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985 2/4
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tom Cruise returns as Jack Reacher in this sequel based on Lee Child's best-selling 2013 novel, Never Go Back. This time around, Reacher works to exonerate Maj. Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) after she is accused of treason, and his quest leads him to a conspiracy involving the murder of soldiers. Directed by Edward Zwick (Glory, The Last Samurai). --

Tom Cruise ... Jack Reacher
Cobie Smulders ... Susan Turner
Patrick Heusinger ... The Hunter
Aldis Hodge ... Espin
Holt McCallany
Teri Wyble ... Mrs. Prudhomme
Sabrina Gennarino ... Candace Dayton
Sean Boyd ... Lt. Decoudreau
Sue-Lyn Ansari ... D.O.D. Girl
Jason Douglas ... Sheriff
Michael Papajohn ... DC Policeman
Billy Slaughter
Starlette Miariaunii ... Black and White Angel
Samuel Medina ... DC Policeman #2
Judd Derek Lormand ... Diner Cop
Rebecca Chulew ... Driver
Hunter Burke ... Bridge
Nicole Barre ... Mircovich
Anthony Molinari ... Buzzcut
Sarah Allsup ... Military
Ben VanderMey ... Parasource Gate Guard
Caroline Hebert ... College Girl Hostess
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca ... Witch Doctor Voodoo Chief
Robert Catrini ... Colonel Moorcroft
Rachel Varela ... Senior Girl 2
Marisela Zumbado ... Mexican Girl #2
Theo Kypri ... Passenger
Gordon Alexander ... Contractor 1
Giovanni Silva ... Lead MP
Christopher Heskey ... Staff Sgt. Logan
Jesse Malinowski ... Military Aid
Craig Henningsen ... Young MP
Tom Archdeacon ... FBI Lead
Robert Larriviere ... Hotel Receptionist
John R. Mangus ... Military Contractor
Mike R. Moreau ... DC ERT Police
Stephen Payne ... Airport Pedestrian
Cynthia LeBlanc ... Restaurant Patron
Rhonda Laizer ... Airport Employee
Daryl Thibodaux ... Lt. Mosely
Josh Breslow ... Corporal Faraday
Patrick Kearns ... Military Police Officer
908 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) deals with her immense grief while making plans for his funeral procession. Confiding in her close friend and secretary Nancy Tuckerman (Greta Gerwig), as well as her brother-in-law Robert Kennedy (Peter Sarsgaard), Jackie tries to care for her young family as a bereaved nation watches on. Pablo Larrain directed this nonlinear biopic. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : For Love of Country | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Assassination Plots | Death of a Partner | Heads of State | Widows and Widowers
Keywords : America, assassination, first-lady, President, widow/widower
Drama, Historical Film, Biopic [feature] 
Natalie Portman ... Jacqueline Kennedy
Peter Sarsgaard ... Bobby Kennedy
Greta Gerwig ... Nancy Tuckerman
Billy Crudup ... The Journalist
John Hurt ... The Priest
Beth Grant ... Ladybird Johnson
Richard E. Grant ... Bill Walton
John Carroll Lynch ... Lyndon B. Johnson
Max Casella ... Jack Valenti
Caspar Phillipson ... JFK
Deborah Findlay ... Maud Shaw
Corey Johnson ... Larry O’Brien
Aidan O'Hare ... Kenny O’Donnell
David Caves ... Clint Hill
Penny Downie ... Janet Lee
Georgie Glen ... Rose Kennedy
Julie Judd ... Ethel Kennedy
Peter Hudson ... Admiral George Burkley
Frederick R. Adler ... Eunice Kennedy
376 2/4
Jane Got a Gun 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the Old West, Jane Hammond (Natalie Portman) must recruit the help of gunslinger and former lover Dan Front (Joel Edgerton) to protect her current husband Bill (Noah Emmerich) from an outlaw gang led by the relentless Colin McCann (Ewan McGregor). Directed by Gavin O'Connor. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Off the Beaten Path
Themes : Out For Revenge | Sheriffs and Outlaws | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : gang, husband, ex-lover, farming, outlaw [Western]
Western, Feminist Film, Outlaw (Gunfighter) Film, Revisionist Western, Traditional Western 
Natalie Portman ... Jane Hammond
Ewan McGregor ... Colin McCann
Joel Edgerton ... Dan Frost
Noah Emmerich ... Bill Hammond
Boyd Holbrook ... Vic
Rodrigo Santoro ... Fitchum
Todd Stashwick ... O'Dowd
James Burnett ... Cunny Charlie
Sam Quinn ... Slow Jeremiah
Boots Southerland ... Marshall
Nash Edgerton ... Fur Trader
842 2/4
Jason Bourne 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Years after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum, former CIA assassin Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) resurfaces just as his former employers are implementing a new program aimed at hunting him down. Now fully recovered from his amnesia, Bourne teams up with Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) to uncover the truth behind his father's death, while simultaneously exacting revenge and evading the government forces hot on his trail. Paul Greengrass returns to helm this sequel, which co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Riz Ahmed, and Vincent Cassel. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Amnesia | Fighting the System | Haunted By the Past | Out For Revenge | Race Against Time
Keywords : amnesia, revenge
Action, Thriller, Action Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film 
Matt Damon ... Jason Bourne
Tommy Lee Jones ... CIA Director Robert Dewey
Alicia Vikander ... Heather Lee
Vincent Cassel ... Asset
Julia Stiles ... Nicky Parsons
Ato Essandoh ... Craig Jeffers
Bill Camp ... Malcolm Smith
Vinzenz Kiefer ... Christian Dassault
Stephen Kunken ... Bauman
Matt Blair ... Hub Tech
Amy DeBhrun ... Hub Tech
Akie Kotabe ... Hub Tech
Gregg Henry ... Richard Webb
Robert Stanton ... Government Lawyer
Charles Jarman ... London Bravo Agent
Johnny Cicco ... Bradley Samuels
Trevor White ... Senior Agent Collier
377 3/4
Jeremiah Johnson 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Years before Kevin Costner danced with wolves, Robert Redford headed to the mountains to escape civilization in Sydney Pollack's wilderness western. Around 1850, ex-soldier Johnson (Redford) decides that he would rather live alone as a mountain man in Colorado than deal with society's constraints. After a series of setbacks, he meets grizzled mountain veteran Bear Claws (Will Geer), who teaches him how to survive. Jeremiah strives to live as peaceably as possible in the rugged environment, trading with the native Crow tribe, adopting a boy (Josh Albee) after his family is massacred, and even marrying the daughter (Delle Bolton) of a Flathead chief in order to avoid confrontation. He settles into a mountain home with his family, but the U.S. cavalry, complete with a puritanical Reverend, interrupt the idyll to compel Jeremiah to lead them over the mountains and through a Crow burial ground to rescue white settlers. After the Crow kill his family in retaliation, Jeremiah's frenzied moment of payback precipitates a long-running vendetta, turning him into a legendary Indian killer at the expense of his original ideals, on the way to a final moment of grace. Spectacularly shot on location in Utah, the film captures both the appeal and the challenge of the landscape that Jeremiah chooses over civilization. With an unglamorous performance by Redford and a story that questioned white colonialism while mythologizing the man of nature, Jeremiah Johnson appealed to its 1972 audience and became one of the biggest hits of the year. Wavering between heroicizing Jeremiah for surviving and damning him for killing, Jeremiah Johnson took its place among the Vietnam-era cycle of critical westerns, like Arthur Penn's Little Big Man (1970) and Robert Altman's McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), that condemned civilization for corrupting the wilderness and preventing individuals from going pacifistically native. -- Lucia Bozzola

Themes : Lone Wolves | Survival in the Wilderness | White People Among Indians | Out For Revenge
Keywords : trapper, revenge, survivor, death-in-family, hatred, massacre, mountains, Native-American, scalping, settler, wilderness, wildlife, hermit
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Western, Revisionist Western 
Robert Redford ... Jeremiah Johnson
Will Geer ... Bear Claws
Stefan Gierasch ... Del Gue
Allyn Ann McLerie ... Crazy Woman
Delle Bolton ... Swan
Charles Tyner ... Robidoux
Josh Albee ... Caleb
Matt Clark ... Qualen
Harry Morgan
Richard Angarola ... Lebeaux
Paul Benedict ... Reverend
Jack Colvin ... Lieutenant Mulvey
898 3/4
The Jerk 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Carl Reiner directs Steve Martin (who co-wrote the script with Carl Gottlieb) in this gag-laden comedy about an idiotic white man, raised by a poor family of black sharecroppers, who doesn't realize he's not black. Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin) is told the horrible truth when he finds himself instinctively tapping his feet to an easy listening tune on the radio, instead of a low-down blues. His mother (Mabel King) tells him he's white and Navin takes to the road (in a World War II bomber helmet and goggles) to start a new life in St. Louis. A filling station owner, Harry Hartounian (Jackie Mason), give Navin his first break, hiring him to pump gas. One day at the station, Navin has a brainstorm, concocting an invention called "The Opti-grab," a combination handle and nose-brace for eyeglasses. But Navin runs into trouble when a crazed killer (M. Emmet Walsh) picks out his name at random from the telephone book and tries to kill him. Navin escapes to a traveling carnival, where he wrangles a job as the "guess-your-weight" man. At the carnival, he discovers his sexual nature, thanks to stunt rider and S&M enthusiast Patty Bernstein (Catlin Adams). But Navin meets the beautiful Marie (Bernadette Peters) and he quickly falls in love. In the meantime, the "Opti-grab" has taken off and soon Navin is a millionaire. -- Paul Brenner

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Saintly Fools | Big Break | Fish Out of Water | Rags To Riches | Rise and Fall Stories
Keywords : idiot, simpleton, stupidity, Black [race], dog, poverty, rags-to-riches, glasses, rhythm, White (Caucasian), circus, self-discovery, inventor
Comedy, Absurd Comedy 
Steve Martin ... Navin Johnson
Bernadette Peters ... Marie
Catlin Adams ... Patty Bernstein
Mabel King ... Mother
Richard Ward ... Father
Dick Anthony Williams ... Taj
Bill Macy ... Stan Fox
M. Emmet Walsh ... Madman
Dick O'Neill ... Frosty
Maurice Evans ... Hobart
Helena Carroll ... Hester
Jackie Mason ... Harry Hartounian
Carl Reiner ... Himself
Brownie McGee ... Blues Singer
Pepe Serna ... Punk No. 1
Ren Woods ... Elvira
Sonny Terry ... Blues Singer
David Landsberg ... Bank Manager
Domingo Ambriz ... Father De Cordoba
Richard Foronjy ... Con Man
Lenny Montana ... Con Man
Carl Gottlieb ... Iron Balls McGinty
Clete Roberts ... Announcer
Trinidad Silva ... Punk
Alston Ahern ... Bride
Debbie Evans ... Stunts
Ken Magee ... Carnival Rube
Alfred Dennis ... Irving
Lillian Adams ... Tillie
Joe Lynn ... Voodoo Dancer
Maurice Marsac ... French Waiter
Fred Lerner ... Con Man
Kimberly Cameron ... Disco Party
Elizabeth Macey ... Disco Party
980 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The November 22, 1963, assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy shocked the nation and the world. The brisk investigation of that murder conducted under the guidance of Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren distressed many observers, even though subsequent careful investigations have been unable to find much fault with the conclusions his commission drew, the central one of which was that the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone. Instead of satisfying the public, one result of the Warren Commission Report was that an unimaginable number of plausible conspiracy theories were bruited about, and these have supported a sizeable publishing mini-industry ever since. In making this movie, director Oliver Stone had his pick of supposed or real investigative flaws to draw from and has constructed what some reviewers felt was one of the most compelling (and controversial) political detective thrillers ever to emerge from American cinema. Long before filming was completed, Stone was fending off heated accusations of artistic and historical irresponsibility, and these only intensified after the film was released. In the story, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) is convinced that there are some big flaws in the investigation of Oswald (Gary Oldman), and he sets out to recreate the events leading up to the assassination. Along the way, he stumbles across evidence that a great many people had reason to want to see the president killed, and he is convinced that some of them worked in concert to frame Oswald as the killer. Among the suspects are Lyndon Baines Johnson (the next president), the CIA, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Mafia. Over the course of gathering what he believes to be evidence of a conspiracy, Garrison unveils some of the grittier aspects of New Orleans society, focusing on the shady activities of local businessman Clay Shaw (Tommy Lee Jones). Garrison's investigations culminate in his conducting a show trial that he knows he will lose and which he is sure will ruin his career in order to get his evidence into the public record where it can't be buried again. This movie won two of the many Academy Awards for which it was nominated: one for Best Photography (Robert Richardson) and the other for Editing (Joe Hutshing). --

Moods : Button Pushers | Food for Thought
Themes : Conspiracies | Political Corruption | Assassination Plots | Fighting the System
Keywords : political-conspiracy, District-Attorney, assassination, President, investigation, businessperson, homosexual, witness
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Thriller, Political Thriller, Paranoid Thriller 
Kevin Costner ... Jim Garrison
Sissy Spacek ... Liz Garrison
Joe Pesci ... David Ferrie
Tommy Lee Jones ... Clay Shaw
Gary Oldman ... Lee Harvey Oswald
Michael Rooker ... Bill Broussard
Jay O. Sanders ... Lou Ivon
Laurie Metcalf ... Suzie Cox
Donald Sutherland ... X
Gary Grubbs ... Al Oser
Jack Lemmon ... Jack Martin
Walter Matthau ... Sen. Russell Long
Ed Asner ... Guy Bannister
John Candy ... Dean Andrews
Kevin Bacon ... Willie O'Keefe
Brian Doyle-Murray ... Jack Ruby
Sally Kirkland ... Rose Cheramie
Beata Pozniak ... Marina Oswald
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Bill Newman
Tony Plana ... Carlos Bringuier
Tomas Milian ... Leopoldo
Jim Garrison ... Earl Warren
Lolita Davidovich ... Beverly Oliver
Ray LePere ... Abraham Zapruder
Steve F. Price Jr. ... 1st Pathologist
Anthony Ramirez ... Epileptic
Steve Reed ... John F. Kennedy - Double
Jodie Farber ... Jackie Kennedy - Double
Columbia DuBose ... Nellie Connally - Double
Randy Means ... Gov. Connally - Double
Perry R. Russo ... Angry Bar Patron
Pat Perkins ... Mattie
Wayne Knight ... Numa Bertel
John Galt ... Lyndon B. Johnson
Ron Jackson ... FBI Spokesman
Sean Stone ... Jasper Garrison
Amy Long ... Virginia Garrison
Scott Krueger ... Snapper Garrison
Allison Pratt Davis ... Elizabeth Garrison
Pruitt Taylor Vince ... Lee Bowers
Red Mitchell ... Sgt. Harkness
Ronald Von Klaussen ... Hobo #1
John S. Davies ... Hobo #2
Michael Ozag ... Hobo #3
Raul Aranas ... Angelo
Willem Oltmans ... George DeMohrenschildt
Gail Cronauer ... Janet Williams
Gary Carter ... Bill Williams
Roxie M. Frnka ... Earlene Roberts
Zeke Mills ... J.C. Price
James Harrell ... Sam Holland
Ray Redd ... Dodd
Ellen McElduff ... Jean Hill
Sally Nystuen ... Mary Moorman
Jo Anderson ... Julia Ann Mercer
Edwin Neal ... Mercer Interrogator
T.J. Kennedy ... Hill Interrogator
Carolina McCullough ... Stripper
J.J. Johnston ... Mobster with Broussard
Linda Flores Wade ... Syvia Odio
William Larsen ... Will Fritz
Eric A. Vicini ... French Reporter
Michael Gurievsky ... Russian Reporter
Caroline Crosthwaite-Eyre ... British Reporter
Helen Miller ... Garrison Receptionist
Harold G. Herthum ... Coroner
Norman Davis ... Colonel Reich
Errol McLendon ... Man with Umbrella
John Seitz ... General Lemnitzer
Odin K. Langford ... Officer Habighorst
Nathan Scott ... John Chancler
Jorge Fernandez ... Miguel Torres
Roy Barnitt ... Irvin F Dymond
Alvin Spicuzza ... Bailiff
Michael Skipper ... James Teague
Chris Robinson ... Dr. Humes
Chris Renna ... Bethesda Doctor
Merlyn Sexton ... Admiral Kenney
Wayne Tippet ... FBI Agent Frank
Frank Whaley ... Fake Oswald (uncredited)
Dalton Dearborn ... Army General
Mykel Chaves ... Sandra Styles
Dale Dye ... General Y.
Carol Farabee ... Carolyn Arnold
Bill Bolender ... Prisoner Powell
Price Carson ... Tippet
Walter Breaux ... Vernon Bundy
I.D. Brickman ... Dr. Peters
Bill Pickle ... Marion Baker
Joseph Nadell ... Dr. McClelland
Willie Minor ... Bonnie Ray Williams
Christopher Otto ... Assistant DA
Ted Pennebaker ... Arnold Rowland
John Finnegan ... Judge Haggerty
Christopher Kosiciuk ... FBI Agent at Autopsy
Larry Melton ... Patrolman Joe Smith
Peter Maloney ... Colonel Finck
378 2/4
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This animated feature from Nickelodeon is the story of ten-year-old genius inventor Jimmy Neutron, whose penchant for gadget-creation gets him and his robot dog, Goddard, into trouble at home and school. However, when the parents of Jimmy's hometown are kidnapped by the gooey green aliens known as Yokians, it's up to Jimmy, his best friend, Carl Wheezer, and his arch rival, Cindy Vortex, to rally their fellow kids for a rescue effort. Patching together a ragtag armada of interstellar spacecraft, the kid invasion force sets out to rescue the moms and dads who love them and get them home in time for dinner. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) features the vocal talents of Debi Derryberry, Carolyn Lawrence, Rob Paulsen, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, and Patrick Stewart. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Child Prodigies | Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission | Space Travel
Keywords : alien [not human], dog, inventor, rescue, robot, space-travel
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Space Adventure 
Megan Cavanagh
Debi Derryberry
Mary Hart
Carolyn Lawrence
Andrea Martin
Candi Milo
Rob Paulsen
Crystal Scales
Martin Short
Patrick Stewart
Jim Cummings
David L. Lander
Kimberly Brooks
Laraine Newman
379 1/4
Jingle All the Way 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The true meaning of Christmas -- desperate last-minute shopping -- is the subject of this holiday-themed comedy. Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a mattress salesman with a bad habit of putting his work ahead of his family. His son Jamie (Jake Lloyd), who wishes Dad would pay more attention to him, wants only one thing for Christmas -- a Turbo Man action figure, with all the accessories. Howard promises both Jamie and his wife Liz (Rita Wilson) that there will indeed be a Turbo Man under the tree for Jamie on Christmas morning, but come December 24, Howard realizes that he hasn't actually bought the toy yet. Seemingly it would be no great problem to head on down to the toy store and pick one up, but it just so happens that Turbo Man has been the hottest ticket of the holiday season, and literally thousands of parents are scrambling for the last few action figures. Howard then spends a hilariously hellish Christmas Eve madly scrambling from store to store in desperate search of a Turbo Man; in the course of his adventures, Howard keeps crossing paths Myron Larabee (Sinbad), a postal worker who wants a Turbo Man even more desperately than Howard. And on the home front, Howard has to worry about Ted Maltin (Phil Hartman), an annoyingly perfect suburbanite obsessed with Christmas who has eyes for Liz. This was the second film for child actor Jake Lloyd, who three years later would gain international attention when he was cast as the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Parenthood
Keywords : Christmas, shopping, father, toy, wild-goose-chase, postal-worker, suburbs
Children's/Family, Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Holiday Film 
Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Howard Langston
Sinbad ... Myron Larabee
Phil Hartman ... Ted Maltin
Rita Wilson ... Liz Langston
Robert Conrad ... Officer Hummell
Jake Lloyd ... Jamie Langston
Harvey Korman ... President
Laraine Newman ... First Lady
David Nash ... Christmas Caroler
Jane Plank ... Christmas Caroler
Martin Mull ... DJ
380 1/4
Joe's Apartment 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This film is based on an innovative short film made for MTV about a guy living in a horrible downtown apartment filled with scores of mischievous, smart-alecky roaches. The story chronicles the adventures of Joe (Jerry O'Connell), a hapless rube from the rural Midwest who journeys to the wilds of New York City. Mugged repeatedly on his arrival, his luck seems to turn when he finds an affordable apartment in a very dubious neighborhood. Unfortunately, his landlord (Don Ho) is more interested in evicting or, if need be, murdering his tenants, so that the building can be turned into a (highly profitable) penitentiary. Joe finds the allies he needs in his apartment's cockroaches, who sing and dance their way into his heart. This film should be of interest for fans of 1930s musicals; it makes reference to Busby Berkeley's elaborate dance phantasmagorias and the odd water ballets of Esther Williams. Many of the scenes utilized real roaches who were "choreographed" via tiny filament harnesses and other devices. Animal rights activists will be pleased to note that no roaches were intentionally harmed during filming. -- Clarke Fountain

Themes : Talking Animals | Inner City Blues | Stop the Wrecking Ball | Fish Out of Water
Keywords : apartment, cockroach, killing, landlord, murder, prison, slacker, tenant
Comedy, Musical, Gross-Out Comedy, Musical Comedy 
Jerry O'Connell ... Joe
Megan Ward ... Lily Dougherty
Jim Sterling ... Jesus
Shiek Mahmud-Bey ... Vlad
Jim Turner ... Walter Shit
Sandy Denton ... Blank
Billy West ... Ralph Roach
Reginald Hudlin ... Rodney Roach
Paul Bartel ... NEA Scout
David Huddleston ... P.I. Smith
381 1/4
John Carter 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tale of interplanetary adventure arrives on the big screen in this sweeping sci-fi spectacle marking the live-action debut of Oscar-winning director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, WALL-E). Civil War veteran John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) was still haunted by the violence he witnessed on the battlefield when he inexplicably awoke on the distant planet of Barsoom (Mars). Upon learning that the inhabitants of Barsoom are bracing for a major conflict and that war appears inevitable, John finds out that love is a rare commodity on the Red Planet, and summons the courage to be the hero the Martians have been hoping for. Meanwhile, John falls under the spell of the enchanting Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins), who struggles to suppress her compassion in a society known for its warlike ways. Willem Dafoe, Samantha Morton, and Mark Strong co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Chosen One | Evil Aliens
Keywords : Civil-War [US], Mars, princess
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Taylor Kitsch ... John Carter
Lynn Collins ... Dejah Thoris
Samantha Morton ... Sola
Willem Dafoe ... Tars Tarkas
Thomas Haden Church ... Tal Hajus
Ciarán Hinds ... Tardos Mors
Dominic West ... Sab Than
James Purefoy ... Kantos Kan
Bryan Cranston ... Powell
Polly Walker ... Sarkoja
Daryl Sabara ... Edgar Rice Burroughs
Arkie Reece ... Stayman #1/Helm
Davood Ghadami ... Stayman #3
Pippa Nixon ... Lightmaster
James Embree ... Thern #2
Figs Jackman ... Man in the Bowler
Emily Tierney ... Pretty Woman in NYC Doorway
Edmund Kente ... Telegraph Clerk
Rupert Frazer ... Thompson
Nicholas Woodeson ... Dalton
Kyle Agnew ... Stable Boy
Don Stark ... Dix the Storekeeper
Josh Daugherty ... Rowdy #1
Jared Cyr ... Rowdy #2
Sean Carrigan ... Cavalryman
Dusty Sorg ... Twitchy Corporal
Amanda Clayton ... Sarah Carter
Akima Castaneda ... Apache Leader
Joe Billingiere ... Apache #1
Aldred Westley Montoya ... Apache #2
David Schwimmer ... Young Thark Warrior
Arnie Alpert ... Council Member #1
Ian Ray ... Council Member #2
Peggy Clements ... Council Member #3
Evelyn Dubuc ... Council Member #4
Connie Jhil McEntyre ... Council Member #5
Daniel O'Meara ... Vas Kor
Emma Clifford ... Lightman/Helm
Oliver Boot ... Bodyguard (Matai)
Rebecca Sarker ... Stayman #1/Navigator
Philip Arditti ... Spotter #2
Jon Favreau ... Thark Bookie
Art Malik ... Zodangan General
Holly Weston ... Carter's Wife (Corpse)
Gary Milner ... Zodangan Officer (Matai)
Cate Fowler ... Matron of Chamber (Matai)
Darwin Shaw ... Zodangan Officer (Matai)
Eileen Page ... Elderly Woman (Matai)
Steven Cree ... Humble Guard
Garry Tubbs ... Orkney Dig Worker
Jill Baker ... Additional Voice
Myriam Acharki ... Priestess
382 2/4
John Q. 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A national health care crisis in the United States yields this tense drama from screenwriter James Kearns and director Nick Cassavetes, who experienced a real-life dilemma with his daughter's congenital heart disease that mirrors the one in this film. Denzel Washington stars as John Q. Archibald, a factory worker facing financial hardship as a result of reduced hours in his workplace. When his young son, Michael (Daniel E. Smith), is stricken during a baseball game, John and his wife, Denise (Kimberly Elise), discover that their child is in need of an emergency heart transplant. Although the Archibalds have health insurance, they are informed by hospital administrator Rebecca Payne (Anne Heche) that their policy doesn't cover such an expensive procedure. Unable to raise the money himself, John persuades the hospital's compassionate cardiac surgeon, Dr. Raymond Turner (James Woods), to waive his lofty fee, but is still left with too much of a financial burden to bear. With no recourse but to take his son home to die, John snaps and holds the staff and patients of the hospital's emergency room hostage at gunpoint. John is soon a media hero, the focus of intense news coverage, even as police chief Gus Monroe (Ray Liotta) and hostage negotiator Frank Grimes (Robert Duvall) try to resolve the situation before it leads to bloodshed. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Hostage Situations | Doctors and Patients | Fathers and Sons | Race Against Time | Class Differences | Down on Their Luck
Keywords : health-care-system, heart-transplant, HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), hospital, hostage, insurance, media-circus, medical-expense
Drama, Crime Drama, Medical Drama 
Denzel Washington ... John Q. Archibald
Robert Duvall ... Frank Grimes
James Woods ... Dr. Raymond Turner
Kimberly Elise ... Denise Archibald
Anne Heche ... Rebecca Payne
Ray Liotta ... Gus Monroe
Eddie Griffin ... Lester
Shawn Hatosy ... Mitch
Paul Johansson ... Tuck Lampley
David Thornton ... Jimmy Palumbo
Kevin Connolly ... Steve Maguire
Ethan Suplee ... Max
Heather Wahlquist ... Julie
Troy Beyer ... Miriam
Troy Winbush ... Steve
Larissa Laskin ... Dr. Klein
Dina Waters ... Debby Utley
Scott Bloom ... Desk Guard
Shera Danese ... Shelby's Wife
Vanessa Branch
383 2/4
John Wick 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Retired hit-man John Wick (Keanu Reeves) hits the streets of NYC in search of the gangsters who robbed him of his reason for living in this Lionsgate thriller featuring Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Adrianne Palicki, Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, and Willem Dafoe. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Hired Killers | Man's Best Friend | One Against the Mob | Out For Revenge
Keywords : car-theft, criminal, dog, hitman, hotel, revenge, Russian [nationality], underworld
Action, Thriller, Action Thriller 
Keanu Reeves ... John Wick
Adrianne Palicki ... Ms. Perkins
Alfie Allen ... Iosef Tarasov
Bridget Moynahan ... Mrs. Wick
Dean Winters ... Avi
Ian McShane ... Winston
Michael Nyqvist ... Viggo Tarasov
Willem Dafoe ... Marcus
Omer Barnea ... Gregori
Daniel Bernhardt ... Kirill
Bridget Regan ... Addy
Lance Reddick ... Hotel Manager/Charon
Keith Jardine ... Kuzma
Tait Fletcher ... Nicholai
Kazy Tauginas ... Ivan
Alexander Frekey ... Alexander
Randall Duk Kim ... Continental Doctor
David Patrick Kelly ... Charlie
Clarke Peters ... Harry
Kevin Nash ... Francis
Gameela Wright ... Delivery Man
Vladislav Koulikov ... Pavel
Munro M. Bonnell ... Priest
Patricia Squire ... Elderly Woman
Vladimir Troitsky ... Team Leader
889 3/4
John Wick: Chapter 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Legendary hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is once again called out of retirement, this time by a former colleague (Riccardo Scamarcio) who wants him to repay a debt by killing an Italian crime lord (Claudia Gerini). But when the attempted assassination goes awry, Wick finds himself hunted by an international cabal of killers, and his only hope for survival might be a shadowy figure known as the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne). Director Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kolstad return for this sequel to their 2014 cult action hit. Ian McShane, Ruby Rose, John Leguizamo, Common, Lance Reddick, and Bridget Moynahan co-star. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Righting the Wronged
Keywords : hitman
Action, Action Thriller 
Keanu Reeves ... John Wick
Common ... Cassian
Laurence Fishburne ... Bowery King
Riccardo Scamarcio ... Santino D'Antonio
Ruby Rose ... Ares
Lance Reddick ... Charon
Peter Stormare ... Abram
Bridget Moynahan ... Helen
John Leguizamo ... Aurelio
Ian McShane ... Winston
Claudia Gerini ... Gianna D'Antonio
Tobias Segal ... Earl
Erik Frandsen ... Numismatic
David Patrick Kelly ... Charlie
Franco Nero ... Julius
Peter Serafinowicz ... Sommelier
Luca Mosca ... Italian Tailor
Mario Donatone ... Cardinal
Giorgio Carminati ... Priest
Margaret Daly ... Operator
Chuk Iwuji ... Akoni
Simone Spinazze ... Cartographer
Wass Stevens ... Consiglieri
Basil Iwanyk ... Creepy Homeless Man
1116 1/4
Johnny Be Good 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Johnny Walker (Anthony Michael Hall) is a hot-shot high-school quarterback who receives intoxicating offers from spirited college recruiters in this adolescent teen comedy. Bathroom humor and sight gags are strung together in a story involving booze, broads, and other benefits for the coveted quarterback. Robert Downey Jr., Uma Thurman, and Paul Gleason co-star. Even cameos from Jim McMahon and Howard Cosell can't save this feature from itself, though it isn't the fault of the cast. Originally rated PG-13, it was reedited to R (with scenes added) for a home video release. --

Themes : Football Players | High School Life
Keywords : football, girlfriend, quarterback, recruit [verb-hire], college, high-school
Comedy, Sports Comedy, Teen Movie 
Anthony Michael Hall ... Johnny Walker
Robert Downey, Jr. ... Leo Wiggins
Paul Gleason ... Wayne Hisler
Uma Thurman ... Georgia Elkans
Steve James ... Coach Sanders
Seymour Cassel ... Wallace Gibson
Michael Greene ... Tex Wade
Marshall Bell ... Chief Elkans
Deborah May ... Mrs. Walker
Michael Alldredge ... Vinny Kroll
Howard Cosell ... Himself
John Pankow
Jennifer Tilly ... Connie Hisler
Pete Koch ... Pete Andropolous
George Hall ... Grandpa Walker
Lucianne Buchanan ... Lawanda Wade
Tony Frank ... Joe Bob
Tim Rossovich ... Gas Attendant
David Denney ... Benny Figg
Coquina Dunn ... Sorority Girl
Philisha Sanders ... Cheerleader
Denise Thorson ... Eunice Elkans
Linwood Phillip Walker ... Recruiter Linwood
Chris Dunn ... Flick Weaver
Larry Wolf ... Recruiter Larry
Michael Colyar ... Recruiter Mike
Lee Ritchey ... Recruiter Lee
Ted Dawson ... TV Reporter
Adam Faraizl ... Randy Walker
Megan Morris ... Raylene Walker
Jack Gould ... Priest
Dennis Letts ... Army General
Craig Tonelson ... Pete Provolone
John Cunningham ... Substitute
Hayley Ladner ... Joanie Dorfman
Holly Harrington ... Cheerleader
John Hawkes ... Pizza Boy
Michael Petty ... Hari Krishna
Harlan Jordan ... Exterminator
Harvey Christiansen ... Bait Shop Owner
384 1/4
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Intrepid young explorer Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) traces a mysterious distress signal to a remote island that isn't on any map, and he embarks on a daring rescue mission while encountering a vast array of mythological creatures in this follow-up to 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth. Joined by his new stepfather (Dwayne Johnson), an adventure-seeking helicopter pilot (Luis Guzman), and the pilot's headstrong daughter (Vanessa Hudgens), Sean navigates the crumbling stone corridors of Atlantis and comes face-to-face with bizarre life-forms while on a mission to track down his long-missing grandfather (Michael Caine). Later, as seismic shock waves threaten mass destruction, the group must race to escape the otherworldly paradise before the ocean swallows it up. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Other Dimensions
Themes : Lost Worlds
Keywords : discovery, exploration, journey, grandfather, island, search, volcano
Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Prehistoric Fantasy 
Dwayne Johnson ... Hank
Michael Caine ... Alexander
Josh Hutcherson ... Sean
Luis Guzman ... Gabato
Vanessa Hudgens ... Kailani
Kristin Davis ... Liz
Anna Colwell ... Jessica
Stephen Caudill ... Cop
Branscombe Richmond ... Tour Guide
385 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Biopic of entrepreneur Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence), a divorced mother of two who risks her life's savings to produce and market her invention, the Miracle Mop. Joy faces opposition from her dysfunctional family, including her father Rudy (Robert De Niro), as they meddle in her burgeoning business. But when the head of the newly founded QVC network (Bradley Cooper) gives her a chance to sell her product on live TV, the Miracle Mop becomes a household name. The success of that invention later leads to a home-shopping empire and Joy's ascension to the matriarch of her extended family. David O. Russell directed this briskly paced comedy-drama, with Diane Ladd, Virginia Madsen, Isabella Rossellini, and Elisabeth Röhm co-starring. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Big Break | Dysfunctional Families | Inventors | Rags To Riches
Keywords : innovation, inventor
Drama, Biopic [feature] 
Jennifer Lawrence ... Joy Mangano
Robert De Niro ... Rudy
Bradley Cooper ... Neil Walker
Edgar Ramirez ... Tony
Isabella Rossellini ... Trudy
Diane Ladd ... Mimi
Virginia Madsen ... Terry
Elisabeth Röhm ... Peggy
Dascha Polanco ... Jackie
Susan Lucci ... Danica
Maurice Benard ... Ridge
Donna Mills ... Priscilla
Jimmy Jean-Louis ... Touissant
Ken Howard ... Mop Executive
Marianne Leone ... Sharon
Melissa Rivers ... Joan Rivers
Drena De Niro ... Cindy
Madison Wolfe ... Young Peggy
Aundrea Gadsby ... Cristy 5 Years Old
Gia Gadsby ... Cristy 5 Years Old
Alexander Cook ... Bartholomew
Carlos Valencia ... College Party Band
Gary Zahakos ... Divorce Mediator
Jim Frangione ... Charlie
Melissa McMeekin ... Parking Lot Woman
Erica McDermott ... Parking Lot Women
Damien Di Paola ... Marv Brickman
Patsy Meck ... Patsy
Jeremiah Kissel ... Boardroom Reps
Dale Place ... Boardroom Reps
Thomas Matthews ... Thomas
Matthew Russell ... Roger from Wardrobe
Bates Wilder ... Todd
Paul Herman ... Rifle Man
Christy Scott Cashman ... Sarina Kimball
Colleen Camp ... Lori
Richard McElvain ... Dr. Whitten
Patrick Pitu ... Eerie Fabri-Pac Guy
Michael DeMello ... Gregory
Ken Cheeseman ... Gerhardt
Dan Bowen ... Eerie Fabri-Pac Guy
Naheem Garcia ... Police Officer
Johnny Lee Davenport ... Ray Cagney
Bill Thorpe ... Dallas Man
Sam Weisman ... Lead Diller Attorney
Jeff Avigian ... Diller Attorney
Barry Primus ... Rudy's Attorney
386 3/4
Joy Ride 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After forays into film noir, thrillers, dramas, and even documentaries, director John Dahl tries the teen horror genre on for size. Paul Walker stars as Lewis Thomas, a college freshman embarking on a cross-country road trip during summer break to pick up his girlfriend Venna (Leelee Sobieski). Along for the ride is Lewis' brother Fuller (Steve Zahn), a practical joker who uses the car's CB radio to play a cruel prank on a lonely trucker known only by the handle Rusty Nail. The victim of Fuller's gag turns out to be a psychotic murderer and soon the brothers are being pursued by the relentless stalker, who gets his revenge in gruesome fashion. Joy Ride, which co-stars Matthew Kimbrough, was produced under the working title "Squelch." -- Karl Williams

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Nightmare Vacations | Out For Revenge | Stalkers
Keywords : brother, cat-and-mouse, cross-country, prank, revenge, road-trip, truckdriver, truck-stop, humiliation
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Road Movie 
Steve Zahn ... Fuller Thomas
Paul Walker ... Lewis Thomas
Leelee Sobieski ... Venna
Jessica Bowman ... Charlotte
Stuart Stone ... Danny
Basil Wallace ... Car Salesman
Brian Leckner ... Officer Kenney
Ted Levine ... Rusty Nail
387 2/4
The Judge 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robert Downey Jr. plays an urban lawyer who heads back to his rural home when his father, a judge, is implicated as a murder suspect in this comedy-drama from Warner Bros. Vera Farmiga, Robert Duvall, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Billy Bob Thornton head up the rest of the starring cast. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Fathers and Sons | Lawyers | Murder Investigations
Keywords : homecoming, judge, murder-suspect
Drama, Courtroom Drama, Family Drama 
Robert Duvall ... Joseph Palmer
Vera Farmiga ... Samantha Powell
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Glen Palmer
Billy Bob Thornton ... Dwight Dickham
Leighton Meester ... Carla Powell
Jeremy Strong ... Dale Palmer
Dax Shepard ... C.P. Kennedy
Ken Howard ... Judge Warren
Emma Tremblay ... Lauren Palmer
Balthazar Getty ... Deputy Hanson
David Krumholtz ... Mike Kattan
Grace Zabriskie ... Mrs. Blackwell
Sarah Lancaster ... Lisa Palmer
Lonnie Farmer ... Gus the Bailiff
Matt Riedy ... Sheriff White
Mark Kiely ... Mark Blackwell
Jeremy S. Holm ... Redneck
Catherine Cummings ... Mary Palmer
Tamara Hickey ... Amy Palmer
Paul-Emile Cendron ... Joe Palmer
Ian Nelson ... Eric Palmer
Carol S. Austin ... Young Mary Palmer
Marcus D'Angelo ... Dale (10)
Michael Celata ... Hank (5)
Bobby Bryan ... Hank (16)
Cody Pettola ... Glen (5)
Johnny Orlando ... Glen (17)
Gary Wayne Farris ... Judge (39)
Ras Enoch McCurdie ... Mini Mart Clerk
Ian Blackman ... Mr. Burke
John Talalas ... Chicago Sheriff Deputy
Darryl Edwards ... Judge Carter
Joel Brady ... Mr. Williams
Sarah Burns ... Pregnant Ex
Kate Crowley ... Potential Juror #9
Peter Michael McDonald ... Juror #3
Michael Patrick Kane ... Juror #7
Lance Norris ... Juror #8
Lenny Clarke ... Juror #10
Frank Ridley ... Jury Foreman
Duncan Putney ... Dr. Putney
Pun Bandhu ... Forsensic Scientist
Jamison Haase ... Dr. Brannamon
Lucien Spelman ... Bartender Billy
Timothy John Smith ... Both Ways Bobby
Jonathan Ziese ... Blackwell's Brother
Brian McGrail ... Townie
Joyce Greenleaf ... Mourner
Enn Reitel ... Mourner
1061 2/4
Judgment Night 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In Judgment Night, an action-packed thriller directed by Stephen Hopkins, a group of young middle-class men Emilio Estevez Cuba Gooding Jr. Jeremy Piven and Stephen Dorff on a night out with the boys take a disastrous wrong turn that leads to a run-in with a vicious street gang led by Fallon (Denis Leary). A cold, vicious and frightening criminal, Fallon and his band of thugs threaten to permanently silence the foursome after they witness a murder. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Crime Gone Awry | Criminal's Revenge | Flight of the Innocent | Witnessing a Crime
Keywords : criminal, witness, chase, gangster, husband, killing, murder, on-the-run, survivor
Crime, Thriller, Action Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Emilio Estevez ... Frank Wyatt
Cuba Gooding, Jr. ... Mike Peterson
Denis Leary ... Fallon
Stephen Dorff ... John Wyatt
Jeremy Piven ... Ray Cochran
Peter Greene ... Sykes
Michael Wiseman ... Travis
Lynda Gordon
Christine Harnos ... Linda Wyatt
Judy Taylor
Sean O'Grady ... Announcer
Michael de Lorenzo ... Kid
Relioues Webb ... Dre
Will Zahrn ... Charley
Eugene Williams ... Buck
Galyn Gorg ... Clarissa
Angela Alvarado ... Rita
Lauren Robinson ... Angie
Doug Wert ... Freeway Driver
Mark Phelan ... Cop 1
Nigel Gibbs ... Cop 2
Lydell M. Cheshier ... Shop Owner
David Crowley ... Rent-A Cop 1
388 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Jumanji is a visually elaborate fantasy about an enchanted board game that opens a magical portal to a jungle universe. Two young children, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce), discover the game in an abandoned home and suddenly are greeted by Alan (Robin Williams), an adult who has spent his life trapped inside the game since playing it at age 12. Alan's only hope for freedom involves finishing the game, but this proves rather dangerous, as Judy, Peter, and Alan find themselves running for their lives from huge rhinoceroses, evil monkeys, vicious lions, and other terrifying jungle beasts. Director Joe Johnston, whose special-effects background previously came to good use in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, used groundbreaking computer imagery to simulate the thrills. -- Judd Blaise

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission | Fantasy Lands | Finding a Way Back Home | Mischievous Children
Keywords : animal, attack, bat [animal], fantasy, fantasy-world, game, hunting, love, magic, monster, reality, smoking, stampede, sweetheart, time-travel
Attributes : High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Robin Williams ... Alan Parrish
Bonnie Hunt ... Sarah Whittle
Kirsten Dunst ... Judy Shepherd
Bradley Pierce ... Peter Shepherd
Bebe Neuwirth ... Aunt Nora
Jonathan Hyde ... Van Pelt/Sam Parrish
David Alan Grier ... Carl Bentley
Patricia Clarkson ... Carol Parrish
Adam Hann-Byrd ... Young Alan
James Handy ... Exterminator
Gillian Barber ... Mrs. Thomas
Lloyd Berry ... Bum
Malcolm Stewart ... Jim Shepherd
Darryl Henriques ... Gun Salesman
Robin Driscoll ... Paramedic
Peter Bryant ... Paramedic
Laura Bell Bundy
1144 3/4
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Four teenagers discover a mysterious video game from the '90s while serving detention, and are sucked into a virtual jungle when they try to play it. Transformed into various video-game characters -- a hunky explorer (Dwayne Johnson), a clever zoologist (Kevin Hart), a warrior babe (Karen Gillan), and a rotund professor (Jack Black) -- the group must trek through this strange new world if they want to survive. Directed by Jake Kasdan, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a sequel to the 1995 fantasy adventure Jumanji. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Finding a Way Back Home | Heroic Mission | Magically Transported | Mischievous Children
Keywords : adventure, group, jungle, professor, teenagers, video-games
Action, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Dwayne Johnson ... Dr. Xander Bravestone
Jack Black ... Prof. Shelley Oberon
Kevin Hart ... Franklin "Moose" Finbar
Karen Gillan ... Ruby Roundhouse
Nick Jonas ... Alex
Bobby Cannavale ... Van Pelt
Madison Iseman ... Bethany
Tim Matheson ... Old Man Vreeke
Alex Wolff ... Spencer
Rhys Darby ... Nigel
Ser'Darius Blain ... Young Fridge
Morgan Turner ... Young Martha
Marin Hinkle ... Spencer's Mom
Tracey Bonner ... Fridge's Mom
Maribeth Monroe ... Teacher
Missi Pyle ... Coach Web
Jamie Renell ... Male Gym Teacher
Marc Evan Jackson ... Principal Bentley
Carlease Burke ... Miss Mathers
Rohan Chand ... Kid At Bazaar
Tait Fletcher ... Scorpion Recipient
Rob Mars ... Transportation Shed Guard
389 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Following up his blockbuster action hit Mr. and Mrs. Smith, director Doug Liman turns to an entirely new genre -- sci-fi -- for this tale of an underground world of teleporters. Based on the novel by Steven Gould, Jumper concerns David (Hayden Christensen), a young man who quite literally wills himself away from his grim family life by teleporting to another place with the power of his mind. Years later, David is using his powers to raid bank vaults, seduce girls in London, lunch on the pyramids, and surf in Fiji. But he soon discovers that he is not the only one bestowed with this unique gift, and all is not well in the world of jumpers. There are people out there, such as Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), who view jumpers as a threat to all humankind, and have made it their mission in life to eliminate them. After jumping back to Michigan to get reacquainted with his long lost love, Millie (Rachel Bilson), David makes the acquaintance of experienced jumper Griffin (Jamie Bell). Informed by Griffin of a secret between jumpers and a shadowy group that seeks to destroy them, the pair soon finds themselves facing off against a legion of murderous opponents who won't stop fighting until every last jumper has been eliminated. -- Michael Hastings

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Psychic Abilities
Keywords : teleportation, secret-society, underground [counterculture], war, bank-robbery
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Hayden Christensen ... David
Jamie Bell ... Griffin
Samuel L. Jackson ... Roland
Rachel Bilson ... Millie
Diane Lane ... Mary
Michael Rooker ... William
AnnaSophia Robb ... Young Millie
Max Thieriot ... Young David
Jesse James ... Young Mark
Tom Hulce ... Mr. Bowker
Kristen Stewart ... Sophie
Teddy Dunn ... Mark Kobold
Barbara Garrick ... Ellen
Michael Winther ... Day Bank Manager
Massimiliano Pazzaglia ... Italian Desk Cop
Shawn Roberts ... English Bartender
Nathalie Cox ... English Beauty
Meredith Henderson ... Fiona
Damir Andrei ... Psychologist
Tony Nappo ... NYPD Detective
George King ... Owner of Millie's Old House
Simona Lisi ... Italian Woman
Matteo Carlomagno ... Italian Detective
Fabrizio Bucci ... Italian Police Officer 1
Giorgio Santangelo ... Italian Police Officer 2
Marcello Santoni ... Italian Cabbie 1
Franco Salvatore Di Stefano ... Italian Cabbie 2
Angelo Lopez ... Doorman
Roberto Antonelli ... Bellhop
Veronica Visentin ... Itialian Ticket Agent
Christian Pikes ... Toby
George Ghali ... Landlord
Mansaku Ikeuchi ... Japanese Scientist
Rolando Alvarez Giacoman ... Mexican Truck Driver
Stephen Whitehead ... Hoolihan's Bar Patron
390 2/4
The Jungle Book 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mowgli the "man-cub" returns to the wilderness in this sequel to the Walt Disney Pictures animated favorite The Jungle Book. After leaving life in the jungle behind, Mowgli (voice of Haley Joel Osment) has been adopted, and now lives in the nearby village with his new parents and his younger brother, while becoming close friends with Shanti (voice of Mae Whitman), the girl who first lured him out of the wilds. However, adjusting to live among other humans hasn't been easy, and after Mowgli pays a visit to an old friend, happy-go-lucky bear Baloo (John Goodman), the boy considers staying for a while. Before long, both Shanti and Mowgli's new family notice he's missing, and Shanti goes into the jungle to look for him, despite her fear of wild animals. However, Mowgli and Baloo are soon reminded that life in the wilderness isn't always carefree when they learn Shere Khan (voice of Tony Jay) is looking for Mowgli, eager to settle an old score. The Jungle Book 2 also features voice work from Phil Collins and John Rhys-Davies; rock group Smash Mouth contribute a new version of "I Wanna Be Like You" to the soundtrack. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Fish Out of Water | Mischievous Children | Faltering Friendships | Out For Revenge
Keywords : bear, elephant, friendship, jungle, panther, wildlife
Children's/Family, Animated Musical, Family-Oriented Adventure, Musical Fantasy 
Haley Joel Osment ... Mowgli
John Goodman ... Baloo
Mae Whitman ... Shanti
Bob Joles ... Bagheera
Tony Jay ... Shere Khan
John Rhys-Davies ... Ranjan's Father
Jim Cummings ... Kaa, Monkey, Col. Hathi
Phil Collins ... Lucky
818 3/4
The Jungle Book 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this reimagining of the classic collection of stories by Rudyard Kipling, director Jon Favreau uses visually stunning CGI to create the community of animals surrounding Mowgli (Neel Sethi), a human boy adopted by a pack of wolves. The appearance of a villainous tiger named Shere Khan (voiced byIdris Elba) forces Mowgli's guardian, the panther Bagheera (Ben Kingsley), to shepherd the child to safety in the "man village." Along the way, the boy meets an affable, lazy bear named Baloo (Bill Murray), as well as a snake with hypnotic powers (Scarlett Johansson) and an orangutan (Christopher Walken) who wants to harness the power of fire. Lupita Nyong'o, Giancarlo Esposito, and Garry Shandling also lend their voices to this adventure tale. -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Monkeys | Survival in the Wilderness | Talking Animals
Keywords : boy, jungle
Action, Children's/Family, Adventure Drama, Animal Picture, Childhood Drama, Family-Oriented Adventure, Jungle Film 
Bill Murray ... Baloo
Ben Kingsley ... Bagheera
Idris Elba ... Shere Khan
Lupita Nyong'o ... Raksha
Scarlett Johansson ... Kaa
Giancarlo Esposito ... Akela
Christopher Walken ... King Louie
Garry Shandling ... Ikki
Emjay Anthony ... Young Wolf
Max Favreau ... Young Wolf
Asher Blinkoff ... Young Wolf
Jon Favreau ... Pygmy Hog
Sam Raimi ... Giant Squirrel
Russell Peters ... Rocky the Rhino
Ritesh Rajan ... Infant Mowgli's Father
Sara Arrington ... Neelgai Deer
Sean Johnson ... Animal Voice
Allan Trautman ... Animal Voice
391 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a teenage girl is faced with an unexpected pregnancy, she enlists the aid of her best friend in finding the unborn child a suitable home in this coming-of-age comedy drama from Thank You for Smoking director Jason Reitman. Juno (Ellen Page) may seem wise beyond her years, but after sleeping with classmate Bleeker (Michael Cera), the pregnant teen quickly realizes how little she really knows about life. Thankfully, Juno has been blessed with parents (J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney) who trust their daughter's judgment, and a best friend named Leah (Olivia Thirlby), who's always willing to help out in a pinch. With a little help from Leah, Juno soon comes into contact with Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) -- an affluent suburban couple who have been unable to conceive a child of their own. Mark and Vanessa seem like they would make great parents, and are eager to adopt Juno's unborn child. Now, as adolescent Juno is faced with a series of very adult decisions, she will draw on the support of her family and friends in order to discover who she truly is, and discover that one bad choice can have a lifetime of consequences. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : Expecting a Baby | Teen Pregnancy | Eccentric Families | Parenthood
Keywords : adoption, small-town, teen-pregnancy
Attributes : High Production Values
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Domestic Comedy 
Ellen Page ... Juno MacGuff
Michael Cera ... Paulie Bleeker
Jason Bateman ... Mark Loring
Jennifer Garner ... Vanessa Loring
Allison Janney ... Bren MacGuff
J.K. Simmons ... Mac MacGuff
Olivia Thirlby ... Leah
Eileen Pedde ... Gerta Rauss
Darla Vandenbossche ... Bleeker's Mom
Aman Johal ... Vijay
Valerie Tian ... Su-Chin
Emily Perkins ... Punk Receptionist
Kaaren de Zilva ... Ultrasound Technician
Steven Christopher Parker ... Guy Lab Partner
Candice Accola ... Girl Lab Partner
Sierra Pitkin ... Liberty Bell
Eve Harlow ... Tough Girl
Kirsten Williamson ... Nurse
Emily Tennant ... Pretty-to-Goth Girl
Ashley Whillans ... Katrina De Voort
Jeff Witzke ... Track Announcer, dad smile photo
Colin McSween ... Keith
Peggy Logan ... Sex Ed Teacher
Cameron Bright ... RPG Nerd
Wendy Russell ... Vanessa's Friend 1
Robyn Ross ... Vanessa's Friend 2
Brandon Barton ... Dancing Elk Track Team
392 1/4
Jupiter Ascending 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mila Kunis stars as Jupiter Jones, an everyday girl in the future whose life takes an unexpected turn when an ex-soldier (Channing Tatum) comes looking for her in hopes that she can live up to her destiny as the savior of the universe. Andy and Lana Wachowski once again dip their feet into sci-fi territory with this sprawling Warner Bros. epic. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Evil Aliens | Future Dystopias | Reincarnation | Robots and Androids | Space Wars
Keywords : future
Science Fiction, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Mila Kunis ... Jupiter Jones
Channing Tatum ... Caine
Sean Bean ... Stinger Apini
Eddie Redmayne ... Balem Abrasax
Douglas Booth ... Titus Abrasax
Tuppence Middleton ... Kalique Abrasax
Bae Doo-na ... Razo
James D'Arcy ... Maximilian Jones
Tim Pigott-Smith ... Malidictes
Christina Cole ... Gemma Chatterjee
Nikki Amuka-Bird ... Diomika Tsing
Nicholas A. Newman ... Nesh
Ramon Tikaram ... Phylo Percadium
Ariyon Bakare ... Greeghan
David Ajala ... Ibis
Gugu Mbatha-Raw ... Famulus
Jeremy Swift ... Vassily Bolotnikov
Kick Gurry ... Vladie
Larissa Kouznetsova ... Irina
Demetri Theodorou ... Moltka
Lieve Carchon ... Lyudmila
Oleg Nasobin ... Zeno
Emily Warren ... Mikka
Vanessa Kirby ... Katherine Dunlevy
Spencer Wilding ... Falque
Andy Ahrens ... Dante Rothmere
Charlotte Beaumont ... Kiza
Georgia Winters ... Handmaiden
Elsa Mollien ... Handmaiden
Bryony Hannah ... Nurse Schultz
Jiggy Bhore ... Anesthesiologist
Samuel Barnett ... Advocate Bob
Claire Benedict ... Bureaucrat
Peter Yapp ... Bureaucrat
John Locke ... Bureaucrat
Grant Stimpson ... Bureaucrat
Sarah Crowden ... Bureaucrat
Terry Gilliam ... Seal and Signet Minister
Rupert Frazer ... Authentication Minister
Katherine Cunningham ... Debutante
Luke Neal ... Royal Guard
Simon Dutton ... Tskalikin
Neil Fingleton ... Sargorn Fight Sequence
Derek Lea ... Guard
Joe Walking ... Guard
Michela Meazza ... Keeper
Cliff Fleming ... Pilot
393 4/4
Jurassic Park 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Steven Spielberg's phenomenally successful sci-fi adventure thriller is graced by state-of-the-art special effects from the team of Stan Winston, Phil Tippett and Michael Lantieri from George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic. The film follows two dinosaur experts -- Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler Laura Dern) -- as they are invited by eccentric millionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) to preview his new amusement park on an island off Costa Rica. By cloning DNA harvested from pre-historic insects, Hammond has been able to create living dinosaurs for his new Jurassic Park, an immense animal preserve housing real brachiosaurs, dilophosaurs, triceratops, velociraptors, and a Tyrannosaur Rex. Accompanied by cynical scientist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), who is obsessed with chaos theory, and Hammond's two grandchildren (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello), they are sent on a tour through Hammond's new resort in computer controlled touring cars. But as a tropical storm hits the island, knocking out the power supply, and an unscrupulous employee (Wayne Knight) sabotages the system so that he can smuggle dinosaur embryos out of the park, the dinosaurs start to rage out of control. Grant then has to bring Hammond's grandchildren back to safety as the group is pursued by the gigantic man-eating beasts. -- Paul Brenner

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Experiments Gone Awry | Technology Run Amok
Keywords : dinosaurs, island, rampage, experiment, genetic-engineering, scientist, prehistoric, Tyrannosaurus Rex, theme-park
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Prehistoric Fantasy, Sci-Fi Action 
Sam Neill ... Alan Grant
Laura Dern ... Dr. Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum ... Ian Malcolm
Richard Attenborough ... John Hammond
Bob Peck ... Robert Muldoon
Martin Ferrero ... Donald Gennaro
B.D. Wong ... Henry Wu
Samuel L. Jackson ... Arnold
Wayne Knight ... Dennis Nedry
Ariana Richards ... Lex
Richard Kiley ... Jurassic Park Tour
Janet Hirshenson
Jane Jenkins
Miguel Sandoval ... Rostagno
Cameron Thor ... Dodgson
Christopher John Fields ... 1st Volunteer
Whitby Hertford ... Volunteer Boy
Dean Cundey ... Mate
Greg Burson ... "Mr.DNA"
394 2/4
Jurassic Park III 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Joe Johnston takes over the creative reins from Steven Spielberg for this third installment in the thriller franchise. Sam Neill returns as Dr. Alan Grant, a scientist who's tricked by wealthy couple Paul and Amanda Kirby (William H. Macy and Tea Leoni) into a fly-over of Isla Sorna. The object of their sightseeing tour is one of the Costa Rican islands populated by ferocious, genetically bred dinosaurs and the "site B" setting of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World (1997). After their plane crash-lands, it's revealed that the Kirbys are actually seeking their teenage son, lost on the island after a paragliding accident. Trapped on Isla Sorna, Grant and his companions discover some painful truths the hard way. Among their discoveries: some of the scaly monsters possess more advanced communicative abilities than previously believed, the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex has a larger and more lethal competitor, and flying Pteranodons pose an even graver threat than some of their land-locked brethren. Jurassic Park III is the first in the series not to be based upon a novel by original author Michael Crichton. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Missing Persons | Stranded | Technology Run Amok
Keywords : dinosaurs, island, lost, scientist, search, sightseeing, tourist
Science Fiction, Thriller, Prehistoric Fantasy, Sci-Fi Action 
Sam Neill ... Alan Grant
William H. Macy ... Paul Kirby
Téa Leoni ... Amanda Kirby
Alessandro Nivola ... Billy Brennan
Trevor Morgan ... Eric Kirby
Michael Jeter ... Udesky
John Diehl ... Cooper
Laura Dern ... Ellie Sattler
Mark Harelik ... Ben Hildebrand
Sarah Danielle Madison ... Cheryl Logan
Sonia Jackson
Bruce French
395 4/4
Jurassic World 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this thrilling fourth installment of the "Jurassic Park" franchise, two young brothers (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) visit their Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who's an executive at Jurassic World, a theme park populated with genetically resurrected dinosaurs. But chaos erupts when a newly created dino escapes its enclosure, forcing the park's animal behaviorist Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to save the day. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Technology Run Amok
Keywords : dinosaurs, scientist
Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Prehistoric Fantasy, Sci-Fi Action 
Chris Pratt ... Owen Grady
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Claire Dearing
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Vic Hoskins
Ty Simpkins ... Gray Mitchell
Nick Robinson ... Zach Mitchell
Omar Sy ... Barry
B.D. Wong ... Henry Wu
Irfan Khan ... Simon Masrani
Judy Greer ... Karen Mitchell
Jake Johnson ... Lowery Cruthers
Lauren Lapkus ... Vivian
Katie McGrath ... Zara Young
Brian Tee ... Katashi Hamada
Eddie J. Fernandez ... Paddock Worker
Andy Buckley ... Scott Mitchell
Kelly Washington ... Zach's Girlfriend
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca ... Park Visitor African Dignitary
Fileena Bahris ... Visitor
Jennifer Rikert Wolski ... Upscale Park Visitor/Evacuee
Matthew Cardarople ... Ride Operator
Gary Weeks ... Father Of Three
Eric Edelstein ... Paddock Supervisor
Inder Kumar ... Park Visitor
Courtney J. Clark ... Mosasaurus Announcer
James DuMont ... Hal Osterly
Matthew Burke ... Jim Drucker
Michael Papajohn ... InGen Contractor
Isaac Keys ... Control Room Security Guard
Chad Randall ... InGen Soldier
Bill Ogilvie ... Spanish Parkgoer
Alan Tam ... Chinese Parkgoer
Chloe Perrin ... Italian Girl
Kevin Foster ... ACU Gunner
Bonnie Wild ... Park Announcer
Brad Bird ... Monrail Announcer
Colin Trevorrow ... Mr. DNA
1167 2/4
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a volcano on Isla Nublar threatens to endanger the dinosaurs, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) recruits Owen (Chris Pratt) to rescue the animals from total extinction. Upon their arrival, they soon discover a sinister operation is afoot that exploits the animals. Jeff Goldblum also stars. Directed by J.A. Bayona. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : amusement-park, attack, brotherhood, escape, family-in-danger, hideout, mad-scientist, prehistoric-animal, dinosaurs, park, volcano
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Chris Pratt ... Owen Grady
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Claire Dearing
Rafe Spall ... Eli Mills
B.D. Wong ... Dr. Henry Wu
Daniella Pineda ... Zia Rodriguez
James Cromwell ... Benjamin Lockwood
Toby Jones ... Gunnar Eversol
Ted Levine ... Ken Wheatley
Geraldine Chaplin ... Iris
Jeff Goldblum ... Ian Malcolm
Robert Emms ... Tech Merc
Peter Jason ... Senator Sherwood
Kevin Layne ... Sub Pilot
John Schwab ... Tech Operator
Sam Redford ... Helicopter Pilot
Charlie Rawes ... Lead Mercenary
Ronan Summers ... Brutish Mercenary
Victor Gardener ... Crewman
Daryl Kwan ... Another Bidder
Ben Peel ... Helicopter Merc
1055 2/4
Justice League 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the wake of Superman's death, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) recruit superpowered individuals to defend humanity from an otherworldly threat called Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds). Together with their new allies -- Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and the Flash (Ezra Miller) -- they form the superhero team known as the Justice League. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Connie Nielsen, Amber Heard, Joe Morton, and J.K. Simmons co-star. Directed by Zack Snyder. --

Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : costume, hero
Action, Superhero Film 
Ben Affleck ... Bruce Wayne / Batman
Henry Cavill ... Clark Kent / Superman
Gal Gadot ... Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Amy Adams ... Lois Lane
Ezra Miller ... Barry Allen/The Flash
Jason Momoa ... Arthur Curry / Aquaman
Ray Fisher ... Barry Allen / The Flash
Jeremy Irons ... Alfred Pennyworth
Diane Lane ... Martha Kent
Connie Nielsen ... Queen Hippolyta
J.K. Simmons ... Commissioner Gordon
Robin Wright ... Antiope
Amber Heard ... Mera
Kiersey Clemons ... Iris West
Billy Crudup ... Henry Allen
Ciarán Hinds ... Steppenwolf
Jesse Eisenberg ... Lex Luthor
Lisa Loven Kongsli ... Menalippe
Samantha Jo ... Euboea
Joe Morton ... Dr. Silas Stone
Eleanor Matsuura ... Epione
Tina Balthazar ... Lex Luthor's Guard
Alexandra Ford ... Front Row Football Fan
Marc McClure ... Police Officer
Jim Sturgeon ... Task Force Deputy
Daniel Eghan ... Arkham Guard 2
Orion Lee ... Scientist
Nadia Townsend ... American Football Fan
Peter Brooke ... Defence Department Official
Bruce Johnson ... Arkham Guard
Tara Ward ... Ranting Woman
Stewart Alexander ... College Dean
904 3/4
Justice League Dark 
"Every super hero has a dark side."

Beings with supernatural powers join together to fight against supernatural villains. This team of supernatural beings include John Constantine, Zatanna and Jason Blood also known as the demon Etrigan.
Animation, Action, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi 
Rosario Dawson, Jerry O'Connell, Alfred Molina, Camilla Luddington, Jeremy Davies, Jason O'Mara, Roger Cross, Enrico Colantoni, Matt Ryan, Nicholas Turturro, Fred Tatasciore, JB Blanc, Ray Chase, Brian T. Delaney, Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Justice League Unlimited: Saving The World 
All your favorite super heroes join forces to fight for justice!
All have incredible powers, All have faced unthinkable dangers. All call themselves heroes - and now they're united!

Under the leadership of the original Justice League, Earth's superheroes band together to form an unbeatable force that's always ready for action. These three exciting adventures from the hit TV show feature battles with a menacing nuclear robot, the egomaniacal child magician Mordred and the dangerous god or war Ares. In Justice League Unlimited, there’s always a hero around when you need one!
Justice League: Justice On Trial 
2 new episodes from the animated series!
The mightiest crime-fighting team in the universe once again combines their awesome powers to defeat the forces of evil. In In Blackest Night, Superman and the League fight to solve a deadly mystery when robotic Manhunters put the Green Lantern on trial for destroying an entire planet! Then, when undersea treachery threatens to drown planet Earth, only an unlikely alliance between Aquaman and the Justice League can thwart the plans of The Enemy Below.

Includes episodes:

In Blackest Night (Part 1)

In Blackest Night (Part 2)

The Enemy Below (Part 1)

The Enemy Below (Part 2)
Justice League: The Brave And The Bold 
The League Faces Down the Most Awesome Array Of Adversaries Ever!
With power-packing plots commanding two episodes each, the Justice League conquers evil twice!

The first showdown pairs Green Lantern and The Flash against Gorilla Grodd, an evil genius primate with a mind-controlling device and a vendetta against humankind. Only the Justice League can save us from gorilla domination! Then Lex Luthor's reputation as a devious mastermind is finally exposed...or is it? Luthor assembles a mighty evildoer team - Ultra-Humanite, Cheetah, Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire, The Shade and The Joker - to destroy the Justice League. This is one battle of might and wits that could truly finish the World's Greatest Superheroes!
399 2/4
K-19: The Widowmaker 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A real-life historical incident becomes the basis for this military thriller from director Kathryn Bigelow that's reminiscent of such submarine dramas as Das Boot (1981), The Hunt for Red October (1990), Crimson Tide (1995), and U-571 (2000). Harrison Ford stars as Captain Alexi Vostrikov, a Russian naval officer who's being given command of the Soviet Union's first nuclear submarine, K-19, at the height of the Cold War in 1961. The vessel's previous commander, Captain Mikhail Polenin (Liam Neeson) has been demoted to executive officer following a botched test and his outspoken assertions that the flagship is not yet ready for deployment, but he curbs his resentment and resolves to serve his new superior well. Polenin's concerns are well founded: parts are not yet installed, equipment is missing, and the ship's doctor is killed in an auto mishap. Political pressure forces Vostrikov to sail his crew into the North Atlantic anyway, for a missile fire test that serves as a warning to the U.S. that its enemy is now its technological equal. The test is a success, but a disastrous leak in the K-19's reactor cooling system soon threatens to create enough heat to detonate the craft's nuclear payload -- which would certainly be mistaken for the first salvo in a worldwide atomic exchange and spark the beginning of World War III. With no other option, Vostrikov orders his men to repair the damage in ten-minute shifts, irradiating them hopelessly. The conflict between the seemingly bureaucratic Communist Vostrikov and the more humane Polenin escalates, until a surprising twist reveals where both officers' loyalties truly lie. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Disasters at Sea
Keywords : nuclear-accident, nuclear-submarine, Cold-War, crew, nuclear-reactor, Russian [nationality], sea, sea-disaster
Thriller, Action Thriller, Sea Adventure 
Harrison Ford ... Captain Alexei Vostrikov
Liam Neeson ... Mikhail Polenin
Peter Sarsgaard ... Vadim Ratchenko
Joss Ackland ... Marshal Zelentstov
John Shrapnel ... Admiral Bratyeev
Donald Sumpter ... Dr. Savran
Tim Woodward ... Konstantin Partonov
Steve Nicolson ... Demichev
Ravil Isyanov ... Igor Suslov
Christian Camargo ... Pavel Loktev
George Anton ... Konstantin Poliansky
Tygh Runyan ... Maxim Portenko
Shawn Mathieson ... Stepan Komarov
Peter Stebbings ... Maxim Kuryshey
William Lucas ... Yuzef Mankevitch
Sam Spruell
1079 3/4
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this visually striking saga of one woman's search for personal and sexual freedom in 16th century India, Maya (Indira Varma) is a servant girl who is a handmaid to Tara (Sarita Choudhury), a princess. Maya and Tara have been close friends since childhood, and when Rasa Devi (Rekha), an elegant courtesan, is brought in to instruct Tara in the lessons of the Kama Sutra, the handbook of the art of physical love, Maya is allowed to observe. Rasa teaches Tara the Dance of Enticement as a prelude to her upcoming marriage to the King, Raj Singh (Naveen Andrews), but the beautiful Maya turns out to be the more capable student, and when Raj invites Maya to his bedchamber, he proves to be no match for her seductive powers. Needless to say, Tara is furious when she learns that Maya has stolen Raj's heart, and Maya is banished from the palace. On the road, Maya soon meets a handsome sculptor, Jai Kumar (Ramon Tikaram), who is entranced by Maya's beauty and sexual prowess; she soon becomes his lover and favorite model. However, King Raj is still obsessed with Maya, and while Tara has won his hand in marriage, he has taken to drowning himself in opium and mindless sex with his mistresses when not trying to win Maya back. Several of the erotic scenes in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love were trimmed so the film could receive an "R" rating for its American theatrical release, but it appeared uncut on home video; the film had to be trimmed more extensively to gain a theatrical release in India, where it was filmed. --

Moods : Carnal Knowledge
Themes : Love Triangles | Sexual Awakening
Keywords : friendship, lovemaking, princess, seduction, servant, sex, sculpting
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Erotic Drama, Melodrama 
Indira Varma ... Maya
Sarita Choudhury ... Tara
Ramon Tikaram ... Jai
Naveen Andrews ... Raj Singh, The King
Rekha ... Rasa Devi
Ranjit Chowdhry ... Baboo
Arundhati Rao ... Annabi
1016 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: When her six-year-old son (Sage Correa) is abducted from a carnival by a stranger, a desperate mother (Halle Berry) decides to take matters into her own hands rather than wait for law enforcement to help her. Her relentless pursuit eventually leads her to uncover a larger kidnapping ring. Directed by Luis Prieto. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Daring Rescues | Kidnapping | Kids in Trouble | Mothers and Sons | Parenthood
Keywords : abduction, car-chase, kidnapping, mother, rescue, son, suspense-films
Action, Thriller, Action Thriller, Chase Movie, Crime Thriller 
Halle Berry ... Karla Dyson
Chris McGinn ... Margo
Lew Temple
Malea Rose ... Claire
Dana Gourrier ... Deputy Sheriff
Christopher Berry ... The Bearded Man
Ritchie Montgomery ... Bugman
Didi Costine ... Libby
Andy Abele ... Stunt Family Dad
Andy Dylan ... Motorcyle Cop
Kevin Johnson ... Motorist at Accident
Kurt Krause ... Ice Cream Store Employee
Wally Crowder ... Truck/Recycled ND Stunt
Taryn Terrell ... Pedestrian Girl
Molly Conarro ... Face Painter
Ramona Tyler ... Soccer Mom
882 0/4
Kill Command 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An elite army unit, accompanied by a mysterious coder (Vanessa Kirby), are sent to an off-the-grid training facility to test the efficiency of a weaponized batch of sentient robots. As they attempt to figure out the mission's endgame, the soldiers find themselves fighting to survive in this futuristic action thriller written and directed by Steven Gomez. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Robots and Androids
Keywords : artificial-intelligence, battle [war], programming [computers], robot, soldier
Action, Sci-Fi Action 
Vanessa Kirby ... Mills
Thure Lindhardt ... Captain Bukes
David Ajala ... Drifter
Mike Noble ... Goodwin
Bentley Kalu ... Robinson
Tom McKay ... Cutbill
Osi Okerafor ... Loftus
Tim Ahern ... Harbinger Exec
Sam Huntington ... S.A.R.
Kim Possible: The Secret Files 
Wack Bad Guys. No Big.
From the hit TV series, it's Kim Possible. Just your average teenage girl out to save the world. She foils sinister plots around the globe with her sidekick Ron Stoppable and still makes it home in time for dinner. It's big fun as Kim takes on some seriously wacko bad guys in this way cool series of adventures.

Here's the "sitch": Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat, goes 3-D and takes control of the "Kimmunicator" to guide you through three awesome Kim Possible missions, including a never before seen episode. This is the only place to catch all the thrills as the evil Dr. Drakken feigns love for the villainous DNAmy in order to take advantage of her mutation skills. It's cool. It's hot. Its' SO not the drama!
1194 0/4
The Kindergarten Teacher 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Writer-director Sarah Colangelo’s sophomore feature film is based on the 2014 Israeli film of the same name. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a forty-year old married kindergarten teacher living in Staten Island who is terminally bored with her banal middle-class existence. When she becomes convinced that her five-year-old student is a budding poetic genius, she decides to nurture his talents in a reckless and questionable manner. -- Augustine Chay

Moods : Button Pushers
Themes : Estrangement | Existential Crisis | Obsessive Quests | Teachers and Students
Keywords : kindergarten, mid-life-crisis, obsession, poet, prodigy
Drama, Feminist Film 
Maggie Gyllenhaal ... Lisa Spinelli
Rosa Salazar ... Becca
Michael Chernus ... Mr. Spinelli
Daisy Tahan
Ajay Naidu ... Nick
Haley Murphy ... Brittany
Samrat Chakrabarti ... Simon
Ato Blankson-Wood ... Justin
Carson Grant ... Michael
Shyaporn Theerakulstit ... Man at the Bowery
402 1/4
King Arthur 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An ambitious attempt to wed the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table with known historical facts of the era, this action adventure drama begins with the fall of the Roman Empire in 450 A.D. as Roman armies flee the British Isles. Arthur (Clive Owen), a heroic knight and devoted Christian, is torn between his desire to travel to Rome to serve his faith and his loyalty to the land of his birth. As England falls into lawlessness, Arthur throws in his lot with a band of knights who hope to restore order to their fair and pleasant land and hopes to win freedom for his comrades, among them Lancelot (Ioan Gruffudd), Galahad (Hugh Dancy), Tristan (Mads Mikkelsen), Gawain (Joel Edgerton), Bors (Ray Winstone), and Dagonet (Ray Stevenson). In time, Arthur and his men join forces with Merlin (Stephen Dillane), a shaman whose band of renegade knights were often pitched in battle against Roman forces. Forming a united front as loyal Englishmen against the invading Saxon armies, Arthur, Merlin, and the brave and beautiful Guinevere (Keira Knightley) are determined to unite a sovereign Britain under one army and one king. -- Mark Deming

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Heroic Mission | Knights and Ladies | Crowned Heads | Great Battles
Keywords : king, Roman-Empire, battle [war], English [nationality], army, Christianity, Saxon
Adventure, Historical Film, Costume Adventure 
Clive Owen ... Artorious Castus
Keira Knightley ... Guinevere
Ioan Gruffudd ... Lancelot
Stephen Dillane ... Merlin
Stellan Skarsgård ... Cerdic
Ray Winstone ... Bors
Hugh Dancy ... Galahad
Til Schweiger ... Cynric
Mads Mikkelsen ... Tristan
Ray Stevenson ... Dagonet
Ken Stott ... Marius Honorius
Charlie Creed-Miles ... Ganis
Joel Edgerton ... Gawain
Sean Gilder ... Jols
Ivano Marescotti ... Bishop Germanius
Lorenzo De Angelis ... Alecto
Pat Kinevane ... Horton
986 1/4
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robbed of his royal lineage as a child when his uncle usurped the throne, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) returns to the kingdom once ruled by his father and draws the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone. He must then learn to harness the sword's power in order to lead a rebellion against the tyrannical Vortigern (Jude Law) and reclaim his birthright. Guy Ritchie directed this stylized retelling of the story of King Arthur, which co-stars Eric Bana, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, and Aidan Gillen. --

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Chosen One | Death of a Parent | Fantasy Lands
Keywords : fantasy-world, kingdom, knight, sword-and-sorcery, swordfight
Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy Drama, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Charlie Hunnam ... King Arthur
Jude Law ... Vortigern
Astrid Bergés-Frisbey ... The Mage
Djimon Hounsou ... Bedivere
Eric Bana ... Uther
Aidan Gillen ... Bill
Freddie Fox ... Rubio
Tom Wu ... George
Annabelle Wallis ... Maggie
Neil Maskell ... Back Lack
Geoff Bell ... Mischief John
Poppy Delevingne ... Igraine
Millie Brady ... Catia
Rob Knighton ... Mordred
Michael Hadley ... Mage King
David Beckham ... Trigger
Katie McGrath ... Elsa
Alan Turkington ... General 1
Peter Ferdinando ... Earl of Mercia
Michael McElhatton ... Jack's Eye
Mikael Persbrandt ... Greybeard
Charlie Rawes ... Axeman
Rob Carpenter ... Street Blackleg
Eline Powell ... Syren 2
Hermione Corfield ... Syren 3
Peter Guinness ... Baron 1
Mark Umbers ... Baron 2
Adrian Bouchet ... Baron 3
Cordelia Bugeja ... Woman 3
Fergal McElherron ... Dan Clan
404 3/4
King Kong 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the greatest adventure stories in Hollywood history gets a new interpretation in this action drama from Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson. In the early 1930s, Carl Denham (Jack Black) is a daring filmmaker and adventurer who has gained a reputation for his pictures documenting wildlife in remote and dangerous jungle lands; despite the objections of his backers, Denham plans to film his next project aboard an ocean vessel en route to Skull Island, an uncharted island he discovered on a rare map. Correctly assuming his cast and crew would be wary of such a journey, Denham has told them they're traveling to Singapore, but before they set sail, his leading lady drops out of the project. Needing a beautiful actress willing to take a risk, Denham finds Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), a beautiful but down-on-her-luck vaudeville performer, and offers her the role; cautious but eager to work, Darrow takes the role, and onboard the ship she strikes up a romance with Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody), a respected playwright hired by Denham to write the script for his latest epic.
When Denham and company arrive on Skull Island, the natives react with savage violence, but they happen to be the least of their worries. Skull Island is a sanctuary for prehistoric life, and lording it over the dinosaurs and other giant beasts is Kong, a 25-foot-tall gorilla who can outfight any creature on Earth. The natives kidnap Darrow, giving her to Kong as an offering to appease the giant beast; Denham and his men set out to find her, with Driscoll bravely determined to save the woman he loves. Eventually, Driscoll finds Darrow and Denham outwits Kong, intending to take the giant ape back to New York for display. But Kong has bonded with Darrow, and his attraction to her proves to be his undoing. Andy Serkis, who provided the body movements for Gollum in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings pictures, performed similar duties on King Kong, studying gorillas so he could mimic their actions, which were then used as the basis for the special-effects crew's digital animation of the great ape. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Monkeys | Lost Worlds | Woman In Jeopardy | Filmmaking
Keywords : King Kong, ape, dinosaurs, prehistoric, actor, filmmaker, island, man-vs-animal, unrequited
Adventure, Creature Film, Period Film, Jungle Film 
Naomi Watts ... Ann Darrow
Jack Black ... Carl Denham
Adrien Brody ... Jack Driscoll
Thomas Kretschmann ... Captain Englehorn
Colin Hanks ... Preston
Jamie Bell ... Jimmy
Evan Parke ... Hayes
Lobo Chan ... Choy
Kyle Chandler ... Bruce Baxter
Andy Serkis ... Lumpy the Cook, King Kong
John Sumner ... Herbert
Craig Hall ... Mike
403 1/4
King Kong 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Famed producer Dino De Laurentiis tries to steal the thunder from Jaws, then the top-grossing film of all-time, in this big budget remake of King Kong. (De Laurentiis related his tactics to Tom Snyder: "When Jaws dies, nobody cries. When Kong dies, they all cry.") Updated to the 1970s, the original Robert Armstrong character is now Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin), a big-shot oil magnate from Petrox Oil, looking for new petroleum deposits on a recently discovered Pacific island. Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges) is a counter-culture paleontologist, stowing away on Wilson's ship, who warns that they are headed for "Skull Island," where prehistoric monsters still live and roam free. Also along for the ride is Dwan (Jessica Lange, in her film debut), a down-on-her-luck starlet, shipwrecked in the ocean after the sinking of a yacht. She really becomes down-on-her-luck when the group lands on the island and a giant ape, Kong, takes a shine to her. Kong kidnaps her and Dwan takes umbrage when the ape tries to remove her clothes by shouting, "You male chauvinist ape!" But Prescott comes to her aid and rescues her from the gorilla's big mits. Wilson, seeing money to be made on Kong, locks him in the cargo hold of his ship and transports him to New York City. Once there, Kong manages to escape and wreak havoc upon the beleaguered town, before being compelled to climb up the World Trade Center for sanctuary. -- Paul Brenner

Themes : Lost Worlds | Monkeys | Unrequited Love
Keywords : animal, attack, danger, destruction, escape, giant, investigation, island, kidnapping, King Kong, love, monster, murder, native, romance, skyscraper, unrequited
Adventure, Horror, Creature Film, Romantic Adventure 
Jeff Bridges ... Jack Prescott
Charles Grodin ... Fred Wilson
Jessica Lange ... Dwan
John Randolph ... Capt. Ross
René Auberjonois ... Bagley
Julius Harris ... Boan
Jack O'Halloran ... Perko
Dennis Fimple ... Sunfish
Ed Lauter ... Camahan
Jorge Moreno ... Garcia
Mario Gallo ... Timmons
John Agar ... City Official
Keny Long ... Ape Masked Man in Dance
Wayne Heffley ... Air Force Colonel
Joe Piscopo
John Lone ... Chinese Cook
Garry Walberg ... Army General
Sid Conrad ... Petrox Chairman
Corbin Bernsen ... Reporter
Rick Baker ... King Kong
Todd Baker ... Shea Stadium Spectator (uncredited)
George Whiteman ... Army Helicopter Pilot
405 3/4
Kingdom of Heaven 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ridley Scott directed this epic-scale historical drama inspired by the events of the Crusades of the 12th century. Balian (Orlando Bloom) is a humble French blacksmith who is searching for a reason to go on after the death of his wife and children. Balian is approached by Godfrey of Ibelin (Liam Neeson), a fabled knight who has briefly returned home after serving in the East. Godfrey informs Balian that he is his true father, and urges the blacksmith to join him as he and his forces journey to Jerusalem to help defend the holy city. Balian accepts, and he and Godfrey arrive during the lull between the Second and Third Crusades, in which the city is enjoying a fragile peace. Both Christian and Muslim forces are temporarily in retreat, thanks to the wisdom of the Christian monarch King Baldwin IV (Edward Norton), his second-in-command Tiberias (Jeremy Irons), and Muslim potentate Saladin (Ghassan Massoud). Violent agitators on both sides are foolishly eager to end the peace in a bid for greater power, and Saladin bows to pressures from Muslim factions; Godfrey is one of a handful of brave knights who has thrown his allegiance behind Baldwin IV and his community of diversity, and Balian joins him as they use their skills as warriors in a bid to build a lasting peace. Kingdom of Heaven also stars Eva Green as the princess Sibylla, David Thewlis as Hospitaler the priest, and Brendan Gleeson as Reynald. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Eyepoppers | For Love of Country
Themes : Great Battles | Fathers and Sons | Rise To Power
Keywords : Holy-Land, holy-war, religious-conflict, blacksmith, Israel
Epic, Historical Film, Historical Epic, Religious Epic 
Orlando Bloom ... Balian
Eva Green ... Sibylla
Jeremy Irons ... Tiberias
David Thewlis ... Hospitaler
Brendan Gleeson ... Reynald
Marton Csokas ... Guy de Lusignan
Michael Sheen ... Priest
Liam Neeson ... Godfrey
Edward Norton ... King Baldwin IV
Ghassan Massoud ... Saladin
Alexander Siddig ... Nasir
Khaled Nabawy ... Mullah
Kevin McKidd ... English Sergeant
Velibor Topic ... Almaric
Jon Finch ... Patriarch
Ulrich Thomsen ... Templar Master
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ... Village Sheriff
Iain Glen ... Richard Coeur de Lion
Jouko Ahola ... Odo
Martin Hancock ... Gravedigger
Nathalie Cox ... Balian's Wife
Eriq Ebouaney ... Firuz
Philip Glenister ... Squire
Bronson Webb ... Apprentice
Steven Robertson ... Angelic Priest
Michael Shaeffer ... Young Sergeant
Nasser Memarzia ... Muslim Grandee
Samira Draa ... Sibylla's Maid
Matthew Rutherford ... Rider
Michael Fitzgerald ... Humphrey
Karim Saleh ... Saracen Messenger
Shane Attwooll ... Reynald's Templar Knight
Giannina Facio ... Saladin's Sister
Emilio Doorgasingh ... Saracen Engineer
Peter Cant ... Peasant Boy
Angus Wright ... Richard's Knight
406 3/4
The Kingdom 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the aftermath of a deadly attack on American forces in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, diplomats are slow to act, but meanwhile, FBI special agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) assembles a secret team of U.S. counter-terrorism investigators to enter the city and find the criminal behind what has quickly become an international incident. The crew, however, finds their attempt to capture the perpetrators stalled by bureaucracy and their presence unwelcome. Desperate to gain the trust they need to accomplish their mission in just five days, the team enlists the aid of a Saudi Arabian police officer (Ashraf Barhoum), but as the agents infiltrate the dark and complex world of the Saudi crime scene, they find that the perpetrator's next target may be them. Directed by Peter Berg, The Kingdom also stars Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, and Jason Bateman. -- Cammila Collar

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Behind Enemy Lines | Hostage Situations | Race Against Time | Task Forces | Terrorism
Keywords : agent [representative], bureaucracy, counterterrorism, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), investigation, police-officer, Saudi-Arabia, terrorist-attack
Drama, Political Drama 
Jamie Foxx ... Ronald Fleury
Chris Cooper ... Grant Sykes
Jennifer Garner ... Janet Mayes
Jason Bateman ... Adam Leavitt
Jeremy Piven ... Damon Schmidt
Danny Huston ... Gideon Young
Richard Jenkins ... James Grace
Ali Suliman ... Sergeant Haytham
Tim McGraw ... Aaron Jackson
Kyle Chandler ... Francis Manner
Frances Fisher ... Elaine Flowers
Kelly Au Coin ... Ellis Leach
Anna Deavere Smith ... Maricella Canavesio
Minka Kelly ... Miss Ross
Amy Hunter ... Lyla Fleury
T.J. Burnett ... Kevin Fleury
Omar Berdouni ... Prince Ahmed Bin Khaled
Raad Rawi ... Prince Thamer
Hezi Saddik ... Abu Harnza
Uri Gavriel ... Izz Al Din
Nick Faltas ... Haytham's Father
Trevor St. John ... Earl Ripon
Ashley Scott ... Janine Ripon
Sarah Hunley ... Maddy Ripon
Kevin Brief ... Range Rover Driver
Brian Mahoney ... Pitcher
Hrach Titizian ... Suicide Bomber
Merik Tadros ... Reporter
Maryellen Aviano ... FBI Agent
David Brown ... Man at Hotel
Anthony Batarse ... Inner-Circle
Gino Salvano ... Special Forces Officer
Sala Baker ... Kidnapper
1027 2/4
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Roxy (Sophie Cookson) return to action with the rest of Kingsmen when their headquarters is destroyed by a villainous corporation known as the Golden Circle. Faced with the challenge of defeating a formidable opponent with no home base, the Kingsmen discover an allied organization of spies called Statesman, whose cooperation reaches back to the founding of their own agency. The two groups must join forces to save the world in this sequel directed by Matthew Vaughn. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Going Undercover | Heroic Mission | Protecting the Innocent | Race Against Time | Secret Organizations | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : government, public, Secret-Service, spy-films, terror, spy
Attributes : High Budget
Action, Thriller, Action Comedy, Action Thriller, Glamorized Spy Film 
Colin Firth ... Harry Hart
Julianne Moore ... Poppy
Taron Egerton ... Gary "Eggsy" Unwin
Mark Strong ... Merlin
Halle Berry ... Ginger
Elton John
Channing Tatum ... Tequila
Jeff Bridges ... Champ
Edward Holcroft ... Charlie
Poppy Delevingne ... Clara
Pedro Pascal ... Whiskey
Sophie Cookson ... Roxy
Gordon Alexander ... Kingsman Cab Driver
Thomas Turgoose ... Liam
Keith Allen ... Charles
Tom Benedict Knight ... Angel
Michael Gambon ... Arthur
Bjorn Granath ... The King of Sweden
Lena Endre ... The Queen of Sweden
Tara Hugo ... Kentucky Barmaid
Nicolas Colicos ... Very Drunk Redneck
Kaye E. Brown ... Patient Two
Iain McKee ... Poppy's Antidote Doctor
Bruce Greenwood ... President of the United States
Emily Watson ... Chief of Staff Fox
Mark Arnold ... General McCoy
James Carrol Jordan ... Harvard Professor
Count Prince Miller ... Elderly Patient 2
Jeff Ricketts ... Poppy's Attorney
Mingus Johnston ... First Burly Guard
Samantha Womack ... Michelle
Carlos Peres ... Kingsman Knight
930 3/4
Kingsman: The Secret Service 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' comic series is adapted for the big screen in this Matthew Vaughn-directed action thriller. The story centers on a secret agent who recruits a juvenile delinquent into a top-secret spy organization. Together, they battle a tech genius with diabolical ambitions. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Nail-biters
Themes : Going Undercover | Heroic Mission | Mentors | Star Detectives | Task Forces | Vigilantes
Keywords : apprentice, nephew, Secret-Service, spy
Thriller, Action Thriller, Police Detective Film 
Colin Firth ... Harry Hart
Michael Caine ... Arthur
Taron Egerton ... Gary "Eggsy" Unwin
Samuel L. Jackson ... Richmond Valentine
Mark Strong ... Merlin
Sophie Cookson ... Roxy
Mark Hamill ... Professor Arnold
Jack Cutmore Scott
Corey Johnson
Samantha Womack ... Michelle Unwin
Geoff Bell ... Dean
Edward Holcroft
Sofia Boutella ... Gazelle
Jack Davenport ... Lancelot
Velibor Topic ... Big Goon
Jordan Long ... Poodle
407 3/4
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Producer Julia Roberts brings the American Girl brand to the big screen for the very first time with this inspirational tale concerning a nine-year-old girl named Kit Kittredge (Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin) growing up during the Great Depression. Though the American Girls have previously appeared on the small screen in Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, and Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front, Kit's adventure marks the very first major theatrical endeavor for the characters created by author Valerie Tripp. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Memory Lane
Themes : Members of the Press | Mischievous Children
Keywords : Great-Depression, newspaper, precociousness, reporter
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy, Period Film 
Abigail Breslin ... Kit Kittredge
Julia Ormond ... Mrs. Kittredge
Chris O'Donnell ... Mr. Kittredge
Wallace Shawn ... Mr. Gibson
Joan Cusack ... Miss Bond
Max Thieriot ... Will Shepherd
Stanley Tucci ... Jefferson J. Berk
Jane Krakowski ... Miss Dooley
Glenne Headly ... Mrs. Howard
Willow Smith ... Countee
Madison Davenport ... Ruthie Smitherns
Zach Mills ... Stirling Howard
408 3/4
Knight and Day 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A single girl en route to a family wedding gets swept up in a fight between a rogue government agent and the FBI in this globe-trotting action comedy from director James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma). June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is preparing to board a flight back home for her sister's wedding when she literally bumps into Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) in the middle of a busy airport. A few minutes later, they're making small talk on the plane when June excuses herself to the bathroom, and all hell breaks loose in the fuselage. By the time June emerges Roy has killed everybody on board, including the pilots. After crash-landing the plane in a darkened cornfield, Roy tells June that she should expect a visit from government agents, but warns her that by cooperating with them she risks almost certain death. The following day, Roy's prediction comes true when June is confronted by an imposing gang of government spooks who come under heavy fire while bombarding her with questions about her mysterious traveling companion. Suddenly, Roy is back, and he's once again whisking June away to safety. But what do the agents want, and why do they insist that Roy is the one to be feared, and not them? Before long the girl who never traveled far from home is off on a wild adventure that will take her from the tropics to Austria, France, and Spain. Somewhere amidst all of the confusion and gunfire, June begins to forge a bond with Roy. Unfortunately, it's never quite clear whether her unpredictable protector is one of the good guys or the bad guys, and by the time Roy reveals that he's attempting to protect a valuable new energy source, there's no time for questions. Paul Dano, Viola Davis, Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Grace, and Marc Blucas co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : On the Run
Keywords : federal-agent, fugitive
Action, Action Comedy 
Tom Cruise ... Roy Miller
Cameron Diaz ... June Havens
Peter Sarsgaard ... Fitzgerald
Jordi Mollà ... Antonio
Viola Davis ... Director George
Falk Hentschel ... Bernhard
Marc Blucas ... Rodney
Lennie Loftin ... Braces
Maggie Grace ... April Havens
Rich Manley ... Danny
Dale Dye ... Frank Jenkins
Celia Weston ... Molly
Gal Gadot ... Naomi
Jack O'Connell ... Wilmer
Trevor Loomis ... Eduardo
Tommy Nohilly ... Randy Mechanic
Taylor Treadwell ... Gate Agent
Christian Finnegan ... Ticket Agent
Nicholas Reese Art ... Kid at Airport
Brian Dykstra ... TSA Offier
Brian Tarantina ... Scrap Yard Man
Natasha Paczkowski ... Petra the Tailor
Matthew Lawler ... Passerby Agent
Ronn Surels ... Flight Attendant
Eric Robert Bradshaw Bennett ... 18 Wheeler Driver
Scott Wahle ... Newscaster
Helen L. Welsh ... Neighbor
King Orba ... Smuggler
Adam Gregor ... Train Cook
Mitch E. Bowan ... Medivac EMT
Gerald T. Carbajal ... Doctor in Hallway
1095 2/4
A Knight's Tale 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This crowd-pleasing medieval adventure tale is very loosely inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and mixes the anachronistic elements of modern-day rock music and colloquialisms with a period setting and characters. Heath Ledger stars as William Thatcher, a low-born 14th century squire who, in a fit of inspired spontaneity, replaces his deceased employer as the competitor at a jousting competition. Jousting is a pastime only permitted to knights, who are of noble birth, but Thatcher wins and decides to continue his new pursuits. With the help of his two fellow squire friends Wat and Roland (Alan Tudyk and Mark Addy) and none other than the gambling-addicted Geoffrey Chaucer (Paul Bettany), Thatcher has soon adopted a false identity and is winning one joust after another on his way to a championship in London. His victories inspire the affection of a female fan, Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon), and the ire of a competitor, Count Adehmar (Rufus Sewell), but Thatcher's ruse is threatened with exposure. A Knight's Tale is the sophomore directorial effort of acclaimed screenwriter Brian Helgeland, who won an Oscar for his work on L.A. Confidential (1997) and debuted behind the camera with the troubled production of Payback (1999). --

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Knights and Ladies | Underdogs | Class Differences
Keywords : jousting, assumed-identity, medieval, knight, rock-music
Action, Adventure, Costume Adventure 
Heath Ledger ... William Thatcher
Mark Addy ... Roland
Rufus Sewell ... Count Adhemar
Paul Bettany ... Chaucer
Shannyn Sossamon ... Jocelyn
Alan Tudyk ... Wat
Laura Fraser ... Kate
Christopher Cazenove ... John Thatcher
James Purefoy ... Colville
Olivia Williams ... Phillipa Chaucer (uncredited)
409 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A time capsule containing a cryptic message about the coming apocalypse sends a concerned father on a race to prevent the horrific events from unfolding as predicted in this sci-fi thriller directed by Alex Proyas (Dark City) and starring Nicolas Cage. 1958: As the dedication ceremony for a newly constructed elementary school gets under way, a time capsule containing student drawings of the future is buried on the grounds and scheduled to be unearthed on the school's 50th anniversary. Instead of submitting a drawing, however, one little girl scribbles a series of seemingly random numbers on her paper before it is buried. Fifty years later, the time capsule is unearthed for a new generation of students to examine. Young Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury) is one of those students. The mysterious sequence of numbers falling into his possession, Caleb takes the paper to his father, Professor John Koestler (Cage), for examination. Studying the numbers, Professor Koestler soon discovers that they aren't random at all, but an encoded message containing the precise dates, death tolls, and coordinates of every major disaster since the time capsule was buried. Not only that, but the document also indicates that there will be three more such events, the last of which indicates a doomsday scenario that appears directly tied to Professor Koestler and Caleb. His desperate plea to authorities falling on deaf ears, Professor Koestler realizes that his only hope for preventing more lives from being lost is to take personal action. Though the author of the prophecies is no longer living, Professor Koestler is eventually able to track down her daughter Diana Wayland (Rose Byrne), and granddaughter Abby, who reluctantly agree to aid in the investigation. As the final date on the list draws near, Professor Koestler enters into a frantic race against time to prevent destruction on a global scale, in the process realizing that in order to save millions of lives, he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Nail-biters
Themes : End of the World | Race Against Time | Fathers and Sons | Psychic Abilities
Keywords : prediction, Apocalypse, scientist, number-theory, time-capsule
Science Fiction, Thriller, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Nicolas Cage ... John Koestler
Rose Byrne ... Diana
Chandler Canterbury ... Caleb Koestler
Ben Mendelsohn ... Phil Beckman
Lara Robinson ... Abby/Lucinda
Nadia Townsend ... Grace
Danielle Carter ... Miss Taylor (1959)
Alethea McGrath ... Miss Taylor (2009)
Alan Hopgood ... Reverend Koestler
Adrienne Pickering ... Allison
Gareth Yuen ... Donald
Liam Hemsworth ... Spencer
Raymond Anthony Thomas ... Teacher
Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik ... Carlpool Mate 1
Nathaniel Kiwi ... Paramedic
Blair Venn ... Paramedic
Alyssa McClelland ... Flight Attendant
950 3/4
Kong: Skull Island 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A secret government organization mounts an expedition to Skull Island, an uncharted territory in the Pacific. Led by an explorer (John Goodman) and a lieutenant colonel (Samuel L. Jackson), the group recruit a disillusioned soldier (Tom Hiddleston) and a photojournalist (Brie Larson) to investigate the island's peculiar seismic activity. But once there, they discover that Skull Island is home to a gigantic ape called King Kong, and find themselves caught up in an ongoing war between the beast and the area's indigenous predators. Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed this reboot of the classic monster franchise. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Daring Rescues | Lost Worlds | Monkeys | War in the Sky | When Animals Attack
Keywords : expedition, giant, gorilla, island, survival
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Creature Film, Fantasy Adventure 
Tom Hiddleston ... James Conrad
Samuel L. Jackson ... Preston Packard
John Goodman ... Bill Randa
Brie Larson ... Mason Weaver
Jing Tian ... San
John Ortiz ... Victor Nieves
Terry Notary ... Kong
John C. Reilly ... Hank Marlow
Toby Kebbell ... Jack Chapman, Kong Mo-Cap Service
Corey Hawkins ... Houston Brooks
Jason Mitchell ... Mills
Shea Whigham ... Cole
Thomas Mann ... Slivko
Eugene Cordero ... Reles
Marc Evan Jackson ... Landsat Steve
Will Brittain ... Young Marlowe/Marlow's Son
Richard Jenkins ... Senator Willis
Allyn Rachel ... Secretary O'Brien
James Michael Connor ... Voice of General Ward
Thomas Middleditch ... Voice of Jerry
Peter Karinen ... Chinook Pilot
Brian Sacca ... Chinook Co-Pilot
Joshua Funk ... Seismic Soldier
Dat Phan ... Bar Thug
Cynthy Wu ... Thug's Girlfriend
Beth Kennedy ... Marlow's Wife
400 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The 1995 novel by Dr. Gene Brewer becomes this drama from director Iain Softley. After a mugging incident at New York's Grand Central Station, Prot (Kevin Spacey), a man who claims to be an alien from the planet K-PAX, is turned over to a public mental hospital and the care of Dr. Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges). When medication fails to alter Prot's insistence that he is visiting from another world on a fact-finding mission, Powell gets more involved with his patient, who seems to have a calming effect on the other residents of his ward. At first convinced that Prot is a delusional who can be treated, Powell begins to wonder if his bizarre patient's story is true, particularly after the hospital's doctors find that Prot possesses the baffling ability to see ultraviolet light. As the date grows nearer when Prot claims he must leave Earth (a "class BA-III planet"), Powell becomes increasingly concerned that a psychiatric breakthrough must occur by then. K-PAX (2001) co-stars Alfre Woodard and Mary McCormack. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Doctors and Patients | Mysterious Strangers | Therapy | Benign Aliens
Keywords : mental-patient, alien [not human], mental-institution, psychiatry, delusion, doctor, parent/child-relationship
Drama, Science Fiction, Psychological Drama, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Kevin Spacey ... Prot
Jeff Bridges ... Dr. Mark Powell
Mary McCormack ... Rachel Powell
Alfre Woodard ... Claudia Villars
David Patrick Kelly ... Howie
Saul Williams ... Ernie
Peter Gerety ... Sal
Celia Weston ... Mrs. Archer
Ajay Naidu ... Dr. Chakraborty
Tracy Vilar ... Maria
Melanee Murray ... Bess
Kimberly Scott ... Joyce Trexler
Brian Howe ... Steve
Mary Mara ... Abby
Aaron Paul ... Michael Powell
Conchata Ferrell
John Toles-Bey ... Russell
872 3/4
Kubo and the Two Strings 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After accidentally summoning an ancient spirit, a young Japanese boy named Kubo (voiced by Art Parkinson) is separated from his mother and embarks on a journey to discover the truth about his missing father. Along the way, he befriends the kindhearted Monkey (Charlize Theron) and the clumsy Beetle (Matthew McConaughey) as he fends off the vengeful Moon King (Ralph Fiennes) and two evil twin sisters (Rooney Mara) with his shamisen, a magical stringed instrument. This stop-motion-animated adventure from Laika was directed by Travis Knight. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Just for Fun | Other Dimensions
Themes : Curses and Spells | Discovering One's Heritage | Fantasy Lands | Great Battles | Heroic Mission | Journey of Self-Discovery | Mothers and Sons | Mythical Creatures | Protecting the Innocent | Unlikely Heroes | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : academy, ancient, boy, courage, evil, grandfather, Japan, journey, knight, medieval, story
Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Fantasy Adventure 
Charlize Theron ... Monkey
Art Parkinson ... Kubo
Ralph Fiennes ... Moon King
Rooney Mara ... The Sisters
George Takei ... Hosato
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ... Hashi
Brenda Vaccaro ... Kameyo
Matthew McConaughey ... Beetle
Minae Noji ... Minae
Laura Miro ... Miho
Ken Takemoto ... Ken
Rachel Morihiro ... Villager
Mariel Sheets ... Villager
1091 3/4
Kung Fu Panda 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A clumsy panda bear becomes an unlikely kung fu hero when a treacherous enemy spreads chaos throughout the countryside in this animated martial arts adventure featuring the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, and Jackie Chan. On the surface, Po (voice of Black) may look like just another portly panda bear, but beneath his fur he bears the mark of the chosen one. By day, Po works faithfully in his family's noodle shop, but by night he dreams of becoming a true master of the martial arts. Now an ancient prophecy has come to pass, and Po realizes that he is the only one who can save his people from certain destruction. With time running short and malevolent snow leopard Tai Lung (Ian McShane ) closing in, Furious Five legends Tigress (Jolie), Crane (David Cross ), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu), Monkey (Chan), and their wise sensei, Master Shifu (Hoffman), all draw on their vast knowledge of fighting skills in order to transform a lumbering panda bear into a lethal fighting machine. Now, if the noble Po can master the martial arts and somehow transform his greatest weaknesses into his greatest strengths, he will fulfill his destiny as the hero who saved his people during their darkest hour. --

Moods : Just for Fun | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Chosen One
Keywords : pandas, Kung-Fu, laziness, leopard, monkey
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy, Martial Arts 
Jack Black ... Po
Dustin Hoffman ... Master Shifu
Angelina Jolie ... Tigress
Ian McShane ... Tai Lung
Seth Rogen ... Mantis
Lucy Liu ... Viper
David Cross ... Crane
Randall Duk Kim ... Oogway
James Hong ... Mr. Ping
Dan Fogler ... Zeng
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Commander Vachir
Jackie Chan ... Monkey
410 3/4
Kung Fu Panda 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The saga of Po continues in this sequel that finds the newly anointed Dragon Warrior (voice of Jack Black) teaming with The Furious Five to safeguard the Valley of Peace. But when a new adversary launches a treacherous bid to seize control of China and obliterate the martial arts, Po must look back to his enigmatic origins in order to unleash his true potential, and defeat his most powerful opponent to date. Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Michelle Yeoh provide addition voices for this sequel directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson from a screenplay by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Chosen One | Journey of Self-Discovery | Orphans
Keywords : cannon, guardian, laziness, valley, leopard, monkey, Kung-Fu, pandas
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy, Martial Arts 
Jack Black ... Po
Angelina Jolie ... Tigress
Dustin Hoffman ... Master Shifu
Gary Oldman ... Lord Shen
Jackie Chan ... Monkey
Seth Rogen ... Mantis
Lucy Liu ... Viper
David Cross ... Crane
James Hong ... Mr. Ping
Michelle Yeoh ... The Soothsayer
Danny McBride ... Wolf Boss
Victor Garber ... Master Thundering Rhino
Dennis Haysbert ... Master Storming Ox
Jean-Claude Van Damme ... Master Croc
411 2/4
Kung Fu Panda 3 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Jack Black returns as the voice of lovable martial-artist panda Po in the third adventure in this animated series. Po reunites with his long-lost father Li (Bryan Cranston), and the pair travel to a secret panda sanctuary. There, they must work together to defeat a new enemy: a powerful yak (J.K. Simmons) who grows stronger by stealing the life force of other warriors. Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, David Cross, and Kate Hudson also lend their voices to this animated comedy. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Just for Fun | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Chosen One | Journey of Self-Discovery
Keywords : guardian, laziness, valley, leopard, monkey, Kung-Fu, pandas
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy, Martial Arts 
Jack Black ... Po
Angelina Jolie ... Tigress
Kate Hudson ... Mei Mei
J.K. Simmons ... Kai
Bryan Cranston ... Li
Dustin Hoffman ... Shifu
Jackie Chan ... Monkey
Seth Rogen ... Mantis
Lucy Liu ... Viper
David Cross ... Crane
James Hong ... Mr. Ping
Randall Duk Kim ... Oogway
Wayne Knight ... Big Fun, Hom-Lee
Al Roker ... Sum
Willie Geist ... Dim
Fred Tatasciore ... Master Bear
Pax Jolie-Pitt ... Yoo
Zahara Jolie-Pitt ... Meng Meng
Stephen Kearin ... Master Chicken
Mike Mitchell ... Male Palace Goose/Smart Panda Villager
412 4/4
L.A. Confidential 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the best-selling novel by James Ellroy and directed by Curtis Hanson, this award-winning crime drama explores both the dark side of the Los Angeles police force and Southern California's criminal underbelly in the early '50s, when Hollywood was still seen as America's capital of sophistication, glitter, and glamour. Dudley Smith (James Cromwell) is the head of the LAPD and is loyal to his officers and eager to turn a blind eye to violence or corruption within his department, as long as it's the "bad guys" who are getting hurt. Bud White (Russell Crowe) is a police detective whose violent and cynical nature is often at war with his basic sense of decency and justice. Ed Exley (Guy Pearce) is a beat cop-turned-detective whose strict by-the-book philosophy and willingness to blow the whistle on other officers is balanced by a shrewd and opportunistic understanding of the internal politics of the department. And Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) is a flashy "Hollywood" detective who serves as technical advisor for the TV series Badge of Honor. He is also in cahoots with Sid Hudgeons (Danny DeVito), publisher of the scandal sheet Hush Hush, who throws kickbacks to Vincennes in exchange for being brought along when showbiz figures get busted. White, Exley, and Vincennes find themselves drawn into a tangled and sticky web of violence and betrayal following a multiple murder at a coffee shop that is believed to be part of an effort by Mickey Cohen (Paul Guilfoyle) to consolidate his hold on organized crime in L.A. This lead appears to be connected to the discovery of a bizarre pornography and call-girl ring operated by Pierce Patchett (David Strathairn), whose women are given plastic surgery so that they more closely resemble well-known movie stars. White's role in the investigation is complicated when he falls for Lynn Bracken (Kim Basinger), one of Patchett's prostitutes, who is the spitting image of Veronica Lake. L.A. Confidential was nominated for nine Academy Awards and netted two, with Brian Helgeland honored for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Kim Basinger taking home a statuette as Best Supporting Actress. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Police Corruption | Murder Investigations | Fighting the System | Prostitutes | Rookie Cops | Scandals and Cover-Ups
Keywords : organized-crime, cover-up, police-corruption, police-officer, Hollywood, mass-murder, police-brutality, prostitute/prostitution, tabloid
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Crime, Mystery, Police Detective Film, Post-Noir (Modern Noir) 
Kevin Spacey ... Jack Vincennes
Russell Crowe ... Bud White
Guy Pearce ... Ed Exley
James Cromwell ... Dudley Smith
Kim Basinger ... Lynn Bracken
David Strathairn ... Pierce Patchett
Danny DeVito ... Sid Hudgeons
Graham Beckel ... Dick Stensland
Matt McCoy ... Brett Chase
John Mahon ... Police Chief
Paul Guilfoyle ... Mickey Cohen
Ron Rifkin ... D.A. Ellis Loew
Paolo Seganti ... Johnny Stompanato
Amber Smith ... Susan Lefferts
Gwenda Deacon ... Mrs. Lefferts
Sally Insul
Darrell Sandeen
Fred Scialla ... Stand-In (Danny DeVito)
874 4/4
La La Land 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Struggling actress Mia (Emma Stone) and aspiring jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) begin a whirlwind romance as they both pursue their dreams in Los Angeles. However, their blossoming relationship is challenged when their careers pull them in different directions. Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) wrote and directed this musical love story, which co-stars John Legend, J.K. Simmons, and Rosemarie DeWitt. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Life in the Arts
Keywords : actress, jazz, musical [play], musician, relationship
Comedy, Musical, Musical Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Drama 
Ryan Gosling ... Sebastian
Emma Stone ... Mia
John Legend ... Keith
J.K. Simmons ... Bill
Rosemarie DeWitt ... Laura
Finn Wittrock ... Greg
Callie Hernandez ... Tracy
Sonoya Mizuno ... Caitlin
Jessica Rothe ... Alexis
Tom Everett Scott ... David
Josh Pence ... Josh
Terry Walters ... Linda (Coffee Shop Manager)
Claudine Claudio ... Karen
Jason Fuchs ... Carlo
Trevor Lissauer ... Valet
Marius de Vries ... Clyde
Damon Gupton ... Harry
Keith Harris ... Cole
David Douglas ... Radio DJ
Miles Anderson ... Alistair
Valarie Rae Miller ... Amy Brandt
Kiff VandenHeuvel ... New Coffee Shop Manager
Zoe Hall ... Chelsea
Dempsey Pappion ... Seb's Jazz Club Employee
413 3/4
Labyrinth of Lies 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this historical drama, idealistic German public prosecutor Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling) becomes interested in the case of Charles Schulz, a former Nazi officer at Auschwitz who is now a schoolteacher. Radmann initially encounters resistance from the rest of his department when he begins his investigation, but senior prosecutor Walter Friedberg (Robert Hunger-Buhler) ultimately allows him to build as many cases as possible against the 8000 people who worked at the death camp. Helmed by first-time feature-film director Giulio Ricciarelli, Labyrinth of Lies is based on the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials, a previously lesser-known chapter of Germany's post-WWII history in which the country was forced to reckon with the Nazis who returned to everyday life following the end of the war. Germany's official Foreign Language submission for the 2016 Academy Awards. Friederike Becht, Andre Szymanski, and Hansi Jochmann co-star. -- Jennifer Lackman

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Crimes Against Humanity | Lawyers | Obsessive Quests | Social Injustice
Keywords : concentration-camp, Germany, Holocaust, investigation, Nazi, war-crimes
Drama, Courtroom Drama, Docudrama, Political Drama 
Alexander Fehling ... Johann Radmann
Johannes Krisch ... Simon Kirsch
Johann von Bülow ... Staatsanwalt Otto Haller
Hansi Jochmann ... Erika Schmitt
Gert Voss ... Fritz Bauer
414 2/4
Ladder 49 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An everyday hero recalls his life as he's forced to look death in the eye in this adventure drama. Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) is a young firefighter who is a member of Ladder Company 49, led by Capt. Kennedy (John Travolta), a tough but compassionate man who looks upon his fellow firefighters as a family. While battling a blaze, Morrison finds himself trapped inside a burning building, and as Kennedy and his men try to find a way to rescue him, Morrison looks back on his life and how he came to choose such a dangerous career. Ladder 49 also features Jacinda Barrett and Brooke Hamlin as, respectively, Morrison's wife and daughter. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Daring Rescues | Redemption
Keywords : firefighter, career, fire, firehouse, rescue
Drama, Melodrama, Family Drama 
Joaquin Phoenix ... Jack Morrison
John Travolta ... Captain Mike Kennedy
Jacinda Barrett ... Linda Morrison
Robert Patrick ... Richter, Lenny
Morris Chestnut ... Tommy Drake
Billy Burke ... Dennis Gauquin
Balthazar Getty ... Ray Guquin
Tim Guinee ... Tony Corrigan
Jay Hernandez ... Keith Perez
Kevin Chapman ... Frank McKinney
Kevin Daniels ... Don Miller
415 1/4
Lady in the Water 
AMG SYNOPSIS: M. Night Shyamalan writes and directs this self-proclaimed, grown-up "bedtime story" about an apartment building superintendent named Cleveland (Paul Giamatti) who discovers a magical sea-nymph named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) who's been transported to this world and is living in the building's own swimming pool. As this bizarre revelation sinks in, Cleveland becomes enraptured by her other-worldly charm. As he shelters her in his apartment, other inhabitants of the building begin falling into place as representations of characters from an Eastern myth in which these mermaids, or "narfs," co-exist unhappily with more beastly and violent characters. In human reality, the forces of darkness that threaten the heroes of a fairy tale prove to be much more terrifying, and the victory of good over evil is by no means guaranteed. Jeffery Wright, Jared Harris and Mary Beth Hurt co-star, as well as Shyamalan himself, playing the visionary writer Vick. -- Cammila Collar

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Mythical Creatures
Keywords : nymph, superintendent
Thriller, Fantasy, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural Drama 
Paul Giamatti ... Cleveland Heep
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Story
Jeffrey Wright ... Mr. Dury
Bob Balaban ... Harry Farber
Sarita Choudhury ... Anna Ran
Cindy Cheung ... Young-Soon Choi
M. Night Shyamalan ... Vick Ran
Freddy Rodriguez ... Reggie
Bill Irwin ... Mr. Leeds
Mary Beth Hurt ... Mrs. Bell
Noah Gray-Cabey ... Joey Dury
Joseph D. Reitman ... Long Haired Smoker
Jared Harris ... Goatee Smoker
Grant Monohon ... Emaciated Smoker
John Boyd ... One-Eyebrow Smoker
Ethan Cohn ... Glasses Smoker
June Kyoko Lu ... Mrs. Choi
Tovah Feldshuh ... Mrs. Bubchik
Tom Mardirosian ... Mr. Bubchik
Maricruz Hernandez ... Perez de la Torre Sister #1
Carla Jimenez ... Perez de la Torre Sister #2
Natasha Perez ... Perez de la Torre Sister #3
Marilyn Torres ... Perez de la Torre Sister #5
George Bass ... Mr. Perez de la Torre
Joel Garland ... Pool Guy
Nell Johnson ... Phone Message
Walter Lafty ... Silvertide Band Member
Kevin Frank ... Silvertide Band Member
Brian Weaver ... Silvertide Band Member
Nick Perri ... Silvertide Band Member
Jeremy Howard ... Tartutic #1
Brian Steele ... Tartutic #2
Kurt Carley ... Tartutic #3
Doug Jones ... Tartutic #4
416 3/4
The Lake House 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two people develop an unusual relationship that bends the boundaries of time and place in this romantic fantasy. Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) is a doctor who lives in a beautiful home by a lake. Forced to move elsewhere, she requests that any correspondence that arrives at the lake house be passed on to her new address. To her surprise, she soon receives a romantic note from Alex Burnham (Keanu Reeves), an architect who lives in the cottage she once called home. However, a look at the postmark on the letter reveals that he lived at the home two years before she did, and that somehow they've come in contact with one another through a space in time. A remake of Lee Hyun-seung's acclaimed Korean romance Il Mare (aka Siworae), The Lake House was the first American production from Argentinean filmmaker Alejandro Agresti; the supporting cast includes Christopher Plummer, Dylan Walsh, and Lynn Collins. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | In the Mood for Love
Themes : Star-Crossed Lovers | Supernatural Romance
Keywords : house, love, time-warp, doctor
Romance, Romantic Fantasy 
Keanu Reeves ... Alex Wyler
Sandra Bullock ... Kate Forster
Dylan Walsh ... Morgan
Shohreh Aghdashloo ... Anna
Christopher Plummer ... Simon Wyler
Ebon Moss-Bachrach ... Henry Wyler
Willeke van Ammelrooy ... Kate's Mother
Lynn Collins ... Mona
417 1/4
Lake Placid 
AMG SYNOPSIS: So what's under the water in that lake deep in the Maine woods? No one is sure what it could be, but a dead and severely mutilated body was found near the shore, and the only clue is a large tooth which appears to be from a prehistoric animal resembling a huge crocodile. Jack Wells (Bill Pullman), the local fish and game warden, is investigating the case when he's assigned a helper, paleontologist Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda). Kelly generally does office work since she hates the outdoors (a drawback in her line of work) and is recovering from a breakup with one of her co-workers. Jack would just as soon handle this matter without Kelly's help, but with time, the two get used to each other and something beyond a working relationship begins to develop. Meanwhile, Jack and Kelly also have to deal with Sheriff Hank Keogh (Brendan Gleeson), who would like to find the mystery creature and kill it; Hector Cyr (Oliver Platt), a quirky mythology expert who wants to capture and study the beast; and Mrs. Bickerman (Betty White), an eccentric older woman with dubious stories about her missing cattle -- and missing husband. Blending suspense, humor, and romance, Lake Placid was written by David E. Kelley, creator of the popular TV shows Ally McBeal and The Practice, and directed by Steve Miner, whose credits range from TV's The Wonder Years to the films Forever Young and Halloween: H20. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Mutants | Terror in the Water
Keywords : crocodile, game-warden, investigation, lake, paleontology, woods [place]
Horror, Horror Comedy, Natural Horror 
Bill Pullman ... Jack Wells
Bridget Fonda ... Kelly Scott
Brendan Gleeson ... Hank Keogh
Oliver Platt ... Hector Cyr
Betty White ... Mrs. Bickerman
David Lewis ... Walt Lawson
Tim Dixon ... Stephen Daniels
Mariska Hargitay ... Myra Okubo
Meredith Salenger ... Deputy Sharon Gare
418 0/4
The Land Before Time: Journey to Big Water 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, and the rest of the gang return in this tale of friendship and exploration for the whole family! A fantastic downpour creates a mysterious "new water," and when Littlefoot sets out to explore the Great Valley, he soon strikes up a fast friendship with fun-loving water dweller Mo. When Mo confides to Littlefoot that he fears he will never find his way back to the Big Water, Littlefoot wastes no time in gathering his old pals in hopes of helping his new friend find a way back home. In addition to offering valuable lessons in friendship and courage, The Land Before Time: Journey to Big Water also features the Donny Osmond song "No One Has to Be Alone." -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : dinosaurs, journey, prehistoric-animal, Jurassic-era, water
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Prehistoric Fantasy 
901 1/4
The Langoliers 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ten passengers on a red-eye flight from L.A. to Boston discover that they are not the only people on the plane, but after making an emergency landing in Bangor, Maine, they discover that they are the only people on the planet. This film was based off the Stephen King short story Four Past Midnight. -- Jonathan Crow

Themes : Nightmare Vacations | Obsessive Quests | Psychic Abilities | Time Travel
Keywords : aircraft, Apocalypse, disappearance, emergency, flight, psychic-phenomena, quest, time-travel
Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Sci-Fi Horror 
Patricia Wettig
Bronson Pinchot
Dean Stockwell
Mark Lindsay Chapman ... Nick Hopewell
Christopher Collet ... Albert Kaussner
Kate Maberly ... Dinah Catherine
David Morse ... Brian
419 1/4
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A popular video game comes to the screen with this big-budget adventure starring Angelina Jolie as a buxom heroine recalling equal parts Indiana Jones and James Bond. Jolie is Lara Croft, a proper British aristocrat groomed at schools for the children of the elite. Croft leads a double life, however, as an acquirer of lost antiquities through questionable means, highly trained in combat skills with the help of a robotic opponent called Simon. Despite her exciting profession and a life of wealth and breeding, Lara pines for her father, Lord Croft (Jon Voight), whose passing left her orphaned. On the eve of a celestial event that will also mark the anniversary of Lord Croft's death, Lara comes up against an ancient organization called the Illuminati, represented by the sinister Powell (Iain Glen), who's in pursuit of an ancient relic with power over time and even death itself. With the aid of her high-tech support team, Lara travels to some exotic locales in search of the artifact, including a foray into a decrepit Asian temple guarded by lethal stone apes and other creatures that spring to life. Filmed at various locations in Great Britain as well as Iceland and the Angkor Wat temples of Cambodia, Tomb Raider co-stars Noah Taylor, Chris Barrie, Daniel Craig, Rachel Appleton, Leslie Phillips, Mark Collie, and Julian Rhind-Tutt. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Race Against Time | Fathers and Daughters | Treasure Hunts | Daring Rescues | Time Travel
Keywords : adventurer, aristocrat, double-life, relic, secret-identity, secret-society, treasure-hunt
Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Angelina Jolie ... Lara Croft
Jon Voight ... Lord Croft
Noah Taylor ... Bryce
Iain Glen ... Manfred Powell
Daniel Craig ... Alex West
Chris Barrie ... Hillary
Julian Rhind-Tutt ... Mr. Pimms
Richard Johnson ... Distingiushed Gentleman
Leslie Phillips ... Wilson
420 1/4
The Last Airbender 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Suspense auteur M. Night Shyamalan takes a break from crafting original screenplays to tell this tale of a 12-year-old boy (Noah Ringer) who provides the last hope for restoring harmony to a land consumed by chaos. In a world balanced on the four nations of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, people known as the Waterbenders, Earthbenders, Firebenders, and Airbenders have mastered their native elements. Though the masters can each manipulate their native elements, the only one with the power to manipulate all four elements is a young boy known as the Avatar. When the Avatar subsequently appears to die while still mastering his powers, the Fire nation launches a global war with the ultimate goal of global domination. One hundred years later, two teens discover that the Avatar and his flying bison have in fact been locked in suspended animation. Upon being freed from his prison, the Avatar embarks on an arduous quest to restore harmony among the four war-ravaged nations. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Curses and Spells | Heroic Mission | Mischievous Children
Keywords : element, fire, war
Adventure, Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Martial Arts 
Noah Ringer ... Aang
Nicola Peltz ... Katara
Dev Patel ... Zuko
Jackson Rathbone ... Sokka
Shaun Toub ... Uncle Iroh
Aasif Mandvi ... Commander Zhao
Cliff Curtis ... Fire Lord Ozai
Seychelle Gabriel ... Princess Yue
Katharine Houghton ... Katara's Grandma
Damon Gupton ... Monk Gyatso
Summer Bishil ... Azula
Randall Duk Kim ... Old Man in Temple
John D'Alonzo ... Zhao's Assistant
Keong Sim ... Earthbending Father
Isaac Jin Solstein ... Earthbending Boy
Edmund Ikeda ... Old Man of Kyoshi Town
John Noble ... The Dragon Spirit
Morgan Spector ... Lead Fire Nation Soldier
Karim Sioud ... Fire NationPrison Guard
Manu Narayan ... Fire Nation Head Prison Guard
Ted Oyama ... Kyoshi Villager
Ritesh Rajan ... Fire Nation Soldier
George DeNoto ... Teahouse Child
Manuel Kanian ... Nervous Prison Guard
Jeffrey Zubernis ... Water Tribe Soldier
421 2/4
The Last Boy Scout 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Producer Joel Silver, director Tony Scott, and screenwriters Shane Black and Greg Hicks team up for this gridiron-set action thriller. Bruce Willis stars as Joe Hallenbeck, who was once a top-of-the-line Secret Service agent but has since become an alcoholic, flea-bag detective. While performing the chores of a two-bit shamus, he discovers his wife Sarah (Chelsea Field) is having an affair with his best friend. Joe is hired to protect Cory (Halle Berry), a stripper who has been getting death threats; Joe begins to sober up when Cory is blown to smithereens. Cory's boyfriend, Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans), was at one time a NFL football quarterback, but was thrown out of the game for gambling and addiction to Demerol. Smelling something fishy, Joe and Jimmy begin to investigate further and discover layers of corruption in professional football circles, leading up to Sheldon Marcone (Noble Willingham), a corrupt team owner who wants to pay off legislators to legalize gambling on pro football games. -- Paul Brenner

Themes : Amateur Sleuths | Football Players | Murder Investigations
Keywords : football, corruption, detective, investigation, killing, murder, police, revenge, Secret-Service, sports, stripper, underdog
Action, Buddy Film, Crime Thriller 
Bruce Willis ... Joe Hallenbeck
Damon Wayans ... Jimmy Dix
Chelsea Field ... Sarah Hallenbeck
Noble Willingham ... Sheldon Marcone
Danielle Harris ... Darian Hallenbeck
Halle Berry ... Cory
Bruce McGill ... Mike Matthews
Billy Bastiani
Marion Dougherty
Victoria Hochberg ... Henry
Michael Papajohn ... Hitman
Manny Perry ... cigar Thug
Joe El Rady ... Kid
Ed. E. Villa ... Property Cop
Badja Djola ... Alley Thug
Kim Coates ... Chet
Chelcie Ross ... Senator Baynard
Joe Santos ... Bessalo
Clarence Felder ... McCaskey
Tony Longo ... Big Roy Walton
Frank Collison ... Pablo
Bill Medley ... Himself
Dick Butkus ... Himself
Lynn Swann ... Himself
Ken Kells ... Head Coach
Morris Chestnut ... Locker Room Kid
Mike Fisher ... Wounded Player
Doug Simpson ... Wounded Player
David L. McMillan ... Kid
Benjamin Agee ... Kid
Donna Wilson ... Sleeping Party Girl
Denise Ames ... Jacuzzi Party Girl
Frank Kopyc ... Neighbor
Teal Roberts ... Dancer
Sara Suzanne Brown ... Dancer
Ryan Cutrona ... Harp
Eddie Griffin ... M.C.
John Cenatiempo ... Main Hitman
Jack Kehler ... Scrabble Man
Duke Valenti ... Jake
Dennis Garber ... Detective
Vic Manni ... Grandad Thug
Erik Onate ... TV Crew Member
Shane Dixon ... Baynard's Bodyguard
Rick Ducommun ... Pool Owner
E. Brian Dean ... Stadium Guard
Dick Ziker ... Marcone's Goon
Fred Lerner ... Marcone's Goon
John Meier ... Marcone's Goon
Don Pulford ... Marcone's Goon
Dennis Packer ... Field Announcer
Gene Borkan ... Stadium Cop
Kevin Bourland ... Stadium Cop
Steve Picerni ... Helicopter Cop
Carmine Zozzora ... Secret Service Man
Ed Beheler ... President
Colby Kline ... Young Darian
Billy Blanks ... Billy Cole
422 1/4
The Last Castle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robert Redford stars in this action drama as General Irwin, a respected three-star tactician whose career ends in disgrace when he's court-martialed and sent to The Castle, a maximum security military prison. Irwin quickly butts heads with the facility's autocratic warden, Colonel Winter (James Gandolfini), who runs his command with an iron fist, even killing prisoners when he deems it necessary. Irwin rallies his fellow convicts into a rag-tag army and leads them in a revolt against Winter, an action that the warden is ready to repel by violent means. Mark Ruffalo, Robin Wright Penn, and Delroy Lindo co-star in this Dreamworks production, the third feature film from one-time film critic Rod Lurie. -- Karl Williams

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Courts Martial | Fighting the System | Military Life | Miscarriage of Justice | Prison Life
Keywords : coup, General, military-police, power-struggle, revolution, warden, courtmartial
Thriller, Action Thriller, Prison Film 
Robert Redford ... Gen. Eugene Irwin
James Gandolfini ... Col. Winter
Mark Ruffalo ... Yates
Delroy Lindo ... Gen. Jim Wheeler
Steve Burton ... Capt. Peretz
Brian Goodman ... Beaupre
Paul Calderon ... Dellwo
Frank Military ... Doc
Michael Irby ... Enriquez
Samuel Ball ... Duffy
Jeremy Child ... Cutbush
George W. Scott ... Thumper
Maurice Bullard ... Sgt. McLaren
Nick Kokich ... Pvt. Niebolt
David Alford ... Corp. Zamorro
Dean Hall ... Harris
Peg Allen ... Sacretary (Kelly)
Forrest D. Bradford ... Simmons
Scott Michael ... Gunton
Dean Miller ... Carvelli
Kristen Shaw ... Clerk (Staff Sgt.)
Michael Davis ... Honor Guard
David Chattam ... Wheeler's Aide
Dan Cole ... Trustee #2
Hans Mooy ... Sgt. Moore
James Jerome Thomas ... Rapper
Stephen Sandfort ... Inmate
Jamie Roberto Mantecon ... Inmate
Jeffery G. Fagan ... Inmate
Lyon Fleming ... Inmate
Darius Willis ... Inmate
Rico Moody ... Inmate
Rocky Abou-Sakher ... Inmate
Sean Cameron ... Guard
Mary Jean McAdams ... Visitor
1029 0/4
The Last King 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this historical action film set in the 13th century during Norway's civil war, two men (Jakob Oftebro and Kristofer Hivju) must protect a young boy, the king's only heir, from being assassinated. Nikolaj Lie Kaas co-stars. Directed by Nils Gaup. --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Bodyguards
Keywords : boy, duo, heir, king, Norway, protection, war
Action, Adventure Drama 
Kristofer Hivju ... Torstein
Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Jakob Oftebro ... Skjervald
Pål Sverre Hagen ... Gisle
Thorbjorn Harr ... Inge
Benjamin Helstad ... King
Stig Henrik Hoff
Jeppe Beck Laursen ... Audun
423 2/4
The Last Mimzy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: New Line Cinema founder Robert Shaye's directorial debut, the family-friendly science-fiction tale The Last Mimzy is an adaptation of a short story by Lewis Padgett. The story concerns a young brother and sister, Noah and Emma Wilder (Chris O'Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn), who discover a strange box of artifacts one day while vacationing at the family's summer cottage. When the objects in the box begin to act in strange and mysterious ways, the pair decides to hide it from their mother (Joely Richardson) and workaholic father (Timothy Hutton). When Noah begins to display a previously unknown flair for advanced scientific concepts, the boy's teacher (Rainn Wilson) takes an interest in him. The two youngsters soon become the object of much interest from the government after their new discovery causes a large blackout. Eventually, the duo discovers that they are responsible for helping save the future of humankind, and Emma's precious stuffed rabbit might be something much more than it appears to be. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Food for Thought
Themes : Miraculous Events | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Psychic Abilities | Child Prodigies
Keywords : beach, crystal, future, intelligence [knowledge], mystery [unexplained phenomenon], New-Age, stuffed-animals [toys], telepathy, toy
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Message Movie 
Chris O'Neil ... Noah Wilder
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn ... Emma Wilder
Joely Richardson ... Jo Wilder
Timothy Hutton ... David Wilder
Rainn Wilson ... Larry White
Kathryn Hahn ... Naomi Schwartz
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Nathanial Boardman
424 2/4
The Last Samurai 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Edward Zwick returned to the director's chair for the first time since 1998's The Siege with this sweeping period drama set in 19th-century Japan. After centuries of relying on hired samurai for national defense, the Japanese monarchy has decided to do away with the warriors in favor of a more contemporary military. Tom Cruise stars as Nathan Algren, a veteran of the U.S. Civil War who is hired by the Emperor Meiji to train an army capable of wiping out the samurai. But when Algren is captured by the samurai and taught about their history and way of life, he finds himself conflicted over who he should be fighting alongside. Billy Connelly, Tony Goldwyn, and Ken Watanabe co-star. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Americans Abroad | Journey of Self-Discovery | Ninjas | Switching Sides
Keywords : Samurai, battle [war], capture, Civil-War [US], Japan, military, train [teach], veteran [military], warrior
Drama, Historical Epic, Period Film, Samurai Film 
Tom Cruise ... Nathan Algren
Timothy Spall ... Simon Graham
Billy Connolly ... Zebulon Gant
Tony Goldwyn ... Colonel Benjamin Bagley
Hiroyuki Sanada ... Ujio
Koyuki ... Taka
Shun Sugata ... Nakao
Seizo Fukomoto ... Silent Samurai
Masato Harada ... Omura
Shin Koyamada ... Nobutada
William Atherton ... Winchester Rep
Togo Igawa ... General Hasegawa
Sosuke Ikematsu ... Higen
John Koyama ... Omura's Bodyguard
Aoi Minato ... Magojiro
Chad Lindberg ... Winchester Rep Assistant
Masashi Odate ... Omura's Companion
Shintaro Wada ... Young Recruit
Shoji Yoshihara ... Sword Master
Kosaburo Nomura IV ... Kyogen Player #1
Takashi Noguchi ... Kyogen Player #2
Noguchi Takayuki ... Kyogen Player #3
Sven Toorvald ... Omura's Secretary
Yuki Matsuzaki ... Soldier in Street #1
Mitsuyuki Oishi ... Soldier in Street #2
Jiro Wada ... Soldier in Street #3
Hiroshi Watanabe ... Guard
Yusuke Myochin ... Sword Master's Assistant
Hiroaki Amano ... Samurai Ensemble
Kenta Daibo ... Samurai Ensemble
Koji Fujii ... Samurai Ensemble
Makoto Hashiba ... Samurai Ensemble
Shimpei Horinouchi ... Samurai Ensemble
Takashi Kora ... Samurai Ensemble
Takeshi Maya ... Samurai Ensemble
Shane Kosugi ... Samurai Ensemble
Seiji Mori ... Samurai Ensemble
Lee Murayama ... Samurai Ensemble
Takeru Shimizu ... Samurai Ensemble
Shinji Suzuki ... Samurai Ensemble
Hisao Takeda ... Samurai Ensemble
Ryoichiro Yonekura ... Samurai Ensemble
Ryoichi Noguchi ... Samurai Ensemble
Eijiro Ozaki ... Battle Corp
Teishu Kohata ... Battle Corp
Masayuki Maekawa ... Battle Corp
Takanobu Kaneko ... Battle Corp
Masato Tabayashi ... Battle Corp
Akihito Mimatsu ... Battle Corp
Takashi Yamaguchi ... Battle Corp
Akihiro Soen ... Battle Corp
Atsushi Ono ... Battle Corp
Toshihiko Ito ... Battle Corp
Genji Nakamura ... Battle Corp
Kosuke Oda ... Battle Corp
Akira Koieyama ... Battle Corp
Takashi Maeyama ... Battle Corp
Teruhito Takita ... Battle Corp
Hideki Yamaguchi ... Battle Corp
Hidetaro Ishibashi ... Battle Corp
Toru Kadowaki ... Battle Corp
Takeyuki Hirai ... Battle Corp
Takashi Taguchi ... Battle Corp
Misao Kurata ... Battle Corp
Ken Takagaki ... Battle Corp
Matt Okui ... Battle Corp
Chris Chin ... Battle Corp
Koichi Funayama ... Battle Corp
Yuya Nakashima ... Battle Corp
Shinji Matsumoto ... Battle Corp
Naruhito Nakada ... Battle Corp
Toshiaki Ogawa ... Battle Corp
Taiga Etoh ... Battle Corp
Akira Kojima ... Battle Corp
Fred Nakanishi ... Battle Corp
Ryoga Kajiwara ... Battle Corp
Hidetomo Nishida ... Battle Corp
Furuo Geiri ... Battle Corp
James Okada ... Battle Corp
Yoshihiko Kawamoto ... Battle Corp
Yukihiro Hokke ... Battle Corp
Kazunori Yajima ... Battle Corp
Kogi Inoue ... Battle Corp
Satoshi Nakamura ... Battle Corp
Yoshitake Kato ... Battle Corp
Takayuki Akaike ... Battle Corp
Shogo Shirasaka ... Battle Corp
Hiroshi Uenoyama ... Battle Corp
Maeda Jiro ... Battle Corp
Akihiko Nishimura ... Battle Corp
Kiyoshi Iwata ... Battle Corp
Giorgio Miyashita ... Battle Corp
899 4/4
Last Tango in Paris 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In Bernardo Bertolucci's art-house classic, Marlon Brando delivers one of his characteristically idiosyncratic performances as Paul, a middle-aged American in "emotional exile" who comes to Paris when his estranged wife commits suicide. Chancing to meet young Frenchwoman Jeanne (Maria Schneider), Paul enters into a sadomasochistic, carnal relationship with her, indirectly attacking the hypocrisy all around him through his raw, outrageous sexual behavior. Paul also hopes to purge himself of his own feelings of guilt, brilliantly (and profanely) articulated in a largely ad-libbed monologue at his wife's coffin. If the sexual content in Last Tango is uncomfortably explicit (once seen, the infamous "butter scene" is never forgotten), the combination of Brando's acting, Bertolucci's direction, Vittorio Storaro's cinematography, and Gato Barbieri's music is unbeatable, creating one of the classic European art movies of the 1970s, albeit one that is not for all viewers. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Carnal Knowledge | Strictly Speaking
Themes : Haunted By the Past | Self-Destructive Romance
Keywords : death, extramarital-affair, love, romance, self-discovery, sex, suicide
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance
Drama, Psychological Drama, Erotic Drama 
Marlon Brando ... Paul
Maria Schneider ... Jeanne
Maria Michi ... Rose's Mother
Jean-Pierre Léaud ... Tom
Massimo Girotti ... Marcel
Catherine Allegret ... Catherine
Michel Delahaye ... Bible Salesman
Gitt Magrini ... Jeanne's mother
Giovanna Galletti ... Prostitute
Veronica Lazar ... Rosa
Dan Diament ... TV Sound Engineer
Catherine Breillat ... Mouchette
Laura Betti ... Miss Blandish
Darling Legitimus ... Concierge
Catherine Sola ... TV Script Girl
Mauro Marchetti ... TV Cameraman
Marie-Helene Breillat ... Monique
Jean-Luc Bideau ... Barge Captain
Peter Schommer ... TV Assistant Cameraman
425 1/4
The Last Witch Hunter 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Kaulder (Vin Diesel), a witch hunter, is cursed with immortality by the Witch Queen (Julie Englbrecht) right before she dies at his hand. As a result, he has been tracking down evil witches for centuries while leading a lonely existence separated from his wife and daughter. When the Witch Queen returns from the dead seeking retribution, a battle ensues and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Directed by Breck Eisner (The Crazies). Cast includes Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson and Michael Caine. -- Jennifer Lackman

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Curses and Spells | Heroic Mission | Immortality | Lone Wolves | Out For Revenge | Witches
Keywords : humanity, immortality, plague, witch
Action, Fantasy, Action Thriller, Fantasy Adventure 
Vin Diesel ... Kaulder
Elijah Wood ... Dolan 37th
Rose Leslie ... Chloe
Michael Caine ... Dolan 36th
Julie Engelbrecht ... Witch Queen
Rena Owen ... Glaeser
Michael Halsey ... Grosette
Lotte Verbeek ... Helena
Dawn Olivieri ... Danique
Inbar Lavi ... Sonia
Armani Jackson ... Armani
Aimee Carrero ... Miranda
David Whalen ... Council Member #1
Jack Erdie ... Council Member #2
Allegra Carpenter ... Fatima
Samara Lee ... Little Girl
Nathan Hollabaugh ... Businessman
Corey Rieger ... Priest
Denver Milord ... A&C Soldier #1
Bonnie Morgan ... Witch Attacker #1
Mark Steger ... Witch Attacker #2
Mark Musashi ... Witch Attacker #3
Shane Callahan ... Hipster Man at Parlour
Jackson Frazer ... Boy On Plane
Ruth Crawford ... Old Woman Danique
426 2/4
Laws of Attraction 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Though equally respected in their field, divorce lawyers Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) and Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) are opposites inside and out of the courtroom. Audrey is meticulous and by the book, while Daniel relies on personality and luck to get by. Despite the difference in methods, neither lawyer has lost a case, and neither plan on ending their streak after being respectively hired by Serena (Parker Posey) and Thorne (Michael Sheen), a celebrity power couple gone wrong. The divorce settlement hinges on a particularly spectacular Irish castle, which both parties would like to keep for themselves. Audrey and Daniel hurry to Ireland with depositions in their eyes, but a growing mutual attraction manages to squirm out from beneath, and, after being immersed in a romantic Irish festival, the rival lawyers wake up married. Reeling, potentially in love (to Audrey in particular's dismay), and faced with the type of media explosion capable of leading to the end of their careers, the mismatched lawyers contemplate how to go about their clients' divorce hearings as man and wife. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Opposites Attract | Foibles of Marriage | Workplace Romance
Keywords : lawyer
Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Screwball Comedy 
Pierce Brosnan ... Daniel Rafferty
Julianne Moore ... Audrey Woods
Michael Sheen ... Thorne Jamison
Parker Posey ... Serena Jamison
Frances Fisher ... Sara Miller
Nora Dunn ... Judge Abramovitz
Mina Badie ... Tracey Abramovitz
Mike Doyle ... Michael Rawson
Vincent Marzello ... Lyman Hersh
Johnny Myers ... Ashton Phelps
Gordon Sterne ... Judge Baker
David Wilmot ... Brendan
427 1/4
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the comic book miniseries by Alan Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen takes place in an alternate universe where the characters of several literary classics exist in reality. As if that weren't enough, they've been assembled together in 1900 by Queen Victoria as a team of evil-fighting heroes. Among them are Allan Quatermain (Sean Connery) from H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines; Mina Harker (Peta Wilson) from Bram Stoker's Dracula; Tom Sawyer (Shane West) from several works by Mark Twain; Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend) from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray; Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah) from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; The Invisible Man (Tony Curran) from H.G. Wells book of the same name; and several others. Working together, the odd assortment of characters must combine their powers to defeat a mysterious villain and save the world from certain destruction. Directed by Stephen Norrington (Blade), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen also stars Jason Flemyng, Tom Goodman-Hill, and David Hemmings. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Unlikely Heroes | Invisible People | Split Personalities | Vampires
Keywords : Superhero, adventurer, invisibility, vampire, supernatural, Victorian, world-destruction
Fantasy, Action, Fantasy Adventure, Superhero Film 
Sean Connery ... Allan Quatermain
Shane West ... Tom Sawyer
Stuart Townsend ... Dorian Gray
Richard Roxburgh ... M
Peta Wilson ... Mina Harker (nee Murray)
Tony Curran ... Rodney Skinner, AKA The Invisible Man
Jason Flemyng ... Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Naseeruddin Shah ... Captain Nemo
David Hemmings ... Nigel
Max Ryan ... Dante
Tom Goodman-Hill ... Sanderson Reed
428 2/4
The Legend of Bagger Vance 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robert Redford directed this adaptation of a novel by Steven Pressfield that uses golf as a metaphor for one man's spiritual and philosophical journeys. Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon) was a gifted amateur golfer from Savannah, GA, until traumatic experiences during World War I shattered his confidence and sent him into a spiral of alcoholism. In 1931, Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron), a beautiful heiress who once loved Junuh, inherits a spectacular but financially ailing golf course after the suicide of her father. To attract customers, she proposed a high-stakes match between the two most famous golfers of the day, Bobby Jones (Joel Gretsch) and Walter Hagen (Bruce McGill). Local businessmen sponsoring the match insist that a local golfer be added to the card, and Junuh is drafted for the position, but it soon becomes obvious that his game is just a shadow of its former glory. When things seem hopeless, a mysterious gentleman named Bagger Vance (Will Smith) volunteers to serve as Junuh's caddy and coach, using a mixture of ancient wisdom and past-life knowledge to help Junah "remember" the swing he's lost. Jack Lemmon narrates the story, and J. Michael Moncrief plays Lemmon's character as a boy. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : All Washed Up | Down on Their Luck | Lovers Reunited | Mysterious Strangers | Starting Over | Underdogs
Keywords : alcoholism, angst, caddy, golf, heir, suicide, tournament, wisdom
Drama, Fantasy, Americana, Period Film, Sports Drama 
Will Smith ... Bagger Vance
Matt Damon ... Rannulph Junuh
Charlize Theron ... Adele Invergordon
Bruce McGill ... Walter Hagen
Joel Gretsch ... Bobby Jones
Lane Smith ... Grantland Rice
Harve Presnell ... John Invergordon
J. Michael Moncrief ... Hardy Greaves
Peter Gerety ... Neskaloosa
Michael O'Neill ... O.B. Keeler
Thomas Jay Ryan ... Spec Hammond
Jack Lemmon ... Narrator
861 2/4
The Legend of Tarzan 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Years after leaving the jungle and settling down with his wife Jane (Margot Robbie) in London, Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) is forced to return to the Congo in order to act as a trade representative for England. However, he soon clashes with a greedy Belgian captain (Christoph Waltz) who has sinister plans for his old home. David Yates directed this adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic tales. Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, John Hurt, and Jim Broadbent co-star. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Tough Guys
Themes : Culture Clash | Finding a Way Back Home | Fish Out of Water | Interracial/Cross-Cultural Romance | Kidnapping
Action, Adventure, Adventure Drama, Jungle Film, Period Film 
Margot Robbie ... Jane Clayton
Samuel L. Jackson ... George Washington Williams
Christoph Waltz ... Leon Rom
Djimon Hounsou ... Chief Mbonga
Rory J. Saper ... Young Tarzan (18 Years)
Osy Ikhile ... Kwete
Antony Acheampong ... Kanam
Adam Ganne ... German Force Publique
Aleksandar Mikic ... Muscular Force Publique
Gary Cargill ... Unruly Force Publique
Shaun Smith ... Medieval Faced Mercenary
Ian Mercer ... Freckled Force Publique
Laurence Spellman ... South African Force Publique
Alex Ferns ... Force Publique Officer
Roger Evans ... Force Publique Officer
Yule Masiteng ... Muviro
Mimi Ndiweni ... Eshe
Faith Edwards ... Older Kuba Woman
Matt Cross ... Akut
Madeleine Worrall ... Kala
Cedric Weber ... French Engineer
Simon Russell Beale ... Mr. Frum
Miles Jupp ... The Valet
Teresa Churcher ... Stern Maid
Jim Broadbent ... Prime Minister
Christopher Benjamin ... Lord Knutsford
Ben Chaplin ... Captain Moulle
Genevieve O'Reilly ... Tarzan's Mother
Hadley Fraser ... Tarzan's Father
Caitlin McIntosh ... Pigtails
Luke Smith ... Children in Greystoke Manor
429 2/4
The Legend of Zorro 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The legendary Mexican hero returns to the screen in this swashbuckling sequel to the 1998 box-office hit The Mask of Zorro. It's 1850, and the people of California, eager to improve their difficult lot in life, have launched a campaign to become part of the United States. Don Alejandro de la Vega (Antonio Banderas) has become aware of a plot by moneyed Europeans to block the campaign for statehood through nefarious means, and it looks as if Alejandro's heroic alter ego, Zorro, may have to return to duty. However, Alejandro's wife, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), has grown weary of his secret life, and she demands that he choose between his family and his clandestine career as a champion of the people. This leads to a rift between Alejandro and Elena, and the couple separates, with Alejandro moving out while Elena continues to care for their son, Joaquin (Adrian Alonso). A few months later, Alejandro finds that Elena is already being wooed by Armand (Rufus Sewell), a suave French nobleman who wants her hand in marriage. However, Alejandro also learns that Armand is actually part of a plot to prevent California from attaining statehood by tampering with an upcoming election; meanwhile, there may be more to Elena's involvement with Armand than romantic courtship. Zorro must come to the rescue of the people of California and perhaps his beloved Elena as well before they both fall into dangerous hands. The Legend of Zorro was directed by Martin Campbell, who performed the same duties on The Mask of Zorro. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Foibles of Marriage | Heroic Mission | Parenthood
Keywords : hero, Robin-Hood, legend [fable], mask [disguise], political-intrigue, rescue, wife, statehood, son
Action, Swashbuckler, Costume Adventure 
Antonio Banderas ... Don Alejandro de la Vega/Zorro
Catherine Zeta-Jones ... Elena de la Vega
Rufus Sewell ... Armand
Nick Chinlund ... Jacob McGivens
Shuler Hensley ... Pike
Michael Emerson ... Harrigan
430 2/4
Legends of the Fall 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The sweeping, melodramatic saga of three brothers, their powerful father, and a beautiful woman, the popular period drama Legends of the Fall presents a romanticized view of rugged masculinity against lush Montana scenery. Based on a novel by Jim Harrison, the film covers decades in the lives of Alfred (Aidan Quinn), Tristan (Brad Pitt), and Samuel (Henry Thomas) Ludlow, the sons of retired military man William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins). Raised by the unorthodox Ludlow after the departure of their mother, the boys grow up close, sharing an appreciation of the land and a pioneering spirit. The family becomes divided, however, when young Sam enlists in World War I over his father's objections, and his brothers follow suit to protect him. Despite these efforts, Sam dies in battle, leaving Alfred and Tristan to return home and deal with the lingering torment. Further complicating matters is the presence of Sam's beautiful fiancée, Susannah (Julia Ormond). After Sam's death, she attracts the romantic attention of both the responsible Alfred and the brooding Tristan, a conflict that threatens to drive the brothers apart. Aspiring to epic status, the film utilizes period detail and attractive landscapes as a backdrop for tragic, doomed romance. While some critics complained that the film resembled a romance novel writ, veering at times into the overwrought, audiences embraced the combination of emotion and grand historical scale, making the film a box-office success. -- Judd Blaise

Moods : A Good Cry
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Home From the War | Love Triangles | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : brother, father, love-triangle, parent/child-relationship, romance, war, war-widow
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Romantic Epic, Family Drama, Period Film, Romantic Drama 
Brad Pitt ... Tristan Ludlow
Anthony Hopkins ... Col. William Ludlow
Aidan Quinn ... Alfred Ludlow
Henry Thomas ... Samuel Ludlow
Julia Ormond ... Susannah Finncannon
Karina Lombard ... Isabel Two
Gordon Tootoosis ... One Stab
Tantoo Cardinal ... Pet
Paul Desmond ... Decker
Stuart Aikins
Mary Colquhoun
Christina Pickles ... Isabel
Robert Wisden ... John T. O'Banion
John Novak ... James O'Banion
Kenneth Welsh ... Sheriff Tynert
Bill Dow ... Longley
Nigel Bennett ... Asgaard
Charles Andre ... Federal Officer
Weston McMillan ... Noel
Bill Croft ... Bartender
Marc Levy ... Butler
David Kaye ... Samuel Decker
893 3/4
The LEGO Batman Movie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Batman (voice of Will Arnett) defends Gotham City from criminals and supervillains while bonding with a young orphan (Michael Cera) he accidentally adopted -- who, of course, eventually becomes his sidekick Robin. This spin-off of The Lego Movie also features the voices of Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Zach Galifianakis as the Joker, and Ralph Fiennes as Batman's loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth. Directed by Chris McKay (Robot Chicken). -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission | Toys Come to Life
Action, Children's/Family, Action Comedy, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Superhero Film 
Will Arnett ... Batman/Bruce Wayne
Zach Galifianakis ... The Joker
Michael Cera ... Robin/Dick Grayson
Rosario Dawson ... Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Ralph Fiennes ... Alfred Pennyworth
Mariah Carey ... Mayor McCaskill
Jenny Slate ... Harley Quinn
Jason Mantzoukas ... Scarecrow
Conan O'Brien ... The Riddler
Doug Benson ... Bane
Billy Dee Williams ... Two-Face
Zoë Kravitz ... Catwoman
Kate Micucci ... Clayface
Riki Lindhome ... Poison Ivy
Eddie Izzard ... Voldemort
Seth Green ... King Kong
Jemaine Clement ... Sauron
Ellie Kemper ... Phyllis
Channing Tatum ... Superman
Jonah Hill ... Green Lantern
Adam DeVine ... The Flash
Hector Elizondo ... Jim Gordon
David Burrows ... Anchorman Phil
Laura Kightlinger ... Reporter Pippa
Brent Musburger ... Reporter #1
Ralph Garman ... Reporter #2
Chris Hardwick ... Reporter #3
Todd Hansen ... Captain Dale
431 1/4
The LEGO Movie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A lowly Lego figure (voiced by Chris Pratt) joins a group intent on battling an evil force after a case of mistaken identity in this computer-generated comedy from the filmmakers behind Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and co-director Chris McKay (Robot Chicken). Will Arnett co-stars as the voice of Batman, who along with Superman, make appearances in the Warner Bros. picture. Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, and Alison Brie head up the rest of the voice cast. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Chosen One | Fantasy Lands | Heroic Mission
Keywords : father, prophecy, son, worker, toy
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Chris Pratt ... Emmet
Will Arnett ... Batman
Will Ferrell ... President Business
Morgan Freeman ... Vitruvius
Charlie Day ... Spaceman Benny
Liam Neeson ... Bad Cop/Good Cop
Nick Offerman ... Craggy
Alison Brie ... Uni-Kitty
Jonah Hill ... Green Lantern
Channing Tatum ... Superman
Keith Ferguson ... Han Solo
Dave Franco ... Wally
Jake Johnson ... Barry
Keegan-Michael Key ... Foreman Jim
Chris McKay ... Larry the Barista
Graham Miller ... Duplo
Shaquille O'Neal ... Shaq
Jadon Sand ... Finn
Cobie Smulders ... Wonder Woman
Melissa Sturm ... Gail/Ma Cop
Jorma Taccone ... Shakespeare
Billy Dee Williams ... Lando
Anthony Daniels ... C-3PO
432 2/4
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The best-selling series of subversive children's books from author Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler) come to the screen in this black comedy for the whole family (and how often do you get to see one of those?). The Baudelaire siblings -- gadget freak Violet (Emily Browning), bookworm Klaus (Liam Aiken), and baby Sunny (Kara Hoffman and Shelby Hoffman) -- were living a fairy-tale existence with their parents until they died in a fire that destroyed the family home. With few close relatives and a large fortune the children won't inherit until they reach adulthood, the Baudelaire children are left in the care of the peculiar Count Olaf (Jim Carrey), an out-of-work actor who would love nothing more than to get his hands on the kids' money. It doesn't take long for the children to figure out that Count Olaf is up to no good, and they try to steer clear of his various murderous schemes with the help of wildly paranoid Aunt Josephine (Meryl Streep) and snake-fancying Uncle Monty (Billy Connolly). Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events also features Catherine O'Hara, Timothy Spall, Cedric the Entertainer, and Luis Guzman; Jude Law narrates in the guise of author Snicket. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Gutbusters
Themes : Orphans | Inheritance at Stake
Keywords : assumed-identity, count (nobility), inheritance, orphan, sibling
Children's/Family, Comedy, Black Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Gothic Film 
Jim Carrey ... Llamando Conde Olaf
Liam Aiken ... Klaus Baudelaire
Emily Browning ... Violet Baudelaire
Kara Hoffman ... Sunny Baudelaire
Shelby Hoffman ... Sunny Baudelaire
Jude Law ... Lemony Snicket
Timothy Spall ... Mr. Poe
Catherine O'Hara ... Justice Strauss
Billy Connolly ... Uncle Monty
Meryl Streep ... Aunt Josephine
Luis Guzman ... Bald Man
Jamie Harris ... Hook-Handed Man
Craig Ferguson ... Person of Indeterminate Gender
Jennifer Coolidge ... White Faced Woman No. 1
Jane Adams ... White Faced Woman No. 2
Cedric the Entertainer ... Constable
896 4/4
Letters from Iwo Jima 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After bringing the story of the American soldiers who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima to the screen in his film Flags of Our Fathers, Clint Eastwood offers an equally thoughtful portrait of the Japanese forces who held the island for 36 days in this military drama. In 1945, World War II was in its last stages, and U.S. forces were planning to take on the Japanese on a small island known as Iwo Jima. While the island was mostly rock and volcanoes, it was of key strategic value and Japan's leaders saw the island as the final opportunity to prevent an Allied invasion. Lt. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi (Ken Watanabe) was put in charge of the forces on Iwo Jima; Kuribayashi had spent time in the United States and was not eager to take on the American army, but he also understood his opponents in a way his superiors did not, and devised an unusual strategy of digging tunnels and deep foxholes that allowed his troops a tactical advantage over the invading soldiers. While Kuribayashi's strategy alienated some older officers, it impressed Baron Nishi (Tsuyoshi Ihara), the son of a wealthy family who had also studied America firsthand as an athlete at the 1932 Olympics. As Kuribayashi and his men dig in for a battle they are not certain they can win -- and most have been told they will not survive -- their story is told both by watching their actions and through the letters they write home to their loved ones, letters that in many cases would not be delivered until long after they were dead. Among the soldiers manning Japan's last line of defense are Saigo (Kazunari Ninomiya), a baker sent to Iwo Jima only days before his wife was to give birth; Shimizu (Ryo Kase), who was sent to Iwo Jima after washing out in the military police; and Lieutenant Ito (Shidou Nakamura), who has embraced the notion of "Death Before Surrender" with particular ferocity. Filmed in Japanese with a primarily Japanese cast, Letters From Iwo Jima was shot in tandem with Flags of Our Fathers, and the two films were released within two months of one another. -- Mark Deming

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Great Battles | Heroic Mission | Trapped or Confined
Keywords : island, Japanese [nationality], leader, military, letter, world-war, tradition
War, War Drama, Anti-War Film, Combat Films 
Ken Watanabe ... General Kuribayashi
Kazunari Ninomiya ... Saigo
Tsuyoshi Ihara ... Nishi, Baron
Ryo Kase ... Shimizu
Shidou Nakamura ... Lieutenant Ito
Hiroshi Watanabe ... Lieutenant Fujita
Takumi Bando ... Captain Tanida
Yuki Matsuzaki ... Nozaki
Takashi Yamaguchi ... kashiwara
Eijiro Ozaki ... Lieutenant Okubo
Nae ... Hanako
Nobumasa Sakagami ... Admiral Ohsugi
Luke Elliot ... Sam
Steve Santa Sekiyoshi ... Kanda
Hiro Abe ... Lt. Colonel Oiso
Yoshi Ishii ... Private Yamazaki
Toshi Toda ... Colonel Adachi
Ken Kensei ... Maj. General Hayashi
Ikuma Ando ... Ozawa
Akiko Shima ... Lead Woman
Mark Moses ... American Officer
Roxanne Hart ... Officer's Wife
Yoshio Iizuka ... Tired Soldier
Mitsu Kurokawa ... Suicide Soldier
Takuji Kuramoto ... Ono
Koji Wada ... Hashimoto
Shoji Hattori ... Japanese Soldier #2
Mark Tadashi Takahashi ... Japanese Soldier #3
Mitsuyuki Oishi ... Japanese Soldier #4
Evan Ellingson ... Kid Marine
Kazuyuki Morosawa ... Ito's Guard
Masayuki Yonezawa ... Ito's Soldier
Hiroshi Tom Tanaka ... Hopeless Soldier
Mathew Botuchis ... American Marine
Yukari Black ... Mother
Daisuke Nagashima ... Prisoner
Kirk Enochs ... Marine Officer
Ryan Kelley ... Marine #2
Jonathan Oliver Sessler ... Marine #3
Michael Lawson ... Marine #4
Taishi Mizuno ... Cave Soldier #1
Daisuke Tsuji ... Cave Soldier #2
Yoshi Ando ... Excavator #1
Yutaka Takeuchi ... Excavator #2
Tsuguo Mizuno ... Lead Excavator
Mark Ofuji ... Kuribayashi's Guard
Hallock Beals ... Marine at Clearing
Ryan Carnes ... Marine at Clearing
Jeremy Glazer ... Marine Lieutenant
Ryoya Katsuyama ... Boy
Masashi Odate ... Cook
London Kim ... Okubo's Soldier
Skip Evans ... Pilots
Wanliss E. Armstrong ... Pilots
906 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This science fiction saga tells the story of astronauts on the International Space Station who retrieve a sample from Mars and discover it contains evidence of intelligent life. The crew is thrust into danger when the specimen shows signs of aggression, threatening the entire mission. Jake Gyllenhaal stars alongside Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson. Daniel Espinosa directed a script written by Deadpool scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. -- Daniel Gelb

Keywords : alien [not human], danger, life, Mars, mission [quest], space-station
Science Fiction 
Jake Gyllenhaal ... David Jordan
Ryan Reynolds ... Roy Adams
Rebecca Ferguson ... Miranda North
Hiroyuki Sanada
Olga Dihovichnaya
Ariyon Bakare
433 2/4
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The first effort from director Wes Anderson since his critically beloved The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou finds the filmmaker re-teaming with a number of familiar faces, including Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Anjelica Huston, and Seymour Cassel. Murray plays Steve Zissou, an eccentric and renowned oceanographer who has decided to seek out and enact mortal revenge on a shark that ate one of the men on his team. Along for the ride is Ned Plimpton (Owen Wilson), a young man who has joined Zissou's crew after showing up claiming to be the seaman's long-lost son and Zissou's co-producer (and estranged wife), Eleanor Angelica Huston. As the expedition ensues, the two bond and Plimpton falls for a female journalist (Cate Blanchett) who is writing a piece on Zissou. The crew meets a host of obstacles on their journey, including pirates, kidnapping, and bankruptcy. Adding a flair of whimsy to the film's aesthetic, the sea creatures and underwater scenes in the film have been created using stop-motion animation under the direction of Henry Selick, the man behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. The ensemble cast also includes Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Michael Gambon, Noah Taylor, and Bud Cort. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : A World of Its Own | Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Obsessive Quests | Filmmaking | Midlife Crises
Keywords : film-crew, oceanography, deep-sea, revenge, shark
Comedy, Sea Adventure, Ensemble Film 
Bill Murray ... Steve Zissou
Owen Wilson ... Ned Plimpton
Cate Blanchett ... Jane Winslett-Richardson
Anjelica Huston ... Eleanor Zissou
Willem Dafoe ... Klaus Daimler
Jeff Goldblum ... Alistair Hennessy
Michael Gambon ... Oseary Drakoulias
Bud Cort ... Bill Ubell
Seu Jorge ... Pele dos Santos
Seymour Cassel ... Esteban du Plantier
Noah Taylor
Wallace Wolodarsky
Robyn Cohen
Peter Stormare
Matthew Gray Gubler ... Intern
434 3/4
Life of Pi 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Yann Martel's ponderous adventure novel gets the big-screen treatment with this Fox 2000 adaptation helmed by director Ang Lee. The coming-of-age story surrounds the son of a zookeeper who survives a shipwreck by stowing away on a lifeboat with a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a Bengal tiger by the name of Richard Parker. Suraj Sharma heads up the cast as the young boy, with Gérard Depardieu, Adil Hussain, Irrfan Khan, Rafe Spall, and Bollywood actress Tabu also starring. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Eyepoppers
Themes : Disasters at Sea | Stranded
Keywords : cat, chimpanzee, hyena, lifeboat, lost-at-sea, religion, sea-disaster, shipwreck, tiger, zoo
Adventure, Adventure Drama, Coming-of-Age 
Suraj Sharma ... Piscine Militor Patel - 17 years old
Irfan Khan ... Piscine Militor Patel - Adult
Ayush Tandon ... Piscine Militor Patel - Child
Tabu ... Gita Patel
Adil Hussain ... Santosh Patel
Rafe Spall ... Writer
Gérard Depardieu ... Cook
435 3/4
Lilo & Stitch 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A lonely little girl makes a very unusual friend -- a ukulele-playing alien who likes to toss around small automobiles -- in this antic animated comedy from Walt Disney Studios. Lilo (voice of Daveigh Chase) is a young Hawaiian girl being raised by her teenaged sister Nani (voice of Tia Carrere) after the unexpected death of their parents in an auto accident. While Nani tries to hold their household together, Lilo is a child with unusual interests and a distinctive sense of humor, which makes it hard for her to bond with her peers, as well as her big sister. Nani decides Lilo might be happier if she had a pet, so the sisters go to the animal shelter to adopt a dog; however, the critter which catches Lilo's fancy is a fuzzy blue creature she names Stitch (voice of Chris Sanders). Nani isn't so sure Stitch is really a dog, and it turns out she's right; Stitch is actually "Genetic Experiment 626," a mutation created by extraterrestrial mad scientist Dr. Jumba (voice of David Ogden Stiers) to be used a weapon. Stitch is an intelligent but gleefully destructive little creature with superhuman strength who has escaped to Earth and crash-landed in the Hawaiian islands, but Lilo sees him simply as a fellow misfit and attempts to teach him to behave like her favorite American icon, Elvis Presley. Meanwhile, Nani struggles to keep Lilo and Stitch on their best behavior as stern social worker Cobra Bubbles (voice of Ving Rhames) tries to determine if Nani is fit to raise a child, while Dr. Jumba and Pleakley (voice of Kevin McDonald) attempt to capture "Experiment 626" and bring him back home. Chris Sanders, who provides the voice of Stitch, also co-wrote and co-directed the film, which features numerous Elvis Presley tunes on the soundtrack, as well as a new recording of "Burning Love" by country star Wynonna. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Faltering Friendships | Fish Out of Water | Orphans | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : alien [not human], orphan, friendship, outcast, sister, Hawaii, adoption, exile, outer-space
Children's/Family, Comedy, Children's Fantasy, Odd Couple Film, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Daveigh Chase ... Lilo
Chris Sanders ... Stitch
Tia Carrere ... Nani
David Ogden Stiers ... Jumba
Kevin McDonald ... Pleakley
Ving Rhames ... Cobra Bubbles
Zoe Caldwell ... Grand Councilwoman
Jason Scott Lee ... David Kawena
Kevin Richardson ... Captain Gantu
Susan Hegarty ... Rescue Lady
Amy Hill ... Mrs. Hasagawa
Alyson Stoner
436 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A struggling writer unlocks the full potential of his brain by taking a cutting-edge pharmaceutical, only to find that his newfound abilities have made him a target for some of the most greedy and dangerous men on the planet. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is an author without a novel. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't summon the inspiration to write a single word. That all changes when an old friend wanders back into Eddie's life, and opens his eyes to a powerful new drug called NZT. The moment Eddie takes NZT, his brain begins functioning at 100 percent, giving him the ability to quickly recall every event in his life down to the smallest detail, learn new languages in a flash, and harness the untapped power of complex mathematical equations. But when Eddie's supply of NZT runs out, the party is over. Of course, it doesn't take Eddie long to make a mint on Wall Street, and when he does, it draws the attention of Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro), one of the world's most powerful and prominent businessmen. With Eddie's help, Carl plots to arbitrate a complex corporate merger that will shake the establishment to its very core. Just as the deal is about to be brokered, however, some dangerous characters discover Eddie's secret and come gunning for his dwindling supply of medicine. Now, if Eddie can just endure the debilitating side effects of NZT long enough to run for his life, he may just survive to see another day. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Ladder to the Top | Drug Addiction | Race Against Time
Keywords : businessperson, creative-block, genius, miracle-drug, top-secret, writer
Science Fiction, Thriller, Psychological Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller 
Bradley Cooper ... Eddie Morra
Robert De Niro ... Carl Van Loon
Abbie Cornish ... Lindy
Andrew Howard ... Gennady
Anna Friel ... Melissa
Johnny Whitworth ... Vernon
Tomas Arana ... Man in Tan Coat
Robert John Burke ... Pierce
Darren Goldstein ... Kevin Doyle
Ned Eisenberg ... Morris Brandt
T.V. Carpio ... Valerie
Richard Bekins ... Hank Atwood
Patricia Kalember ... Mrs. Atwood
Cindy Katz ... Marla Sutton
Brian Anthony Wilson ... Detective
Rebecca Dayan ... Herself
Ann Marie Green ... Financial Newscaster
Damali Mason ... Female Cop
Meg McCrossen ... Female Assistant
Tom Bloom ... Dunham
Nina Hodoruk ... Realtor
Tom Teti ... Tailor
Stephanie Humphrey ... TV News Reporter
Joe McCarthy ... Day Trader #1
Peter Pryor ... Day Trader #2
Daniel Breaker ... Campaign Manager
Dave Droxler ... Technician
Piper Brown ... Girl Skater
Simon MacLean ... Father Skater
Saxon Palmer ... Businessman #1
Stephen Sable ... Businessman #2
Damaris Lewis ... Beautiful Black Woman
Martha Ann Talman ... Van Loon's Assistant
Robert Bizik ... Coffee Shop Owner
Howard Strong ... Poker Player #2
Arlette De Alba ... Girl Passenger
Eddie J. Fernandez ... Gennady Thug
Ray Siegle ... Gennady Blind Thug
Richard Miller ... Friend at Beach #2
Violeta Silva ... Friend at Beach #3
Anna Parkinson ... Friend at Beach #4
Laurence Roscoe ... Friend at Beach #5
437 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Steven Spielberg helms his long-in-the-making biopic of Abraham Lincoln for DreamWorks and Touchstone Pictures. Daniel Day-Lewis portrays the former head of state in the Tony Kushner-penned adaptation of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book Team of Rivals, which chronicles the President's time in office between 1861 and 1865 as he dealt with personal demons and politics during the Civil War. Sally Field leads a co-starring cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Academy Award nominee John Hawkes. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Heads of State | Political Unrest
Keywords : political-advisor, President, slavery
Drama, Biopic [feature], Period Film, War Drama 
Daniel Day-Lewis ... Abraham Lincoln
Sally Field ... Mary Todd Lincoln
David Strathairn ... William Seward
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Robert Lincoln
James Spader ... W.N. Bilbo
Hal Holbrook ... Preston Blair
Tommy Lee Jones ... Thaddeus Stevens
John Hawkes ... Robert Latham
Jackie Earle Haley ... Alexander Stephens
Bruce McGill ... Edwin Stanton
Tim Blake Nelson ... Richard Schell
Joseph Cross ... John Hay
Jared Harris ... Ulysses S. Grant
Lee Pace ... Fernando Wood
Peter McRobbie ... George Pendleton
Gloria Reuben ... Elizabeth Keckley
Jeremy Strong ... John Nicolay
Michael Stuhlbarg ... George Yeaman
Boris McGiver ... Alexander Coffroth
David Costabile ... James Ashley
Stephen Spinella ... Asa Vintner Litton
Walton Goggins ... Clay Hawkins
David Warshofsky ... William Hutton
Colman Domingo ... Private Harold Green
David Oyelowo ... Corporal Ira Clark
Lukas Haas ... First White Soldier
Dane DeHaan ... Second White Soldier
Carlos Thompson ... Navy Yard - Shouting Soldier
Bill Camp ... Mr. Jolly
Elizabeth Marvel ... Mrs. Jolly
Byron Jennings ... Montgomery Blair
Julie White ... Elizabeth Blair Lee
Ralph D. Edlow ... Leo - Blair's Servant
Grainger Hines ... Gideon Welles
Richard Topol ... James Speed
Walt Smith ... William Fessenden
Dakin Matthews ... John Usher
James Ike Eichling ... William Dennison
Wayne Duvall ... Senator Bluff Wade
Bill Raymond ... Schuyler Colfax
Michael Kennedy ... Hiram Price
Christopher Boyer ... General Robert E. Lee
Christopher Cartmill ... Leonard Grover
Robert Peters ... Jacob Graylor
John Moon ... Edwin LeClerk
Kevin O'Donnell ... Charles Hanson
Jamie Horton ... Giles Stuart
Joseph Dellinger ... Nelson Merrick
Rick Warner ... Homer Benson
Dave Hager ... Captain Nathan Saunders - River Queen
Sean Haggerty ... Officer in Peace Commissioners Exchange
Michael Shiflett ... Senator R.M.T. Hunter
Gregory Itzin ... Judge John A. Campbell
Chase Edmunds ... Willie Lincoln
John Hutton ... Senator Charles Sumner
Robert Ruffin ... Major Thompson Eckert
Drew Sease ... David
John Lescault ... Gustavus Fox
Scott Wichmann ... Charles Benjamin
Adam Driver ... Samuel Beckwith
William Kaffenberger ... John A. Casson
Gregory Hosaflook ... John F. McKenzie
Larry Van Hoose ... John A. Casson
Joe Kerkes ... Andrew E. Finck
James Batchelder ... Howard Guillefoyle
Asa-Luke Twocrow ... Ely Parker
Lancer Shull ... Union Soldier - Bodyguard
George Turman ... Military Hospital Doctor
C. Brandon Marshall ... Rufus Warren
John Jones ... Wounded Soldier
S. Epatha Merkerson ... Lydia Smith
John Bellemer ... Faust
Mary Dunleavy ... Marguerite
Christopher Evan Welch ... Clerk - Edward McPherson
Alan Sader ... Sergeant at Arms
Gannon McHale ... Aaron Haddam
Ken Lambert ... Augustus Benjamin
Tom Belgrey ... Arthur Bentleigh
Ted Johnson ... John Ellis
Don Henderson Baker ... Walter Appleton
Raynor Scheine ... Josiah S. "Beanpole" Burton
Armistead Nelson Wellford ... Nehemiah Cleary
Michael Ruff ... Harold Hollister
Robert Shepherd ... Dr. Joseph K. Barnes
Edward McDonald ... Daniel G. Stuart
Christopher Alan Stewart ... Sergeant-Grant's HQ
Teddy Eck ... Corporal-Grant's HQ
Todd Fletcher ... Walter H. Washburn
Charles Kinney ... Myer Strauss
Joseph Carlson ... Joseph Marstern
Michael Goodwin ... Chilton A. Elliot
David Graham ... House of Representatives-Rebel Shouter
438 2/4
The Lion King 1½ 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ten years after The Lion King shot to the top at the box office and first introduced the characters of Simba (Matthew Broderick) and his pals Timon (Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella), Disney presented this retelling of the Academy Award-winning animated musical. Switching the perspective to that of meerkat Timon and warthog Pumbaa, The Lion King 1 1/2 puts a new spin on the events of the original film. This time around, the comic duo are conveniently at the center of much of the story. Along with returning cast members Moira Kelly, Whoopi Goldberg, and Cheech Marin, The Simpsons' Julie Kavner and Seinfeld's Jerry Stiller lend their voices to newcomer characters Timon's Mom and Timon's Uncle Max, respectively. The straight-to-video film also features the never-before-heard song "That's All I Need." -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : family, jungle, king, lion, search, warthog
Children's/Family, Animal Picture, Animated Musical 
Nathan Lane ... Timon
Ernie Sabella ... Pumbaa
Julie Kavner ... Timon's Mom
Jerry Stiller ... Timon's Uncle Max
Matthew Broderick ... Simba
Robert Guillaume ... Rafiki
Moira Kelly ... Nala
Whoopi Goldberg ... Shenzi
Cheech Marin ... Banzai
Jim Cummings ... Ed
Edward Hibbert ... Zazu
Matt Weinberg ... Young Simba
439 2/4
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Darrell Rooney directed this direct-to-video sequel to Disney's 1994 The Lion King, which climaxed with Simba (voice of Matthew Broderick) enthroned as the ruling king of beasts following the death of the evil Scar. With the spirited tune He Lives in You, Simba and his mate Nala (Moira Kelly) issue a triumphant announcement of the birth of Lion Princess Kiara (Neve Campbell)! Given to misadventures and mischief, Kiara wanders into the forbidden Outlands, the haunt of Scar's exiled minions, and there she encounters another mischievous cub, Kovu (Jason Marsden), son of lioness Zira (Suzanne Pleshette), once a close friend of the late Scar and now the leader of the exiles. Zira plots against Kiara, drawing her son into her scheme. Kovu has divided loyalties as his love for Kiara deepens. Several original characters (and original voices) from the 1994 film return in this sequel, an event so anticipated that Buena Vista Home Video initially shipped 15 million units for the 10/27/98 retail release. -- Bhob Stewart

Themes : Culture Clash | Fathers and Sons | Star-Crossed Lovers
Keywords : cub, lion, loyalty, princess
Children's/Family, Animal Picture, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Matthew Broderick ... Simba
Neve Campbell ... Kiara
Andy Dick ... Nuka
Robert Guillaume ... Rafiki
James Earl Jones ... Mufasa
Moira Kelly ... Nala
Nathan Lane ... Timon
Jason Marsden ... Kovu
Suzanne Pleshette ... Zira
Ernie Sabella ... Pumbaa
440 3/4
The Lion King 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the most popular Disney animated musicals, The Lion King presents the story of a lion cub's journey to adulthood and acceptance of his royal destiny. Simba (voiced first by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, then by Matthew Broderick) begins life as an honored prince, the son of the powerful King Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones). The cub's happy childhood turns tragic when his evil uncle, Scar (voiced by Jeremy Irons), murders Mufasa and drives Simba away from the kingdom. In exile, the young lion befriends the comically bumbling pair of Pumbaa the warthog (voiced by Ernie Sabella) and Timon the meerkat (voiced by Nathan Lane), he and lives a carefree jungle life. As he approaches adulthood, however, he is visited by the spirit of his father, who instructs him to defeat the nefarious Scar and reclaim his rightful throne. Borrowing elements from Hamlet, classical mythology, and African folk tales, The Lion King tells its mythic coming-of-age tale with a combination of spectacular visuals and lively music, featuring light, rhythmic songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, and a score by Hans Zimmer. Embraced by children and adults alike, the film also spawned hit songs ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight," "The Circle of Life") and a hit Broadway musical. In late 2002, The Lion King was re-released in the large-screen IMAX format. -- Judd Blaise

Themes : Haunted By the Past | Redemption | Death of a Parent | Fathers and Sons
Keywords : coming-of-age, hero, journey, jungle, king, legacy, lion, throne, villain, warthog
Children's/Family, Adventure, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy 
Matthew Broderick ... Simba
Jeremy Irons ... Scar
James Earl Jones ... Mufasa
Moira Kelly ... Nala
Nathan Lane ... Timon
Ernie Sabella ... Pumbaa
Whoopi Goldberg ... Shenzi
Cheech Marin ... Banzai
Robert Guillaume ... Rafiki
Rowan Atkinson ... Zazu
Jim Cummings ... Ed
Madge Sinclair ... Sarabi
Jonathan Taylor Thomas ... Young Simba
Jason Weaver ... Young Simba (Singing)
David McCharen ... Other Voices
Frank Welker ... Other Voices
Cathy Cavadini ... Other Voices
1161 2/4
The Little Death 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Five couples discover they haven't been completely honest about what they want in the bedroom in this raunchy, honest comedy about the sex secrets ordinary people keep. --

Moods : Carnal Knowledge
Josh Lawson ... Paul
Bojana Novakovic ... Maeve
Damon Herriman ... Dan
Kate Mulvany ... Evie
Kate Box ... Rowena
Patrick Brammall ... Richard
Alan Dukes ... Phil
Lisa McCune ... Maureen
Kim Gyngell ... Steve
Lachy Hulme ... Kim
Tasneem Roc ... Yael
Ben Lawson ... Glenn
441 2/4
The Little Drummer Boy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The perennial Yuletide animated classic The Little Drummer Boy gets a new look on home video with this release. Actually, the program itself will be familiar to those who watch it every December; only the packaging has changed. This moving story, about a poor boy who can offer no gift to the baby Jesus other than his song, will entertain and inspire the entire family. The soundtrack was recorded by the Vienna Boys Choir. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Wishes Come True
Keywords : Christmas, drummer, holiday
Children's/Family, Holiday Film, Heavenly Drama 
José Ferrer ... Ben Haramed
Ted Eccles
Paul H. Frees
Greer Garson ... Storyteller
442 4/4
The Little Mermaid 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Disney's The Little Mermaid was the first in a series of blockbusters that restored the venerable firm's reputation as the world's premiere animated-feature factory. The title character is a precocious teenager named Ariel, the daughter of Triton, king of the Sea. Against her dad's wishes, Ariel journeys beyond her own world to the surface, where she falls in love with Prince Eric, a handsome human. Foolishly, the little mermaid enters into an agreement with evil sea witch Ursula in order to become human herself. The wistfully melancholy ending of the original Hans Christian Andersen story is dispensed with in favor of a joyously happy ending-but not before a spectacular climactic confrontation between Ursula and Triton. The obligatory Disney comic relief is handled by such freshly minted characters as Sebastian the Crab, who, courtesy of voiceover artist Samuel E. Wright, sings the film's Oscar-winning "Under the Sea." Other voices are provided by Broadway star Jodi Benson (as Ariel) and such Hollywood reliables as Buddy Hackett, Pat Carroll, Kenneth Mars, and Rene Auberjonois. The enormous box-office take of The Little Mermaid made possible such future Disney cartoon ventures as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. -- Hal Erickson

Themes : Curses and Spells | Deal With the Devil | Fathers and Daughters | Fish Out of Water
Keywords : love, mermaid, prince, romance, self-sacrifice, witch
Attributes : High Historical Importance
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends 
Jodi Benson ... Ariel
Pat Carroll ... Ursula
Sam Wright ... Sebastian
Kenneth Mars ... Triton
Buddy Hackett ... Scuttle
Jason Marin ... Flounder
Christopher Daniel Barnes ... Eric
René Auberjonois ... Louis
Jack Angel
Susan Boyd
Steve Bulen
Jennifer Darling
Ed Gilbert
Linda Harmon
Sherry Lynn
Mickie T. McGowan
Patrick Pinney
Sally Stevens
Robert Tebow
Jackie Ward
Hamilton Camp
Nancy Cartwright
Paddi Edwards ... Flotsam & Jetsam
Anne Lockhart
Edie McClurg ... Carlotta
Will Ryan ... Seahorse
Robert Weil
Ben Wright ... Grimsby
443 3/4
Little Miss Sunshine 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a pudgy, bespectacled seven-year-old, Olive (Abigail Breslin), voices her desire to take home the coveted Little Miss Sunshine crown at an upcoming beauty pageant, her wildly dysfunctional family sets out on an interstate road trip to ensure her a clear shot at realizing her dreams in former music video directorial team Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris' quirky feature debut, starring Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, and Toni Collette. Despite early career success as an outspoken motivational speaker, family patriarch Richard (Kinnear) continues to cling to his "Refuse to Lose" philosophy, much to the chagrin of his increasingly annoyed spouse, Sheryl (Collette). Add into the mix a Nietzsche-reading teenage son (Paul Dano) who has taken a vow of silence until he finds his fate as a fighter pilot; a horny, heroin-happy grandfather (Alan Arkin) with a penchant for creative profanity; and a suicidal genius (Carell) and Proust scholar still reeling about losing both his male lover and his MacArthur Foundation genius grant -- and the stage is set for a road trip in which sanity is sure to take the back seat. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Contests, Pageants and Competitions | Eccentric Families | Suburban Dysfunction | Dysfunctional Families | Parenthood
Keywords : beauty-pageant, dysfunctional, family, road-trip
Comedy Drama, Domestic Comedy, Road Movie, Ensemble Film 
Greg Kinnear ... Richard
Toni Collette ... Sheryl
Steve Carell ... Frank
Abigail Breslin ... Olive
Alan Arkin ... Grandpa
Marc Turtletaub ... Doctor #1
Jill Talley ... Cindy
Brenda Canela ... Diner Waitress
Chuck Loring ... Convenience Store Propietor
Justin Shilton ... Josh
Gordon Thomson ... Larry Sugarman
Steven Christopher Parker ... Teen Boy #1
Bryan Cranston ... Stan Grossman
John Walcutt ... Doctor #2
Paula Newsome ... Linda
Dean Norris ... State Trooper McCleary
Beth Grant ... Pageant Official Jenkins
Wallace Langham ... Kirby
Lauren Shiohama ... Miss California
Mary Lynn Rajskub ... Pageant Assistant Pam
Jerry Giles ... Funeral Home Worker
Geoff Meed ... Biker Dad
Matt Winston ... Pageant MC
Joan Scheckel ... Judge
Maliah Hudson ... Pageant Contestant
Alissa Anderegg ... Pageant Contestant
924 2/4
Live by Night 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck), the son of a Boston police lieutenant, moves to Florida during the Prohibition era to become a bootlegger. As his operation grows, Coughlin faces off against local gangsters, Klansmen, and religious evangelicals while he fights for control of Tampa's criminal underworld. Affleck wrote and directed this adaptation of Dennis Lehane's sprawling 2012 crime novel, which co-stars Scott Eastwood, Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller, Brendan Gleeson, and Chris Cooper. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Ladder to the Top | Mafia Life | Rise To Power
Keywords : criminal
Crime, Drama, Crime Drama, Film Noir, Gangster Film 
Ben Affleck ... Joe Coughlin
Elle Fanning ... Loretta Figgis
Brendan Gleeson ... Thomas Coughlin
Chris Messina ... Dion Bartolo
Sienna Miller ... Emma Gould
Zoe Saldana ... Graciella Suarez
Chris Cooper ... Chief Irving Figgis
Robert Glenister ... Albert White
Titus Welliver ... Tim Hickey
Max Casella ... Digger Pescatore
Christian Clemenson ... Ritz Investor
J.D. Evermore ... Virgil Beauregard
Clark Gregg ... Calvin Bondurant
Anthony Michael Hall ... Gary L. Smith
Benny Ciaramello ... Paulo Bartolo
Derek Mears ... Donnie Gishler
Bobby Curcuro ... North End Local
Bruce Serafin ... Large Italian
Massi Furlan ... Anthony Servidone
Lewis D. Wheeler ... Herald Reporter
Michael Mantell ... Jack Jarvis
Tom Virtue ... Doctor
Peter Arpesella ... Gino Valocco
Ric Sarabia ... JT
Derrick Dover ... Esteban's Bodyguard
Andrew Bongiorno ... Fasani
Ryan Young ... J&D Crew
Michael Chieffo ... Pastor
Anthony Palermo ... Fausto Scarfone
444 2/4
The Lizzie McGuire Movie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Teen queen Lizzie McGuire grows up a bit and hits the big screen in this comedy drama, based on the popular Disney Network series. Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) and her best friends Kate (Ashlie Brillault), Gordo (Adam Lamberg), and Ethan (Clayton Snyder) have just graduated from middle school, and to celebrate, they're taking part in a class trip to Rome, Italy. Eager to celebrate their new maturity as high school students, Lizzie and her pals hope to live it up in one of Europe's most fabled cities, but fate has something more spectacular in store for Lizzie. Lizzie discovers that she bears a striking resemblance to Isabella, an Italian teen-pop idol famous for her duets with heart-throb Paolo (Yani Gellman) -- so much so that when Paolo and Isabella have a falling out, he asks Lizzie to take Isabella's place for an upcoming concert. Lizzie, however, isn't sure she feels comfortable stepping into the spotlight, and is even less sure about the way she feels about Paolo, who makes no secret of his infatuation with her. Things don't get any simpler for Lizzie when her family gets wind of her newfound fame, and catch the next flight to Italy. The Lizzie McGuire Movie also features Robert Carradine and Hallie Todd as Lizzie's parents, and Jake Thomas as her younger brother Matt, all of whom reprise their roles from the television series. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Americans Abroad | Assumed Identities | Vacation Romances | Ladder to the Top | Musician's Life
Keywords : assumed-identity, field-trip, romance, singer, teenagers
Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Teen Movie 
Hilary Duff ... Isabella, Lizzie McGuire
Yani Gellman ... Paolo
Adam Lamberg ... David "Gordo" Gordon
Robert Carradine ... Mr. Sam McGuire
Hallie Todd ... Mrs. Jo McGuire
Jake Thomas ... Matt
Clayton Snyder ... Ethan Craft
Alex Borstein ... Miss Ungermeyer
Brendan Kelly ... Sergei
Carly Schroeder ... Melina
Jody Racicot ... Giorgio
445 3/4
The Lobster 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After his wife leaves him, David (Colin Farrell) is sent to a hotel for single adults and urged to find a new significant other within 45 days -- if he fails, he will be transformed into an animal of his choosing. David eventually meets a runaway from the hotel (Rachel Weisz), and the two begin a secret romance. Léa Seydoux, Jessica Barden, Olivia Colman, Ben Whishaw, and John C. Reilly co-star. This absurdist dystopian comedy is the first English-language feature from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, and was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Future Dystopias | Lovers on the Lam | Single Life
Keywords : hotel, mate, romance, single
Comedy, Comedy Thriller, Romantic Adventure, Satire, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Colin Farrell ... David
Rachel Weisz ... Short Sighted Woman
Léa Seydoux ... Loner Leader
Jessica Barden ... Nosebleed Woman
Olivia Colman ... Hotel Manager
Ben Whishaw ... The Limping Man
John C. Reilly ... Lisping Man
Ashley Jensen ... Biscuit Woman
Ariane Labed ... The Maid
Michael Smiley ... Loner Swimmer
Jacqueline Abrahams ... Donkey Shooter
Roger Ashton-Griffiths ... Doctor
Sean Duggan ... Guard Waiter
Rosanna Hoult ... David's Wife
Patrick Malone ... Campari Man
Laoise Murphy ... Girl Child
1088 3/4
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 
AMG SYNOPSIS: British writer Guy Ritchie made his feature directorial debut with this crime-caper comedy-drama set in London's East End and heavy on the Cockney dialogue (with one scene in subtitled Cockney rhyming slang). A big-bucks scheme goes awry: Cardsharp Eddy (Nick Moran) and pals Bacon (Jason Statham), Tom (Jason Flemyng), and Soap (Dexter Fletcher) scuffle to pile up enough money to put Eddy at the card table opposite gangland porn lord Hatchet Harry (P.H. Moriarty). Unfortunately, the whole plan backfires, leaving Eddy owing Harry a huge sum, payable within the week. In truth, Harry hopes to acquire the bar run by his rival, J.D. (Sting), who is Eddy's father. To raise the cash, Eddy sets out to steal from a marijuana business run by Winston (Steven Mackintosh), but the inevitable gunplay doesn't make for an easy heist. World premiere at the 1998 Edinburgh Film Festival (Focus on British Cinema). --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Cons and Scams | Dangerous Friends | Nothing Goes Right | One Last Heist
Keywords : British, cardsharp, crime-lord, debt, drug-trade, mayhem, money, rival
Crime, Crime Comedy, Buddy Film, Caper 
Jason Flemyng ... Tom
Dexter Fletcher ... Soap
Nick Moran ... Eddy
Jason Statham ... Bacon
Steven Mackintosh ... Winston
Vinnie Jones ... Big Chris
Sting ... J.D.
P.H. Moriarty ... Hatchet Harry
Steve Sweeney ... Plank
Frank Harper ... Dog
Stephen Marcus ... Nick the Greek
Vas Blackwood ... Rory Breaker
Jake Abraham ... Dean
Stephen Callender-Ferrier ... Lenny
Suzy Ratner ... Gloria
Danny John-Jules ... Bartender
895 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In a hideout near the U.S./Mexico border, an aging Logan (Hugh Jackman) cares for the ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart). However, their sheltered existence comes to a sudden end when a young mutant girl (Dafne Keen) arrives and needs their help to stay safe. James Mangold directed this film, the third Wolverine-based spin-off of the X-Men franchise. -- Daniel Gelb

Themes : Heroic Mission
Action, Superhero Film 
Hugh Jackman ... Logan
Patrick Stewart ... Charles Xavier / Professor X
Boyd Holbrook ... Pierce
Stephen Merchant ... Caliban
Dafne Keen ... Laura
Richard E. Grant ... Dr. Rice
Eriq La Salle ... Will Munson
Elise Neal ... Kathryn Munson
Elizabeth Rodriguez ... Gabriela
Frank Gallegos ... Federale Lieutenant
Anthony Escobar ... Federale
Krzysztof Soszynski ... Mohawk
Daniel Bernhardt ... Bone Breaker
Jeremy Fitzgerald ... Reaver
Luke Hawx ... Reaver
Chris Palermo ... Reaver
Maureen Brennan ... Motel Manager
Jimmy Gonzales ... Mexican Staff Member
Dave Davis ... Convenience Store Clerk
Lennie Loftin ... Jackson
Mark Ashworth ... Bartender
James Handy ... Old Doctor
Bryce Romero ... Prom Teen #1
David Simpson ... Prom Teen #4
Lauren Gros ... Bridesmaid
Vanessa Cloke ... Mourning Widow
Doris Morgado ... Maria
Katie Anne Mitchell ... Infirmary Nurse
Lara Grice ... Car Dealer
James Moses Black ... Major
Ned Yousef ... Banger
Daniel Hernandez ... Banger
John Bernecker ... Federale
Joe Nin Williams ... Federale
Toby Holguin ... Federale
Robert Wu ... Federale
Han Soto ... Valet
Damon Carney ... Jackson's Henchman
1031 1/4
Logan Lucky 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two down-on-their-luck brothers (Channing Tatum and Adam Driver), fed up by their dismal economic prospects, plot an elaborate heist at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. When their plan calls for an explosives expert, they attempt to recruit an eccentric convict named Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) -- but securing his help will require breaking him out of prison. Seth MacFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterston, and Sebastian Stan co-star. Logan Lucky is the first feature film directed by Steven Soderbergh following a four-year hiatus. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Car Racing | Escape From Prison
Keywords : ex-convict, explosives-expert, NASCAR, prison-escape, robbery
Comedy, Drama, Action Comedy, Crime Drama 
Channing Tatum ... Jimmy Logan
Adam Driver ... Clyde Logan
Seth MacFarlane ... Max Chilblain
Riley Keough ... Mellie Logan
Katie Holmes ... Bobbie Jo Logan Chapman
Katherine Waterston ... Sylvia Harrison
Dwight Yoakam ... Warden Burns
Sebastian Stan ... Dayton White
Brian Gleeson ... Sam Bang
Jack Quaid ... Fish Bang
Hilary Swank ... Sarah Grayson
Daniel Craig ... Joe Bang
Jim O'Heir ... Cal
Rebecca Koon ... Purple Lady
David Denman ... Moody Chapman
Charles Halford ... Earl
Tom Archdeacon ... Max's Non-Tourage #2
Mark McCullough ... Bobo
Daniel Jones ... Judge
Josh Hoover ... Deputy #1
Ann Mahoney ... Gleema Purdue
Jon Eyez ... Naaman
Keith Hudson ... Prison Guard #1
Deneen Tyler ... Prison Nurse
C.C. Taylor ... Inmate #3
Mike Joy ... As Himself
Darrell Waltrip ... As Himself
Jeff Gordon ... As Himself
Ron Clinton Smith ... Crew Chief
Autumn Dial ... Beer Girl
LeAnn Rimes ... As Herself
Terrence Rosemore ... CMS Concession Worker #2
Helen Abell ... CMS Security Worker
Macon Blair ... Special Agent Brad Noonan
Stephanie Langston ... Reporter
Jay Pearson ... Police Spokesperson
Neva Howell ... Woman on the News #1
Brandon Olive ... CMS General Manager
446 4/4
Lonesome Dove 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This six-hour miniseries, based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Larry McMurtry, revitalized both the miniseries and Western genres, both of which had been considered dead for several years. Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones star as fun-loving Gus MacRae and taciturn Woodrow Call, respectively, a pair of longtime friends and former Texas Rangers who crave one last adventure before they bow to their advancing years. Convinced that animals will thrive on the lush grasslands of Montana, Woodrow persuades Gus to undertake the arduous, 3,000-mile cattle drive there. Rounding up over a thousand head from Mexican rustlers south of the border, the men recruit a diverse crew of hands to help them. Among the party are Woodrow's illegitimate son Newt Dobbs (Rick Schroeder), local prostitute Lorena Wood (Diane Lane), and old compatriots Joshua Deets (Danny Glover), Jake Spoon (Robert Urich), and Pea Eye Parker (Tim Scott). Storms, hostile natives, poisonous snakes, and rustlers take their toll on the company before Montana is reached in an adventure that is equal parts Greek tragedy and classic, John Ford-style oater. Originally developed in the 1970s as a script by McMurtry for director Peter Bogdanovich and stars Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and James Stewart, Lonesome Dove earned 18 Emmy nominations and inspired a pair of miniseries sequel as well as two attempts at an ongoing television series. -- Karl Williams

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Ranchers
Keywords : aging, cattle-drive, journey, last-fling, cattle, cowboy, friendship, on-the-road, Texas-Ranger, frontier, love, Mexican [nationality], Native-American, rustler, romance, wilderness
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Western, Buddy Film, Traditional Western 
Robert Duvall ... Agustus McRae
Tommy Lee Jones ... Woodrow F. Call
Rick Schroder ... Newt
Robert Urich ... Jake Spoon
Diane Lane ... Loraina Wood
Danny Glover ... Joshua Deets
Anjelica Huston ... Clara Allen
Frederic Forrest ... Blue Duck
Chris Cooper ... July Johnson
Barry Corbin ... Roscoe Brown
Steve Buscemi ... Luke
D.B. Sweeney ... Dish
Glenne Headly
William Sanderson
Timothy Scott
Ed Geldart
Gavan O'Herlihy
1081 2/4
The Long Kiss Goodnight 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An ordinary woman discovers that her life was not always ordinary in this action thriller. Samantha Caine (Geena Davis) is a typical, well-mannered single mother working as a schoolteacher when she isn't looking after her children. Nothing on the surface would seem to be remarkable about Samantha's life, but every once in a while she has vague memories and unexplained impulses that don't add up with her current life experience; she has scars but no idea of how they got there, she suddenly displays a deadly talent for knife-throwing while chopping vegetables for dinner, and when she sees a deer, she suddenly attacks it with her bare hands. When an auto accident and a television news broadcast stirs some more uncomfortable memories, Samantha hires private investigator Mitch Hennessey (Samuel L. Jackson) to look into her past and see what he can find. Mitch learns that Samantha isn't really Samantha after all -- her name is Charley and she used to be a professional assassin with a secret government intelligence program. After a severe head injury, Charley developed a case of amnesia, and in time she developed her new personality as Samantha. However, her old boss has kept tabs on her, and now that it looks as if the old Charley is starting to come out again, he sends a pair of hit men after her to see to it that she doesn't remember anything else; soon Samantha and Mitch are on the run, trying to outdistance the killers as they get to the bottom of Charley's secret life. The Long Kiss Goodnight was directed by Renny Harlin, husband of leading lady Geena Davis; this was their second project together, following Cutthroat Island, released the previous year. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Amnesia | Double Life | Hired Killers
Keywords : past, rampage, search, amnesia, assassination, detective, espionage, hitman, investigation, investigator, on-the-run, private-detective
Attributes : Sleeper
Action, Thriller, Action Thriller 
Geena Davis ... Samantha Caine (Charly)
Samuel L. Jackson ... Mitch Henessey
Patrick Malahide ... Perkins
Craig Bierko ... Timothy
Brian Cox ... Nathan
David Morse ... Luke/Daedalus
G.D. Spradlin ... President
Tom Amandes ... Hal
Yvonne Zima ... Caitlin
Melina Kanakaredes ... Trin
Alan North ... Earl
Joe McKenna ... One-Eyed Jack
Rex Linn ... Man on bed
Renny Harlin
447 2/4
The Longest Yard 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the toughest and best-remembered sports movies of the 1970s gets a humorous makeover in this comedy. Paul "Wrecking" Crewe (Adam Sandler) was once a famous professional football player, but after several years out of the limelight and an alcohol problem have taken their toll, Crewe is arrested for a serious traffic accident aggravated by the fact he was drunk. Crewe is sentenced to Allenville Penitentiary, where Warden Hazen (James Cromwell) is something of a football fan. Hazen had organized his guards into an impressive football team, and clears a healthy profit by taking bets on their games. Looking to make the competition more interesting, Hazen suggests that Crewe put together a team from the inmate population to play his guards. With the help of fellow prisoner Caretaker (Chris Rock), Crewe recruits the heaviest hitters from the cell block for the team, but the guys don't play like a unit until Crewe and Caretaker get some help from Nate Scarborough (Burt Reynolds), a former college and NFL coach doing hard time. Adapted from Robert Aldrich's 1974 box-office smash of the same name, The Longest Yard also features rap star Nelly and Nicholas Turturro; the film has previously been loosely remade in 2001 as Mean Machine, with the action moved to England and the game changed to soccer. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Football Players | All Washed Up | Underdogs | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : football, prison, quarterback, football-team, game, prison-warden, underdog, competition, convict, fixed [corruption], friendship
Comedy, Prison Film, Sports Comedy 
Adam Sandler ... Paul "Wrecking" Crewe
Chris Rock ... Caretaker
Burt Reynolds ... Nate Scarborough
Nelly ... Meggert
James Cromwell ... Warden Hazen
William Fichtner ... Captain Knauer
Michael Irvin ... Deacon Moss
David Patrick Kelly ... Unger
Bill Romanowski ... Guard Lambert
Bill Goldberg ... Battle
Brian Bosworth ... Guard Garner
Kevin Nash ... Guard Engleheart
Bob Sapp ... Switowski
Dalip Singh ... Turley
Cloris Leachman ... Lynette
Nicholas Turturro ... Brucie
Tracy Morgan ... Ms. Tucker
Terry Crews ... Cheeseburger Eddy
Lobo Sebastian ... Torres
Ed Lauter ... Duane
Courteney Cox
Jim Rome ... Announcer
Dan Patrick
Chris Berman
Rob Schneider
448 4/4
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 
AMG SYNOPSIS: New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson fulfills his lifelong dream of transforming author J.R.R. Tolkien's best-selling fantasy epic into a three-part motion picture that begins with this holiday 2001 release. Elijah Wood stars as Frodo Baggins, a Hobbit resident of the medieval "Middle-earth" who discovers that a ring bequeathed to him by beloved relative and benefactor Bilbo (Ian Holm) is in fact the "One Ring," a device that will allow its master to manipulate dark powers and enslave the world. Frodo is charged by the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to return the ring to Mount Doom, the evil site where it was forged millennia ago and the only place where it can be destroyed. Accompanying Frodo is a fellowship of eight others: his Hobbit friends Sam (Sean Astin), Merry (Dominic Monaghan), and Pippin (Billy Boyd); plus Gandalf; the human warriors Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) and Boromir (Sean Bean); Elf archer Legolas (Orlando Bloom); and Dwarf soldier Gimli (John Rhys-Davies). The band's odyssey to the dreaded land of Mordor, where Mount Doom lies, takes them through the Elfish domain of Rivendell and the forest of Lothlorien, where they receive aid and comfort from the Elf princess Arwen (Liv Tyler), her father, Elrond (Hugo Weaving), and Queen Galadriel (Cate Blanchett). In pursuit of the travelers and their ring are Saruman (Christopher Lee) -- a traitorous wizard and kin, of sorts, to Gandalf -- and the Dark Riders, under the control of the evil, mysterious Sauron (Sala Baker). The Fellowship must also do battle with a troll, flying spies, Orcs, and other deadly obstacles both natural and otherwise as they draw closer to Mordor. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) was filmed in Jackson's native New Zealand, closely followed by its pair of sequels, The Two Towers (2002) and The Return of the King (2003). -- Karl Williams

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Wizards and Magicians | Fantasy Lands
Keywords : ring [jewelry], fantasy-world, adversity, gathering, good-vs-evil, power-hungry, destruction-of-mankind, doom, group, hardships, one-against-odds, proving-oneself, quest, villain, wizard, dwarf, elf, enchanted-forest, on-the-road
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Budget, High Production Values
Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Elijah Wood ... Frodo Baggins
Ian McKellen ... Gandalf
Ian Holm ... Bilbo Baggins
Viggo Mortensen ... Aragorn
Sean Bean ... Boromir
Sean Astin ... Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee
John Rhys-Davies ... Gimli
Billy Boyd ... Pippin
Cate Blanchett ... Queen Galadriel
Liv Tyler ... Arwen
Orlando Bloom ... Legolas
Hugo Weaving ... Elrond
Christopher Lee ... Saruman
Dominic Monaghan ... Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck
Andy Serkis ... Gollum
Marton Csokas ... Celeborn
Craig Parker ... Haldir
Lawrence Makoare ... Lurtz
Sala Baker ... Sauron
Brian Sergent ... Ted Sandyman, Mill Owner
449 4/4
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King brings Peter Jackson's mammoth adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic to a close in suitably epic fashion. Instead of starting just where the previous film left off, however, it goes far back in time to the moment the tormented creature Gollum first came to possess the One Ring. In this flashback, actor Andy Serkis (who voiced Gollum and performed his movements onset prior to the final CGI effects) finally gets to appear onscreen, portraying Gollum's former self, Sméagol. This disturbing scene serves as a potent reminder that the Ring seeks to corrupt even the well-intentioned Frodo (Elijah Wood), who is increasingly struggling with the dark power of the Ring himself. Thus, the film returns to the present, following Frodo, Sam (Sean Astin), and Gollum as they journey ever closer to the foreboding land of Mordor. They pass by the terrifying dark city of Minas Morgul, watching as the dreadful army of the Witch King sets out for the human strongholds in Gondor, and move on to the rocky stairs to Cirith Ungol, where an even darker enemy lies in wait. Meanwhile, the rest of the Fellowship reunites in Rohan, having defeated the wizard Saruman on two different fronts, at Helm's Deep and Isengard. They are not together for long, though, since the hobbit Pippin (Billy Boyd) gets into trouble, making it necessary for him and Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to hastily depart for Minas Tirith, capital of Gondor. Once there, they find the steward of Gondor, Denethor (John Noble), in an unstable mental state and the city preparing for battle against the amassing forces of Sauron. Denethor unwisely sends his only remaining son, Faramir (David Wenham), back into bloody battle to prove himself. He returns nearly dead, sending Denethor over the edge of sanity.
In another realm, elf Arwen (Liv Tyler) begins her journey to immortal life in the Grey Havens, on her way to leave Middle-earth -- and Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) -- forever, but has a vision that causes her to once again reconsider her decision. Back in Rohan, the men are preparing to ride to Gondor's aide. Éowyn (Miranda Otto) desperately wants to join the men in battle, but her uncle, King Théoden (Bernard Hill), orders her to stay and defend Rohan if necessary. The hobbit Merry (Dominic Monaghan) also desires to ride with the men, but is denied due to his small size and inexperience. Aragorn is met there by the elf Elrond (Hugo Weaving), who brings him the re-forged Sword that was Broken (in the ancient battle with Sauron) and urges him to take a different route to Gondor. Heeding Elrond's advice, Aragorn, along with elf Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and dwarf Gimli (John Rhys-Davies), takes a cavernous path through the mountains, where they meet ghoulish ghosts who betrayed Aragorn's ancestors and are doomed to eternal unrest unless they fulfill their broken oaths by aiding him. All but Frodo, Sam, and Gollum will meet on the massive battlefield of the Pelennor before the gates of Minas Tirith. The former three instead engage in a battle of wills between each other and the One Ring as they head toward the fires of Mount Doom to destroy it. Released in December 2003, The Return of the King topped even its massively successful trilogy predecessors at the box office, and went on to garner a whopping 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture -- winning in all the categories in which it was nominated and tying the record of total awards won with Ben-Hur and Titanic. -- Dana Rowader

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Curses and Spells | Fantasy Lands | Race Against Time | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : ring [jewelry], battle [war], king, elf, journey, mission [quest], quest, wizard, ghost, undead, witch
Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Elijah Wood ... Frodo Baggins
Ian McKellen ... Gandalf
Viggo Mortensen ... Aragorn
Sean Astin ... Samwise Gamgee
Orlando Bloom ... Legolas
Andy Serkis ... Gollum/Sméagol
Billy Boyd ... Pippin
Dominic Monaghan ... Merry
John Rhys-Davies ... Gimli
Liv Tyler ... Arwen
Bernard Hill ... King Théoden
Miranda Otto ... Éowyn
Hugo Weaving ... Elrond
Cate Blanchett ... Galadriel
David Wenham ... Faramir
Karl Urban ... Éomer
John Noble ... Denethor
Ian Holm ... Bilbo Baggins
Joel Tobeck ... Orc Lieutenant #1
Sean Bean ... Boromir
450 4/4
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The second film in Peter Jackson's series of screen adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien's internationally popular Lord of The Rings trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers literally begins where The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ended, with the Fellowship splitting into three groups as they seek to return the Ring to Mordor, the forbidding land where the powerful talisman must be taken to be destroyed. Frodo (Elijah Wood), who carries the Ring, and his fellow Hobbit Sam (Sean Astin) are lost in the hills of Emyn Muil when they encounter Gollum (Andy Serkis), a strange creature who once carried the Ring and was twisted by its power. Gollum volunteers to guide the pair to Mordor; Frodo agrees, but Sam does not trust their new acquaintance. Elsewhere, Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) are attempting to navigate Fangorn Forrest where they discover a most unusual nemesis -- Treebeard (voice of John Rhys-Davies), a walking and talking tree-shepherd who doesn't much care for Hobbits. Finally, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Gimli (John Rhys-Davies), and Legolas (Orlando Bloom) arrive in Rohan to discover that the evil powers of Saruman (Christopher Lee) have robbed King Theoden (Bernard Hill) of his rule. The King's niece Éowyn (Miranda Otto) believes Aragorn and his men have the strength to defeat Saruman, his henchman Wormtongue (Brad Dourif), and their minions. Éowyn soon becomes infatuated with Aragorn, while he struggles to stay faithful to the pledge of love he made to Arwen (Liv Tyler). Gandalf (Ian McKellen) offers his help and encouragement as the Rohans, under Aragorn's leadership, attempt to face down Saruman's armies, but they soon discover how great the task before them truly is when they learn that his troops consist of 10,000 bloodthirsty creatures specially bred to fight to the death. Most of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was shot in tandem with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King during a marathon 18-month shooting schedule, overseen by Peter Jackson. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Fantasy Lands | Race Against Time | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : elf, fantasy-world, mission [quest], quest, talisman, wizard, attack, king, star-crossed-lovers
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Budget, High Production Values
Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Elijah Wood ... Frodo Baggins
Ian McKellen ... Gandalf
Liv Tyler ... Arwen
Viggo Mortensen ... Aragorn
Sean Astin ... Samwise Gamgee
Cate Blanchett ... Galadriel
John Rhys-Davies ... Gimli, Treebeard
Bernard Hill ... Théoden
Christopher Lee ... Saruman
Billy Boyd ... Pippin
Dominic Monaghan ... Merry
Orlando Bloom ... Legolas
Hugo Weaving ... Elrond
Miranda Otto ... Éowyn
David Wenham ... Faramir
Brad Dourif ... Grima Wormtongue
Andy Serkis ... Gollum
Karl Urban ... Éomer
Craig Parker ... Haldir
Sala Baker ... Sauron
Marton Csokas ... Celeborn
886 0/4
Lost & Found 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two troublemaking teen brothers (Justin Kelly and Benjamin Stockham) are forced to spend the summer on their uncle's island, where they embark on a treasure hunt devised by their grandfather years earlier. The boys soon race to find their grandpa's fortune before greedy interlopers get to it first. Cary Elwes and Jason Patric co-star. Directed by Joseph Itaya. -- Jack Rodgers

Adventure, Mystery 
Justin Kelly ... Andy Walton
Benjamin James Stockham ... Mark Walton
Cary Elwes ... John Broman
Jason Patric ... Trent Walton
Greg Bryk ... Jim Walton
Kimberly Selby ... Sally Walton
Matt Connors ... Ridgewick
Robert B. Kennedy ... Ridgewick
Catherine McNally ... Esther
451 0/4
Love, Rosie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lifelong frinds Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) reunite after years of separation on either side of the Atlantic, and the possibility arises that their relationship could turn romantic. -- Jason Buchanan

Keywords : friendship, love
Romance, Romantic Comedy 
Lily Collins ... Rosie Dunne
Sam Claflin ... Alex Stewart
452 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson headline this EuropaCorp/TF1 Films co-production directed by Luc Besson, and released by Universal Pictures. The story centers on a woman (Johansson) who falls prey to sinister underworld forces, but who gains superhuman abilities that allow her to strike back at her oppressors. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Kidnapping | Psychic Abilities
Keywords : brain, drug-smuggler, enlightenment
Action, Action Thriller, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Scarlett Johansson ... Lucy
Morgan Freeman ... Professor Norman
Choi Min-Sik ... Mr. Jang
Amr Waked ... Pierre Del Rio
Julian Rhind-Tutt ... The Limey
Analeigh Tipton ... Caroline
Nicolas Phongpheth ... Jii
Jan-Oliver Schroeder ... French Mule
Luca Angeletti ... Italian Mule
Loic Brabant ... Professor
Pierre Grammont ... Professor
Pierre Poirot ... Professor
Bertrand Quoniam ... Professor
Pascal Loison ... Drug Addict
Pierre Gérard ... Airport Doctor
Isabelle Cagnat ... Airport Nurse
Frédéric Chau ... Cabin Manager
Claire Tran ... Flight Attendant
François Legrand ... Business Man Plane
Bob Martet ... Customs Officer
Alexis Rangheard ... Cop Robert
Tonio Descanvelle ... Cop Sergeant
Christophe LaValle ... Cop
Julien Personnaz ... Cop
Matthew Bravais ... Student
Renaud Cestre ... Student
Thibault Segouin ... Student
Claire Zaniolo ... Student
Alessandro Giallocosta ... Marco Brezzi
Wolfgang Pissors ... Berlin Custom Officer
Sifan Shao ... Chinese Doctor
Paul Chan ... Taipei Surgeon
Frank Ma ... Jang's Man
Tseng Sheng-En ... Jang's Man
Liu Hsieh-Min ... Mahjong Room Man
Sandra Abouav ... Prehistoric Lucy
Abel Aboualiten ... Prehistoric Man
Ken Lin ... Regent Hotel Concierge #1
Hsing Feng ... Lucy's Driver
Hsu Hao-Hsiang ... Warehouse Man Driver
Samuel Churin ... The Receptionist
Mason Lee ... Regent Hotel Concierge #2
Mohammad Aslam Ansari ... Fakir
Kevin Dust ... Native American
Diego Llano ... Native American
Timothy Reevis ... Native American
Jeysson Reyes De La Cruz ... Native American
German Tintaya Mamani ... Native American

Total: 116 movies