenge
Keywords : deal-with-the-devil, biker, motorcycling, revenge, Satan
Action, Superhero Film, Supernatural Thriller 
Nicolas Cage ... Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider
Eva Mendes ... Roxanne Simpson
Wes Bentley ... Blackheart
Sam Elliott ... Caretaker
Donal Logue ... Mack
Matt Long ... Young Johnny Blaze
Peter Fonda ... Mephistopheles
Brett Cullen ... Barton Blaze
Raquel Alessi ... Young Roxanne Simpson
Tony Ghosthawk ... Team Blaze Member
Hugh Sexton ... Team Blaze Member
Marcus Jones ... Team Blaze Member
Eddie Baroo ... Motorcycle Gang Member
Jessica Napier ... Broken Spoke Waitress
Daniel Frederiksen ... Wallow
Kirstie Hutton ... Amy Page
Gibson Nolte ... Stuart
Ryan Johnson ... Waiter
Jonathon Oldham ... Motorcycle Cop
Peter Callan ... Station Master
Rebel Wilson ... Girl in Alley
Peter Barry ... The Mugger
Bruce Hughes ... Penance Stare Pharmacist
Rita Kalnejais ... Penance Stare Mugger's Girlfriend
David Roberts ... Captain Dolan
Arthur Angel ... Officer Edwards
Jason Raftopoulos ... Forensics Reporter
Brett Swain ... Guard
Duncan Young ... Skinhead
Joel Tobeck ... Redneck
Jacob Vanderpuije ... Innocent Young Man
Fabio Robles ... Priest
Charlie Garber ... Officer Mackie
Richard Cox ... Helicopter Pilot
897 1/4
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Crank co-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor helm this sequel to 2007's Ghost Rider that finds Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) summoning his infernal alter ego to help rescue a ten-year-old boy from the Devil incarnate. Tracked to a secluded area of Eastern Europe and approached by a clandestine sect of the church with word that the apocalypse is at hand, Johnny realizes that his only hope for breaking the curse of the Ghost Rider is to prevent the Devil (Ciaran Hinds) from taking possession of a young boy (Fergus Riordan) who may be humanity's last hope against the forces of darkness. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Curses and Spells | Deal With the Devil | Demonic Possession
Keywords : boy, rescue, biker, revenge, Satan
Action, Action Comedy 
Nicolas Cage ... Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider
Ciarán Hinds ... Roarke
Violante Placido ... Nadya
Idris Elba ... Moreau
Johnny Whitworth ... Ray Carrigan
Spencer Wilding ... Grannik
Sorin Tofan ... Kurdish
Jacek Koman ... Terrokov
Anthony Head ... Benedict
Cristian Iacob ... Vasil
Christopher Lambert ... Methodius
Jai Stefan ... Krakchev
Vincent Regan ... Toma Nikasevic
Ionut Cristian Lefter ... Young Johnny Blaze
Will Ashcroft ... Grey Suited Man
Sabina Branduse ... Nurse
Tobias Ojerfalk ... Dude (Forest)
Adina Galupa ... Girl (Forest)
Alin Panc ... EMT Worker
281 4/4
The Ghost Writer 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A ghostwriter stumbles onto a secret that places his life in danger as he takes down the life story of a former U.K. prime minister in this Roman Polanski-helmed adaptation of the Robert Harris novel. Convinced by his agent that he's been granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, talented British screenwriter "The Ghost" (Ewan McGregor) agrees to aid British prime minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) in completing his memoirs after the leader's former aide dies under mysterious circumstances. Almost immediately after The Ghost arrives at a remote mansion in the U.S. to begin working with the prime minister, Lang is accused of committing a war crime by a former British cabinet minister. Amidst a deluge of protestors and reporters, The Ghost delves into the unfinished manuscript and comes to the terrifying conclusion that his predecessor died because he discovered a link between Prime Minister Lang and the CIA. The more information The Ghost uncovers, the more convinced he becomes that his life could be in danger as well. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Conspiracies | Political Corruption | Writer's Life
Keywords : secrets, ghost-writer, Prime-Minister
Thriller, Political Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Ewan McGregor ... The Ghost
Pierce Brosnan ... Adam Lang
Kim Cattrall ... Amelia Bly
Olivia Williams ... Ruth Lang
Tom Wilkinson ... Paul Emmett
Eli Wallach ... Old Man
Timothy Hutton ... Sidney Kroll
Robert Pugh ... Robert Rycart
David Rintoul ... Stranger
Jon Bernthal ... Rick Rickardelli
Tim Preece ... Roy
Anna Botting ... SKY TV Newsreader
Yvonne Tomlinson ... Stewardess
Milton Welch ... Taxi Driver
Alister Mazzotti ... Protection Officer No. 1
Tim Faraday ... Barry
Soogi Kang ... Dep
John Keogh ... Protection Officer No. 2
Hans-Peter Sussner ... Protection Officer No. 3
Stuart Austen ... Protection Officer No. 4
Marianne Graffam ... Lucy
Morgane Polanski ... Hotel Receptionist
Andy Güting ... Protection Officer No. 5
Glenn Conroy ... Barman
Robert Seeliger ... CNN Newscaster
Clayton Nemrow ... Journalist
Julia Kratz ... Woman with Bullhorn
Nyasha Hatendi ... Josh
Daphne Alexander ... Connie
Angelique Fernandez ... War Crimes Prosecutor
Michael S. Ruscheinsky ... CNN Reporter
Mo Asumang ... U.S. Secretary of State
Sylke Ferber ... Island Ferry Attendant
Desiree Erasmus ... Nancy Emmett
Errol Shaker ... Mainland Ferry Attendant
Errol Harewood ... C.I.A. Agent on Ferry
Talin Lopez ... C.I.A. Agent on Ferry
Joel Kirby ... Motel Receptionist
Regine Hentschel ... Diner Waitress
Jeff Burrell ... Frank
Daniel Sutton ... Hatherton Stewart
Eben Young ... FBI Agent
Jaymes Butler ... FBI Agent
987 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson star as a quartet of Manhattan-based "paranormal investigators". When their government grants run out, the former three go into business as The Ghostbusters, later hiring Hudson on. Armed with electronic paraphernalia, the team is spectacularly successful, ridding The Big Apple of dozens of ghoulies, ghosties and long-legged beasties. Tight-lipped bureaucrat William Atherton regards the Ghostbusters as a bunch of charlatans, but is forced to eat his words when New York is besieged by an army of unfriendly spirits, conjured up by a long-dead Babylonian demon and "channelled" through beautiful cellist Sigourney Weaver and nerdish Rick Moranis. The climax is a glorious sendup of every Godzilla movie ever made-and we daresay it cost more than a year's worth of Japanese monster flicks combined. Who'd ever dream that the chubby, cheery Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man would turn out to be the most malevolent threat ever faced by New York City? When the script for Ghostbusters was forged by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, John Belushi was slated to play the Bill Murray role; Belushi's death in 1982 not only necessitated the hiring of Murray, but also an extensive rewrite. The most expensive comedy made up to 1984, Ghostbusters made money hand over fist, spawning not only a 1989 sequel but also two animated TV series (one of them partially based on an earlier live-action TV weekly, titled The Ghost Busters. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Gutbusters
Themes : Underdogs | Heroic Mission | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : ghost, hearse, paranormal, demonic-possession, firehouse, scientist, skyscraper, city, library, ballroom, cello, college, friendship, refrigerator
Attributes : High Production Values
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Bill Murray ... Peter Venkman
Dan Aykroyd ... Raymond Stantz
Sigourney Weaver ... Dana Barrett
Harold Ramis ... Egon Spengler
Ernie Hudson ... Winston Zeddmore
Rick Moranis ... Louis Tully/The Key Master
Annie Potts ... Janine Melnitz
William Atherton ... Walter Peck
David Margulies ... Mayor
Steven Tash ... Student
Slavitza Jovan ... Gozer
Michael Ensign ... Hotel Manager
Alice Drummond ... Librarian
Rhoda Gemignani ... Real Estate Woman
Ric Mancini ... Cop at Apartment
Frantz Turner ... Reporter
Larry Dilg ... Con Edison Man
Winston May ... Businessman Vendor
Jennifer Runyon ... Jennifer
Jordan Charney ... Dean Yeager
Timothy Carhart ... Violinist
John Rothman ... Library Administrator
Tom McDermott ... Archbishop
Roger Grimsby ... Himself
Larry King ... Himself
Casey Kasem ... Himself
Murray Rubin ... Man at Elevator
Danny Stone ... Coachman
Patty Dworkin ... Woman at Party
Jean Kasem ... Tall Woman at Party
Frances E. Nealy ... Chambermaid
Sam Moses ... Hot Dog Vendor
Christopher Wynkoop ... TV Reporter
Tommy Hollis ... Mayor's Aide
Stanley Grover ... Reporter
James Hardie ... Reporter
Nancy Kelly ... Reporter
Carol Henry ... Reporter
Eda Reiss Merin ... Louis' Neighbor
Ruth Oliver ... Library Ghost
Joe Cirillo ... Police Captain
Kymberly Herrin ... Dream Ghost
Norman Matlock ... Fire Commissioner
John Ring ... Fire Commissioner
Paddi Edwards ... Gozer(uncredited)
Jason Reitman ... Birthday party kid
Reginald VelJohnson ... Jail Guard
833 2/4
Ghostbusters 2016 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two paranormal researchers (Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy) join forces with a nuclear engineer (Kate McKinnon) and a subway attendant (Leslie Jones) to fight off a slew of ghosts that have invaded New York City. Eventually, they come face-to-face with an evil entity who can control human beings. Chris Hemsworth co-stars as the ladies' hunky receptionist. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) directed this reboot of the 1980s franchise; Ivan Reitman, director of both the original film and Ghostbusters II, produced. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : hearse, paranormal, ghost, hunter, parapsychologist
Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Horror Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Kristen Wiig ... Erin Gilbert
Melissa McCarthy ... Abby Yates
Kate McKinnon ... Jillian Holtzman
Charles Dance ... Harold Filmore
Chris Hemsworth ... Kevin
Sigourney Weaver ... Rebecca Gorin
Ernie Hudson ... Uncle Bill
Dan Aykroyd ... Cabbie
Zach Woods ... Tour Guide
Karan Soni ... Bennie
Ed Begley, Jr. ... Ed Mulgrave
Steve Higgins ... Dean
David "Gruber" Allen ... Electrocuted Ghost
Katie Dippold ... Rental Agent
Nathan Corddry ... Graffiti Artist
Pat Kiernan ... NY1 News Anchor #1
Bill Murray ... Martin Heiss
Michael McDonald ... Jonathan The Theater Manager
Eugene Cordero ... Bass Guitarist
Ryan Levine ... Rock Guitarist
Theodore Shapiro ... Keyboardist
Ozzy Osbourne ... Famous Rock Star
Jeanine Ramirez ... Reporter Outside Theater
Jessica Chaffin ... Waitress
Jamie Denbo ... Waitress
Toby Huss ... Officer Stevenson
Matt Walsh ... Agent Rorke
Andy Garcia ... Mayor Bradley
Cecily Strong ... Jennifer Lynch
Annie Potts ... Desk Clerk
Sam Richardson ... Basement Cop
Steve Bannos ... Flasher Ghost
Tom Yi ... Flashed Man
Susan Park ... Flashed Woman
Milana Vayntrub ... Subway Rat Woman
Anthony Viveiros ... Police Officer
Stephen "Twitch" Boss ... Police Officer
282 2/4
The Gift 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Supernatural horror meets character drama in this Sam Raimi-directed thriller. Set in Georgia, the film concerns a widowed mother named Annie (Cate Blanchett) who is blessed with the ability to have psychic visions. When Annie is asked to use her powers to investigate the murder of a rich society girl (Katie Holmes) who was engaged to a local high school principal (Greg Kinnear), she finds her "gift" is as destructive as it is helpful. Many of the townspeople have mixed regard for Annie's abilities, including an abusive husband (Keanu Reeves) and his brutalized wife (Hilary Swank) (the former threatens Annie and her children with taunts that she is a devil) as well as a deeply troubled auto mechanic (Giovanni Ribisi) who may hold a key to the events in question. The Georgia residents soon find themselves all suspects in the investigation, and Annie is forced to confront past demons while still trying to help solve the mystery. The Gift was co-written by Billy Bob Thornton, who appeared in another of Raimi's thrillers, A Simple Plan. -- Jason Clark

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Psychic Abilities | Murder Investigations | Small-Town Life | Southern Gothic
Keywords : domestic-violence, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), mechanic, murder, psychic, sheriff, widow/widower
Attributes : Sleeper
Mystery, Supernatural Drama, Whodunit 
Cate Blanchett ... Annie Wilson
Giovanni Ribisi ... Buddy Cole
Keanu Reeves ... Donnie Barksdale
Katie Holmes ... Jessica King
Greg Kinnear ... Wayne Collins
Hilary Swank ... Valerie Barksdale
Michael Jeter ... Gerald Weems
Kim Dickens ... Linda
Gary Cole ... David Duncan
Rosemary Harris ... Annie's Granny
J.K. Simmons ... Sheriff Pearl Johnson
Chelcie Ross ... Kenneth King
John Beasley ... Albert Hawkins
1051 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A bachelor named Frank (Chris Evans) tries his best to raise his seven-year-old niece Mary (McKenna Grace) in rural Florida. But when it's revealed that Mary is a budding math prodigy, Frank gets into a custody battle with his mother (Lindsay Duncan) over what's best for her future. Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate co-star in this drama directed by Marc Webb. --

Moods : A Good Cry | Only Human
Chris Evans ... Frank Adler
Lindsay Duncan ... Evelyn Adler
McKenna Grace ... Mary Adler
Jenny Slate ... Bonnie
John M. Jackson ... Judge Edward Nichols
Glenn Plummer ... Greg Cullen
John Finn ... Aubrey Highsmith
Elizabeth Marvel ... Gloria Davis
Candace B. Harris ... Carly Rosen
Jon Sklaroff ... Seymore Shankland
Julie Ann Emery ... Pat Golding
Keir O'Donnell ... Bradley Pollard
Maia Moss-Fife ... Amanda Dibbons
Joe Chrest ... Kevin Larsen
Danielle Deadwyler ... Animal Shelter Worker
Jack Landry ... Veterinarian
Desmond Phillips ... New Father
875 2/4
The Girl on the Train 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A recent divorcée (Emily Blunt) fantasizes about a couple (Luke Evans and Haley Bennett) whose house she passes each day on her commuter train ride. Soon, she becomes entangled in a mystery involving not only the couple, but her former husband (Justin Theroux) and his new family. Rebecca Ferguson co-stars. Tate Taylor directed this psychological thriller, which was adapted from the 2015 best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Head Trips
Themes : Alcoholism | Infidelity | Murder Investigations | Witnessing a Crime
Keywords : alcoholic, alcoholism, jealousy, missing-person, suspect
Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Whodunit 
Emily Blunt ... Rachel
Rebecca Ferguson ... Anna
Haley Bennett ... Megan
Justin Theroux ... Tom
Luke Evans ... Scott
Allison Janney ... Detective Riley
Edgar Ramirez ... Dr. Kamal Abdic
Lisa Kudrow ... Martha
Laura Prepon ... Cathy
Cleta Ellington ... Oyster Bar Woman
Lana Young ... Doctor
283 3/4
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A discredited journalist (Daniel Craig) and a mysterious computer hacker discover that even the wealthiest families have skeletons in their closets while working to solve the mystery of a 40-year-old murder in this David Fincher-directed remake of the 2009 Swedish thriller of the same name. Inspired by late author Stieg Larsson's successful trilogy of books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets under way as the two leads (Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara) are briefed in the disappearance of Harriet Vanger, whose uncle suspects she may have been killed by a member of their own family. The deeper they dig for the truth, however, the greater the risk of being buried alive by members of the family, who will go to great lengths to keep their secrets tightly sealed. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Amateur Sleuths | Dysfunctional Families | Members of the Press | Missing Persons | Murder Investigations
Keywords : family-secrets, hacker, murder, writer, journalism, missing-person
Thriller, Detective Film 
Daniel Craig ... Mikael Blomkvist
Rooney Mara ... Lisbeth Salander
Christopher Plummer ... Henrik Vanger
Stellan Skarsgård ... Martin Vanger
Steven Berkoff ... Frode
Robin Wright ... Erika Berger
Yorick Van Wageningen ... Bjurman
Joely Richardson ... Anita Vanger
Geraldine James ... Cecilia
Goran Visnjic ... Armansky
Donald Sumpter ... Detective Morell
Ulf Friberg ... Wennerström
Bengt Carlsson ... Palmgren
Tony Way ... Plague
Per Myrberg ... Harald
Josefin Asplund ... Pernilla
Eva Fritjofson ... Anna
Moa Garpendal ... Harriet
Maia Hansson Bergqvist ... Young Anna
Sarah Appelberg ... Young Cecilia
Julian Sands ... Young Henrik
Anna Bjork ... Young Isabella
Gustaf Hammarsten ... Young Harald
Simon Reithner ... Young Martin
David Dencik ... Young Morell
Marcus Johansson ... Young Nilsson
Mathilda Von Essen ... Young Anita
Mathias Palmer ... Young Birger
Martin Jarvis ... Birger
Reza Debahn ... Hussein
Anders Berg ... Young Frode
Anders Jansson ... Doctor
Jurgen Klein ... Gottfried
Karl Josephson ... Tech at MacJesus
Sandra Andreis ... Photo Editor
Arly Jover ... Liv
Pierre Sjö Östergren ... Tattoo Artist
Tess Panzer ... TV Newscaster
Alastair Duncan ... Greger
Alan Dale ... Detective Isaksson
Julia Rose ... Nurse
Peter Carlberg ... Hardware Clerk
Jan Abramson ... Forsman
Lena Stromdahl ... Mildred
Anne-Li Norberg ... Lindgren
Leo Bill ... Trinity
Marco Albrecht ... Junkie
Martina Lotun ... Reporter at Vanger
Anna Carlson ... FSA Official
Yvonne Ästrand ... FSA Reporter
Fredrik Dolk ... Wennerström's Lawyer
Christian Heller ... Banker
Werner Biermeier ... Banker
Christine Adams ... Barbados TV Reporter
Peter Hottinger ... Zurich TV Reporter
Joyce Giraud ... Spain TV Reporter
Bengt Wallgren ... Tailor
Elodie Yung ... Miriam Wu
Anna Charlotta Gunnarson ... Reporter
Andreas Björklund ... Reporter
Embeth Davidtz ... Annika Blomkvist
Joel Kinnaman ... Christer Malm
Karen E. Wright ... Magda Lovison
Leah Almada Harshaw ... Book of Death Victim
George Gerdes ... Udevalla Detective
284 2/4
Girl, Interrupted 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1967, 19-year-old Susanna (Winona Ryder) feels that "reality is becoming too dense" and is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. The doctor suggests to her parents that she be committed to the Claymore Hospital, and she spends the next 18 months struggling with her troubled psyche and the bizarre world of the institution. Susanna bonds with several other patients, including Lisa (Angelina Jolie), Polly (Elizabeth Moss), and Georgina (Clea DuVall). As she realizes that Lisa is potentially dangerous and truly needs help, Susanna begins to work harder with her psychiatrist (Vanessa Redgrave) and the nurse on the ward (Whoopi Goldberg). But Susanna soon learns that getting out of the hospital is not as easy as getting in. Girl, Interrupted was based on the autobiography of Susanna Kaysen, who really did spend a year-and-a-half in the McLean Psychiatric Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. -- Mark Deming

Moods : A Good Cry | Angsty
Themes : Dangerous Friends | Doctors and Patients | Mental Illness | Therapy
Keywords : abuse, authority, disorder, identity-crisis, mental-institution, patient [medical], sexuality
Drama, Psychological Drama, Coming-of-Age, Melodrama 
Winona Ryder ... Susanna Kaysen
Angelina Jolie ... Lisa
Clea Duvall ... Georgia
Brittany Murphy ... Daisy
Elisabeth Moss ... Polly
Jared Leto ... Tobias Jacobs
Jeffrey Tambor ... Dr. Potts
Vanessa Redgrave ... Dr. Wick
Whoopi Goldberg ... Valerie
Mary Kay Place ... Mrs. Gilcrest
Jillian Armenante ... Cynthia
Angela Bettis ... Janet
Joanna Kerns ... Mrs. Kaysen
Travis Fine ... John
Kurtwood Smith ... Dr. Crumble
1020 2/4
Girls Trip 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Four gal pals (Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah) decide they need to take a vacation together after five years apart, and head to New Orleans to have a wild time at the Essence Festival. There, they party hard while confronting their personal issues and romantic dilemmas. Larenz Tate, Kofi Siriboe, Mike Colter, Kate Walsh, and Deborah Ayorinde co-star. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man). --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Infidelity | Party Film | Single Life | Women's Friendship
Keywords : adultery, Black [race], friendship, marriage-trap, middle-age, sexuality
Comedy, Black Comedy, Road Movie, Sex Comedy 
Queen Latifah ... Sasha
Jada Pinkett Smith ... Lisa
Regina Hall ... Ryan
Larenz Tate ... Julian
Tiffany Haddish ... Dina
Kate Walsh ... Elizabeth
Mike Colter ... Stewart
Kofi Siriboe ... Malik
Lara Grice ... Bethany
Janeline Condez Hayes ... Print Reporter
Ricky Wayne ... Ted
Donna Biscoe ... Delores
Ann McKenzie ... Elderly White Woman
John Wilmot ... Elderly White Man
Mikki Val ... Women Fan
Tonea Stewart ... Aunt Marion
Anthony Frederick ... Security Guard
Robert Miano ... Hobo Bob
Ralph Tresvant ... Himself
Johnny Gill ... Himself
Iyanla Vanzant ... Herself
Common ... Himself
Sean Combs ... Himself
Faith Evans ... Herself
Ne-Yo ... Himself
Terry McMillan ... Herself
Morris Chestnut ... Himself
Gabrielle Dennis ... Herself
Lorraine Toussaint ... Herself
Ava DuVernay ... Herself
Mike Epps ... Absinthe Dealer
Jaren Mitchell ... Vendor
William Levy ... Himself
Brianna Nowlin ... Simone's Crew
Wanetah Walmsley ... Young Chick/Simone's Crew
Kyle Clements ... Officer Sims
Kevin Frazier ... Himself
Damon Lipari ... Bartender
Mariah Carey ... Herself
Doug E. Fresh ... Himself
MC Lyte ... Herself
285 2/4
The Giver 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young man living in a future where complacency is valued above all else discovers the sinister secrets that hold his fragile society together after being selected to become the Receiver of Memory in this adaptation of author Lois Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning young-adult novel. Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) was raised to believe that conformity is the key to contentment. The society Jonas lives in is a peaceful one, in large part because their collective memories have been entrusted to the Giver (Jeff Bridges). A mysterious yet seemingly benevolent figure, the Giver is the sole guardian of the community's dark and hidden history. When that history is revealed to Jonas over the course of his illuminating sessions with the Giver, the young man learns that the wisdom he now holds could dictate the fate of the entire society. Later, as the weight of that responsibility becomes too great a burden for Jonas to bear, he realizes that his only hope of saving the ones he loves most is to flee. Unfortunately for Jonas and perhaps his entire world, every previous attempt to escape has ended in failure. Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, and Katie Holmes star in a film from director Phillip Noyce (Rabbit-Proof Fence, The Quiet American). -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Chosen One | Future Dystopias
Keywords : society
Drama, Fantasy Drama, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Jeff Bridges ... The Giver
Meryl Streep ... Chief Elder
Brenton Thwaites ... Jonas
Alexander Skarsgård ... Father
Katie Holmes ... Mother
Odeya Rush ... Fiona
Taylor Swift ... Rosemary
Cameron Monaghan ... Asher
Emma Tremblay ... Lily
286 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A man robbed of his name and his dignity strives to win them back, and gain the freedom of his people, in this epic historical drama from director Ridley Scott. In the year 180, the death of emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) throws the Roman Empire into chaos. Maximus (Russell Crowe) is one of the Roman army's most capable and trusted generals and a key advisor to the emperor. As Marcus' devious son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) ascends to the throne, Maximus is set to be executed. He escapes, but is captured by slave traders. Renamed Spaniard and forced to become a gladiator, Maximus must battle to the death with other men for the amusement of paying audiences. His battle skills serve him well, and he becomes one of the most famous and admired men to fight in the Colosseum. Determined to avenge himself against the man who took away his freedom and laid waste to his family, Maximus believes that he can use his fame and skill in the ring to avenge the loss of his family and former glory. As the gladiator begins to challenge his rule, Commodus decides to put his own fighting mettle to the test by squaring off with Maximus in a battle to the death. Gladiator also features Derek Jacobi, Connie Nielsen, Djimon Hounsou, and Oliver Reed, who died of a heart attack midway through production. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Righting the Wronged | Heroic Mission | Fall From Power
Keywords : arena, colosseum, emperor, General, Roman-Empire, sister, slavery
Attributes : High Budget
Epic, Drama, Sword-and-Sandal, Costume Adventure, Historical Epic 
Russell Crowe ... Maximus
Joaquin Phoenix ... Commodus
Connie Nielsen ... Lucilla
Oliver Reed ... Proximo
Derek Jacobi ... Gracchus
Djimon Hounsou ... Juba
Richard Harris ... Marcus Aurelius
David Schofield ... Falco
John Shrapnel ... Gaius
Tomas Arana ... Quintus
Ralph Moeller ... Hagen
Spencer Treat Clark ... Lucius
David Hemmings ... Cassius
Giorgio Cantarini ... Maximus' Son
Omid Djalili
287 2/4
Glory Road 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A true-life story of a basketball team who broke down barriers while racking up victories is the basis for this sports drama. Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) was a high school and college basketball star who, after six years of working with high school teams, became the head coach at Texas Western University in 1962. At that time, Texas Western's basketball program was not well respected, but Haskins was determined to change that, and in 1966 Haskins assembled what he was certain was a winning team. However, Haskins' starting lineup was comprised entirely of African-American athletes at a time when racially integrated teams were still a novelty in the South and West. Despite generating a firestorm of controversy, Haskins and his players showed they could succeed where it counted -- on the court. In post-season play Haskins and the Texas Western team found themselves competing for the NCAA championship against the University of Kentucky's all-white team, lead by legendary coach Adolph Rupp (Jon Voight). Glory Road also stars Derek Luke, Alphonso McAuley, Mehcad Brooks, Al Shearer, Damaine Radcliff, Sam Jones III, and Schin S. Kerr as members of Haskins' winning team. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Basketball Players | Underdogs | Coaches and Players | Race Relations
Keywords : college-sports, racial-tension, basketball, discrimination, university, controversial
Drama, Docudrama, Sports Drama 
Josh Lucas ... Don Haskins
Derek Luke ... Bobby Joe Hill
Jon Voight ... Adolph Rupp
Emily Deschanel ... Mary Haskins
Evan Jones ... Moe Iba
Austin Nichols ... Jerry Armstrong
Sam Jones III ... Willie Worsley
Tatyana Ali ... Tina
Alphonso McAuley ... Orsten Artis
Mehcad Brooks ... Harry Flournoy, Jr.
Red West ... Ross Moore
Damaine Radcliff ... Willie "Scoops" Cager
Al Shearer ... Nevil Shed
Kip Weeks ... Togo Railey
Mitch Eakins ... Dick Meyers
James Olivard ... Louie Baudoin
288 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The king of all monsters returns in this Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production helmed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters). As the story opens in Japan, we find dedicated nuclear power-plant manager Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) so caught up in his work that he forgets it's his birthday. Sending his young son Ford off to school before reporting to the plant with his wife Sandra (Juliette Binoche), who works in the reactor, Joe begins to suspect that some suspiciously patterned seismic activity may be something more sinister than shifting tectonic plates He's right, too, because when the plant goes into meltdown mode and Sandra gets caught on the wrong side of the containment door, a massive cover-up ensues. Fifteen years later, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has become a bomb-disposal expert in the U.S. military. He's just returned home to his wife Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and their son Sam (Carson Bolde) when he gets word that Joe been arrested in Japan. Long estranged from his father, who was written off as a conspiracy theorist for his failed efforts to prove the Japanese government was attempting to hide something about the earlier disaster, Ford nevertheless ventures to Japan to get him out of jail, and reluctantly agrees to join him in traveling to their old home in the quarantined zone. Subsequently taken into custody, the pair end up in the very plant where Joe used to work, and where scientists Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins) are studying a massive cocoon-like structure that appears to feed on radiation. The situation turns critical when the events of the present begin to mirror those of the past, and a terrifying winged-creature dubbed a "MUTO" is unleashed. Meanwhile, as the military attempts to devise a plan to destroy the beast, signals indicate that it had been calling out to something before it broke free, and the scientists learn that it has awoken a towering, godlike leviathan that has lied dormant for centuries, and may be mankind's only hope for restoring the balance of nature. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Kaiju | Heroic Mission | Race Against Time | Fathers and Sons
Keywords : cover-up, creature, destruction, devastation, forces [military], Godzilla, lizard, military, monster, nuclear-scientist, nuclear-weapon, radiation, soldier
Science Fiction, Creature Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Aaron Taylor-Johnson ... Ford Brody
Elizabeth Olsen ... Elle Brody
Bryan Cranston ... Joe Brody
David Strathairn ... Admiral William Stenz
Juliette Binoche ... Sandra Brody
Richard T. Jones ... Captain Russell Hampton
Carson Bolde ... Sam Brody
Sally Hawkins ... Vivienne Graham
Victor Rasuk ... Sergeant Tre Morales
Patrick Sabongui ... Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz
Jared Keeso ... Jump Master
Luc Roderique ... Bomb Tracker
James Pizzinato ... HALO Jumper
Catherine Lough Haggquist ... PO #1 Martinez
Eric Keenleyside ... Boyd
Primo Allon ... Mine Team Member
George Allen Gumapac Jr. ... Lead Guerilla Fighter
Ken Yamamura ... Takashi
Hiro Kanagawa ... Hayato
Kevan Ohtsji ... Nervous Engineer
Kasey Ryne Mazak ... Team Member #1
Terry Chen ... Team Member #2
Mas Morimoto ... Team Member #3
James Dever ... Captain Freeman
Yuko Kiyama ... Mom in Japanese Jail Waiting Room
Takeshi Kurokawa ... Dad in Japanese Jail Waiting Room
James Yoshizawa ... Goth Dressed Boy
Jason Furukawa ... Gruff Smuggler
Brian Markinson ... Whelan
Ty Olsson ... Jainway
Al Sapienza ... Huddleson
Gardiner Millar ... Fitzgerald
Kurt Max Runte ... Crow's Nest Tech #2
Peter Shinkoda ... Muto Crow's Nest Tech #1
Derrick Yamanaka ... Muto Base Camp Guard
Peter Kawasaki ... Muto Crane Operator
Jason Riki Kosuge ... Muto Base Camp Security #1
Jill Teed ... Head Nurse
Dean Redman ... National Guard #1
Anthony Konechny ... Thach
Eli Goree ... PO #3
Jake Cunanan ... Akio
Yuki Morita ... Akio's Mother
Warren Takeuchi ... Akio's Father
Chuck Church ... Survivor
Dalias Blake ... Missle Tech #1
Lane Edwards ... Missle Tech #2
Todd Scott ... Transport Vessel Soldier
Zoe Krivatsy ... Young Girl on Beach
Serge M. Krivatsy ... Father on Beach
Lise Krivatsy ... Mother on Beach
Josh Cowdery ... Pilot
Steven M. Murdzia ... Beret Leader
Keo Woolford ... Airport Worker
Lynne Halevi ... Older Woman at Beach Bar
Martin Kogan ... Older Man at Beach Bar
Sandy Ritz ... FEMA Worker
Toby Levins ... Lead Lightning Pilot
Eric Breker ... Army Soldier
Jesse Reid ... Ordinance Tech
Aaron Pearl ... Evacuation Worker #1
Amy Fox ... Evacuation Worker #2
Rich Paul ... Officer
Kyle Riefsnyder ... SFPD Cop
Michael Denis ... Golden Gate Navy Man on Deck
Melody B. Choi ... SF School Bus Kid #1
Justin Blayne Lowery ... Praying Soldier
Marci T. House ... Government Spokesperson
Chris Shields ... Dispatch Officer
Zach Martin ... Airman
Darren Dolynski ... Civilian Analyst #1
P. Lynn Johnson ... Civilian Analyst #2
Leif Havdale ... SF Ground Troop #3
Antonio Anagaran ... Airforce Loadmaster
Kevin O'Grady ... Bucket Brigadier
Zachary Choe ... Akio Photo Double
1044 1/4
Going in Style 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Three elderly friends and retired steelworkers (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin) are outraged to learn that their pension fund has been raided by a shady corporation. In response, they decide to rob one of the corporation's banks to get their hard-earned money back. Written by Theodore Melfi (St. Vincent) and directed by Zach Braff (Garden State), this crime comedy is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name. Joey King, Ann-Margret, Matt Dillon, and Christopher Lloyd co-star. --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Only Human
Themes : Bank Robbery | Golden Years | Perfect Crime | Unlikely Criminals
Keywords : bank-robbery, elder, elderly, retirement, robbery
Comedy, Crime, Buddy Film, Caper, Crime Comedy 
Morgan Freeman ... Willie
Michael Caine ... Joe
Alan Arkin ... Albert
Ann-Margret ... Annie
Joey King ... Brooklyn
Matt Dillon ... FBI Agent Hamer
Christopher Lloyd ... Milton
John Ortiz ... Jesus
Peter Serafinowicz ... Murphy
Kenan Thompson ... Keith
Josh Pais ... Chuck Lofton
Maria Dizzia ... Rachel Harding
Anthony Chisholm ... Knights Grandmaster Paul
Jeremy Bobb ... Donald Lewis
Seth Barrish ... Dr. Helton
Ashley Aufderheide ... Kanika
Jeremy Shinder ... Ezra Bronkowski
Barbara Ann Davison ... Lady in Electric Shopping Cart
Jojo Gonzalez ... Male Security Guard
Jessica Perez ... Waitress at Steakhouse
Kenneth Maharaj ... FBI Crime Tech
Lolita Foster ... O.R. Nurse
962 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An American businessman named Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey), who has driven his family's mining company into the ground, tries to reverse his fortunes by prospecting for gold in the jungles of Indonesia. With the help of an experienced geologist (Edgar Ramirez), Wells actually manages to unearth a massive gold deposit, but he is soon forced to protect his find from ruthless Wall Street traders. Bryce Dallas Howard co-stars. Directed by Stephen Gaghan, Gold was inspired by a true story. --

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Americans Abroad | Obsessive Quests
Keywords : American [nationality], businessperson, gold, Indonesia, jungle, prospector, search
Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Odd Couple Film 
Matthew McConaughey ... Kenny Wells
Edgar Ramirez ... Mike Acosta
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Kaylene
Macon Blair ... Connie Wright
Adam Le Fevre ... Bobby Burns
Frank Wood ... Scottie Nevins
Toby Kebbell ... FBI Agent Jennings
Joshua Harto ... Lloyd Stanton
Stacy Keach ... Clive Coleman
Corey Stoll ... Brian Woolf
Bill Camp ... Hollis Dresher
Bruce Greenwood ... Mark Hancock
Stafford Douglas ... Henry Andrews
Rachel Taylor ... Rachel
Michael Landes ... Binkert
Timothy Simons ... Jackson
289 3/4
The Golden Compass 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young girl embarks on a perilous journey to rescue her best friend and fight the forces of darkness in director Chris Weitz's adaptation of the first installment of author Philip Pullman's best-selling fantasy trilogy. Screen newcomer Dakota Blue Richards stars as young heroine Lyra Belacqua, Casino Royale star Daniel Craig appears as Lyra's ruthless adventurer uncle, Lord Asriel, and Nicole Kidman assumes the glamorous guise of the villainous Mrs. Coulter. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Kidnapping | Witches | Metamorphosis
Keywords : adventurer, parallel-dimensions, rescue, shapeshifter, witch
Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Nicole Kidman ... Mrs. Coulter
Dakota Blue Richards ... Lyra Belacqua
Daniel Craig ... Lord Asriel
Sam Elliott ... Lee Scoresby
Eva Green ... Serafina Pekkala
Christopher Lee ... First High Councilor
Tom Courtenay ... Farder Coram
Derek Jacobi ... Magisterial Emissary
Adam Godley ... Pantalaimon
Simon McBurney ... Fra Pavel
Jim Carter ... John Faa
Nonso Anozie ... Iorek Byrinson
Charlie Rowe ... Iorek Byrinson
Clare Higgins ... Ma Costa
Jack Shepherd ... Master
Magda Szubanski ... Mrs. Lonsdale
Edward de Souza ... Second High Councilor
John Bett ... Thorold
Ian McKellen ... Iorek Byrnison
Ian McShane ... Ragnar Sturlusson
John Franklyn-Robbins ... Librarian
Freddie Highmore ... Pantalaimon
Kathy Bates ... Hester
Paul Antony-Barber ... Bolvangar Doctor
Kristin Scott Thomas ... Stelmaria
Jason Watkins ... Bolvangar Official
Hattie Morahan ... Sister Clara
902 1/4
Golden Years 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The dark side of technology rears its ugly head when the exposure to a strange chemical finds a man growing younger every day, prompting a CIA assassin to stop at nothing to capture him and use him as an unfortunate guinea pig for the US government. -- Tracie Cooper

Themes : Experiments Gone Awry | Golden Years
Keywords : toxic-waste, chemicals, expose [revelation], government, janitor, monster, mutant, on-the-run, role-switching, transformation
Thriller, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Keith Szarabajka
R.D. Call
Felicity Huffman
Ed Lauter
Bill Raymond
Frances Sternhagen
290 3/4
Gone Girl 
AMG SYNOPSIS: David Fincher returns to the director's chair for this 20th Century Fox thriller based on Gillian Flynn's bestseller (and adapted for the screen by the author) about a husband who becomes the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance after she vanishes on their fifth wedding anniversary. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Clearing One's Name | Missing Persons
Keywords : anniversary, disappearance, husband, suspect
Drama, Psychological Thriller 
Rosamund Pike ... Amy Dunne
Ben Affleck ... Nick Dunne
Tyler Perry ... Tanner Bolt
Neil Patrick Harris ... Desi Collings
David Clennon ... Rand Elliott
Carrie Coon ... Margo Dunne
Kim Dickens ... Detective Rhonda Boney
Lisa Banes ... Marybeth Elliott
Missi Pyle ... Ellen Abbott
Emily Ratajkowski ... Andie Fitzgerald
Casey Wilson ... Noelle Hawthorne
Lola Kirke ... Greta
Boyd Holbrook ... Jeff
Sela Ward ... Sharon Schieber
Lee Norris ... Officer
Jamie McShane ... Donnelly
Leonard Kelly-Young ... Bill Dunne
Kathleen Rose Perkins ... Shawna Kelly
RL Pete Housman ... Walter
Lynn Adrianna ... Kelly Capitono
Mark Atteberry ... FBI
Darin Cooper ... Mustached Man
Brett Leigh ... Nervous Intern
Antonio St. James ... Security Guard
Lauren Glazier ... Fashionista
Julia Prud'homme ... Female Officer
Cooper Thornton ... Doctor
Casey Ruggieri ... Earnest Girl
Cyd Strittmatter ... Maureen Dunne
Ashley Didion ... Friend 1
Lexis Nutt ... Friend 2
L.A. Williams ... Guard
Blake Sheldon ... Tweaker Teen 1
Sean Guse ... Tweaker Teen 2
Fred Cross ... Airport Traveler
Scott Takeda ... Producer
Donna Rusch ... Lauren Nevens
Kathy Sweeney-Meadows ... Reporter One
Mark T. Anderson ... Reporter
Scoot McNairy ... Tommy O'Hara
291 1/4
Gone In 60 Seconds 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this action thriller, a master car thief has his skills pushed to the limit. Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicolas Cage) can steal practically any car that crosses his path. While he has done well in his life of crime, he knows that there's a short future in theft, and he wants to get out of the business. But his retirement plans are interrupted when his younger brother Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) gets in trouble with a dangerous crime boss. To get his brother out of harm's way, Randall agrees to a profitable but risky scheme to steal 50 luxury cars in one night, with the help of several other car thieves, including Sara "Sway" Wayland (Angelina Jolie). A rival group of thieves is trying to pull the same stunt at the same time, and detectives Castlebeck (Delroy Lindo) and Drycoff (Timothy Olyphant) are trying to shut down both operations. Also starring Robert Duvall as Otto Halliwell, and Scott Caan as Tumbler, Gone in Sixty Seconds is a remake of the 1974 low-budget action hit of the same name, best remembered for a 40-minute chase scene in which 90 cars were destroyed. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : One Last Heist | Hotshots | Race Against Time | Criminal's Revenge | Dangerous Friends
Keywords : brother, car, car-theft, chase, detective
Action, Caper, Chase Movie, Action Thriller 
Nicolas Cage ... Randall "Memphis" Raines
Angelina Jolie ... Sara "Sway" Wayland
Giovanni Ribisi ... Kip Raines
Delroy Lindo ... Det. Roland Castlebeck
Will Patton ... Atley Jackson
Christopher Eccleston ... Raymond Calitri
Chi McBride ... Donny Astricky
Robert Duvall ... Otto Halliwell
Scott Caan ... Tumbler
Timothy Olyphant ... Det. Drycoff
William Lee Scott ... Toby
Vinnie Jones ... The Sphinx
James Duval ... Freb
Frances Fisher ... Junie
Grace Zabriskie ... Helen Raines
Lois Hall
292 2/4
Good Boy! 
AMG SYNOPSIS: For his debut feature, John Hoffman wrote and directed this effects-heavy family film based on the story Dogs from Outer Space by Zeke Richardson. Produced by Jim Henson Productions, Good Boy! presents the idea that dogs are actually an intelligent alien species sent to earth thousands of years ago to spy on humans in preparation for a full-scale invasion and takeover. But when the spies stop reporting back to the home planet, Canid 3942 (voiced by Matthew Broderick) is sent to earth to investigate. Once there, Canid 3942 encounters Owen Baker (Liam Aiken), a young boy who runs a dog-walking service. Owen befriends the space-dog, renaming him Hubble. When it becomes obvious that the dogs of earth have forgotten their mission, Hubble enlists the help of Owen to get them all into shape before The Great Dane arrives to inspect. If they fail, all of earth's dogs will be recalled to their home planet of Sirius. With Kevin Nealon and Molly Shannon as Owen's parents, Good Boy! also features the voice talents of Brittany Murphy, Carl Reiner, Megan Mullally, and Donald Faison. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Man's Best Friend | Benign Aliens | Talking Animals
Keywords : dog, alien [not human], boy, invasion, outer-space, pets, animal, spy, mission [quest]
Children's/Family, Comedy, Animal Picture, Family-Oriented Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Molly Shannon ... Mrs. Baker
Liam Aiken ... Owen Baker
Kevin Nealon ... Mr. Baker
Brittany Moldowan ... Connie Fleming
Hunter Elliott ... Frankie
Mikhael Speidel ... Fred
Matthew Broderick ... Canid 3942, AKA Hubble
Delta Burke ... Barbara Ann
Donald Faison ... Wilson the Dog
Vanessa Redgrave ... The Greater Dane
Cheech Marin ... Greater Dane's Henchmen
Brittany Murphy ... Nelly
Carl Reiner ... Shep
Patti Allan
Jo Champa
D. Harlan Cutshall ... Mr. Fleming
Paul Vogt ... Bob the Dogcatcher
293 2/4
The Good Dinosaur 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this enchanting computer-animated fantasy, set in a world where the dinosaurs never went extinct, an amiable young Apatosaurus named Arlo (voiced by Raymond Ochoa) loses his father in a storm and is swept away by a vicious river current, stranding him in a frightening new place far from his home. He soon embarks on a journey to reunite with his family, and befriends a prehistoric human child known as Spot (Jack Bright) along the way.Peter Sohn directed this heartwarming Pixar adventure, with Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, Anna Paquin, and Sam Elliott also contributing voice work. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : A World of Its Own | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Death of a Parent | Finding a Way Back Home | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : dinosaurs, adventure, cave-dwellers, caveman, Neanderthal
Children's/Family, Prehistoric Fantasy 
Raymond Ochoa ... Arlo
Jeffrey Wright ... Poppa
Steve Zahn ... Thunderclap
A.J. Buckley ... Nash
Anna Paquin ... Ramsey
Frances McDormand ... Momma
Sam Elliott ... Butch
Maleah Nipay Padilla ... Young Libby
Ryan Teeple ... Young Buck
Peter Sohn ... Pet Collector
Mandy Freund ... Downpour
David Boat ... Bubbha
John Ratzenberger ... Earl
294 3/4
The Good Shepherd 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One man bears witness to the secret history of America during the Cold War in this drama directed by celebrated actor Robert De Niro. In 1939, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) is a young man with a bright future ahead of him -- he's a top student at Yale and the protégé of one of the school's leading English professors, Dr. Fredericks (Michael Gambon). But Wilson's life changes dramatically when he's invited to join Yale's powerful secret society, Skull and Bones. Through his Skull and Bones connections, Wilson meets Sam Murach (Alec Baldwin), an mysterious FBI agent who asks Wilson to investigate charges that Fredericks is a Nazi sympathizer working with the German government. Later, at a Skull and Bones party, Wilson is introduced to Clover Russell (Angelina Jolie), the sister of one of his classmates and the daughter of a powerful politician; their one-night stand leaves Clover pregnant, and Wilson must leave the woman he loves, Laura (Tammy Blanchard), to wed Clover and give their child a name. Shortly after their wedding, thanks to his work with Murach, Wilson is invited to join the Office of Strategic Services, a military intelligence organization organized by Bill Sullivan (Robert De Niro), and Wilson accepts. Through World War II, Wilson serves with the OSS, and learns he can trust no one in the game of international espionage, which helps make him little more than a stranger to his wife, his son, and his few friends. As the OSS evolves into the Central Intelligence Agency after the war, Wilson becomes party to America's darkest and most dangerous secrets, and in the wake of the futile Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, Wilson is forced to make a terrible choice between the security of his nation and the safety of his family. Inspired by the true-life story of CIA founder James J. Angleton, The Good Shepherd boasts an impressive supporting cast, including William Hurt, John Turturro, Billy Crudup, Joe Pesci, and Timothy Hutton. -- Mark Deming

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Double Life | Political Corruption | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), government-agent
Spy Film, Drama, Unglamorized Spy Film, Period Film, Political Drama 
Matt Damon ... Edward Wilson
Angelina Jolie ... Clover/Margaret Russell
Alec Baldwin ... Sam Murach
Tammy Blanchard ... Laura
Billy Crudup ... Arch Cummings
Robert De Niro ... Bill Sullivan
Keir Dullea ... Senator John Russell Sr.
Michael Gambon ... Dr. Fredericks
Martina Gedeck ... Hanna Schiller
William Hurt ... Philip Allen
Timothy Hutton ... Thomas Wilson
Mark Ivanir ... Valentin Mironov #2
Gabriel Macht ... John Russell Jr.
Lee Pace ... Richard Hayes
Joe Pesci ... Joseph Palmi
Eddie Redmayne ... Edward Wilson Jr.
John Sessions ... Valentin Mironov #1/Yuri Modin
Oleg Stefan ... Ulysses/Stas Siyanko
John Turturro ... Ray Brocco
1074 0/4
Good Time 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) lands himself in hot water when his younger brother Nick (Ben Safdie) gets thrown in prison after their attempt at robbing a bank goes south. Constantine then embarks on a desperate journey through New York City in order to get his brother out of jail by any means necessary, and he finds trouble along the way as he goes deeper and deeper into the city's chaotic and violent underbelly. Brothers Ben and Josh Safdie team up to direct this crime drama that they act in and co-wrote, respectively. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barkhad Abdi, and Buddy Duress co-star. --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Bank Robbery | Crime Gone Awry | Escape From Prison | Families in Crisis
Keywords : bail, brother, brotherhood, family-responsibilities, money, prison
Crime, Drama, Caper, Chase Movie, Crime Thriller 
Robert Pattinson ... Connie Nikas
Ben Safdie ... Nick Nikas
Jennifer Jason Leigh ... Corey Ellman
Barkhad Abdi ... Dash
Rose Gregorio ... Loren Ellman
Robert Clohessy ... The 6th Floor Elmhurst NYPD Police Officer
Michael Kaufman ... EMT Worker #1
Craig Mums Grant ... Denny the Access-A-Ride Driver
295 3/4
Good Will Hunting 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck co-scripted and star in this drama, set in Boston and Cambridge, about rebellious 20-year-old MIT janitor Will Hunting (Damon), gifted with a photographic memory, who hangs out with his South Boston bar buddies, his best friend Chuckie (Affleck), and his affluent British girlfriend Skylar (Minnie Driver). After MIT professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) stumps students with a challenging math formula on a hallway blackboard, Will anonymously leaves the correct solution, prompting Lambeau to track the elusive young genius. As Will's problems with the police escalate, Lambeau offers an out, but with two conditions -- visits to a therapist and weekly math sessions. Will agrees to the latter but refuses to cooperate with a succession of therapists. Lambeau then contacts his former classmate, therapist Sean McGuire (Robin Williams), an instructor at Bunker Hill Community College. Both are equally stubborn, but Will is finally forced to deal with both his past and his future. -- Bhob Stewart

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Haunted By the Past | Underdogs | Class Differences | Child Prodigies | College Life | Mentors | Therapy | Redemption
Keywords : abuse, friendship, genius, girlfriend, man, mathematics, professor, therapist
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Drama, Coming-of-Age, Psychological Drama, Romantic Drama 
Matt Damon ... Will Hunting
Robin Williams ... Sean McGuire
Ben Affleck ... Chuckie
Minnie Driver ... Skylar
Stellan Skarsgård ... Lambeau
Casey Affleck ... Morgan
Cole Hauser ... Billy
George Plimpton ... Dr. Henry Lipkin
931 3/4
The Goonies 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Leonard Maltin wasn't alone when he noticed similarities between Goonies and the 1934 Our Gang comedy Mama's Little Pirate. Adapted by Chris Columbus from a story by Steven Spielberg, the film follows a group of misfit kids (including such second-generation Hollywoodites as Josh Brolin and Sean Astin) as they search for buried treasure in a subterranean cavern. Here they cross the path of lady criminal Mama Fratelli (Anne Ramsey) and her outlaw brood. Fortunately, the kids manage to befriend Fratelli's hideously deformed (but soft-hearted) son (John Matuszak), who comes to their rescue. The Spielberg influence is most pronounced in the film's prologue and epilogue, when the viewer is advised that the film's real villains are a group of "Evil Land Developers." The musical score makes excellent use of Max Steiner's main theme from The Adventures of Don Juan, not to mention contributions by the likes of Richard Marx and Cyndi Lauper. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : Mischievous Children | Stop the Wrecking Ball | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : against-all-odds, child-abuse, development, hidden, home-alone, housing, outlaw [Western], pirate [seafarer], real-estate, swashbuckler, treasure
Attributes : Cult Film
Adventure, Adventure Comedy, Family-Oriented Adventure, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Sean Astin ... Mikey
Josh Brolin ... Brand
Corey Feldman ... Mouth
Kerri Green ... Andy
Martha Plimpton ... Stef
John Matuszak ... Sloth
Robert Davi ... Jake
Joe Pantoliano ... Francis
Jeb Stuart Adams ... Troy's Friend
Jeff B. Cohen ... Chunk
Jane Feinberg
Mike Fenton
Curtis Hanson ... Mr. Perkins
Orwin Harvey ... Tennis Player
Judy Taylor
Newt Arnold ... Man in Shower
Lupe Ontiveros ... Rosalita
Mary Ellen Trainor ... Mrs. Walsh
Keith Walker ... Mr. Walsh
Steve Antin ... Troy
George Robotham ... Prison Guard
Charles McDaniel ... Chunk's Father
Elaine Cohen McMahon ... Chunk's Mother
Michael Paul Chan ... Data's Father
George Nicholas McLean ... Mouth's Father
Bill Bradley ... Bill
Eric Briant Wells ... Troy's Friend
Max Segar ... Man in Shower
Jack O'Leary ... Reporter
Patrick Cameron ... Reporter
Ted Grossman ... FBI Man
Jonathan Ke Quan ... Data
296 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Jack Black stars as acclaimed Goosebumps writer R.L. Stine in this feature-film adaptation of the popular YA book series. A teenager named Zach (Dylan Minnette) reluctantly moves from New York City to the quiet town of Madison, DE, where he quickly realizes that his reclusive new neighbor is in fact the horror author of the Goosebumps series. Zach learns Stine's identity when he is drawn to the writer's daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush), but soon discovers the dangerous secret inside their home -- the creatures from Stine's famous stories are real, and are kept locked away inside their original manuscripts. After an accident frees the monsters, Zach, Hannah, and their nerdy pal Champ (Ryan Lee) must work together with Stine to save their town from destruction. Rob Letterman directed this family-friendly adventure. Screenplay by Darren Lemke; screen story by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Curses and Spells | Heroic Mission | Unlikely Heroes | Writer's Life
Keywords : author, boy, dummy, evil, imagination, neighbor, niece, ventriloquist
Action, Horror, Creature Film, Supernatural Horror 
Jack Black ... R.L. Stine
Dylan Minnette ... Zach Cooper
Odeya Rush ... Hannah
Amy Ryan ... Gale
Jillian Bell ... Lorraine
Ken Marino ... Coach Carr
Halston Sage ... Taylor
Keith Arthur Bolden ... Principal Garrison
Amanda Lund ... Officer Brooks
Karan Soni ... Mr. Rooney
297 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A woman is taken on a voyage to the other side of sanity in this moody thriller. Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) is a clinical psychologist who works alongside her husband, Dr. Doug Grey (Charles S. Dutton), in the mental ward of a top security prison, where Miranda has been devoting much of her attention to a clever but deeply disturbed murderer named Chloe (Penélope Cruz), who shares gruesome tales of torture and violence that may or may not be based in fact. One night, Miranda has a hideous nightmare in which a chance meeting with a strange young girl leads to a terrifying journey into madness. Once she wakes, however, Miranda discovers that the real horror has just begun -- Doug has been brutally murdered, and the evidence points to Miranda as the prime suspect. She soon finds herself a patient in the same facility where she once treated others, and finds that her claims of innocence and sanity do little to convince Dr. Pete Graham (Robert Downey Jr.), the psychologist assigned to her case. Gothika marked the American debut of acclaimed and controversial French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Woman In Jeopardy | Ghosts | Serial Killers | Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | Wrongly Committed
Keywords : mental-breakdown, mental-illness, murder, nightmare, patient [medical], prison, psychiatrist, sanity
Thriller, Supernatural Thriller 
Halle Berry ... Dr. Miranda Grey
Charles S. Dutton ... Dr. Douglas Grey
John Carroll Lynch ... Sheriff Ryan
Bernard Hill ... Phil Parsons
Penélope Cruz ... Chloe Sava
Dorian Harewood ... Teddy Howard
Bronwen Mantel ... Irene
Kathleen Mackey ... Rachel Parsons
Matthew Taylor ... Turlington
Michel Perron ... Joe
Andrea Sheldon ... Tracey Seavers
Anana Rydvald ... Glass Cell Nurse
Laura Mitchell ... Inmate
Amy Sloan ... Inmate
Noël Burton ... Prison Doctor
Benz Antoine ... Guard
Andy Bradshaw ... Guard
Jason Cavalier ... Guard
Jasson Finney ... Guard
Terry Simpson ... Guard
Kwasi Songui ... Guard
Al Vandecruys ... Reporter
Noah Bernett ... Tim
298 4/4
The Grand Budapest Hotel 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Wes Anderson heads to Europe for the first time with this Indian Paintbrush production starring Saoirse Ronan, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, and Jude Law. Gustav H., the famous concierge at a legendary hotel situated in the Alps during the 1930's becomes the center of a farcical whirlwind of suspicion when one of his institution's oldest and richest patrons turns up dead, and she suspiciously leaves him her most priceless work of art -- a Renaissance painting of a boy with an apple. Infuriated that she left anything of value to anyone else, the woman's greedy and nefarious heir uses all manner of underhanded and illegal tactics to pin her death on Gustav and to silence anyone who questions his objective of inheriting every penny of her estate, leaving Gustav's trusted lobby boy Zero to clear Gustav's name and prove that the grand lady's killer is none other than her own son. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Clearing One's Name | Mentors | Murder Investigations | On the Run
Keywords : boss [employer], hotel, war, work [occupation]
Comedy, Farce, Period Film 
Saoirse Ronan ... Agatha
Ralph Fiennes ... M. Gustave
Bill Murray ... M. Ivan
Tilda Swinton ... Madame D.
Jeff Goldblum ... Deputy Kovacs
Jason Schwartzman ... M. Jean
Willem Dafoe ... Jopling
F. Murray Abraham ... Mr. Moustafa
Adrien Brody ... Dmitri
Edward Norton ... Henckels
Harvey Keitel ... Ludwig
Mathieu Amalric ... Serge X.
Jude Law ... Young Writer
Owen Wilson ... M. Chuck
Tony Revolori ... Zero Moustafa
Léa Seydoux ... Clotilde
Tom Wilkinson ... Author
Larry Pine ... Mr. Mosher
Giselda Volodi ... Serge's Sister
Florian Lukas ... Pinky
Karl Markovics ... Wolf
Neal Huff ... Lieutenant
Bob Balaban ... M. Martin "The Society of the Crossed Keys"
Fisher Stevens ... M. Robin "The Society of the Crossed Keys"
Wallace Wolodarsky ... M. Georges "The Society of the Crossed Keys"
Waris Ahluwalia ... M. Dino "The Society of the Crossed Keys"
Jella Niemann ... Student
Marcel Mazur ... Author's Grandson
Robert Bienas ... Alpine Hiker
Manfred Lindner ... Front Desk (1968)
Oliver Claridge ... Composer
Bernhard Kremser ... Businessman
Kunichi Nomura ... Actor
Heinz-Werner Jeschkowski ... Bather
Steffan Scheumann ... Head Waiter (1968)
Sabine Euler ... Schoolteacher
Renate Klein ... Widow
Uwe Holoubek ... Second Waiter (1968)
Enrico Hoffmann ... Footmen (1932)
Daniel Steiner ... Anatole
Marie Goyette ... Housekeeper (1932)
Paul Schlase ... Igor
Jeno Orosz ... Doormen (1932)
Gyula Lukács ... Doormen (1923)
Darin Damjanow ... Chauffeur
Dar Ronge ... Crippled Shoeshine Boy
Georg Rittmannsperger ... Front Desk (1932)
Dirk Bossmann ... Front Desk (1932)
Arwin Lobedann ... Front Desk (1932)
Robin Hurlstone ... Herr Schneider
Jutta Westphal ... Frau Liebling
Matthias Holfert ... Chef (1923)
Gisela Bech ... Grandes Dame
Birgit Müller ... Grandes Dame
Ursula Kuhnt ... Grandes Dame
Monika Krüger ... Grandes Dame
Wolfram Nielacny ... Herr Becker
Reinhold Hegelow ... Head Waiter (1932)
Steffen Nixdorf ... Second Waiter (1932)
Rainer Reiners ... Herr Mendl
Milton Welsh ... Franz
Piet Paes ... Taxi Driver
Michaela Caspar ... Marguerite
Sabine Urig ... Laetizia
Heike Hanold-Lynch ... Carolina
Roy Macready ... Old Man
John Peet ... Young Man
Carl Sprague ... Distant Relation
Golo Euler ... Lutz Police Militia
Jürgen Schwämmle ... Lutz Police Militia
Frank Jacob ... Giant Convict
Claudia Junge ... Usherette
Roman Berger ... Parcel Inspector
Michael Benthin ... Snitch
Matthias Matschke ... Prison Guard
Lennart Meyer ... Lobby Boy
Hans Alfredson ... Lobby Boy
Manpreet Gerlach ... Lobby Boy
David Adamik ... Lobby Boy
David Cioffi ... Cook
Lucas Hedges ... Pump Attendant
Wolfgang Czeczor ... Monk
Philipp Sonntag ... Monk
Hans-Martin Stier ... Monk
Georg Tryphon ... Monk
Gabriel Rush ... Otto
Hannes Wegener ... Soldier
Gerry Sullivan ... Soldier
Oliver Hazell ... Soldier
Bohumil Váchal ... Judge
Marko Dyrlich ... Zig-Zag
Ed Munro ... "Boy with Apple" (Model)
299 3/4
Grand Canyon 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Lawrence Kasdan's Grand Canyon is a gathering of random events, uniting the film's wildly divergent protagonists. Driving home from an LA Lakers game, Mack (Kevin Kline), an immigration attorney, is stranded in an unsavory part of town when his car breaks down. He is rescued from a gang of hoods by Simon (Danny Glover), an African-American tow truck driver, inaugurating a friendship between these two men. Mack offers to repay Simon's kindness by helping his sister (Tina Lifford) find an apartment in a better neighborhood, and by arranging a blind date between Simon and Jane (Alfre Woodard), a friend of Mack's secretary Dee (Mary Louise Parker). Woven into this fabric are the tribulations of Mack's best friend, a pompous exploitation movie producer (Steve Martin), who is later wounded in a robbery similar to the one threatening Mack at the beginning of the film; of Mack's wife Claire (Mary McDonnell), who adopts an abandoned baby, and disenfranchised son Roberto (Jeremy Sisto); and of Simon's nephew (Patrick Malone), who is contemplating joining a street gang. The title is symbolic, referring to the class-imposed chasms which would normally separate the characters. Kasdan co-wrote the screenplay with his wife Meg. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Food for Thought | Only Human
Themes : Class Differences | Existential Crisis | Midlife Crises | Infidelity | Looking For Love | Race Relations
Keywords : abandonment, coming-of-age, earthquake, extramarital-affair, family, film-producer, friendship, gangster, immigration-official, mugging, rescue, slice-of-life, toddlers, tow-truck, urban-problems
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, Sleeper
Drama, Ensemble Film, Psychological Drama, Urban Drama 
Kevin Kline ... Mack
Danny Glover ... Simon
Steve Martin ... Davis
Mary McDonnell ... Claire
Mary-Louise Parker ... Dee
Alfre Woodard ... Jane
Jeremy Sisto ... Roberto
Tina Lifford ... Deborah
Patrick Malone ... Otis
Georgina Lindsey ... Cathy Fox
Lynn Salvatori ... Woman in Baseball Cap
Jennifer Shull
Randle Mell ... Alley Baron
Sarah Trigger ... Vanessa
Candace Mead ... Claire's Baby
Loren Mead ... Claire's Baby
Shaun Baker ... Rocstar
Deon Sams ... Jimmy
Christopher M. Brown ... Rotor
Branscombe Richmond ... Ace Cop
Walt Jordan ... Deuce Cop
Todd Allen ... Myers
Carole Ita White ... Morning Nurse
Basil Wallace ... Insurance Salesman
Jack Kehler ... Steve Fox
Jim Morange ... Bus Driver
Henry Kingi ... Skin
Sharon Lee Jones ... Studio Girl
Mary Ellen Trainor ... Ms. Green
Ben Chaney ... Young Roberto
Gary Cervantes ... Watch Robber
Ben McCreary ... Jackson
Sam H. Ginsburg ... Mr. Menken
Brett Jones ... Window-Breaking Thug
Paul Short ... Myers's Partner
Willie C. Carpenter ... Simon's Friend
Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez ... Carlo's Second Friend
Hugh Ross ... Davis's Assistant
Anne Ward ... Davis's Assistant
Cora Lee Day ... Woman in Car
John Ashby ... Woman's Driver
Jacqueline Alexandra ... 1st Forum Twin
Kristen Amber ... 2nd Forum Twin
K. Todd Freeman ... Wipe
Marley Shelton ... Amanda
Jeanne Bates ... Mrs. Menken
300 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone, a scientist on a space shuttle mission headed by astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), a talkative, charismatic leader full of colorful stories that he shares with his crewmates as well as mission control. As the two are on a space walk, debris hits the area where they are working, and soon the pair finds themselves detached from their ship and stranded in space. While figuring out what steps they can take to save themselves, Stone grapples with a painful past that makes her consider giving up altogether. Gravity screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Race Against Time | Space Travel | Trapped or Confined
Keywords : astronaut, space-rescue, space-station, stranded
Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Sandra Bullock ... Dr. Ryan Stone
George Clooney ... Matt Kowalski
Ed Harris ... Mission Control Voice
301 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: "Grease," said the poster and the Barry Gibb song, "is the word." Transferring its setting from Chicago to sunny California, and adding a dash of disco to the ersatz '50s score, producer Allan Carr and director Randal Kleiser turned this long-running Jim Jacobs-Warren Casey Broadway smash into the biggest blockbuster of 1978. 1950s teens Danny (John Travolta) and Australian transfer Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) spend their "Summer Nights" falling in love, but once fall comes, it's back to Rydell High and its cliques. As one of the bad-boy T-Birds, Danny has to act cool for best pal Kenickie (Jeff Conaway) and their leather-clad mates Sonny (Michael Tucci) and Doody (Barry Pearl, in the role Travolta played on-stage). Despite befriending Frenchy (Didi Conn), one of the rebel Pink Ladies, virginal Sandy is "too pure to be Pink," as the Ladies' leader, Rizzo (Stockard Channing), acidly observes. Declaring their devotion in such ballads as "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "Sandy," Sandy and Danny split, reconcile, and split again amidst a pep rally, dances, drive-ins, and a drag race, before deciding "You're the One That I Want" at the climactic carnival. With Travolta white-hot from Saturday Night Fever (1977), Grease soundtrack singles climbed the charts and summer movie crowds poured in. With the presence of Joan Blondell, Eve Arden, Sid Caesar, Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, and Frankie Avalon appealing to grown-up memories, Grease became the highest-grossing film of 1978, the highest-grossing movie musical ever, and the third most popular film of the new blockbuster '70s after Star Wars (1977) and Jaws (1975). Its sequel, Grease 2, did not exactly set the world on fire in 1982. -- Lucia Bozzola

Moods : Memory Lane | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : High School Life | Opposites Attract | First Love
Keywords : high-school, rock-music, romance, school, auto-racing, coming-of-age, dance [art], exchange-student, jealousy, rival, teenagers, coach, school-principal
Musical, Rock Musical, Teen Movie 
John Travolta ... Danny Zuko
Olivia Newton-John ... Sandy Olsson
Stockard Channing ... Rizzo
Jeff Conaway ... Kenickie
Didi Conn ... Frenchy
Eve Arden ... Principal McGee
Joan Blondell ... Vi
Dinah Manoff ... Marty
Barry Pearl ... Doody
Michael Tucci ... Sonny
Kelly Ward ... Putzie
Susan Buckner ... Patty Simcox
Eddie Deezen ... Eugene
Lorenzo Lamas ... Tom Chisum
Dennis Stewart ... Leo
Annette Charles ... Cha Cha
Dick Patterson ... Mr. Rudie
Fannie Flagg ... Nurse Wilkin
Darrell Zwerling ... Mr. Lynch
Ellen Travolta ... Waitress
Frankie Avalon ... Teen Angel
Edward Byrnes ... Vince Fontaine
Sid Caesar ... Coach Calhoun
Alice Ghostley ... Mrs. Murdock
Dody Goodman ... Blanche
James Donnelly ... Jan
Mimi Lieber ... Dancer
Dennis Daniels ... Dancer
Daniel Levans ... Dancer
Sean Moran ... Dancer
Andy Tennant ... Dancer
Michael Biehn ... Jock (Basketball Player)
302 4/4
The Great Gatsby 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An aspiring writer falls under the spell of an aloof millionaire with designs for the young scribe's unhappily married cousin in director Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's celebrated novel. It's the spring of 1922, and wide-eyed Midwesterner Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) has just moved to New York City in pursuit of the American Dream. Settling into a home next door to wealthy Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), Carraway grows increasingly fascinated by the elaborate parties held at his new neighbor's estate. Meanwhile, across the bay, Carraway's cousin Daisy (Carey Mulligan) flounders in her marriage to philandering aristocrat Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton). Inspired by the debauchery on display at Gatsby's wild parties and the lives of the wealthy elite, Carraway begins putting pen to paper as it gradually becomes clear that his cousin and the millionaire share a complicated romantic past that remains unresolved. Isla Fisher, Jason Clarke, and Elizabeth Debicki co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Haunted By the Past | Star-Crossed Lovers
Keywords : bay, cousin, estate, high-society, party, philandering, millionaire, socialite, upper-class, wealth
Drama, Romantic Drama 
Leonardo DiCaprio ... Jay Gatsby
Tobey Maguire ... Nick Carraway
Carey Mulligan ... Daisy Buchanan
Isla Fisher ... Myrtle Wilson
Joel Edgerton ... Tom Buchanan
Elizabeth Debicki ... Jordan Baker
Jason Clarke ... George B. Wilson
Callan McAuliffe ... Teen Jay Gatsby
Amitabh Bachchan ... Meyer Wolfsheim
Alfred Quinten ... Party Guest
Milan Pulvermacher ... Waiter-Hotel Sayre
Bryan Probets ... Gardener
Brenton Prince ... Guard at Gatsby's Gates
Ghadir Rajab ... Footman
Gus Murray ... Teddy Barton
Kate Mulvany ... Mrs. McKee
Tasman Palazzi ... Young James Gatz
Corey Blake Owers ... Louisville Officer
Barry Otto ... Benny McClenahan
Heather Mitchell ... Daisy's Mother
Gemma Ward ... Languid Girl
Sylvana Vandertouw ... European Woman
Kieran VanBunnik ... Rowdie
Tiger Leacey Wyvill ... Pammy
Matthew Whittet ... Vladimir Tostoff
Felix Williamson ... Henri
John Sheerin ... The Police Captain
Nicholas Simpson ... Second Policeman-Wilson's Garage
Jake Ryan ... Motorcycle Cop
Jack Thompson ... Dr. Walter Perkins
Nick Tate ... Taxi Driver
Charlize Skinner ... Pammy
Kasia Stelmach ... Silent Film Star Marlene Moon
Bill Young ... Policeman-Wilson's Garage
Emmanuel Ekwensi ... Jazz Player
Max Cullen ... Owl Eyes
Garrett William Fountain ... Barman
Eden Falk ... Mr. McKee
Emily Foreman ... Pammy
David Furlong ... Walter Chase
Frank Aldridge ... Well Dressed Male Witness-Wilson's Garage
Lisa Adam ... Weeping/Singing Woman
Vince Colosimo ... Michaelis
Adelaide Clemens ... Catherine
Steve Bisley ... Dan Cody
Richard Carter ... Herzog
Olga Miller ... Russian Silent Film Actress
Kevin McGlothan ... Footman
John Maumau ... The Boxer
Brendan Maclean ... Klipspringer
Hamish Michael ... Clerk-Probity Trust
Ben McIvor ... Clerk-Probity Trust
Nick Meenahan ... Train Conductor
Daniel Gill ... Police Commissioner
Price Johnson ... Singer-Wilson's Garage
Stephen James King ... Nelson
iOTA ... Trimalchio the Orchestra Leader
Mark Lemon ... The Professor
Barrie Laws ... Party Guest
Goran Kleut ... Head Waiter-Speakeasy
Kim Knuckey ... Senator Gulick
884 1/4
The Great Wall 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this action-fantasy epic set in 11th century China, two mercenaries from the West (Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal) are captured by a military organization that are headquartered in a fortress on the Great Wall. In time, the duo get caught up in a battle between the Chinese warriors and a supernatural menace that the Great Wall was built to repel. Jing Tian, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Willem Dafoe, and Eddie Peng co-star. Directed by Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers), this collaboration with Hollywood is the most expensive Chinese film to date. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Mercenaries | Mythical Creatures | Protecting the Innocent | Under Siege
Keywords : China, mercenary, monster, supernatural-forces, wall
Action, Thriller, Action Thriller, Creature Film, Period Film 
Matt Damon ... William Garin
Jing Tian ... Commander Lin Mei
Pedro Pascal ... Pero Tovar
Willem Dafoe ... Ballard
Eddie Peng ... General Wu
Andy Lau ... Strategist Wang
Cheney Chen ... Imperial Officer
Pilou Asbæk ... Bouchard
Numan Acar ... Najid
Johnny Cicco ... Rizzetti
920 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This sports biopic recounts the true story of Arkansas Razorbacks walk-on offensive lineman Brandon Burlsworth (Christopher Severino). Devoutly Christian and derided for his portly appearance, Burlsworth defies the odds to make the Razorbacks' squad in 1994, and ultimately develops into an All-American player and top NFL prospect. Directed by David Hunt. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Coaches and Players | Football Players | Underdogs
Keywords : faith, football-team, lineman [sports], NFL (National Football League), obesity
Children's/Family, Drama, Sports Drama 
Neal McDonough ... Marty Burlsworth
Leslie Easterbrook ... Barbara
Michael Parks ... Leo
Quinton Aaron ... Coach Aaron
Nick Searcy ... The Farmer
M.C. Gainey ... Coach Ford
Wayne Duvall ... Pastor Rick
Texas Battle ... Anthony Lucas
Mark Dobies ... Coach Nutt
Josh Emerson ... Nathan Ward
Scott Thomson ... Dan Huber
Connor Antico ... Clint Stoerner
Patrick Duff ... Coach Mudd
Adam Scarimbolo ... Coach Crane
Candyce Hinkle ... Mare Alice
Houston Nutt ... Janitor
Tammy Barr ... Waitress
Gary Newton ... Harrison Principal
Terrell Carter ... Football Player
Chris Cherry ... Football Player
Robert Cox ... Football Player
Brandon Hampton ... Football Player
303 2/4
Green Lantern 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A test pilot embraces his destiny as a cosmic superhero in Casino Royale director Martin Campbell's adaptation of the popular DC Comics series. Ever since he saw his fearless father perish in a tragic aviation mishap, all Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) could think about was flying -- it was the only thing the brash, cocky, and irresponsible test pilot ever truly excelled at. Little did he realize he was destined for something much bigger. Somewhere out in space, a powerful force of evil known as Parallax is spreading fear and destruction; the only hope for defeating Parallax is the Green Lantern Corps, a group of intergalactic warriors powered by the force of will. When legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is sent hurtling toward planet Earth after a deadly encounter with Parallax, his ring chooses Hal to continue the fight. The ring spirits our hero away to the Green Lantern's home planet of Oa for training. The first human ever to receive the honor of becoming a Green Lantern, Hal is viewed with scorn by the league's leader, Sinestro (Mark Strong), who trains him alongside the hulking Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan). Later, on planet Earth, frail scientist Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) becomes infected with Parallax's evil while performing an autopsy on Abin Sur, and uses his newfound powers to stake claim on Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), Hal's lifelong friend and fellow test pilot. When Hal learns that Parallax plans to consume all life on Earth to gain the energy needed to conquer Oa, he begins looking inward for the courage to defeat the malevolent force and embrace his destiny as a super-powered peacekeeper. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : A World of Its Own | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Chosen One | Heroic Mission
Keywords : alien [not human], close-encounter, ring [jewelry], super-power, test-pilot
Action, Superhero Film 
Blake Lively ... Carol Ferris
Peter Sarsgaard ... Hector Hammond
Tim Robbins ... Senator Hammond
Jay O. Sanders ... Carl Ferris
Taika Waititi ... Tom Kalmaku
Angela Bassett ... Dr. Waller
Mike Doyle ... Jack Jordan
Dylan James ... Jason Jordan
Gattlin Griffith ... Young Hal
Jon Tenney ... Martin Jordan
Leanne Cochran ... Janice Jordan
Temuera Morrison ... Abin Sur
Jeff Wolfe ... Bob Banks
Lena Clark ... Senator's Assistant
Jenna Craig ... Young Carol
Deke Anderson ... Four Star General Caven
Griff Furst ... UCAV Operator #1
Garrett Hines ... UCAV Operator #2
Ritchie Montgomery ... Bunker Doctor
Marcela Fonseca ... Beautiful Girl
Douglas M. Griffin ... DEO Agent #1
Kenneth Brown Jr. ... Avionics Tech #1
Silas Cooper ... Avionics Tech #2
Dane Rhodes ... Ferris Security Guard
Melanie Hebert ... News Reporter (F-35 Crash)
LaTonya Norton ... News Reporter #1
Rick Searfoss ... Two Star General
Laura Cayouette ... Party Guest #1
Bernard Hocke ... Party Guest #2
Michael Jamorski ... Football Jock
Geoffrey Rush ... Tomar-Re
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Kilowog
Warren Burton ... First Guardian
Salome Jens ... Female Guardian
Clancy Brown ... Parallax
Warren P. Munster ... Bartender
Tony Owens ... Singer
Donna Haynes Crehan ... Additional Party Guest
Tiffany Morgan ... Mom
Sharon Morris ... Bus Driver
Lance E. Nichols ... Cop
304 2/4
The Green Mile 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Frank Darabont, who made an acclaimed feature film debut with The Shawshank Redemption (1994), based on a Stephen King novel set in a prison, returns for a second feature, based on King's 1996 serialized novel set in a prison. In 1935, inmates at the Cold Mountain Correctional Facility call Death Row "The Green Mile" because of the dark green linoleum that tiles the floor. Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) is the head guard on the Green Mile when a new inmate is brought into his custody: John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), convicted of the sadistic murder of two young girls. Despite his size and the fearsome crimes for which he's serving time, Coffey seems to be a kind and well-mannered person who behaves more like an innocent child than a hardened criminal. Soon Edgecomb and two of his fellow guards, Howell (David Morse) and Stanton Barry Pepper), notice something odd about Coffey: he's able to perform what seem to be miracles of healing among his fellow inmates, leading them to wonder just what sort of person he could be, and if he could have committed the crimes with which he was charged. The Green Mile also stars James Cromwell as the warden; Michael Jeter, Sam Rockwell, and Graham Greene as inmates awaiting dates with the electric chair; and Harry Dean Stanton as a clever trustee. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Death Row | Psychic Abilities | Prison Life | Social Injustice
Keywords : prison-guard, criminal, death-row, electric-chair, healing, warden, mouse [animal], cure, killer
Drama, Fantasy, Prison Film 
Tom Hanks ... Paul Edgecomb
David Morse ... Brutus "Brutal" Howell
Bonnie Hunt ... Jan Edgecomb
Michael Clarke Duncan ... John Coffey
James Cromwell ... Warden Hal Moores
Michael Jeter ... Eduard "Del" Delacroix
Graham Greene ... Arlen Bitterbuck
Doug Hutchison ... Percy Wetmore
Sam Rockwell ... William "Wild Bill" Wharton
Barry Pepper ... Dean Stanton
Jeffrey DeMunn ... Harry Terwilliger
Patricia Clarkson ... Melinda Moores
Harry Dean Stanton ... Toot Toot
Dabbs Greer ... Paul Edgecomb (elderly)
Eve Brent ... Elaine Connely
Brent Briscoe ... Bill Dodge
Gary Sinise ... Burt Hammersmith
1004 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: "Don't expose him to bright light. Don't ever get him wet. And don't ever, ever feed him after midnight." This sage advice is ignored midway through Gremlins, with devastating results. This comic Joe Dante effort is set in a Norman Rockwell-esque small town at Christmastime. Seeking a unique gift for his son an erstwhile inventor (Hoyt Axton) purchases a cute, fuzzy little "Mogwai" from a Chinatown shopkeeper's (Keye Luke) grandson (John Louie), who dispenses the above-mentioned warning before closing the deal. Meanwhile, young bank clerk Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) must suffer such antagonists as rich-bitch Mrs. Deagle (Polly Holliday) and priggish Gerald (Judge Reinhold) while pursuing his romance with Kate (Phoebe Cates). These and a variety of other plot strands are tied together when the lovable mogwai (named Gizmo) is exposed to bright light and gotten wet. In short order, the town is invaded by nasty, predatory Gremlins, who lay waste to everything in sight as Billy and Kate try to contain the destruction. Like most of Joe Dante's works, Gremlins is chock-full of significant cameo appearances: in this instance, such pop-culture icons as Dick Miller, Jackie Joseph, Chuck Jones, Scott Brady, Harry Carey Jr., Steven Spielberg (the film's executive producer) and even Robby the Robot all show up briefly on screen. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Daring Rescues
Keywords : creature, monster, mutant, pets, family, gift, rampage, small-town, transformation, friendship, inventor, salesperson, shopkeeper, pool [swimming], bar [pub], movie-theater
Comedy, Horror, Creature Film, Horror Comedy 
Zach Galligan ... Billy
Hoyt Axton ... Rand Peltzer
Frances Lee McCain ... Lynn Peltzer
Phoebe Cates ... Kate
Polly Holliday ... Mrs. Deagle
Scott Brady ... Sheriff
Glynn Turman ... Hanson
Corey Feldman ... Pete
Keye Luke ... Grandfather
Judge Reinhold ... Gerald
Jonathan Banks ... Dep. Brent
Edward Andrews ... Corben
Susan Arnold
James MacKrell ... Lew Landers
John Louie ... Chinese Boy
Don Steele ... Rockin' Ricky Rialto
Dick Miller ... Mr. Futterman
Arnie Moore ... Pete's Father
Harry Carey, Jr. ... Mr. Anderson
Donald Elson ... Man on Street
Belinda Balaski ... Mrs. Harris
Lois Foraker ... Bank Teller
Chuck Jones ... Mr. Jones
Kenny Davis ... Dorry
Nicky Katt ... School Children
John C. Becher ... Dr. Molinaro
Jackie Joseph ... Mrs. Futterman
Joe Brooks ... Santa
Howie Mandel ... Gizmo
Fred Newman ... Special Vocal Effects
Michael Winslow ... Special Vocal Effects
Peter Cullen ... Special Vocal Effects
Michael Sheehan ... Special Vocal Effects
Bob Holt ... Special Vocal Effects
Steven Spielberg ... Man in Electric Wheelchair (uncredited)
Jim McKrell ... Lew Landers
1059 4/4
Groundhog Day 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bill Murray plays Phil, a TV weatherman working for a local station in Pennsylvania but convinced that national news stardom is in his grasp. Phil displays a charm and wit on camera that evaporates the moment the red light goes off; he is bitter, appallingly self-centered, and treats his co-workers with contempt, especially his producer Rita (Andie MacDowell) and cameraman Larry (Chris Elliot). On February 2, 1992, Phil, Rita, and Larry are sent on an assignment that Phil especially loathes: the annual Groundhog Day festivities in Punxsutawney, PA, where the citizens await the appearance of Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog who will supposedly determine the length of winter by his ability to see his own shadow. Phil is eager to beat a hasty retreat, but when a freak snowstorm strands him in Punxsutawney, he wakes up the next morning with the strangest sense of déjà vu: he seems to be living the same day over again. The next morning it happens again, and then again. Soon, no matter what he does, he's stuck in February 2, 1992; not imprisonment nor attempted suicide nor kidnapping the groundhog gets him out of the loop. But the more Phil relives the same day, the more he's forced to look at other people's lives, and something unusual happens: he begins to care about others. He starts to respect people, he tries to save the life of a homeless man, and he discovers that he's falling in love with Rita and therefore wants to be someone that she could love in return. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Battle of the Sexes | Opposites Attract | Redemption | Small-Town Life | Time Travel | Fish Out of Water
Keywords : lessons, groundhog, self-discovery, supernatural-forces, weatherperson, blizzard, clock, diner, director, love, cameraman, ceremony, time-travel, trapped, holiday, romance, television, life-insurance, piano
Attributes : Cult Film
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Fantasy 
Bill Murray ... Phil Connors
Andie MacDowell ... Rita
Chris Elliott ... Larry
Stephen Tobolowsky ... Ned
Brian Doyle-Murray ... Buster
Marita Geraghty ... Nancy
Rick Ducommun ... Gus
Rick Overton ... Ralph
Robin Duke ... Doris the Waitress
Angela Paton ... Mrs. Lancaster
Carol Bivins ... Anchorwoman
Les Podewell ... Old Man
Harold Ramis ... Neurologist
David Pasquesi ... Psychiatrist
Willie Garson ... Phil's Assistant Kenny
Rod Sell ... Groundhog Official
Peggy Roeder ... Piano Teacher
Doc Erickson ... Herman, Bank Guard
Timothy Hendrickson ... Waiter Bill
Dianne B. Shaw ... E.R. Nurse
Lucina Paquet ... Flat Tire Lady
Brenda Pickleman ... Buster's Wife
Eric Saiet ... Buster's Son
Terry Fryer ... Piano Hand Double
John M. Watson, Sr. ... Bartender
305 2/4
Guardians of the Galaxy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A group of interstellar outlaws team up to save the galaxy from a villain who seeks ultimate power in this comic book space adventure from Marvel Studios and director James Gunn (Slither, Super). Peter Quill was just a young boy when, devastated by his mother's death, he sprinted out of the hospital and was swept into the stars by Yondu (Michael Rooker), the leader of an eclectic band of space scavengers known as The Ravagers. Twenty-six years later, Quill has adopted the nickname Star Lord (Chris Pratt). He's broken away from The Ravagers in an attempt to track down an ancient orb that is also coveted by the evil Ronan (Lee Pace), who is in league with the dreaded Thanos, and who dispatches his top assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana) to retrieve it from Star Lord. In the process of doing so, Gamora also gets drawn into a fight with furry bounty hunter Rocket (voice of Bradley Cooper) and his tree-like, humanoid companion Groot (voice of Vin Diesel). Subsequently thrown into prison, this unlikely quartet quickly makes the acquaintance of fearsome warrior Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), who seeks bitter revenge for the slaughter of his entire family at the hands of Ronan.
In the process of making a daring prison break, Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax recover the orb, and transport it to The Collector (Benecio Del Toro), who reveals that it houses an Infinity Gem - one of six precious stones that harbors incredible powers that could pose a dire threat should they fall into the wrong hands. Later, Ronan acquires the Infinity Gem and plots to use its power to destroy The Nova Corps home-world of Xandar, The Guardians of the Galaxy must race through the stars to recover it before Ronan can carry out his genocidal plan. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Heroic Mission | Race Against Time | Space Wars | Space Travel | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : galaxy, guardian
Action, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Chris Pratt ... Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Zoe Saldana ... Gamora
Lee Pace ... Ronan the Accuser
Bradley Cooper ... Rocket Raccoon
Michael Rooker ... Yondu
Karen Gillan ... Nebula
Benicio Del Toro ... The Collector
Djimon Hounsou ... Korath
John C. Reilly ... Rhomann Dey
Glenn Close ... Nova Prime
Ophelia Lovibond ... Carina
Gregg Henry ... Grandpa
Vin Diesel ... Groot
Josh Brolin ... Thanos
Laura Haddock ... Meredith Quill
Sean Gunn ... Kraglin, On Set Rocket
Peter Serafinowicz ... Denarian Saal
Christopher Fairbank ... The Broker
Krystian Godlewski ... On Set Groot
Wyatt Oleff ... Young Quill
Janis Ahern ... Meredith's Mother
Solomon Mousley ... Meredith's Brother
Lindsay Morton ... Meredith's Best Friend
Robert Firth ... Dr. Fitzgibbon
Melia Kreiling ... Bereet
Tom Proctor ... Horuz
Nick Holmes ... Horuz' Mate
Max Wrottesley ... Sacrificed Nova Corpsman
Stan Lee ... Xandarian Ladies' Man
Nicole Alexandra Shipley ... Pretty Xandarian
Sharif Atkins ... Nova Arresting Pilot
Brendan Fehr ... Corpsman Dey's Partner
Tomas Arana ... Kree Ambassador
Mikaela Hoover ... Nova Prime's Assistant
Emmet Scanlan ... Head Riot Guard
Dominic Grant ... Angry Guard
Spencer Wilding ... Mean Guard
Alison Lintott ... Sad Woman With Horns
Alexis Rodney ... Moloka Dar
Nathan Fillion ... Monstrous Inmate
Keeley Forsyth ... Mottled Prisoner
Frank Gilhooley ... Burly Prisoner
Alexis Denisof ... The Other
Enzo Cilenti ... Watchtower Guard
Richard Katz ... One Legged Prisoner
Enoch Frost ... Rifle Guard
Ronan Summers ... "Drop the Leg" Guard
Laura Ortiz ... Tortured Pink Girl
Marama Corlett ... Pit Boss
Abidemi Sobande ... Ladies Of The Boot Of Jemiah
Ekaterina Zalitko ... Ladies Of The Boot Of Jemiah
Emily Redding ... Ladies Of The Boot Of Jemiah
Stephen Blackehart ... Knowhere Dispatcher
Jennifer Moylan-Taylor ... Sad Krylorian Girl
Bruce Mackinnon ... One-Eyed Ravager
Ralph Ineson ... Ravager Pilot
Rob Zombie ... Ravager Navigator Voice
Naomi Ryan ... Nova Centurion
John Brotherton ... Nova Starblaster Pilot
Graham Shiels ... Alien Nova Pilot
James Gunn ... Maskless Sakaaran
Doug Robson ... Maskless Sakaaran
Rachel Cullen ... Corpsman Dey's Wife
Isabella Poynton ... Corpsman Dey's Daughter
Imogen Poynton ... Corpsman Dey's Daughter
David Yarovesky ... Goth Ravager
Miriam Lucia ... Crying Xandarian Citizen
923 3/4
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: While on the run following a botched heist, the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter a mysterious being known as Ego (Kurt Russell), who claims to be the long-lost father of team leader Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). As Quill learns more about his past, the Guardians battle foes old and new. James Gunn returns to write and direct this installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which also stars Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and Karen Gillan, and features the voices of Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Heroic Mission | Race Against Time | Space Travel | Space Wars | Unlikely Friendships
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure, Space Adventure 
Chris Pratt ... Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Bradley Cooper ... Rocket Raccoon
Vin Diesel ... Baby Groot
Zoe Saldana ... Gamora
Dave Bautista ... Drax
Karen Gillan ... Nebula
Kurt Russell ... Ego
Michael Rooker ... Yondu
Elizabeth Debicki ... Ayesha
Pom Klementieff ... Mantis
Sean Gunn ... Kraglin
Chris Sullivan ... Taserface
Sylvester Stallone ... Stakar Ogord
Laura Haddock ... Meredith Quill
Aaron Schwartz ... Young Ego Facial Reference
Ben Browder ... Sovereign Admiral
Evan Jones ... Retch
Joe Fria ... Oblo
Terrence Rosemore ... Narblik
Stephen Blackehart ... Brahl
Steve Agee ... Gef
Richard Christy ... Down There!
Rob Zombie ... UnseenRavager
Milynn Sarley ... Robot Courtesan
Rhoda Griffis ... Sneeper Madame
Wyatt Oleff ... Young Peter Quill
Gregg Henry ... Grandpa Quill
Seth Green ... Howard the Duck
Ving Rhames ... Charlie-27
Michael Rosenbaum ... Martinex
Michelle Yeoh ... Aleta Ogord
914 2/4
Hacksaw Ridge 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mel Gibson directed this biopic about World War II Army medic Desmond Doss (played here by Andrew Garfield). A conscientious objector who refused to take a life or even carry a weapon, Doss was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 75 soldiers on the battlefields of Okinawa. Hugo Weaving, Teresa Palmer, Vince Vaughn, and Sam Worthington co-star in Gibson's return to the director's seat. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Great Battles | Message From God | Military Life | Religious Zealotry | Reluctant Hero
Drama, War, Period Film, Religious Drama, War Drama 
Andrew Garfield ... Desmond T. Doss
Sam Worthington ... Capt. Glover
Luke Bracey ... Smitty
Teresa Palmer ... Dorothy Schutte
Hugo Weaving ... Tom Doss
Rachel Griffiths ... Bertha Doss
Vince Vaughn ... Sgt. Howell
Matt Nable ... Lt. Cooney
Nathaniel Buzolic ... Harold Doss
Richard Roxburgh ... Colonel Stelzer
James Lugton ... Hiker
Kasia Stelmach ... Hiker's Friend
Tyler Coppin ... Lynchburg Doctor
Simon Edds ... MP Gibbs
Firass Dirani ... Vito Rinnelli
Luke Pegler ... Hollywood Zane
Goran Kleut ... Ghoul
Ben O'Toole ... Corporal Jessop
Sam Wright ... Private Dixon
Helmut Bakaitis ... Minister
Bill Young ... General Musgrove
Benedict Hardie ... Captain Daniels
Philip Quast ... Judge
James Mackay ... Prosecutor
Ryan Corr ... Lieutenant Manville
Sam Parsonson ... 96th Soldier Bob
James O'Connell ... 96th Soldier Page
Ori Pfeffer ... Irv Schecter
Thomas Unger ... Stretcher Bearer
Tim Potter ... Soldier Hank
Hiroshi Kasuga ... Japanese Hanging Soldier
Michael Hennessy ... Rescued Private Moran
Yoji Tatsuta ... Japanese General
306 2/4
Half of a Yellow Sun 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Biyi Bandele's drama Half of a Yellow Sun stars Thandie Newton and Anika Noni Rose as twins born into a well-to-do Nigerian family. After completing their education overseas, each makes life choices that lead to a falling out between the once-close women. Eventually, the two sisters become embroiled in their home country's political unrest, which soon leads to civil war. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Estrangement | Political Unrest | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : betrayal, civil-war, education, family, life-choices, Nigeria, political-unrest, twins, women
Drama, Family Drama, Political Drama 
Chiwetel Ejiofor ... Odenigbo
Thandie Newton ... Olanna
Anika Noni Rose ... Kainene
Joseph Mawle ... Richard
John Boyega ... Ugwu
Onyeka Onwenu ... Mama
Babou Ceesay ... Okeoma
Susan Wokoma ... Amala
Jude Orhorha ... Harrison
Genevieve Nnaji ... Miss Adebayo
Gloria Young ... Aunty Ifeka
Tina Mba ... Mrs. Ozobia
Wale Ojo ... Chief Okonji
Ayo Lijadu ... Professor Ezeka
Naya Amobi ... Arize
Zack Orji ... Chief Ozobia
Kasper Michaels ... Plump Charles
Reginald Ofodile ... Uncle Mbaezi
Grainne Keenan ... Susan
Paul Hampshire ... Professor Lehman
OC Ukeje ... Aniekwena
Paresh Behera ... Dr. Patel
Jennifer Osammor ... Mama Oji
Hakeem Kae-Kazim ... Captain Dutse
Damien Emmanuel Efa ... Baby
Divine Emmanuel ... Baby (1 year)
Joy Emmanuel ... Baby (3 years)
Favour Asikpa ... Baby (5 years)
Olawale Obadeyi ... Three Piece Man
Eme Awatt ... Bar Proprietress
Jerome Iniobong ... Bartender
Tony Effah ... Elderly Man
Kanayo Okani ... Young Customs Officer
Nicholas Burns ... Tipsy Guest
Alvin Ilenre ... Biafran Soldier Two
Louis Sainte Juste ... Butler
Effiom Bassey ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men
Christopher Udom ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men
Ubong Bassey Inyang ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men
Ita Asuquo ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson & His Rivers Men
Banabas Monday Gimmy ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson
Kingsley Bassey ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson
Victor Umana ... Member - Cardinal Rex Lawson
307 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A hard-drinking lush finds himself thrust into superhero mode in director Peter Berg's unconventional look at the private life of a crime-fighter. Will Smith stars as the embittered do-gooder whose lifestyle is more akin to a rock star than a role model, and who has grown as disillusioned with his once-admiring public as they have of him. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Tough Guys
Themes : Reluctant Hero | Redemption
Keywords : Superhero, celebrity, crimefighter, grouch, womanizer
Comedy, Superhero Film, Action Comedy 
Will Smith ... Hancock
Charlize Theron ... Mary
Jason Bateman ... Ray Embrey
Eddie Marsan ... Red
Johnny Galecki ... Jeremy
David Mattey ... Man Mountain
Thomas Lennon ... Mike
Jae Head ... Aaron
Maetrix Fitten ... Matrix
Hayley Marie Norman ... Hottie
Dorothy Cecchi ... Woman in Dive Bar
Michelle Lemon ... Girl at Bus Bench
Akiva Goldsman ... Executive
Brad Leland ... Executive
Trieu Tran ... Executive
Darrell Foster ... Police Sergeant
Liz Wicker ... Female Cop
Taylor Gilbert ... Female Hostage
Caroll Tohme ... Clapping Guy
Barbara Ali ... Woman Under Ray's Car
Ryan Radis ... Rail Crossing Crowd Member
Elizabeth Dennehy ... Rail Crossing Crowd Member
Darren Dowler ... Rail Crossing Crowd Member
Daeg Faerch ... Michel
Martin Magdaleno ... Neighborhood Kid
Ronald W. Howard ... Man on Street
Gregg Daniel ... Police Chief
Atticus Shaffer ... Boy at Bus Bench
Aaron Henderson ... Ice Cream Truck Patron
Huy Nguyen ... Ice Cream Truck Patron
Mary-Jessica Pitts ... Ice Cream Truck Patron
Kalee St. Clair ... Ice Cream Struck Patron
Don Gibb ... Convict
Ralph Richeson ... Convict
Allan Havey ... Convict
Timothy Brennen ... Convict
Anthony Ledesma ... Convict
Steven Pierce ... Convict
Dominic Prampin ... Convict
Mars Crain ... Convict
Jack Axelrod ... Convict
Eddie J. Fernandez ... Convict
Martin Klebba ... Convict
Richard W. Gallegos ... Angry Man
Marc Geschwind ... Angry Men
Rob Maron ... Angry Man
Aisha Jau ... Sunglass Woman
Pritam Singh ... Sikh
Cher Calvin ... Reporter
Bill McMullen ... Valet
1154 3/4
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is director Curtis Hanson's suburban horror story of a demented nanny bent on revenge for past wrongs. Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) was once a happily married woman, but when her doctor husband is accused of assaulting a patient and he commits suicide, her world falls apart and she plots revenge. Claire (Annabella Sciorra), the woman who made the accusation, hires Peyton as a nanny, not knowing of their past involvement. Peyton then proceeds to terrorize the family, attempts to seduce the husband and generally destroy Claire as she feels she has been destroyed. The film, while somewhat implausible, is saved by the strong performances of Sciorra and De Mornay. Rebecca De Mornay has not given such a good performance since Risky Business, and she manages to make Peyton both believable, frightening and sympathetic. De Mornay has many great moments, but the scene, where she slowly destroys a bathroom in her impotent rage is unbelievably powerful. Hanson, a superb director of thrillers, manages to bring all the elements together to make The Hand That Rocks the Cradle a frightening psychological thriller and an interesting look at a woman's obsessive hatred and envy. --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Femmes Fatales | Nannies and Caregivers | Out For Revenge | Stalkers | Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Keywords : babysitter, deception, doctor/nurse, family, family-member, marriage, nanny, obsession, psychopath, revenge, role-switching, satanic, suburbs, yuppies
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Annabella Sciorra ... Claire Bartel
Rebecca De Mornay ... Peyton Flanders
Matt McCoy ... Michael Bartel
Ernie Hudson ... Solomon
Julianne Moore ... Marlene
Madeline Zima ... Emma Bartel
John deLancie ... Dr. Mott
Kevin Skousen ... Marty
Junie Lowry-Johnson
Elaine Micklesen ... Child in Schoolyard
Dee Dee Van Zyl ... Emergency Room Nurse
Justin Zaremby ... Schoolyard Bully
Jennifer Melander ... Baby Joe
Cliff Lenz ... "Seattle Today" Host
Penny LeGate ... "Seattle Today" Host
Mary Anne Owen ... Dr. Mott's Nurse
Therese Xavier Tinling ... Receptionist
Todd Jamieson ... Surgeon
Laura Ferri ... Emergency Room Nurse
Cristine McMurdo-Wallis ... Peyton's Nurse
Sara Jennifer Sharp ... Peyton's Nurse
Susan Chin ... Newscaster
Kimberly Hill ... Newscaster
Ericka Matson ... Child in Schoolyard
Aimee Kanemori ... Child in Schoolyard
Brian Finney ... Botanical Gardens Worker
Stephen West ... Federal Express Clerk
David Scully ... Male Lab Worker
Julie Clemmons ... Female Lab Worker
Joseph Franklin ... Man at Cleaners
Tom Francis ... Marlene's Assistant
Jeff Conkel ... Paramedic
Patrick Ryals ... Policeman
Charles Lucia ... Realtor
Ashley Melander ... Baby Joe
Eric Melander ... Baby Joe
863 3/4
Hands of Stone 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This biopic about boxing legend Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez) follows his rise from a two-fisted street urchin in Panama to a gifted amateur known for Round 1 knockouts. Along the way he gains fame, riches and the love of Felicidad (Ana de Armas), but a chance meeting with boxing coach Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro) takes his fighting skills to a level where he can defeat American champion Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond). The lessons Arcel teaches his protégé about psychological cleverness in and out of the ring carries Duran through the darkest part of his career, when the notorious "No más" rematch against Leonard threatens to derail his entire legacy. Robert De Niro's adopted daughter Drena De Niro plays Ray Arcel's adopted daughter in this bilingual feature written and directed by Venezuelan director Jonathan Jakubowicz. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Boxers | Coaches and Players | In Training
Keywords : boxer, coach, match (sports), sports, trainer
Action, Sports Drama 
Robert De Niro ... Ray Arcel
Edgar Ramirez ... Roberto Duran
Usher Raymond ... Sugar Ray Leonard
Ellen Barkin ... Stephanie Arcel
John Turturro ... Frankie Carbo
Drena De Niro ... Adele
Reg E. Cathey ... Don King
Yancey Arias ... Benny Huertas
Anthony Molinari ... Marine Molinari
Rick Avery ... Gil Clancey
Robb Skyler ... Howard Cosell
Joe Urla ... Angelo Dundee
308 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A teenage assassin raised in remote Finland is dispatched on a dangerous mission by her father, an ex-CIA operative, in this innovative action thriller from director Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice). Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) may look like your typical teenage girl, but she's a trained killer who has spent her entire life preparing for one mission. Schooled in the arts of survival and killing by her mysterious father (Eric Bana), Hanna finally reaches the age when she must put her skills to the test, and sets out across Europe on a collision course with a cunning intelligence operative (Cate Blanchett) who has been awaiting her arrival for years. Later, as agents close in from all sides and Hanna finally gets her target in the crosshairs, the trained assassin uncovers some secrets from the past that stir the conscience she never knew she had, and cause her to question everything she has ever known. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Fathers and Daughters | Hired Killers | On the Run
Keywords : assassination, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), Europe, experiment, father, hired-gun [hit man], on-the-run, upbringing
Thriller, Action Thriller, Chase Movie 
Saoirse Ronan ... Hanna
Eric Bana ... Erik
Tom Hollander ... Isaacs
Olivia Williams ... Rachel
Jason Flemyng ... Sebastian
Jessica Barden ... Sophie
Cate Blanchett ... Marissa
Jamie Beamish ... Burton
Vicky Krieps ... Johanna Zadeck
Paris Arrowsmith ... CIA Tech 1
John Macmillan ... Lewis
Tim Beckmann ... Walt
Paul Birchard ... Bob
Tom Hodgkins ... Monitor
Vincent Montuel ... Camp G Doctor 1
Michelle Dockery ... False Marissa
Aldo Maland ... Miles
Mohammed Majd ... Moroccan Hotel Owner
Sebastian Hülk ... Titch
Joel Basman ... Razor
Matthias Brandt ... Danish Policeman
Marc Soto ... Feliciano's Brother
Gudrun Ritter ... Katrin Zadeck
Martin Wuttke ... Knepfler
Hannah Montana: Music Video DVD 
Put your hands together, y'all, for the hottest teen pop sensation, Miley Stewart, aka... Hannah Montana! Watch three of your favorite episodes and one you've never seen before from the smash-hit Disney original series- plus rockin' exclusive bonus features including an inside look at Miley's world, a music video and more.
Hannah Montana is living the rock star dream, with cool concerts, lots of limos and a huge closet full of the latest styles. And nobody knows that underneath all the glitz 'n' glamour, she's simply sweet Miley Stewart. Y'all won't believe the hilarious things she does to keep her celebrity secret while navigating the challenges of homework, crushes and being accepted into the local social scene. It all works out, though, because this chick totally rocks!
310 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the controversial sequel novel of the same name, Hannibal is the much-anticipated follow-up to the Oscar-winning The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Anthony Hopkins returns as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, one of the world's most cunning and feared serial killers, who resurfaces after a decade in hiding to toy with FBI agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore). As Starling's career flounders thanks to a drug bust gone wrong, Lecter attempts to elude a greedy Italian police detective (Giancarlo Giannini) who's willing to alert the authorities to his presence in Florence for a price. In the meantime, a maimed but wealthy former victim of Lecter's named Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) plots to get his revenge on the doctor in a most unusual and grisly fashion. The novel by Thomas Harris was adapted for director Ridley Scott by David Mamet and Steven Zaillian. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Blood and Gore | Nail-biters
Themes : Cannibals | Haunted By the Past | Serial Killers | Woman In Jeopardy
Keywords : drug-bust, escape, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), pig, police-detective, revenge, serial-killer
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Anthony Hopkins ... Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Julianne Moore ... Clarice Starling
Ray Liotta ... Paul Krendler
Frankie R. Faison ... Barney
Giancarlo Giannini ... Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi
Francesca Neri ... Allegra Pazzi
Hazelle Goodman ... Evelda Drumgo
David Andrews ... FBI Agent Pearsall
James Opher ... DEA Agent Eldridge
Enrico Lo Verso ... Gnocco
Ivano Marescotti ... Carlo
Fabrizio Gifuni ... Matteo
Ennio Coltorti ... Ricci
Alex Corrado ... Piero
Marco Greco ... Tommaso
Gary Oldman ... Mason Verger (uncredited)
311 1/4
The Happening 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lady in the Water director M. Night Shyamalan puts PG-13 suspense on pause to tell this grim apocalyptic tale about a family fleeing a natural disaster that poses a grave threat to the whole of humanity. Philadelphia high-school science teacher Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg) is discussing the disappearance of the bees with his students when the staff is summoned to the theater and briefed about a mysterious event that is currently unfolding in New York City. According to reports, citizens in the vicinity of Central Park have suddenly and inexplicably begun seizing up just before killing themselves by whatever means are at their disposal. As the phenomena begins to spread and talk of terrorism fills the airwaves, Elliot, his wife, Alma (Zooey Deschanel), their friend Julian (John Leguizamo), and his daughter, Jess (Ashlyn Sanchez), board a train bound for the presumed safety of the country. When the train screeches to a halt before arriving at its final destination, however, the frightened passengers are forced to fend for themselves as each consecutive news report paints an increasingly grim picture of the situation in more urbanized areas. Theories abound on what could be causing the unexplainable rash of suicides, but the only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that it's some kind of airborne contagion that is carried in the wind. It would appear that humankind's reign on planet Earth has come to an end, but perhaps if this small band of survivors can find a safe place to lie low until this all blows over, all hope for survival of the species might not be lost just yet. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Plagues and Epidemics | Teachers and Students
Keywords : end-of-the-world, natural-disaster, father, on-the-run
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Mark Wahlberg ... Elliot Moore
Zooey Deschanel ... Alma Moore
John Leguizamo ... Julian
Betty Buckley ... Mrs. Jones
Spencer Breslin ... Josh
Robert Bailey Jr. ... Jared
Frank Collison ... Nursery Owner
Jeremy Strong ... Private Auster
Alan Ruck ... Principal
Victoria Clark ... Nursery Owner's Wife
Alison Folland ... Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
M. Night Shyamalan ... Joey
Kristen Connolly ... Woman Reading on Bench
Cornell Womack ... Construction Foreman
Curtis L. McClarin ... Construction Crew Member
Robert Lenzi ... Jake
Derege Harding ... Train Conducter
Kerry O'Malley ... Woman On Cell Phone
Shayna Levine ... Teenage Girl in Jeep
Cyrille Thouvenin ... French Bicyclist's Friend
Babita Hariani ... Medical Correspondent
Alicia Taylor ... U.S. Reporter
Edward James Hyland ... Professor Kendall Wallace
Armand Schultz ... Talk Show Host
Stephen Singer ... Dr. Ross
Sophia Burke ... Student Named Laura
Alex Van Kooy ... Boy in Class
Charlie Saxton ... Student Named Dylan
Kathy Hart ... Vice Principal
Lisa Gunn ... Teacher In Auditorium
Rick Foster ... Railway Police Officer
Marc H. Glick ... P.A. System Coordinator
Don Castro ... Philadelphia Police Officer
Bill Chemerka ... Taxi Driver
Jan Ellis ... Older Woman with Dog
Whitney Sugarman ... Passenger
Mary Ellen Driscoll ... Woman Passenger
Greg Wood ... Passenger at Counter
Peter Appel ... Diner Owner
Eoin O'Shea ... Passenger #1
Michael Quinlan ... Passenger #2
Lyman Chen ... Passenger #3
Brian O'Halloran ... Jeep Driver
Megan Mazaika ... Jeep Passenger #1
Keith E. Bullard ... Man In Crowd at Crossroads
Joel de la Fuente ... Realtor
Ashley Brimfield ... Woman in Group
Mara Hobel ... Woman with Hands Over Ears
Carmen Bitonti ... Mangled Construction Worker
Brian Anthony Wilson ... Arguing Man in Crowd
Greg Smith Aldridge ... Zoo Employee
John Ottavino ... Network News Anchor
Sid Doherty ... Radio News Anchor
Nancy Sokerka ... Radio Caller Fay
Julia Yorks ... Young Woman Voice on Phone
Bill Shusta ... Radio Newsman
Kirk Penberthy ... Radio Announcer
Alex Craft ... Truck Passenger Boy
Allie Habberstad ... Truck Passenger Girl
963 3/4
Happy Death Day 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A college student (Jessica Rothe) is trapped in a time loop that forces her to keep reliving a birthday that ends with her murder at the hands of a masked madman. As she repeats the same day over and over again, she tries to figure out her killer's identity so she can avoid a grisly fate. Directed by Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones). --

Horror, Mystery, Thriller 
Jessica Rothe ... Tree Gelbman
Israel Broussard ... Carter Davis
Ruby Modine ... Lori
Laura Clifton
Donna Duplantier ... Nurse Deena
Cariella Smith ... Becky
GiGi Erneta ... News Reporter
Pamela G. Kay ... Tree's (Jessica Rothe's) Mom
Billy Slaughter ... Winter
Lindsey G. Smith ... Waitress
312 2/4
Happy Feet 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the world of the emperor penguin, a simple song can mean the difference between a lifetime of happiness and an eternity of loneliness. When a penguin named Mumble is born without the ability to sing the romantic song that will attract his soul mate, he'll have to resort to some fancy footwork by tap dancing his way into the heart of the one he loves. Directed by Babe mastermind George Miller, Happy Feet tells the tale of one penguin's quest for love, and features an all-star cast of vocal talent that includes Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, and Brittany Murphy. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Mothers and Sons | Talented Animals
Keywords : penguin, Antarctica, tap-dance, outcast
Children's/Family, Adventure Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Elijah Wood ... Mumble
Robin Williams ... Ramon, Lovelace
Brittany Murphy ... Gloria
Hugh Jackman ... Memphis
Nicole Kidman ... Norma Jean
Hugo Weaving ... Noah the Elder
Anthony LaPaglia ... Boss Skua
Magda Szubanski ... Miss Viola
Steve Irwin ... Trev
Carlos Alazraqui ... Nestor
Lombardo Boyar ... Raul
Miriam Margolyes ... Mrs. Astrakhan
Fat Joe ... Seymour
Alyssa Shafer ... Baby Gloria
Danny Mann ... Dino, Zoo Penguin
Michael Cornacchia ... Frankie
Tiriel Mora ... Kev
Dee Bradley Baker ... Maurice
Lee Perry ... Elder, Zoo Penguin
Alan Shearman ... Elder
Larry Moss ... Elder
Peter Carroll ... Elder
Chrissie Hynde ... Michelle
Michelle Arthur ... Adélie Chica
Denise Blasor ... Adélie Chica
Roger Rose ... Leopard Seal
Kelley Abbey ... Motion Capture Principal
Savion Glover ... Motion Capture Principal
Warren Coleman ... Live Action Cast
Felix Williamson ... Live Action Cast
Cassandra Swaby ... Live Action Cast
Henry Nixon ... Live Action Cast
Belinda Bromilow ... Live Action Cast
Dasi Ruz ... Live Action Cast
Helmut Bakaitis ... Live Action Cast
Simon Westaway ... Live Action Cast
Logan Arens ... Other Voices
Shane Baumel ... Other Voices
A.J. Buckley ... Other Voices
Erin Chambers ... Other Voices
Jeff Fischer ... Other Voices
313 3/4
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Youthful wizard Harry Potter returns to the screen in this, the second film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's wildly popular series of novels for young people. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and his friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) return for a second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Headmaster Dumbledore (Richard Harris), Professor Snape (Alan Rickman), Professor McGonagall (Maggie Smith), and Hagrid the Giant (Robbie Coltrane) are joined by new faculty members Gilderoy Lockhart (Kenneth Branagh), a self-centered expert in Defense against the Dark Arts, and Sprout (Miriam Margolyes), who teaches Herbology. However, it isn't long before Harry and company discover something is amiss at Hogwarts: Students are petrified like statues, threats are written in blood on the walls, and a deadly monster is on the loose. It seems that someone has opened the mysterious Chamber of Secrets, letting loose the monster and all its calamitous powers. As Harry, Ron, and Hermione set out to find the secret chamber and slay the beast, speculation is rife that one of the heirs of Salazar Slytherin, the co-founder of the school, opened the chamber as a warning against the presence of "mudbloods" (magic-users of impure lineage) at the school -- and that the culprit may be fellow student Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton). Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets featured Richard Harris' second and final appearance as Headmaster Dumbledore; he died less than a month before the film was released in the United States. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Other Dimensions
Themes : Wizards and Magicians | Boarding School Life | Heroic Mission | Mischievous Children | Daring Rescues
Keywords : magic, boarding-school, wizard, friendship, monster, supernatural-powers, childhood-adventures, witchcraft
Attributes : High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter
Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley
Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger
Kenneth Branagh ... Gilderoy Lockhart
Robbie Coltrane ... Hagrid
Richard Harris ... Albus Dumbledore
Warwick Davis ... Professor Flitwick
Richard Griffiths ... Vernon Dursley
John Cleese ... Nearly Headless Nick
Jason Isaacs ... Lucius Malfoy
Alan Rickman ... Severus Snape
Fiona Shaw ... Petunia Dursley
Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall
Julie Walters ... Mrs. Weasley
Shirley Henderson ... Moaning Myrtle
Julian Glover ... Aragog the Spider
Miriam Margolyes ... Professor Sprout
Mark Williams ... Mr. Weasley
Toby Jones ... Dobby the House Elf
Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley
Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy
David Bradley ... Argus Filch
Gemma Jones ... Madam Pomfrey
Christian Coulson ... Tom Riddle
Sean Biggerstaff ... Oliver Wood
Alfred Burke ... Armando Dippet
Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom
Rik Mayall ... Peeves the Poltergeist
Kathrin Nicholson ... Pansy Parkinson
Chris Rankin ... Percy Weasley
Robert Hardy ... Cornelius Fudge
314 3/4
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Directed by Mike Newell, the fourth installment to the Harry Potter series finds Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) wondering why his legendary scar -- the famous result of a death curse gone wrong -- is aching in pain, and perhaps even causing mysterious visions. Before he can think too much about it, however, Harry boards the train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he will attend his fourth year of magical education. Shortly after his reunion with his best friends, Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson), Harry is introduced to yet another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher: the grizzled Mad-Eye Moody (Brendan Gleeson), a former dark wizard catcher who agreed to take on the infamous "DADA" professorship as a personal favor to Headmaster Dumbledore (Michael Gambon). Of course, Harry's wishes for an uneventful school year are almost immediately shattered when he is unexpectedly chosen, along with fellow student Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson), as Hogwarts' representative in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, which awards whoever completes three magical tasks the most skillfully with a thousand-galleon purse and the admiration of the international wizard community. As difficult as it is to deal with his schoolwork, friendships, and the tournament at the same time (not to mention his feelings toward the ever unfathomable Professor Snape (Alan Rickman), Harry doesn't realize that the most feared wizard in the world, Lord Voldemort, is anticipating the tournament, as well. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Other Dimensions
Themes : Boarding School Life | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : boarding-school, supernatural-powers, wizard, black-magic, witch, witchcraft, dragon, mermaid
Fantasy, Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter
Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley
Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger
Robbie Coltrane ... Rubeus Hagrid
Ralph Fiennes ... Lord Voldemort
Michael Gambon ... Albus Dumbledore
Brendan Gleeson ... Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody
Jason Isaacs ... Lucius Malfoy
Gary Oldman ... Sirius Black
Alan Rickman ... Professor Severus Snape
Robert Pattinson ... Cedric Diggory
Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall
Clémence Poésy ... Fleur Delacour
Frances de la Tour ... Madame Maxime
Timothy Spall ... Wormtail
Miranda Richardson ... Rita Skeeter
Stanislav Ianevski ... Viktor Krum
David Tennant ... Barty Crouch Junior
Roger Lloyd-Pack ... Barty Crouch
Eric Sykes ... Frank Bryce
Mark Williams ... Arthur Weasley
James Phelps ... Freed Weasley
Oliver Phelps ... George Weasley
Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley
Jeff Rawle ... Amos Diggory
Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy
Robert Hardy ... Cornelius Fudge
Philip Rham ... Death Eater
Olivia Higginbottom ... Death Eater
Ashley Artus ... Death Eater
Alex Palmer ... Death Eater
Paschal Friel ... Death Eater
Sheila Allen ... Ministry Witch
Su Elliot ... Ministry Witch
Flip Webster ... Ministry Witch
David Sterne ... Ministry Wizard
Christopher Whittingham ... Ministry Wizard
Liam McKenna ... Ministry Wizard
Margery Mason ... Food Trolley Lady
Katie Leung ... Cho Chang
Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom
William Melling ... Nigel
David Bradley ... Argus Filch
Devon Murray ... Seamus Finnigan
Afshan Azad ... Padma Patil
Warwick Davis ... Filius Flitwick
Shefali Chowdhury ... Parvati Patil
Angelica Mandy ... Gabrielle Delacour
Tolga Safer ... Karkaroff's Aide
Alfie Enoch ... Dean Thomas
Louis Doyle ... Ernie MacMillan
Jamie Waylett ... Vincent Crabbe
Joshua Herdman ... Gregory Goyle
Charlotte Skeoch ... Hannah Abbott
Robert Wilfort ... Photographer
Tiana Benjamin ... Angelina Johnson
Jarvis Cocker ... Band Lead Singer
Shirley Henderson ... Moaning Myrtle
Adrian Rawlins ... James Potter
Geraldine Somerville ... Lily Potter
315 3/4
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Young wizard-in-training Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) returns to Hogwarts for his fifth year of studies, only to find that the magical community seems to be in a curious state of denial about his recent encounter with the sinister Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) in the fifth installment of the popular fantasy film series based on the best-selling books by author J.K. Rowling. Rumor has it that the dreaded Lord Voldemort has returned, but Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge (Robert Hardy) isn't so sure what to make of all the hearsay currently floating around the campus of Hogwarts. Suspecting that Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) may be fueling the rumors regarding Voldemort's return in order to undermine his authority and lay claim to his job, Fudge entrusts newly arrived Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) with the task of tracking Dumbledore and keeping a protective watch over the nervous student body. The young wizards of Hogwarts will need something much more effective than Umbridge's Ministry-approved course in defensive magic if they are to truly succeed in the extraordinary battle that lies ahead, however, and when the administration fails to provide the students with the tools that they will need to defend Hogwarts against the fearsome powers of the Dark Arts, Hermione (Emma Watson), Ron (Rupert Grint), and Harry take it upon themselves to recruit a small group of students to form "Dumbledore's Army" in preparation for the ultimate supernatural showdown. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Other Dimensions
Themes : Boarding School Life | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : wizard, enemy, magic, school, teacher
Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter
Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley
Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger
Michael Gambon ... Albus Dumbledore
Ralph Fiennes ... Lord Voldemort
Gary Oldman ... Sirius Black
David Thewlis ... Remus Lupin
Alan Rickman ... Severus Snape
Helena Bonham Carter ... Bellatrix Lestrange
Robbie Coltrane ... Rubeus Hagrid
Emma Thompson ... Sybil Trelawney
Jason Isaacs ... Lucius Malfoy
Harry Melling ... Dudley Dursley
Kathryn Hunter ... Mrs. Arabella Figg
Miles Jupp ... TV Weatherman
Fiona Shaw ... Petunia Dursley
Richard Griffiths ... Vernon Dursley
Adrian Rawlins ... James Potter
Geraldine Somerville ... Lily Potter
Robert Pattinson ... Cedric Diggory
Natalia Tena ... Nymphadora Tonks
Brendan Gleeson ... Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
George Harris ... Kingsley Shacklebolt
Peter Cartwright ... Elphias Doge
Mark Williams ... Arthur Weasley
Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall
Julie Walters ... Mrs. Weasley
Timothy Bateson ... Kreacher
James Phelps ... Fred Weasley
Oliver Phelps ... George Weasley
Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley
Nicholas Blane ... Bob
Daisy Haggard ... Lift
Robert Hardy ... Cornelius Fudge
Chris Rankin ... Percy Weasley
Imelda Staunton ... Dolores Umbridge
Sian Thomas ... Amelia Bones
Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy
Jamie Waylett ... Vincent Crabbe
Joshua Herdman ... Gregory Goyle
Katie Leung ... Cho Chang
Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom
Evanna Lynch ... Luna Lovegood
David Bradley ... Argus Filch
Devon Murray ... Seamus Finnigan
William Melling ... Nigel 2nd Year
Alfred Enoch ... Dean Thomas
Afshan Azad ... Padma Patil
Shefali Chowdhury ... Parvati Patil
Warwick Davis ... Filius Flitwick
Jim McManus ... Barman
Sam Beazley ... Everard
John Atterbury ... Phineas
Arben Bajraktaraj ... Azkaban Death Eater
Richard Leaf ... Dawlish
Tony Maudsley ... Grawp
James Walters ... Young Sirius Black
Michael Wildman ... Centaur
Richard Cubison ... Death Eater
Richard Trinder ... Death Eater
316 4/4
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After directing the first two movies in the Harry Potter franchise, Chris Columbus opted to serve as producer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and passed the baton to Y Tu Mamá También director Alfonso Cuarón. Though "immensely popular" is an understatement when it comes to Harry Potter, Azkaban is somewhat of a departure from its predecessors, and particularly beloved among fans for its surprise ending. Prisoner of Azkaban also marks the introduction of Sirius Black (Gary Oldman), who has escaped from the title prison after 12 years of incarceration. Believed to have been the right-hand-man of the dark wizard Voldemort, whom Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) mysteriously rendered powerless during his infancy, some of those closest to Harry suspect Black has returned to exact revenge on the boy who defeated his master. Upon his return to school, however, Harry is relatively unconcerned with Black. Run by Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) -- who is widely regarded as the most powerful wizard of the age -- Hogwarts is renowned for its safety. Harry's nonchalance eventually turns to blind rage after accidentally learning the first of Black's many secrets during a field trip to a neighboring village. Of course, a loose serial killer is only one of the problems plaguing the bespectacled wizard's third year back at school -- the soul-sucking guards of Azkaban prison have been employed at Hogwarts to protect the students, but their mere presence sends Harry into crippling fainting spells. With the help of his friends Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson), and Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Remus Lupin (David Thewlis), Harry struggles to thwart the Dementors, find Sirius Black, and uncover the mysteries of the night that left him orphaned. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Other Dimensions
Themes : Wizards and Magicians | Boarding School Life | Mythical Creatures | Witches | Escape From Prison
Keywords : boarding-school, wizard, anger, magic, fugitive, prison-escape, serial-killer, werewolf, witchcraft
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter
Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley
Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger
Gary Oldman ... Sirius Black
David Thewlis ... Remus Lupin
Michael Gambon ... Albus Dumbledore
Alan Rickman ... Severus Snape
Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall
Robbie Coltrane ... Hagrid
Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy
Emma Thompson ... Professor Trelawney
Julie Walters ... Mrs. Weasley
Timothy Spall ... Peter Pettigrew
Julie Christie ... Madam Rosmerta
Richard Griffiths ... Vernon Dursley
Fiona Shaw ... Petunia Dursley
David Bradley ... Argus Filch
John Cleese ... Nearly Headless Nick
Alfie Enoch ... Dean Thomas
Pam Ferris ... Aunt Marge
Dawn French ... The Fat Lady
Jimmy Gardner ... Ernie Prang
Joshua Herdman ... Gregory Goyle
Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom
Devon Murray ... Seamus
Kathrin Nicholson ... Pansy Parkinson
Chris Rankin ... Percy Weasley
Jim Tavare ... Tom, the Leaky Cauldron Innkeeper
Jamie Waylett ... Vincent Crabbe
Paul Whitehouse ... Sir Cadogan
Robert Hardy ... Cornelius Fudge
Harry Melling ... Dudley Dursley
Adrian Rawlins ... James Potter
Geraldine Somerville ... Lily Potter
Lee Ingleby ... Stan Updike
Lenny Henry ... Shrunken Head
Abby Ford ... Young Witch Maid
Oliver Phelps ... George Weasley
James Phelps ... Fred Weasley
Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley
Warwick Davis ... Wizard
Sitara Shah ... Parvati Patel
Jennifer Smith ... Lavender Brown
Bronson Webb ... Slytherin Boy
Genevieve Gaunt ... Pansy Parkinson
Kandice Morris ... Girl 1
Annalisa Bugliani ... Mother in Portrait
Tess Bu Cuaron ... Baby in Portrait
Violet Columbus ... Girl With Flowers
Ekow Quartey ... Boy 1
Rick Sahota ... Boy 2
Sharon Sandhu ... Girl 2
Danielle Tabor ... Angelina Johnson
Freddie Davis ... Old Man in Portrait
317 3/4
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The best-selling novel by J.K. Rowling (titled Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in England, as was this film adaptation) becomes this hotly anticipated fantasy adventure from Chris Columbus, the winner of a high-stakes search for a director to bring the first in a hoped-for franchise of Potter films to the screen by Warner Bros. Upon his 11th birthday, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), who lives in misery with an aunt and uncle that don't want him, learns from a giant named Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) that he is the orphaned son of powerful wizards. Harry is offered a place at prestigious Hogwarts, a boarding school for wizards that exists in a realm of magic and fantasy outside the dreary existence of normal humans or "Muggles." At Hogwarts, Harry quickly makes new friends and begins piecing together the mystery of his parents' deaths, which appear not to have been accidental after all. The film features alternate-version scenes for every mention of the titular rock. Richard Harris, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, John Cleese, and Fiona Shaw co-star. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Other Dimensions
Themes : Wizards and Magicians | Boarding School Life | Heroic Mission | Witches
Keywords : magic, wizard, boarding-school, orphan, owl, centaur, destiny, fantasy-world, hero, mysticism, power, sorcerer, spell [magic], supernatural-powers, witchcraft, chess, dragon, mystery [whodunit], child-abuse
Attributes : High Production Values
Fantasy, Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter
Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger
Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley
Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall
Robbie Coltrane ... Hagrid
Alan Rickman ... Severus Snape
Richard Harris ... Albus Dumbledore
Richard Griffiths ... Vernon Dursley
Ian Hart ... Professor Quirrell
John Hurt ... Mr. Ollivander
Warwick Davis ... Goblin Bank Teller, Professor Flitwick
Fiona Shaw ... Petunia Dursley
John Cleese ... Nearly Headless Nick
Julie Walters ... Mrs. Weasley
Sean Biggerstaff ... Oliver Wood
Zoë Wanamaker ... Madame Hooch
Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy
Harry Melling ... Dudley Dursley
Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom
David Bradley ... Argus Filch
Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley
318 1/4
Hart's War 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the novel by John Katzenbach, author of Just Cause (1995), this prison camp drama combines elements of A Soldier's Story (1984) and the classic Stalag 17 (1953). Colin Farrell stars as Lt. Tommy Hart, a second-year Harvard Law School student who enlists to fight in World War II but ends up being taken prisoner by the Germans. When a murder at the Nazi-run Stalag Luft 13 leaves a black Tuskegee airman named Lt. Lincoln Scott (Terrence Dashon Howard) accused of the crime, high-ranking prisoner (and fourth-generation war hero) Col. William McNamara (Bruce Willis) persuades camp commandant Col. Werner Visser (Marcel Iures) to allow the prisoners to hold their own trial. Hart is recruited to defend his fellow officer, but as he reluctantly investigates, he discovers that not all of his fellow allied soldiers are fighting the same war and that his "client" may well have been framed. In the meantime, it becomes apparent that McNamara is using events to mask his true intent, a mission to destroy a nearby munitions plant that he still intends to carry out despite his incarceration. Hart's War (2002) co-stars Vicellous Shannon, Cole Hauser, Rory Cochrane, and Jonathan Brandis. -- Karl Williams

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Courts Martial | Race Relations | Heroic Mission
Keywords : courtmartial, POW (Prisoner of War), murder, racism, lawyer, prison-escape, secret-mission
Drama, War, Courtroom Drama, Message Movie, POW Drama, War Drama 
Bruce Willis ... Col. William McNamara
Colin Farrell ... Lt. Tommy Hart
Terrence Howard ... Lt. Lincoln Scott
Vicellous Shannon ... Lamar Archer
Jonathan Brandis ... Waverly
Marcel Iures ... Col. Werner Visser
Scott Michael Campbell ... Cpl. Joe Cromin
Linus Roache ... Capt. Peter Ross
Rory Cochrane ... Sgt. Carl Webb
Cole Hauser ... Bedford
Michael Landes ... Maj. M.F. Giannetti
Michael Weston ... Pfc. W. Roy Potts
Sam Worthington ... Depot
Sam Jaeger ... Capt. R. G. Sisk
Adrian Grenier ... Pvt. Daniel Abrams
Sebastian Tillinger ... Pvt. Bert "Moose" Codman
Joe Spano ... Col. J. M. Lange
Maury Sterling ... Pfc. Dennis Gerber
Karel Belohradsky ... Guard
Brad Hunt ... Pvt. G.H. "Cookie" Bell
Dan van Husen ... Box Car Sergeant
Jan Nemejovsky ... Spike Guard
Jan Tesarz ... Guard
Jakub Zdenek ... Delousing Private
Stephen H. Fisher ... Barracks 22 oficer
Michel Beran ... Pvt. Pugh
Danny Babbington ... Pvt. S.T. Engler
David Barrass ... Maj. Hans Fussel
Jim Boeven ... M.P. Sergeants
Martin Cizek ... Guard
Jan Dostal ... Russian POW
Daniel Fleischer-Brown ... Barracks 22 officer
Gary Gold ... McNamara's Aide
Holger Handtke ... Maj. Johann Wirtz
Vit Herzina ... Russian POW
René Ifrah ... Pvt. S.T. Engler
Jan Jakubec ... Lowly Guard
Christian Kahrmann ... M.P. Sergeants
Lukas Kantor ... Cranky Corporal
Richard Kardhordo ... Barracks 27 POW
Radek Kuchar ... Guard
Vladimir Kulhavy ... Guard
Jan Marsik ... Tower Sentry
Rick Ravanello ... Maj. Joe Clary
Steve Sarossy ... Lt. M.K. Adams
Jiri M. Sieber ... Kooler Guard
Joel Sugerman ... Unnamed GI
Bohumil Svarc ... Nighttime Appel Guard
Peter Varga ... Russian POW
Georg Vietje ... Morning Guard
Alan T. Ward ... Barracks 22 officer
Grey Williams ... Pvt. R.S. Croutch
319 4/4
The Hateful Eight 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bounty hunter John "The Hangman" Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his dangerous prisoner Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) encounter a treacherous blizzard en route to her sentencing in Wyoming. During their stagecoach ride they come across another bounty hunter, Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson), and former Confederate rebel leader Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins). Seeking refuge from the weather, the group chart a course for a mountain cabin to wait out the storm. There, they meet four other traveling strangers (Tim Roth, Demián Bichir, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern) with whom they must share the stuffy confines until the end of the blizzard. Tensions eventually boil over as each individual has his or her own agenda in this inventive Western, which is set in the aftermath of the American Civil War and written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Bounty Hunters | Forces of Nature | Mysterious Strangers | Sheriffs and Outlaws | Trapped or Confined
Keywords : blizzard, bounty-hunter, Civil-War [US], prisoner, stranger, trapped
Western, Modern Western, Psychological Western 
Samuel L. Jackson ... Major Marquis Warren
Kurt Russell ... John "The Hangman" Ruth
Jennifer Jason Leigh ... Daisy Domergue
Walton Goggins ... Chris Mannix
Demián Bichir ... Bob
Tim Roth ... Oswaldo Mobray
Michael Madsen ... Joe Gage
Bruce Dern ... General Sanford Smithers
Channing Tatum ... Jody
James Parks ... O.B.
Zoe Bell ... Six-Horse Judy
Dana Gourrier ... Minnie
Gene Jones
Craig Stark ... Chester Charles Smithers
320 1/4
The Haunted Mansion 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After the blockbuster success of Pirates of the Caribbean, another Disney theme park ride is adapted for the big screen in this family-friendly mix of comedy and chills. Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) is a real estate agent whose latest project is to find a buyer for a huge but dilapidated old house in New Orleans. However, when Evers visits the property with his family, he discovers it's already inhabited by 999 ghosts, none of whom are interested in sharing the space. As the spirits make their displeasure known, Evers and his family try to shoo them away with the help of an eccentric medium named Madame Leota (Jennifer Tilly). The Haunted Mansion also stars Terence Stamp, Don Knotts, and Wallace Shawn. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Family Vacations | Ghosts
Keywords : family, ghost, haunted-house, mansion, medium [psychic], real-estate-agent
Attributes : High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Haunted House Film 
Eddie Murphy ... Jim Evers
Terence Stamp ... Evers
Wallace Shawn ... Ezra
Marsha Thomason ... Sara Evers
Jennifer Tilly ... Madame Leota
Nathaniel Parker ... Master Gracey
Dina Waters ... Emma
Marc John Jefferies ... Michael Evers
Aree Davis ... Megan
Don Knotts
Martin Klebba ... Happy Ghost
321 2/4
The Heartbreak Kid 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When 40-year-old San Francisco bachelor Eddie Cantrow (Ben Stiller) attends the wedding of his ex-fiancée -- and is seated at a "singles table" full of children -- he realizes maybe he's been too picky in his love life, and it's time to settle down. Fortunately, he doesn't have to compromise his standards when he meets Lila (Malin Akerman), a funny, attractive blond who does environmental research for a living. Lila's company wants to relocate her to Europe, but only because she's single -- they don't force married couples to uproot themselves. So Eddie hastily proposes to her, even though they've only been dating for six weeks. But the moment they exchange vows, Eddie starts to notice Lila's rough edges and annoying habits, which had remained hidden underneath her perfect exterior. Their Cabo San Lucas honeymoon gets off to a rough start full of tuneless pop singalongs and surprising revelations about Lila's job and her past. Things only get worse for a confused Eddie when he meets Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), a Midwesterner in Cabo for a family reunion -- and starts to wish he'd held out just a little bit longer. The Heartbreak Kid is Peter and Bobby Farrelly's remake of the 1972 Elaine May comedy of the same name, starring Charles Grodin. -- Derek Armstrong

Moods : Uncomfortable Viewing
Themes : Treacherous Spouses | Wedding Bells | Love Triangles
Keywords : doubt, groom [bridegroom], honeymoon, love-triangle, newlywed
Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
Ben Stiller ... Eddie Cantrow
Michelle Monaghan ... Miranda
Jerry Stiller ... Doc
Malin Akerman ... Lila
Rob Corddry ... Mac
Carlos Mencia ... Uncle Tito
Danny McBride ... Martin
Stephanie Courtney
Polly Holliday
Roy Jenkins
Johnny Sneed ... Cal
1039 3/4
Heaven Can Wait 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Opting for light entertainment after the critical satire of Shampoo (1975), producer-director-writer-star Warren Beatty remade the 1941 comic fantasy Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Dimly amiable L.A. Rams quarterback Joe Pendleton (Beatty) is prematurely called to Heaven by an over-eager escort (Buck Henry, who co-directed) after a traffic accident. When archangel Mr. Jordan (James Mason) discovers the error, he offers to return Joe to his body, only to find that it has been cremated. On the verge of playing in the Super Bowl, Joe demands a fit body rather than the old about-to-be-murdered industrialist Farnsworth he has been offered, but he reconsiders when he sees environmentalist Betty Logan (Julie Christie) in Farnsworth's house. Assuming Farnsworth's body while keeping his sweet self, Joe hires his beloved coach Max Corkle (Jack Warden) to get him in shape (after convincing Max who he really is), sets Farnsworth's business on an eco-friendly path, and romances Betty. Farnsworth's homicidal wife (Dyan Cannon) and secretary (Charles Grodin), however, are still determined to succeed in their plan to kill him. When Mr. Jordan finally finds the Super Bowl body Joe wanted, Joe has to trade his old self for the new life -- but will he remember his love for Betty? Heaven Can Wait offered contemporary yet old-fashioned escapism and tapped into the late-1970s vogue for nostalgic fun, becoming one of 1978's most popular summer movies after Grease. Updating the original while following its blueprint, Beatty and co-writer Elaine May switched Joe's sport and turned Joe into a man of his '70s moment, adoring Betty for her convictions and favoring "green" policies over corporate greed. Gently breathing life into a classic form, Heaven Can Wait found romantic innocence in a jaded time, and it went on to receive nine Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Football Players | Reincarnation | Supernatural Romance
Keywords : heaven, reincarnation, afterlife, accident, angel, industrialist, quarterback, romance, second-chance, murder, activism, environmentalism, football, killing, secretary, extramarital-affair, sports
Attributes : High Historical Importance
Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Heaven-Can-Wait Fantasies, Heavenly Comedy, Romantic Fantasy 
Warren Beatty ... Joe Pendleton
Julie Christie ... Betty Logan
James Mason ... Mr. Jordan
Jack Warden ... Max Corkle
Charles Grodin ... Tony Abbott
Dyan Cannon ... Julia Farnsworth
Buck Henry ... The Escort
Vincent Gardenia ... Lt. Krim
Joseph Maher ... Sisk
Dolph Sweet ... Head Coach
R.G. Armstrong ... General Manager
John Randolph ... Former Owner
William Sylvester ... Nuclear Reporter
Keene Curtis ... Oppenheim
Hamilton Camp ... Bentley
Jeannie Linero ... Lavinia
Arthur Malet ... Everett
Stephanie Faracy ... Corinne
Paul D'Amato ... Swimmer's Friend
Robert Fortier ... Wealthy Man in Restaurant
Curt Gowdy ... TV Commentator
Bryant Gumbel ... TV Sportscaster
Jim Healy ... TV Sportscaster
Richard O'Brien ... Former Owner's Adviser
Elliott Reid
Byron Webster ... Waiter
Garrett Craig ... Swimmer
Larry Block ... Peters
Jim Boeke ... Kowalsky
Roger Bowen ... Newspaperman
Frank Campanella ... Conway
Dick Enberg ... TV Interviewer
Morgan Farley ... Middleton
Will Hare ... Team Doctor
Deacon Jones ... Gorman
William Larsen ... Renfield
George J. Manos ... Security Guard
Joel Marston ... Board Member
Penelope Milford
Ed Peck ... Trainer
Lisa Richards ... Reporter
Bill Sorrells ... Tomarken
Lee Weaver ... Way Station Attendant
Harry D.K. Wong ... Gardener
William Bogert ... Lawson
888 2/4
Heavy Metal 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Inspired by stories from the fantasy graphics magazine Heavy Metal, this five-part animated feature combines the talents of hundreds of artists and animators from 17 different countries. A glowing green orb called Loc-Nar that contains the sum total of all evil in the universe travels through space and time, spreading violence and discord in its wake. The stories that follow demonstrate Loc-Nar's malevolent presence throughout the universe. In New York in the year 2023, cabbie Harry Canyon picks up a fare who turns out to have Loc-Nar in her possession, and it turns out to be one trip he wishes that he had never made. In contemporary suburban America, a nerdy high school kid finds the orb in his backyard and is transported to a comic-book universe where he's a mighty warrior and famous spoiler of women. A robot created by an alien race falls in love with a secretary from Earth who was kidnapped by his masters, while she is at once fascinated and repelled by his sexual talents. And finally, Loc-Nar crashes into a mountain, and a world of fantasy and danger spontaneously appears in its wake, ruled by The Defender, a beautiful amazon who rides on a giant bird. The voice cast for Heavy Metal includes John Candy, Harold Ramis, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Richard Romanus, and John Vernon. The sound track features selections by Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth, Cheap Trick, Devo, and Grand Funk Railroad. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Eyepoppers | Trashy
Themes : Robots and Androids | Space Travel
Keywords : cab-driver, fantasy, heavy-metal-music, intergalactic, magazine, metal, music, robot, rock, rock-music, sex, transformation
Attributes : Cult Film
Science Fiction, Fantasy Adventure, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Rodger Bumpass ... Fiste, Dr. Anrak
Jackie Burroughs ... Katherine
John Candy ... Desk Sergeant, Dan, Den, Robot
Don Francks ... Grimaldi, Co-Pilot, Barbarian
Martin Lavut ... Ard
Eugene Levy ... Sternn, Male Reporter, Edsel
Marilyn Lightstone ... Whore, Queen
Alice Playten ... Gloria
Harold Ramis ... Zeks
Susan Roman ... Girl, Satellite
Richard Romanus ... Harry Canyon
August Schellenberg ... Nort, Taarak
John Vernon ... Prosecutor
Harvey Atkin ... Alien, Henchman
Thor Bishopric ... Boy
Len Doncheff ... Barbarian
Patty Dworkin ... Woman Reporter
Joe Flaherty ... Lawyer, General
Charles Joliffe ... Councilman
Douglas Kenney ... Regolian
Mavor Moore ... Elder
Warren Munson ... Senator
Cedric Smith ... Bartender
George Touliatos ... Pilot, Barbarian
Al Waxman ... Rudnick
1030 1/4
Heavy Metal 2000 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This futuristic animated adventure is based on the graphic novel The Melting Pot, created by noted comic artists Kevin Eastman, Simon Brisley, and Eric Talbot and published by the creators of the well-known graphics magazine Heavy Metal. In a distant universe, the acronym F.A.K.K. (Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) is used to designate places of extreme danger to all life forms. In a bid to keep out unwelcome visitors, the quiet civilization of Eden has designated itself as F.A.K.K., level two. However, a lunatic named Tyler (voice of Michael Ironside) invades Eden, and when he discovers Eden's secrets -- life-preserving if respected, deadly when abused -- he lays waste to the civilization, leaving behind only a female warrior named Julie (voice of Julie Strain). Julie sets out to find Tyler, determined to see the secrets of Eden returned to safety and eager to take her revenge for the slaughter of her people. Unlike the 1981 film Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal 2000 tells one long story rather than several shorter ones; in keeping with the first movie, it does features a soundtrack by a number of noted rock bands, including Monster Magnet, Pantera, Days of the New, Insane Clown Posse, System of a Down, Coal Chamber, and others. Heavy Metal 2000 was released in Europe as Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2. --

Themes : Obsessive Quests | Out For Revenge
Keywords : civilization, revenge
Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Michael Ironside ... Tyler
Julie Strain ... Julie
Billy Idol ... Odin
Arthur Holden
Sonja Ball
Rick Jones
Alan Fawcett
855 4/4
Hell or High Water 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two desperate brothers -- one a divorced father (Chris Pine), the other a hard-living ex-con (Ben Foster) -- commit a string of bank robberies in order to raise the money needed to protect their family farm from foreclosure. Meanwhile, an aging sheriff (Jeff Bridges) tracks the heists in an attempt to hunt down those responsible. This crime drama was written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario) and directed by David Mackenzie (Starred Up). -- Daniel Gelb

Keywords : bank, bank-robbery, desert, foreclosure, manhunt, police, poverty
Action, Crime, Drama 
Dale Dickey ... Elsie
Ben Foster ... Tanner
Chris Pine ... Toby
William Sterchi ... Mr. Clauson
Buck Taylor ... Old Man
Jeff Bridges ... Marcus
Gil Birmingham ... Alberto Parker
Keith Meriweather ... Rancher
Jackamoe Buzzell ... Archer City Deputy
Katy Mixon ... Jenny Ann
Joe Berryman ... Bank Manager
Taylor Sheridan ... Cowboy
Debrianna Mansini ... Vernon Diner Waitress
Arielle Holmes ... Gas Station Thug #2
Marie A.K. McMaster ... Casino Window Teller
Melanie Papalia ... Hooker
Alma Sisneros ... Clerk
Kevin Rankin ... Billy Rayburn
Margaret Bowman ... T-Bone Waitress
Ivan Brutsche ... Buster
Marin Ireland ... Debbie Howard
322 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mike Mignola's acclaimed comic book series about a creature from Hades who joins the battle against evil arrives on the screen in vivid form in this adaptation directed by distinctive horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. During World War II, the Third Reich has joined forces with the evil Grigori Rasputin (Karel Roden), who has used his occult powers to summon up a young demon from the depth of Hell to be used as the ultimate Axis weapon. However, the demonic creature is captured by American forces, and put in the care of Professor Broom (John Hurt), the founder of a top-secret organization called the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Under Broom's tutelage, the creature develops empathy and a desire to do good while his physical powers and paranormal talents are honed to a fine point. Sixty years later, the demon, now known as Hellboy (Ron Perlman), is part of an elite secret defense team alongside Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), a beautiful young woman who can create fire with her mind, and Abe Sapian (Doug Jones), an aquatic humanoid with the power of telepathy. Despite his many years of fighting for right, Hellboy finds himself facing his greatest challenge when the powerful Rasputin returns, determined to bring the demon back to the forces of darkness so that evil may finally rule the world. Hellboy's supporting cast also includes Jeffrey Tambor, Rupert Evans, and Brian Steele. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Heroic Mission | Devil Worship | Opposites Attract
Keywords : good-vs-evil, demon, Superhero, crimefighter, Nazi, occult, paranormal, Antichrist, beauty-and-the-beast, freak, government-agent, love-triangle, telekinesis, devil
Action, Fantasy, Creature Film, Superhero Film 
Ron Perlman ... Hellboy
John Hurt ... Prof. Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm
Selma Blair ... Liz Sherman
Rupert Evans ... Agent John Myers
Karel Roden ... Grigori Rasputin
Jeffrey Tambor ... Dr. Tom Manning
Doug Jones ... Abe Sapien
Brian Steele ... Sammael
David Hyde Pierce ... Abe Sapien
Ladislav Beran ... Kroenen
Biddy Hodson ... Ilsa
Corey Johnson ... Agent Clay
Kevin Trainor ... Young Broom
Brian Caspe ... Agent Lime
James Babson ... Agent Moss
Stephen H. Fisher ... Agent Quarry
Garth Cooper ... Agent Stone
Angus MacInnes ... Sgt. Whitman
Jim Howick ... Cpl. Matlin
Santiago Segura ... Train Driver
Guillermo del Toro ... Baby Hellboy/Kroenen/Samuel
Bridget Hodson ... Ilsa
John William Johnson ... Agent Clay
Mark Taylor ... Truck Driver
Daniel Aarsman ... Kid
Bettina Ask ... kid
Alvaro Navarro ... kid
Emilio Navarro ... kid
Rory Copus ... kid on rooftop
Tara Hugo ... Doctor Jenkins
Richard Haas ... Second Doctor
Andrea Miltner ... Doctor Marsh
Jo Eastwood ... Down's Patient
Charles Grisham ... Museum Guard
Jan Holicek ... museum guard
Monty L. Simons ... orderly
Pavel Cajzl ... Sherpa Guide
Andrea Stuart ... Girl with Kittens
William Hoyland ... Von Krupt
Bob Sherman ... Television host
Ellen Savaria ... Blonde Television Reporter
Petr Sekanina ... German Scientists
Ales Kosnar ... German Scientists
Justin Svoboda ... Young Guy
Winter Ave Zoli ... Girlfriend
323 3/4
Hellboy II: The Golden Army 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ron Perlman returns to the role of the big red BPRD agent in this sequel to 2004's Hellboy, directed once again by Guillermo del Toro and scripted as before in collaboration with original Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. For centuries, an ancient truce has kept the naïve citizens of the human race safe from the horrors of the invisible realm -- but that's all about to change, and fast. A ruthless leader has emerged in the invisible realm, a tyrant just as comfortable walking the surface realm as he is living in the land of fantasy. When this power-mad ruler defies his bloodline to assemble an unstoppable army of fantastical creatures that he will use to wage a supernatural war on humanity, it begins to appear that humankind's days are numbered. But Hellboy (Perlman) isn't about to stand idly by as the planet is purged by a demonic despot, and with a little help from his team at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, he may just be able to send our otherworldly overlords packing. Of course, Hellboy's pyrokinetic girlfriend, Liz (Selma Blair), is always willing to conjure up an inferno or two when things get desperate, aquatic Abe (Doug Jones) is prepared to dive headlong into any battle, and protoplasmic mystic Johann (voice of Thomas Kretschmann) proves an invaluable companion in times of inter-dimensional conflict. Now, as the creatures who inhabit the spiritual realm gear up for an all-out attack on the human plane, the only one capable of saving the Earth is a tough-talking hellspawn rejected by both worlds. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : Antichrist, beauty-and-the-beast, crimefighter, demon, devil, goblin, good-vs-evil, government-agent, occult, paranormal, prince, telekinesis, troll
Action, Fantasy, Superhero Film, Action Comedy, Creature Film 
Ron Perlman ... Hellboy
Selma Blair ... Liz Sherman
Doug Jones ... Abe Sapien
Luke Goss ... Prince Nuada
John Alexander ... Johann Kraus
Seth MacFarlane ... Johann Kraus
Anna Walton ... Princess Nuala
Jeffrey Tambor ... Tom Manning
Roy Dotrice ... King Balor
Brian Steele
324 2/4
The Help 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A 1960s-era Mississippi debutante sends her community into an uproar by conducting a series of probing interviews with the black servants behind some of her community's most prominent families. Skeeter (Emma Stone) has just graduated from college, and she's eager to launch her career as a writer. In a moment of inspiration, Skeeter decides to focus her attention on the black female servants who work in her community. Her first subject is Aibileen (Viola Davis), the devoted housekeeper who has been employed by Skeeter's best friend's family for years. By speaking with Aibileen, Skeeter becomes an object of scorn to the wealthy locals, who view her actions as directly challenging to the established social order. Before long, even more servants are coming forward to tell their stories, and Skeeter discovers that friendship can blossom under the most unlikely of circumstances. Bryce Dallas Howard co-stars in a touching tale of race relations based on author Kathryn Stockett's best-selling novel of the same name. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Estrogen Shot | Food for Thought
Themes : Keeping a Secret | Race Relations | Servants and Employers | Unlikely Friendships | Women's Friendship
Keywords : book, community, maid, mother, racism, reporter, women
Drama, Period Film 
Viola Davis ... Aibileen Clark
Emma Stone ... Skeeter Phelan
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Hilly Holbrook
Jessica Chastain ... Celia Foote
Ahna O'Reilly ... Elizabeth Leefolt
Allison Janney ... Charlotte Phelan
Anna Camp ... Jolene French
Eleanor Henry ... Mae Mobley
Emma Henry ... Mae Mobley
Chris Lowell ... Stuart Whitworth
Cicely Tyson ... Lila Rogers
Mike Vogel ... Johnny Foote
Sissy Spacek ... Missus Walters
Brian Kerwin ... Robert Phelan
Wes Chatham ... Carlton Phelan
Aunjanue Ellis ... Yule Mae Davis
Ted Welch ... William Holbrook
Shane McRae ... Raleigh Leefolt
Roslyn Ruff ... Pascagoula
Tarra Riggs ... Gretchen
Leslie Jordan ... Mr. Blackly
Mary Steenburgen ... Elaine Stein
Tiffany Brouwer ... Rebecca
Carol Lee ... Pearly
Millicent Bolton ... Callie
Ashley Johnson ... Mary Beth Caldwell
Ritchie Montgomery ... Bus Driver
325 2/4
Herbie: Fully Loaded 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The world's wackiest Volkswagen is back in action in this action comedy. Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) is the 18-year-old daughter of Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton), a once-successful stock car driver whose career is not what it once was. Maggie loves racing and is in line for a job covering NASCAR for ESPN, but in her heart she'd rather be behind the wheel, even though her father strictly forbids this. For Maggie's birthday, Ray takes her out looking for a used car, and she finds herself strangely drawn to a wrecked 1963 Volkswagen in a salvage yard. Against Ray's better judgment, Maggie gets the car, and a note in the glove box tells her the rust bucket is named "Herbie," and he can help her solve her problems. To her surprise, the message turns out to be true -- with a little TLC, Herbie is running like new, and after showing his stuff in a street race, Maggie persuades her naysayer dad to take her and her VW on as part of his racing team. Herbie: Fully Loaded also stars Matt Dillon as rival racer Trip Murphy, Breckin Meyer as Maggie's brother (and fellow struggling driver) Ray Jr., and Justin Long as Maggie's friend Kevin. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Car Racing | Fathers and Daughters | Underdogs
Keywords : race-car, race-car driver, competition, mechanic, NASCAR, stock-car, street-racing, used-car, demolition-derby
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Action Comedy 
Lindsay Lohan ... Maggie Peyton
Justin Long ... Kevin
Breckin Meyer ... Ray Peyton, Jr.
Matt Dillon ... Trip Murphy
Michael Keaton ... Ray Peyton, Sr.
Cheryl Hines ... Sally
Jimmi Simpson ... Crash
Jill Ritchie ... Charisma
Thomas Lennon ... Larry Murphy
Jeremy Roberts ... Crazy Dave
Scoot McNairy ... Augie
E.E. Bell ... Beeman
Peter Pasco ... Juan Hernandez
Mario Larraza ... Miguel Hernandez
Amy Hill ... Female Doctor
Jim Cody Williams ... Monster Truck Driver
Allen Bestwick ... Himself
Benny Parsons ... Himself
Jeff Gordon ... Himself
Dale Jarrett ... Himself
Tony Stewart ... Himself
Stuart Scott ... Himself
Robert Ben Garant ... Commercial Director
Tim Sitarz ... Security Guard
Bruno Gioiello ... Bald Trip Fan
Edmund L. Shaff ... Dean
Caroline Limata ... Female Fan
Mary Bonner Baker ... Female Fan
Mark Deklin ... ESPN Reporter
1169 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: When her mentally ill mother passes away, a woman named Annie (Toni Collette) and her husband (Gabriel Byrne), son (Alex Wolff) and daughter (Milly Shapiro) all mourn her loss. The family turn to different means to handle their grief, including Annie and her daughter both flirting with the supernatural. They each begin to have disturbing, otherworldly experiences linked to the sinister secrets and emotional trauma that have been passed through the generations of their family. Written and directed by Ari Aster. --

Moods : Slow Burn
Themes : Death in the Family | Dysfunctional Families | Families in Crisis | Invisible People
Keywords : death-in-family, granddaughter, grandmother, haunted, matriarch, mind-control
Drama, Horror, Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, Supernatural Thriller 
Toni Collette ... Annie Graham
Gabriel Byrne ... Steve Graham
Ann Dowd ... Joan
Alex Wolff ... Peter Graham
326 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Hero is two-time Academy Award nominee Zhang Yimou's directorial attempt at exploring the concept of a Chinese hero. During the peak of their Warring States period, China was divided into seven kingdoms all fighting for supremacy. Most determined to dominate China was the kingdom of Qin, whose king (Chen Daoming) was wholly obsessed with becoming the first emperor of China. Though he was an assassination target for many, none of his would-be killers inspired as much fear as the legendary assassins Broken Sword (Tony Leung), Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung), and Sky (Donnie Yen). In hopes of thwarting his death, the king has promised endless wealth and power to anyone who defeats his would-be murderers. No results come until ten years later, when a man called Nameless (Jet Li) brings the weapons of the three assassins to the Qin king's palace. Nameless claims to be an expert swordsman who had defeated Sky and destroyed the famed duo of Flying Snow and Broken Sword by using their love for one another against them. Once Nameless comes face to face with the king, however, it looks as if the situation is more complicated than he had thought. Also featured in Hero is actress Zhang Ziyi (The Road Home, Crouching Tiger, Hiden Dragon) as Broken Sword's devoted servant, Moon. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Eyepoppers
Themes : Assassination Plots | Heroic Mission | Crowned Heads | Love Triangles
Keywords : assassination, martial-arts, Chinese [nationality], emperor, love, rebel, swordsman
Historical Film, Epic, Martial Arts, Historical Epic 
Jet Li ... Nameless
Maggie Cheung ... Flying Snow
Donnie Yen ... Sky
869 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Alexander Skarsgard stars in this Warner Bros. thriller concerning a family surviving a deadly outbreak by hiding out in a bomb shelter in this Warner Bros. production from the writing/directing team of Matt and Ross Duffer. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Families in Crisis | Plagues and Epidemics
Keywords : disease, family, outbreak, bomb-shelter
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Alexander Skarsgård ... Ray
Andrea Riseborough ... Claire
Emily Alyn Lind ... Zoe
327 3/4
Hidden Agenda 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This political thriller is set against the backdrop of Northern Ireland's "Troubles" and directed in the documentary fashion common to British filmmaker Ken Loach's films. Paul Sullivan (Brad Dourif) and Ingrid Jessner (Frances McDormand) are American attorneys serving on a human rights group working to monitor cases of prisoner mistreatment in war-torn Belfast. When Paul learns of some information that may be injurious to the Thatcher government, he is killed, and a top-secret tape disappears. Assigned to the case, Inspector Kerrigan (Brian Cox) is joined by Ingrid in probing Paul's death, which seems to be related to rumors of a high-ranking cabal within the British government working to undermine the Irish Republican Army and liberal policies toward Irish separatists through violent and illegal means. Ingrid meets with Harris (Maurice Roeves), a former British Secret Service agent who's now turned on his former cronies. Together, they look for the top-secret tape. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Food for Thought | Nail-biters
Themes : Conspiracies | Political Corruption | Americans Abroad
Keywords : political-intrigue, Civil-Rights, cover-up, killing, lawyer, tape [recording], political-corruption, prison, terrorism, IRA (Irish Republican Army)
Attributes : Sleeper
Thriller, Political Thriller 
Frances McDormand ... Ingrid Jessner
Brian Cox ... Peter Kerrigan
Brad Dourif ... Paul Sullivan
Mai Zetterling ... Moa
Bernard Archard ... Sir Robert Neil
Bernard Bloch ... Henri
John Benfield ... Maxwell
Michelle Fairley ... Teresa Doyle
Oliver Maguire ... Supt. Fraser
Maureen Bell ... Mrs. Molloy
Stephen Brigden ... Army Major
Victoria Scott D'Angelo ... Journalist
Kym Dyson ... Carol
Gerry Fearon ... Taxi Driver
Llew Gardner ... TV Announcer
Ron Kavana
Patrick Kavanaugh ... Alec Nevin
John Keegan ... Detective Sergeant Hughts
Ivan Little ... TV Reporter
Desmond McAleer ... Sgt. Kennedy
Jim McAllister ... Liam Philibin
John McDonnell ... Labour MP
Ian McElhinney ... Jack Cunningham
Mandy McIlwaine ... RUC Policewoman
Jim Norton ... Brodie
Robert Patterson ... Ian Logan
Kathleen Smith ... News Reporter
George Staines ... Tall Man
Terry Woods ... Musician
878 3/4
Hidden Figures 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Three female African-American mathematicians (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia L. Spencer, and Janelle Monae) provide crucial calculations for NASA's space race against the Soviets, all while dealing with the racist and sexist assumptions of their white co-workers. Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, and Jim Parsons co-star in this adaptation of the book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly. Directed by Theodore Melfi. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Triumph of the Geeks | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Fighting the System | Questioning Gender Roles | Underdogs | Women's Friendship
Keywords : Black [race], mathematics, NASA, racism, rocket, women
Drama, Inspirational Drama 
Taraji P. Henson ... Katherine Johnson
Janelle Monae ... Mary Jackson
Jim Parsons ... Paul Stafford
Kirsten Dunst ... Vivian Mitchell
Kevin Costner ... Al Harrison
Mahershala Ali ... Jim Johnson
Kimberly Quinn ... Ruth
Glen Powell ... John Glenn
Aldis Hodge ... Levi Jackson
Olek Krupa ... Karl Zielinski
Ken Strunk ... Jim Webb
Ariana Neal ... Joylette Johnson
Trey Stokes ... Levi Jr.
Karan Kendrick ... Younger Joylette Coleman
Corey Mendell Parker ... Howard Vaughan
Donna Biscoe ... Mrs. Joylette Coleman
Jaiden Kaine ... Joshua Coleman
Gregory Alan Williams ... Marion Smithson
Maria Howell ... Ms. Sumner
Arnell Powell ... Professor Graves
Ron Clinton Smith ... White Cop
Tequilla Whitfield ... Eleanor
Joe Knezevich ... Wind Tunnel Engineer
Robert G. Mckay ... Pastor Ayres
Dane Davenport ... Alan Shepard
Travis Smith ... Scott Carpenter
Scott Michael Morgan ... Bill Calhoun
Rhoda Griffis ... White Librarian
Frank Hoyt Taylor ... Judge
John Atwood ... Newscaster #1
Wilbur Fitzgerald ... Senator Patrick
Michael Hartson ... Night School Professor
Gary Weeks ... Reporter at Press Conference
Afemo Omilami ... Man Outside Store
Cullen Moss ... Mission Control Commander
Katie Kneeland ... Court Clerk #2
Amy Tipton ... Woman Crying
Andre Pushkin ... Russian Scientist
Randall Newsome ... Russian Scientist #2
Kurt Krause ... Sam Turner
Howie Johnson ... Library Security Guard
David Kallaway ... NASA Security Guard
Kamryn Johnson ... Kathryn Vaughn
Kate Harper ... Vivian's Assistant
328 2/4
High School Musical 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The captain of the East High basketball team and the key member of the academic club shock the student body by teaming to audition for the upcoming school musical in a Disney Channel Original Movie that's all about being yourself and following your dreams. Troy (Zac Efron) is best known as the player who keeps the East High basketball team on the scoreboard. Of course, life isn't always about athletics, though, and as Troy slam-dunks on the boards, beautiful and brainy Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) is raising the reputation of East High as the key member of the school's successful academic team. Despite their outgoing natures, no one would ever peg Troy and Gabriella as theater types. When word gets out that this popular pair has secretly chosen to reach for the stars and try their luck on the stage, the students of East High are about to learn an important lesson in teamwork while gearing up for a musical performance that will have their audience dancing in the aisles. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : High School Life | Basketball Players | New Kid in Town | Peer Pressure [k] | Teachers and Students
Keywords : high-school, musical [play], school, teamwork, popularity, basketball
Musical, Musical Comedy, Teen Movie 
Zac Efron ... Troy Bolton
Vanessa Hudgens ... Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale ... Sharpay Evans
Corbin Bleu ... Chad
Lucas Grabeel ... Ryan Evans
Monique Coleman ... Taylor
Alyson Reed ... Mrs. Darbus
Bart Johnson ... Coach Bolton
Joey Miyashima ... Principal Matsui
Olesya Rulin ... Kelsi Nielsen
Chris Warren Jr.
Ryne Sanborn
329 2/4
High School Musical 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Kenny Ortega's High School Musical 2 reunites the cast from the hit made-for-Disney Channel original to tell another story in the lives of the musically inclined students attending East Side High. The sequel takes place primarily at the Lava Springs Country Club, an exclusive summer resort that hires Wildcat basketball hero Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), his genius girlfriend Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens), and their two best friends. The parents of scheming Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) own the resort, and she wields her remarkable power in an attempt to win Troy away from Gabriella. Eventually Troy must decide between a bright future with a scholarship, or true love. High School Musical 2 premiered on the cable outlook on August 17, 2007. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : High School Life | Teachers and Students
Keywords : country-club, scholarship, softball, Summer, teenagers
Musical, Musical Comedy, Teen Movie 
Zac Efron ... Troy Bolton
Vanessa Hudgens ... Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale ... Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel ... Ryan Evans
Corbin Bleu ... Chad Danforth
Monique Coleman ... Taylor McKessie
Olesya Rulin ... Kelsi Nielsen
Chris Warren Jr. ... Zeke
KayCee Stroh ... Martha Cox
Ryne Sanborn ... Jason Cross
Alyson Reed ... Ms. Darbus
Bart Johnson ... Coach Bolton
Mark L. Taylor ... Mr. Fulton
Jessica Tuck
330 4/4
A History of Violence 
AMG SYNOPSIS: David Cronenberg directed this screen adaptation of a graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke which explores how an act of heroism unexpectedly changes a man's life. Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) lives a quiet life in a small Indiana town, running the local diner with his wife, Edie (Maria Bello), and raising their two children. But the quiet is shattered one day when a pair of criminals on the run from the police walk into his diner just before closing time. After they attack one of the customers and seem ready to kill several of the people inside, Tom jumps to the fore, grabbing a gun from one of the criminals and killing the invaders. Tom is immediately hailed as a hero by his employees and the community at large, but Tom seems less than comfortable with his new notoriety. One day, a man with severe facial scars, Carl Fogarty (Ed Harris), sits down at the counter and begins addressing Tom as Joey, and begins asking him questions about the old days in Philadelphia. While Tom seems puzzled, Carl's actions suggest that the quiet man pouring coffee at the diner may have a dark and violent past he isn't eager to share with others -- as well as some old scores that haven't been settled. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Haunted By the Past | Small-Town Life | Vigilantes | Assumed Identities
Keywords : crime, diner, father, hero, midwestern, protection, small-town, violence
Thriller, Crime Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Marriage Drama 
Viggo Mortensen ... Tom Stall
Maria Bello ... Edie Stall
Ashton Holmes ... Jack Stall
William Hurt ... Richie Cusack
Stephen McHattie ... Leland Jones
Peter MacNeill ... Sheriff Sam Carney
Ed Harris ... Carl Fogarty
Heidi Hayes ... Sarah Stall
Greg Bryk ... William "Billy" Orser
1001 2/4
The Hitman's Bodyguard 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Professional bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) must protect his longtime nemesis, hitman Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson), after the latter agrees to testify at the Hague against an Eastern European dictator (Gary Oldman). The constantly bickering pair are forced to go on a journey together from England to the Netherlands, and are targeted by the dictator's henchmen along the way. Salma Hayek and Elodie Yung co-star. Directed by Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3). --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Assassination Plots | Hired Killers | Miscarriage of Justice | Unlikely Friendships | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : bodyguard, dictator, hitman, Interpol (International Police), love-conquers-all, protection, reign-of-terror, testimony, Witness-Protection-Program
Action, Comedy, Action Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Ryan Reynolds ... Michael Bryce
Samuel L. Jackson ... Darius Kincaid
Gary Oldman ... Vladislav Dukhovich
Salma Hayek ... Sonia Kincaid
Elodie Yung ... Amelia Roussel
Joaquim de Almeida ... Jean Foucher
Kirsty Mitchell ... Harr
Richard E. Grant ... Seifert
Rod Hallett ... Professor Dukhovich
Georgie Glen ... ICC Lead Judge
Barry Atsma ... Moreno
Sam Hazeldine ... Garrett
Alan McKenna ... Interpol Agent
Nikolai Stanoev ... Cashier
Ori Pfeffer ... Vacklin
Alexander Mercury ... Hacker Merc
Russell de Rozario ... Nun Driver
Antoin Cox ... Amsterdam Bartender
Bernd Pietsch ... Amsterdam Policeman
Marko Mandic ... Goran
Vladimir Vladimirov ... Fabio
Zlatka Raikova ... Widow
Mounir Margoum ... Zidane
Stilyan Mavrov ... Semi-Truck Driver
331 3/4
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) joins Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and a band of dwarves led by the brave Thorin (Richard Armitage) on a treacherous quest to reclaim their mountain home from the fierce dragon Smaug in this epic fantasy adventure adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved novel by the creative forces behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Long before Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) made his arduous journey to Mordor, his brave uncle Bilbo embarked on an adventure for the ages. Bilbo's story gets under way when the great wizard Gandalf appears at his front gate with a most unusual offer. Displaced from their massive fortress in the Lonely Mountain by Smaug - a greedy dragon who coveted their gold - a community of noble dwarves were decimated by a surprise attack by monstrous orcs, whose dreaded leader the Pale Orc slew their king in a gruesome battle. Now, Thorin, the descendent of the king, is determined to reclaim his mountain kingdom for his people. Together with a fearless team of dwarves, Thorin and Gandalf recruit Bilbo to aid them in their quest since Hobbits have the unique ability to go undetected when they wish to. Before Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves can reach The Lonely Mountain and defeat Smaug, however, they'll have to contend with trolls, goblins, stone giants, Gollum (Andy Serkis), and even the dreaded Pale Orc himself. Peter Jackson directs a screenplay he co-penned with Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, and Guillermo del Toro. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Heroic Mission | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : dragon, dwarf, elf, goblin, mountains, quest, ring [jewelry], sword, troll
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Ian McKellen ... Gandalf
Martin Freeman ... Bilbo
Richard Armitage ... Thorin
Ken Stott ... Balin
Graham McTavish ... Dwalin
William Kircher ... Bifur, Tom Troll
James Nesbitt ... Bofur
Stephen Hunter ... Bombur
Dean O'Gorman ... Fili
Aidan Turner ... Kili
John Callen ... Oin
Peter Hambleton ... Gloin, William Troll
Jed Brophy ... Nori
Mark Hadlow ... Dori, Bert Troll
Adam Brown ... Ori
Ian Holm ... Old Bilbo
Elijah Wood ... Frodo
Hugo Weaving ... Elrond
Cate Blanchett ... Galadriel
Christopher Lee ... Saruman
Andy Serkis ... Gollum
Sylvester McCoy ... Radagast
Barry Humphries ... Great Goblin
Jeffrey Thomas ... Thror
Mike Mizrahi ... Thrain
Lee Pace ... Thranduil
Manu Bennett ... Azog
Conan Stevens ... Bolg
John Rawls ... Yazneg
Stephen Ure ... Fimbul, Grinnah
Timothy Bartlett ... Master Worrywart
Bret McKenzie ... Lindir
Kiran Shah ... Goblin Scribe
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Necromancer
Thomas Robins ... Young Thrain
332 2/4
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Peter Jackson takes cues from the appendices of The Lord of the Rings to expand New Line Cinema's Hobbit adaptation with this third film completing the epic tale of Bilbo Baggins, as played by Martin Freeman. The story opens to find the vengeful dragon Smaug (voice of Benedict Cumberbatch) decimating the peaceful hamlet of Laketown as Bilbo, Thorin (Richard Armitage) and the rest of the dwarves lay claim to the Lonely Mountain. But their celebration is short-lived as Thorin grows obsessed with finding the Arkenstone. Meanwhile, Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) Elrond (Hugo Weaving) and Saruman (Christopher Lee) battle the Nazgul in an attempt to free Gandalf (Ian McKellen), and get some unexpected help from eccentric wizard Radagast (Sylvester McCoy). Unfortunately for all involved the struggle has only just begun, because as armies of dwarves, elves, orcs, humans and goblins converge at the base of the Lonely Mountain, the fight for the future of Middle Earth begins. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Great Battles | Heroic Mission | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : battle [war], dragon, dwarf, friendship, greed, king, odyssey, quest, ring [jewelry], throne
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Martin Freeman ... Bilbo Baggins
Ian McKellen ... Gandalf
Richard Armitage ... Thorin Oakenshield
Elijah Wood ... Frodo Baggins
Ian Holm ... Bilbo Baggins (old)
Cate Blanchett ... Galadriel
John Callen ... Oin
Stephen Hunter ... Bombur
Mark Hadlow ... Dori
Peter Hambleton ... Gloin
James Nesbitt ... Bofur
Adam Brown ... Ori
Aidan Turner ... Kili
Graham McTavish ... Dwalin
Bret McKenzie ... Lindir
Dean O'Gorman ... Fili
Lee Pace ... Thranduil
Stephen Fry ... Master of Laketown
Orlando Bloom ... Legolas
Luke Evans ... Bard the Bowman
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Smaug/Necromancer
Evangeline Lilly ... Tauriel
Barry Humphries ... Goblin King
Ken Stott ... Balin
William Kircher ... Bifur
Jed Brophy ... Nori
Hugo Weaving ... Elrond
Christopher Lee ... Saruman
Mikael Persbrandt ... Beorn
John Bell ... Bain
Peggy Nesbitt ... Sigrid
Mary Nesbitt ... Tilda
Manu Bennett ... Azog
John Tui ... Bolg
Billy Connolly ... Dain
Mark Mitchinson ... Braga
Kelly Kilgour ... Soury
Sarah Peirse ... Hilda Bianca
Nick Blake ... Percy
Simon London ... Feren
Conan Stevens ... Keeper of the Dungeons
Allan Smith ... Ragash
Timothy Bartlett ... Master Worrywort
Dee Bradley Baker ... Voice ore
Debra Wilson ... Voice of Creature
Sylvester McCoy ... Radagast
333 2/4
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage), his mighty band of dwarves, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), and wise wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) embark on a crusade to reclaim Erebor from the vicious dragon Smaug (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) in this sweeping fantasy adventure that picks up where the events of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey left off. Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) once again directs from a screenplay by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, and Guillermo del Toro. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Mythical Creatures | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : adventure, dragon, elf, jewel, odyssey, quest, ring [jewelry], shapeshifter, spider
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Ian McKellen ... Gandalf
Martin Freeman ... Bilbo Baggins
Richard Armitage ... Thorin Oakenshield
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Smaug
Evangeline Lilly ... Tauriel
Lee Pace ... Thranduil
Cate Blanchett ... Galadriel
Luke Evans ... Bard the Bowman
Ken Stott ... Balin
James Nesbitt ... Bofur
Orlando Bloom ... Legolas
John Bell ... Bain
Manu Bennett ... Azog
Jed Brophy ... Nori
Adam Brown ... Ori
John Callen ... Oin
Stephen Fry ... Master of Laketown
Mark Hadlow ... Dori
Peter Hambleton ... Gloin
Stephen Hunter ... Bombur
William Kircher ... Bifur
Lawrence Makoare ... Bolg
Sylvester McCoy ... Radagast
Graham McTavish ... Dwalin
Dean O'Gorman ... Fili
Mikael Persbrandt ... Beorn
Aidan Turner ... Kili
Peggy Nesbitt ... Sigrid
Mary Nesbitt ... Tilda
Stephen Ure ... Fimbul
Craig Hall ... Galion
Robin Kerr ... Elros
Eli Kent ... Lethuin
Simon London ... Feren
Brian Sergent ... Spider
Mark Mitchinson ... Braga
Kelly Kilgour ... Soury
Sarah Peirse ... Hilda Bianca
Nick Blake ... Percy
Dallas Barnett ... Bill Ferny Snr
Matt Smith ... Squint
Katie Jackson ... Betsy Butterbur
Richard Whiteside ... Butterbur Snr
Greg Ellis ... Net Mender
Ray Henwood ... Old Fisherman
Tim Gordon ... Stallkeeper
Jabez Olssen ... Fish Monger
Stephen Colbert ... Laketown Spy
Evelyn McGee-Colbert ... Laketown Spy
John Colbert ... Laketown Spy
Norman Kali ... Laketown Spy
Carter Nixon ... Laketown Spy
Zane Weiner ... Laketown Spy
Allan Smith ... Orc Underling
334 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A boy being punished for a crime he didn't commit learns there's more going on at a juvenile correctional facility than meets the eye in this comedy drama. Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf) is a teenager who has been told all his life that the men in the Yelnats family are cursed, thanks to a false promise his great, great grandfather made to a fortune teller. Given his frequent bad luck, and that which follows his father (Henry Winkler), Stanley has no trouble believing this. Stanley's bad luck hits a new low when a pair of sneakers literally falls out of the sky on him -- and turn out to be stolen. A judge sentences Stanley to a stay at Camp Green Lake, a juvenile correctional facility stuck in the middle of the desert, where he finds himself sharing a tent with a gang of misfits, including ringleader X-Ray (Brenden Jefferson), pushy Squid (Jake M. Smith), small but wiry Zero (Khleo Thomas), tough and stinky Armpit (Byron Cotton), paranoid ZigZag (Max Kasch), and thief-in-training Magnet (Miguel Castro). The Warden of Camp Green Lake (Sigourney Weaver) has her own ideas about rehabilitation, which consist of having the boys spend their days digging holes five feet deep under the desert sun. While well-mannered counselor Pendanski (Tim Blake Nelson) tries to help the boys however he can, Mr. Sir (Jon Voight), The Warden's right hand man, is a heartless creep who enjoys making Stanley and his friends suffer. Before long, Stanley wonders if there's a good reason why the Warden seems so curious about what (if anything) the boys find during their digging, and in time he suspects there's something they haven't been told which might be connected to the Yelnats family curse. Holes was based on the award-winning book for young people by Louis Sachar, who also wrote the film's screenplay. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Food for Thought
Themes : Underdogs | Flight of the Innocent | Miscarriage of Justice | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : digging [dirt], curse, friendship, underdog, treasure, escape, reformatory, unlucky, warden, Wild-West
Children's/Family, Escape Film, Teen Movie 
Sigourney Weaver ... The Warden
Jon Voight ... Mr. Sir
Patricia Arquette ... Kissin' Kate Barlow
Tim Blake Nelson ... Dr. Pendanski
Dulé Hill ... Sam
Shia LaBeouf ... Stanley Yelnats
Henry Winkler ... Stanley's Father
Rick Fox ... Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston
Scott Plank ... Trout Walker
Roma Maffia ... Carla Morengo
Eartha Kitt ... Madame Zeroni
Khleo Thomas ... Zero
Brenden Jefferson ... X-Ray
Jake M. Smith ... Squid
Byron Cotton ... Armpit
Miguel Castro ... Magnet
Max Kasch ... ZigZag
Noah Poletiek ... Twitch
Allison Smith
Damien Luvara
1050 1/4
Home Again 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A recently separated woman (Reese Witherspoon) moves to Los Angeles with her two daughters, where she rents out her guesthouse to three much younger men (Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff, and Jon Rudnitsky) -- one of whom she soon begins dating. Her new life gets even more complicated when her estranged husband (Michael Sheen) reenters the picture. Candice Bergen co-stars in this romantic comedy written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer. --

Moods : In the Mood for Love | Just for Fun
Themes : Age Disparity Romance | Looking For Love | Parenthood
Keywords : ex-husband, filmmaker, guest-house, May-December-romance, middle-age, trio, woman
Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
Reese Witherspoon ... Alice
Nat Wolff ... Teddy
Lake Bell ... Zoey
Michael Sheen ... Austen
Candice Bergen ... Lilian
Dolly Wells ... Tracy
Reid Scott ... Justin
P.J. Byrne ... Paul
Ben Sinclair ... Nate
Josh Stamberg ... Warren
Jen Kirkman ... Kori
Hank Chen ... Jason G.
Samantha Ressler ... Maya
Christine Woods ... Yoga Friend
Nick Williams ... Waiter
Michael Cyril Creighton ... Teacher
335 3/4
Home Alone 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Home Alone is the highly successful and beloved family comedy about a young boy named Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) who is accidentally left behind when his family takes off for a vacation in France over the holiday season. Once he realizes they've left him "home alone," he learns to fend for himself and, eventually has to protect his house against two bumbling burglars (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) who are planning to rob every house in Kevin's suburban Chicago neighborhood. Though the film's slapstick ending may be somewhat violent, Culkin's charming presence helped the film become one of the most successful ever at the time of its release. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Moods : Just for Fun | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : When the Parents Are Away | Mischievous Children | Authority Figures [k] | Nothing Goes Right
Keywords : home-alone, childhood-adventures, boy, Christmas, family, house, criminal, family-member, robbery, self-discovery, vacation, false-accusation
Attributes : High Production Values
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Holiday Film, Domestic Comedy 
Macaulay Culkin ... Kevin McCallister
Joe Pesci ... Harry
Daniel Stern ... Marv
Catherine O'Hara ... Kate McCallister
John Heard ... Peter McCallister
John Candy ... Gus Polinski
Roberts Blossom ... Marley
Frank R. Cernugel ... Polka Band Member
Jedediah Cohen ... Rod
Janet Hirshenson
Jane Jenkins
Kate Johnson ... Police Operator
Eddie Korosa ... Polka Band Member
Peter Pantaleo ... Airport Driver
Jean-Claude Sciore ... French Gate Agent
Angela Goethals ... Linnie McCallister
Devin Ratray ... Buzz McCallister
Gerry Bamman ... Uncle Frank
Hillary Wolf ... Megan McCallister
Larry Hankin ... Officer Balzak
Michael C. Maronna ... Jeff McCallister
Daiana Campeanu ... Sandra
Kieran Culkin ... Fuller
Senta Moses ... Tracy
Anna Slotky ... Brook
Terrie Snell ... Aunt Leslie
Jeffrey Wiseman ... Mitch Murphy
Virginia Smith ... Georgette
Matt Doherty ... Steffan
Ralph Foody ... Johnny, 1st Gangster
Michael Guido ... Snakes, 2nd Gangster
Ray Toler ... Uncle Rod
Billie Bird ... Woman at Airport
Bill Erwin ... Man at Airport
Gerry Becker ... Officer #1
Victor Cole ... Officer
Porscha Radcliffe ... Cousin
Dan Charles Zulcoski ... Pizza Boy
Lynn Mansbach ... French Woman
Peter Siragusa ... Lineman
Alan Wilder ... Scranton Ticket Agent
Hope Davis ... French Ticket Agent
Dianne B. Shaw ... Airline Counter Person
Tracy Connor ... Check Out Girl
Jim Ryan ... Stock Boy
Sandra Macat ... Santa's Elf
Mark Beltzman ... Stosh
Ann Whitney ... Drugstore Clerk
Richard J. Firfer ... Store Manager
Jim Ortlieb ... Herb, Drugstore Clerk
Michael Hansen ... Airport Driver
Monica Devereux ... Flight Attendant
Edward Bruzan ... Polka Band Member
Robert Okrzesik ... Polka Band Member
Leo Perion ... Polka Band Member
Vince Waidzulis ... Polka Band Member
1032 2/4
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 
AMG SYNOPSIS: John Hughes and Chris Columbus repeat their best-selling formula from the first Home Alone film with this sequel. Once again Kevin McCallister's (Macaulay Culkin) family leave him behind, only now he gets on a flight to New York instead of going with his family to Miami. Kevin manages to hail a cab and is delivered to the doorsteps of the Plaza Hotel, where, using his father's credit card, he rents out a suite and has the time of his life -- although a smarmy hotel clerk (Tim Curry) and bellboy (Rob Schneider) eye him with suspicion. But ingenious Kevin keeps them at bay, using the same tomfoolery he applied to his uncle in the first picture. He takes time out from his consumer debauch to chat with a friendly old toy-store magnate (Eddie Bracken) and pontificate to a homeless Pigeon Lady (Brenda Fricker) on the meaning of Christmas. But then he runs into his old enemies Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern).When he finds out that they plan on robbing the old man's toy store on Christmas Eve, he mans the battle stations once again, complete with electric prods, flames of fire, and sundry blunt instruments. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : When the Parents Are Away | Mischievous Children | Authority Figures [k]
Keywords : airport, bad-guy, bag-lady, bellhop, big-city, boy, hotel, lost, family
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Slapstick, Urban Comedy 
Macaulay Culkin ... Kevin McCallister
Joe Pesci ... Harry
Daniel Stern ... Marv
Catherine O'Hara ... Kate McCallister
John Heard ... Peter McCallister
Devin Ratray ... Buzz
Tim Curry ... Concierge, Mr. Hector
Brenda Fricker ... Pigeon Lady
Eddie Bracken ... Mr. Duncan
Gerry Bamman ... Uncle Frank
Jedediah Cohen ... Rod
Janet Hirshenson
Jane Jenkins
Leigh Zimmerman ... Fashion Model
Abdoulaye N'Gom ... Bead Vendor
Jimmie "J.J." Walker ... 3rd Celeb
Hillary Wolf ... Megan
Maureen Elisabeth Shay ... Linnie
Michael C. Maronna ... Jeff
Terrie Snell ... Aunt Leslie
Senta Moses ... Tracy
Daiana Campeanu ... Sondra
Kieran Culkin ... Fuller
Anna Slotky ... Brooke
Rob Schneider ... Bellman
Dana Ivey ... Desk Clerk, Mrs. Stone
Ralph Foody ... Gangster
Clare Hoak ... Gangster
Monica Devereux ... Hotel Operator
Bob Eubanks ... Ding-Dang-Dong Host
Rip Taylor ... Celeb #1
Jaye P. Morgan ... Celeb #2
Patricia Devereux ... 1st Contestant
A.M. Columbus ... 1st Skycap O'Hare
Joe Liss ... 2nd Skycap O'Hare
Teri McEvoy ... 3rd Agent - New York Gate/O'Hare
Ally Sheedy ... Ticket Agent
Harry Hutchinson ... Ticket Taker
Sandra Macat ... Flight Attendant
Venessia Valentino ... Flight Attendant
Andre Lachaumette ... Man on Plane
Rick Shafer ... Peter Look Alike
Rod Sell ... Officer Bennett
Ron Canada ... Cop in Times Square
Cedric Young ... Cop in Central Park
William Dambra ... 1st Arresting Cop in Central Park
Fred Krause ... Cliff
Mark Morettini ... 2nd Arresting Cop in Central Park
James Cole ... Security Guard
Donald Trump ... Himself
Warren Rice ... Doorman
Thomas Civitano ... Plaza Marketing Director
Daniel Dassin ... Waiter
Donna Black ... Health Club Woman
Peter Pantaleo ... Airport Van Driver
Michael Hansen ... Airport Van Driver
Michael Goldfinger ... Limo Driver
Mario Todisco ... Cab Driver
Anthony Cannata ... Sergeant in Toy Store
Eleanor Columbus ... Little Girl in Toy Store
Karen Giordano ... 1st Streetwalker
Fran McGee ... 2nd Streetwalker
Leonard Tepper ... Sleeping Man
Kevin Thomas ... Geeky Kid
Al Cerullo ... Helicopter Pilot
336 2/4
Home on the Range 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Disney presents the animated musical Western Home on the Range, featuring an original musical score by Alan Menken. The Little Piece of Heaven family farm is about to go under and outlaw cattle rustler Alameda Slim (voice of Randy Quaid) sets his sights on it. Three dairy cows -- tough Maggie (voice of Roseanne Barr), leader Mrs. Calloway (voice of Judi Dench), and naïve Grace (voice of Jennifer Tilly) -- team up to save the farm. Along with ambitious stallion Buck (voice of Cuba Gooding Jr.), helpful rabbit Lucky Jack (voice of Charles Haid), and other helpful barnyard friends, the cows set out to capture Alameda Slim and collect the reward money. However, a vicious bounty hunter (voice of Charles Dennis) is also after Slim. The film features vocal performances by Bonnie Raitt, k.d. lang, and Tim McGraw. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Keywords : farm-animals, widow/widower, bounty, cow, foreclosure, horse
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Comedy Western 
Judi Dench ... Mrs. Calloway
Jennifer Tilly ... Grace
Randy Quaid ... Alameda Slim
Steve Buscemi ... Wesley
Carole Cook ... Pearl
Richard Riehle ... Sheriff Sam Brown
Charles Dennis ... Rico
G.W. Bailey ... Rusty
Charles Haid ... Lucky Jack
Estelle Harris ... Audrey
Joe Flaherty ... Jeb
Charlie Dell ... Ollie
Patrick Warburton ... Patrick
Sarah Jessica Parker ... Pearl
Ja'net DuBois
Gregory Jbara
Mark Walton ... Barry the Longhorn, Bob the Longhorn
1114 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The white-run Mafia and the black-run numbers game meet head on with explosive impact in this period crime thriller. Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) is an African-American ex-con who, after a stay in prison, returns to Harlem at the height of its renaissance before World War II. Looking for work, Bumpy becomes a lieutenant for Stephanie St. Clair (Cicely Tyson), the queen of Harlem's numbers racket. Bumpy's old friend Illinois Gordon (Chi McBride) gently expresses his concern about Bumpy's life of crime, and social worker Francine Hughes (Vanessa L. Williams), who is attracted to Bumpy (and vice versa), suggests he should be doing something more positive with his life. But Bumpy contends that the numbers game is the only business in the community that blacks are able to control themselves. The numbers game is very profitable -- enough so that mob boss "Lucky" Luciano (Andy Garcia) wants in on the action. He assigns one of his key men, "Dutch" Schultz (Tim Roth), to try to strike a deal with Stephanie, but negotiation isn't Dutch's strong suit -- he finds that murder is a far more effective tactic in taking control of a business, and Dutch is not the sort of person who's bothered by violence. Hoodlum was director Bill Duke's second film set in the milieu of the Gangster days of the 1920s and 1930s, after his breakthrough picture A Rage in Harlem. --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Mafia Life
Keywords : crime, gambling, gangster, murder, organized-crime, psychopath, race-relations
Crime, Gangster Film, Period Film, Crime Drama 
Laurence Fishburne ... Ellsworth (Bumpy) Johnson
Tim Roth ... Dutch Schultz
Vanessa Williams ... Francine Hughes
Andy Garcia ... Lucky Luciano
Cicely Tyson ... (Queen) Stephanie St. Clair
Chi McBride ... Illinois Gordon
Richard Bradford ... Capt. Jerrod Foley
William Atherton ... Thomas Dewey
Loretta Devine ... Pigfoot Mary
Queen Latifah ... Sulie
Paul Benjamin ... Whispers
Mike Starr ... Albert Salke
Beau Starr ... Jules Salke
Joe Guzaldo ... Bo Weinberg
Ed O'Ross ... Lulu Rosenkrantz
J.W. Smith ... Calvin
John Toles-Bey ... Vallie
337 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Forget everything you know about Little Red Riding Hood; the classic fairy tale gets a new look and a new style in this computer-animated comedy for the whole family. Grizzly (voice of Xzibit) and Stork (voice of Anthony Anderson) are a pair of critter cops who have been called the homey bungalow of Granny (voice of Glenn Close) to investigate a disturbance of the peace. It seems there was an altercation involving Granny, her granddaughter Little Red Riding Hood (voice of Anne Hathaway), a Big Bad Wolf (voice of Patrick Warburton), and a Woodsman (voice of Jim Belushi). However, as the detectives interview the participants and get each individual's perspective, they learn that Granny isn't so helpless, Red may have been doing more than just visiting relatives, the Wolf isn't the predator he's been cracked up to be, and the Woodman doesn't have much of an intellectual advantage over the trees he chops down. Hoodwinked also features the voice talents of Andy Dick, David Ogden Stiers, and Chazz Palminteri. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Talking Animals | Bumbling Cops
Keywords : cottage, grandmother, police-investigation, wolf
Comedy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Parody/Spoof 
Anne Hathaway ... Red
Glenn Close ... Granny
Patrick Warburton ... The Wolf
Anthony Anderson ... Detective Bill Stork
David Ogden Stiers ... Nicky Flippers
Xzibit ... Chief Grizzly
Chazz Palminteri ... Woolworth the Sheep
Andy Dick ... Boingo
Cory Edwards ... Twitchy
338 3/4
Horton Hears a Who 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a kindly elephant hears a faint cry of help from a floating speck of dust, his attempts to protect the tiny particle cause his neighbors to question his sanity in this animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss' classic 1954 children's book of the same name. Produced by Ice Age makers Blue Sky, scripted by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, and directed by Jimmy Hayward and Steve Martino, Horton Hears a Who reunites Bruce Almighty co-stars Jim Carrey and Steve Carell as the eponymous elephant and the mayor of Whoville respectively. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : elephant, mayor, protection, voice [speaking]
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Jim Carrey ... Horton
Steve Carell ... Mayor
Carol Burnett ... Kangaroo
Will Arnett ... Vlad
Seth Rogen ... Morton
Dan Fogler ... Councilman/Yummo Wickersham
Isla Fisher ... Dr. Mary Lou Larue
Jonah Hill ... Tommy
Amy Poehler ... Sally O'Malley
Jaime Pressly ... Mrs. Quilligan
Charles Osgood ... Narrator
Josh Flitter ... Rudy
Niecy Nash ... Miss Yelp
Jesse McCartney ... JoJo
Jack Angel ... Old Time Who, Additional Voices
Jan Rabson ... Town Cryer, Additional Voices
John Cygan ... Who, Additional Voices
Jess Harnell ... Another Who, Additional Voices
Debi Derryberry ... Who Mom
Samantha Droke ... Hildy/Holly
Karen Disher ... Who Kid
Bill Farmer ... Willie Bear
Jason Fricchione ... Joe
Heather Goldenhersh ... Who Girl, Additional Voices
Selena Gomez ... Helga
Joey King ... Katie
Laraine Newman ... Glummox Mom, Additional Voices
Laura Ortiz ... Jessica
Mona Marshall ... Additional Voices
Mickie T. McGowan ... Additional Voices
Bob Bergen ... Additional Voices
Madison Pettis ... Additional Voices
Madison Davenport ... Additional Voices
Teresa Ganzel ... Additional Voices
Ariel Winter ... Additional Voices
Sherry Lynn ... Additional Voices
Danny Mann ... Additional Voices
1189 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1892, a prejudiced Army captain (Christian Bale) is forced to help transport a Native American chief (Wes Studi) and his family from Arizona to Montana, where the chief awaits execution. Along the way, the group of soldiers and Native Americans must learn to work together in order to make their way through dangerous territory. Rosamund Pike, Jesse Plemons, Adam Beach, Timothée Chalamet, Ben Foster, Jonathan Majors, and Q'orianka Kilcher co-star. Directed by Scott Cooper (Black Mass). --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Reluctant Hero | Women During Wartime
Keywords : Native-American, Old-West, on-the-road, savage
Action, Western, Cavalry Film, Combat Films 
Christian Bale ... Capt. Joseph Blocker
Rosamund Pike ... Rosalie Quaid
David Midthunder ... Buffalo Man
Rory Cochrane ... Master Sgt. Thomas Metz
John Benjamin Hickey ... Capt. Royce Tolan
Stafford Douglas ... Corp. Molinor
Stephen Lang ... Col. Abraham Biggs
Bill Camp ... Jeremiah Wilks
Wes Studi ... Chief Yellow Hawk
Jesse Plemons ... Lt. Rudy Kidder
Timothee Chalamet ... Pvt. Philippe DeJardin
Adam Beach ... Black Hawk
Q'orianka Kilcher ... Elk Woman
Tanaya Beatty ... Living Woman
Peter Mullan ... Lt. Colonel Ross McCowan
Scott Wilson ... Cyrus Lounde
James Cady ... Butte Train Conductor
Richard L. Bucher ... Ezekiel Lounde
Scott Anderson ... Muny
Dicky Eklund, Jr. ... Hatchet Face
Boots Southerland ... Buffalo Hunter
Robyn Malcolm ... Minnie McCowan
Ryan Bingham ... Sgt. Paul Malloy
339 1/4
Hot Pursuit 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A bumbling police officer (Reese Witherspoon) is assigned to protect the widow of a drug dealer (Sofía Vergara) from corrupt cops and criminals who want her dead. Realizing they've been set up, they go on the road and try to avoid detection by passing themselves off as a couple. -- Erin Demers

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Culture Clash | On the Run | Police Corruption | Rookie Cops | Unlikely Friendships | Women's Friendship
Keywords : drug-dealer, police, protection, road-trip, witness
Comedy, Buddy Film, Odd Couple Film, Road Movie 
Reese Witherspoon ... Cooper
Sofía Vergara ... Daniella Riva
Mike Birbiglia ... Steve
Michael Mosley ... Detective Dixon
John Carroll Lynch ... Captain Emmett
Matthew Del Negro ... Hauser
Richard T. Jones ... Det. Jackson
Kenneth Kynt Bryan ... Casino Guest
Vincent Laresca ... Felipe
Harley Graham ... Teen Cooper
Jodi Lyn Brockton ... Dealer
Benny Nieves ... Jesus
Michael Escamilla ... Angel
Jim Gaffigan ... Red
David Jensen ... Wayne
Evaluna Montaner ... Teresa Cortez
Marcus Lyle Brown ... Lou
Harlon Miller ... State Trooper
Nicondra Norwood ... News Reporter
Rachel Wulff ... News Reporter
Phil Anaya ... News Reporter
Janette Sepwa ... Catering Supervisor
Joe Camp III ... Guy in Bar
Kathleen Fletcher ... Woman Shopper
Anne Fletcher ... Dispatch Operator
Oscar Gale ... Bodyguard
Jaylen Moore ... Rookie
Peaches Davis ... Bus Rider
Alejandra Perez ... Marisol
Fallingstar Locke ... Damas Dancer #1
Kayla Cangiamilla ... Damas Dancer #2
Leslie Ivette Quezada ... Damas Dancer #3
Millarel Ormazabal ... Damas Dancer #4
Natalie Legendre ... Damas Dancer #5
Zachary Woodlee ... Choreographer
Abigail James Witherspoon ... Cooper Girl
Noel Rathe ... Drunk Santa
Precious Roberson ... Prostitute
Bryce Romero ... Cooper's Prom Date
Josue Gutierrez ... Bouncer
Leticia Magaña ... Angry Mom
340 2/4
Hot Tub Time Machine 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Disappointed at the way their lives have turned out, four longtime friends reunite at the ski resort where they used to party and find themselves transported back to the year 1986 by a magical jacuzzi. Adam (John Cusack), Lou (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Jacob (Clark Duke) have all seen better days; Adam's and Nick's love lives are in the dumps, Lou is clinging to his hard-partying past, and video-game addict Jacob can't even muster the courage to walk outside. A fun stay at the ski resort where the gang made some of their best memories seems like just the thing to cheer everyone up, but after a night of heavy drinking in the hot tub, the four friends wake up to find they're about to live through the '80s a second time. Determined not to make the same mistakes twice, Adam, Lou, Nick, and Jacob decide to take full advantage of the unique opportunity presented to them, and create the lives they've always wanted. Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover, and Lizzy Caplan co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Midlife Crises | Time Travel
Keywords : hot-tub, ski-resort, time-machine
Comedy, Reunion Films, Sci-Fi Comedy 
John Cusack ... Adam
Rob Corddry ... Lou
Craig Robinson ... Nick
Clark Duke ... Jacob
Crispin Glover ... Phil
Lizzy Caplan ... April
Chevy Chase ... Repairman
Sebastian Stan ... Blaine
Lyndsy Fonseca ... Jennie
Collette Wolfe ... Kelly
Charlie McDermott ... Chaz
Kellee Stewart ... Courtney
1188 1/4
Hotel Artemis 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A woman known as The Nurse (Jodie Foster) runs a high-security, members-only hospital for high-rolling criminals in Los Angeles. When a bank robber (Sterling K. Brown) brings his injured teammates along with $18 million in jewels there, both mob boss Wolf King (Jeff Goldblum) and the police follow. With the hospital under siege, The Nurse, her orderly (Dave Bautista) and her other criminal patients have to defend themselves. Charlie Day, Sofia Boutella, Jenny Slate and Zachary Quinto co-star. Written and directed by Drew Pearce. --

Moods : Eyepoppers
Themes : Future Dystopias | Secret Organizations
Keywords : riot [uprising], secret-organization, criminal, emergency-room, future, hospital, nurse
Action, Crime, Science Fiction, Thriller, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Jodie Foster ... The Nurse
Sterling K. Brown ... Waikiki
Sofia Boutella ... Nice
Jeff Goldblum ... The Wolf King/Niagara
Jenny Slate ... Morgan
Zachary Quinto ... Ilya, Crosby Franklin
Charlie Day ... Acapulco
Dave Bautista ... Everest
Kenneth Choi ... Buke
Evan Jones ... Trojan Nash
Ramses Jimenez ... Tariq
Lloyd Sherr ... KT-Eye News Anchor
Baldeep Singh ... Union Califia Bank Manager
Tanner Gill ... Proshield Riot Wall OP
Travis Parker ... Proshield Cop #1
Antal Kalik ... Proshield Cop #2
Lauren Sivan ... Gatepost Network News Reporter
Mark Kubr ... Mike The Wolfking's Enforcer
Kate Higgins ... Choppr Liason
1209 2/4
The House with a Clock in Its Walls 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Eli Roth’s family-friendly fantasy film is an adaptation of John Bellairs’ 1973 juvenile mystery fiction novel of the same name. A young orphan (Owen Vaccaro) moves into a mysterious mansion that belongs to his eccentric uncle (Jack Black). He learns that his uncle is a warlock and his neighbor (Cate Blanchett) is a witch and uses his newfound magical abilities to defeat the forces of evil. -- Augustine Chay

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Curses and Spells | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : boy, clock, good-vs-evil, wizard, magic
Comedy, Fantasy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Jack Black ... Jonathan Barnavelt
Cate Blanchett ... Mrs. Zimmerman
Renee Elise Goldsberry ... Selena Izard
Kyle MacLachlan ... Isaac Izard
Colleen Camp ... Mrs. Hanchett
Lorenza Izzo ... Lewis' Mother
Vanessa A. Williams ... Rose Rita Passenger
Eli Roth ... Comrade Ivan
990 1/4
The House 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After realizing that they can't possibly afford the tuition for the prestigious college their daughter plans to attend, a married couple (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) team up with their eccentric neighbor (Jason Mantzoukas) to make money by running an illegal casino in the suburbs. Needless to say, things quickly spiral out of control as they deal with unruly guests while trying to keep their operation hidden from the police. Nick Kroll, Jeremy Renner, and Allison Tolman co-star in this comedy, which was directed by Andrew Jay Cohen. --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Double Life | Gambling | Parenthood | Schemes and Ruses | Suburban Dysfunction | Unlikely Criminals
Keywords : basement, casino, college-student, gambling, gambling-ring, parent/child-relationship, scheme, tuition
Comedy, Comedy of Errors, Crime Comedy 
Will Ferrell ... Scott
Amy Poehler ... Kate
Jason Mantzoukas ... Frank
Nick Kroll ... Bob
Allison Tolman ... Dawn
Michaela Watkins ... Raina
Ryan Simpkins ... Alex Johansen
Jessie Ennis ... Rachel
Rob Huebel ... Officer Chandler
Cedric Yarbrough ... Reggie
Jeremy Renner ... Tommy
Lennon Parham ... Martha
Gillian Vigman ... Becky
Steve Zissis ... Carl Shackler
Alexandra Daddario ... Corsica
Andy Buckley ... Craig
Wayne Federman ... Chip Dave
Sam Richardson ... Marty
Joe Rowley ... Waiter
Jessica St. Clair ... Wall Street Guy - Reba
Andrea Savage ... Laura
Linda Porter ... Old Lady
Sean Patrick Murphy ... Sparky
Randall Park ... Wall Street Guy - Buckler
Sebastian Maniscalco ... Stand-Up Comic
Javier DelPrado ... Craps Dealer
341 2/4
How Do You Know 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director James L. Brooks returns to the helm for this ensemble comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson, which centers on the story of a passionate athlete who finds herself romantically torn between a narcissistic baseball star and a straight-laced businessman. As far back as Lisa (Witherspoon) can remember, her life has been defined by sports. Then, in the blink of an eye, she's cut from the team. With her identity in crisis as she attempts to regain her footing in life, Lisa begins dating Matty (Wilson), a Major League Baseball pitcher and notorious womanizer. Meanwhile, terminally honest businessman George (Rudd) finds himself on the road to financial ruin or worse after being wrongly implicated in a financial crime. As George struggles to clear his name and reconcile his turbulent relationship with his father, Charles (Nicholson), a chance meeting with Lisa at the lowest point in both of their lives leaves him optimistic that things may work out after all. Meanwhile, Lisa and George both realize that the only thing that's certain about the future is that we never know what fate has in store for us. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Love Triangles | Baseball Players | Work Ethics
Keywords : athlete, ethics, friendship, love-triangle, relationship, baseball
Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
Reese Witherspoon ... Lisa
Paul Rudd ... George
Owen Wilson ... Matty
Jack Nicholson ... Charles
Kathryn Hahn ... Annie
Mark Linn-Baker ... Ron
Lenny Venito ... Al
Molly Price ... Coach Sally
Ron McLarty ... George's Lawyer
Shelley Conn ... Terry
Domenick Lombardozzi ... Bullpen Pitcher
John Tormey ... Doorman
Teyonah Parris ... Riva
Tony Shalhoub ... Psychiatrist
Dean Norris ... Softball Coach
Donna Dundon ... Annie's Mom
Cyrus Newitt ... Annie's Dad
William Blagrove ... Matty's Teammate
Andrew Wilson ... Matty's Teammate
Yuki Matsuzaki ... Tori
Bill McKinley ... Maitre d'
Jim Bouton ... Bullpen Coach
Tara Subkoff ... Subpoena Woman
Mary Gallagher ... Other Female Coach
1025 4/4
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Chuck Jones' animated version of the classic Dr. Seuss book How the Grinch Stole Christmas originally aired on television in 1966 and has since become a holiday family favorite. Voiced by Boris Karloff (who also narrates), the Grinch lives on top of a hill overlooking Whoville with his dog, Max. Each year at Christmas time, the Grinch's hatred grows stronger toward those insufferably cheerful Whos down in Whoville. Content to exchange presents, eat large banquets, and sing songs in the town square, the Whos live in a blissful ignorance of the Grinch's contempt. One year, he gets the idea to stop Christmas from coming by dressing up as Santa Claus. He cobbles together an outfit and makes his dog drag him around on a sleigh while sneaking into the Whos' homes and stealing their presents, food, and decorations. After he has stolen every last thing, the Whos wake up on Christmas morning to sing in the town square, causing the Grinch to question the basis of his nefarious plan. Thurl Ravenscroft (the voice of kid cereal mascot Tony the Tiger) provides the vocals for the song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." This story was remade into a live-action movie in 2000 by director Ron Howard starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch. --

Themes : Assumed Identities | Obsessive Quests
Keywords : Christmas, Christmas-spirit, generosity, holiday, meanness, obsession, quest, scheme
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Holiday Film 
Boris Karloff ... Narrator
Thurl Ravenscroft
342 3/4
How to Train Your Dragon 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The son of a Viking chief must capture a dragon in order to mark his passage into manhood and prove his worthiness to the tribe in directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois' adaptation of Cressida Cowell's popular children's book. Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse provide voices for the DreamWorks Animation production. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Mythical Creatures | Unlikely Heroes | Vikings
Keywords : dragon, hero, father, Viking
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy 
Jay Baruchel ... Hiccup
Gerard Butler ... Stoick
America Ferrera ... Astrid
Jonah Hill ... Snotlout
Christopher Mintz-Plasse ... Fishlegs
Craig Ferguson ... Gobber
Kristen Wiig ... Ruffnut
T.J. Miller ... Tuffnut
343 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ang Lee directs the live-action feature film The Hulk, based on the Marvel comic book created by Stan Lee and illustrated by Jack Kirby. Emotionally stunted Dr. Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is part of a research team at the University of California at Berkeley. Corporate hustler Glenn Talbot (Josh Lucas) takes notice of the lab and makes plans to take it over. Then Bruce accidentally gets hit by an experimental ray and grows into a huge beast, destroying the lab in the process. A creepy janitor who claims to be his real father, Dr. David Banner (Nick Nolte), starts to secretly use the experimental ray on himself. He creates some mutant dogs and sends them after Bruce's lab mate and ex-girlfriend Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly). After Bruce saves her life in the form of the Hulk, she lets her distant father, General Ross (Sam Elliott), take him to an abandoned army base in the desert. However, Glenn Talbot takes over the operation and wants to patent the creature's superpowers for his own profit, so he holds Bruce unconscious in an isolation tank. When provoked, Bruce turns into the Hulk and makes a break for San Francisco, leading to a desert chase sequence involving military aircraft, tanks, and bombs. Only the sight of Betty can make him turn back to his human form. When he is eventually captured, Dr. David Banner shows up for a final confrontation with his son and his old adversary, General Ross. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Eyepoppers
Themes : Metamorphosis | Fathers and Sons | Mad Scientists | Experiments Gone Awry | Mutants
Keywords : beast, experiment, father, monster, mutant, scientist, transformation, science-runs-amok
Action, Science Fiction, Superhero Film, Sci-Fi Action, Creature Film 
Eric Bana ... Dr. Bruce Banner
Jennifer Connelly ... Dr. Betty Ross
Sam Elliott ... General "Thunderbolt" Ross
Josh Lucas ... Major Glenn Talbot
Nick Nolte ... Dr. David Banner
Mike Erwin ... Teenage Bruce Banner
Lou Ferrigno ... Head of Security
Brooke Langton ... Jennifer Sossman
Sasha Barrese ... Alice
Cara Buono ... Edith Banner
Stan Lee ... Security Guard
Lyndon Karp ... Davey
Paul Kersey ... Young David Banner
David Kronenberg ... Bruce Banner as a Child
Michael Kronenberg ... Bruce Banner as a Child
Kevin Rankin ... Harper
Geoffrey Scott ... The President
Celia Weston ... Mrs. Krensler
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn ... Young Betty Ross
Ricardo Aguilar ... Boy's Father
Mark Atteberry ... Technician
Eva Burkley ... Technician
Lorenzo Callender ... Soldier
Todd Lee Coralli ... Soldier
Jesse Corti ... Colonel
Craig Damon ... Security Guard
Daniel Dae Kim ... Aide
Amir Faraj ... Boy
Rondda Holeman ... Technician
Toni Kallen ... Delivery Nurse
Johnny Kastl ... Soldier
Louanne Kelley ... Delivery Doctor
Daniella Kuhn ... Edith's Friend
John Littlefield ... Security NCO
Sean Mahon ... Comanche Pilot
John A. Maraffi ... Technician
Randy Neville ... F-22 Pilot
Michael Papajohn ... Technician
John Prosky ... Atheon Technician
Regina McKee Redwing ... National Security Advisor
Lou Richards ... Pediatrician
Victor Rivers ... Paramilitary
David St. Pierre ... Technician
Rob Swanson ... Colonel
Brett Thacher ... Comanche Pilot
Eric Ware ... Soldier
Kirk B.R. Woller ... Comanche Pilot
Boni Yanagisawa ... Technician
344 3/4
The Hundred-Foot Journey 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An Indian teen in France goes to work for his father's culinary adversary in this drama based on the bestselling novel by Richard C. Morais. Put young Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal) in a kitchen, and he's bound to emerge with a dish that will dazzle. When Hassan's family is forced to move from their native India, his Papa (Om Puri) relocates to a peaceful hamlet in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France. Determined to give his new neighbors a little taste of home, Papa decides to open an Indian restaurant in the village, and names it Maison Mumbai. Meanwhile, across the street at the traditional French restaurant Le Saule Pleureu, uptight proprietor Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) doesn't exactly welcome the competition. When Madame Mallory ignites a bitter feud that quickly escalates, the only hope for a peaceful resolution lies in Hassan's talent for French haute cuisine, and his growing affections for Mme. Mallory's pretty young sous chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon). Subsequently impressed by Hassan's undeniable culinary talents, Mme. Mallory agrees to become Hassan's mentor, in the process providing the perfect creative environment where his unique fusion cuisine can thrive. Lasse Hallström directs a film produced by Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Juliet Blake. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Fathers and Sons | Feuds
Keywords : cooking, father, France, rival
Comedy Drama, Family Drama 
Helen Mirren ... Madame Mallory
Manish Dayal ... Hassan Kadam
Om Puri ... Papa
Charlotte Le Bon ... Marguerite
Amit Shah ... Mansur
Farzana Dua Elahe ... Mahira
Dillon Mitra ... Mukhtar
Aria Pandya ... Aisha
Michel Blanc ... Mayor
Clément Sibony ... Jean-Pierre
Vincent Elbaz ... Paul
Juhi Chawla ... Mama
Shuna Lemoine ... Mayor's Wife
Antoine Blanquefort ... Thomas
Malcolm Granath ... Swedish Chef
Abhijit Buddhisagar ... Baleine Grise Porter
Rohan Chand ... Hassan(7 Years Old)
Masood Akhtar ... Anwar
Arthur Mazet ... Waiter
Laetitia DeFombelle ... Female Officer
Cedric Weber ... Officer
Piero Filippi ... Dog Walker
Robert Gailhard ... Mushroom Stall Holder
Matyelock Gibbs ... Lady Shepherd
Paul Daubeze ... Poultry Man
Joly Didier ... Monsieur Man
Max Rangotte ... Angry Man
Saachi Tiwari ... Young Aisha
Shaunak Parekh ... Young Mukhtar
Stephanie Renouvin ... Newsreader
Audrey Meschi ... Baleine Grise Cook
Christian Allieres ... Café Server
Patrick Blatger ... Mechanic
Frederic Violante ... Bike Rider
Chantal Filippi ... Dog Walker's Wife
Sanjay Sharma ... Mob Leader
345 3/4
The Hunger Games 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the best-selling young-adult novel by author Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games tells the dark tale of a 16-year-old girl named Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who volunteers to compete in a vicious televised tournament in which 24 teenagers from a post-apocalyptic society fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. In the future, North America is no more. In its place has risen Panem, a divided nation split into 12 districts. Every year, each district selects a teen of each gender (called "Tributes") to test their worth in a competition known as the Hunger Games, which are broadcast across the nation as entertainment, and to reinforce the government's total power. When her younger sister is selected as District 12's latest "Tribute," Katniss volunteers to take her place, and trains under hard-drinking former Hunger Games champion Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) to sharpen her killer instincts. Now in order to survive the game and emerge the victor, this young combatant must put all of her skills to the ultimate test. Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Food for Thought
Themes : Contests, Pageants and Competitions | Future Dystopias | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : teenagers, tournament
Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Teen Movie 
Josh Hutcherson ... Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth ... Gale Hawthorne
Woody Harrelson ... Haymitch Abernathy
Lenny Kravitz ... Cinna
Stanley Tucci ... Caesar Flickerman
Donald Sutherland ... President Snow
Wes Bentley ... Seneca Crane
Toby Jones ... Claudius Templesmith
Alexander Ludwig ... Cato
Isabelle Fuhrman ... Clove
Amandla Stenberg ... Rue
Willow Shields ... Primrose Everdeen
Kimiko Gelman ... Venia
Latarsha Rose ... Portia
Brooke Bundy ... Octavia
Nelson Ascencio ... Flavius
Dayo Okeniyi ... Thresh
Jack Quaid ... Marvel
Karan Kendrick ... Atala
Amber Chaney ... Avox Girl
Raiko Bowman ... Peeta's Mother
Sandra Ellis Lafferty ... Hob Vendor
Rhoda Griffis ... Registration Woman
Dwayne Boyd ... Peacekeeper #1
Anthony Reynolds ... Peacekeeper #2
Judd Derek Lormand ... Peacekeeper #3
Ian Nelson ... Tribute Boy District 3
Kalia Prescott ... Tribute Girl District 3
Ethan Jamieson ... Tribute Boy District 4
Annie Thurman ... Tribute Girl District 9
Dakota Hood ... Tribute Girl District 10
Shane Bissell ... Birthday Boy
Katie Kneeland ... Hovercraft Tech
Steve Coulter ... Game Center Tech #1
Sharon Morris ... Game Center Tech #2
Tim Taylor ... Game Center Tech #3
Jack Ross ... Game Center Tech #4
Leven Rambin ... Glimmer
346 3/4
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Hunger Games saga continues in this sequel that finds a revolution brewing as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) take a "Victor's Tour" of the districts, and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) plots their downfall during preparations for the Quarter Quell, which only occurs every 25 years in celebration of the Capitol's victory over the districts. Hoping to put an end to the growing threat of rebellion, President Snow announces that the Quell's tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors -- guaranteeing Katniss a place in the arena. Though Katniss vows to keep Peeta safe even if it means sacrificing her own life, her fellow tributes have a different plan. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Future Barbarians | Love Triangles | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : arena, mentor, President, rebellion, revolution, survival, teenagers, tournament
Science Fiction, Teen Movie 
Jennifer Lawrence ... Katniss Everdeen
Josh Hutcherson ... Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth ... Gale Hawthorne
Elizabeth Banks ... Effie Trinket
Stanley Tucci ... Caesar Flickerman
Woody Harrelson ... Haymitch Abernathy
Jena Malone ... Johanna Mason
Willow Shields ... Primrose Everdeen
Lenny Kravitz ... Cinna
Donald Sutherland ... President Snow
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Plutarch Heavensbee
Amanda Plummer ... Wiress
Lynn Cohen ... Mags
Meta Golding ... Enobaria
Alan Ritchson ... Gloss
E. Robert Mitchell ... Chaff
Maria Howell ... Seeder
Stephanie Leigh Schlund ... Cashmere
Sam Claflin ... Finnick
Jeffrey Wright ... Beetee
Jack Quaid ... Marvel
Sandra Ellis Lafferty ... Greasy Sae
Afemo Omilami ... District 11 Mayor
Kimberley Drummond ... Rue's Aunt
Leon Lamar ... Old Man
Mandy Neuhaus ... Flower Girl
Erika Bierman ... Snow's Granddaughter
Wilbur Fitzgerald ... Cray
Jill Jane Clements ... Old Lady
James Sutton ... Presidential Guard
Megan Hayes ... Female Morphling
Stef Dawson ... Annie Cresta
Toby Jones ... Claudius Templesmith
Judd Derek Lormand ... Hovercraft Peacekeeper
Elena Sanchez ... Cecelia
John Casino ... Woof
Marian Green ... District 9 Female Tribute
Daniel Bernhardt ... District 9 Male Tribute
Ravi Naidu ... Operator #1
Franco Castan ... Operator #2
347 3/4
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Hunger Games saga continues in this sequel that finds Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) faced with a decision that could sway the fate of a nation. In the wake of the Quarter Quell, the Hunger Games have been changed forever, and Katniss ends up in District 13. Her courage having inspired a nation, the brave young heroine heeds the advice of her friends, and sets out to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Meanwhile, Katniss' fragile alliance with President Coin (Julianne Moore) could lead to disaster. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Future Barbarians | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : civil-war, revolution, teenagers, tournament
Action, Science Fiction, Teen Movie 
Liam Hemsworth ... Gale Hawthorne
Josh Hutcherson ... Peeta Mellark
Julianne Moore ... President Alma Coin
Sam Claflin ... Finnick
Donald Sutherland ... President Snow
Woody Harrelson ... Haymitch Abernathy
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Plutarch Heavensbee
Stanley Tucci ... Caesar Flickerman
Natalie Dormer ... Cressida
Wes Chatham ... Castor
Elden Henson ... Pollux
Lily Rabe ... Commander Lyme
Jeffrey Wright ... Beetee
Jena Malone ... Johanna Mason
Willow Shields ... Primrose Everdeen
Paula Malcomson ... Katniss' Mother
Evan Ross ... Messalla
Sarita Choudhury ... Egeria
Stef Dawson ... Annie Cresta
Patina Miller ... Commander Paylor
Caitlin Fowler ... D8 Another Patient
Jada Taylor ... D8 Female Patient
Nicholas Pryor ... D8 Male Patient
Donna Biscoe ... D8 Old Woman
Erika Bierman ... Snow's Granddaughter
Jenique Bennett ... Rescue Hovercraft Pilot
Rus Blackwell ... D13 Systems Operator
Stevie Ray Dallimore ... D13 Systems Operator #2
Breann Couch ... D13 Systems Operator #3
Jordan Woods-Robinson ... Snow's Stylist #1
Katie Sawhill ... Orderly
Jackson Mizell ... Bunker Door Security
Charles Kronmuller ... Pilot #1
348 2/4
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the conclusion of the global-phenomenon Hunger Games film series, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) stakes her claim as the leader of District 13, and commands the revolution against the brutal dictatorship of President Snow (Donald Sutherland) and the Capitol. Meanwhile, her brainwashed former love interest Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) joins the rebellion's perilous mission to assassinate Snow. Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Jena Malone, Woody Harrelson, and Julianne Moore all return to reprise their roles one last time, with Francis Lawrence continuing his directorial duties. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Future Barbarians | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : civil-war, revolution, teenagers
Action, Science Fiction, Teen Movie 
Jennifer Lawrence ... Katniss Everdeen
Natalie Dormer ... Cressida
Julianne Moore ... President Alma Coin
Wes Chatham ... Castor
Elden Henson ... Pollux
Gwendoline Christie ... Commander Lyme
Josh Hutcherson ... Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth ... Gale Hawthorne
Woody Harrelson ... Haymitch Abernathy
Elizabeth Banks ... Effie Trinket
Jena Malone ... Johanna Mason
Stanley Tucci ... Caesar Flickerman
Donald Sutherland ... President Snow
Sam Claflin ... Finnick Odair
Michelle Forbes ... Lt. Jackson (District 13)
Toby Jones ... Claudius Templesmith
Willow Shields ... Primrose Everdeen
Jeffrey Wright ... Beetee
Mahershala Ali ... Boggs
Evan Ross ... Messalla
Stef Dawson ... Annie Cresta
Meta Golding ... Enobaria
Joe Chrest ... Mitchell
Omid Abtahi ... Homes
Eugenie Bondurant ... Tigris
Patina Miller ... Commander Paylor
Stephanie Jones ... Citizen Runner
Michael Entrekin ... Capitol Citizen
Cameron Brinkman ... District 5 Rebel
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Plutarch Heavensbee
Paula Malcomson ... Katniss' Mother
Misty Ormiston ... Leeg #1
Kim Ormiston ... Leeg #2
Mark Jeffrey Miller ... D4 Officiant
April Grace ... Doctor Aurelius
David Hallyday ... Greenhouse Guard #1
Linds Edwards ... Injured Career
Thomas Blake, Jr. ... Rebel Sniper
Desmond Phillips ... Commander of DS
Phillip Troy Linger ... Katniss's Father
349 3/4
The Hunt for Red October 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The first of several films based on Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" technothrillers, Hunt for Red October stars Alec Baldwin as eccentric CIA analyst Ryan and Sean Connery as Soviet submarine commander Marko Ramius. Ramius sets the plot in motion when he murders his political adviser, burns his orders, and steers his sub Red October towards American waters, hoping to defect. The CIA, aware that the Red October was about to embark on an evasive mission to demonstrate its ability to avoid detection and fire its nuclear missiles upon U.S. installations, believes that Ramius is insane, and that he plans to start World War III. To cover their own behinds, the Russians back up the CIA's suspicion. Only Jack Ryan believes that Ramius' mission is not as apocalyptic as it seems -- and it is Ryan who is assigned to infiltrate the Red October to prove his theory. The sort of film that in an earlier era would have been called a "thinking man's thriller," The Hunt for Red October ushered in a new series of Hollywood-produced post-Cold War adventure films, including 1995's Crimson Tide. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Mind Games
Keywords : CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), political-intrigue, Soviet, submarine, defector, nuclear-weapon
Attributes : High Production Values
Thriller, Political Thriller, Action Thriller, Sea Adventure 
Sean Connery ... Capt. Marko Ramius
Alec Baldwin ... Jack Ryan
Scott Glenn ... Capt. Bart Mancuso
James Earl Jones ... Admiral James Greer
Sam Neill ... Capt. Vasily Borodin
Joss Ackland ... Andrei Lysenko
Richard Jordan ... Jeffrey Pelt
Peter Firth ... Ivan Putin
Tim Curry ... Dr. Petrov
Courtney B. Vance ... Seaman Jones
Stellan Skarsgård ... Capt. Tupolev
Jeffrey Jones ... Skip Tyler
Fred Dalton Thompson ... Admiral Painter
Daniel Davis ... Capt. Davenport
Tomas Arana ... Leginov (Cook)
Kenton Kovell
Reed Popovich ... Lt. Jim Curry
Timothy Carhart ... Bill Steiner
Larry Ferguson ... Chief of the Boat
Ned Vaughn ... Seaman Beaumont
Anthony Peck ... Lt. Comdr. Thompson
Mark Draxton ... Seaman
Tom Fisher ... Seaman
Pete Antico ... Seaman
Ronald Guttman ... Lt. Melekhin
Michael George Benko ... Ivan
Anatoly Davydov ... Officer #1
Ivan G'Vera ... Officer
Arthur Cybulski ... Diving Officer
Michael Welden ... Kamarov
Boris Krutonog ... Stavin
Radu Gavor ... Soviet Seaman
Ivan Ivanov ... Soviet Seaman
Ping Wu ... Soviet Seaman
Herman Sinitzyn ... Soviet Seaman
Christopher Janczar ... Andrei Bonovia
Vlado Benden ... Konovalov Seaman
George Winston ... Konovalov Seamen
Don Oscar Smith ... Helicopter Pilot
Rick Ducommun ... Navigator C-2A
George H. Billy ... DSRV Officer
Andrew Divoff ... Andrei Amalric
Peter Zinner ... Adm. Padorin
Tony Veneto ... Padorin's Orderly
Ben Hartigan ... Admiral (Briefing)
Ray Reinhardt ... Jodge Moore at Briefing
F.J. O'Neil ... General at Briefing
Robert Buckingham ... Admirals at Briefing
A.C. Lyles ... Advisor #1
David Sederholm ... Sunglasses
John Shepherd ... Foxtrot Pilot
William Bell Sullivan ... Lt. Cmdr. Mike Hewitt
Gates McFadden ... Caroline Ryan
Louise Borras ... Sally Ryan
Denise E. James ... Stewardess
820 1/4
The Huntsman: Winter's War 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This spin-off of Snow White and the Huntsman acts as both prequel and sequel to the original film, detailing the adventures of Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) as he gets caught up in the rivalry between wicked queens Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and Freya (Emily Blunt). During his quest, Eric is also endangered by his feelings for fellow warrior Sara (Jessica Chastain), since ice queen Freya has decreed that love is forbidden in her kingdom. Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Curses and Spells | Heroic Mission | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : fairytale, hunter
Action, Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Fantasy Adventure 
Chris Hemsworth ... The Huntsman
Charlize Theron ... Ravenna
Emily Blunt ... Freya
Nick Frost ... Nion
Sam Claflin ... William
Rob Brydon ... Gryff
Jessica Chastain ... Sara
Sheridan Smith ... Mrs. Bromwyn
Alexandra Roach ... Doreena
Sope Dirisu ... Tull
Sam Hazeldine ... Leifr
Sophie Cookson ... Pippa
Amelia Crouch ... Young Pippa
Fred Tatasciore ... Mirror Man
Ralph Ineson ... Barkeep
Lynne Wilmot ... Bar Wench
Colin Morgan ... Duke of Blackwood
Robert Portal ... King
Robert Wilfort ... Nobleman
Madeleine Worrall ... Eric's Mother
Osi Okerafor ... Soldier
Antony Acheampong ... Huntsman
Sam Coulson ... Snow White Soldier
Yusuf Hofri ... Children
350 2/4
The Hurricane 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1966, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was a top-ranked middleweight boxer whom many fight fans expected to become world champion. When three people were shot to death in a bar in Paterson, New Jersey, Carter and his friend John Artis, driving home from another club in Paterson, were stopped and questioned by police. Although the police asserted that Carter and Artis "were never suspects," a man named Alfred Bello, himself a suspect in the killings, claimed that Carter and Artis were present at the time of the murders. On the basis of Bello's testimony, Carter and Artis were convicted of murder, and Carter was given three consecutive life sentences. Throughout the trial, Carter proclaimed his innocence, saying that his African-American race and work as a civil rights activist were the real reasons for his conviction. In 1974, Bello and Arthur Bradley, who also claimed that Carter was present at the scene of the crimes, recanted their testimony, but Carter and Artis were reconvicted. In the early 1980s, Brooklyn teenager Lesra Martin worked with a trio of Canadian activists to push the State of New Jersey to reinvestigate Carter's case; in 1985, a Federal District Court ruled that the prosecution in Carter's second trial committed "grave constitutional violations" and that his conviction was based on racism rather than facts. Carter was finally freed, and he summed up his story by saying, "Hate got me into this place, love got me out." The Hurricane is based on Carter's incredible true story and stars Denzel Washington as Carter, Vicellous Shannon as Lesra Martin, and John Hannah, Liev Schreiber and Deborah Unger as the Canadian activists. Veteran filmmaker Norman Jewison directed. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Food for Thought | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Social Injustice | Miscarriage of Justice | Race Relations
Keywords : prison, activism, injustice, boxing, innocence, racism, conviction, teenagers
Drama, Biopic [feature], Courtroom Drama, Message Movie, Prison Film 
Denzel Washington ... Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
Vicellous Shannon ... Lesra Martin
Deborah Kara Unger ... Lisa
Liev Schreiber ... Sam
John Hannah ... Terry
Dan Hedaya ... Della Pesca
Debbi Morgan ... Mae Thelma Carter
Clancy Brown ... Lt. Jimmy Williams
David Paymer ... Myron Bedlock
Harris Yulin ... Leon Friedman
Rod Steiger ... Judge Sarokin
Garland Whitt ... John Artis
351 3/4
I Am Legend 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Adapted from acclaimed author Richard Matheson's influential novelette of the same name, Constantine director Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend follows the last man on Earth as he struggles to survive while fending off the infected survivors of a devastating vampiric plague. A brilliant scientist who raced to discover a cure for the man-made virus as humanity came crumbling down all around him, Robert Neville (Will Smith) was inexplicably immune to the highly contagious superbug. Now the entire population of New York City -- and perhaps the world -- has been transformed into carnivorous bloodsuckers that fear the light and live solely to spread their contagion to any remaining living creature that crosses their path. It's been three years since civilization came to an end, and the loneliness has taken a devastating toll on Neville. By day he scours the city for food and supplies while sending out desperate radio messages in hopes that someone might respond, and by night he attempts to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus by experimenting with his own blood. But time is running out for Neville as the legions of infected watch his every move from the safety of the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. They, too, long to learn the secret that lurks in Neville's blood, though they will have to take caution while attempting to procure it because Neville will sooner die attempting to slay every last one of them than willingly giving up a single drop. Previously adapted for the screen in the 1964 Vincent Price frightener The Last Man on Earth and the 1971 Charlton Heston action film The Omega Man, Matheson's novelette also served as the inspiration for George A. Romero's groundbreaking zombie classic Night of the Living Dead. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Post-Apocalypse | Mutants | Plagues and Epidemics
Keywords : city, civilization, last-man, loneliness, plague, scientist, vampire, virus, devastation, survivor
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Horror, Creature Film, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Will Smith ... Robert Neville
Alice Braga ... Anna
Charlie Tahan ... Ethan
Willow Smith ... Marley
Darrell Foster ... Mike (Military Escort)
April Grace ... TV Personality
Dash Mihok ... Alpha Male
Joanna Numata ... Alpha Female
James McCauley ... Male Evacuee
Marin Ireland ... Woman Evacuee
Pedro Mojica ... Sergeant
Anthony Mazza ... Evacuation Cop
Steve Cirbus ... Military Police
Calista Hill ... Little Girl Evacuee
Gabriella Hill ... Little Girl Evacuee
Tyree Simpson ... Evacuation Cop #2
Blake Lange ... Coast Guard Ground Crew Member
Abraham Sparrow ... Male Evacuee #3
Deborah Collins ... Civilian
Drew Leary ... Infected
John Grady ... Infected
Marc Inniss ... Infected
Deborah Lohse ... Infected
Mark Steger ... Infected
Hannah Sim ... Infected
Greg Wattkis ... Infected
Kim Murphy ... Infected
Mike Patton ... Creature Voices
1145 1/4
I Feel Pretty 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After a head injury, a frustrated, insecure woman (Amy Schumer) wakes up believing she now has the looks of a supermodel. She uses her newfound confidence to meet a man (Rory Scovel) and impress her bosses (Naomi Campbell and Michelle Williams), but everything could fall apart when she realizes she still looks the same. Emily Ratajkowski, Aidy Bryant, Busy Phillips, Tom Hopper, Lauren Hutton and Sasheer Zamata co-star. Directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. --

Moods : Estrogen Shot
Themes : Amnesia | Assumed Identities
Keywords : amnesia, double-life, fearless
Comedy, Adventure Comedy 
Amy Schumer ... Renee Bennett
Michelle Williams ... Avery LeClaire
Emily Ratajkowski ... Mallory
Naomi Campbell ... Helen
Lauren Hutton ... Lily LeClaire
Aidy Bryant ... Vivian
Busy Philipps ... Jane
Tom Hopper ... Grant LeClair
Angela Davis ... Luna
Adrian Martinez ... Mason
Gia Crovatin ... Sasha
Olivia Culpo ... Hope
Dave Attell ... Really Tan Dude
Nikki Glaser ... Woman at LL HQ
Jeffrey Grover ... Silver Fox
Sarah Newhouse ... Ms. Udell
Anthony Viveiros ... Dry Cleaner
Rachel Feinstein ... SoulCycle Women
352 2/4
I, Robot 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Alex Proyas (Dark City, The Crow) helmed this sci-fi thriller inspired by the stories in Isaac Asimov's nine-story anthology of the same name. In the future presented in the film, humans have become exceedingly dependent on robots in their everyday lives. Robots have become more and more advanced, but each one is preprogrammed to always obey humans and to, under no circumstances, ever harm a human. So, when a scientist turns up dead and a humanoid robot is the main suspect, the world is left to wonder if they are as safe around their electronic servants as previously thought. Will Smith stars as Del Spooner, the robot-hating Chicago cop assigned to the murder investigation. Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, and Chi McBride also star. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Robots and Androids | Technology Run Amok | Murder Investigations | Future Dystopias
Keywords : artificial-intelligence, car-chase, cybernetics, homelessness, humanoid, investigation, murder, murder-suspect, police-investigation, riot [uprising], robot, technology, android
Science Fiction, Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Will Smith ... Del Spooner
Bridget Moynahan ... Dr. Susan Calvin
Alan Tudyk ... Sonny
Bruce Greenwood ... Lawrence Robertson
Chi McBride ... Lt. John Bergin
Shia LaBeouf ... Farber
James Cromwell ... Dr. Alfred Lansing
Adrian Ricard ... Granny
Jerry Wasserman ... Baldez
Fiona Hogan ... V.I.K.I.
Peter Shinkoda ... Chin
Terry Chen ... Chin
David Haysom ... NS4 Robots
Scott Heindl ... NS5 Robots
Sharon Wilkins ... Woman
Craig March ... Detective
Kyanna Cox ... Girl
Darren Moore ... Homeless Man
Aaron Douglas ... USR Attorney #1
Shayla Dyson ... Laughing Girl
Bobby Stewart ... Girl's Dad
Nicola Crosbie ... TV Anchor Person
Emily Tennant ... Young Girl
Michael St. John Smith ... USR Attorney #2
Travis Webster ... Guy With A Pie
Tiffany Knight ... Mob Woman
Angela Moore ... Wife
Ryan Zwick ... Farber Posse
Essra Vischon ... Farber Posse
Kenyan Lewis ... Farber Posse
Aaron Joseph ... Farber Posse
Marrett Green ... News Reporter
1067 4/4
I, Tonya 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This biopic uses the format of a faux documentary to trace the rise and scandal-fueled fall of figure skater Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie). Pushed into skating by her domineering mother (Allison Janney), Harding finds great success, yet ends up clashing with the sport's desire to mold its female athletes into an image of wholesomeness. Later, her career comes crashing down when her ex-husband (Sebastian Stan) orchestrates an attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. Directed by Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl). --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Betrayal | Coaches and Players | Contests, Pageants and Competitions | Fall From Power
Keywords : crime, figure-skater, ice-skating, scandal, sports-championships, sports-skating, women's-sports
Comedy Drama, Drama, Crime Drama, Sports Comedy, Sports Drama 
Margot Robbie ... Tonya Harding
Sebastian Stan ... Jeff Gillooly
Allison Janney ... LaVona Golden
Paul Walter Hauser ... Shawn Eckhardt
Julianne Nicholson ... Diane Rawlinson
Bobby Cannavale ... Hard Copy Producer
McKenna Grace ... Young Tonya Harding
Bojana Novakovic ... Dody Teachman
Joshua Mikel ... Heckling Spectator
Catherine Dyer ... CBS Reporter
Heather Williams ... Australian Reporter
Cara Mantella ... Choreographer
Jason Davis ... Al Harding
353 2/4
Ice Age 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A team of "sub-zero heroes" band together to save a human infant in this digitally animated feature from Oscar-winning director Chris Wedge, whose unique lighting software (called "Ray Tracing") sets his visual style apart from earlier CGI efforts. Twenty thousand years ago, the Earth is overrun by freezing temperatures in an Ice Age that is sending all manner of critters scattering in the path of encroaching glaciers. When a lost human infant is discovered, an unlikely quartet of misfits forms to return it to its mother: Manny, a depressed woolly mammoth (Ray Romano); Sid, a fast-talking sloth (John Leguizamo); an acorn-crazed squirrel named Scrat (Wedge); and the devilish saber-toothed tiger named Diego (Denis Leary). Before they can complete their mission, the reluctant compatriots will brave pits of boiling lava, dangerous caverns of ice, and even a traitorous plot within their midst. Ice Age (2002) also features the voices of Jack Black, Jane Krakowski, and Goran Visnjic. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Daring Rescues | Missing Persons | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : ice, Ice-Age, mammoth, prehistoric, squirrel
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Prehistoric Fantasy, Children's Fantasy 
Ray Romano ... Manny
John Leguizamo ... Sid
Denis Leary ... Diego
Goran Visnjic ... Soto
Jack Black ... Zeke
Tara Strong ... Roshan
Cedric the Entertainer ... Rhino
Stephen Root ... Rhino
Diedrich Bader ... Saber-Tooth Tiger
Alan Tudyk ... Saber-Tooth Tiger
Lorri Bagley ... Female Sloth
Jane Krakowski ... Female Sloth
Chris Wedge ... Scrat
832 2/4
Ice Age: Collision Course 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bumbling saber-toothed squirrel Scrat continues to cause mischief in outer space, where he sets off a series of events that send an asteroid hurtling toward Earth. Soon, Manny the woolly mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano), Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo), and Diego the saber-toothed tiger (Denis Leary) embark on a journey with their rambunctious animal friends to prevent the asteroid from ending life as they know it. Simon Pegg, Queen Latifah, Adam DeVine, Nick Offerman, and Jennifer Lopez also lend their voices to this animated sequel. -- Daniel Gelb

Children's/Family, Comedy, Adventure Comedy 
Ray Romano ... Manny
John Leguizamo ... Sid
Denis Leary ... Diego
Queen Latifah ... Ellie
Jennifer Lopez ... Shira
Adam DeVine ... Julian
Keke Palmer ... Peaches
Max Greenfield ... Roger
Jesse Tyler Ferguson ... Shangi Llama
Josh Peck ... Eddie
Simon Pegg ... Buck
Seann William Scott ... Crash
Wanda Sykes ... Granny
Nick Offerman ... Gavin
Stephanie Beatriz ... Gertie
Michael Strahan ... Teddy
Melissa Rauch ... Francine
Neil deGrasse Tyson ... Neil deBuck Weasel
Jorge Lucas ... Grandpa Molehog
James Palumbo ... Panicked Start
Carlos Ponce ... Mariachi Beaver
Matthew Simmons ... Dale the Antelope
Randy Thom ... Hyrax Minister
Meghan Thurmeier ... Lily Start
Chris Wedge ... Scrat
354 3/4
Ice Age: The Meltdown 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo), and Diego (Denis Leary) may have made it through the big freeze, but when the ice begins to melt, the heroic trio must warn the other inhabitants of their peaceful valley of the coming flood in directors Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha's sequel to the computer-animated 2002 hit Ice Age. As the ice age winds to an end, the animals of the Earth have taken warmly to the melting paradise that surrounds them. Despite the false comfort of a lush valley teeming with vegetation, however, great danger looms just over the horizon. When Manny, Sid, and Diego realize that the miles of liquefying ice overlooking their valley will soon turn from a gentle trickle to a violent force of nature capable of destroying anything and everything unfortunate enough to be in its path, they quickly set out to spread the word and get their endangered friends out of harm's way. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Keywords : dinosaurs, flood, valley, escape, danger, melt
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Prehistoric Fantasy, Children's Fantasy 
Ray Romano ... Manny
John Leguizamo ... Sid
Denis Leary ... Diego
Seann William Scott ... Crash
Josh Peck ... Eddie
Queen Latifah ... Ellie
Will Arnett ... Lone Gunslinger Vulture
Jay Leno ... Fast Tony
Laura Marano
355 2/4
Ice Princess 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A teenager is torn between her desire to please her mother and following her own ambitions in this family-friendly comedy drama. Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a high-school student who has a keen mind for math and looks to be on the fast track to Harvard, which is just the way her mother (Joan Cusack) wants it. However, Casey also has a dream of becoming a competitive ice skater, which is not a popular notion with either Casey's mom or her school's clique of aspiring skaters, led by the egocentric Gen (Hayden Panettiere). However, one day at the rink Casey wins the attention of Tina (Kim Cattrall), a former skating champion who now trains her daughter and is trying to live down an incident that grounded her career on the ice. Tina thinks Casey has what it takes to be a champ, but neither Gen nor Casey's mother are happy with this news, leaving Casey and Tina to go it alone, though Casey soon wins the emotional support of Teddy (Trevor Blumas), Gen's handsome older brother. Ice Princess also features champion skater Michelle Kwan in a small role as herself, doing television commentary at a skating event. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Mothers and Daughters | Obsessive Quests | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : figure-skating, ice-skating, bookworm, brother, coach, physics, trainer, training-program
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Sports Drama 
Joan Cusack ... Joan Carlyle
Kim Cattrall ... Tina Harwood
Michelle Trachtenberg ... Casey Carlyle
Hayden Panettiere ... Gen Harwood
Trevor Blumas ... Teddy Harwood
Connie Ray ... Nikki's Mom
Kirsten Olson ... Nikki
Juliana Cannarozzo ... Zoey Bloch
Jocelyn Lai ... Tiffany
Brian Boitano ... Himself
Steven Ross ... Mr. Bast
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee ... Tiffany's Dad
Roy Bradshaw ... Tiffany's Coach
Mark Hird ... Nikki's Coach
Ben Gilbank ... Brian
Thanh Nguyen ... Hot Dog Kid
Cole Campbell ... Rink Kid
Brandon Lajko ... Rink Kid
Jesse Primosig ... Rink Kid
Colleen Collins ... Lily
Andrea Tou ... Devon
Jordan Hockley ... Jeremy
Charmaine Hamp ... Jeremy's Mom
Laura Aloisio ... Snowplow Sam
Amanda Leela ... Snowplow Sam
Emma Nielsen ... Snowplow Sam
Melissa Shears ... Snowplow Sam
Kaci Brandt ... Snowplow Sam
Edrea Khong ... Snowplow Sam
Alexandra Najarro ... Snowplow Sam
Chantal Desforge ... Harvard Physics Student
Diego Klattenhoff ... Kyle Dayton
Joey Racki ... Zipline Guy
Courtney Hawkrigg ... Mean Party Girl
Mandy Butcher ... Mean Party Girl
Martha MacIsaac ... Mean Party Girl
Sean Persaud ... Dj
Stephanie Hutchison ... Ballet Teacher
Flo Umphrey ... Piano Teacher
Debbi Wilkes ... Zoey's Coach
Jennifer Gelfer ... Skate Saleswoman
Erik King ... Chip Healey
Shanique Ollivierre-Lake ... Chantal Degroat
Kevin Jubinville ... Reporter
885 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An idealistic FBI agent (Daniel Radcliffe) goes deep undercover within a white-supremacy group in order to bring down the organization from the inside. Daniel Ragussis directed this crime thriller, which co-stars Toni Collette and Tracy Letts. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Nail-biters | Tough Guys
Themes : Going Undercover | Heroic Mission | One Against the Mob | Protecting the Innocent | Race Relations | Task Forces | Terrorism | Witnessing a Crime
Keywords : challenge, crime, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), federal-agent, right-wing, terrorist, undercover, white-supremacy
Crime, Thriller, Action Thriller, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller 
Daniel Radcliffe ... Nate Foster
Toni Collette ... Angela Zamparo
Tracy Letts ... Dallas Wolf
Seth Numrich ... Roy
Pawel Szajda ... Vince Sargent
Chris Sullivan ... Andrew Blackwell
Nestor Carbonell ... Tom Hernandez
Burn Gorman ... Morgan
Sam Trammell ... Gerry Conway
Linc Hand ... David
Jasson Finney ... Billy
David Aranovich ... Ernest Walton
Paul Chapman ... Gary
Marty Terry ... Elderly Woman
356 4/4
In the Heart of the Sea 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ron Howard helms this adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick's historical novel about the harrowing high-seas encounter that inspired Herman Melville's Moby Dick. In the winter of 1820, the crew of the New England whaling ship the Essex struggle to survive after an attack by a rogue sperm whale leaves them stranded at sea for 90 days. Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw, and Brendan Gleeson co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Disasters at Sea | Heroic Mission | Stranded | Terror in the Water | Writer's Life
Keywords : adversity, high-seas, stranded, struggle, whale
Action, Drama, Historical Epic, Sea Adventure 
Chris Hemsworth ... Owen Chase
Benjamin Walker ... Captain George Pollard
Cillian Murphy ... Second Mate Matthew Joy
Ben Whishaw ... Novelist Herman Melville
Tom Holland ... Tom Nickerson
Brendan Gleeson ... Tom Nickerson (Age 30 Years)
Jordi Mollà ... Captain of Ship Archimedes
Michelle Fairley ... Mrs. Nickerson
Paul Anderson ... Caleb Chappel
Frank Dillane ... Henry Coffin
Joseph Mawle ... Benjamin Lawrence
Edward Ashley ... Barzillai Ray
Sam Keeley ... Ramsdell
Osy Ikhile ... Richard Peterson
Gary Beadle ... William Bond
Jamie Sives ... Cole
Charlotte Riley ... Peggy Chase
Nicholas Jones ... Pollard Senior
Donald Sumpter ... Paul Mason
Richard Bremmer ... Benjamin Fuller
Victor Esteban Sole ... Harpooner
Jamie Michie ... Rescue Ship Captain
Stephanie Jacob ... Tally Woman
Nicholas Tabone ... Weeks
Martin Wilde ... Benjamin Gardner
Michael Cronin ... Quaker Prayer Leader
357 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Visionary filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight) writes and directs this psychological sci-fi action film about a thief who possesses the power to enter into the dreams of others. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) doesn't steal things, he steals ideas. By projecting himself deep into the subconscious of his targets, he can glean information that even the best computer hackers can't get to. In the world of corporate espionage, Cobb is the ultimate weapon. But even weapons have their weakness, and when Cobb loses everything, he's forced to embark on one final mission in a desperate quest for redemption. This time, Cobb won't be harvesting an idea, but sowing one. Should he and his team of specialists succeed, they will have discovered a new frontier in the art of psychic espionage. They've planned everything to perfection, and they have all the tools to get the job done. Their mission is complicated, however, by the sudden appearance of a malevolent foe that seems to know exactly what they're up to, and precisely how to stop them. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Mind Games | On the Run | Perfect Crime
Keywords : dreams, espionage, guilt, thief
Attributes : High Budget
Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Action 
Leonardo DiCaprio ... Cobb
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Arthur
Ellen Page ... Ariadne
Tom Hardy ... Eames
Dileep Rao ... Yusuf
Cillian Murphy ... Robert Fischer Jr
Tom Berenger ... Browning
Marion Cotillard ... Mal
Pete Postlethwaite ... Maurice Fischer
Michael Caine ... Miles
Lukas Haas ... Nash
Tai-Li Lee ... Tadashi
Magnus Nolan ... James (20 months)
Taylor Geare ... Phillipa (5 years)
Tohoru Masamune ... Japanese Security Guard
Yuji Okumoto ... Saito's Attendant
Earl Cameron ... Elderly Bald Man
Ryan Hayward ... Lawyer
Miranda Nolan ... Flight Attendant
Russ Fega ... Cab Driver
Tim Kelleher ... Thin Man
Talulah Riley ... Blonde
Nicolas Clerc ... Bridge Con Sub
Coralie Dedykere ... Bridge Con Sub
Silvie Laguna ... Bridge Con Sub
Virgile Bramly ... Bridge Con Sub
Jean-Michel Dagory ... Bridge Con Sub
Helena Cullinan ... Penrose Sub Con
Mark Fleischmann ... Penrose Sub Con
Shelley Lang ... Penrose Sub Con
Adam Cole ... Bar Sub Con
Jack Murray ... Bar Sub Con
Angela Nathenson ... Bar Sub Con
Natasha Beaumont ... Bar Sub Con
Marc Raducci ... Lobby Sub Con
Carl Gilliard ... Lobby Sub Con
Jill Maddrell ... Lobby Sub Con
Alex Lombard ... Lobby Sub Con
Nicole Pulliam ... Lobby Sub Con
Peter Basham ... Fischer's Jet Captain
Michael Gaston ... Immigration Officer
Felix Scott ... Businessman
Andrew Pleavin ... Businessman
Lisa Reynolds ... Private Nurse
Jason Tendell ... Fischer's Driver
Jack Gilroy ... Old Cobb
Shannon Welles ... Old Mal
1191 4/4
The Incredibles 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is left home with Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and Jack-Jack when Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) becomes the new face of superheros in a rebranding attempt. As he juggles endless household chores, she gets to work to save everyone from a new villain. Bob Odenkirk, Samuel L. Jackson and Catherine Keener also star. This animated sequel is written and directed by Brad Bird. -- Caroline Griswold

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Heroic Mission | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : family, father, hero, mask [disguise], retirement, Superhero, super-power, villain
Action, Adventure, Family-Oriented Adventure, Sci-Fi Adventure, Superhero Film 
Samuel L. Jackson ... Frozone
Sarah Vowell ... Violet Parr
Holly Hunter ... Helen Parr/Elastigirl
Raymond Ochoa ... Dash Parr
Catherine Keener ... Evelyn Deavor
Sophia Bush ... Voyd
Jonathan Banks ... Rick Dicker
Bob Odenkirk ... Winston Deavor
Phil LaMarr ... Krushauser
Isabella Rossellini ... Ambassador
John Ratzenberger ... Underminer
Bill Wise ... Screenslaver/Pizza Guy
Nickolas Bird ... Monster Jack-Jack Parr
Paul Eiding ... Reflux
Barry Bostwick ... Mayor
Jere Burns ... Detective
358 3/4
The Incredibles 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Directed by Brad Bird, The Incredibles revolves around former high-profile superhero Bob Parr (aka Mr. Incredible), who has not-so-successfully settled into suburban life along with his wife and kids under the watchful eye of the Superhero Protection Program. A far cry from the "glory days" during which "supers" were a welcome addition to society, the Parrs' living situation was brought on after a series of superhero-related lawsuits forced them into hiding. When not trying to fight small-time crime undercover with fellow former superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), Parr (voice by Craig T. Nelson) is muddling through the corporate world as a paunchy, emotionally unsatisfied insurance claims adjuster. His family is like any other with some notable exceptions -- his daughter has the uncanny ability to become invisible and create impenetrable force fields at will; his son, Dash, can run at incredible speeds; his wife, Helen (Holly Hunter), is known in super circles as Elastigirl, one of the most respected (and pliable) superwomen of her time. Just when it looks as if things can't get any worse for Bob, he gets a summons to show up at a remote island to receive instructions for a highly classified assignment, which he promptly accepts. Thrust back into the world of fighting crime, the Incredible family is back in familiar territory -- saving the world from Syndrome, a jilted former fan of Mr. Incredible. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission | Parenthood
Keywords : Superhero, crimefighting, insurance-agent, secret-identity, super-power, villain
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Superhero Film 
Craig T. Nelson ... Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible
Holly Hunter ... Helen Parr / Elastigirl
Samuel L. Jackson ... Lucius Best / Frozone
Wallace Shawn ... Gilbert Huph
Sarah Vowell ... Violet Parr
Spencer Fox ... Dash Parr
Brad Bird ... Edna Mode
Elizabeth Peña ... Mirage
John Ratzenberger ... The Underminer
Jean Sincere ... Muriel Hogenson
Dominique Louis ... Bomb Voyage
359 2/4
Independence Day 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A group of intrepid humans attempts to save the Earth from vicious extraterrestrials in this extremely popular science-fiction adventure. Borrowing liberally from War of the Worlds, Aliens, and every sci-fi invasion film inbetween, director Roland Emmerich and producer and co-writer Dean Devlin present a visually slick, fast-paced adventure filled with expensive special effects and large-scale action sequences. The story begins with the approach of a series of massive spaceships, which many on Earth greet with open arms, looking forward to the first contact with alien life. Unfortunately, these extraterrestrials have not come in peace, and they unleash powerful weapons that destroy most of the world's major cities. Thrown into chaos, the survivors struggle to band together and put up a last-ditch resistance in order to save the human race. As this is a Hollywood film, this effort is led by a group of scrappy Americans, including a computer genius who had foreseen the alien's evil intent (Jeff Goldblum), a hot-shot jet pilot (Will Smith), and the President of the United States (Bill Pullman). While some critics objected to the film's lack of originality and lapses in logic, the combination of grand visual spectacle and crowd-pleasing storytelling proved irresistible to audiences, resulting in an international smash hit. -- Judd Blaise

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Evil Aliens | End of the World | Heroic Mission | Heads of State
Keywords : destruction, earth, inheritance, prevention, alien [not human], computers, disaster, invasion, race-against-time, rescue, spacecraft, world-destruction
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Action, Ensemble Film 
Will Smith ... Capt. Steven Hiller
Bill Pullman ... President Thomas J. Whitmore
Jeff Goldblum ... David Levinson
Mary McDonnell ... Marilyn Whitmore
Judd Hirsch ... Julius Levinson
Margaret Colin ... Constance Spano
Robert Loggia ... Gen. William Grey
Randy Quaid ... Russell Casse
James Rebhorn ... Albert Nimziki
Harvey Fierstein ... Marty Gilbert
Adam Baldwin ... Major Mitchell
Brent Spiner ... Dr. Brakish Okun
James Duval ... Miguel Casse
Vivica A. Fox ... Jasmine Dubrow
Lisa Jakub ... Alicia Casse
Mae Whitman ... Patricia Whitmore
Bill Smitrovich ... Capt. Watson
Kiersten Warren ... Tiffany
John Storey ... Dr. Isaacs
Frank Novak ... Teddy
Devon Gummersall ... Philip
Leland Orser ... Techy/Med Asst #1
Mirron E. Willis ... Aide
David Pressman ... Whitmore's Aide
Raphael Sbarge ... Commander/Tech
Bobby Hosea ... Commanding Officer
Dan Lauria ... Commanding Officer
John Bennett Perry ... Secret Serviceman
Tim Kelleher ... Technician
Jay Acovone ... Area 51 Guard
James Wong ... SETI Tech One
Jana Marie Hupp ... SETI Tech Three
Robert Pine ... Chief of Staff
Michael Winther ... Co-Worker #3
Greg Collins ... Military Aide
Kevin Sifuentes ... Tank Commander
Elston Ridgle ... Soldier
Jack Moore ... Mechanic
Lyman Ward ... Secret Service Guy
Anthony Crivello ... Lincoln
Mark Thompson ... Video Newscaster
Rance Howard ... Chaplain
Nelson Mashita ... Japanese Tech
Jeffrey Daniel Phillips ... B-2 Pilot
Kimberly Beck ... Housewife
Andrew Keegan ... Older Boy
Jim Piddock ... Reginald
Jerry Dunphy ... Himself
Barry Nolan ... Himself
George Putnam ... Himself
Pat Skipper ... Redneck
Lisa Star ... Woman on Roof
Robin Groth ... Flagstaff News Anchor
Richard Pachorek ... LAPD Helicopter Pilot
Frank Welker ... Special Vocal Effects
Giuseppe Andrews ... Troy Casse
Thom Barry ... SETI Tech Two
John Capodice ... Mario
Randy Oglesby ... Mechanic
Joe Fowler ... Reporter
John McLaughlin ... Himself
Sayed Badreya ... Arab Pilot
Fred Barnes ... Himself
John Bradley ... Lucas
Arthur Brooks ... Trucker on Roof
Eleanor Clift ... Herself
Joyce Cohen ... Kim Peters
Jack Germond ... Himself
James J. Joyce ... Master C.P.O.
Morton Kondracke ... Himself
Ross Lacy ... Aide
Carlos Lara ... Farmer Kid
Jon Mathews ... Thomson
Michael G. Moertl ... Thief
Mike Monteleone ... Butler
Julie Moran ... Entertainment Tonight Reporter
Marisa Morell ... Co-Worker 2
Vivian Palermo ... Technician/Medical Assistant
Matt Pashkow ... 2nd Officer
Eric Paskel ... Radar Technician
Lee Strauss ... Elvis Fanatic
Adam Tomei ... Sailor
Wayne Wilderson ... Area 51 Technician
Troy Willis ... Secret Serviceman
Eric Michael Zee ... Northridge Field Reporter
360 2/4
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Everyone's favorite archeologist adventurer dusts off his hat and trusty whip for yet another globetrotting trek as Indiana Jones returns to the big screen nearly 20 years after racing for the Holy Grail alongside his father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Harrison Ford reprises his role as the iconic, snake-loathing screen hero in a sequel that also finds Karen Allen returning to the series for the first time since 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Jim Broadbent, and Shia LaBeouf round out a cast that also features Cate Blanchett in the role of villainous Russian operative Agent Irina Spalko. Steven Spielberg calls the shots on a script penned by David Koepp (and adapted from the screen story by executive producer George Lucas). -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Fathers and Sons | Heroic Mission
Keywords : alien [not human], Cold-War, old-flame, Russian [nationality], Red-Scare, archaeology, hero
Action, Adventure, Adventure Comedy, Costume Adventure 
Harrison Ford ... Indiana Jones
Cate Blanchett ... Irina Spalko
Karen Allen ... Marion Ravenwood
Ray Winstone ... George "Mac" McHale
John Hurt ... Professor Oxley
Jim Broadbent ... Dean Charles Stanforth
Shia LaBeouf ... Mutt Williams
Igor Jijikine ... Col. Dovchenko
932 3/4
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The third installment in the widely beloved Spielberg/Lucas Indiana Jones saga begins with an introduction to a younger Indy (played by the late River Phoenix), who, through a fast-paced prologue, gives the audience insight into the roots of his taste for adventure, fear of snakes, and dogged determination to take historical artifacts out of the hands of bad guys and into the museums in which they belong. A grown-up Indy (Harrison Ford) reveals himself shortly afterward in a familiar classroom scene, teaching archeology to a disproportionate number of starry-eyed female college students in 1938. Once again, however, Mr. Jones is drawn away from his day job after an art collector (Julian Glover) approaches him with a proposition to find the much sought after Holy Grail. Circumstances reveal that there was another avid archeologist in search of the famed cup -- Indiana Jones' father, Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery) -- who had recently disappeared during his efforts. The junior and senior members of the Jones family find themselves in a series of tough situations in locales ranging from Venice to the most treacherous spots in the Middle East. Complicating the situation further is the presence of Elsa (Alison Doody), a beautiful and intelligent woman with one fatal flaw: she's an undercover Nazi agent. The search for the grail is a dangerous quest, and its discovery may prove fatal to those who seek it for personal gain. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade earned a then record-breaking $50 million in its first week of release. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Obsessive Quests | Treasure Hunts | Daring Rescues | Fathers and Sons | Immortality | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : father, mercenary, Holy-Grail, treasure, family, Nazism, rescue, escape, betrayal, journey, kidnapping, search, son
Attributes : High Production Values
Action, Adventure, Adventure Comedy, Costume Adventure 
Harrison Ford ... Indiana Jones
Sean Connery ... Dr. Henry Jones
Denholm Elliott ... Marcus Brody
Alison Doody ... Dr. Elsa Schneider
John Rhys-Davies ... Sallah
River Phoenix ... Young Indy
Julian Glover ... Walter Donovan
Michael Byrne ... Vogel
Kevork Malikyan ... Kazim
Robert Eddison ... Grail Knight
Richard Young ... Fedora
Alexei Sayle ... Sultan
Alex Hyde-White ... Young Henry
Paul Maxwell ... Panama Hat
Vince Deadrick, Jr. ... Rough Rider
Mike Fenton
Judy Taylor
Mrs. Glover ... Mrs. Donovan
Vernon Dobtcheff ... Butler
J.J. Hardy ... Herman
Bradley Gregg ... Roscoe
Jeff O'Haco ... Half Breed
Marc Miles ... Sheriff
Ted Grossman ... Deputy Sheriff
Tim Hiser ... Young Panama Hat
Will Miles ... Scout
Dave Murray ... Scout
Frederick Jaeger ... World War One Ace
Jerry Harte ... Prof. Stanton
Billy Mitchell ... Dr. Mulbray
Martin Gordon ... Man at Hitler Rally
Paul Humpoletz ... German Officer at Hitler Rally
Tom Branch ... Hatay Soldier in Temple
Graeme Crowther ... Zeppelin Crewman
Luke Hanson ... Principal SS Officer at Castle
Chris Jenkinson ... Officer at Castle
Louis Sheldon ... Young Officer at Castle
Stefan Kalipha ... Hatay Tank Gunner
Peter Pacey ... Hatay Tank Driver
Pat Roach ... Gestapo
Suzanne Roquette ... Film Director
Eugene Lipinski ... G-Man
George Malpas ... Man on Zeppelin
Julie Eccles ... Irene
Nina Almond ... Flower Girl
Michael Sheard ... Adolf Hitler (uncredited)
933 3/4
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The second of the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones epics is set a year or so before the events in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1984). After a brief brouhaha involving a precious vial and a wild ride down a raging Himalyan river, Indy (Harrison Ford) gets down to the problem at hand: retrieving a precious gem and several kidnapped young boys on behalf of a remote East Indian village. His companions this time around include a dimbulbed, easily frightened nightclub chanteuse (Kate Capshaw), and a feisty 12-year-old kid named Short Round (Quan Ke Huy). Throughout, the plot takes second place to the thrills, which include a harrowing rollercoaster ride in an abandoned mineshaft and Indy's rescue of the heroine from a ritual sacrifice. There are also a couple of cute references to Raiders of the Lost Ark, notably a funny variation of Indy's shooting of the Sherpa warrior. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Daring Rescues | Obsessive Quests | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Race Against Time | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : adventurer, archaeology, artifact, child-abuse, cult, mine-shaft, nightclub, singer, slavery, subterranean, voodoo
Attributes : High Production Values
Action, Adventure, Costume Adventure 
Harrison Ford ... Indiana Jones
Kate Capshaw ... Willie Scott
Amrish Puri ... Mola Ram
Roshan Seth ... Chattar Lal
Philip Stone ... Capt. Blumburtt
Roy Chiao ... Lao Che
David Yip ... Wu Han
Ric Young ... Kao Kan
Chua Kah Joo ... Chen
Rex Ngui ... Maitre d'
Philip Tann ... Chief Henchman
Dan Aykroyd ... Weber
Pat Roach ... Chief guard
Stany de Silva ... Sanju
D.R. Nanayakkara ... Shaman
Mellan Mitchell ... Temple Guard
Jonathan Ke Quan ... Short Round
Akio Mitamura ... Chinese Pilot
Michael Yama ... Chinese Copilot
Frank Olegario ... Merchant
Moti Makan ... Guard
Lorraine Doyle ... Dancer
847 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in director Ron Howard and screenwriter David Koepp's adaptation of the best-selling novel Inferno by Dan Brown. This time out, Langdon teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) to unravel a mystery involving Dante's The Divine Comedy and stop a terrorist from unleashing a devastating biological weapon. Ben Foster and Irrfan Khan co-star. -- Daniel Gelb

Themes : Plagues and Epidemics | Race Against Time
Keywords : epidemic, literature, mystery [enigma], mystery [whodunit], plague, puzzle, race-against-time
Drama, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Religious Drama 
Tom Hanks ... Robert Langdon
Felicity Jones ... Sienna Brooks
Irfan Khan ... Harry Sims
Omar Sy ... Christoph Bouchard
Ben Foster ... Bertrand Zobrist
Sidse Babett Knudsen ... Elizabeth Sinskey
Ana Ularu ... Vayentha
Jon Donahue ... Richard
Paul Ritter ... CRC Tech Arbogast
Alessandro Fabrizi ... Gallery Guard
Gabor Urmai ... Ignazio Busoni
Fortunato Cerlino ... Entrance Museum Guard
Attila Arpa ... Local CRC Agent
Francesca Inaudi ... Venice Museum Guide
Philip Arditti ... Professor (Istanbul)
Vincent Riotta ... Death Mask Guard
Cristian Stelluti ... Bouchard Agent
Gabor Nagypal ... Student (Istanbul)
Gabor Diossi ... Handless Beggar
Xavier Laurent ... Bouchard French Agent
828 2/4
The Infiltrator 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Federal agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) goes undercover as a money-laundering businessman in an attempt to bring down Pablo Escobar's Medellín Cartel in the 1980s. Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) directed this crime drama based on a true story, which co-starsDiane Kruger, John Leguizamo, Amy Ryan, Jason Isaacs, and Benjamin Bratt. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Assumed Identities | Drug Trade | Going Undercover | One Against the Mob
Drama, Thriller, Crime Drama, Police Detective Film, True Crime 
Bryan Cranston ... Robert Mazur
Diane Kruger ... Kathy Ertz
John Leguizamo ... Emir Abreu
Benjamin Bratt ... Robert Alcaino
Olympia Dukakis ... Aunt Vicky
Amy Ryan ... Bonni Tischler
Juliet Aubrey ... Evelyn Mazur
Leanne Best ... Bowling Alley Waitress
Daniel Mays ... Frankie
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor ... Steve Cook
Jason Isaacs ... Mark Jackowski
Richard Katz ... Attorney
David Horovitch ... Saul Mineroff
Christian Contreras ... Lee Palmer
Paul Brightwell ... Mr. X
Art Malik ... Akbar Bilgrami
Saïd Taghmaoui ... Amjad Awan
Tim Dutton ... Ian Howard
Ekaterina Zalitko ... Lola - Emir Lap Dancer
Michael Paré ... Barry Seal
Carsten Hayes ... Rudy Ambrecht
Andy Beckwith ... Joe
Elena Anaya ... Gloria Alcaino
Matthew Stirling ... Mora's Henchman
Nabil Massad ... Nazir Chinoy
Cesare Taurasi ... Gerardo Moncada
Mitchell Mullen ... William von Raab
938 4/4
Inherit the Wind 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Evolution vs. Creationism argument is at the center of the Jerome Lawrence-Robert E. Lee Broadway play Inherit the Wind. Lawrence and Lee's inspiration was the 1925 "Monkey Trial," in which Tennessee schoolteacher John Scopes was arrested for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in violation of state law. Scopes deliberately courted arrest to challenge what he and his supporters saw as an unjust law, and the trial became a national cause when The Baltimore Sun, represented by the famed (and atheistic) journalist H. L. Mencken, hired attorney Clarence Darrow to defend Scopes. The prosecuting attorney was crusading politician William Jennings Bryan, once a serious contender for the Presidency, now a relic of a past era. While Bryan won the case as expected, he and his fundamentalist backers were held up to public ridicule by the cagey Darrow. In both the play and film versions of Inherit the Wind, the names and places are changed, but the basic chronology was retained, along with most of the original court transcripts. John Scopes becomes Bertram Cates (Dick York); Clarence Darrow is Henry Drummond (Spencer Tracy); William Jennings Bryan is Matthew Harrison Brady (Fredric March); and H. L. Mencken is E. K. Hornbeck (Gene Kelly). Dayton, Tennessee is transformed into Hillsboro -- or, as the relentlessly cynical Hornbeck characterizes it, "Heavenly Hillsboro." --

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Fighting the System | Lawyers | Religious Zealotry
Keywords : evolution, courtroom, defense-attorney, prosecutor, religion, schoolteacher, student, trial [courtroom]
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Drama, Courtroom Drama, Message Movie 
Spencer Tracy ... Henry Drummond
Fredric March ... Matthew Harrison Brady
Gene Kelly ... E.K. Hornbeck
Florence Eldridge ... Sarah Brady
Dick York ... Bertram T. Cates
Donna Anderson ... Rachel Brown
Philip Coolidge ... Mayor
Elliott Reid ... Davenport
Claude Akins ... Rev. Jeremiah Brown
Paul Hartman ... Meeker
Jimmy Boyd ... Howard
Noah Beery, Jr. ... Stebbins
Gordon Polk ... Sillers
Ray Teal ... Dunlap
Norman Fell ... Radio Announcer
Hope Summers ... Mrs. Krebs
Renee Godfrey ... Mrs. Stebbins
Donald Elson
361 3/4
Inside Man 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The volatile showdown between a determined cop and a perfectionist bank robber is sent spiraling toward disaster when a scheming power broker steps in to take control of the situation in this hair-raising heist flick directed by Spike Lee and starring Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, and Jodie Foster. Dalton Russell (Owen) is a bank robber with a difference. In his quest to execute the perfect heist, Dalton has taken every possible factor into consideration. Dalton's uncanny ability of staying one step ahead of the law thwarts even-tempered Detective Keith Frazier's (Washington) best efforts. But there's another factor at play. The bank president (Christopher Plummer) has requested the services of high-profile negotiator Madeline White (Foster). Despite her commendable track record, Madeline is something of a wild card, and before the day is over, this bank robbery will go down in history as one of the most elaborate heists ever executed. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Bank Robbery | Hostage Situations | Perfect Crime | Race Relations | Star Detectives | Class Differences
Keywords : bank, business, demands, detective, heist, hostage, manhunt, mayor, negotiation, bank-robbery
Crime, Crime Thriller, Master Criminal Films 
Denzel Washington ... Detective Keith Frazier
Clive Owen ... Dalton Russell
Jodie Foster ... Madeline White
Christopher Plummer ... Arthur Case
Willem Dafoe ... Capt. John Darius
Chiwetel Ejiofor ... Det. Bill Mitchell
Kim Director
David Brown ... Officer Carnow
362 4/4
Inside Out 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Emotions run wild in the mind of a little girl who is uprooted from her peaceful life in the Midwest and forced to move to San Francisco in this Pixar adventure from director Pete Docter (Up, Monsters Inc.). Young Riley was perfectly content with her life when her father landed a new job in San Francisco, and the family moved across the country. Now, as Riley prepares to navigate a new city and attend a new school, her emotional headquarters becomes a hot bed of activity. As Joy (voice of Amy Poehler) attempts to keep Riley feeling happy and positive about the move, other emotions like Fear (voice of Bill Hader), Anger (voice of Lewis Black), Disgust (voice of Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) make the transition a bit more complicated. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission | New Kid in Town | Race Against Time | Showing Feelings [k] | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : emotion, imaginary-friend, joy, memory, new-kid-in-town, brain, mind
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Fantasy Comedy, Odd Couple Film 
Amy Poehler ... Joy
Mindy Kaling ... Disgust
Phyllis Smith ... Sadness
Bill Hader ... Fear
Lewis Black ... Anger
Richard Kind ... Bing Bong
Kaitlyn Dias ... Riley
Diane Lane ... Mom
Kyle MacLachlan ... Dad
Paula Poundstone ... Forgetter Paula
Bobby Moynihan ... Forgetter Bobby
Paula Pell ... Dream Director, Mom's Anger
Dave Goelz ... Subconscious Guard Frank
Frank Oz ... Subconscious Guard Dave
Josh Cooley ... Jangles
Flea ... Mind Worker Cop Jake
John Ratzenberger ... Fritz
Carlos Alazraqui ... Helicopter Pilot
Rashida Jones ... Cool Girl's Emotions
363 1/4
Inspector Gadget 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: 3rd Rock From the Sun's French Stewart steps into the shoes previously filled by Matthew Broderick in this straight-to-DVD sequel to Disney's Inspector Gadget. Arch-nemesis Dr. Claw is back to his evil ways, causing havoc for Inspector Gadget and the citizens of Riverton. Adding an additional twist is G2 (Elaine Hendrix), a new robot cop who provides a little crime-fighting competition to Gadget. Directed by Alex Zamm, Inspector Gadget 2 also stars Caitlin Wachs. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Robots and Androids | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : robot, evil, gadgets, investigation, mad-scientist, time
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
French Stewart ... Inspector Gadget
Elaine Hendrix ... G2
Caitlin Wachs ... Penny
Tony Martin ... Dr. Claw
Mark Mitchell ... Chief Quimby
Sigrid Thornton ... Mayor Wilson
Bruce Spence ... Baxter
364 3/4
The Intern 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A retired successful business owner and widower (Robert De Niro) lands an internship at a fashion website run by a young, career-driven woman (Anne Hathaway) in this Warner Bros. comedy from writer/director Nancy Meyers (The Holiday, It's Complicated). -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Widows and Widowers
Keywords : businessperson, fashion, internship, retirement, woman
Comedy, Workplace Comedy 
Robert De Niro ... Ben
Anne Hathaway ... Jules
Rene Russo ... Fiona
Adam DeVine ... Jason
Celia Weston ... Doris
Linda Lavin ... Patty
Zack Pearlman ... Davis
Nat Wolff ... Justin
Steve Vinovich ... Miles
Mary Kay Place ... Jule's Mom
Christina Brucato ... Emily
Paulina Singer ... ATF Receptionist
Annie Funke ... ATF Creative Team
Christine Evangelista ... ATF Creative Team
Julee Cerda ... ATF Creative Team
Peter Vack ... ATF Creative Team
Eshan Bay ... ATF Tech Team
Caitlin Kinnunen ... ATF Tech Team
Sydney Morton ... Customer Service Rep
Brandon Tyler Harris ... Customer Service Rep
Liz Holtan ... Customer Service Rep
Drena De Niro ... Hotel Manager
Sean Kleier ... Bartender
Nikki James ... Tai Chi Class
Mayumi Miguel ... Tai Chi Class
365 3/4
The Interpreter 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An overheard conversation leads a woman into a dark world of deadly intrigue in this political thriller. Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) is an African émigré who works as an interpreter at the United Nations. One of the languages she understands is Ku, a dialect spoken in her home country of Matobo. One day, as the General Assembly auditorium is being evacuated for a routine security sweep, Broome overhears a man speaking in Ku, who makes a cryptic statement that could be interpreted as a threat against the life of Zuwanie (Earl Cameron), Matobo's controversial ruler. Secret Service agent Tobin Keller (Sean Penn) is brought in to investigate Broome's story, and it isn't long before he's convinced that she knows more than she's willing to tell. As Keller and his partner, Dot Woods (Catherine Keener), dig deeper into Broome's story as well as her past, they discover a shocking tale of violence and corruption tied to Zuwanie's regime. The Interpreter was directed by Sydney Pollack, who also appears in a brief supporting role. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Assassination Plots | Conspiracies | Heads of State | Protecting the Innocent | Race Against Time | Terrorism
Keywords : federal-agent, interpreter, Africa, assassination, political-conspiracy, Secret-Service, surveillance, United-Nations
Thriller, Political Thriller, Paranoid Thriller 
Nicole Kidman ... Silvia Broome
Sean Penn ... Tobin Keller
Catherine Keener ... Dot Woods
Jesper Christensen ... Nils Lud
Yvan Attal ... Philippe
Earl Cameron ... Zuwanie
Maz Jobrani ... Mo
George Harris ... Kuman-kuman
Michael Wright ... Marcus
Clyde Kusatsu ... Police Chief Lee Wu
Eric Keenleyside ... Rory Robb
Hugo Speer ... Simon Broome
Byron Utley ... Jean Gamba
Robert Clohessy ... FBI Agent King
Terry Serpico ... FBI Agent Lewis
David Fonteno ... Phillip Ostroff
John Knox ... Fred Jameson
David Zayas ... Charlie Russell
Lynne Deragon ... American Ambassador Davis
Christopher Evan Welch ... Jonathan Williams
Adrian Martinez ... Roland
Tsai Chin ... Luan
Enid Graham ... Jenny
Lou Ferguson ... Matoban Ambassador
Vladimir Bibic ... G.A. President
Patrick Ssenjovu ... Jad Jamal
Chris McKinney ... Forensic Officer
Jim Ward ... U.N. Security Officer
Ricardo Walker ... U.N. Security Officer
Harry O'Reilly ... U.N. Security Officer
Kirby Mitchell ... U.N. Security Officer
Guy A. Fortt ... U.N. Security Officer
Ramsey Faragallah ... Polygraph Technician
John di Benedetto ... Mechanic
Nelson Landrieu ... Spanish Speaking Interpreter
Leonid Citer ... Russian Interpreter
Sophie Traub ... Young Silvia
Pat Kiernan ... Himself
366 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Interstellar opens on Earth in the distant future, as Mother Nature is waging war on humanity. Famine is widespread, and all of mankind's resources are now dedicated to farming in a desperate fight for survival. A former NASA pilot and engineer named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) has become a homesteader in order to support his teenage son Tom (Timothee Chalamet) and 10-year-old daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy). Unfortunately, even that begins to look like a futile endeavor after a sandstorm ravages their close-knit community.
Meanwhile, a seemingly supernatural mystery begins to unfold when the "ghost" that dwells in Murph's room sends her a mysterious set of coordinates -- which lead the curious father/daughter duo to a clandestine underground base housing the remnants of NASA. There, renowned physicist Professor Brand (Michael Caine) has been working with a team of astronauts and scientists to find a new planet capable of sustaining human life. Brand quickly persuades Cooper to pilot a mission that will hopefully carry the seeds of human life to a habitable planet in another galaxy. Cooper is soon bound for space with Brand's daughter Amelia (Anne Hathaway) and researchers Doyle (Wes Bentley) and Romilly (David Gyasi). --

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : End of the World | Fathers and Daughters | Race Against Time | Robots and Androids | Space Travel | Time Travel
Keywords : astronaut, astrophysics, black-hole, daughter, father, galaxy, intergalactic, mankind, NASA, outer-space, physics, Saturn, scientist, solar-system, space-travel, time-warp, dimension-travel
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Matthew McConaughey ... Cooper
Anne Hathaway ... Amelia
Jessica Chastain ... Murph
Michael Caine ... Professor Brand
Casey Affleck ... Tom
Topher Grace ... Getty
Bill Irwin ... TARS
Ellen Burstyn ... Old Murph
Wes Bentley ... Doyle
Mackenzie Foy ... Young Murphy
Matt Damon ... Dr. Mann
Elyes Gabel
John Lithgow ... Donald
Collette Wolfe ... Ms. Kelly
Leah Cairns ... Lois
David Oyelowo ... Principal
William Devane ... NASA Board Member
Jeff Hephner ... Doctor
Timothee Chalamet ... Young Tom
David Gyasi ... Romilly
Lena Georgas ... Nurse
Liam Dickinson ... Coop
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz ... NASA Inspector
Kristian VanderHeyden ... Scientist
Francis X. McCarthy ... Farmer
Marlon Sanders ... Jenkins
Alexander Michael Helisek ... Construction Boss
Andrew Borba ... Smith
Benjamin Hardy ... NASA Scientist
367 1/4
Into the Blue 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Greed turns an idyllic vacation into a nightmare in this action drama. Jared Cole (Paul Walker) makes his living salvaging wreckage from ships off the coast of the Bahamas. He shares a rattle-trap trailer home with his girlfriend, Samantha "Sam" Nicholson (Jessica Alba), a shark expert who works at a nearby resort. While both are happy with their lives in the islands, Jared dreams of finding a major score and living the high life. One day, Jared and Sam are paid a visit by Bryce Dunn (Scott Caan), a childhood friend of Sam's who is now doing very well as a lawyer. Bryce and his girlfriend, Amanda (Ashley Scott), have come to the Bahamas for a few days of diving and fun, and Sam and Jared show them the waters while making use of his yacht. While diving with Sam, Bryce, and Amanda, Jared discovers the wreckage of a plane used to smuggle drugs, and thinks he may have found the big score he's always dreamed of. While Sam persuades Jared that the cargo is too risky to move, Bryce and Amanda think there's a fast buck to be made, and team up with Primo (Tyson Beckford), a local underground entrepreneur, to fence the contents of the plane. However, Bryce and Amanda have underestimated just how dangerous Primo and his henchmen can be, and now Sam and Jared must come to their rescue. Into the Blue was directed by John Stockwell, who previously took filmgoers to the seashore with the surfing drama Blue Crush. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Treasure Hunts | Unlikely Criminals
Keywords : deep-sea, diver, shipwreck, treasure, bikini
Thriller, Action, Sea Adventure, Caper 
Paul Walker ... Jared Cole
Jessica Alba ... Samantha 'Sam' Nicholson
Scott Caan ... Bryce Dunn
Ashley Scott ... Amanda Collins
Josh Brolin ... Derek Bates
Tyson Beckford ... Primo
Dwayne Adway ... Roy
James Frain ... Reyes
Chris Taloa ... Quinn
368 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Actor Morgan Freeman portrays anti-apartheid activist and former South African president Nelson Mandela in this Clint Eastwood-helmed political drama adapted from author John Carlin's book The Human Factor: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed the World. Set just after the fall of apartheid and during Mandela's first term in office, The Human Factor explores how the political prisoner-turned-president used the 1995 Rugby World Cup -- which was hosted by South Africa -- as a means of bringing blacks and whites together after decades of violence and mistrust. Matt Damon co-stars in the Warner Bros. production as rugby player Francois Pienaar. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Heads of State | Race Relations | Underdogs
Keywords : President, South-Africa, rugby, Apartheid, social-change, team, mistrust, political-prisoner, underdog
Drama, Biopic [feature], Political Drama, Sports Drama 
Morgan Freeman ... Nelson Mandela
Matt Damon ... Francois Pienaar
Tony Kgoroge ... Jason Tshabalala
Patrick Mofokeng ... Linga Moonsamy
Matt Stern ... Hendrick Booyens
Julian Lewis Jones ... Etienne Feyder
Adjoa Andoh ... Brenda Mazibuko
Marguerite Wheatley ... Nerine
Leleti Khumalo ... Mary
Patrick Lyster ... Mr. Pienaar
Penny Downie ... Mrs. Pienaar
Sibongile Nojila ... Eunice
Bonnie Henna ... Zindzi
Shakes Myeko ... Minister of Sport
Danny Keogh ... Rugby President
Dan Robbertse ... Boer
Robin Smith ... Johan De Villiers
David Dukas ... Captain of 747
Grant Brett Swanby ... Co-Captain of 747
Josias Moleele ... Face Painter
Melusi Yeni ... Presidential Guard
Langley Kirkwood ... Presidential Guard
Daniel Hadebe ... Presidential Guard
Vuyo Dabula ... Presidential Guard
Jodi Botha ... High School Boy
Hennie Bosman ... High School Coach
Refiloe Mpakanyane ... Jessie
Murray Todd ... Johannesburg Cop
Jakkie Groenewald ... Johannesburg Cop
Japan Mthembu ... Local Cop
Albert Maritz ... Springbok Manager
Sello Motloung ... Mandela's Doctor
Meren Reddy ... Minister of the Environment
Lida Botha ... Mrs. Brits
Susan Danford ... Mrs. Cole
Sylvia Mngxekeza ... Mrs. Dlamini
James Lithgow ... New Zealand PM
Malusi Skenjana ... NSC Firebrand
Bart Fouche ... Prison Guard
Johnny Cicco ... Staff Member
Wayne Harrison ... Staff Member
Ashley Taylor ... Team Crew
Gift Loetlela ... Team Crew
Kgosi Mongake ... Sipho
Vuyolwethu Stevens ... Township Kid
Ayabulela Stevens ... Township Kid
Nambitha Mpumlwana ... Trophy Wife
JR Redlinghaus ... Helicopter Pilot
369 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: From the producers of The Rookie and Remember the Titans comes an inspirational sports drama detailing the true story of a down-on-his-luck football fan whose dreams of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of the gridiron became a once-in-a-lifetime reality when he took part in an open tryout organized by Philadelphia Eagles coach Dick Vermeil. Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg) was a 30-year-old substitute teacher and part-time bartender who had never even played college football. When Coach Vermeil (Greg Kinnear) made the unprecedented announcement that he would be holding open tryouts for the Philadelphia Eagles, Papale would go against incredible odds to live the dream and experience every fan's biggest fantasy. With a position on the Eagles secured and a new life path forged out of little more than determination and persistence, Papale takes to the field to experience the life-altering rush of running yards as a stadium full of cheering fans burst from their seats to support the hometown hero who proved it's never too late to take control of your own destiny. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Football Players | Underdogs | Big Break | Coaches and Players
Keywords : bartender, fan [devotee], pro-sports, substitute-teacher
Drama, Biopic [feature], Sports Drama 
Mark Wahlberg ... Vince Papale
Greg Kinnear ... Dick Vermeil
Kevin Conway ... Frank Papale
Michael Rispoli ... Max
Kirk Acevedo ... Tommy
Dov Davidoff ... Johnny
Michael Kelly ... Pete
Sal Darigo ... Mick
Nicoye Banks ... TJ Banks
Turron Kofi Alleyne ... Ronnie Sampson
Cosmo Dematteo ... Dean German
Stink Fisher ... Denny Franks
Michael Mulheren ... AC Craney
Michael Nouri ... Leonard Tose
Jack Kehler ... Wade Chambers
Lola Glaudini ... Sharon Papale
Paige Turco ... Carol Vermeil
Tristan Phillips ... Richie Vermeil
Morgan Turner ... Susan Vermeil
Lynn Cohen ... Mrs. Spegnetti
James Murtaugh ... Principal
Dominick Cicco ... South Philly Man
Randy Couture ... "Toruci" Player #1
Jeffrey Lee Gibson ... "Tanker" Opposing Player #1
Patrick Walsh ... "Tanker" Opposing Player #2
Rick Reilly ... Disgruntled Fan
Franklin Ojeda Smith ... Les
Patrick F. McDade ... The Turk
Fred Strother ... Eagles Coach #1
Tim Crowley ... Eagles Coach #2
Brian Hayes Currie ... Eagles Coach #3
Kevin Ingram ... Giant Kick Returner
Michael McCarthy ... Giant Defender
Bryan Donoghue ... Hopeful
Jimmy Palumbo ... Philly Fan #1
Pride Grinn ... Philly Fan #4
Daniel Spink ... Philly Fan #5
Anthony Lawton ... Pressroom Reporter
John Leslie Wolfe ... TV Anchor
Tim Lamendola ... TV Cameraman
Susan Moses ... Teacher
Michael S. Brainard ... Eagles Coach #4
Mark Robert Ellis ... Football Coordinator
Sean Graham ... Vince Double
Jared Burke ... Johnny Double
Mike Ribaudo ... Tanker ND Stunt #3
1157 0/4
The Invisible Guardian 

370 3/4
Iron Man 
AMG SYNOPSIS: From Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures comes Iron Man, an action-packed take on the tale of wealthy philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who develops an invulnerable robotic suit to fight the throes of evil. In addition to being filthy rich, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark is also a genius inventor. When Stark is kidnapped and forced to build a diabolical weapon, he instead uses his intelligence and ingenuity to construct an indestructible suit of armor and escape his captors. Once free, Stark discovers a deadly conspiracy that could destabilize the entire globe, and dons his powerful new suit on a mission to stop the villains and save the world. Gwyneth Paltrow co-stars as his secretary, Virginia "Pepper" Potts, while Terrence Howard fills the role of Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes, one of Stark's colleagues, whose military background leads him to help in the formation of the suit. Jon Favreau directs, with Marvel movie veterans Avi Arad and Kevin Feige producing. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Robots and Androids | Heroic Mission | Experiments Gone Awry | Terrorism
Keywords : industrialist, philanthropy, robot, billionaire
Action, Sci-Fi Action, Superhero Film 
Terrence Howard ... Lt. Colonel James Rhodes
Jeff Bridges ... Obadiah Stane
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Leslie Bibb ... Christine Everhart
Shaun Toub ... Yinsen
Faran Tahir ... Raza
Clark Gregg ... Agent Coulson
Bill Smitrovich ... General Gabriel
Sayed Badreya ... Abu Bakaar
371 3/4
Iron Man 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: As Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) owns up to being Iron Man before the world press, Anton Vanko lies dying in Russia. Years ago, Anton worked with Tony's father to create a new source of energy. But greed got the best of Anton, and now as he slips away, his son, Ivan (Mickey Rourke), vows to make Tony pay for the sins of his father. Meanwhile, Tony fends off efforts from smarmy Senator Stern (Garry Shandling) and military weapons expert Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) to get him to divulge the secrets of his powerful Iron Man suit. The powers that be are concerned that Tony's technology may fall into the wrong hands -- fears that are soon confirmed when the cocky billionaire entrepreneur is confronted in front of the entire world by Ivan, who has built his own weapon using stolen Stark blueprints. Later, as Lt. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) wrestles with the decision to personally deliver Tony's suit to the military, Ivan finds an unlikely ally in the quest to destroy Iron Man; Stark Industries legal consultant Natalie Rushman (Scarlett Johansson) reveals her connection to Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson); and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) takes on some new responsibilities. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Out For Revenge | Robots and Androids | Technology Run Amok | Faltering Friendships
Keywords : Superhero, billionaire, nemesis, revenge, robot, whip [weapon], grand-prix, Senator, father, Russian [nationality], weapons, industrialist, philanthropy
Action, Sci-Fi Action, Superhero Film 
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Pepper Potts
Don Cheadle ... Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes
Scarlett Johansson ... Natalie Rushman/Black Widow
Sam Rockwell ... Justin Hammer
Mickey Rourke ... Ivan Vanko/Whiplash
Samuel L. Jackson ... Nick Fury
Clark Gregg ... Agent Coulson
John Slattery ... Howard Stark
Garry Shandling ... Senator Stern
Paul Bettany ... Jarvis
Kate Mara ... U.S. Marshal
Leslie Bibb ... Christine Everhart
Jon Favreau ... Happy Hogan
Christiane Amanpour ... Herself
Tim Guinee ... Major Allen
Stan Lee ... Himself
Helena Mattsson ... Rebecca
Keith Middlebrook ... Expo Cop
Olivia Munn ... Chess Roberts
Elon Musk ... Himself
Bill O'Reilly ... Himself
Alejandro Patino ... Strawberry Vendor
Karim Saleh ... Guard
Brian Schaeffer ... Hammer Expo Tech
372 4/4
Iron Monkey 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This kung fu classic weaving fact and myth earned a theatrical release in the U.S. from Miramax eight years after it was produced, following a successful retrospective screening at the 2001 Los Angeles Film Festival. Wong Kei Ying (Donnie Yen) is a master of the Hung Gar style of boxing in mid-19th century China. His son, Wong Fei Hung (Sze-Man Tsang), though still just a boy, will grow up to become a martial arts legend, a nearly mythical figure in Chinese history. When Wong Fei Hung is kidnapped, his father is forced to use his daunting skills in the service of the abductor, a dishonest politician plagued by the Robin Hood-style thief known as Iron Monkey, a mysterious masked avenger stealing from the rich, delivering the spoils to the poor. Wong Fei Hung's only allies are the kindly Dr. Yang (Yu Rong Guang) and Yang's assistant, Orchid (Jean Wang), who are protecting an important secret. Iron Monkey (1993) director Yuen Wo Ping is also the masterful martial arts choreographer behind The Matrix (1999) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000); his father served as action choreographer on a series of popular, long-running films centered around the Wong Fei Hung character in the 1950s. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Righting the Wronged
Keywords : Robin-Hood, doctor, good-samaritan, hero, outlaw [Western], robbery, villain, China, revenge
Action, Adventure, Action Thriller, Martial Arts 
Donnie Yen ... Wong Kei-Ying
Jean Wang ... Miss Orchid
James Wong ... Governor
Yam Sai-Kun
Lee Fai ... Virgin Assassin
Yu Wing-Kwong
Chan Siu Wah ... Monk #2
373 2/4
The Island 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Blockbuster action director Michael Bay delivers a striking look at a strange world of the future in this sci-fi action drama. Midway through the 21st century, Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a confined indoor community after ongoing abuse of the Earth has rendered most of the planet uninhabitable. One of the only places in the outside world still capable of sustaining life is an idyllic island where citizens are chosen to live through a lottery. Or at least that's what Lincoln and his fellow citizens are taught to believe; the truth is that Lincoln, like everyone he knows, is actually a clone who is kept under wraps to provide needed organs when the person who supplied his or her DNA falls ill. When he becomes aware that his existence is a fraud, Lincoln escapes to the outside world with a fellow clone, Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson), though the powers that be are determined to see that no one gets away alive. The Island also stars Steve Buscemi, Djimon Hounsou, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Sean Bean. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Future Dystopias | Lovers on the Lam | Totalitarian States | Technology Run Amok | Twins and Lookalikes
Keywords : clone, environmental-science, epidemic, escape, genetic-engineering, organ-transplant
Action, Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Action 
Ewan McGregor ... Lincoln Six Echo, Tom Lincoln
Scarlett Johansson ... Jordan Two Delta, Sarah Jordan
Sean Bean ... Merrick
Steve Buscemi ... McCord
Djimon Hounsou ... Albert Laurent
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Starkweather
Max Baker ... Carnes
Ethan Phillips ... Jones Three Echo
Noa Tishby ... Community Announcer
Siobhan Flynn ... Lima One Alpha
Kevin McCorkle ... Laurent Team Member
Gary Nickens ... Laurent Team Member
Phil Abrams ... Harvest Doctor
Svetlana Efremova ... Harvest Midwife
Katy Boyer ... Harvest Surgeon
Randy Oglesby ... Harvest Surgeon
Yvette Nicole Brown ... Harvest Nurse
Taylor Gilbert ... Harvest Nurse
Wendy Haines ... Harvest Nurse
Tim Halligan ... Institute Coroner
Glenn Morshower ... Medical Courier
Michael Canavan ... Extraction Room Doctor
Jimmy Smagula ... Extraction Room Technician
Ben Tolpin ... Extraction Room Technician
Robert Sherman ... Agnate in Pod
Rich Hutchman ... Dept. of Operations Supervisor
Gonzalo Menendez ... Dept. of Operations Technician
Olivia Tracey ... Dept. of Operations Agnate
Ray Xifo ... Elevator Agnate
Mary Pat Gleason ... Nutrition Clerk
Ashley Yegan ... Stim Bar Bartender
Whitney Dylan ... Client Services Operator
Mitzi Martin ... Atrium Tour Guide
Lew Dauber ... Tour Group Man
Shelby Leverington ... Tour Group Woman
Don Creech ... God-Like Man
Richard V. Licata ... Board Member
Eamon Behrens ... Censor
Alex Carter ... Censor
Kevin Daniels ... Censor
Grant Garrison ... Censor
Kenneth Hughes ... Censor
Brian Leckner ... Censor
Darren Mitchell ... Censor
Phil Somerville ... Censor
Ryan Tasz ... Censor
Kirk Ward ... Censor
Kelvin Han Yee ... Censor
Shawnee Smith ... Suzie
Chris Ellis ... Aces & Spades Bartender
Don Michael Paul ... Bar Guy
Eric Stonestreet ... Ed the Trucker
James Granoff ... Sarah's Son
James Hart ... LAPD Officer
Trent Ford ... Calvin Klein Model
Sage Thomas ... Girl at Beach
Mark Christopher Lawrence ... Construction Worker
Kevin Dorman ... Lincoln Double
1026 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In a small town in 1989 Maine, seven bullied kids known as the "Losers' Club" discover that a malevolent force is preying on the local children. When they realize that the town's adults can't protect them, they band together to destroy the monster, a killer clown called Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). Jaeden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, and Jackson Robert Scott co-star in this horror film, which is based on the novel by Stephen King. Directed by Andy Muschietti. --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Circuses & Carnivals | Mysterious Strangers
Keywords : children, clown, group, shapeshifter, small-town
Horror, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural Horror 
Jaeden Lieberher ... Bill Denbrough
Wyatt Oleff ... Stanley Iris
Nicholas Hamilton ... Henry Bowers
Owen Teague ... Patrick Hockstetter
Stephen Bogaert ... Mr. Marsh
Stuart Hughes ... Officer Bowers
Geoffrey Pounsett ... Zach Denbrough
Steven Williams ... Leroy Hanlon
Megan Charpentier ... Gretta
Joe Bostick ... Mr. Keene
Ari Cohen ... Rabbi Uris
Anthony Ulc ... Joe the Butcher
Javier Botet ... Hobo
Martha Gibson ... Old Woman
Isabelle Nelisse ... Girl in Bathroom
Neil Crone ... Chief Borton
Janet Porter ... Stanley's Mother
Roberto Campanella ... Organ Player Clown
375 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Originally titled Stephen King's It, this two-part TV movie first aired on November 18 and 20, 1990. The story starts in Maine, where a small child is lured into the hands of what audiences everywhere can be assured is one mean clown. The 30-year struggle against an evil supernatural force that masquerades as a circus clown named Pennywise (Tim Curry) begins in 1960 and spans until 1990. Featured are a group of six young men and one young woman who call themselves "the lucky seven" and are the unfortunate targets of Pennywise from pre-adolescence into their mid-forties. The lucky seven emerge physically intact but emotionally scathed after their first battle with Pennywise -- who is a self-labeled "eater of worlds...and children." When Pennywise returns 30 years later, the seven are forced to remember their terrifying past and faced with the prospect of destroying him once and for all. -- Tracie Cooper

Themes : Haunted By the Past | Race Against Time
Keywords : arthritis, child, clown, demon, fear, friendship, investigation, killing, love, murder, needlework, nightmare, railroad-yard, revenge, sheriff, small-town, supernatural, wish, evil, home, king, news, town
Horror, Thriller, Creature Film, Psychological Thriller 
John Ritter ... Ben Hanscom
Richard Thomas ... Bill Denborough
Annette O'Toole ... Beverly Marsh
Tim Curry ... Pennywise
Harry Anderson ... Richie Tozier
Tim Reid ... Mike Hanlon
Dennis Christopher ... Eddie Kaspbrak
Olivia Hussey ... Audra Denborough
Richard Masur ... Stan Uris
Jonathan Brandis ... Bill Denborough (age 12)
Emily Perkins ... Beverly Marsh (age 12)
Seth Green ... Richie Tozier (age 12)
Adam Faraizl ... Eddie Kaspbrak (age 12)
374 4/4
It's a Wonderful Life 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This is director Frank Capra's classic bittersweet comedy/drama about George Bailey (James Stewart), the eternally-in-debt guiding force of a bank in the typical American small town of Bedford Falls. As the film opens, it's Christmas Eve, 1946, and George, who has long considered himself a failure, faces financial ruin and arrest and is seriously contemplating suicide. High above Bedford Falls, two celestial voices discuss Bailey's dilemma and decide to send down eternally bumbling angel Clarence Oddbody (Henry Travers), who after 200 years has yet to earn his wings, to help George out. But first, Clarence is given a crash course on George's life, and the multitude of selfless acts he has performed: rescuing his younger brother from drowning, losing the hearing in his left ear in the process; enduring a beating rather than allow a grieving druggist (H.B. Warner) to deliver poison by mistake to an ailing child; foregoing college and a long-planned trip to Europe to keep the Bailey Building and Loan from letting its Depression-era customers down; and, most important, preventing town despot Potter (Lionel Barrymore) from taking over Bedford Mills and reducing its inhabitants to penury. Along the way, George has married his childhood sweetheart Mary (Donna Reed), who has stuck by him through thick and thin. But even the love of Mary and his children are insufficient when George, faced with an $8000 shortage in his books, becomes a likely candidate for prison thanks to the vengeful Potter. Bitterly, George declares that he wishes that he had never been born, and Clarence, hoping to teach George a lesson, shows him how different life would have been had he in fact never been born. After a nightmarish odyssey through a George Bailey-less Bedford Falls (now a glorified slum called Potterville), wherein none of his friends or family recognize him, George is made to realize how many lives he has touched, and helped, through his existence; and, just as Clarence had planned, George awakens to the fact that, despite all its deprivations, he has truly had a wonderful life. Capra's first production through his newly-formed Liberty Films, It's a Wonderful Life lost money in its original run, when it was percieved as a fairly downbeat view of small-town life. Only after it lapsed into the public domain in 1973 and became a Christmastime TV perennial did it don the mantle of a holiday classic. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Memory Lane | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Small-Town Life | Suicide
Keywords : ambition, angel, bank-personnel, Christmas, debt, family, ghost, help, holiday, life-choices, loan, rescue, sheriff, suicide, suicide-attempt, transformation, wish
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance
Comedy Drama, Fantasy, Americana, Holiday Film, Message Movie, Heavenly Comedy 
James Stewart ... George Bailey
Donna Reed ... Mary Hatch Bailey
Lionel Barrymore ... Mr. Potter
Thomas Mitchell ... Uncle Billy
Henry Travers ... Clarence
Beulah Bondi ... Mrs. Bailey
Ward Bond ... Bert
Gloria Grahame ... Violet Bick
William Edmunds ... Mr. Martini
Argentina Brunetti ... Mrs. Martini
Sarah Edwards ... Mrs. Hatch
Frank Faylen ... Ernie
Jean Gale ... Mary (younger)
Karolyn Grimes ... Zuzu Bailey
Frank S. Hagney ... Potter's Bodyguard
Samuel S. Hinds ... Pa Bailey
Todd Karns ... Harry Bailey
Sheldon Leonard ... Nick
Virginia Patton ... Ruth Dakin
Ronnie Ralph ... Sam (younger)
Lillian Randolph ... Annie
Larry Simms ... Pete Bailey
Mary Treen ... Cousin Tilly
H.B. Warner ... Mr. Gower
Charles Williams ... Cousin Eustace
Lane Chandler
Harold Landon ... Marty Hatch
Robert Peyton
Frank Albertson ... Sam Wainwright
Danny Mummert ... Marty Hatch (younger)
Ray Walker ... Joe at Luggage Shop
Edward Keane ... Tom
Ellen Corby ... Miss Davis
Stanley Andrews ... Mr. Welch
Marian Carr ... Mrs. Wainwright
Tom Fadden ... Tollhouse keeper
Charles Halton ... Bank Examiner
Harry Holman ... High School Principal
Charles Lane ... Real Estate Salesman
John Farrell MacDonald ... House Owner
Garry Owen ... Bill poster
Almira Sessions ... Potter's secretary
Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer ... Othello
Al Bridge ... Sheriff
George Nokes ... Little Harry Bailey
Eddie Fetherstone ... Bank Teller
Dick Elliott

Total: 153 movies