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453 2/4
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 
AMG SYNOPSIS: About 15 years after the events of Mad Max 2, nuclear war has finally destroyed what little was left of civilization. Grizzled and older, former cop Max (Mel Gibson) roams the Australian desert in a camel-drawn vehicle -- until father-and-son thieves Jebediah Sr. (Bruce Spence) and Jr. (Adam Cockburn) use their jury-rigged airplane to steal his possessions and means of transportation. Max soon winds up in Bartertown, a cesspool of post-apocalyptic capitalism powered by methane-rich pig manure and overseen by two competing overlords, Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) and Master (Angelo Rossitto), a crafty midget who rides around on the back of his hulking underling, Blaster (Paul Larsson). Seeking to re-equip himself, Max strikes a deal with the haughty Aunty to kill Blaster in ritualized combat inside Thunderdome, a giant jungle gym where Bartertown's conflicts are played out in a postmodern update of blood and circuses. Although Max manages to fell the mighty Blaster, he refuses to kill him after realizing the brute is actually a retarded boy. Aunty's henchmen murder Blaster nonetheless, then punish Max for violating the law that "Two men enter, one man leaves." Lashed to the back of a hapless pack animal and sent out into a sandstorm, a near-death Max is rescued by a band of tribal children and teens. The descendants of the victims of an airplane crash, the kids inhabit a lush valley and wait for the day when Captain Walker, the plane's pilot, will return to lead them back to civilization. Some of the children, refusing to believe that Max isn't Walker and that the glorious cities of their mythology no longer exist, set off in search of civilization on their own. Max and three tribe members must then rescue their friends from Bordertown and the clutches of Aunty Entity -- a quest that ends in a lengthy desert chase sequence that echoes the first two Mad Max films. Spence also appeared in Mad Max 2 in a different role, that of the Gyro Captain. -- Brian J. Dillard

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Future Barbarians | Lone Wolves
Keywords : against-all-odds, arena, chase, child, city, conflict, desert, dwarf, future, one-against-odds, possession, post-Holocaust, post-nuclear-holocaust, power, power-struggle, rescue, robbery, survivor, tracking [following], tribe, violence
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Mel Gibson ... Mad Max
Tina Turner ... Aunty Entity
Angelo Rossitto ... The Master
Helen Buday ... Savannah Nix
Bruce Spence ... Jedediah
Rod Zuanic ... Scrooloose
Frank Thring ... The Collector
Angry Anderson ... Ironbar
Paul Larsson ... The Blaster
Adam Cockburn ... Jedediah Jr.
Alison Barrett
Ben Chesterman ... Gatherer
Heilan Robertson ... Gatherer
Kate Tartar ... Gatherer
Robert Grubb ... Pigkiller
George Spartels ... Blackfinger
Edwin Hodgeman ... Dr. Dealgood
Bob Hornery ... Waterseller
Ollie Hall ... Aunty's Guard
Lee Rice ... Aunty's Guard
Max Worrall ... Aunty's Guard
Susan Leonard ... Aunty's Guard
Robert Simper ... Aunty's Guard
Virginia Wark ... Aunty's Guard
Ray Turnbull ... Aunty's Guard
Geeling ... Aunty's Guard
Gerard Armstrong ... Aunty's Guard
Mark Spain ... Mr. Skyfish
Mark Kounnas ... Gekko
Justine Clarke ... Anna Goanna
Shane Tickner ... Eddie
Toni Allaylis ... Cusha, the Pregnant Girl
James Wingrove ... Tubba Tintye
Adam Scougall ... Finn McCoo
Tom Jennings ... Slake
Gerry D'Angelo ... Hunter
Travis Latter ... Hunter
Miguel Lopez ... Hunter
Paul Daniel ... Hunter
Emily Stocker ... Guardian
Adam Willits ... Mr. Scratch
Liam Nikkinen ... Gatherer
Christopher Norton ... Gatherer
Katharine Cullen ... Gatherer
Gabriel Dilworth ... Gatherer
Hugh Sands ... Gatherer
Rebekah Elmaloglou ... Gatherer
Marion Sands ... Gatherer
Shari Flood ... Gatherer
Rachael Graham ... Gatherer
Emma Howard ... Gatherer
Tarah Williams ... Gatherer
Joanna McCarroll ... Gatherer
Daniel Willits ... Gatherer
Toby Messiter ... Gatherer
Tonya Wright ... Gatherer
William Manning ... Little One
454 4/4
Mad Max: Fury Road 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this long-awaited reboot of the landmark series that helped define the postapocalyptic genre, loner Max (Tom Hardy) joins forces with the mysterious Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and a group of warrior women as they flee from an evil despot across a sun-parched wasteland. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Car Racing | Daring Rescues | Future Barbarians | Lone Wolves | Misfits and Outsiders | Mutants | One Against the Mob | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : Australia, chase, crash, desert, escape, post-apocalypse
Action, Action Thriller, Road Movie 
Tom Hardy ... Max Rockatansky
Charlize Theron ... Imperator Furiosa
Nicholas Hoult ... Nux
Zoë Kravitz ... Five Wives
Abbey Lee ... The Dag
Riley Keough ... Capable
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ... The Spendid Angharad
Hugh Keays-Byrne ... Immortan Joe
Josh Helman ... Slit
Nathan Jones ... Rictus Erectus
Courtney Eaton ... Cheedo the Fragile
John Howard ... The People Eater
Richard Carter ... The Bullet Farmer
iOTA ... The Doof Warrior
Angus Sampson ... The Organic Mechanic
Jennifer Hagan ... Miss Giddy
Megan Gale ... The Valkryrie
Melita Jurisic ... The Vuvalini
Gillian Jones ... The Vuvalini
Joy Smithers ... The Vuvalini
Christina Koch ... The Vuvalini
Quentin Kenihan ... Corpus Colossus
Coco Jack Gillies ... Glory the Child
Chris Patton ... Morsov
Elizabeth Cunico ... Milking Mother
Sebastian Dickins ... Polecat Lookout
Darren Mitchell ... Black Mask
Crusoe Kurddal ... The Accusing Dead
814 2/4
Maggie's Plan 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Maggie (Greta Gerwig), a young woman longing to start a family, becomes involved in a complicated love triangle with a struggling novelist named John (Ethan Hawke) and his haughty theorist wife Georgette (Julianne Moore). After a period of flirtation, John and Maggie fall in love and have a baby together, but their new life still leaves her unfulfilled. Maggie's Plan received its world premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Looking For Love | Matchmakers | Parenthood | Thirtysomething Life | Workplace Romance
Comedy, Drama, Comedy of Manners, Romantic Drama 
Greta Gerwig ... Maggie
Ethan Hawke ... John
Julianne Moore ... Georgette
Travis Fimmel ... Guy
Bill Hader ... Tony
Maya Rudolph ... Felicia
Wallace Shawn ... Kliegler
Mina Sundwall ... Justine
Jackson Frazer ... Paul
Kathleen Hanna ... Quebecois Cover Band
Sue Jean Kim ... Komiko
853 2/4
The Magnificent Seven 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this remake of the classic 1960 oater of the same name (itself a Western remake of Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece, The Seven Samurai), seven gunslingers join forces in order to protect a small town from a mining tycoon (Peter Sarsgaard) and his goons, who plan to seize the residents' land by force. The seven-man army is led by a mysterious bounty hunter (Denzel Washington), and also includes a sharp-witted gambler (Chris Pratt), a troubled ex-Civil War soldier (Ethan Hawke), a mountain man (Vincent D'Onofrio), an expert knife thrower (Byung-hun Lee), an outlaw (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), and a Comanche warrior (Martin Sensmeier). Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day). -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Social Injustice | Underdogs | Culture Clash
Keywords : mercenary, cowboy, gunfighter, hired-gun [hit man], outlaw [Western], protection, desperation, employment, peasant, small-town, townspeople, farming
Action, Western, Ensemble Film, Epic Western, Buddy Film 
Denzel Washington ... Chisolm
Chris Pratt ... Josh Faraday
Ethan Hawke ... Goodnight Robicheaux
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Jack Horne
Lee Byung-hun ... Billy Rocks
Manuel Garcia Rulfo ... Vasquez
Martin Sensmeier ... Red Harvest
Haley Bennett ... Emma Cullen
Peter Sarsgaard ... Bartholomew Bogue
Luke Grimes ... Teddy Q
Matt Bomer ... Matthew Cullen
Jonathan Joss ... Denali
Cam Gigandet ... McCann
Emil Beheshti ... Maxwell
Mark Ashworth ... Preacher
Billy Slaughter ... Josiah
Matthew Posey ... Hank Stoner
Carrie Lazar ... Leni Frankel
Clint James ... Fenton
Dane Rhodes ... Sheriff Harp
Ritchie Montgomery ... Gavin David
Sean Bridgers ... Fanning
William Lee Scott ... Moody
David Kallaway ... Turner/Blacksmith
Griff Furst ... Phillips
Sean Boyd ... Topper
Robert Mello ... Mine Paymaster
Thomas Blake, Jr. ... Earl
Chad Randall ... Bartender/Powder Dan
Kevin Wayne ... Monday Durant
Wally Welch ... Sheriff
David Manzanares ... Referee/Eddy
Dylan Kenin ... Cowboy
Kevin Wiggins ... Another Cowboy
Jackson Beals ... One Eyed Lucas
Miles Doleac ... Faraday Card Game #2
455 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson followed his critical and commercial breakthrough Boogie Nights with this wildly ambitious story of lives intertwining on a single day in California's San Fernando Valley. Earl Partridge (Jason Robards), a successful producer of television game shows, left his wife when she contracted cancer to marry the younger and more beautiful Linda (Julianne Moore). Now, Earl has cancer himself, and Linda spends her day fetching medicines and trying to deal with the imminent death of her husband, whom she has only now come to love. Earl asks his nurse Phil (Philip Seymour Hoffman) to arrange a meeting with his estranged son, Frank Mackey (Tom Cruise), known for his self-help program "Seduce and Destroy," in which he preaches the importance of male sexual prowess; he cared for his mother after Earl left her, and he has no desire to see his father again. Earl's best-known show is hosted by Jimmy Gator (Philip Baker Hall), who also learns that he is dying. Jimmy's show pits bright adults against unusually smart kids; one of Jimmy's child contestants, Stanley (Jeremy Blackman), arrives late for a taping after being left stranded by his father Rick (Michael Bowen), who is supported by his more successful son. Meanwhile, Donnie Smith (William H. Macy), who was a champ on Jimmy's show as a child, is not having as much luck as an adult; he's just lost his job and needs to pay for some expensive dental work. Jimmy wants to reconcile with his estranged and emotionally fragile daughter Claudia (Melora Walters), who despises him and who will become involved with well-meaning police officer Jim Kurring (John C. Reilly), who has been desperately lonely since his divorce three years ago. Magnolia reunites much of the cast and crew of Boogie Nights and features eight original songs by singer/songwriter Aimee Mann and a musical score by Jon Brion. -- Mark Deming

Moods : A Good Cry | Only Human
Themes : Intersecting Lives | Fathers and Sons | Haunted By the Past | Fathers and Daughters | Redemption | Child Prodigies | Dysfunctional Families | Estrangement | Existential Crisis | Drug Addiction
Keywords : alienation, cancer, crisis, estrangement, fate, game-show, love, parent/child-relationship, relationship, responsibility
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Drama, Ensemble Film, Urban Drama, Psychological Drama 
Julianne Moore ... Linda Partridge
Tom Cruise ... Frank "T.J." Mackey
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Phil Parma
John C. Reilly ... Officer Jim Kurring
Melora Walters ... Claudia Wilson Gator
Jeremy Blackman ... Stanley Spector
Michael Bowen ... Rick Spector
William H. Macy ... Donnie Smith
Philip Baker Hall ... Jimmy Gator
Melinda Dillon ... Rose Gator
April Grace ... Gwenovier
Henry Gibson ... Thurston Howell
Ricky Jay ... Burt Ramsey
Felicity Huffman ... Cynthia
Alfred Molina ... Solomon Solomon
Luis Guzman ... Luis Guzman
Mary Lynn Rajskub ... Janet (Frank's Assistant)
Pat Healy
Patton Oswalt ... Scuba diver
Lillian Adams ... Donnie's Older Neighbor
1080 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young man's infatuation for a beautiful older woman blooms amidst the outbreak of World War II in this bittersweet comedy-drama from Italy. Renato (Giuseppe Sulfaro) is a 13-year-old boy growing up in a small Sicilian community. Mussolini has risen to power and has declared war upon England and France, but Renato has other things on his mind -- mostly girls. While hanging out with his friends by the seashore, Renato spies Malèna (Monica Bellucci), the daughter of one of his schoolteachers, whose husband Nino (Gaetano Aronica) is fighting with Mussolini's army. Renato is immediately obsessed with Malèna and follows her like a lost puppy, spying on her whenever circumstances permit and imagining her as his co-star in elaborate erotic fantasies inspired by his favorite movies. Renato, however, is hardly the only man in town to be struck by Malèna's charms, and her beauty leads to resentment from the women of the community. Malèna's circumstances take a turn for the worst after her husband is reported to have died in combat, and she is forced to resort to prostitution to survive; she is brutally attacked by a pack of angry matrons and driven from town. Renato tries to keep track of her, and has some less than encouraging news to report when Nino turns out to be alive and finds his spouse is missing. Malèna was written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, best known for the art-house hit Nuovo Cinema Paradiso; Malèna was released in Europe at 106 minutes, while the American version was edited by ten minutes to tighten the pace and remove nudity and sexual material considered too strong for the U.S. marketplace. --

Moods : Carnal Knowledge
Themes : Small-Town Life | Women During Wartime | Prostitutes
Keywords : community, crush, husband, prostitute/prostitution, Sicilian, soldier, teenagers, war
Drama, Coming-of-Age, Period Film, Romantic Drama 
Monica Bellucci ... Malena Scordia
Giuseppe Sulfaro ... Renato Amoroso
Luciano Federico ... Renato's father
Matilde Piana ... Renato's mother
Pietro Notarianni ... Professor Bonsignore
Gaetano Aronica ... Nino Scordia
Gilberto Idonea ... Centorbi
Adele Daniele
Gianluca Guarrera
456 3/4
Man of Steel 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Superman flies back onto the big screen in this Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen), produced by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), and featuring a screenplay by David Goyer (Blade, The Dark Knight). As the planet of Krypton crumbles, General Zod (Michael Shannon) stages a coup as concerned leader Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and his wife send their infant son Kal-El to a distant world called Earth. While the young child travels through space with an object containing the DNA of his home planet, General Zod and his cohorts are sentenced to an eternity in a black-hole prison. Named Clark and raised by kindly farmers Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane), young Kal-El lives in fear of what might happen should his neighbors learn about his extraterrestrial origins, eventually exploring the world in search of himself. In time, Clark's travels take him to a frozen tundra, where the American government has discovered an 18,000-year-old anomaly buried deep in the ice. Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) has just come to investigate when, after venturing out with her camera, she has a profound encounter with Clark. Convinced that his presence on Earth is proof of life on other planets, Lois finds her attempt to publish the story thwarted by her boss Perry White (Laurence Fishburne), who rejects it outright. Later, the airwaves are hijacked by General Zod, who threatens to obliterate the human race if they fail to hand over Kal-El within 24 hours. Forced to embrace his otherworldly origins for the first time in his life, Clark Kent dons the special suit from Krypton and prepares to take a stand against an enemy far more powerful than any he's ever known. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : Superhero, super-power
Action, Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Henry Cavill ... Clark Kent/Kal-El
Amy Adams ... Lois Lane
Michael Shannon ... General Zod
Diane Lane ... Martha Kent
Russell Crowe ... Jor-El
Antje Traue ... Faora-Ul
Richard Schiff ... Dr. Emil Hamilton
Christopher Meloni ... Colonel Hardy
Kevin Costner ... Jonathan Kent
Ayelet Zurer ... Lara Lor-Van
Laurence Fishburne ... Perry White
Dylan Sprayberry ... Clark Kent (13 Years)
Cooper Timberline ... Clark Kent (9 Years)
Richard Cetrone ... Tor-An
Mackenzie Gray ... Jax-Ur
Julian Richings ... Lor-Em
Mary Black ... Ro-Zar
Samantha Jo ... Car-Vex
Michael Kelly ... Steve Lombard
Rebecca Buller ... Jenny
Christina Wren ... Major Carrie Farris
David Lewis ... Major Laramore
Tahmoh Penikett ... Jed Eubanks
Doug Abrahams ... Heraldson
Brad Kelly ... Byrne
David Paetkau ... Northcom Threat Analyst
Elizabeth Thai ... Northcom Threat Analyst
Ian Rozylo ... Northcom Threat Analyst
Alessandro Juliani ... Officer Sekowsky
Kwesi Ameyaw ... Canadian Airman
Mike Dopud ... Canadian Airman
Jack Foley ... Teenage Pete Ross
Jadin Gould ... Lana Lang
Robert Gerdisch ... Whitney Fordham
Ryan Mitchell ... Bus Boy
Alexa Gengelbach ... Bus Girl
Caroline Thomas ... Bus Girl
Stephanie Song ... Bus Girl
Coburn Goss ... Father Leone
Lesley Bevan ... Ms. Rampling
Ian Tracey ... Ludlow
Carmen Lavigne ... Chrissy - Waitress
Howard Siegel ... Weaver
Heidi Kettenring ... Helen Ross
Justin Butler ... Student
Jacqueline Scislowski ... Student
Daniel Coonley ... Student
Sally Elting ... Student
Joseph Cranford ... Pete Ross
Clint Carleton ... Roughneck
Mark Gibbon ... Roughneck
Stuart Ambrose ... A-10 Pilot
Tom Nagel ... A-10 Pilot
Jackson Berlin ... F-35 Pilot
Kyle Riefsnyder ... Little Bird Gunship Pilot
Aaron Smolinski ... Communications Officer
Carla Gugino ... Voice of Kelor
Bruce Bohne ... Ace O'Clubs Bartender
Rowen Kahn ... Ken Braverman
Robert Moloney ... News Show Host
Sean Campbell ... Bar Buddy
Aaron Pearl ... Bar Buddy
Rebecca Spence ... Young Mother
Joe Minoso ... Metropolis Policeman
Brian King ... Train Station Family (Father)
Madison Moran ... Train Station Family (Daughter)
Gabe Darley ... Train Station Family (Son)
Bridgett Newton ... Train Station Family (Mother)
Revard Dufresne ... Dev-Em
Apollonia Vanova ... Nadira
Dan Aho ... FBI Agent
Ronald W. Gibbs ... FBI Agent
Christopher Palermo ... Sergeant Vance
Edmundo Raul Sanchez ... Smallville Gas Station Attendant
Nicolas W. VonZill ... Council Member
Allison Crowe ... Singer at Cassidy's
Nick Touchie ... Coastal Villager
Eileen Touchie ... Coastal Villager
Malcolm Scott ... Tractor Repair Shop Owner
1121 0/4
The Man Who Invented Christmas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1843 London, legendary author Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) is desperate for another success after a string of flops, and soon finds inspiration in the people around him and his own desire to be a better person. He begins to write his iconic novella A Christmas Carol, which eventually helps transform Christmas from a minor holiday into a celebration of family ties and goodwill. Directed by Bharat Nalluri (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day). Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Pryce, Morfydd Clark, and Anna Murphy co-star. --

Keywords : author, Christmas, goodwill, inspiration, storyteller, transformation
Comedy Drama 
Dan Stevens ... Charles Dickens
Christopher Plummer ... Ebenezer Scrooge
Jonathan Pryce ... John Dickens
Miriam Margolyes ... Mrs. Fisk
Simon Callow ... Leech
Patrick Joseph Byrnes ... Stage Manager
Justin Edwards ... John Forster/Ghost of Christmas Present
Cosimo Fusco ... Signor Mazzini
David McSavage ... Hall
Ian McNeice ... Chapman
Miles Jupp ... Thackeray
816 2/4
The Man Who Knew Infinity 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This biopic from writer/director Matt Brown details the extraordinary life of renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (Dev Patel), who travels to England in 1913 to study at Cambridge. He faces prejudice there from many of his colleagues, but he also bonds with a professor named G.H. Hardy (Jeremy Irons). In time, Ramanujan authors a number of pioneering equations. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Culture Clash | Rags To Riches | Success is the Best Revenge | Underdogs
Drama, Biopic [feature], Inspirational Drama 
Dev Patel ... Srinivasa Ramanujan
Jeremy Irons ... G.H. Hardy
Stephen Fry ... Sir Francis Spring
Toby Jones ... Littlewood
Jeremy Northam ... Bertrand Russell
Kevin McNally ... Major McMahon
Enzo Cilenti ... Doctor
Anthony Calf
Padraic Delaney ... Beglan
Roger Narayan ... Mr. Iyengar/The Scribe
Richard Cunningham ... Hobson
David Shaw Parker ... Porter
903 3/4
Manchester by the Sea 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A hardened handyman named Lee (Casey Affleck) returns to his hometown in New England after the death of his brother (Kyle Chandler) to care for his 16-year-old nephew (Lucas Hedges), but his arrival also unearths his checkered past. Soon, Lee comes back into contact with his estranged wife (Michelle Williams) as he deals with life in his tight-knit former community. Kenneth Lonergan directed this family drama. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Only Human | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Coming Home | Death of a Parent | Dysfunctional Families | Kids in Trouble | Men's Friendship | Parenthood | Reconciliation
Drama, Family Drama, Slice of Life 
Casey Affleck ... Lee Chandler
Michelle Williams ... Randi
Kyle Chandler ... Joe Chandler
Lucas Hedges ... Patrick
Gretchen Mol ... Elise
C.J. Wilson ... George
Kara Hayward ... Silvie
Matthew Broderick ... Elise's Second Husband
457 3/4
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is an hour-long compendium of the three Disney "Winnie" animated short subjects produced between 1966 and 1974. Sterling Holloway provides the voice of A.A. Milne's whimsical pooh-bear in all three cartoons, the first two of which are directed by Wolfgang Reithermann and the last by John Lounsbery. The program consists of Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree (1966), Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1968, which won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject), and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too! (1974). The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was originally prepared in 1977 for theatrical release, and has since been available primarily in home-video form. -- Hal Erickson

Keywords : animal, friendship, child
Children's/Family, Comedy, Animated Musical 
Sterling Holloway ... Winnie-the-Pooh
Paul Winchell ... Tigger
Sebastian Cabot ... Narrator
Junius Matthews
Howard Morris ... Gopher
Ralph Wright
Clint Howard ... Roo
Barbara Luddy
John Fiedler ... Piglet
Hal Smith ... Owl
900 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: FBI agents investigating a series of bank robberies initially suspect that the business's owner (Bruce Willis) might be responsible, but they later realize that the heists point toward a much larger conspiracy. Christopher Meloni, Dave Bautista, and Adrian Grenier co-star in this crime thriller directed by Steven C. Miller. -- Jennifer Lackman

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Hijackings
Keywords : conspiracy, crime, evidence, government-agent, heist, robbery, suspect
Action, Action Thriller 
Christopher Meloni ... Agent Jonathan Montgomery
Bruce Willis ... Hubert
Dave Bautista ... Stockwell
Adrian Grenier ... Wells
Johnathon Schaech ... Mims
Lydia Hull ... Chase
Tyler Jon Olson ... Zach Derohan
Texas Battle ... T.J. Jackson
Chris Hill ... James Jackson
Danny A. Abeckaser ... Antonio Leon
Tara Holt ... Vanessa Adler
Alyshia Ochse ... Jill
Ryan O'Nan ... Chris Hall
Karen Strassman ... Automated Crime Voice
Charlotte Kirk ... Victoria
458 3/4
March of the Penguins 
AMG SYNOPSIS: While many people think of penguins as comical birds who look like they've been decked out in tuxedos, the truth is they're among the strongest and most resilient creatures in the animal kingdom. And they have to be -- each year, the emperor penguins of Antarctica travel through the most punishing environment on Earth to their nesting grounds, and after the females lay their eggs, the males keep them warm while their mates walk 70 miles back to the sea to fatten themselves with fish for themselves and their young. Filmmaker Luc Jacquet spent over a year braving the frigid temperatures of the South Pole to film this annual ritual of the penguins, and March of the Penguins documents their brave struggle to survive, as well as the close emotional bonds between the penguin families. March of the Penguins was first screened in France as La marche de l'empereur, with a handful of French actors providing a voice-over in which they expressed the "thoughts" of the penguins; for the American edition, Morgan Freeman was brought in to deliver a more straightforward narration. -- Mark Deming

Keywords : Antarctica, penguin
Nature, Animals, Natural Environments 
Morgan Freeman ... Narrator
1036 3/4
Margin Call 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Investment-firm analyst Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) uncovers sensitive information that could easily plunge the entire business into peril, inadvertently destroying the lives and careers of his colleagues in this tense thriller set during the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Over the course of the next 24 hours, Sullivan realizes that the decisions he makes will not only affect the employees of the firm, but the lives of everyday Americans from coast to coast as well. Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore, and Paul Bettany co-star. --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Race Against Time | Work Ethics
Keywords : analysis/analyst [study], financial-crisis, investing
Thriller, Paranoid Thriller 
Kevin Spacey ... Sam Rogers
Paul Bettany ... Will Emerson
Jeremy Irons ... John Tuld
Zachary Quinto ... Peter Sullivan
Penn Badgley ... Seth Bregman
Simon Baker ... Jared Cohen
Mary McDonnell ... Mary Rogers
Demi Moore ... Sarah Robertson
Stanley Tucci ... Eric Dale
459 3/4
The Martian 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After an exploratory mission goes awry, lone astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is left for dead on the hostile surface of Mars and must use his scientific ingenuity to homestead an enclosed habitat where he can survive. Meanwhile, the astronauts he left behind realize the severity of his plight and join forces with an international coalition of scientists to launch a rescue mission in defiance of NASA protocol. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Heroic Mission | Race Against Time | Space Travel | Stranded
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Adventure, Space Adventure 
Matt Damon ... Mark Watney
Jessica Chastain ... Melissa Lewis
Kristen Wiig ... Annie Montrose
Jeff Daniels ... Teddy Sanders
Michael Peña ... Rick Martinez
Kate Mara ... Beth Johanssen
Sean Bean ... Mitch Henderson
Sebastian Stan ... Chris Beck
Aksel Hennie ... Alex Vogel
Donald Glover ... Rich Purnell
Mackenzie Davis ... Mindy Park
Chiwetel Ejiofor ... Venkat Kapoor
Chen Shu ... Zuo Tao
Eddy Ko ... Guo Ming
Enzo Cilenti ... Mike Watkins
Jonathan Aris ... Brendan Hatch
Gruffudd Glyn ... Jack
Naomi Scott ... Ryoko
Benedict Wong ... Bruce Ng
Brian Caspe ... Timer Controller
Matt Devere ... Satcom
Szonja Oroszlan ... Launch Control
Mark O'Neal ... Guidance
Declan Hannigan ... Comms
Lili Bordán ... Reporter 3
Nora Horich ... Vogel's Wife
Richard B. Rifkin ... JPL Store Man
Ben O'Brien ... JPL Pathfinder Team Member 1
Scott Alexander Young ... JPL Pathfinder Team Member 2
460 4/4
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Peter Weir's first turn behind the camera since 1998's critically acclaimed The Truman Show, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is based on two Napoleonic War-era adventure novels in author Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series, Master and Commander and The Far Side of the World. Russell Crowe stars as Captain Jack Aubrey, a high-seas adventurer who maintains a strong bond with ship-surgeon Stephen Maturin (Paul Bettany). After conquering much of Europe already, Napoleon's forces have set their sights on taking Britain, so Aubrey and the crew of his ship, the HMS Surprise, take to the Pacific to intercept any attacking ships from the French fleet. When Aubrey eyes a renegade French super-frigate, the Surprise pursues, leading to an adrenaline-charged chase through the distant reaches of the sea. Edward Woodall, James D'Arcy, and Lee Ingleby also star as members of the Surprise's crew. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Heroic Mission | Obsessive Quests | War At Sea
Keywords : captain [ship], chef, crew, espionage, French [nationality], ship, spy, friendship
Adventure, Costume Adventure, Adventure Drama, Sea Adventure 
Russell Crowe ... Captain Jack Aubrey
Paul Bettany ... Dr. Stephen Maturin
Billy Boyd ... Barrett Bonden
James D'Arcy ... 1st Lt. Tom Pullings
Lee Ingleby ... Hollom, Midshipman
George Innes ... Joe Plaice
Mark Lewis Jones ... Mr. Hogg
Chris Larkin ... Captain Howard
Richard McCabe ... Mr. Higgins, Surgeon's Mate
Robert Pugh ... Mr. Allen
David Threlfall ... Killick
Max Pirkis ... Lord Blackeney
Edward Woodall ... 2nd Lt. William Mowett
Ian Mercer ... Mr. Hollar
Max Benitz ... Calamy, Midshipman
461 2/4
The Matrix Reloaded 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After creating an international sensation with the visually dazzling and intellectually challenging sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix, the Wachowski brothers returned with the first of two projected sequels that pick up where the first film left off. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) have been summoned by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) to join him on a voyage to Zion, the last outpost of free human beings on Earth. Neo and Trinity's work together has been complicated by the fact the two are involved in a serious romantic relationship. Upon their arrival in Zion, Morpheus locks horns with rival Commander Lock (Harry J. Lennix) and encounters his old flame Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith). Meanwhile, Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) has returned with some surprises for Neo, most notably the ability to replicate himself as many times as he pleases. Neo makes his way to The Oracle (Gloria Foster), who informs him that if he wishes to save humankind, he must unlock "The Source," which means having to release The Key Maker (Randall Duk Kim) from the clutches of Merovingian (Lambert Wilson). While Merovingian refuses to cooperate, his wife, Persephone (Monica Bellucci), angry at her husband's dalliances with other women, offers to help, but only in exchange for a taste of Neo's affections. With The Keymaker in tow, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus are chased by Merovingian's henchmen: a pair of deadly albino twins (Neil Rayment and Adrian Rayment). Filmed primarily in Australia and California (the extended chase scene was shot on a stretch of highway build specifically for the production outside of San Francisco), The Matrix Reloaded was produced in tandem with the third film in the series, The Matrix Revolutions. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Fighting the System | Computer Paranoia | Future Dystopias | Heroic Mission | Post-Apocalypse | Technology Run Amok | Virtual Reality | Chosen One
Keywords : man-vs-machine, rebel, virtual-reality, cyberpunk
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Keanu Reeves ... Neo
Carrie-Anne Moss ... Trinity
Laurence Fishburne ... Morpheus
Hugo Weaving ... Agent Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith ... Niobe
Gloria Foster ... The Oracle
Monica Bellucci ... Persephone
Lambert Wilson ... Merovingian
Randall Duk Kim ... The Keymaker
Nona Gaye ... Zee
Anthony Zerbe ... Councillor Hamann
Helmut Bakaitis ... The Architect
Neil Rayment ... Twin #1
Adrian Rayment ... Twin #2
Daniel Bernhardt ... Agent Johnson
Christine Anu ... Kali
Steve Bastoni ... Captain Sorren
Lachy Hulme ... Sparks
Matt McColm ... Agent Thompson
Rupert Reid ... Lock's Lieutenant
Gina Torres ... Cass, Dozer's widow
Clayton Watson ... The Kid
Roy Jones Jr. ... Captain Ballard
Che Timmins ... Radio Man
David A. Kilde ... Agent Jackson
Genevieve O'Reilly ... Officer Wirtz
Andy Arness ... Police #2
Alima Ashton-Sheibu ... Girl (Link's Niece)
Donald Battee ... Vector
Valerie Berry ... Priestess
Ian Bliss ... Bane
Liliana Bogatko ... Old Woman At Zion
Michael Budd ... Zion Controller
Stoney Burke ... Bike Carrier Driver
Josephine Byrnes ... Zion Virtual Control Operator
Noris Campos ... Woman With Groceries
Paul Cotter ... Corrupt
Marlene Cummins ... Another Old Woman At Zion
Attila Davidhazy ... Young Thomas Anderson (12)
Essie Davis ... Maggie
Terrell Dixon ... Wurm
Nash Edgerton ... Security Guard #5
David Franklin ... Maitre D'
Austin Galuppo ... Young Thomas Anderson (4)
Daryl Heath ... A. P. U. Escort
Malcolm Kennard ... Abel
Peter Lamb ... Colt
Nathaniel Lees ... General Mifune
Tony Lynch ... Computer Room Technician
Robert Mammone ... AK
Joshua Mbakwe ... Boy (Link's Nephew)
Scott McLean ... Security Bunker Guard #2
Steve Morris ... Computer Room Guard
Tory Mussett ... Beautiful Woman at Le Vrai
Rene Naufahu ... Zion Gate Operator
Robyn Nevin ... Councillor Dillard
David No ... Cain
Socratis Otto ... Operator (Vigilant)
David Roberts ... Roland
Shane C. Rodrigo ... Ajax
Nick Scoggin ... "Gidim" Truck Driver
Kevin Scott ... 18 Wheel Trucker
Tahei Simpson ... Binary
Frankie Stevens ... Tirant
Nicandro Thomas ... Young Thomas Anderson (2)
Andrew Valli ... Police #1
Steve Vella ... Malachi
Cornel West ... Councillor West
Leigh Whannell ... Axel
Anthony Wong ... Ghost
Brandon Freeman ... dancer
Damon White ... dancer
462 2/4
The Matrix Revolutions 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Shot back-to-back with The Matrix Reloaded, the third and final installment of Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski's sci-fi action saga picks up where the second film left off. Neo (Keanu Reeves) remains unconscious in the real world, caught in a mysterious subway station that lies between the machine world and the Matrix, and Bane (Ian Bliss) is still a conduit for Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), who continues to grow out of control, threatening to destroy both worlds. Meanwhile, as the sentinels get closer and closer to Zion, the citizens of the earth's last inhabited city prepare for the inevitable onslaught. By bargaining with The Merovingian (Lambert Wilson), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) are able to free Neo who, after meeting with The Oracle (Mary Alice stepping in for the late Gloria Foster), decides that he must leave Zion and head for the machine mainframe. As Neo and Trinity venture into the dangerous machine world, with hopes of stopping both the machines and Agent Smith, their comrades in Zion attempt to fight off the attacking sentinels with the odds stacked greatly against them. Other cast members returning include Monica Bellucci, Ngai Sing, and Harold Perrineau Jr. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Fighting the System | Technology Run Amok | Future Dystopias | Computer Paranoia | Chosen One | Post-Apocalypse | Virtual Reality
Keywords : love, man-vs-machine, battle [war], last-stand, choices, science-runs-amok, artificial-intelligence, destiny, freedom, human-nature, machine, peace, prophecy, spiritual, Superhero
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Keanu Reeves ... Neo
Carrie-Anne Moss ... Trinity
Laurence Fishburne ... Morpheus
Hugo Weaving ... Agent Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith ... Niobe
Mary Alice ... The Oracle
Bruce Spence ... Trainman
Nathaniel Lees ... General Mifune
Clayton Watson ... Kid
Nona Gaye ... Zee
Monica Bellucci ... Persephone
Lambert Wilson ... The Merovingian
Ian Bliss ... Bane
Helmut Bakaitis ... The Architect
David Roberts ... Roland
Essie Davis ... Maggie
Bernard White ... Rama-Kandra
Anthony Wong ... Ghost
Matt McColm ... Agent Thompson
Genevieve O'Reilly ... Officer Wirtz
Kate Beahan ... Coat Check Girl
Francine Bell ... Councillor Grace
Rachel Blackman ... Charra
David Bowers ... Q-Ball Gang Member #1
Zeke Castelli ... Operations Officer Mattis
Dion Horstmans ... Q-Ball Gang Member #2
Lachy Hulme ... Sparks
Peter Lamb ... Colt
Robert Mammone ... AK
Maurice Morgan ... Tower Soldier
Tharini Mudaliar ... Kamala
Rene Naufahu ... Zion Gate Keeper
Kittrick Redmond ... Second Operator At Command
Rupert Reid ... Lock's Lieutenant
Kevin Richardson ... Deus Ex Machina
Richard Sydenham ... Dock Seargeant
Che Timmins ... Radio Bunker Man
Gina Torres ... Cass
Cornel West ... Councillor West
Anthony Zerbe ... Councillor Hamann
Robyn Nevin ... Councillor Dillard
463 4/4
The Matrix 
AMG SYNOPSIS: What if virtual reality wasn't just for fun, but was being used to imprison you? That's the dilemma that faces mild-mannered computer jockey Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) in The Matrix. It's the year 1999, and Anderson (hacker alias: Neo) works in a cubicle, manning a computer and doing a little hacking on the side. It's through this latter activity that Thomas makes the acquaintance of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), who has some interesting news for Mr. Anderson -- none of what's going on around him is real. The year is actually closer to 2199, and it seems Thomas, like most people, is a victim of The Matrix, a massive artificial intelligence system that has tapped into people's minds and created the illusion of a real world, while using their brains and bodies for energy, tossing them away like spent batteries when they're through. Morpheus, however, is convinced Neo is "The One" who can crack open The Matrix and bring his people to both physical and psychological freedom. The Matrix is the second feature film from the sibling writer/director team of Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski, who made an impressive debut with the stylish erotic crime thriller Bound. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Virtual Reality | Heroic Mission | Chosen One | Fighting the System | Future Dystopias | Technology Run Amok | Computer Paranoia | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : virtual-reality, imprisonment, battle [war], hacker, computers, man-vs-machine
Attributes : High Budget, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Keanu Reeves ... Neo
Laurence Fishburne ... Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss ... Trinity
Hugo Weaving ... Agent Smith
Gloria Foster ... The Oracle
Joe Pantoliano ... Cypher
Marcus Chong ... Tank
Paul Goddard ... Agent Brown
Robert Taylor ... Agent Jones
Matt Doran ... Mouse
Belinda McClory ... Switch
Anthony Ray Parker ... Dozer
464 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A military dog from Afghanistan is adopted by his late handler's grieving family in the U.S., where his close bond with the soldier's brother leads to a life-altering revelation in this family-friendly adventure from MGM and director Boaz Yakin (who penned the screenplay alongside writer Sheldon Lettich). -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Death in the Family | Man's Best Friend
Keywords : Afghanistan, dog, family, Marines
Drama, Animal Picture, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Josh Wiggins ... Justin Wincott
Thomas Haden Church ... Ray
Jay Hernandez ... Sergeant Reyes
Lauren Graham ... Pamela
Luke Kleintank ... Tyler Harne
Robbie Amell ... Kyle Wincott
Mia Xitlali ... Carmen
Dejon LaQuake ... Chuy
Owen Harn ... Deputy Stack
Joseph Julian Soria ... Emilio
Raymond W. Beal ... Animal Control Handler #1/Marine
Edgar Arreola ... Cartel Leader
Pete Burris ... S-2 Major
Miles Mussenden ... Captain
Joan Q. Scott ... Blue-Haired Lady
Ian Gregg ... Latino Kid
Thomas LaMarche ... Bike Teen #1
Alex Schuler ... Bike Teen #2
Zarina Aurah ... Afghan Village Woman
Varkas Everest ... Afghan Village Man #1
Nazareth Dairian ... Afghan Village Man #2
Naim Alherimi ... Afghan Village Man #3
Issa Alherimi ... Afghan Village Man #4
Zeeko Zaki ... Afghan Policeman
David Flores ... Bike Kid #1
Ethan Alexander McGee ... Bike Kid #2
Khamary Grant ... Bike Kid #3
Hayley Alexis Joplin ... Bike Park Teen
Nik Allen ... Moving Truck Driver
892 1/4
Max Steel 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) discovers that he has superpowers, and soon encounters a robotic alien named Steel (voice of Josh Brener) who wants to harness the energy he generates. The pair team up to form a superhero called Max Steel, using the guise to fight back against an extraterrestrial threat. This sci-fi action film is based on the popular line of Mattel figures. Andy Garcia, Ana Villafañe, Maria Bello, and Mike Doyle co-star. Written by Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World) and directed by Stewart Hendler (Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn). -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : alien-abduction, teenagers
Action, Sci-Fi Action 
Ben Winchell ... Max McGrath
Maria Bello ... Molly McGrath
Ana Villafañe ... Sofia Martinez
Andy Garcia ... Dr. Miles Edwards
Mike Doyle ... Jim McGrath
Phillip DeVona ... Harkins
Billy Slaughter ... Murphy
Megan Hayes ... Stalled Car Woman
Rochelle Aycoth ... Pedestrian
Mary Christina Brown ... N-TEK Agent
Brett Kelley ... N-Tek Agent
465 1/4
The Maze Runner 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the bestselling novel by James Dashner, this adventure thriller for young adults follows a young boy named Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) who finds himself trapped within a giant, deadly maze with a group of other kids. While he has no memories of his life prior to being in the maze, he is plagued by nightmares about a shadowy organization known only as W.C.K.D., and hopes that these fragments of dreams will help him discover the secrets of his past and a way to escape. -- Tracie Cooper

Themes : Amnesia | Trapped or Confined
Keywords : boy, escape, maze, memory
Action, Adventure, Action Thriller, Escape Film 
Dylan O'Brien ... Thomas
Kaya Scodelario ... Teresa
Will Poulter ... Gally
Thomas Brodie-Sangster ... Newt
Aml Ameen ... Alby
Ki Hong Lee ... Minho
Patricia Clarkson ... Ava Paige
Blake Cooper ... Chuck
Dexter Darden ... Frypan
Jacob Latimore ... Jeff
Chris Sheffield ... Ben
Joe Adler ... Zart
Alexander Flores ... Winston
466 1/4
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the next installment of the "Maze Runner" franchise Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and the rest of the Gladers search for clues about WCKD, a powerful organization in the Scorch, a bleak landscape that is filled with dangerous obstacles. The Gladers partner with resistance fighters to take on WCKD in an attempt to discover their plans for the future in this young-adult dystopian thriller from 20th Century Fox. Directed by Wes Ball who previously directed the original film, The Maze Runner. Cast includes Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Giancarlo Esposito, Aidan Gillen, Ki Hong Lee, Barry Pepper, Lili Taylor and Patricia Clarkson. -- Jennifer Lackman

Themes : Future Barbarians | Obsessive Quests
Action, Adventure, Action Thriller, Escape Film 
Dylan O'Brien ... Thomas
Kaya Scodelario ... Teresa
Thomas Brodie-Sangster ... Newt
Giancarlo Esposito ... Jorge
Aidan Gillen ... Janson
Barry Pepper ... Vince
Lili Taylor ... Mary Cooper
Patricia Clarkson ... Ava Paige
Ki Hong Lee ... Minho
Dexter Darden ... Frypan
Alexander Flores ... Winston
Jacob Lofland ... Aris Jones
Rosa Salazar ... Brenda
Terry Dale Parks ... Carl (Masked Man)
Alan Tudyk ... Blondie
Jenny Gabrielle ... Ponytail
David House ... Soldier
Shawn Prince ... David
Matthew Page ... Harold (Soldier)
Alex Knight ... Aide
Brandon Hampton ... Surveillance Room Attendant
John Trejo ... M3 Soldier
Tatanka Means ... Joe
Ryan Jason Cook ... Nurse
James Burnett ... Rebel Sentry
Morse Bicknell ... Doctor
467 3/4
McFarland, USA 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this inspiring Disney sports drama based on actual events, Kevin Costner plays a high-school football coach who ends up leading a cross-country track team made up of lower-class Latino students to a state championship.
Jim White (Costner) finds his days as a football coach numbered when an incident with a player leads to his dismissal. Desperate for work, he moves his wife (Maria Bello) and daughters (Morgan Saylor and Elsie Fisher) from Idaho to McFarland, CA, a rural town that's predominately Latino and the only place willing to give him a teaching job. The family feel like they don't fit into their new community, but White has an epiphany one day when he sees his students running from their early-morning farming jobs to school: Why not channel their talents into running cross-country track? Soon enough, White is connecting with his young charges, particularly a gifted athlete named Thomas (Carlos Pratts), and the squad set their sights on a state championship. -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Coaches and Players
Keywords : coach, Hispanic, team, track [track and field]
Drama, Sports Drama 
Kevin Costner ... Jim White
Maria Bello
Morgan Saylor ... Julie White
Martha Higareda ... Lupe
John Ortiz ... Jose Cardenas
Danny Mora ... Sammy Rosaldo
Valente Rodriguez ... Principal Camillo
Vanessa Martinez ... Maria Marsol
Chris Ellis ... Coach Jenks
Diana-Maria Riva ... Señora Diaz
Omar Leyva ... Señor Diaz
Chelsea Rendon ... Sonia Rosaldo
Elsie Fisher ... Jamie White
Natalia Cordova ... Señora Valles
Ben Bray ... Ernesto Valles
Adriana Diaz Chapa ... Laura
Eloy Casados ... Dale Padilla
Josh Clark ... Coach Jameson
Daniel Moncada ... Eddie
Ashley Bravo ... Lola Valles
Chad Mountain ... Clovis Coach
J. Downing ... Race Official
Brian Connors ... Park Aide
Alex Macnicoll ... Fitz Mitchell
Vincent Martella ... Brandon
Michael Tong ... Hunter - Centennial Runner
Baxter Frick ... Blowdry - Stevens Creek Runner
Juana Flores ... Señora Soto
Connor Weil ... Palo Alto Runner #1
Tyler Sellers ... Palo Alto Runner #2
Anthony Renaud ... Starter (Race #1)
Brian Hayes Currie ... Stevens Creek Coach
Sarah Benoit ... Principal Camillo's Assistant
Isabelle Ortega ... School Librarian
Jorge Luis Padilla ... Young Cholo
Salvador Velez ... Player #1
Isaiah Gonzales ... Player #2
Catherine Toribio ... Flirting Girl #1
Rosa Ochoa ... Flirting Girl #2
Rebeca Silva ... Grandmother Valles
John Funk ... Centennial Assistant Coach
Sean O'Connell ... Morro Bay Coach
Jeffrey G. Sheller ... Palo Alto Assistant Coach
Alfredo Lopez ... Mariachi Singer
823 2/4
Me Before You 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After losing her job as a waitress, a young woman named Lou (Emilia Clarke) is hired to act as a caregiver for Will (Sam Claflin), a banker who was paralyzed in an accident. Although Will has grown despondent since his injury, Lou's no-nonsense ways force him to reconnect with life, and the pair eventually develop feelings for each other. Theater director Thea Sharrock makes her feature directorial debut with this romantic drama, which was adapted from the best-selling novel by Jojo Moyes. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : A Good Cry | In the Mood for Love
Themes : Dying Young | Living With Disability | Star-Crossed Lovers | Suicide | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : caretaker [custodian], paraplegic, relationship
Drama, Melodrama, Romantic Drama 
Emilia Clarke ... Louisa Clark
Sam Claflin ... William Traynor
Vanessa Kirby ... Alicia
Charles Dance ... Steven Traynor
Matthew Lewis ... Patrick
Jenna-Louise Coleman ... Katrina Clark
Janet McTeer ... Camilla Traynor
Brendan Coyle ... Bernard Clark
Stephen Peacocke ... Nathan
Samantha Spiro ... Josie Clark
Diane Morgan ... Sharon The Waitress
Joanna Lumley ... Mary Rawlinson
468 2/4
Me, Myself & Irene 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Six years after Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey reunited with Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly for this anarchic comedy with a hint of romance. Charlie (Carrey) is a good-natured Rhode Island state trooper who likes helping people. But years of internalizing his frustrations about his work and his family have caused Charlie to develop an alter ego: Hank, an abusive, violent, sexually compulsive police officer. Charlie can keep Hank at bay with medication, but just barely. When Irene (Renee Zellweger) finds herself in legal trouble through a series of misunderstandings involving her ex-boyfriend, Charlie must escort her on a long drive to New York for questioning. After Charlie loses his medication, he and Hank wind up vying for her affections: Charlie wants Irene to marry him, while Hank has more brutal intentions. Me, Myself, and Irene also features Chris Cooper, Robert Forster, and Jessica Harper, as well as Anthony Anderson, Mongo Brownlee, and Jerod Mixon as Charlie's rotund, African-American sons. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Split Personalities | Fathers and Sons
Keywords : split-personality, police-officer, escort, anger, love, repression, medicine
Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Slapstick 
Jim Carrey ... Charlie/Hank
Renée Zellweger ... Irene
Chris Cooper ... Lt. Gerke
Robert Forster ... Col. Partington
Richard Jenkins ... Agent Boshane
Rob Moran ... Trooper Finneran
Traylor Howard ... Layla
Daniel Greene ... Dickie Thurman
Zen Gesner ... Agent Peterson
Tony Cox ... Limo Driver
Anthony Anderson ... Jamaal
Mongo Brownlee ... Lee Harvey
Jerod Mixon ... Shonte Jr
Mike Cerrone ... Officer Stubie
John-Eliot Jordan ... Pizza Boy
Michael Bowman ... Whitey
Jessica Harper
Shannon Whirry ... Beautiful Mom
469 3/4
Mean Girls 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live wrote and appears in this comedy about the alternately funny and terrifying pecking order among teenage girls. Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) is a 15-year-old girl who has spent most of her life in Africa, where she was home-schooled by her zoologist parents. When her family relocates to the United States, Cady finds herself attending a high school in suburban Illinois, where she gets a crash course in the various sub-strata of the student body: the jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, the "cool" kids, and so on. Much to her surprise, Cady finds herself embraced by a clique of rich and popular girls known to outsiders as "the Plastics," led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Weiners (Lacey Chabert), and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried). While Cady is grateful for her new friends, it doesn't take long for her to realize how manipulative they can be, and she soon discovers she's violated an unwritten law when she goes out on a date with Aaron (Jonathan Bennett), who is charming, good looking...and Regina's former boyfriend. It isn't long before Regina and her pals are on the warpath, and Cady must face a level of vengeful behavior for which years in the jungle never prepared her. Joining Tina Fey in the supporting cast are fellow SNL players Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, and Tim Meadows. The screenplay for Mean Girls was based in part on Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence, a book by professional youth counselor Rosalind Wiseman. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : Cliques | Faltering Friendships | Feuds | High School Life | New Kid in Town | Social Climbing | Teachers and Students
Keywords : high-school, manipulation, popularity, social-conventions, student, teacher, mathematics
Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Teen Movie 
Lindsay Lohan ... Cady Heron
Rachel McAdams ... Regina George
Tina Fey ... Ms. Norbury
Tim Meadows ... Mr. Duvall
Amy Poehler ... Mrs. George
Ana Gasteyer ... Betsy Heron
Lacey Chabert ... Gretchen Weiners
Lizzy Caplan ... Janis Ian
Daniel Franzese ... Damian
Neil Flynn ... Chip Heron
Jonathan Bennett ... Aaron
Amanda Seyfried ... Karen Smith
Nicole Crimi ... Kylie George
Wai Choy ... Tim Pak
Olympia Lukis ... Jessica Lopez
Jonathan Malen ... Peter Haldi
Stefanie Drummond ... Bethany
944 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Set at a low-end summer camp and aimed squarely at a teen audience, Meatballs is a light screwball comedy that turned its low-budget Canadian roots into a very profitable box-office run. The biggest reason for the film's success is Bill Murray who stars as Tripper, the head counselor who runs things at Camp Northstar with the help of his love interest Roxanne (Kate Lynch) and the camp's director Morty (Harvey Atkins), who is affectionately known as Mickey. Camp opens with Tripper and Morty preparing the misfit counselors-in-training -- Spaz, Fink, Crockett, A.L., Candace, Wendy, and Wheels among them -- for the arrival of their hyperactive little charges. After settling in, kids and counselors begin their activities with a soccer game in which depressed 11-year-old Rudy (Chris Makepeace) accidentally loses the game. Cast out by the other children, Rudy runs away only to come across Tripper, who befriends the boy and makes him his running partner. Romance, sexy fun, and comic hijinx -- usually with the heavy-sleeping Morty as their target -- lead up to an annual Olympiad in which Camp Northstar battles the wealthier and athletically superior residents of Camp Mohawk. The challenging events include cup stacking, potato-sack racing, and a nauseating hot dog-eating contest in which the portly Fink devours his way to victory. With the two-day event tied up, it comes down to the cross-country run, in which Tripper enters Rudy. Meatballs was the first major directorial effort by multi-talented filmmaker Ivan Reitman, whose name has since become synonymous with the comedy genre. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Summer Camp | Arrested Adolescence | Mischievous Children | Underdogs
Keywords : camp, summer-camp, teenagers, adolescence, competition, counselor, growing-pains, misfit, sexual-awakening, sports
Comedy, Teen Movie 
Bill Murray ... Tripper
Harvey Atkin ... Morty
Kate Lynch ... Roxanne
Russ Banham ... Crockett
Jack Blum ... Spaz
Kristine de Bell ... A.L.
Chris Makepeace ... Rudy
Sarah Torgov ... Candace
Keith Knight ... Fink
Cindy Girling ... Wendy
Todd Hoffman ... Wheels
Margot Pinvidic ... Jackie
Matt Craven ... Hardware
Norma dell'Agnese ... Brenda
Michael Kirby ... Eddy
Greg Swangon
Ron Barry ... Lance
Paul Boyle ... Ace
Vince Guerriero ... Rhino
James McLarty ... Horse
Heather Preece ... Patti
Alison Diver ... Carla
Valerie Fersht ... Liza
Allan Levson ... Peter DeWitt
Patrick Hynes ... Andrew
Hadley Kay ... Bradley
Billie Kishonti ... Jeffrey
Peter Hume
Ruth Rennie ... Jody
849 1/4
Mechanic: Resurrection 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Hitman Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is forced to come out of retirement and commit three difficult assassinations in order to rescue his kidnapped lover (Jessica Alba). The hardest part: He must make all of the killings look like accidents. Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh co-star. Directed by Dennis Gansel. -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Lone Wolves
Keywords : assassination, killer
Action, Action Thriller 
Jason Statham ... Arthur Bishop
Jessica Alba ... Gina
Tommy Lee Jones ... Max Adams
Michelle Yeoh ... Mae
Sam Hazeldine ... Riah Crain
John Cenatiempo ... Jeremy
Anteo Quintavalle ... Frank
Rhatha Phongam ... Courier
470 2/4
Meet the Parents 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this comedy from Austin Powers director Jay Roach, Ben Stiller plays a young man who endures a disastrous weekend at the home of his girlfriend's parents. Greg Focker (Stiller) is completely in love with Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo), and views their upcoming trip to her parents' house on Long Island (where her sister is to be married during the weekend) as a perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him. Once Greg is introduced to Pam's parents, however, things stampede steadily downhill. Pam's father, Jack (Robert De Niro), takes an instant and obvious dislike to his daughter's boyfriend, lambasting him for his job as a nurse and generally making Greg painfully aware of the differences between him and Pam's family. Where Greg is grubby, relatively unambitious, and Jewish, Pam comes from a long line of well-mannered, blue-blooded WASPs. Things go from bad to worse in less time than it takes to spin a dreidel, with Greg incurring the wrath of both Pam's father -- who, it turns out, worked for the CIA for 34 years -- and the rest of her family, and almost single-handedly destroying their house and the wedding in the process. -- Rebecca Flint Marx

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Nothing Goes Right | Wedding Bells | Fathers and Daughters
Keywords : girlfriend, family-disapproval, in-law, wedding, polygraph, love-conquers-all, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), dog, suitcase
Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Farce 
Robert De Niro ... Jack Byrnes
Ben Stiller ... Greg Focker
Blythe Danner ... Dina Byrnes
Teri Polo ... Pam Byrnes
James Rebhorn ... Larry Banks
Jon Abrahams ... Denny Byrnes
Kali Rocha ... Flight Attendant
Nicole DeHuff ... Debbie Byrnes
Owen Wilson ... Kevin Rawley
471 2/4
Meet the Robinsons 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An orphan who dreams of someday finding a family to call his own finds his fate taking an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson transports him into the future. Based on the book A Day With Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce, Meet the Robinsons tells the story of a boy with a lifelong wish to belong, and shows what happens when he meets an incredible collection of characters who just might have the power to make his wildest fantasies come true. The film's all-star cast of vocal contributors -- including Angela Bassett, Kelly Ripa, Tom Selleck, Adam West, Steve Zahn, and Laurie Metcalf -- brings the world of the future to life as never before seen on the silver screen. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Time Travel
Keywords : future, orphan
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Jordan Fry ... Lewis
Wesley Singerman ... Wilbur
Angela Bassett ... Mildred
Tom Selleck ... Cornelius Robinson
Harland Williams ... Carl
Laurie Metcalf ... Lucille Krunklehorn
Nicole Sullivan ... Franny
Adam West ... Uncle Art
Ethan Sandler ... Doris, CEO, Uncle Spike, Uncle Dmitri, Cousin Laszlo, Uncle Fritz, Aunt Petunia
Tom Kenny ... Mr. Willerstein
Stephen J. Anderson ... Bowler Hat Guy, Grandpa Bud, Tallulah
1200 1/4
The Meg 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Jon Turteltaub’s blockbuster action-horror film was filmed in China and New Zealand. A deep-sea submarine is attacked by a megalodon: a 75-foot living fossil and the largest shark to ever exist. To rescue the crew from this unexpected prehistoric uber-predator, a Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao) and his daughter (Li Bingbing) enlist the help of a veteran deep-sea rescue diver (Jason Statham). -- Augustine Chay

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Daring Rescues | Disasters at Sea | Heroic Mission
Keywords : diver, drowning, hero, mission [quest], sea, sea-monster, shark
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Jason Statham ... Jonas Taylor
Li Bingbing ... Suyin
Rainn Wilson ... Jack Morris
Ruby Rose ... Jaxx
Winston Chao ... Dr. Minway Zhang
Cliff Curtis ... James 'Mac' Mackreides
Jessica McNamee ... Lori
Olafur Darri Olafsson ... The Wall
Masi Oka ... Toshi
Page Kennedy ... DJ
Mai Hongmei ... Mother
Vithaya Pansringarm ... Thai Boat Captain
Tawanda Manyimo ... Marks
James Gaylyn ... David E. Jordan
Andrew Grainger ... Morris' Lawyer
Glen Levy ... Speedboat Mercenary
Edwin Wright ... Morris' Helicopter Pilot
Marc Copage ... Interrogator
Theresa Lee ... Bridesmaid
Douglass Lee ... Wedding Photographer
939 4/4
Melvin and Howard 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Jonathan Demme's breakthrough movie featured the shaggy energy and affection for marginal American eccentrics that marked his earlier Citizens Band (1977) and such later films as Something Wild (1986) and Married to the Mob (1988). Melvin Dummar (Paul LeMat) is a barely-getting-by Nevada milkman. One day in the early 1970s, while driving down a lonely highway, Melvin picks up a shaggy, bearded bum (Jason Robards Jr.) and offers him a ride into town. Melvin gives the bum a quarter at the end of the ride, and that, so far as Melvin is concerned, is that. The story goes off on a new tangent, involving the on-and-off marriage between Dummar and his contest-happy wife Lynda (Mary Steenburgen). During one of the multitude of financial crises endured by the Dummars, Melvin discovers that the tramp he picked up was none other than billionaire Howard Hughes -- and when Hughes dies, Melvin inherits $150 million. The movie's wide acclaim included Oscars for Steenburgen and Goldman's script and New York Film Critics Awards in almost all major categories, including Best Picture and awards for Demme, Goldman, Steenburgen, and Robards. Demme would gain even greater attention in the 1990s as the director of The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Philadelphia (1993). --

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Rags To Riches | Class Differences | Big Break
Keywords : stranger, billionaire, claim, conflict, death, desert, friendship, hermit, hitchhiker, inheritance, slice-of-life, will [document], working-class
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, Sleeper
Comedy Drama, Americana 
Paul Le Mat ... Melvin Dummar
Jason Robards, Jr. ... Howard Hughes
Mary Steenburgen ... Lynda Dummar
Jack Kehoe ... Jim Delgado
Michael J. Pollard ... Little Red
Dabney Coleman ... Judge Keith Hayes
Gloria Grahame ... Mrs. Sisk
Pamela Reed ... Bonnie Dummar
Charles Napier ... Ventura
John Glover ... Attorney Freese
Elizabeth Cheshire ... Darcy Dummar
Melvin E. Dummar ... Bus Depot Counterman
Susan Peretz ... Chapel Owner
Martine Beswicke ... Real Estate Woman
Charlene Holt ... Mrs. Worth
Melissa Williams ... Sherry Dummar
Rick Lenz ... Melvin's Lawyer
Joe Ragno ... Attorney Maxwell
Kathleen Sullivan ... Reporter
Chip Taylor ... Clark Taylor
Denise Galik ... Lucy
Gene Borkan ... 1st Go-Go Club Owner
Robert Ridgely ... Wally Williams
Robert Wentz ... Justice of the Peace
Hal Marshall ... Hal
Herbie Faye ... Man Witness
Brendan Kelly ... Milkman Ralph
Danny Tucker ... Milkman Pete
Shirley Washington ... Patient Debbie
Cheryl Smith ... Patient Ronnie
Melissa Prophet ... Easy Street Model
Anthony Alda ... Terry
Gary Goetzman ... Melvin's Cousin Fred
John Levin ... Reporter
Jack Verbois ... Holdup Man
Sonny Davis ... Milkman George
472 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A man is determined to find justice after the loss of a loved one, even though he is incapable of fully remembering the crime, in this offbeat thriller. Leonard (Guy Pearce) is a man who is struggling to put his life back together after the brutal rape and murder of his wife. But Leonard's problems are different from those of most people in his situation; he was beaten severely by the same man who killed his wife. The most significant manifestation of Leonard's injuries is that his short-term memory has been destroyed; he is incapable of retaining any new information, and must resort to copious note-taking and Polaroid photographs in order to keep track of what happens to him over the course of a day (he's even tattooed himself with a few crucial bits of information he can't get along without). Leonard retains awareness that his wife was brutally murdered, however, and he's convinced that the culprit still walks the streets. Leonard is obsessed with the notion of taking revenge against the man who has ruined his life, and he sets out to find him, getting help from Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss), who appears to be a sympathetic barmaid, and Teddy (Joe Pantoliano), who claims to be Leonard's friend, even though Leonard senses that he cannot be trusted. Writer/director Christopher Nolan adapted Memento from a short story by his brother Jonathan Nolan. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Head Trips
Themes : Haunted By the Past | Amnesia | Obsessive Quests | Femmes Fatales | Mistaken Identities
Keywords : amnesia, revenge, head-injury, obsession, femme-fatale, murder, mistaken-identity, rape, tattoo
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, Sleeper
Thriller, Mystery, Crime Thriller, Post-Noir (Modern Noir) 
Guy Pearce ... Leonard Shelby
Carrie-Anne Moss ... Natalie
Joe Pantoliano ... Teddy
Stephen Tobolowsky ... Sammy
Harriet Sansom Harris ... Mrs. Jankis
Callum Keith Rennie ... Dodd
Russ Fega
Jorja Fox ... Catherine Shelby
Thomas Lennon ... Doctor
473 2/4
Men in Black 
AMG SYNOPSIS: For his fifth effort as a feature-film director, one-time cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld brought his cartoonish visual style and darkly humorous sensibilities to this adaptation of, appropriately enough, a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi comic book. Will Smith stars as James Darrel Edwards, a New York City cop with an athletic physique and a flippant, anti-authoritarian attitude toward law enforcement. After chasing down a mysterious perpetrator one night who turns out to be an alien, James is recruited by "K" (Tommy Lee Jones), a veteran of a clandestine government agency secretly policing the comings and goings of aliens on planet Earth. Nicknamed the "men in black" for their nondescript uniform of black suit, shoes, tie, and sunglasses, the agents are assigned to recover a bauble that's been stolen by an intergalactic terrorist (Vincent D'Onofrio). It seems the item is none other than the galaxy itself, and its theft has plunged humanity into the center of what's shaping up to become an interstellar war, unless K and his new wisecracking partner, now renamed "J," can stop the bad guy. On their side but somewhat in the dark is a pretty, unflappable city medical examiner (Linda Fiorentino) who has been zapped one too many times by K's ingenious memory-sapping device. Men in Black was a box office smash, inspiring an animated children's television series and a hit soundtrack album that featured a performance by star (and rapper) Smith. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Evil Aliens | Bounty Hunters
Keywords : agent [representative], alien [not human], destruction-of-mankind, government-agent, immigration, opal, space, witness
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy, Alien Film 
Tommy Lee Jones ... K
Will Smith ... J
Linda Fiorentino ... Laurel
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Edgar
Rip Torn ... Zed
Tony Shalhoub ... Jeebs
Sean Whalen ... Passport Officer
Siobhan Fallon ... Beatrice
Brad Abrell
John Alexander ... Mikey
Richard Arthur ... 2nd First Contact Alien
Becky Ann Baker ... Mrs. Redgick
Tim Blaney
Patrick Breen ... Mr. Redgick
Keith Campbell ... Prep
Willie C. Carpenter ... Police Inspector
Debbie Lee Carrington ... Alien Father
David Cross ... Morgue Attendant
Kent Faulcon ... 1st Lt. Jake Jensen
Thom Fountain
Bernard Gilkey ... Baseball Player
Michael Goldfinger ... NYPD Sergeant
Jon Gries ... Van Driver
Norma Jean Groh ... Mrs. Edelson
Richard Hamilton ... D
Michael Kaliski ... First Contact Alien
Fredric Lane ... INS Agent Janus
Boris Leskin ... Cook
Peter Linari ... Tow Truck Driver
Alpheus Merchant ... Security Guard
Harsh Nayyar ... News Vendor
Mike Nussbaum ... Gentle Rosenberg
Sean Plummer ... First Contact Alien
Andy Prosky ... INS Agent
Steve Rankin ... INS Agent
Carel Struycken ... Arquillian
Ken Thorley ... Orkin Man
Verne Troyer ... Alien Son
Mykal Wayne Williams ... Scared Guy
Michael Willis ... Cop In Morgue
474 1/4
Men in Black II 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Otherworldly villains are on the loose again, and it's up to Earth's interstellar police force to bring them to justice in this sequel to the sci-fi comedy blockbuster Men in Black. Agent Jay (Will Smith) has become a high-ranking member of the Men in Black, the secret government task force designed to deal with unruly visitors from other worlds, while his former cohort, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones), had his memory wiped clean and now lives a simple but contented life as a mailman. However, an especially nasty alien threat has reared its not-so-ugly head; Serleena (Lara Flynn Boyle) is a shape-shifting Kylothian alien who is in pursuit of another escaped visitor who holds the key to powers that would allow her to destroy the world. Making Serleena all the more dangerous is the fact she's taken on the appearance of a lingerie model, making her irresistible to most men. When the rampaging Serleena takes control of the MIB offices, Jay is forced to turn to the only man who can help him save the world -- the former Agent Kay. After restoring Kay's memory, the two remaining Men in Black set out to conquer Serleena with a motley band of friendly aliens, including a handful of worm creatures and a talking dog named Frank (voice of Tim Blaney). Jay, meanwhile, has his head turned by Laura (Rosario Dawson), an attractive waitress who was an unwitting witness to an alien attack. Men in Black 2 also features Rip Torn, Tony Shalhoub, David Cross, Patrick Warburton, and Johnny Knoxville. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Just for Fun
Themes : Evil Aliens | Assumed Identities | End of the World | Femmes Fatales
Keywords : alien [not human], man-vs-aliens, government-agent, secret-organization, world-destruction
Comedy, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Comedy, Buddy Film, Alien Film 
Tommy Lee Jones ... Kay
Will Smith ... Jay
Rip Torn ... Zed
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Serleena
Rosario Dawson ... Laura Vasquez
Tony Shalhoub ... Jeebs
Patrick Warburton ... Agent Tee
Johnny Knoxville ... Two-Headed Alien
Jack Kehler ... Ben
David Cross ... Newton
Colombe Jacobsen ... Hailey
Martha Stewart ... Herself
Michael Jackson ... Agent M(Uncredited)
Peter Graves ... Himself
Tim Blaney ... Frank the Pug
Kevin Cotteleer ... MIB Customs Agent
Brad Abrell ... Mannix
John Alexander ... Jarra/Family Dad Alien
Rick Baker ... MIB Passport Control Agent
Marty Belafsky ... MIB Customs Agent
Andre Blair ... Central Park Agent
Paige Brooks ... "Mysteries In History" Lauranna
Nick Cannon ... MIB Autopsy Agent
Derek Cecil ... Repairman Agent
Denise Cheshire ... Fmaily Mom/Locker Alien
Michael Dahlen ... Flesh Balls
Thom Fountain ... Neeble
Sid Garza-Hillman ... Agent Gee
Philip Goodwin ... Diner Guy
Kevin Grevioux ... Pineal Eye
Ernie Grunwald ... Young Postal Employee
Jeremy Howard ... Bird Guy Alien, Postal Sorting Alien
Jay Johnston ... Agent
Doug Jones ... Joey
Victoria Jones ... Neuralyzed Daughter
Linda Kim ... Ambassador Lauranna
Martin Klebba ... Family Child Alien
Derek Mears ... Mosh Tendrils
Alpheus Merchant ... MIB Guard
Joel McKinnon Miller ... Agent
Richard Pearson ... Gordy
John Richardson ... Postman
Michael Rivkin ... Man With Dog
Michael Bailey Smith ... Creepy
Barry Sonnenfeld ... Neuralyzed Father
Chloe Sonnenfeld ... Young Girl At Post Office
Peter Spellos ... Motorman
Howard Spiegel ... New York Guy
Peter Spruyt ... MIB Customs Agent
Mary Stein ... Bird Lady Alien
Lenny Venito ... New York Guy
Tom Whitenight ... Agent C
475 2/4
Men of Honor 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This military drama is based on the true story of Carl Brashear, who was the first African-American to serve as a diver in the United States Navy. Brashear (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) was born to a poor farming family in the deep South, and joined the Navy in hopes of bettering himself. When Brashear applies for diving school, he first encounters Master Chief Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro), a gruff and tyrannical diving instructor who holds absolute sway over his charges. Sunday does little at first to encourage Brashear's ambitions, and the would-be diver discovers racism in the military is an ugly fact of life when his white comrades refuse to share barracks with him. But Brashear's courage and determination make an impression on Sunday, and the two men become allies as Brashear must fight prejudice, military bureaucracy, and even a crippling injury in order to realize his dreams. Originally announced under the title Navy Diver, Men of Honor also features Hal Holbrook, David Keith, Michael Rapaport, Charlize Theron, and Powers Boothe; Bill Cosby served as an executive producer for the project. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Military Life | Race Relations | Social Injustice
Keywords : African-American, barracks, bureaucracy, injury, military, Navy, prejudice, racism
Drama, Biopic [feature], Message Movie 
Robert De Niro ... Master Chief Billy Sunday
Charlize Theron ... Gwen
Aunjanue Ellis ... Jo
Hal Holbrook ... Mr. Pappy
David Keith ... Capt. Hartigan
Michael Rapaport ... Snowhill
Powers Boothe ... Capt. Pullman
Joshua Leonard ... Isert
David Conrad ... Hanks
Glynn Turman ... Chief Floyd
Holt McCallany ... Rourke
Lonette McKee ... Ella, Carl's Mother
Carl Lumbly ... Mac, Carl's Father
Dulé Hill ... Red Tail
Alimi Ballard
476 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Damian Harris directs this sleazy erotic thriller about lipstick lesbians, naked corpses, and S&M covens, starring Julian Sands. Catherine Palmer (Ellen Barkin) is a hard-driving homicide cop who drinks like a fish and curses like a sailor, investigating a series of murders which leave the (inevitably female) victims bound, naked, and eyelid-less. Tall drink of water Vickie Kittrie (Peta Wilson), who was last seen with the latest victim, eventually admits involvement with a tribalistic S&M society. Palmer dutifully accompanies Kittrie on one such outing, featuring pouting models in designer corsets and lots of heavy breathing. When the serious girl-on-girl action kicks off though, Palmer makes a beeline for the door, only to be seduced by Kittrie against her kitchen sink (a la Fatal Attraction). Meanwhile, lead suspect psychologist Dr. Boussard (Sands) continues to snivel and cross-dress as the bodies start piling up. -- Jonathan Crow

Themes : Going Undercover
Keywords : detective, homicide, killing, murder, Netherworld, police-detective, psychology, suspect, victim
Thriller, Erotic Thriller, Crime Thriller, Police Detective Film, Gay & Lesbian Films 
Stephen Baldwin ... Mechanic
Ellen Barkin ... Catherine Palmer
Marshall Bell ... Gil Reynolds
Stewart Bick ... Cushing
Bill MacDonald ... John Birley
Julian Sands ... Dominick Broussard
Beau Starr ... Lt. Frisch
Peta Wilson ... Vickie Kittrie
Karen Young ... Mary
Linda Carter ... Helena
Wendy Crewson
477 1/4
Message in a Bottle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, Message In A Bottle stars Robin Wright Penn as Theresa Osborne, a writer for the Chicago Tribune. While her son visits her cheating ex-husband, Theresa goes on a vacation by herself. One day, while running on the beach, she finds a bottle washed up on the shore. She opens it and inside finds a love letter unlike any she's ever read. Captivated by the author's words of love, she returns to her job at the Tribune where she convinces her boss to run an article about the mystery writer, known only as "G." He approves, and Theresa begins her hunt. Scrutinizing every physical detail of the letter and the path the bottle may have taken, she eventually locates Garret Blake (Kevin Costner), a North Carolina boat-restorer who has not been the same since the tragic death of his beloved wife Catherine. Since her death, Garret has written several letters to his dead wife, put them in a bottles, and let them loose in the sea. As Theresa spends time with Garret, she quickly falls in love with him, though she neglects to tell him she knows about the letters. Garret, prodded by his cantankerous, no-nonsense dad, Dodge (Paul Newman), emerges from his shell of grief and develops an interest in Theresa as well. Theresa returns to Chicago and Garret soon visits her; he meets her son, Jason (Jesse James), but also discovers her knowledge of the letters. Eventually the two, who have both lost love, must cast off their emotional baggage and decide if they will pursue love even if it can't always last. -- Ron Wells

Moods : Estrogen Shot | In the Mood for Love
Themes : Star-Crossed Lovers | Haunted By the Past | Members of the Press
Keywords : grief, lovelorn, message, newspaper, recovery [health], sailor, writing
Drama, Romance, Romantic Drama, Melodrama 
Kevin Costner ... Garret Blake
Paul Newman ... Dodge Blake
John Savage ... Johnny Land
Illeana Douglas ... Lina Paul
Robbie Coltrane ... Charlie Toschi
Jesse James ... Jason Osborne
Bethel Leslie ... Mara Land
Tom Aldredge ... Hank Land
Viveka Davis ... Alva
Raphael Sbarge ... Andy
Richard Hamilton ... Chet
Rosemary Murphy ... Helen At The B&B
Steven Eckholdt ... David
478 0/4
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Join Mickey, Minnie, and special guest Santa Clause as they attempt to teach Donald Duck the true meaning of Christmas in this irresistible, all-new computer animated Disney release. As the holidays draw closer and the Christmas spirit glows brighter, stubborn Donald Duck does his best to resist the joy and mirth that comes with the special season. Meanwhile, Mickey and Pluto get a lesson in friendship that they'll never forget. For those who fear their children have become to wrapped up in the over-commercialization of the holidays, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas serves as a warm reminder of what Christmas is really all about. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Getting Along [k]
Keywords : celebration, Christmas, Christmas-spirit, friendship, grouch, joy, lessons, Santa-Claus
Children's/Family, Holiday Film 
479 3/4
Midnight Special 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this cryptic sci-fi adventure from writer/director Jeff Nichols, Roy (Michael Shannon) rescues his son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) from a religious cult in Texas, whose members worship the boy for his supernatural powers. Along with a state trooper (Joel Edgerton), the pair go on a cross-country journey as they are hunted by federal agents, who believe Alton might be a threat to national security. Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver, and Sam Shepard co-star. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Head Trips
Themes : Child Prodigies | Fathers and Sons | On the Run | Psychic Abilities
Drama, Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Road Movie, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Kirsten Dunst ... Sarah
Michael Shannon ... Roy
Joel Edgerton ... Lucas
Adam Driver ... Sevier
Sam Shepard ... Calvin Meyer
Jaeden Lieberher ... Alton
Bill Camp ... Doak
Scott Haze ... Levi
Paul Sparks ... Agent Miller
David Jensen ... Elden
Sharon Landry ... Merrianne (Doak's Wife)
Dana Gourrier ... Sharon Davison (Counselor)
Sharon Garrison ... Jane Adams (Sarah's Mother)
Sean Bridgers ... Fredrick (Ranch Member)
Lucy Faust ... Caroline (Ranch Member)
James Moses Black ... Military Officer
Yvonne Landry ... Motel Clerk
Maureen Brennan ... Woman at Truck Stop
Ann Mahoney ... FBI Agent #1
Garrett Hines ... FBI Agent #2
Kerry Cahill ... Linda (NSA Staffer)
Dane Rhodes ... Oil Worker
Nicondra Norwood ... Local Newscaster #2
Billy Slaughter ... NSA Staffer
Sam Malone ... Soldier at Roadblock
James DuMont ... Base Commander
879 2/4
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two unruly brothers (Zac Efron and Adam DeVine) are forced to find dates for their sister's wedding in Hawaii by their parents, who hope that a couple of nice gals will keep their wild behavior under control. However, a pair of hard-partying ladies (Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza) see a viral video in which they plead for dates, and decide to pretend to be the angels they're looking for in order to score a free trip. Directed by Jake Szymanski. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Arrested Adolescence | Party Film | Wedding Bells
Keywords : brotherhood, con-artist, family, opportunity, party, relationship, scheme, wedding
Comedy, Comedy of Manners 
Zac Efron ... Dave Stangle
Anna Kendrick ... Alice
Adam DeVine ... Mike Stangle
Aubrey Plaza ... Tatiana
Stephen Root ... Burt Stangle
Sugar Lyn Beard ... Jeanie Stangle
Chloe Bridges ... Chloe
Stephanie Faracy ... Rosie
Kumail Nanjiani ... Keanu
Sam Richardson ... Eric
Lavell Crawford ... Keith
Mary Holland ... Becky
Jake Johnson ... Ronnie
Marc Maron ... Randy
Erik Griffin ... Driver
Jake Szymanski ... Stable Guy
Eugene Cordero ... Kai-Hotel Manager
Christina Souza ... Call Girl
Andrea Russett ... Grungy Girl #2
480 3/4
Million Dollar Arm 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Craig Gillespie's drama Million Dollar Arm stars Jon Hamm as JB Bernstein, a one-time successful sports agent who left the massive company he worked for to start in his own agency, Seven Figures Management, with his business partner Aash (Aasif Mandvi). The company is in serious financial straits, and they lose the big client they've been grooming. In a fit of inspiration, JB believes they can go to India, find a cricket bowler, and teach him to be a baseball pitcher. In order to pay for the scheme, he convinces wealthy businessman Chang (Tzi Ma) to create a reality show titled "Million Dollar Arm" to help with his quest for fresh talent. Upon arriving in India, he is quickly befriended by Amit (Pitobash), an overly eager man who loves baseball and wants to do anything he can to help. JB also brings in retired scout Ray (Alan Arkin) to help him weed through the thousands of candidates who try to whip a baseball over 90 mph. Although at first the going is rough, they eventually find a pair of eager and promising prospects -- Dinesh (Madhur Mittal) and Rinku (Suraj Sharma). The duo travel back to the States with JB where they are then tutored by Tom House (Bill Paxton), a USC baseball coach whose approach to the game is as much mental as physical. The two young men are finally given a highly publicized tryout in front of scouts from numerous pro teams, as well as media from around the world. Meanwhile, the fiercely single JB, whose personal life involves dating a string of models, begins to strike up something of a serious romance with his tenant, Brenda (Lake Bell), a doctor who rents the guest house on JB's beautiful L.A. estate. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Baseball Players | Big Break | Stop the Wrecking Ball | Underdogs
Keywords : agent [representative], baseball, cricket [game], culture-clash, culture-shock, India (subcontinent), scout
Drama, Sports Drama 
Jon Hamm ... JB Bernstein
Aasif Mandvi ... Aash
Bill Paxton ... Tom House
Madhur Mittal ... Dinesh
Suraj Sharma ... Rinku
Alan Arkin ... Ray
Lake Bell ... Brenda
Pitobash ... Amit
Darshan Jariwala ... Vivek
Allyn Rachel ... Theresa
Tzi Ma ... Chang
Rey Maualuga ... Popo
Bar Paly ... Lisette
Jaspaul Sandhu ... Grumpy Guy
Kuldeep Rajput ... Plant Manager
Vivek Pandkar ... Document Inspector
Pawan Chopra ... Coach (Lucknow Sports Academy)
Ruturaj Shinde ... Chubby Kid
Zaki Tayeb Ali Kazi ... Skinny Kid
Chirag Sethi ... Tall Kid
Cryus Sahukar ... Emcee
Lata Shukla ... Rinku's Mother
Harrish Chandra ... Rinku's Uncle
Brooke Jaye Taylor ... Woman in Elevator
Brett Zimmerman ... Mark
Andrew Benator ... Hotel Manger
Joshua Mikel ... Delivery Guy
Hunter Burke ... Ball Player
Suehyla El-Attar ... Julie
Ravi Naidu ... Indian Reporter
Al Sapienza ... Pete the Scout
Shane Callahan ... ProcorpAgent #1
Jason Vail ... Procorp Agent #2
Yashwant Joshi ... Dinesh's Father
Autumn Dial ... Server at Popo's
Gabriela Matus Lopez ... Hot Girl
Chirag Sonawane ... Pitching Kid
Dev Modi ... Kid
Anthony Renaud ... ESPN Producer
Anthony P. Voorhees ... Scout at Tempe #2
Adam Benz ... Burly Scary Guy
Barry Larkin ... Baseball Tonight Host
481 4/4
Million Dollar Baby 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is a veteran boxing trainer who has devoted his life to the ring and has precious little to show for it; his daughter never answers his letters, and a fighter he's groomed into contender status has paid him back by signing with another manager, leaving Frankie high and dry. His best friend and faithful employee Eddie Dupris is a former fighter who Frankie trained. In his last fight, Eddie suffered a severe injury, a fact that brings Frankie great guilt. One day, Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) enters Frankie's life, as well as his gym, and announces she needs a trainer. Frankie regards her as a dubious prospect, and isn't afraid to tell her why: he doesn't think much of women boxing, she's too old at 31, she lacks experience, and has no technique. However, Maggie sees boxing as the one part of her life that gives her meaning and won't give up easily. Finally won over by her determination, Frankie takes on Maggie, and as she slowly grows into a viable fighter, an emotional bond develops between them. When a tragedy befalls one of the three characters, each comes to a decision that shows how the relationships in the film have changed them. Adapted from a short story by F.X. Toole, a former corner man with years of experience in the fight game, Million Dollar Baby also stars Morgan Freeman, Anthony Mackie, and Mike Colter. -- Mark Deming

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Unlikely Friendships | Boxers | Mentors | Redemption | Tomboys
Keywords : boxing, trainer, woman
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Drama, Sports Drama, Melodrama 
Clint Eastwood ... Frankie Dunn
Hilary Swank ... Maggie Fitzgerald
Morgan Freeman ... Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris
Anthony Mackie ... Shawrelle Berry
Jay Baruchel ... Danger Barch
Mike Colter ... Big Willie Little
Lucia Rijker ... Billie "The Blue Bear"
Margo Martindale ... Earline Fitzgerald
Riki Lindhome ... Mardell Fitzgerald
Michael Peña ... Omar
Benito Martinez ... Billie's Manager
Bruce MacVittie ... Mickey Mack
Tom McCleister ... Lawyer
Erica Grant ... Nurse
Morgan Eastwood ... Little Girl in Truck
Jamison Yang ... Paramedic
V.J. Foster ... Ref #3
Steven M. Porter ... Ref #6
Ming Lo ... Rehab Doctor
Jim Cantafio ... Ring Doctor #1
Ted Grossman ... Ring Doctor #2
Ned Eisenberg ... Sally Mendoza
Mark Thomason ... Radio Commentator
Spice Williams ... Irish Fan #2
Rob Maron ... Irish Fan #4
Susan Krebs ... Rehab Nurse
482 2/4
A Million Ways to Die in the West 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Seth MacFarlane plays a hapless farmhand in the Old West who loses his girl when he ducks out of a fight, only to be taught how to shoot by the wife of an infamous gunfighter in this Media Rights Capitol Western comedy. The setting is Arizona, circa 1882. In the wake of talking his way out of a showdown in the streets of Old Stump, cowardly sheepherder Albert (MacFarlane) is unceremoniously dumped by his beloved girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried). Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, notorious outlaw Clinch (Liam Neeson) prepares for a big holdup, instructing his wife Anna (Charlize Theron) and sidekick Lewis (Evan Jones) to pose as a pair of sibling farmers in Old Stump and await his return. When Lewis starts a bar brawl, Albert instinctively gets Anna out of harm's way and a friendship begins to blossom. Later, Anna poses as Albert's girlfriend at a fair in order to make Louise jealous, but it all goes awry when Albert and Louise's new beau Foy (Neal Patrick Harris), the owner of the local "Moustachery," end up challenging one another to draw in front of the entire town. Now there's only one problem: Albert has never even so much as fired a gun.
Fortunately, as the wife of a notorious outlaw, Anna knows her way around a pistol, and with just one week to go before the big showdown, she offers to give Albert a crash course in marksmanship. With the help of his sexy, straight-shooting teacher, Albert not only manages to hit a can or two, but to summon some inner courage as well. He'll need all he can get, too, because when Clinch gets word that his wife is being romanced by one of the locals, he rides into town with revenge on his mind and a loaded six-shooter on his hip. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Breakups and Divorces | Mentors | Misfits and Outsiders | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : coward, farmhand, gunfighter, lessons, outlaw [Western], wife
Comedy, Western, Comedy Western, Outlaw (Gunfighter) Film 
Seth MacFarlane ... Albert
Charlize Theron ... Anna
Amanda Seyfried ... Louise
Liam Neeson ... Clinch
Giovanni Ribisi ... Edward
Neil Patrick Harris ... Foy
Sarah Silverman ... Ruth
Christopher Hagen ... George Stark
Wes Studi ... Cochise
Matt Clark ... Old Prospector
Evan Jones ... Lewis
Rex Linn ... Sheriff/Narrator
Brett Rickaby ... Charlie Blanche
Alex Borstein ... Millie
Ralph Garman ... Dan
John Aylward ... Pastor Wilson
Jay Patterson ... Doctor Harper
Amick Byram ... Marcus Thornton
Dennis Haskins ... Snake Oil Salesman
Christopher Lloyd ... Doc Brown
Gilbert Gottfried ... Abraham Lincoln
Ewan McGregor ... Cowboy at Fair
John Michael Higgins ... Dandy #1
Julius Sharpe ... Dandy #2
Ardy Brent Carlson ... Cowboy Ardy
Alec Sulkin ... Guy at Fair
Tatanka Means ... Other Apache
Ivan Brutsche ... Angry Cowboy
Jean Effron ... Elsie Stark
Bob Jesser ... Cowboy at Table
Dylan Kenin ... Pastor's Son
Franklin Broderick Spencer ... Dirty Cowboy
Mike Salazar ... 6-year-old Albert
Joe Berryman ... Teacher
Tait Fletcher ... Cowboy #1
Kevin Wiggins ... Ruth's Cowboy Client
Jackamoe Buzzell ... Other Cowboy
483 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Despicable Me's minions get their very own spin-off in this summer tent-pole from Universal Pictures. Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda co-direct this animated comedy featuring the voices of Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Keywords : boss [employer], criminal, servant, villain, mastermind
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Sandra Bullock ... Scarlett Overkill
Jon Hamm ... Herb Overkill
Michael Keaton ... Walter Nelson
Allison Janney ... Madge Nelson
Steve Coogan ... Professor Flux, Tower Guard
Jennifer Saunders ... The Queen
Geoffrey Rush ... Narrator
Steve Carell ... Young Gru
Pierre Coffin ... Bob the Minion, Kevin the Minion, Stuart the Minion
Katy Mixon ... Tina
Michael Beattie ... VNC Announcer,Walter Jr.
Paul Thornley ... News Reporter
Hiroyuki Sanada ... Sumo Villain
David Rosenbaum ... Fabrice
484 2/4
Minority Report 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on a short story by the late Philip K. Dick, this science fiction-thriller reflects the writer's familiar preoccupation with themes of concealed identity and mind control. Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, a Washington, D.C. detective in the year 2054. Anderton works for "Precrime," a special unit of the police department that arrests murderers before they have committed the actual crime. Precrime bases its work on the visions of three psychics or "precogs" whose prophecies of future events are never in error. When Anderton discovers that he has been identified as the future killer of a man he's never met, he is forced to become a fugitive from his own colleagues as he tries to uncover the mystery of the victim-to-be's identity. When he kidnaps Agatha (Samantha Morton), one of the precogs, he begins to formulate a theory about a possible frame-up from within his own department. Directed by Steven Spielberg, who hired a team of futurists to devise the film's numerous technologically advanced gadgets, Minority Report co-stars Colin Farrell, Max von Sydow, and Neal McDonough. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Future Dystopias | Flight of the Innocent | Witnessing a Crime | Haunted By the Past | Psychic Abilities | Death of a Child
Keywords : crime-prevention, clairvoyance, eye, future, on-the-run, psychic-phenomena
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Tech Noir, Paranoid Thriller, Chase Movie 
Tom Cruise ... Officer John Anderton
Colin Farrell ... Danny Witwer
Samantha Morton ... Agatha
Max von Sydow ... Director Lamar Burgess
Lois Smith ... Dr. Iris Hineman
Peter Stormare ... Dr. Solomon Eddie
Tim Blake Nelson ... Gideon
Steve Harris ... Jad
Kathryn Morris ... Lara Clarke
Mike Binder ... Leo Crow
Daniel London ... Wally the Caretaker
Spencer Treat Clark ... Sean at nine
Neal McDonough ... Fletcher
Jessica Capshaw ... Evanna
Patrick Kilpatrick ... Knott
Jessica Harper ... Anne Lively
Ashley Crow ... Sarah Marks
Arye Gross ... Howard Marks
Jason Antoon ... Rufus Riley
Joel Gretsch
Caroline Lagerfelt
Victor Raider-Wexler
Dominic Scott Kay
485 2/4
Miracle on 34th Street 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The 1947 holiday classic Miracle on 34th Street is transplanted to the 1990s with few changes in this family-oriented remake. The screenplay by the prolific John Hughes sticks close to the original outline, centering on Macy's executive Dorey Walker (Elizabeth Perkins) and her young daughter Susan (Mara Wilson), neither of whom much believes in the spirit of Christmas. Dorey is in charge of hiring Macy's Santas, including an old man named Kriss Kringle (Richard Attenborough). He does a remarkably convincing job, and he soon reveals that he actually believes himself to be Santa Claus. The authorities threaten to place the old man in an insane asylum, but a young lawyer comes to his defense. Meanwhile, Dorey and Susan find their own defenses melting and become reacquainted with the power of faith. Hughes and director Les Mayfield add a few modern touches, making Susan slightly more cynical and adding the requisite soulless corporate villains. Viewers familiar with the original may still prefer Edmund Gwenn's original Kris Kringle and consider the remake unnecessary, although the newer version reflects enough of the earlier film's spirit to prove entertaining to modern family audiences. -- Judd Blaise

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Crisis of Faith | Mothers and Daughters
Keywords : Christmas, court [law], craziness, fantasy, holiday, mother, reality
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy 
Richard Attenborough ... Kriss Kringle
Elizabeth Perkins ... Dorey Walker
Dylan McDermott ... Bryan Bedford
Mara Wilson ... Susan Walker
Robert Prosky ... Judge Harper
J.T. Walsh ... Ed Collins
James Remar ... Jack Duff
Jane Leeves ... Alberta Leonard
Simon Jones ... Shellhammer
William Windom ... C.F. Cole
Joss Ackland ... Victor Landbergh
Jack McGee ... Tony Falacchi
Joe Pentangelo ... Bailiff
Peter Siragusa ... Cabbie
Mike Bacarella ... Santa
Harve Kolzow ... Businessman
Bill Buell ... Band Director
Michele Marsh ... News Anchor
Alvin Greenman ... The Doorman
Allison Janney ... The Woman
Greg Noonan ... Cmdr. Coulson
Byrne Piven ... Dr. Hunter
Peter Gerety ... Cop
840 2/4
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After a family tragedy, a boy named Jake (Asa Butterfield) follows a series of clues that lead him to a mysterious orphanage on a remote Welsh island. There, he discovers a community of children with unusual abilities, and learns he is destined to protect them. Eva Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Kim Dickens, Allison Janney, Judi Dench, Chris O'Dowd, Rupert Everett, and Terence Stamp co-star. Directed by Tim Burton, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was adapted from Ransom Riggs' debut novel of the same name. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Child Prodigies | Curses and Spells | Fantasy Lands | Race Against Time | Reluctant Hero
Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Drama 
Eva Green ... Miss Peregrine
Asa Butterfield ... Jake
Chris O'Dowd ... Frank
Allison Janney ... Dr. Golan
Rupert Everett ... Ornithologist
Terence Stamp ... Abe
Ella Purnell ... Emma
Judi Dench ... Miss Avocet
Samuel L. Jackson ... Barron
Lauren McCrostie ... Olive
Milo Parker ... Hugh
Raffiella Chapman ... Claire
Pixie Davies ... Bronwyn
Kim Dickens ... Jake's Mom
O-Lan Jones ... Shelley
Aiden Flowers ... 10 Year Old Jake
Philip Philmar ... Mr. Archer
Scott Handy ... Mr. Gleeson
Brooke Jaye Taylor ... Aunt Judy
Nicholas Amer ... Oggie
Shaun Thomas ... Dylan
Ben Roberts ... 40's First Old Man
Dafydd Hywel ... Isle-Farmer
Harry Taylor ... Ride Operator
Dan Mersh ... 2016 Policeman #1
Steve Money ... Burley Bloke
1037 3/4
Miss Sloane 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An uncompromising and formidable lobbyist (Jessica Chastain) takes on the powerful gun lobby in the wake of several mass shootings, but her mission quickly becomes a frustrating ordeal that threatens to derail her career. Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alison Pill, John Lithgow, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Sam Waterston co-star in this drama directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love). --

Moods : Button Pushers
Themes : Fighting the System | Protecting the Innocent | Righting the Wronged | Whistleblowers
Drama, Thriller, Political Drama, Political Thriller, Social Problem Film 
Jessica Chastain ... Elizabeth Sloane
Mark Strong ... Rodolfo Schmidt
Gugu Mbatha-Raw ... Esme Manucharian
Alison Pill ... Jane Molloy
Michael Stuhlbarg ... Pat Connors
Jake Lacy ... Robert Forde
Sam Waterston ... George Dupont
John Lithgow ... Senator Sperling
Meghann Fahy ... Clara Thompson
David Wilson Barnes ... Daniel Posner
Aaron Hale ... Spencer
Douglas Smith ... Alex
Grace Lynn Kung ... Lauren
Chuck Shamata ... Bill Sandford
Raoul Bhaneja ... R.M. Dutton
Andrew Moodie ... Doctor (V.O.)
Kyle Mac ... Moore
Ennis Esmer ... Brian
Angela Vint ... Brenda Patterson
Kevin Jubinville ... Senator Wallace
Lee Smart ... UAPD Fundraiser M.C.
Anand Rajaram ... Dr. Raj Amarasekara/Matthew Kantaria
Christine Baranski ... Evelyn Sumner
Rick Roberts ... Senator Mandel
Murray Furrow ... Parr
Craig Eldridge ... Senator Hank Badgley
Sergio Di Zio ... Big Sam
Joe Pingue ... Little Sam
Dylan Baker ... Jon O'Neill
Michael Cram ... Frank McGill
Jack Murray ... Buzz Cut Shooter
Ola Sturik ... TV Reporter
Doug Murray ... Mike Gordon
Greta Onieogou ... CKW Junior
486 1/4
Mission to Mars 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Brian De Palma directed this science-fiction suspense story. When the United States sends its first manned mission to Mars, hopes are high for new scientific discoveries, but many of those hopes are dashed when the Mars crew meets an unexplained disaster; three members of the mission are killed, and a fourth (Don Cheadle) loses all radio contact with the Earth. A rescue mission sets out to bring back the one survivor; in the process, they discover that Mars may not be a dead planet after all, and uncover some startling evidence about the fate of their predecessors. The rescue crew includes Gary Sinise, Jerry O'Connell, Connie Nielsen and Tim Robbins. The screenplay was partially by award-winning playwright Ted Tally, who won an Oscar for his adapted screenplay of The Silence of the Lambs. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Benign Aliens | Daring Rescues | Space Travel
Keywords : escape, evidence, life, Mars, mission [quest], pilot, recovery [health], sandstorm, spacecraft
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Gary Sinise ... Jim McConnell
Tim Robbins ... Woody Blake
Don Cheadle ... Luke Graham
Connie Nielsen ... Terri Fisher
Jerry O'Connell ... Phil Ohlmyer
Kim Delaney ... Maggie McConnell
Elise Neal ... Debra Graham
Peter Outerbridge ... Sergei Kirov
Jill Teed ... Renee Cote
Kavan Smith ... Nicholas Willis
Armin Mueller-Stahl ... Ramier Beck
1203 3/4
Mission: Impossible - Fallout 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After a dangerous assignment involving the recovery of stolen plutonium goes wrong, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) elects to keep his team out of harm's way rather than complete their mission, which results in a team of expertly trained operatives taking possession of nuclear weapons. Consequently, Ethan and his IMF team (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson) must join forces with CIA assassin August Walker (Henry Cavill) in order to prevent a catastrophic nuclear fallout. Produced, written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Also starring Alec Baldwin, Angela Bassett, and Michelle Monaghan. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Assassination Plots | Conspiracies | Escape From Prison | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), hitman, prison-escape, secret-agent, secret-mission
Action Thriller, Action Thriller 
Tom Cruise ... Ethan Hunt
Henry Cavill ... August Walker
Simon Pegg ... Benji Dunn
Rebecca Ferguson ... Ilsa Faust
Ving Rhames ... Luther Stickell
Sean Harris ... Solomon Lane
Angela Bassett ... Erica Sloan
Vanessa Kirby ... White Widow
Michelle Monaghan ... Julia Meade-Hunt
Alec Baldwin ... Alan Hunley
Wes Bentley ... Patrick
Frederick Schmidt ... Zola
Kristoffer Joner ... Nils Debruuk
Jean Baptiste Fillon ... Rowdy Frenchman
Joey Ansah ... Henchman
Velibor Topic ... Henchman
Dean Ashton ... French Policeman
Grahame Fox ... Grand Palais Bouncer
Caspar Phillipson ... The European
487 3/4
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his teammates reunite for this pulse-pounding sequel, in which they attempt to take down a secret international organization known as the Syndicate--highly skilled ex-IMF agents who are intent on bringing down their former outfit. Christopher McQuarrie directs this new entry in the Mission Impossible franchise, with Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, and Simon Pegg co-staring. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Daring Rescues | Going Undercover | Heroic Mission | Hotshots | Task Forces
Keywords : assassination, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), crime-ring, hitman, organized-crime, syndicate
Action, Action Thriller, Chase Movie, Glamorized Spy Film 
Tom Cruise ... Ethan Hunt
Jeremy Renner ... William Brandt
Ving Rhames ... Luther Strickell
Simon Pegg ... Benji
Alec Baldwin ... Alan Hunley
Sean Harris ... Solomon Lane
Rebecca Ferguson ... Ilsa Faust
Simon McBurney ... Atlee
Hermione Corfield ... Shop Girl
Rachel Ritfeld ... CIA Agent
Jorge Leon Martinez ... CIA Agent
Nigel Barber ... Chairman
Jessica Williams ... Stewardess
Mark Preston ... Commuter
Judit Novotnik ... Cafe Guest
Lasco Atkins ... CIA Agent
Stella Stocker ... Actress
Solomon Taiwo Justified ... Passer By
Shina Shihoko Nagai ... CIA Supervisor
Debra Leigh-Taylor ... Charity Event Guest
Robert Maaser ... Assassin/ Police Officer
Mingus Johnston ... Lead Biker
Eva-Marie Becker ... Lighting Technician
Asim Ahmad ... CIA Analyst Nathaniel Rollins
Philip Howard ... Guest
Tom Coulston ... Chancellor's Aide
Tony Paul West ... Suspect at the Opera
Noni Harrison ... Cafe Guest
Joanne Manchester ... Charity Event Guest
Bruce Lawrence ... Prime Minister's Bodyguard 1
Vauxhall Jermaine ... US Marine Jones
Sharon Forbes ... Commuter
Wolfgang Stegemann ... Flautist Assassin
Osy Ikhile ... Actor
Guy Potter ... Biker
Daniel Eghan ... Moroccon Dignitary
488 1/4
Mission: Impossible II 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director John Woo brings Hong Kong-style martial arts action to this comic book-flavored sequel that eschews the complicated plot and political maneuverings of its predecessor in favor of pure, adrenaline-charged thrills. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, an operative for the top-secret government agency IMF (Impossible Missions Force). Fellow agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) has gone rogue, stealing a sample of a deadly synthetic virus named Chimera that could rapidly wipe out the world's population. Ambrose's plan is to sell Chimera to the highest bidder in exchange for shares of stock in the winner's company. Summoned by the new IMF chief (Anthony Hopkins in an uncredited cameo role), Ethan is assigned to recruit the help of Ambrose's former lover Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Thandie Newton), a gorgeous woman who left Ambrose broken-hearted and who may be able to quickly regain his confidence. Once he meets and spends a night with Nyah, however, Ethan is smitten, and now must both capture Ambrose and keep Nyah alive as she infiltrates a nest of vipers. Sophisticated disguises, gun battles, and high-speed chases are the order of the day, very much in the James Bond mold. Mission: Impossible 2 is based on a story by Star Trek: The Next Generation writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, with a script polish by Robert Towne. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Traitorous Spies/Double Agents | Terrorism | Race Against Time | Heroic Mission
Keywords : agent [representative], antidote [to poison], chase, espionage, killer-virus, mission [quest], nemesis, team, terrorism, time, villain
Attributes : High Budget
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Glamorized Spy Film 
Tom Cruise ... Ethan Hunt
Dougray Scott ... Sean Ambrose
Thandie Newton ... Nyah Hall
Ving Rhames ... Luther Stickwell
Richard Roxburgh ... Hugh Stamp
John Polson ... Billy Baird
Brendan Gleeson ... McCloy
Rade Serbedzija ... Dr. Nekhorvich
Anthony Hopkins ... Boss
844 1/4
Money Monster 
AMG SYNOPSIS: TV stock-market guru Lee Gates (George Clooney) and his producer Patty (Julia Roberts) are held hostage during a live broadcast by a man (Jack O'Connell) who lost his life's savings due to Gates' financial advice. The captor soon forces the pair to probe a conspiracy involving the global economy. Jodie Foster directed this thriller. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Button Pushers
Themes : Class Differences | Hostage Situations | Out For Revenge | Race Against Time
Drama, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Media Satire 
George Clooney ... Lee Gates
Julia Roberts ... Patty Fenn
Jack O'Connell ... Kyle Budwell
Dominic West ... Walt Camby
Caitriona Balfe ... Diane Lester
Giancarlo Esposito ... Capt. Marcus Powell
Christopher Denham ... Ron Sprecher
Lenny Venito ... Lenny (The Cameraman)
Christopher Bauer ... Lt. Nelson
Dennis Boutsikaris ... Avery Goodloe CFO
Emily Meade ... Molly
Condola Rashad ... Bree
Greta Lee ... Amy Lee
Aaron Yoo ... Won Joon
Joseph D. Reitman ... Matty (Floor Manager)
Olivia Luccardi ... Arlene
Robert C. Kirk ... Security Officer Nolan
Genevieve Adams ... Production Assistant
Daoud Heidami ... Freddy (Previous Host)
Anthony de Sando ... Officer Benson
Ivan Martin ... Lt. Vasquez
John Ventimiglia ... A Team Leader
Dominic Colón ... NYPD Detective
Cliff Moylan ... Sgt. O'Donnell
Patricia Dunnock ... Marta (Secretary)
Sahr Ngaujah ... Yao Appiah COO
Makhaola Ndebele ... Moshe Mambo
Matt Walton ... An Anchorman
Katie McGee ... Another Anchorman
Pun Bandhu ... Yet Another Anchorman
Nick Boraine ... British Reporter
Jeff Witzke ... TV Reporter
Frank Pando ... Guy On Street
Katy Grenfell ... Lady Passing By
Grant Rosenmeyer ... Tech Dave
489 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bennett Miller's adaptation of Michael Lewis' non-fiction best seller Moneyball stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, a one-time phenom who flamed out in the big leagues and now works as the GM for the Oakland Athletics, a franchise that's about to lose their three best players to free agency. Because the team isn't in a financial position to spend as much as perennial favorites like the Yankees and the Red Sox, Beane realizes he needs to radically change how he evaluates what players can bring to the squad. After he meets Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), an Ivy League economics major working as an executive assistant for scouting on another team, Beane realizes he's found the man who understands how to subvert the system of assessing players that's been in place for nearly a century. However, as the duo begin to acquire players that seem too old, injured, or inept to play major-league baseball, they face stiff resistance from both the A's longtime scouts and the team's manager Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who outright refuses to allow Beane's more-nontraditional acquisitions to play. Moneyball screened at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Baseball Players | Underdogs
Keywords : baseball, MLB (Major League Baseball), sports-franchise, statistics, team
Comedy Drama, Sports Drama 
Brad Pitt ... Billy Beane
Jonah Hill ... Peter Brand
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Art Howe
Robin Wright ... Sharon
Chris Pratt ... Scott Hatteberg
Stephen Bishop ... David Justice
Reed Diamond ... Mark Shapiro
Brent Jennings ... Ron Washington
Ken Medlock ... Grady Fuson
Tammy Blanchard ... Elizabeth Hatteberg
Jack McGee ... John Poloni
Vyto Ruginis ... Pittaro
Nick Searcy ... Matt Keough
Glenn Morshower ... Ron Hopkins
Casey Bond ... Chad Bradford
Nick Porrazzo ... Jeremy Giambi
Kerris Dorsey ... Casey Beane
Arliss Howard ... John Henry
Reed Thompson ... Young Billy
James Shanklin ... Billy's Dad
Diane Behrens ... Billy's Mom
Takayo Fischer ... Suzanne - Billy's Secretary
Derrin Ebert ... Mike Magnante
Miguel Mendoza ... Ricardo Rincon
Adrian Bellani ... Carlos Pena
Tom Gamboa ... Scout Martinez
Artie Harris ... Scout Artie
Bob Bishop ... Scout Bob
George Vranau ... Scout George
Phil Pote ... Scout Pote
Art Ortiz ... Eric Chavez
Royce Clayton ... Miguel Tejada
Marvin Horn ... Terrence Long
Brent Dohling ... Mark Ellis
Ken Rudulph ... Reporter
Lisa Guerrero ... Reporter
Joe Satriani ... Himself
Simon James ... Voos
Greg Papa ... Game Announcer
Tim McCarver ... Sports Announcer
Bob Costas ... Sports Announcer
Eddie Frierson ... Call-In Radio Host
Glen Kuiper ... Oakland A's Announcer
Joe Provost ... Oakland A's Security Guard
John Cole ... Young Jongewaard
Jake Wilson ... Sabatini
Robert P. Macaluso ... Coach Bob
Keith Middlebrook ... Coach Parker
Damon Farmar ... Shapiro's Advisor
Michael Gillespie ... Ken Macha
Chad Kreuter ... Rick Peterson
Blake Pike ... John
Robert Ninfo ... Eric Byrnes
Corey Vanderhook ... Ramon Hernandez
Melvin Perdue ... Ray Durham
Ari Zagaris ... Jim Mercir
Jonathan Stein ... Seymour
Holly Pitrago ... Shapiro's Assistant
Ken Korach ... Radio Color Commentator
Julie Wagner ... Clubhouse Reporter
Ken Colquitt ... Clubhouse Reporter
Eric Winzenreid ... PR Guy
Richard Padilla ... Umpire - Game 20
Ed Montague ... Umpire - Indians
Jack Knight ... Umpire - 1984
Patrick Riley ... Umpire - 1989
Phil Benson ... 1st Base Umpire
Joyce Guy ... Flight Attendant
1052 4/4
A Monster Calls 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young boy (Lewis MacDougall) befriends a wise tree monster (voiced by Liam Neeson) while coping with bullying and the terminal illness of his mother (Felicity Jones). He moves in with his grandmother (Sigourney Weaver) as his mom's condition deteriorates, and uses his imagination and friendship with the monster to escape reality. J.A. Bayona (The Impossible) directed this fantasy drama. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Battling Illness | Innocence Lost | Mythical Creatures
Drama, Fantasy, Childhood Drama, Supernatural Drama 
Sigourney Weaver ... Grandma
Felicity Jones ... Mum
Toby Kebbell ... Dad
Liam Neeson ... The Monster
Ben Moor ... Mr. Clark
Jennifer Lim ... Miss Kwan
Frida Palsson ... Lily's Mom
Geraldine Chaplin ... Head Teacher
491 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: It's not unusual to see two women fighting over the same man in a movie, only this time it's his mother and his fiancée vying for his attention in this broad comedy. While Charlotte Cantilini (Jennifer Lopez), known to her friends as Charlie, has never had much luck in her love life, one day her ship arrives in a big way when she meets Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), a doctor who is charming, handsome, and wealthy. Kevin also has a famous mother, Viola Fields (Jane Fonda), who has enjoyed a long and successful career as a news broadcaster. When Kevin and Charlie fall head over heels for one another, he opts to propose marriage to her as he's introducing Charlie to Viola over lunch. However, as far as Viola is concerned, this could not come at a worse time -- Viola has just been fired from the anchor desk, and regards her son as the only anchor left in her life. Not willing to share Kevin with anyone, Viola sets out to sabotage his relationship with Charlie in any way she can, often with the wary assistance of her secretary Ruby (Wanda Sykes). But once Charlie gets wind of Viola's schemes, she decides two can play this game. Monster-in-Law marked Jane Fonda's return to the screen after a long leave of absence; it was her first film after co-starring with Robert De Niro in 1990's Stanley & Iris. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Wedding Bells | Class Differences | Mothers and Sons | Schemes and Ruses
Keywords : fiancee, wedding-plans, daughter-in-law, engagement, mother, ring [jewelry], wedding, anchorperson, marriage
Comedy, Farce, Romantic Comedy 
Jennifer Lopez ... Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini
Jane Fonda ... Viola Fields
Michael Vartan ... Kevin Fields
Wanda Sykes ... Ruby
Adam Scott ... Remy
Monet Mazur ... Fiona
Annie Parisse ... Morgan
Will Arnett ... Kit
Elaine Stritch ... Gertrude
Jimmy Jean-Louis ... Prince Amir
Stephen Dunham
490 3/4
Monster's Ball 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Marc Forster, winner of Best Feature at Slamdance for his debut film Loungers (1996) and the "Someone to Watch" Independent Spirit Award for his indie drama Everything Put Together (2000), follows up those acclaimed projects with this intense, racially charged romance. Billy Bob Thornton stars as Georgia prison guard Hank Grotowski, a hard-drinking racist ex-cop whose father, Buck (Peter Boyle), is dying of emphysema and whose son, Sonny (Heath Ledger), works the execution detail at the prison's death row. When Sonny commits suicide, Hank is devastated and quits his job, spiraling into a deep depression until, one night, he comes to the aid of Leticia (Halle Berry), a beautiful African-American woman whose son, Tyrell (Coronji Calhoun), has been hit by a car. When Tyrell dies, Leticia and Hank find themselves to be unexpected soul mates linked together by tragic grief. It's not long before Hank discovers that Leticia is the widow of Lawrence Musgrove (Sean Combs), the man whose execution by electric chair he and his late son helped to orchestrate. Monster's Ball (2001) is based on a screenplay by actors Milo Addica and Will Rokos, who spent five years developing their script into a feature. Their title refers to the name of an English tradition requiring jailers to throw a party for a condemned man on the night before his death. -- Karl Williams

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Interracial/Cross-Cultural Romance | Starting Over | Redemption | Fathers and Sons | Race Relations | Death of a Child | Death Row
Keywords : prison-guard, death-row, Deep-South, hit-and-run, lost-child, love-affair, race-relations, redemption, son, suicide, grief, racism, electric-chair
Drama, Melodrama, Psychological Drama, Romantic Drama 
Billy Bob Thornton ... Hank Grotowski
Heath Ledger ... Sonny Grotowski
Halle Berry ... Leticia Musgrove
Peter Boyle ... Buck Grotowski
Sean Combs ... Lawrence Musgrove
Milo Addica ... Tommy Roulaine
Coronji Calhoun ... Tyrell Musgrove
Charles Cowan Jr. ... Willie Cooper
Taylor LaGrange ... Darryl Cooper
Bernard "Bunchy" Johnson
492 0/4
Monsters University 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Take a trip back in time to when star Monsters, Inc. employees Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) and James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (voice of John Goodman) were just two promising young students at Monsters University in this frightfully fun Disney/Pixar prequel. Long before they were lurking in closets for a living, Mike and Sulley were just two Scaring majors at Monsters University, dreaming of the day they would make children shriek in terror. When their heated competition to be the most fearsome in their class gets out of hand, however, Mike and Sulley find themselves ejected from the prestigious Scare Program, and they are forced to seek the aid of their oddball friends in order to get their education back on track. Dan Scanlon (Tracy) takes the directorial reigns for this prequel featuring additional vocal contributions by Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley, and Julia Sweeney. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : College Life | Feuds
Keywords : college-student, competition, friendship, monster, training-camp, university
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Creature Film, Family-Oriented Comedy, Fantasy Comedy 
Billy Crystal ... Mike
John Goodman ... Sullivan
Steve Buscemi ... Randy
Helen Mirren ... Dean Hardscrabble
Peter Sohn ... Squishy
Joel Murray ... Don
Sean Hayes ... Terri
Dave Foley ... Terry
Charlie Day ... Art
Alfred Molina ... Professor Knight
Tyler Labine ... Greek Council VP
Nathan Fillion ... Johnny
Aubrey Plaza ... Greek Council President
Bobby Moynihan ... Chet
Noah Johnston ... Young Mike
Julia Sweeney ... Ms. Squibbles
Bonnie Hunt ... Mrs. Graves
John Krasinski ... Frank McCay
Bill Hader ... Referee, Slug
Beth Behrs ... PNK Carrie
John Ratzenberger ... Yeti
493 3/4
Monsters, Inc. 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After exploring the worlds of toys and bugs in the two Toy Story films and A Bug's Life, the award-winning computer animation company Pixar delves into the realm of monsters with its fourth feature. Hulking, blue-furred behemoth James P. "Sully" Sullivan (John Goodman) and his one-eyed assistant Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) are employed by Monsters, Inc., a scream processing factory. It seems that the denizens of their realm thrive on the screams of kids spooked by monsters lurking under their beds and in their closets. It's the job of Sully, Mike, and their co-workers, including sarcastic Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi), crab-like CEO Henry J. Waternoose (James Coburn), and lovely snake-headed receptionist Celia (Jennifer Tilly) to keep the frights flowing. When Sully and Mike are followed back into the monster world by a very unafraid little human girl named Boo (Mary Gibbs), they are exiled to her universe, where they discover that such a modern-day mythological specimen as the Abominable Snowman is a fellow refugee. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Fighting the System | Being Trustworthy [k] | Daring Rescues | Faltering Friendships | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : monster, childhood, fantasy-world, friendship, beast, childhood-friend, creature, fantasy, fear, fish-out-of-water, kidnapping, love, on-the-run, youth, eye, invisibility, villain
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Creature Film, Family-Oriented Comedy, Fantasy Comedy 
John Goodman ... James P. Sullivan "Sully"
Billy Crystal ... Mike Wazowski
Steve Buscemi ... Randall Boggs
James Coburn ... Henry J. Waternoose
Jennifer Tilly ... Celia
Bob Peterson ... Roz
John Ratzenberger ... Yeti
Frank Oz ... Fungus
Daniel Gerson ... Needleman/Smitty
Steve Susskind ... Floor Manager
Bonnie Hunt ... Flint
Jeff Pidgeon ... Bile
Kay Panabaker ... Additional Voice
Rodger Bumpass ... Additional Voice
494 4/4
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
AMG SYNOPSIS: From its opening multi-language titles (that sure looks like Swedish) to the closing arrest of the entire Dark Ages cast by modern-day bobbies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail helped to define "irreverence" and became an instant cult classic. This time the Pythonites savage the legend of King Arthur, juxtaposing some excellently selected exterior locations with an unending stream of anachronistic one-liners, non sequiturs, and slapstick set pieces. The Knights of the Round Table set off in search of the Holy Grail on foot, as their lackeys make clippety-clop sounds with coconut shells. A plague-ridden community, ringing with the cry of "bring out your dead," offers its hale and hearty citizens to the body piles. A wedding of convenience is attacked by Arthur's minions while the pasty-faced groom continually attempts to burst into song. The good guys are nearly thwarted by the dreaded, tree-shaped "Knights Who Say Ni!" A feisty enemy warrior, bloodily shorn of his arms and legs in the thick of battle, threatens to bite off his opponent's kneecap. A French military officer shouts such taunts as "I fart in your general direction" and "I wave my private parts at your aunties." Rabbits are a particular obsession of the writers this time around, ranging from the huge Trojan Rabbit to the "killer bunny" that decapitates one of the knights. Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin collaborated on the script and assumed most of the onscreen roles, while Gilliam and Jones served as co-directors. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Knights and Ladies | Obsessive Quests | Heroic Mission | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : Holy-Grail, quest, journey, knight, dismemberment, legend [fable], medieval, mission [quest], witch, search, rabbit, attack, crusade, on-the-road, witch-burning
Attributes : Cult Film
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Slapstick 
Graham Chapman ... King Arthur, Hiccoughing Guard, Three-Headed Knight
John Cleese ... Sir Lancelot, French, Black Knight
Terry Gilliam ... Patsy/Soothsayer, Old Man from Scene 24
Eric Idle ... Sir Robin, Concorde, Roger, Maynard, Guard
Terry Jones ... Sir Bedevere, Three-Headed Knight, Prin, Dennis's Mother
Michael Palin ... Sir Galahad, King, Knight, 1st Soldier with a Keen Interest in Birds, Dennis
Patsy Kensit
Connie Booth ... The Witch
Carol Cleveland ... Zoot/Dingo
Neil Innes ... Minstrel, + minor role
Bee Duffell ... Old Crone to Whom King Arthur Said "Ni--"
John Young ... Dead person, Historian
Rita Davies ... Historian Who Isn't A.J.P. Taylor, Honestly's, Wife
Sally Kinghorn ... Either Winston or Piglet
Sandy Johnson
Sandy Rose
Mary Allen
495 2/4
The Monuments Men 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Cowriter and director George Clooney adapts author Robert M. Edsel's book The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History to tell the incredible true story of the seven art historians and museum curators who went behind enemy lines during World War II on a mission to recover some of the world's greatest works of art. With war raging in Europe, the Nazis have managed to plunder some of the biggest art collections on the continent. As the Third Reich begins to topple, the German army receives explicit orders that in the event of Adolf Hitler's death, they are to destroy every work of art in their possession. Determined to prevent 1000 years of culture from going up in flames, American president Franklin D. Roosevelt approves a proposal by Frank Stokes (Clooney) to form a task force comprised entirely of art experts to enter Germany, recover the works of art, and ensure they are returned to their rightful owners. With little knowledge of modern weapons or warfare tactics, the ragtag squadron has their work cut out for them. Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, and Jean Dujardin also star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Memory Lane
Themes : Art Theft
Keywords : art-collection, Nazi
Drama, Crime Drama, War Drama 
George Clooney ... Frank Stokes
Matt Damon ... James Granger
Bill Murray ... Richard Campbell
John Goodman ... Walter Garfield
Jean Dujardin ... Jean Claude Clermont
Bob Balaban ... Preston Savitz
Hugh Bonneville ... Donald Jeffries
Cate Blanchett ... Claire Simone
Dimitri Leonidas ... Sam Epstein
Justus VonDohnanyi ... Viktor Stahl
Holger Handtke ... Colonel Wegner
Michael Hofland ... Priest (Claude)
Zachary Baharov ... Commander Elya
Michael Brandner ... Dentist
Sam Hazeldine ... Colonel Langton
Miles Jupp ... Major Feilding
Alexandre Desplat ... Emile
Diarmaid Murtagh ... Captain Harpen
Serge Hazanavicius ... Rene Armand
Luc Feit ... Aachen Vicar
Udo Kroschwald ... Hermann Goering
Aurelia Poirier ... Young French Girl
Grant Heslov ... Doctor
Matthew Maguire ... Young Dying Soldier
Mike Dalton ... President Roosevelt
Christian Rodska ... President Truman
Stefan Kolosko ... German Commander
Thomas Wingrich ... German 2nd in Command
Oliver Devoti ... Colonel at Caen
James Payton ... Hitler
Lucas Tavernier ... St. Bavo Priest
Oscar Copp ... French Truck Driver
Luciana Castellucci ... Nun
Declan Mills ... Siegen Private
Richard Crehan ... Brit Private
Corin Stuart ... Brit GI Translator
Andre Hinderlich ... German POW
Maximillian Seidel ... German POW
Marcel Mols ... Bruges Priest
Matt Rippy ... Colonel Gregg
Andrew Byron ... Supply Sargeant
Nicolas Heidrich ... Stahl's Child
Aidan Sharp ... Shahl's Child
Xavier Laurent ... French Armed Man
Ben-Ryan Davies ... Brit Private-Bruges
Joel Basman ... German Soldier at Ghent
Andrew Alexander ... Major Piper
Adrian Bouchet ... Sarge Near Altaussee
Claudia Geisler ... Stahl's Wife
Joe Reynolds ... Stokes' Son
Levi Strasser ... Stokes' Grandson
Piet Paes ... Priest In Truck
Audrey Marnay ... Jean Claude's Wife
913 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This drama charts the life of a black gay youth named Chiron as he grows up in a rough neighborhood in Miami. In the first segment, Chiron is a ten-year-old nicknamed "Little" (Alex Hibbert) who is taken in by a kindhearted Cuban drug dealer (Mahershala Ali) and his girlfriend (Janelle Monáe). In the middle installment, a teenage Chiron (Ashton Sanders) explores his sexuality as he falls in love with a close friend. The final chapter follows Chiron in his twenties (Trevante Rhodes) as he reconnects with faces from his past. Directed by Barry Jenkins, Moonlight was adapted from a short play called In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue by Tarell Alvin McCraney. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : In a Minor Key | Only Human
Themes : Existential Crisis | Inner City Blues | Questioning Sexuality | Sexual Awakening
Keywords : Black [race], coming-of-age, coming-out, sexuality, youth
Drama, Coming-of-Age, Gay & Lesbian Films, Urban Drama 
Mahershala Ali ... Juan
Ashton Sanders ... Chrion
Naomie Harris ... Paula
Janelle Monae ... Teresa
Andre Holland ... Kevin
Larry Anderson ... Antwon
496 1/4
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Just when you thought the game was over, along comes the second movie inspired by the popular video game Mortal Kombat. While Liu Kang (Robin Shou) led his warriors Princess Kitana (Talisa Soto), Sonya Blade (Sandra Hess), Rayden (James Remar), and Johnny Cage (Chris Conrad) to victory, and the safety of the world seemed certain, no one counted on the treachery of Shao-Kahn (Brian Thompson), the evil Emperor of the Outerworld, who has a new plan to overtake the Earth. Shao-Kahn has discovered a portal between Earth and Outerworld, and if it stays open for seven days, the two worlds will merge, with Shao-Kahn controlling both planets. Rayden and Sonya set out to find his colleague Jax (Lynn Red Williams), while Liu Kang and Kitana are on the trail of Nightwolf (Litefoot) as they race against time to defeat Shao-Kahn, who has brought Kitana's mother Queen Sindel (Musetta Vander) back from the grave to aid his evil scheme. Mortal Kombat II: Annihilation marked the directorial debut of cinematographer John R. Leonetti. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : fight, good-vs-evil, bad-guy, domination-of-earth, good-guy, war, warlord
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Martial Arts 
Robin Shou ... Liu Kang
James Remar ... Rayden
Sandra Hess ... Sonya Blade
Lynn Red Williams ... Jax
Brian Thompson ... Shao-Kahn
Reiner Schoene ... Shinnok
Musetta Vander ... Sindel
Irina Pantaeva ... Jade
Marjean Holden ... Sheeva
Litefoot ... Nightwolf
Keith Cooke ... Sub Zero
Dana Hee ... Mileena
J.J. Perry ... Cyrax/Scorpion
Dennis Keiffer ... Baraka
817 1/4
Mother's Day 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This star-studded ensemble comedy tells a series of interlocking stories about motherhood. A divorced mother of two (Jennifer Aniston) falls for a guy with two kids of his own (Jason Sudeikis), a young woman (Britt Robertson) tries to find her biological mom (Julia Roberts), and an overstressed mother (Kate Hudson) is visited by her bickering parents. Mother's Day is the latest holiday-centric movie directed by Garry Marshall, who previously helmed Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Family Gatherings | Intersecting Lives | Mothers and Daughters | Mothers and Sons | Parenthood
Comedy Drama, Ensemble Film, Family Drama 
Jennifer Aniston ... Sandy
Kate Hudson ... Jesse
Julia Roberts ... MIranda
Jason Sudeikis ... Bradley
Timothy Olyphant ... Henry
Hector Elizondo ... Lance
Brandon Spink ... Peter
Christine Lakin ... Hostess
Sarah Chalke ... Gabi
Ella Anderson ... Vicky
Margo Martindale ... Flo
Jon Lovitz ... Jackie Burn
Robert Pine ... Earl
Aasif Mandvi ... Russell
Grayson Russell ... Tommy
Sandra Taylor ... Lexi
Gianna Simone ... Val
Loni Love ... Kimberly
Sean O'Bryan ... Guy Cop
Ariana Neal ... Evette
Kate Linder ... Dog Walker Gigi
Wedil David ... Dog Walker Leah
Paul Vogt ... Tiny
Anoush Nevart ... Sonia
Drew Matthews ... Beanzie
Matthew Walker ... Randy The Clown
Donielle Artese ... Female Cop
497 1/4
The Mothman Prophecies 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on a book by paranormal investigator John Keel, this spooky, X-Files-type supernatural thriller is purportedly based loosely on true events that occurred in the small town of Point Pleasant, WV, in 1966-1967. Richard Gere stars as journalist John Klein, an up-and-coming reporter devastated by the death of his beloved wife Mary (Debra Messing) following a car accident. Mary saw a mysterious vision immediately before the crash, a haunting image of a moth-like creature. Two years later, Klein is driving to an interview with the governor of Virginia when he suddenly finds himself hundreds of miles out of his way in a small town on the West Virginia-Ohio border. He discovers that strange events are occurring there, including sightings of the "mothman," as well as UFOs and bizarre alien-like telephone calls. Klein stays to investigate, despite the protests of skeptical cop Connie Parker (Laura Linney) and the initial hostility of spooked local Gordon (Will Patton). He soon discovers that sightings of the mothman are historical portents of doom and disaster, omens that may foretell a terrible cataclysm about to strike Point Pleasant. The Mothman Prophecies reunites Gere and Linney, who previously starred together in Primal Fear (1996). -- Karl Williams

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Members of the Press | Miraculous Events | Obsessive Quests | Psychic Abilities | Death of a Partner
Keywords : disaster, omen, paranormal, premonition, reporter, small-town, supernatural-forces
Science Fiction, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Richard Gere ... John Klein
Laura Linney ... Connie
Will Patton ... Gordon Smallwood
Debra Messing ... Mary Klein
Lucinda Jenney ... Denise Smallwood
Alan Bates ... Alexander Leek
David Eigenberg ... Ed Fleischman
Ann McDonough ... Lucy Griffin
Nesbitt Blaisdell ... Chief Josh Jarrett
Bill Laing ... Indrid Cold
Murphy Dunne ... Gov. Rob McCallum
Matt Miller ... Aide #2
Sam Nicotero ... Mano on Bridge
Mark Pellington ... Bartender
Rohn Thomas ... Dr. Williams
Betsy Zajko ... Tory Pherris
Josh Braun ... Aide #3
Clay Bunting ... Kevin Mills (7 yrs.)
Dan Callahan ... C.J.
Eric Cazencave ... Travel Lodge Clerk
Yvonne Erickson ... Dr. McElory
Christin Frame ... Holly
Tim Hartman ... Sonny
Nick Keeley ... Spectator #1
Doug Korstanje ... News Anchor
Susan Korstanje ... Newsperson
Harris Mackenzie ... TV Journalist
Jennifer Martin ... Coffee Shop Cashier
Billy Mott ... Otto
Scott Nunnally ... Orderly
David Press ... Woodrow
Bettina Rousos ... Spectator #4
Jason Billy Simmons ... Spectator #3
Dorothy Silver ... Ruth
Tom Stoviak ... Real Estate Agent
Tom Tully ... Motel Manager
1056 2/4
The Mountain Between Us 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two strangers headed from Salt Lake City to Baltimore -- one a surgeon who has to perform an operation (Idris Elba), the other a photojournalist who's about to get married (Kate Winslet) -- hail a chartered flight together after their initial travel plans fall through. Unfortunately, they end up stranded on a snowy mountain when their plane crashes, and soon realize they must trek to safety since no one is coming to rescue them. Based on the novel by Charles Martin. Directed by Hany Abu-Assad. --

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Air Disasters | Forbidden Love | Stranded | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : adultery, dog, mountains, plane-crash, snow, survival
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Adventure Drama, Disaster Film, Romantic Drama 
Kate Winslet ... Alex Martin
Idris Elba ... Ben Bass
Beau Bridges ... Pilot
Dermot Mulroney ... Mark
Lucia Walters ... London Doctor
Waleed F. Zuaiter
Marci T. House ... Airline Representative
Lee Majdoub ... Translator
Linda Sorensen ... Pamela
Vincent Gale ... Airline Customer Service
Nancy Sivak ... Nurse
Bethany Brown ... New York Waiter
498 3/4
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Many married couples have secrets, but one pair of lovebirds discover they've both been living dangerous secret lives in this action thriller laced with comedy. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and play Jane Smith and John Smith, a suburban couple whose marriage has started to go a bit stale after five or six years. Both wish for more excitement in their relationship, but as it happens, each of them is finding plenty of thrills elsewhere. Both Jane and John are world-class assassins who will take on perilous missions for the right price, but neither is aware of the other's secret life - Jane thinks her husband runs a successful construction company, and John believes his wife works on Wall Street. However, when John and Jane are both assigned to take out the same target, one Benjamin Danz (Adam Brody), they become aware of each other's secret lives, and suddenly both their careers and their marriage go through some dramatic and potentially deadly changes. Mr. and Mrs. Smith also stars Vince Vaughn as an assassin with John's company who still lives with his mother and Kerry Washington as one of Jane's associates. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Double Life | Hired Killers | Foibles of Marriage
Keywords : secret-life, marital-problems, target [object of attack], betrayal, deception, suburbs
Action, Comedy, Action Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Spy Comedy 
Brad Pitt ... John Smith
Angelina Jolie ... Jane Smith
Vince Vaughn ... Eddie
Adam Brody ... Benjamin Danz
Kerry Washington ... Jasmine
Keith David ... Father
Chris Weitz ... Martin Coleman
Rachael Huntley ... Suzy Coleman
Michelle Monaghan ... Gwen
Miguel Caballero ... Bellboy-Begotá
Jennifer Morrison ... Jade, Associate 2
499 2/4
Mr. Brooks 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A hardened detective enters into a tenuous symbiotic relationship with the vicious serial killer she is tracking after earning the respect of the murderous madman in this vicious psychological thriller starring Demi Moore, Kevin Costner, and William Hurt. Earl Brooks (Costner) is a successful businessman, noted philanthropist, and loving father. He's the kind of man whom no one would ever suspect of being a notorious serial killer, but then again history's most dubious psychopaths are often the quiet neighbor whom no one would ever suspect was capable of committing such unspeakable atrocities. Until now, no one has had any reason to link Earl Brooks with the heinous crimes of the dreaded Thumbprint Killer. Even his beautiful wife (Marg Helgenbeger) and teenage daughter (Danielle Panabaker) could never conceive of such an awful truth. But when Mr. Brooks's dark side begins to outshine his sane exterior, an amateur photographer (Dane Cook) captures the killer succumbing to his murderous instinct on film. Now, as Mr. Brooks is pursued by tenacious detective Tracy Atwood (Moore) and forced to bend to the will of an opportunistic bystander, the killer who was once able to keep his murderous alter ego (Hurt) in check finds his control steadily slipping. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Split Personalities | Serial Killers | Murder Investigations | Voyeurs
Keywords : alter-ego, detective, serial-killer, split-personality, voyeur
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Police Detective Film 
Kevin Costner ... Earl Brooks
Demi Moore ... Tracy Atwood
Dane Cook ... Mr. Smith
William Hurt ... Marshall
Marg Helgenberger ... Emma Brooks
Ruben Santiago-Hudson ... Hawkins
Danielle Panabaker ... Jane Brooks
Aisha Hinds ... Nancy Hart
Lindsay Crouse ... Captain Lister
Jason Lewis ... Jesse Vialo
Reiko Aylesworth ... Jesse's Lawyer
Matt Schulze ... Thorton Meeks
Yasmine Delawari ... Sunday
846 1/4
Mr. Church 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1965 Los Angeles, cancer-stricken Marie (Natascha McElhone) and her ten-year-old daughter Charlotte are shocked to learn that one of Marie's former lovers has hired a black cook named Mr. Church (Eddie Murphy) to take care of them during her illness. Over the course of 15 years, Mr. Church becomes a father figure to Charlotte (played as an adult by Britt Robertson), and he even takes her in when she gets pregnant from a one-night stand. Directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy). -- Jack Rodgers

Eddie Murphy ... Henry Church
Natascha McElhone ... Marie
Xavier Samuel ... Owen
Lucy Fry ... Poppy
Christian Madsen ... Larson
McKenna Grace ... Izzy
Madison Wolfe ... Young Poppy
Lincoln Melcher ... Young Owen
Kelly Lester ... Doctor
Aileen Burdock ... Waitress
Michael Leone ... Michael
Thom Barry ... Frankie Twiggs
Jenica Bergere ... Nurse
1060 2/4
Mr. Destiny 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Businessman Larry Burrows (James Belushi) has a wife who ignores him, a screwball friend who won't leave him alone, and a car that continually breaks down. All that and more is enough to give him a mid-life crisis. After his car stalls once more, he enters a bar looking for help and encounters a bartender (Michael Caine) who shows him what his life would have been like, if he hadn't struck out in a baseball game back in high school. --

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Fish Out of Water | Rags To Riches
Keywords : bartender, fate, mid-life-crisis, self-discovery, destiny, life, baseball, marital-problems, con/scam, fantasy, reality, car
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
James Belushi ... Larry Burrows
Michael Caine ... Mike
Linda Hamilton ... Ellen Burrows
Jon Lovitz ... Clip Metzler
Hart Bochner ... Niles Pender
Bill McCutcheon ... Leo Hansen
Rene Russo ... Cindy Jo
James Douglas ... Mr. Ripley
Jay O. Sanders ... Jackie Earle
Maury Chaykin ... Guzelman
Pat Corley ... Harry Burrows
Douglas Seale ... Boswell
Courteney Cox ... Jewel Jagger
Doug Barron ... Lewis Flick
Jeff Weiss ... Ludwig
Tony Longo ... Huge Guy
Kathy Ireland ... Gina
Andrew Stahl ... Jerry Haskins
Martin Thompson ... Guest Stilton
Michael Genevie ... Guest #1
Osamu Sakabe ... Nakamura
Howard Kingkade ... Guest
Eddita Hill ... Juanita
Collin Bernsen ... Tom Robertson
William Griffis ... Maitre D'
John Garver ... Waiter
Terry Loughlin ... Wine Steward
Adam Eichhorst ... Teenager
Jeffrey Pillars ... Truck Driver
Richie Devaney ... Young Larry
Bruce Evers ... Team Coach
Whit Edwards ... Young Jerry
Sky Berdahl ... Young Clip
Heather Lynch ... Young Ellen
Chris Stacy ... Teammate
Jesse J. Donnelly ... The Cop
500 2/4
Mr. Holmes 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Bill Condon puts a spin on Arthur Donan Coyle's most celebrated character with Mr. Holmes, which stars Ian McKellen as the famous detective. The set-up is that a now-retired Holmes, his steel-trap mind starting to fade with old age, lives out his golden years in the late 1940s. He returns from a trip to Japan searching for a plant that could slow the aging process and help him regain the faculties he knows he's lost. While there, he witnessed first-hand the result of America's bombing of Hiroshima, which has put him in a contemplative state. He lives with his devoted housekeeper Mrs. Murno (Laura Linney), and her son Roger (Milo Parker), who turns out to be of great help when the detective reopens his investigation into the case that led to his retirement. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Amnesia | Existential Crisis | Golden Years
Keywords : detective, memory-loss, mystery [whodunit]
Drama, Mystery, Period Film, Psychological Drama, Whodunit 
Ian McKellen ... Sherlock Holmes
Laura Linney ... Mrs. Munro
Hiroyuki Sanada ... Tamiki Umezaki
Hattie Morahan ... Ann Kelmot
Patrick Kennedy ... Thomas Kelmot
Roger Allam ... Dr. Barrie
Frances de la Tour ... Madame Schirmer
Takako Akashi ... Maya Umezaki
Zak Shukor ... Masuo Umezaki
John Sessions ... Mycroft Holmes
Michael Culkin ... Bank Manager
David Foxxe ... Chemist
Oliver Devoti ... Ticket Agent
Mike Burnside ... Ann's Solicitor
Sam Coulson ... Matinee "Kelmot"
Frances Barber ... Matinee "Madame Schirmer"
Hermione Corfield ... Matinee "Ann Kelmot"
Kit Connor ... Boy
Zoe Rainey ... Boy's Mother
Eileen Davies ... Lady on Platform
Colin Starkey ... Dr. John Watson
Sarah Crowden ... Mrs. Hudson
501 3/4
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Having made a bundle on their 130-episode package of Mr. Magoo TV cartoons, the folks at UPA studios decided to star Magoo in a 60-minute musical version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. First telecast over the NBC network on December 18, 1962, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol deftly uses the device of depicting Magoo as a famous Broadway star, returning to the stage to essay the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge. This "framing" device has, unfortunately, been eliminated from currently available TV and video versions of this hour-long animated special. Still, Magoo has plenty of time to shine as Scrooge, a role ideally suited for the character's crotchety demeanor and comic nearsightedness. The five original songs by Jules Styne and Bob Merrill are wonderful-far more so than the disposable score of the 1970 live-action Christmas Carol musical adaptation Scrooge. The principal voices are provided by Jim Backus as Magoo, Jack Cassidy as Bob Cratchit, Royal Dano as Marley's Ghost, and Joan Gardner, Morey Amsterdam and Paul Frees. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol served as the pilot for the 1964 animated anthology series The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo, wherein Magoo essayed such literary roles as Friar Tuck, Gunga Din, and all seven of Snow White's dwarves. -- Hal Erickson

Themes : Redemption
Keywords : Christmas, fate, ghost, holiday
Children's/Family, Animated Musical 
Jim Backus ... Ebenezer Scrooge, Mr. Magoo
Jack Cassidy ... Bob Cratchit
Royal Dano ... Marley's Ghost
Paul H. Frees ... Old Fezziwig
Joan Gardner ... Ghost of Christmas Past, Tiny Tim
John Hart
Jane Kean ... Belle Fezziwig
Les Tremayne ... Ghost of Christmas Present
502 2/4
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The eccentric owner of a magical toy store surprises the shop's manager by turning over ownership to her in a warm-hearted comedy fantasy directed by Zach Helm and starring Jason Bateman, Dustin Hoffman, and Natalie Portman. Portman plays the manager of the store that seems to be a reflection of the people who run it, and Bateman stars as the detail-oriented accountant assigned the task of assessing the establishment's monetary value. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Wizards and Magicians | Opposites Attract | Stop the Wrecking Ball
Keywords : accounting, eccentric, magic, store, toymaker
Fantasy, Children's/Family, Fantasy Comedy 
Dustin Hoffman ... Mr. Edward Magorium, Avid Shoe Wearer
Natalie Portman ... Molly Mahoney, the Composer
Jason Bateman ... Henry Weston, the Mutant
Zach Mills ... Eric Applebaum, the Hat Collector
Ted Ludzik ... Bellini, the Bookbuilder
Paula Boudreau ... Brenda, Who Wants a Mobile
Mike Realba ... Dave Wolf, Who's an Enginer
Steve Whitmire ... Kermit the Frog
Marcia Bennett ... Lora, Who Wants a Fire Engine
Jesse Bostick ... Derek, Who Opened the Door
Daniel Gordon ... Jimmy, Who Captures a Ball
Rebecca Northan ... Ellie Applebaum, the Mom
Quancetia Hamilton ... Gia, With a Squid On Her Head
Matt Baram ... Eddie, the Dentist
Jonathan Potts ... Dr. Dunn, Who Gives People Sedatives
Kiele Sanchez ... Mrs. Goodman, Who Wants the Store
503 2/4
Mr. Popper's Penguins 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Adventure-loving house painter Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey) contends with the problem of having too many penguins in director Mark S. Waters' adaptation of author Richard Atwater's beloved children's book. Shortly after penning a letter to a team of Arctic explorers, Mr. Popper is surprised to receive a penguin in the mail. Later, after making his mischievous new pal a cozy new home in the freezer, the hapless Mr. Popper comes into possession of a playful female penguin as well. Before long Mr. Popper finds himself surrounded by a growing family of the flightless birds, and begins training them to perform in a traveling show dubbed Popper's Performing Penguins. With each new town the show travels to, pandemonium is quick to follow. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Fathers and Daughters | Fathers and Sons | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : divorce, real-estate-tycoon, single-parent, penguin
Children's/Family, Comedy, Animal Picture, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Jim Carrey ... Mr. Popper
Carla Gugino ... Amanda
Angela Lansbury ... Mrs. Van Gundy
Ophelia Lovibond ... Pippi
Madeline Carroll ... Janie
Clark Gregg ... Nat Jones
David Krumholtz ... Kent
Philip Baker Hall ... Franklin
Maxwell Perry Cotton ... Billy
James Tupper ... Rick
Dominic Chianese ... Reader
William C. Mitchell ... Yates
Henry Keleman ... Young Tommy Popper
Kelli Barrett ... Tommy's Mom
Dylan Clark Marshall ... Young Tommy Popper #2
Elaine Kussack ... Gremmin's Secretary
Desmin Borges ... Daryl
Dominic Colón ... Tito
Jeff Lima ... Freddy
Frank Cornei ... Klaus
J.R. Horne ... Arnold
Andrew Stewart-Jones ... Animal Control Guy
James Chen ... Fish & Game Officer
Rafael Osorio ... Marine & Waterfowl Officer
Curtis Shumaker ... Sanitation Officer
Olga Merediz ... Nanny
Betsy Aidem ... Tavern Hostess
Chris Beetem ... Young Developer
Daniel Stewart Sherman ... Zoo Security Guard
Mike Massimino ... Cop #1
Charlie Semine ... Cop #2 (Quint)
504 2/4
Mr. Woodcock 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Every junior-high geek's worst nightmare becomes a reality in this comedy. John Farley (Seann William Scott) grew up as a chubby kid with no athletic skills and poor self-esteem, and during his early teenage years his nemesis was Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton), his junior-high gym teacher, who took a sadistic glee in tormenting John and others like them. Years later, John has slimmed down, come to terms with his self-image, and become a best-selling author, publishing a self-help book on overcoming the specters of the past. John comes home to visit his widowed mother, Beverly (Susan Sarandon), and discovers she has a surprise for him -- she's getting married again, and her new fiancée is none other than Mr. Woodcock. Horrified, John is determined to keep Beverly from walking down the aisle with Woodcock, and along the way finds himself struggling to settle some old scores. Mr. Woodcock also stars Amy Poehler as John's publicist and Ethan Suplee as John's old friend Needleman. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Wedding Bells | Coming Home | Mothers and Sons | Teachers and Students
Keywords : gym-teacher, stepfather, wedding, writer
Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Slapstick 
Billy Bob Thornton ... Mr. Woodcock
Seann William Scott ... John Farley
Susan Sarandon ... Beverly
Amy Poehler ... Maggie
Ethan Suplee ... Nedderman
Melissa Sagemiller ... Tracy
1017 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two families -- one white, one black -- struggle to get by in 1940s rural Mississippi, and are ultimately brought together when two young men from both clans (Garrett Hedlund and Jason Mitchell) forge a friendship based on their experiences fighting in World War II. Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Mary J. Blige, Rob Morgan, and Jonathan Banks co-star. Directed by Dee Rees (Pariah), Mudbound made its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. --

Themes : Farm Life | Small-Town Life
Drama, Americana, Period Film 
Carey Mulligan ... Laura McAllan
Jason Clarke ... Henry McAllan
Mary J. Blige ... Florence Jackson
Rob Morgan ... Hap Jackson
Jason Mitchell ... Ronsel Jackson
Garrett Hedlund ... Jamie McAllan
Jonathan Banks ... Pappy McAllan
505 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Inspired by a familiar Chinese folk tale, this $90 million animated Disney drama follows the adventures of a young woman in ancient China. Character animator Tony Bancroft and 17-year Disney veteran Barry Cook (Captain EO, Tron, Trail Mix-Up) formed the directing team with production design by Hans Bacher (Balto), and work on the film began 2 January 1995 under the working title The Legend of Mulan. While the merciless Shan-Yu (Miguel Ferrer) leads invading Huns over the Great Wall, young Mulan (Ming-Na Wen, with singing by Lea Salonga) sees a matchmaker about her matrimonial future. Mulan's views on accepted marriage traditions prompt the ballad, "Reflection," as she hopes for a recognition of her true self. To repel the Huns, a man from each family is required to join the Imperial Army. When Mulan's elderly father Fa Zhou (Soon-Tek Oh) volunteers, she objects. He warns, "I know my place. It is time you learned yours." Mulan, however, cuts her hair, dresses as a man, and is ready for military camp, prompting the concern of her First Ancestor (George Takei), who converts an inanimate incense burner into the 18-inch high comedic dragon Mushu (Eddie Murphy). With Mushu hidden in her clothing, she joins a group of raw recruits under the command of Captain Shang (B.D. Wong, singing by Donny Osmond). During an ambush by the Huns in a mountain pass, Mulan steps in to turn defeat into a victory. Mulan was the first Disney feature from the company's 200,000-square-foot Orlando facility (now known as Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida). -- Bhob Stewart

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Heroic Mission | Fathers and Daughters | Gender-Bending | Righting the Wronged | Double Life | Questioning Gender Roles | Schemes and Ruses
Keywords : ancient-civilizations, army, China, disguise, girl, honor [integrity], secret-identity
Children's/Family, Animated Musical 
Lea Salonga ... Mulan (singing)
Eddie Murphy ... Mushu
B.D. Wong ... Shang
Donny Osmond ... Shang (singing)
Harvey Fierstein ... Yao
Jerry Tondo ... Chien-Po
Gedde Watanabe ... Ling
James Hong ... Chi Fu
Miguel Ferrer ... Shan-Yu
Soon-Teck Oh ... Fa Zhou
Freda Foh Shen ... Fa Li
June Foray ... Grandmother Fa
Miriam Margolyes ... Grandmother Fa (singing)
James Shigeta ... General Li
Frank Welker ... Khan
506 0/4
Mulan II 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mulan II, the direct-to-video sequel to the Disney hit Mulan, begins with the title character becoming engaged to General Shang. Before they can begin a life of wedded bliss, they must escort a trio of princesses to weddings of their own in order to facilitate a peace between warring nations. Mulan begins to believe her mission may be less than noble upon discovering that the women are being forced into arranged marriages against their will. Mulan ends up opposing her beloved General Shang in order to fight for what is right. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Questioning Gender Roles
Keywords : engagement, marriage-arranged, princess, war
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure 
B.D. Wong ... Shang
Mark Moseley ... Mushu
Lucy Liu ... Mei
Harvey Fierstein ... Yao
Sandra Oh ... Ting Ting
Gedde Watanabe ... Ling
Lauren Tom ... Su
Jerry Tondo ... Chien-Po
George Takei ... First Ancestor
Lea Salonga ... Mulan's Singing Voice
507 2/4
The Mummy Returns 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This big-budget sequel from writer/director Stephen Sommers navigates much of the same cliffhanger territory as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones franchise. It is 1933, eight years after the events of The Mummy (1999). Legionnaire Rick O'Connell Brendan Fraser has married his Egyptologist girlfriend Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) and the couple has settled in London, where they're raising their young son Alex (Freddie Boath). The family's domestic tranquility is shattered when the 3,000-year-old mummified corpse of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), which has been shipped to the British Museum, is resurrected once again to resume his evil quest for immortality. In the meantime, another ancient threat emerges in the form of the Scorpion King (professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson, aka. the Rock), a mighty warrior frozen in time with his supernatural army. In order to save his family, Rick is forced to seek a mythical pyramid of gold, facing marauding bands of pygmy skeletons, among other hazards. The Mummy Returns co-stars John Hannah, Oded Fehr, and Patricia Velasquez. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mummies | Heroic Mission | Daring Rescues | Mischievous Children | Reincarnation | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : mummy, resurrection, Egyptologist, legionnaire, warrior, jewel, nemesis, scorpion, immortality, son
Adventure, Horror, Adventure Comedy, Creature Film, Costume Adventure 
Brendan Fraser ... Rick O'Connell
Rachel Weisz ... Evelyn/Nefertiri
John Hannah ... Jonathan
Arnold Vosloo ... Imhotep
Oded Fehr ... Ardeth Bay
Freddie Boath ... Alex
Alun Armstrong ... Curator
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ... Lock-Nah
Shaun Parkes ... Izzy
508 2/4
The Mummy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Loosely adapted from the classic 1932 horror film starring Boris Karloff, The Mummy is set in Egypt, where over 3,000 years ago the high priest Imhotep (played by Arnold Vosloo) was given the all-important assignment of preparing the recently dead for their journey into the afterlife. However, Imhotep made one terrible mistake - he became smitten with Anck-Su-Namun, the mistress of the Pharaoh himself. Driven mad by jealousy and love, Imhotep murdered the Pharaoh, and his punishment was to be buried alive and suffer the torment of an eternal life in his wretched tomb. In 1925, a band of adventurers seeking fame and fortune - led by Rick O'Connel (Brendan Fraser), an American expatriate who has joined the foreign legion, and Evelyn Carnarvon (Rachel Weisz), an amateur archeologist - find a previously unknown burial site in Egypt. The team starts to dig, hoping to find lost riches, but instead they disturb the tomb of Imhotep, and soon the cursed priest rises from his grave to wreck vengeance on humanity. The Mummy was written and directed by Stephen Sommers, whose previous cinematic journeys into the past include The Jungle Book and The Adventures Of Huck Finn. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mummies | Obsessive Quests | Opposites Attract | Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission
Keywords : mummy, Egyptologist, high-priest/priestess, pharaoh, adventurer, archaeology, curse, expedition, forbidden-love, love, priest, revenge, treasure, punishment, tomb
Attributes : High Budget
Adventure, Horror, Adventure Comedy, Costume Adventure, Creature Film 
Brendan Fraser ... Rick O'Connell
Rachel Weisz ... Evelyn
John Hannah ... Jonathan
Arnold Vosloo ... Imhotep
Kevin J. O'Connor ... Beni
Jonathan Hyde ... Egyptologist
Oded Fehr ... Ardeth Bay
Erick Avari ... Curator
Stephen Dunham ... Henderson
Corey Johnson ... Daniels
Tuc Watkins ... Burns
Omid Djalili ... Warden
Aharon Ipalé ... Pharaoh
Bernard Fox ... Winston
Carl Chase ... Hook
Mohammed Afifi ... Hangman
929 2/4
The Mummy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Soldier of fortune Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) accidentally discovers the tomb of a female pharaoh of ancient Egypt named Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) during a firefight in the Middle East. But when he and a British Egyptologist (Annabelle Wallis) try to excavate the findings, the resurrected Ahmanet emerges from her sarcophagus with a plot to enslave humanity. Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson, and Courtney B. Vance co-star in this action-horror hybrid from director Alex Kurtzman, which is the first entry in a shared cinematic universe based on the iconic Universal monsters. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mummies | Out For Revenge
Keywords : Apocalypse, mummy, curse, undead
Action, Adventure, Action Thriller 
Tom Cruise ... Nick Morton
Russell Crowe ... Dr. Henry Jekyll
Annabelle Wallis ... Jenny Halsey
Sofia Boutella ... Ahmanet
Jake Johnson ... Chris Vail
Courtney B. Vance ... Col. Greenway
Marwan Kenzari ... Malik
Stephen Thompson ... First Man
Matthew Wilkas ... Reporter
Sean Cameron Michael ... Archaeologist
Rez Kempton ... Construction Manager
Selva Rasalingam ... King Menehptre
Javier Botet ... Set
Dylan Smith ... Pilot
Parker Sawyers ... Co-Pilot
Neil Maskell ... Dr. Whemple
Rhona Croker ... Helen
Andrew Brooke ... Mr. Brooke (Emergency Worker)
509 1/4
Murder at 1600 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A police detective finds that looking into a murder is anything but routine when one of the suspects is the President of the United States. When the nude and bloodied corpse of an attractive woman is found in a bathroom at the White House, Harlan Regis (Wesley Snipes), a top detective with the Washington D.C. police force, is assigned to investigate. However, Regis soon learns that the Secret Service, headed by Nick Spikings (Daniel Benzali), is launching their own investigation, and they want Regis to stay out of their way. While Alvin Jordan (Alan Alda), National Security Advisor to President Jack Neil (Ronny Cox), intervenes in Regis' favor, it becomes obvious that no one wants him poking his nose into a case in which the suspects include both the President and his ill-tempered son Kyle (Tate Donovan). Eventually, Regis finds an ally in Nina Chance (Diane Lane), a member of the Secret Service's team, while the President tries to fend off the investigation in the midst of an international crisis. Comedian Dennis Miller also appears as Regis' partner Stengel. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Conspiracies | Political Corruption
Keywords : agent [representative], conspiracy, extramarital-affair, hostage, investigation, killing, murder
Thriller, Political Thriller, Whodunit 
Wesley Snipes ... Detective Harlan Regis
Diane Lane ... Nina Chance
Daniel Benzali ... Nick Spikings
Alan Alda ... Alvin Jordan
Ronny Cox ... President Jack Neil
Diane Baker ... Kitty Neil
Tate Donovan ... Kyle Neil
Mary Moore ... Carla Town
510 2/4
A Murder of Crows 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this suspenseful drama, a disbarred lawyer forgoes the writing of his own book in favor of taking credit for that of a writer who is murdered shortly after giving the attorney his unpublished manuscript to read. A murder-mystery, the book becomes a best-seller and once again the former lawyer finds himself at the top -- until the circumstances of the real writer's death and a series of other deaths lead police to accuse him of being a serial killer. -- Sandra Brennan

Themes : Crisis of Conscience | Flight of the Innocent | Murder Investigations
Keywords : book, death, lawyer, manuscript, murder-suspect, mystery-writer, police-investigation, serial-killer, writing
Attributes : High Production Values
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Tom Berenger ... Clifford Dubose
Eric Stoltz
Mark Pellegrino
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
1068 2/4
Murder on the Orient Express 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1930s Europe, legendary detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) probes a murder that occurs aboard the luxury train known as the Orient Express. As the thirteen passengers grow paranoid that the killer will strike again, Poirot realizes there's more to the case than meets the eye. Branagh also directed this adaptation of the iconic murder-mystery novel by Agatha Christie. Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi, Leslie Odom Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer, and Daisy Ridley co-star. --

Themes : Murder Investigations | Star Detectives
Keywords : detective, murder, mystery [enigma], train [locomotive], tycoon
Drama, Mystery, Detective Film 
Kenneth Branagh ... Hercule Poirot
Willem Dafoe ... Gerhard Hardman
Judi Dench ... Princess Dragomiroff
Johnny Depp ... Ratchett
Josh Gad ... Hector MacQueen
Derek Jacobi ... Edward Masterman
Leslie Odom, Jr. ... Dr. Arbuthnot
Michelle Pfeiffer ... Mrs. Hubbard
Daisy Ridley ... Mary Debenham
Marwan Kenzari ... Pierre Michel
Olivia Colman ... Hildegarde Schmidt
Lucy Boynton ... Countess Andrenyi
Sergei Polunin ... Count Andrenyi
Tom Bateman ... Bouc
Elliot Levey ... Rabbi
David Annen ... Priest
Joseph Long ... Imam
Andy Apollo ... Armed Policeman
Hadley Fraser ... British Military Escort
Ziad Abaza ... Arab Shipmate
Nari Blair-Mangat ... Waiter
Miltos Yerolemou ... Old Turk Baker
Gerard Horan ... Aynesworth
Richard Clifford ... Matre d'
Adam Garcia ... Italian Fan
Crispin Letts ... Head Waiter
Miranda Raison ... Sonia Armstrong
Todd Boyce ... Judge
1007 3/4
Murder on the Orient Express 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Like many of Agatha Christie's mysteries, Murder on the Orient Express is predicated on an actual event, in this case the Lindbergh kidnapping. In the movie, everyone on board the Orient Express seems to have concluded that hateful financier Ratchett (Richard Widmark) was behind the abduction and murder of the infant daughter of a famed aviatrix. Thus, when Ratchett is himself found murdered, everyone is suspect. Normally, the police would handle the investigation, but the train has been stalled by a snowslide halfway between Istanbul and Paris. Thus, it's up to the insufferable but brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (an unrecognizable Albert Finney) to activate his "little grey cells" and determine who's guilty. Among the suspects are colorful characters played by Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Jacqueline Bisset, Sean Connery, Wendy Hiller, John Gielgud, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave, and Ingrid Bergman, whose performance won her a third Academy Award. (In her acceptance speech, Bergman apologized for her win, insisting that Day for Night's Valentina Cortese deserved the prize.) The first and best in a long line of contemporary Christie adaptations, the film scores on atmosphere, period detail, and richness of characterization. --

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Murder Investigations | Star Detectives | Train Rides
Keywords : Orient-Express, detective, murder, train [locomotive], investigation, aristocrat, avalanche, snowbound
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Mystery, Whodunit, Detective Film, Ensemble Film 
Albert Finney ... Hercule Poirot
Lauren Bacall ... Mrs. Hubbard
Ingrid Bergman ... Greta
Sean Connery ... Col. Arbuthnot
Martin Balsam ... Bianchi
Vanessa Redgrave ... Mary Debenham
Jacqueline Bisset ... Countess Andrenyi
Richard Widmark ... Ratchett
George Silver ... Chef
George Coulouris ... Dr. Constantine
Denis Quilley ... Antonio Foscarelli
Vernon Dobtcheff ... Concierge
John Gielgud ... Beddoes
Wendy Hiller ... Princess Dragomiroff
Anthony Perkins ... McQueen
Rachel Roberts ... Hildegarde Schmidt
Michael York ... Count Andrenyi
Colin Blakely ... Cyrus Hardman
Jeremy Lloyd ... A.D.C.
John Moffatt ... Chief Attendant
Jean-Pierre Cassel ... Pierre Michel
511 1/4
The Musketeer 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Peter Hyams brings the modern choreography talents of famed Hong Kong fight sequence designer Xin Xin Xiong to this action adventure that departs widely from its classic novel source material, focusing exclusively on the D'Artagnan character and either excising other characters completely or relegating them to minor supporting roles. Justin Chambers stars as D'Artagnan, a country-bred lad whose skill with a sword has led to aspirations of becoming a Musketeer, one of the French king's elite guard. Upon arriving in Paris, however, he finds that the Musketeers have been disbanded by order of Cardinal Richelieu (Stephen Rea), who is usurping the king's authority with the help of a lethally gifted henchman, Febre (Tim Roth). Soon, D'Artagnan is embroiled in an effort to prevent a war between his native country and England, meeting up with a beautiful love interest (Mena Suvari) along the way. As he has often done before, director Hyams doubles as his own cinematographer. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Daring Rescues | Haunted By the Past | Heroic Mission | Righting the Wronged
Keywords : musketeer, sword, king, henchman, swordfight
Action, Adventure, Historical Film, Costume Adventure, Period Film, Swashbuckler 
Catherine Deneuve ... Queen of France
Mena Suvari ... Francesca
Stephen Rea ... Cardinal Richelieu
Tim Roth ... Febre
Justin Chambers ... D'Artagnan
Bill Treacher ... Bonacieux
Daniel Mesguich ... Louis XIII
David Schofield ... Rochefort
Nick Moran ... Aramis
Steven Speirs ... Porthos
Jan-Gregor Kremp ... Athos
Jean-Pierre Castaldi ... Planchet
Tsila Chelton ... Madame Lacross
Luc Gentile ... D'Artagnan's father
Max Dolbey ... Young D'Artagnan
Florent Bigot De Nesle ... Deleon
Stefan Jürgens ... Darcy
Carrie Mullan ... Mathilde
Joachim Paul Assböck ... Hessian
Oscar Ortega Sánchez ... Marquis de Spota
Marco Lorenzini ... Innkeeper
Stefan Weinert ... Mercenary 2
Patrick Dean ... Febre messenger
Christian Bergmann ... Last Febre man
Sascha Schiffbauer ... Jail guard 1
Frank Ferner ... Jail guard 3
Jean-Luc Ristic ... Pastry chef
Roland Stemmer ... Musketeer 1
Jo Stock ... Another musketeer
Dean Gregory ... Musketeer 2
Ciaran Mulhern ... Musketeer 2
Gilles Soeder ... Cook
Sigal Diamant ... Josephine
512 2/4
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One woman's rocky road to the altar gets played for laughs in this comedy, adapted from the one-woman off-Broadway show written by and starring Nia Vardalos. Toula (Vardalos) is a Greek-American woman who is in her early thirties and single, with no immediate prospects of changing that status any time soon. This bothers Toula a bit, but not half as much as it distresses her mother (Lainie Kazan) and father (Michael Constantine), who want to send her to Greece in hopes of finding a husband in the old country. Toula isn't interested in leaving the country to find a man, but since she works in the family business -- a Greek restaurant in Chicago called Dancing Zorba's -- she has to hear about it whether she likes it or not. One day, after seeing a handsome stranger in the restaurant and not having the courage to talk to him, Toula decides she needs a bit of self-improvement. Despite her dad's misgivings, Toula signs up for a night-school class studying computers, trades in her glasses for contact lenses, gets a different job at a travel agency, and spruces herself up with a new look and a new attitude. To her very pleasant surprise, she once again encounters the handsome stranger, who soon asks her out on a date. Schoolteacher Ian Miller (John Corbett) is seemingly perfect -- he's tall, handsome, smart, good-natured, and soon in love with Toula -- except for two little things: he's not Greek, and he's a vegetarian, both of which horrify Toula's family. When Ian pops the question (and Toula says yes), the bride-to-be has to negotiate a reasonably peaceful meeting between Ian's upper-class parents and her own working-class extended family. There's also the matter of the wedding, which Toula's mother is planning around the notion that quantity IS quality. My Big Fat Greek Wedding also features Ian Gomez (Vardalos' real-life husband), Louis Mandylor, Andrea Martin, and Joey Fatone (from the pop group *NSYNC). Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson helped produce the film through the auspices of their production company, Playtone. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Wedding Bells | Culture Clash | Eccentric Families | Interracial/Cross-Cultural Romance | Fathers and Daughters | Mothers and Daughters
Keywords : culture-clash, wedding, ceremony, family, family-disapproval, reception, restaurant, wedding-night
Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Romantic Comedy, Ensemble Film, Domestic Comedy 
Nia Vardalos ... Toula
John Corbett ... Ian Miller
Michael Constantine ... Gus
Lainie Kazan ... Maria
Andrea Martin ... Aunt Voula
Joey Fatone ... Angelo
Gia Carides ... Nikki
Louis Mandylor ... Nick
Bess Meisler ... Yia Yia
Fiona Reid ... Harriet Miller
Bruce Gray ... Rodney Miller
Jayne Eastwood ... Mrs. White
Gale Garnett ... Aunt Lexy
Gerry Mendicino ... Uncle Taki
Marla Vacratsis ... Aunt Frieda
John Kalangis ... Greek Teacher
Christina Eleusiniotis ... Toula at 6
Kaylee Vieira ... Schoolgirl
Marita Zouravlioff ... Toula at 12
Sarah Osman ... Athena at 15
Petra Wildgoose ... Car Pool Friend
Melissa Todd ... Car Pool Friend
Stavroula Logothettis ... Athena
Constantine Tsapralis ... Foti
Frank Falcone ... Suitor
Eugene Martel ... Suitor
Joe Persechini ... Suitor
Peter Xynnis ... Suitor
Anthony Kandiotis ... Priest
Nick Kutsukos ... Bouzouki Player
Peter Tharos ... Yianni
Chrissy Paraskevopoulos ... Cousin Jennie
Kathryn Haggis ... Cousin Marianthi
Charlene Bitzas ... Aunt Nota
Chris Savides ... Greek Chanter
Constantine Vardalos ... Greek Chanter
Scott Khouri ... Waiter
John Tsifliklis ... Wedding Singer
Peter Chalkiopoulos ... Wedding Band
Peter Gogos ... Wedding Band
Spiro Milankou ... Wedding Band
Victor Politis ... Wedding Band
Jim Rouvas ... Wedding Band
Arielle Sugarman ... Paris
513 2/4
Mystery Men 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Can seven not-so-superheroes save a city of the future? Based on the comic book series created by Bob Burden, Mystery Men is set in the teeming metropolis of Champion City, where noble superhero Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear) keeps the peace and sees that justice is done. When Captain Amazing mysteriously disappears, his archenemy Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush) sees his opportunity to seize power and bend the city to his evil will, with his associate Dr. Annabel Leek (Lena Olin) at his side. However, Casanova will not succeed without a fight, as the The Mystery Men leap into action. The Mystery Men are not your ordinary Men of Steel; in fact, they're barely superheroes at all. Mr. Furious (Ben Stiller) has one gift: throwing tantrums. Blue Raja (Hank Azaria) is a deadly hand with spoons and forks (but not knives). Shoveler (William H. Macy) can dig with superior speed and force. The Bowler (Janeane Garafalo) rolls the ball with superhuman precision. Spleen (Paul Reubens) has a gaseous problem that he's turned into a weapon against evildoers. Invisible Boy (Kel Mitchell) is convinced he can become invisible at will, but he hasn't actually done it yet. And The Sphinx (Wes Studi) does have an unusual power: he can cut metal objects with his mind. Aided by addled gadget master Dr. Heller (Tom Waits), the Mystery Men make their move against Casanova and Annabel, who feel just threatened enough to make things personal by kidnapping Mr. Furious' girlfriend Monica (Claire Forlani). Mystery Men marked the feature directorial debut of Kinka Usher, who previously directed such ads as the Taco Bell talking chihuahua and the Dairy Association's "Got Milk?" -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission | Criminal's Revenge | Misfits and Outsiders
Keywords : Superhero, kidnapping, crimefighting, rescue, fantasy, justice
Comedy, Fantasy, Action Comedy, Ensemble Film, Superhero Film 
Ben Stiller ... Mr. Furious
Hank Azaria ... Blue Raja
William H. Macy ... Shoveler
Paul Reubens ... Spleen
Janeane Garofalo ... The Bowler
Kel Mitchell ... Invisible Boy
Wes Studi ... The Sphinx
Greg Kinnear ... Captain Amazing
Geoffrey Rush ... Casanova Frankenstein
Claire Forlani ... Monica
Tom Waits ... Dr. Heller
Eddie Izzard ... Tony Pompadour
Lena Olin ... Dr. Annabel Leek
Ricky Jay ... Vic Weems
Louise Lasser ... Violet
Sung Kang ... Susie
514 2/4
Napoleon Dynamite 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The directorial debut of filmmaker Jared Hess, who also co-wrote the screenplay, Napoleon Dynamite is a quirky, offbeat comedy set in the small Idaho town of Preston. Jon Heder stars in the titular role, a carrot-topped oddball with a decidedly eccentric family that includes his llama-loving, dune-buggy enthusiast grandmother. The story centers on the local high school's race for class president. Using some nontraditional means, Napoleon is determined to help his pal Pedro (Efrem Ramirez) run a winning campaign and defeat popular girl Summer (Haylie Duff). Also starring The Drew Carey Show's Diedrich Bader, Napoleon Dynamite premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : High School Life | Nothing Goes Right | Underdogs | Misfits and Outsiders | Small-Town Life | First Love
Keywords : nerd, high-school, student-council, teenagers, election, friendship
Attributes : Low Budget, Low Production Values, Sleeper
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Coming-of-Age 
Jon Heder ... Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Gries ... Uncle Rico
Aaron Ruell ... Kip
Tina Majorino ... Deb
Diedrich Bader ... Rex
Haylie Duff ... Summer Wheatly
Trevor Snarr ... Don
Shondrella Avery ... LaFawnduh
Carmen Brady ... Starla
Emily Kennard ... Trisha
Ellen Dubin ... Ilene
Brian Petersen ... Lance
Sandy Martin ... Grandma
515 2/4
Narrow Margin 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Narrow Margin directed by Peter Hyams and loosely based on the classic film noir of the same title, tells the story of a resourceful District Attorney who must return a witness to San Francisco alive so she can testify in a trial. Carol (Anne Archer) is in the bathroom of the hotel room of her blind date when he is murdered by mobsters for stealing money. Knowing she is the only witness, Carol flees to an isolated Canadian mountain home to hide out. She is followed by Caulfield (Gene Hackman) who knows that she is a witness and wants to make her testify. When the mobsters track Caulfield to the cabin, Carol must join him in a run for her life on a Canadian train. This film, while it is somewhat uneven, is a tour de force for director/writer/cinematographer Peter Hyams, who delivers a fast-paced, action-packed chase through the Canadian mountains, stunningly photographed and well acted by both Hackman and Archer. -- Linda Rasmussen

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Protecting the Innocent | Train Rides | Witness Protection | Woman In Jeopardy
Keywords : District-Attorney, witness, woman, hitman, organized-crime, protection, testimony, train [locomotive]
Thriller, Action Thriller 
Gene Hackman ... Robert Caulfield
Anne Archer ... Carol Hunnicut
James B. Sikking ... Nelson
J.T. Walsh ... Michael Tarlow
M. Emmet Walsh ... Sgt. Dominick Benti
Susan Hogan ... Kathryn Weller
Nigel Bennett ... Jack Wootton
J.A. Preston ... Martin Larner
Harris Yulin ... Leo Watts
Codie Lucas Wilbee ... Nicholas
Barbara Russell ... Nicholas' Mother
Antony Holland ... Elderly Man
Doreen Ramos ... Elderly Woman
Kevin McNulty ... James Dahlbeck
Andrew Rhodes ... Nigro
Lon Katzman ... Loughlin
Dana Still ... Bellman with Message
Barney O'Sullivan ... Ticket Agent
Natino Bellantoni ... Bartender
Ted Stidder ... Conductor #1
Lindsay Bourne ... Club Car Waiter
Robert Rozen ... Dining Car Waiter
Tom McBeath ... Conductor
Ron Cummins ... Hotel Valet
Lesley Ewan ... Larner's Secretary
516 4/4
National Lampoon's Animal House 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director John Landis put himself on the map with this low-budget, fabulously successful comedy, which made a then-astounding 62 million dollars and started a slew of careers for its cast in the process. National Lampoon's Animal House is set in 1962 on the campus of Faber College in Faber, PA. The first glimpse we get of the campus is the statue of its founder Emil Faber, on the base of which is inscribed the motto, "Knowledge Is Good." Incoming freshmen Larry "Pinto" Kroger (Tom Hulce) and Kent "Flounder" Dorfman (Stephen Furst) find themselves rejected by the pretentious Omega fraternity, and instead pledge to Delta House. The Deltas are a motley fraternity of rejects and maladjusted undergraduates (some approaching their late twenties) whose main goal -- seemingly accomplished in part by their mere presence on campus -- is disrupting the staid, peaceful, rigidly orthodox, and totally hypocritical social order of the school, as represented by the Omegas and the college's dean, Vernon Wormer (John Vernon). Dean Wormer decides that this is the year he's going to get the Deltas expelled and their chapter decertified; he places the fraternity on "double secret probation" and, with help from Omega president Greg Marmalard (James Daughton) and hard-nosed member Doug Neidermeyer (Mark Metcalf), starts looking for any pretext on which to bring the members of the Delta fraternity up on charges.
The Deltas, oblivious to the danger they're in, are having a great time, steeped in irreverence, mild debauchery, and occasional drunkenness, led by seniors Otter (Tim Matheson), Hoover (James Widdoes), D-Day (Bruce McGill), Boon (Peter Riegert), and pledge master John "Bluto" Blutarsky (John Belushi). They're given enough rope to hang themselves, but even then manage to get into comical misadventures on a road trip (where they arrange an assignation with a group of young ladies from Emily Dickinson University). Finally, they are thrown out of school, and, as a result, stripped of their student deferments (and, thus, eligible for the draft). They decide to commit one last, utterly senseless (and screamingly funny) slapstick act of rebellion, making a shambles of the university's annual homecoming parade, and, in the process, getting revenge on the dean, the Omegas, and everyone else who has ever gone against them. -- Bruce Eder

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : College Life | Underdogs | Arrested Adolescence | Class Differences | Feuds | Fighting the System | Teachers and Students
Keywords : fraternity, college, student, dean, examination [test], freshman, house, parade, party, party-animal, professor, campus, initiation, sex, coming-of-age, prank, rampage
Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Sex Comedy 
John Belushi ... John "Bluto" Blutarsky
Tim Matheson ... Eric "Otter" Stratton
John Vernon ... Dean Vernon Wormer
Verna Bloom ... Marion Wormer
Tom Hulce ... Larry "Pinto" Kroger
Stephen Furst ... Kent "Flounder" Dorfman
Cesare Danova ... Mayor Carmine DePasto
Donald Sutherland ... Prof. Dave Jennings
James Daughton ... Greg Marmalard
Mary Louise Weller ... Mandy Pepperidge
Bruce McGill ... Daniel Simpson "D-Day" Day
Mark Metcalf ... Doug Neidermeyer
DeWayne Jessie ... Otis Day
Karen Allen ... Katy
James Widdoes ... Robert Hoover
Martha Smith ... Babs Jensen
Sarah Holcomb ... Clorette DePasto
Kevin Bacon ... Chip Diller
Peter Riegert ... Donald "Boon" Schoenstein
Douglas Kenney ... Stork
Joshua Daniel ... Mothball
Robert Irvin Elliott ... Meaner Dude
Reginald H. Farmer ... Meanest Dude
Sunny Johnson ... Otter's Co-ed
Stephen Bishop ... Charming Guy with Guitar
John Freeman ... Man on Street
Helen Vick ... Sorority Girl
John Landis
Robert Cray ... (uncredited) Bandmember, Otis Day and the Knights
517 2/4
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Chevy Chase, star of National Lampoon's Vacation and its sequel, is back as the paterfamilias of the Griswold family (including Beverly D'Angelo as his missus) to skewer the Yuletide season. Chevy mugs, trips, falls, mashes his fingers and stubs his toes as he prepares to invite numerous dysfunctional relatives to his household to celebrate Christmas. Amidst the more outrageous sight gags (including the electrocution of a cat as the Christmas tree is lit) the film betrays a sentimental streak, with old wounds healing and long-estranged relatives reuniting in the Griswold living room. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was still capable of attracting an audience five years after its release -- it was one of the top-rated seasonal TV specials of 1994, outrating even the first network telecast of It's a Wonderful Life. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Gutbusters | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Family Gatherings | Nothing Goes Right | Family Vacations
Keywords : boss [employer], Christmas, Christmas-tree, cousin, family, neighbor
Comedy, Farce, Holiday Film, Slapstick 
Chevy Chase ... Clark W. Griswold, Jr.
Beverly D'Angelo ... Ellen Griswold
Randy Quaid ... Cousin Eddie
Diane Ladd ... Nora Griswold
John Randolph ... Clark W. Griswold Sr.
E.G. Marshall ... Art, Ellen's Father
Doris Roberts ... Francis
Julia Louis-Dreyfus ... Margo Chester
Mae Questel ... Aunt Bethany
William Hickey ... Uncle Lewis
Brian Doyle-Murray ... Frank Shirley
Juliette Lewis ... Audrey Griswold
Johnny Galecki ... Rusty Griswold
Nicholas Guest ... Todd Chester
Miriam Flynn ... Catherine, Eddie's Wife
Ellen Hamilton Latzen ... Ruby Sue
Billy Hopkins
Heidi Levitt
Cody Burger ... Rocky
Sam McMurray ... Bill
Nicolette Scorsese ... Mary
Keith MacKechnie ... Delivery Boy
Tony Epper ... Bozo #1
Hank Hooker ... Bozo #2
Alexander Folk ... Swat Officer
Jeremy Roberts ... Cop
518 2/4
National Treasure 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A man sets out to steal a lost fortune in order to save it in this adventure drama from producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is an archeologist who is from the eighth generation of a family who has shared an unusual quest. As Gates-family legend has it, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin hid a massive cache of gold during the waning days of the Revolutionary War and left clues as to its whereabouts in the original drafts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. With no firm proof that it actually exists, Gates sets out to crack the code that will lead him to the fortune, which, as a member of the Gates clan, he is sworn to protect from wrongdoers. National Treasure also features Sean Bean, Harvey Keitel, Justin Bartha, and Jon Voight. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Dishonor Among Thieves | Fathers and Sons | Obsessive Quests | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : Declaration-of-Independence, treasure-hunt, adventurer, treasure, archaeology, Constitution, curator
Adventure, Action Thriller, Caper 
Nicolas Cage ... Benjamin Franklin Gates
Diane Kruger ... Dr. Abigail Chase
Justin Bartha ... Riley Poole
Sean Bean ... Ian Howe
Jon Voight ... Patrick Henry Gates
Harvey Keitel ... Agent Sadusky
Christopher Plummer ... John Adams Gates
Hunter Gomez ... Young Ben Gates
519 2/4
National Treasure: Book of Secrets 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this adventure-filled sequel to the 2004 blockbuster National Treasure, Nicolas Cage reprises his role as artifact hunter and archaeologist extraordinaire Ben Franklin Gates. In this outing, Gates learns of his own family's implication in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. Gates must then locate an elusive diary, not only to clear his family's name, but to unearth and connect several secrets, buried within the book, that point to a massive, global conspiracy. The film co-stars Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, and Helen Mirren as Ben's mother. Jerry Bruckheimer returns as producer. -- Nathan Southern

Themes : Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Assassination Plots | Clearing One's Name | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : ancestry, archaeology, assassination, diary, mystery [enigma]
Adventure, Action Thriller, Caper 
Nicolas Cage ... Ben Gates
Justin Bartha ... Riley Poole
Diane Kruger ... Abigail Chase
Jon Voight ... Patrick Henry Gates
Helen Mirren ... Emily Appleton
Ed Harris ... Mitch Wllkinson
Harvey Keitel ... Agent Sadusky
Bruce Greenwood ... The President
Ty Burrell ... Connor
Michael Maize ... Daniel
Timothy V. Murphy ... Seth
Alicia Coppola ... FBI Agent Spellman
Armando Riesco ... FBI Agent Hendricks
Albert Hall ... Dr. Nichols
Joel Gretsch ... Thomas Gates
Christian Camargo ... John Wilkes Booth
Billy Unger ... Charles Gates
Michael Manuel ... Agent Craig
Brad Rowe ... Agent Hopper
Zachary Gordon ... Lincoln Conspiracy Kid
Peter Woodward ... Palace Guard Haggis
Oliver Muirhead ... Control Room Guard
Larry Cedar ... Control Room Guard
Troy Winbush ... Agent Hammer
Billy Devlin ... Agent Sledge
Richard Cutting ... Agent Tyme
Alicia Leigh Willis ... Lady Customer
Rachel Wood ... Girl Customer
Lisa Sheldon ... Jacqueline
Natalie Dreyfuss ... Angry College Girl
Michael Stone Forrest ... Press Secretary
Grant Thompson ... Boat Patrolman
Frank Herzog ... Frank
Maryellen Aviano ... Senator's Wife
Jon Abel ... Senator
Eric W. Carlson ... Air Force General
Randy Travis ... Celebrity Music Star
Mary Firestone ... FBI Agent Doer
Robert Koch ... FBI Agent Stayres
Emerson Brooks ... FBI Agent Steppes
Tim Talman ... FBI Agent Cade
Stephen Hibbert ... Tourist On Toilet
Emily Joyce ... Palace Guide
Glenn Beck ... Abraham Lincoln
Judy Renihan ... Mary Todd Lincoln
Susan Beresford ... Mrs. Mountchessington
Demitri Goritsas ... Asa Trenchard
Charity Reindorp ... Augusta
C.C. Smiff ... Major Rathbone
David Ury ... Barkeep
945 1/4
Needful Things 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Satan opens an antique shop in a small town and lures the residents into evil actions in this supernatural chiller. Based on a novel by the prolific Stephen King, the film bears many of the author's trademarks, such as the New England setting and the focus on regular people tempted by the forces of supernatural evil. Here, the enticements toward bad behavior comes from the "Needful Things" shop, owned by new resident Leland Gaunt (Max von Sydow). Gaunt's shop offers an odd collection of goods, each of which happens to be the object of desire of a local resident. Instead of money, however, Gaunt demands that townspeople perform a series of simple pranks. He has a plan, and these actions escalate until the town is at violent war with itself. The residents are brought to life by a talented cast, led by von Sydow's suave devil and including Ed Harris as the local sheriff, J.T. Walsh as a corrupt politician, and Amanda Plummer as a seemingly innocent baker. --

Themes : Deal With the Devil | Mysterious Strangers | Small-Town Life
Keywords : Satan, customer, deal-with-the-devil, death, prank, scheme, shopkeeper, townspeople, wish-fulfillment
Drama, Horror, Supernatural Horror 
Max von Sydow ... Leland Gaunt
Ed Harris ... Sheriff Alan Pangborn
Bonnie Bedelia ... Polly Chambers
Amanda Plummer ... Nettie Cobb
J.T. Walsh ... Danforth Keeton III
Ray McKinnon ... Deputy Norris Ridgewick
Duncan Fraser ... Hugh Priest
Valri Bromfield ... Wilma Jerzyk
Shane Meier ... Brian Rusk
Stuart Aikins
Mary Gail Artz
Lochlyn Munro ... John LaPointe
Don S. Davis ... Reverend Rose
Campbell Lane ... Frank Jewett
Eric Schneider ... Henry Beaufort
Frank C. Turner ... Pete Jerzyk
Gillian Barber ... Myrtle Keeton
Deborah Wakeham ... Myra
Tamsin Kelsey ... Sheila Ratcliff
Bill Croft ... Andy Clutterbuck
Gary Paller ... George Cobb
Sarah Sawatsky ... 14 Year Old Girl
Robert Easton ... Lester Pratt
Melvin Allen ... Baseball Announcer
Lisa Blount ... Cora Rusk
826 2/4
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two years after feuding with a rowdy frat that moved next door to them, young parents Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are about to have their second child and move to a new house. Unfortunately, their attempts to sell their current home hit a snag when a sorority led by a rebellious college student (Chloë Grace Moretz) become their new neighbors. Desperate to get rid of the hard-partying gals, the couple forge an alliance with Teddy (Zac Efron), the former fratboy who tormented them the last time around. Directed by Nicholas Stoller. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : College Life | Feuds | Generation Gap | Party Film | Suburban Dysfunction
Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Farce 
Seth Rogen ... Mac Radner
Rose Byrne ... Kelly Radner
Zac Efron ... Teddy Sanders
Kiersey Clemons ... Beth
Selena Gomez ... Madison
Dave Franco ... Pete
Lisa Kudrow ... Dean Carol Gladstone
Ike Barinholtz ... Jimmy
Christopher Mintz-Plasse ... Scoonie
Carla Gallo ... Paula
Elise Vargas ... Stella
Jerrod Carmichael ... Garf
Clara Mamet ... Maranda
Hannibal Buress ... Officer Watkins
Zoey Vargas ... Stella
John Early ... Darren
Johnny Pemberton ... Frat President
Ian Gregg ... Second Frat Guy
Jacob Wysocki ... Live Tinder Guy
Liz Cackowski ... Wendy the Realtor
Kelsey Grammer ... Shelby's Dad
Sam Richardson ... Eric Baiers
Billy Eichner ... Oliver Studebaker
Brian Huskey ... Bill Wazakowski
Kemuel Crossty ... Rapper
Ciara Bravo ... Sorority Girl
834 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A high-school wallflower named Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to participate in an online game that involves completing challenges and dares throughout New York City. Although she is initially thrilled by the game's antics -- and the fact that it asks her to partner with a handsome stranger (Dave Franco) for some of the tasks -- the experience eventually escalates into a life-or-death struggle. Juliette Lewis, Kimiko Glenn, and Emily Meade co-star. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish). -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : High School Life | Mind Games | Technology Run Amok | Voyeurs
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Teen Movie 
Emma Roberts ... Vee
Dave Franco ... Ian
Emily Meade ... Sydney
Miles Heizer ... Tommy
Juliette Lewis ... Nancy
Marc John Jefferies ... Wes
Samira Wiley ... Hacker Kween
Rightor Doyle ... Bergdorf Salesman
Arielle Vandenberg ... Bergdorf Sales Lady
Christopher Breslin ... Bergdorf Security Guard
Deema Aitken ... Robbie
Michael Drayer ... Officer McMillan
Michael Birnbaum ... Town Crier
Casey Neistat ... Player/Watcher
520 3/4
Night at the Museum 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The new night watchman at New York's Museum of Natural History finds that the job comes with more responsibility than he ever dreamed in this wild fantasy comedy directed by Shawn Levy and starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Mickey Rooney, and Dick Van Dyke. Larry Daley (Stiller) is a kind-hearted dreamer who always knew that he was destined for greatness, he just never quite knew how. None of his ideas or inventions has panned out, so with a heavy heart, he takes a regular job as a lowly graveyard-shift security guard at the Museum of Natural History in order to provide a more stable life for himself and his ten-year-old son. His first night on the job, however, he finds that guardianship of the museum is far from stable -- at nightfall, an Egyptian spell brings the artifacts and wax figures to life! With Attila the Hun charging to war through the hallways, the diorama miniatures embroiled in a deadly feud, and a two-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex nagging to play fetch, Larry has half a mind to turn tail and run. On top of cleaning up after two million years of historical chaos every night, he also has to make sure that not a single museum piece leaves the building -- from the bratty Capuchin monkey in the African exhibit, to the life-sized Neanderthal in the prehistoric display -- because if morning light falls on an escaped artifact, it will turn to dust. Larry turns to a wax replica of President Roosevelt (Williams) for a little advice on keeping things in tact, but Teddy seems to think that a man of Larry's greatness needs little help. Larry isn't sure if the former commander in chief is right; this is hardly what he signed up for, but he can't pass up the chance to care for a museum where history really does come to life. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Curses and Spells | Fathers and Sons | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : museum, night-watchman, security-guard, graveyard-shift, wax-figures, chaos, pharaoh, battle [war]
Adventure, Comedy, Adventure Comedy, Fantasy Adventure 
Ben Stiller ... Larry Daley
Carla Gugino ... Rebecca
Dick Van Dyke ... Cecil Fredricks
Mickey Rooney ... Gus
Bill Cobbs ... Reginald
Jake Cherry ... Nick Daley
Ricky Gervais ... Dr. McPhee
Robin Williams ... Teddy Roosevelt
Kim Raver ... Erica Daley
Patrick Gallagher ... Atilla The Hun
Rami Malek ... Ahkmenrah
Pierfrancesco Favino ... Christopher Columbus
Steve Coogan ... Octavius
Mizuo Peck ... Sacajawea
Kerry Van Der Griend ... Neanderthal #1
Owen Wilson ... Jedediah
Matthew Harrison ... Neanderthal #3
Jody Racicot ... Neanderthal #4
Paul Rudd ... Don
Anne Meara ... Debbie
Martin Christopher ... Lewis
Martin Sims ... Clark
Randy Lee ... Hun #1
Darryl Quon ... Hun #2
Gerald Wong ... Hun #3
Paul Chih-Ping Cheng ... Hun #4
Teagle F. Bougere ... Teacher (Mike)
Pat Kiernan ... TV News Anchor
Nico McEown ... Friend #1
Meshach Peters ... Friend #2
Matthew Walker ... Politician
Jason McKinnon ... Irish Worker
Jonathan Lee ... Chinese Rail Worker
Jason Vaisvila ... Vikings
Cade Wagar ... Vikings
Cory Martin ... Chinese Terra Cotta Solidier
Brad Garrett ... Easter Island Head
Jason Glass ... Blind Driver
Brent Woolsey ... Larry Riding Double
Adam Bryant ... Teddy Stand-In
Kimberly Bailey
Gil Birmingham
Alexander J. Castillo
Pedro U. Garcia
Aaron Hendry
Tommy Lamey
Zahn McClarnon
Arlin Miller
Abdoulaye N'Gom
Michael Ralph
Craig Ricci Shaynak
Regina Taufen
521 2/4
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ben Stiller returns as Larry Daley, the unfortunate night watchman who continues to encounter living and breathing museum exhibits in Night at the Museum 2: Escape From the Smithsonian, 20th Century Fox's tent-pole sequel from director Shawn Levy. Scott Frank, Robert Ben Garant, and Thomas Lennon provide the script, with Chris Columbus returning to handle producing duties. Amy Adams (Enchanted) and Hank Azaria join the returning cast of Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais, and Owen Wilson in the 1492 and 21 Laps Entertainment co-production. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Curses and Spells | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : archives, battle [war], CEO (Chief Executive Officer), cowboy, exhibit, inventor, pharaoh, pilot, Smithsonian, museum, night-watchman, security-guard
Adventure, Comedy, Adventure Comedy, Fantasy Adventure 
Ben Stiller ... Larry Daley
Amy Adams ... Amelia Earhart
Robin Williams ... Teddy Roosevelt
Ricky Gervais ... Dr. McPhee
Owen Wilson ... Jedediah
Bill Hader ... General Custer
Christopher Guest ... Ivan the Terrible
Hank Azaria ... Kahmunrah, The Thinker, Abe Lincoln
Rami Malek ... Ankmenrah
Jon Bernthal ... Al Capone
Alain Chabat ... Napoleon Bonaparte
Steve Coogan ... Octavius
Patrick Gallagher ... Attila the Hun
Mindy Kaling ... Docent
Keith Powell ... Tuskegee Airman #1
Craig Robinson ... Tuskegee Airman #2
Clint Howard ... Air and Space Mission Control Tech #1
Matty Finochio ... Air and Space Mission Control Tech #2
George Foreman ... Himself
Kerry Van Der Griend ... Neanderthal #1
Matthew Harrison ... Neanderthal #2
Rick Dobran ... Neanderthal #3
Jay Baruchel ... Sailor Joey Motorola
Dave Hospes ... Astronaut
Mizuo Peck ... Sacajawea
Jake Cherry ... Nicky
Clifton Murray ... Kissing Sailor
Thomas Morley ... Darth Vader
Randy Lee ... Hun #1
Darryl Quon ... Hun #2
Gerald Wong ... Hun #3
Paul Chih-Ping Cheng ... Hun #4
Robert Thurston ... 'American Gothic' Farmer
Christina Schild ... 'American Gothic' Woman
Dan Joffre ... Town Car Driver
Regina Taufen ... New York Reporter
Samuel Patrick Chu ... Teenage Boy #1
Augustus Oicle ... Teenage Boy #2
Kai James ... Teenage Boy #3
Sophie Levy ... Young Girl #1
Tess Levy ... Young Girl #2
Nick Jonas ... Cherub
Kevin Jonas ... Cherub
Joe Jonas ... Cherub
Eugene Levy ... Einstein
Brad Garrett ... Easter Island Head
Alberta Mayne ... Kissing Nurse
522 1/4
Night of the Warrior 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A talented kick-boxer attempts to retire and finds himself framed for murder in this stylish action thriller. -- Sandra Brennan

Themes : Flight of the Innocent | Going Straight | Kidnapping
Keywords : kickboxer, boxing, conflict, corruption, frame-up, killing, martial-arts, nightclub, owner, sports
Attributes : Low Artistic Quality
Action, Action Thriller, Martial Arts 
Lorenzo Lamas ... Miles Keane
Anthony Geary ... Lynch
Kathleen Kinmont ... Katherine Pierce
Ken Foree ... Oliver
Felicity Waterman ... Joy
Arlene Dahl ... Edie Keane
Danny Kamekona ... Chang
Bill Erwin ... Coco
Mary Ann Oedy ... Ronnie
Richard Redlin ... Chance
Willie Dixon ... Willie Dixon
Sarah Elgart ... Dancer
Tita Omzee
Robin Antin ... Dancer
Naomi Newton
Rick Avery ... (Chance's }Oliver's Double)
Andre Rosey Brown ... (Fat Man)
Jeff Imada ... (Mr.Kim)
Sam Jenkins ... Hooker
Eric Mansker ... (Miles' Double)
Matt McColm ... (Still Model)
Teal Roberts
Wilhelm von Homburg ... (Biko)
Mario Roberts ... Mario
523 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An ambitious young crime journalist probes the dark underbelly of L.A. in this cynical urban drama that marks the feature directorial debut of film writer Dan Gilroy (Real Steal, The Bourne Legacy). Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a petty thief in search of a payday when he stumbles onto the scene of a grisly car accident, and witnesses seasoned "Nightcrawler" Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) gathering video footage for a local news broadcast. Convinced that this is a career he could excel at, Lou promptly purchases a police scanner and a cheap video camera, and hits the streets. In short order Lou has hired an assistant (Riz Ahmed) to help him navigate the city streets, and started selling footage to local TV producer Nina (Rene Russo), one of Joe's regular buyers. A fast learner with an eye for detail, Lou isn't above manipulating a crime scene in order to get a picture that tells a story. When Lou beats the police to the scene of a deadly home invasion in an affluent neighborhood, however, his shocking footage catches the attention of two homicide detectives who suspect he's hiding evidence that could be crucial to their investigation. But that very footage may be just what Lou needs to enter the big time. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Unloveables
Themes : Ladder to the Top | Members of the Press | Murder Investigations
Keywords : camera, crime, journalism, murder, photojournalist, police, reporter, shooting [crime], suspect
Thriller, Media Satire, Psychological Thriller 
Jake Gyllenhaal ... Lou Bloom
Rene Russo ... Nina
Bill Paxton ... Joe Loder
Michael Papajohn ... Security Guard
James Huang ... Marcus Mayhem Video
Rick Garcia ... Rick Garcia
Lea Franklin ... Female Anchor
Rick Chambers ... KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman
Holly Hannula ... KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays
Kevin Dunigan ... Cop #2
Eric Lange ... Ace Video Cameraman
Alex Ortiz ... Cop #3
Carolyn Gilroy ... Jenny
Kevin Rahm ... Frank Kruse
Ann Cusack ... Linda
Kiff VandenHeuvel ... Editor
Christina De Leon ... Barred Door Woman
Juan Fernández ... Reporter Ron De La Cruz
Dig Wayne ... Neighbor
Myra Turley ... Female Neighbor
Merritt Bailey ... Freelancer
Lisa Remillard ... Reporter Deena Rain
Jamie McShane ... Freaked Motorist
Manuel Lujan ... Technical Director
Michael Hyatt ... Detective Fronteiri
Christopher McShane ... Reporter Joel Beatty
Price Carson ... Detective Lieberman
524 1/4
The Ninth Gate 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An authority on rare books is drawn into a confrontation with the forces of darkness in this thriller directed by Roman Polanski. Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) is a rare book broker who makes his living tracking down valuable items for rich bibliophiles. Corso is hired by Boris Balkan (Frank Langella), a millionaire New Yorker with a vast collection of occult literature and a keen interest in "The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows." Legend has it that the book was co-written by Satan in the 17th century, and only three copies are known to exist; the owner of one recently sold the book to Balkan a few days before killing himself. Balkan wants Corso to find the other two copies (one owned by a Mr. Fargas in Portugal and the other by a French collector named Kessler) and examine them to determine if they are forgeries. Corso is told to be thorough and spare no expense. He begins by visiting Liana Telfer (Lena Olin), the widow of the man who once owned Balkan's copy of the book, who has an unusually strong desire to get the book back, and confers with his friend Bernie (James Russo), who soon turns up dead, in a manner much like an illustration from the book. Corso learns that the book contains clues to a puzzle that will allow people to call up the devil, and certain people will stop at nothing to find the missing parts of the formula. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Amateur Sleuths | Americans Abroad | Devil Worship | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : authority, book, collector, legend [fable], rare, satanic, track [track and field], wealth
Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Johnny Depp ... Dean Corso
Frank Langella ... Boris Balkan
Lena Olin ... Liana Telfer
Emmanuelle Seigner ... The Girl
Barbara Jefford ... Baroness Kessler
Jack Taylor ... Victor Fargas
Tony Amoni ... Liana's Bodyguard
James Russo ... Rodero Bernie
Jose Lopez ... Pablo and Pedro Ceniza
Willy Holt
525 4/4
No Country for Old Men 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a Vietnam veteran discovers two million dollars while wandering through the aftermath of a Texas drug deal gone horribly awry, his decision to abscond with the cash sets off a violent chain reaction in a stripped-down crime drama from Joel and Ethan Coen. Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) has just stumbled into the find of a lifetime. Upon discovering a bullet-strewn pickup truck surrounded by the corpses of dead bodyguards, Moss uncovers two million dollars in cash and a substantial load of heroin stashed in the back of the vehicle. Later, as an enigmatic killer who determines the fate of his victims with the flip of a coin sets out in pursuit of Moss, the disillusioned Sheriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) struggles to contain the rapidly escalating violence that seems to be consuming his once-peaceful Lone Star State town. Woody Harrelson, Javier Bardem, and Kelly MacDonald co-star in a distinctly American crime story that explores timeless biblical themes in a contemporary Southwestern setting. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Abandon All Hope
Themes : Hired Killers | One Against the Mob | Drug Trade | Unlikely Criminals
Keywords : money, chase, killer, Texan, suitcase, veteran [military], drug-ring
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Tommy Lee Jones ... Sheriff Ed Tom Bell
Javier Bardem ... Anton Chigurh
Josh Brolin ... Llewelyn Moss
Woody Harrelson ... Carlson Wells
Kelly MacDonald ... Carla Jean Moss
Garret Dillahunt ... Wendell
Tess Harper ... Loretta Bell
Barry Corbin ... Ellis
Stephen Root ... Man Who Hires Wells
Rodger Boyce ... El Paso Sheriff
Beth Grant ... Carla Jean's Mother
Ana Reeder ... Poolside Woman
Kit Gwin ... Sheriff Bell's Secretary
Gene Jones ... Gas Station Proprietor
Myk Watford ... 'Managerial' Victims
Boots Southerland ... 'Managerial' Victims
Kathy Lamkin ... Desert Aire Manager
Johnnie Hector ... Cabbie at Bus Station
Margaret Bowman ... Del Rio Motel Clerk
Thomas Kopache ... Boots Salesman
Jason Douglas ... Cabbie at Motel
Rutherford Cravens ... Gun Store Clerk
Matthew Posey ... Sporting Goods Clerk
Mathew Greer ... Hitchhiking Driver
Marc Miles ... Hotel Eagle Clerk
Josh Meyer ... Border Bridge Youth
Chris Warner ... Flatbed Driver
Richard Jackson ... Chicken Farmer
Josh Blaylock ... Boy On Bike
Caleb Landry Jones ... Boy On Bike
Dorsey Ray ... Odessa Cabbie
526 1/4
No Escape 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this nail-biting international thriller, a couple (Owen Wilson and Lake Bell) and their two daughters relocate to Asia, only to find themselves caught in the middle of a dangerous coup. Realizing that foreigners are being murdered on the spot, they make a desperate decision to escape the violence on the streets and seek refuge at the American Embassy, all while trying to avoid detection by the merciless rebels. Directed by John Erick Dowdle. Pierce Brosnan co-stars. -- Erin Demers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Nail-biters
Themes : Political Unrest | Protecting the Innocent | Race Against Time | Under Siege
Keywords : American [nationality], Asia, coup, embassy, escape, expatriate, family, uprising
Thriller, Action Thriller, Escape Film, Political Thriller 
Owen Wilson ... Jack Dwyer
Pierce Brosnan ... Hammond
Lake Bell ... Annie Dwyer
Sterling Jerins ... Lucy Dwyer
Spencer Garrett ... Recruiter
Byron Gibson ... Hotel Guest #1
Kimia Sun
Jim Lau ... Prime Minister
Sahajak Boonthanakit ... Kenny Roger
Russell Geoffrey Banks
Damian Mavis ... Hotel Guest
Bonnie Zellerbach ... Sandra
Thanawut Kasro ... Samnang
Stacy Chbosky ... Mother/Woman Next Door
Charlie Sungkawess ... Late Night Reveler
Hiroyuki Kobayashi ... Japanese Businessman
1008 3/4
Nocturnal Animals 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An art-gallery owner (Amy Adams) reads a novel written by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal), and becomes greatly disturbed by the possibility that the story was inspired by their marriage and that her safety is in jeopardy. Armie Hammer, Isla Fisher, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon, and Laura Linney co-star. Directed by Tom Ford, who also adapted the script from the novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. --

Moods : Only Human | Unloveables
Themes : Betrayal | Breakups and Divorces | Death of a Child | Death of a Partner | Infidelity | Kidnapping | Out For Revenge | Thrill Crime | Treacherous Spouses
Keywords : art-gallery, ex-husband, inspiration, novel, violence
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Marriage Drama 
Amy Adams ... Susan Morrow
Jake Gyllenhaal ... Tony Hastings/EdwardSheffield
Michael Shannon ... Bobby Andes
Aaron Taylor-Johnson ... Ray Marcus
Isla Fisher ... Laura Hastings
Karl Glusman ... Lou
Armie Hammer ... Hutton Morrow
Laura Linney ... Anne Sutton
Andrea Riseborough ... Alessia
Michael Sheen ... Carlos
Ellie Bamber ... India Hastings
India Salvor Menuez ... Samantha Morrow
Franco Vega ... Driver
Zawe Ashton ... Alex
Graham Beckel ... Lieutenant Graves
Neil Jackson ... Christopher
Jena Malone ... Sage Ross
Janet Song ... Nurse
Lori Jean Wilson ... Video Woman #2
1104 3/4
Norma Rae 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Norma Rae finds Sally Field cast in the title role, a minimum-wage worker in a cotton mill. The factory has taken too much of a toll on the health of Norma Rae's family for her to ignore her Dickensian working conditions. After hearing a speech by New York union organizer Reuben (Ron Leibman), Norma Rae decides to join the effort to unionize her shop. This causes dissension at home when Norma Rae's husband, Sonny (Beau Bridges), assumes that her activism is a result of a romance between herself and Reuben. Despite the pressure brought to bear by management, Norma Rae successfully orchestrates a shutdown of the mill, resulting in victory for the union and capitulation to its demands. Based on a true story, Norma Rae is the film for which Sally Field won her first Oscar; an additional Oscar went to David Shire and Norman Gimbel for the film's theme song, "It Goes Like It Goes." --

Moods : Food for Thought | Only Human
Themes : Fighting the System | Labor Unions | Whistleblowers | Work Ethics | Righting the Wronged
Keywords : striker, alienation, courage, factory, factory-worker, family, labor [work], labor-relations, one-against-odds, union [labor union], union-dispute
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Drama, Family Drama, Social Problem Film 
Sally Field ... Norma Rae
Beau Bridges ... Sonny
Ron Leibman ... Reuben
Pat Hingle ... Vernon
Barbara Baxley ... Leona
Gail Strickland ... Bonnie Mae
Lonny Chapman ... Gardner
Morgan Paull ... Wayne Billings
Frank McRae ... James Brown
Bob Minor ... Lucius White
James Luisi ... George Benson
Mary Munday ... Mrs. Johnson
Noble Willingham ... Leroy Mason
Gregory Walcott ... Lamar Miller
Vernon Weddle ... Rev. Hubbard
George R. Robertson ... Farmer
Henry Slate ... Policeman
Roy Tatum ... Woodrow Bowser
Jack Stryker ... J.J. Davis
Grace Zabriskie ... Linette Odum
Fred Covington ... Alston
Lee de Broux ... Lujan
Charlie Briggs ... Warren Lotting
John Calvin ... Ellis Harper
Robert Broyles ... Sam Bolen
Clayton Landey ... Teddy Bob Keeler
Bob Hannah ... Jed Buffum
Edith Ivey ... Louise Pickens
Joe Dorsey ... Woodrow Thompson
Gilbert Green ... Al London
Bert Freed ... Sam Dakin
527 2/4
The Notebook 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Directed by Nick Cassavetes, this adaptation of author Nicholas Sparks's bestselling novel revolves around Noah Calhoun's (James Garner) regular visits to a female patron (Gena Rowlands) of an area nursing home. Rather than bore her with the inanities of everyday life, Calhoun reads from an old, faded notebook containing the sweeping account of a young couple (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams) whose love affair was tragically put to a halt after their separation in the midst of World War II. Seven years later, the couple was reunited, and, despite having taken radically different paths, they found themselves unable to resist the call of a second chance. The Notebook also features Joan Allen, Sam Shepard, and Kevin Connolly. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : In the Mood for Love | Memory Lane | Estrogen Shot
Themes : Star-Crossed Lovers | Lovers Reunited | Class Differences | Love Triangles
Keywords : star-crossed-lovers, love-affair, second-chance, world-war, class [social], nursing-home
Romance, Romantic Drama, Period Film 
Ryan Gosling ... Noah
Rachel McAdams ... Allie
James Garner ... Noah Calhoun
Gena Rowlands ... Allie Calhoun
James Marsden ... Lon Hammond
Kevin Connolly ... Fin
Sam Shepard ... Frank Calhoun
Joan Allen ... Anne Hamilton
David Thornton ... John Hamilton
Heather Wahlquist ... Sara Tuffington
Meredith Zealy ... Maggie
Tim Ivey ... Rower
Starletta DuPois ... Nurse Esther
Anthony-Michael Q. Thomas ... Nurse Keith
Ed Grady ... Harry
Jennifer Echols ... Nurse Selma
Geoffrey Knight ... Barker
Matt Shelly ... Seabrook Boy
Michael D. Fuller ... Seabrook Boy
Jonathan Parks Jordan ... Seabrook Boy
Leslea Fisher ... Seabrook Girl
Jude Kitchens ... Tommy The Ferris Wheel Operator
Tim O'Brien ... Mr. Tuffington
Meredith O'Brien ... Mrs. Tuffington
Cullen Moss ... Bodee
Traci Dinwiddie ... Veronica
Kweli Leapart ... Willa
Frederick Bingham ... Postman
Daniel Czekalski ... Recruitment Officer
Peter Rosenfeld ... Professor
Bradley D. Capshaw ... Injured Soldier
James Scott Deaton ... Injured Soldier
Eve Kagan ... Sarah Lawrence Girl
Stephanie Wheeler ... Sarah Lawrence Girl
Erin Guzowski ... Sarah Lawrence Girl
Chuck Pacheco ... Bus Driver
John A. Cundari ... Maitre D'
Hugh A. Robertson ... Pastor
Robert Washington ... Elgin
Todd Lewis ... Reporter
Robert Fraisse ... Buyer #1
Barbara Weetman ... Buyer #2
Dan Chamblin ... Buyer #3
Sasha Azevedo ... Wife Of Buyer #3
Robert Ivey ... Dressmaker
Rebecca Koon ... Aunt Georgia
Deborah Hobart ... Aunt Kitty
Lindy Newton ... Heather Lynn
Sherril M. Turner ... Linda Jean
Sylvia Jefferies ... Rosemary
Mark Garner ... Lon's Employee
Scott Ritenour ... Lon's Employee
Milton Buras ... Lon's Employee
Elizabeth Bond ... Lon's Secretary
Matthew Barry ... Dr. Barnwell
Nancy DeMayo ... Mary Allen
Julianne Keller Lewis ... Davanee
Madison Wayne Ellis ... Noah, Jr.
Riley Novak ... Edmond
Ronald Betts ... Male Nurse
528 2/4
Now You See Me 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this sequel, the illusionists known as the Four Horsemen (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan, and Dave Franco) return to perform a spectacular stunt in the hopes of clearing their names and exposing the unscrupulous behavior of a tech mogul named Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe). However, Mabry soon turns the tables, and forces the group to steal a revolutionary decrypting device for him. Directed by Jon M. Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation). -- Jennifer Lackman

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Crime Sprees | Dishonor Among Thieves | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Race Against Time | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : magician [performer]
Action, Thriller, Caper, Master Criminal Films 
Jesse Eisenberg ... J. Daniel Atlas
Mark Ruffalo ... Dylan Rhodes
Woody Harrelson ... Merritt McKinney
Lizzy Caplan ... Lula
Daniel Radcliffe ... Walter
Dave Franco ... Jack Wilder
Michael Caine ... Arthur Tressler
Morgan Freeman ... Thaddeus Bradley
Jay Chou ... Li
Sanaa Lathan ... Deputy Director Natalie Austin
David Warshofsky ... Agent Cowan
Tsai Chin ... Bu Bu
Richard Laing ... Lionel Shrike
Henry Lloyd-Hughes ... Allen Scott-Frank
Ben Lamb ... Owen Case
Karl McMillan ... Prison Guard 2 (US)
Jim Pirri ... Eye Voice
Christopher Logan ... Chef
Justine Wachsberger ... Zoey Taylor
Simon Connolly ... Octa Guard
Martin Delaney ... Bo Walsh
Krystal Ellsworth ... Casino Dancer
Luis A. Rosado ... Casino Dancer
529 1/4
The Number 23 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Upon acquiring a mysterious book in which the number 23 seems to take on powerful cosmic significance, a once-sane man gradually becomes obsessed with the idea that the frequently recurring number may in fact hold a deadly secret in this intense mystery-thriller starring Jim Carrey and Virginia Madsen, and directed by Joel Schumacher. Walter Sparrow (Carrey) is a middle-aged dogcatcher whose wife Agatha (Madsen) has bestowed him with an obscure mystery novel detailing the investigation launched by a tough-talking gumshoe named Fingerling (also Carrey) whose every move seems to be overshadowed by the enigmatic eponymous number. After noting a series of alarming parallels shared between the fictional detective and himself, Walter is quickly drawn in to the story as the hard-boiled private investigator murders raven-wigged moll Fabrizia (also Madsen) and pins the crime on her unsuspecting lover (Danny Huston). Back in the real world, fiction seems to merge with reality as Walter and Agatha's close friend Isaac (also Huston) begins to ingratiate himself ever deeper into the couple's relationship and Walter begins experiencing a gruesome series of visions in which he violently murders an unfaithful Agatha. His mind fast descending into a dark and violent whirlwind of madness, Walter enlists the aid of Agatha and the pair's adolescent son Robin (Logan Lerman) in seeking out the author of the mysterious tome and uncovering the sinister truth behind the so-called "23 enigma." -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Mental Breakdown | Obsessive Quests
Keywords : book, detective, obsession
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Jim Carrey ... Walter Sparrow, Fingerling
Virginia Madsen ... Agatha Sparrow, Fabrizia
Logan Lerman ... Robin Sparrow
Danny Huston ... Isaac French, Dr. Miles Phoenix
Rhona Mitra
Lynn Collins
Mark Pellegrino
Michelle Arthur
Paul Butcher
Ed Lauter
1077 3/4
Nymphomaniac: Volume I 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A brutalized young woman recalls her many sexual exploits to the kindly bachelor who nurses her back to health in this sexually charged drama from acclaimed director Lars von Trier. When Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) finds Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) clinging to life in a darkened alley, he brings her back to his apartment, and begins tending to her wounds. Meanwhile, comfortable in the company of the benevolent stranger, Joe finds her thoughts drifting back to her youth, and her dramatic sexual awakening. A self-professed nymphomaniac, Joe's vividly erotic stories gradually reveal her to be an intensely sexual creature whose carnal appetite knows no limits. Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Udo Kier, Connie Nielsen, and Shia LaBeouf co-star in a film featuring Stacy Martin as a young Joe. --

Moods : Carnal Knowledge
Themes : Sexual Awakening
Keywords : sexual-identity
Drama, Erotic Drama 
Charlotte Gainsbourg ... Joe
Stacy Martin ... Young Joe
Shia LaBeouf ... Jerôme
Christian Slater ... Joe's Father
Uma Thurman ... Mrs. H
Sophie Kennedy Clark ... B
Connie Nielsen ... Joe's Mother
Udo Kier ... Waiter
Ronja Rissmann ... Joe, 2 Years
Maja Arsovic ... Joe, 7 Years
Sofie Kasten ... B, 7 Years
Ananya Berg ... Joe, 10 Years
Anders Hove ... Odin
James Northcote ... Young lad 1 On Train
Charlie Hawkins ... Young Lad 2 On Train
Clayton Nemrow ... Married Man on Train
Simon Boer ... Man Uninterested
Jeff Burrell ... Man on Train 1
Andreas Grotzinger ... Man on Train 2
Jens Albinus ... S
Thomas Sinclair Spencer ... Conductor on Train
Jesse Inman ... Man A Having Sex
Christoph Schechinger ... Man B Having Sex
David Halina ... Man C Having Sex
Jonas Baeck ... Man D Having Sex
Katharina Hubertus ... Joe's Girlfriend, 18 Years
Felicity Gilbert ... Secretary
Jesper Christensen ... Jerôme's Uncle
Hugo Speer ... Mr. H.
Frankie Dawson ... H's Boy 1
George Dawson ... H's Boy 2
Harry Dawson ... H's Boy 3
Cyron Bjørn Melville ... A
Peter Gilbert Cotton ... Doctor 1
Saskia Reeves ... Nurse
Markus Tomczyk ... Young Man in Hospital
Christoph Jöde ... Man in Window
Nicolas Bro ... F
Christian Gade Bjerrum ... G
Jamie Bell
Willem Dafoe
Mia Goth
Michaël Pas
Jean-Marc Barr
1078 1/4
Nymphomaniac: Volume II 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Beginning precisely where the first film left off Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Volume II finds the sexually insatiable Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) recalling her sexual exploits into adulthood as benevolent bachelor Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) nurses her back to health following a vicious attack. Willem Dafoe, Jamie Bell, Mia Goth, and Jean-Marc Barr co-star in a film featuring Stacy Martin as a young Joe. --

Themes : Sexual Awakening
Keywords : sexual-identity
Drama, Erotic Drama 
Charlotte Gainsbourg ... Joe
Stacy Martin ... Young Joe
Shia LaBeouf ... Jerôme
Jamie Bell ... K
Willem Dafoe ... L
Mia Goth ... P
Jean-Marc Barr ... Debtor Gentleman
Michaël Pas ... Old Jerôme
Morgan Hartley ... B, 12 Years
Andrea Thomsen ... Joe's Girlfriend, 12 Years
Tine Burn ... Joe's Girlfriend, 12 Years
Tabea Tarbiat ... Valeria Messalina
Janine Romanowski ... The Whore Of Babylon
Lawrence Sheldon ... Man 1 in Car
Ivan Pecnik ... Man 2 in Car
Jonathon Sawdon ... Man 3 in Car
Christopher Craig ... Man 4 in Car
Kookie Ryan ... N, Black Man
Shanti Roney ... Interpreter
Papou ... Black Man 2
Nicole Sandweg ... Madame
Lien VandeKelder ... Clerk in Horse Shop
Laura Christensen ... Babysitter
Sarah Soetaert ... Boss
Sami Loris ... Doctor 2
Caroline Goodall ... Psychologist
Kate Ashfield ... Therapist
Tania Carlin ... Renée
Christine Urspruch ... Little My
Daniela Lebang ... Brunelda
Omar Shargawi ... Thug 1
Marcus Jakovljevic ... Thug 2
Conny Dachs ... Debtor Gets Whipped
Severin von Hoensbroech ... Debor in Greenhouse
Christian Slater
Uma Thurman
Sophie Kennedy Clark
Connie Nielsen
Udo Kier
530 3/4
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The writing, directing, and producing team of Joel Coen and Ethan Coen created this picaresque comedy (inspired in part by Homer's The Odyssey) set in the Deep South during the Depression. Suave and fancy-talking Everett Ulysses McGill (George Clooney), dim-witted Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson), and easily-excitable Pete (John Turturro) are serving time together on a prison chain gang. Everett knows where $1.2 million is hidden that's theirs for the taking, and the three manage to escape; however, a stranger soon warns them that they'll find treasure, but not the sort they're looking for. As Everett and his partners hit the road, they happen upon a gluttonous bible salesman, Big Dan Teague (John Goodman); meet up with Baby Face Nelson (Michael Badalucco) as he robs a bank; encounter three Sirens doing their washing; run into Everett's estranged wife Penny (Holly Hunter), who has told everyone her husband was killed in a train wreck; find themselves in the middle of a heated campaign between political boss Pappy O'Daniel (Charles Durning), and reformist candidate Homer Stokes (Wayne Duvall); and even find time to make a hit record as The Soggy Bottom Boys. Noted songwriter T-Bone Burnett helped compile the songs (combining vintage country blues tunes with originals in the same style), while Carter Burwell composed the background score. Incidentally, the title O Brother, Where Art Thou? is a reference to the classic Preston Sturges comedy Sullivan's Travels, in which a director plans to make a serious "message picture" with that name. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Obsessive Quests | Escape From Prison
Keywords : Great-Depression, escaped-convict, journey, south, treasure, wife, candidate, KKK (Ku Klux Klan), recording, singer, siren [temptress]
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Comedy, Crime, Crime Comedy, Road Movie, Americana, Buddy Film 
George Clooney ... Ulysses Everett McGill
John Turturro ... Pete
Tim Blake Nelson ... Delmar
Charles Durning ... Pappy O'Daniel
John Goodman ... Big Dan Teague
Michael Badalucco ... George Nelson
Holly Hunter ... Penny
Stephen Root ... Radio Station Man
Chris Thomas King ... Tommy Johnson
Wayne Duvall ... Homer Stokes
Daniel Von Bargen ... Sheriff Cooley
J.R. Horne ... Pappy's Staff
Brian Reddy ... Pappy's Staff
Frank Collison ... Wash Hogwallop
Ray McKinnon ... Vernon T. Waldrip
Del Pentecost ... Junior O'Daniel
Musetta Vander ... Siren
531 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A solitary drone repairman working on a war-ravaged planet Earth becomes humanity's last hope for survival in this ambitious sci-fi epic from Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes producer Peter Chernin. In the distant future, Earth has been decimated by an intergalactic battle against an alien race known as the Scavs. The majority of mankind has been evacuated, leaving just a few solitary drone repairmen remaining on the planet's surface. Their job is simple -- stand guard over the ruins of a once-great empire by patrolling the skies, and ensuring the drones continue to function. Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is nearing the end of his mission to extract resources essential to the survival of the human race when he witnesses a spacecraft fall from the sky. Upon investigating, Jack discovers the capsule contains a mysterious woman. With mission control watching his every move from high up above the clouds, Jack embarks on a spectacular adventure that will not only challenge everything he's been taught about mankind's most defining battle, but perhaps alter the entire course of human history as well. Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Post-Apocalypse | Heroic Mission | Robots and Androids | Mysterious Strangers
Keywords : alien [not human], earth, future, mission [quest], ocean, post-nuclear-holocaust, repair-person, resources, ruins, survivor, war
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Tom Cruise ... Jack Harper
Olga Kurylenko ... Julia Rusakova
Morgan Freeman ... Beech
Andrea Riseborough ... Victoria "Vika" Olsen
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ... Sykes
Melissa Leo ... Sally
Zoe Bell ... Kara
1168 2/4
Ocean's 8 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this genderbent take on Ocean's 11, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), brother of Danny, is released from prison after five years and immediately assembles an all-female crew with her best friend Lou (Cate Blanchett) to stage their greatest heist: stealing a $150 million necklace off the neck of actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) at the Met Gala. Ocean must corral a jeweler (Mindy Kaling), a fashion designer (Helena Bonham Carter), a con artist (Awkwafina), a fence (Sarah Paulson) and a hacker (Rihanna) to pull off the job. Directed by Gary Ross. Richard Armitage and James Corden co-star. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Jewel Theft
Keywords : city, necklace, crew, heist, jewel-robbery, thief, women
Action, Comedy, Thriller, Action Comedy, Crime Comedy 
Sandra Bullock ... Debbie Ocean
Cate Blanchett ... Lou
Anne Hathaway ... Daphne Kluger
Mindy Kaling ... Amita
Sarah Paulson ... Tammy
Rihanna ... Nine Ball
Helena Bonham Carter ... Rose
Richard Armitage ... Claude Becker
Griffin Dunne ... Parole Board Officer
Deidre Goodwin ... Prison Guard
Elliott Gould ... Reuben
Charlotte Kirk ... Cara
Linda Atkinson ... Chairwoman
Steven Hauck ... Omaha Banker
David Gibson ... Omaha Banker
Dakota Fanning ... Penelope Stern
Richard Robichaux ... Lawrence
Alexander Blaise ... Cartier President
Brian Anthony Wilson ... American Wing Guard
Damian Young ... David Welch
Gideon Glick ... Kyle McCallister
James Hindman ... Paul Damanian
David Little ... Bingo Master
McNally Sagal ... Detective Morris
James Biberi ... Yuri
Conor Donovan ... Bus Boy
James Corden ... John Frazier
Marlo Thomas ... Rene
Dana Ivey ... Diana
Mary Louise Wilson ... Marlene
Elizabeth Ashley ... Ethel
Doug Yasuda ... Yardley Executive
Robert G. Mckay ... Detective
Jill Marie Lawrence ... Costume Exhibit Security Guard
532 3/4
Ocean's Eleven 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A rag-tag group of con artists and ex-cons team up for the heist to end all heists in this high-profile remake of the 1960 Rat Pack favorite. As with its predecessor, Ocean's Eleven opens with its titular hero Danny Ocean (George Clooney stepping into the Frank Sinatra role) eager for a new challenge. The similarities to the original end there, as Ocean conspires with his old pal Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) to rob 150 million dollars from an underground vault that serves three of Las Vegas' biggest casinos. Between the two of them, they recruit nine other men, each with his own criminal specialty, to assist in the mission: moneyman Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould), card dealer Frank (Bernie Mac), pickpocket Linus (Matt Damon), aging con artist Saul (Carl Reiner), British explosives pro Basher (Don Cheadle), techie Dell (Eddie Jemison), rude-boy brothers Virgil (Casey Affleck) and Turk (Scott Caan), and professional acrobat Yen (Shaobo Qin). What Ocean doesn't tell the group is that there's another reason he's coordinating the heist: the three casinos they're robbing are all owned by ruthless gambling mogul Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), who just happens to be married to Ocean's former love Tess (Julia Roberts). Ocean's Eleven was updated by scribe Ted Griffin and marked the third feature shot by director Steven Soderbergh under the alias Peter Andrews. -- Michael Hastings

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Perfect Crime | Cons and Scams | Hotshots | One Last Heist
Keywords : casino, mastermind, robbery, girlfriend, vault [safe], crime-ring, safecracker, ex-convict
Comedy, Crime, Caper, Ensemble Film 
George Clooney ... Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt ... Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon ... Linus Caldwell
Don Cheadle ... Basher Tarr
Andy Garcia ... Terry Benedict
Casey Affleck ... Virgil Malloy
Julia Roberts ... Tess Ocean
Carl Reiner ... Saul Bloom
Scott Caan ... Turk Malloy
Elliott Gould ... Reuben Tishkoff
Bernie Mac ... Frank Catton
Shaobo Qin ... Yen
Joshua Jackson ... Josh
Holly Marie Combs ... Holly
Barry Watson ... Barry
Angie Dickinson ... Herself
John Fiore ... Hotel Security
Jorge R. Hernandez ... FBI Man #1
David Jensen ... Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #2
Joe La Due ... Billy Tim Denham
Jim Lampley ... Himself
Steve Lawrence ... Himself
Wayne Newton ... Himself
Richard Reed ... Bucky Buchanan
Robin Sachs ... Seller
Scott L. Schwartz ... Bruiser
Henry Silva ... Himself
John Robotham ... Uzi-Carrying Guard #1
Vincent Ward ... Uzi-Carrying Guard #2
Jerry Weintraub ... High Roller
Tony Allison ... French High Roller
Rusty Meyers ... Security Officer #1
Frank Patton ... Lockbox Carrier
Richard Steele ... Himself
Timothy Paul Perez ... Security Guard ("Oscar")
William L. Johnson ... Technician #2
J.P. Manoux ... Aide-de-Camp
Larry Merchant ... Himself
Kelly Adkins ... Dancer
James Alfonso ... Police Officer
Scott Clark Beringer ... Head Goon
Cecelia Birt ... Board Member #1
Barry Brandt ... Technician #1
Joe Coyle ... Security Officer #2
James Curatola ... Baccarat Dealer
Siegfried Fischbacher ... Himself
Carol Florence ... Board Member #3
Lori Galinski ... Blackjack Dealer
Mark Gantt ... Bartender
Roy Horn ... Himself
Wladimir Klitschko ... Himself
Tommy Kordick ... Hotel Bellman
Charles La Russa ... Italian High Roller
Lennox Lewis ... Himself
Paul L. Nolan ... Board Member #2
Robert Peters ... Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #1
Tim Snay ... FBI Man #2
Ronn Soeda ... Japanese High Roller
David Sontag ... Plainclothes Goon #1
Larry Sontag ... Plainclothes Goon #2
Gregory Stenson ... Sentry
533 3/4
Ocean's Twelve 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After pulling off the heist of their lives, Danny Ocean and his pals unexpectedly find themselves back in harness in this sequel to 2001's blockbuster hit Ocean's Eleven. After robbing a cool $160 million from the Bellaggio Hotel Casino and winning back his former wife, Tess (Julia Roberts), from Bellagio owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is living quietly on the lam in Connecticut when he's unexpectedly approached by Benedict. It seems Benedict has tracked down Danny and the ten men who helped him pull off the seemingly impossible robbery, and Benedict offers them a proposal -- if they can repay the $160 million in two weeks, he won't have them killed. As it turns out, both Danny and his best friend, Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), haven't been doing so well in terms of money management and could use some cash, so they set out to plan a robbery to recover the loot, with the same crew helping out -- Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), Frank Catton (Bernie Mac), Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle), Saul Bloom (Carl Reiner), Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), Livingston Dell (Eddie Jemison), Yen (Shaobo Qin), Virgil Malloy (Casey Affleck), and his brother Turk (Scott Caan). Danny and Rusty discover that an incredibly rare Fabergé egg is being displayed at a museum in Rome which would fetch the price they need, but they soon discover a notorious cat burglar, François Toulour (Vincent Cassel), is also after the egg, and it turns into a race to see who can claim it first. Adding to the intrigue is Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a woman Rusty used to be involved with who is now a top agent with Interpol and is after both Toulour and Ocean's crew. Shot on location in both the United States and Europe, Ocean's Twelve was, like its precursor, directed by the stylish Steven Soderbergh, who also photographed the picture under his nom de lens, Peter Andrews. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Perfect Crime | Out For Revenge | Criminal's Revenge | Hotshots
Keywords : heist, crime-ring, museum, revenge, cat-burglar, crew, egg, Interpol (International Police), race [competition]
Crime, Comedy, Caper, Ensemble Film, Crime Comedy 
George Clooney ... Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt ... Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon ... Linus Caldwell
Catherine Zeta-Jones ... Isabel Lahiri
Andy Garcia ... Terry Benedict
Don Cheadle ... Basher Tarr
Bernie Mac ... Frank Catton
Julia Roberts ... Tess Ocean
Casey Affleck ... Virgil Malloy
Scott Caan ... Turk Malloy
Vincent Cassel ... François Toulour
Shaobo Qin ... Yen
Carl Reiner ... Saul Bloom
Elliott Gould ... Reuben Tishkoff
Robbie Coltrane ... Matsui
Eddie Izzard ... Roman Nagel
Cherry Jones ... "Molly Star"/Mrs. Caldwell
Jeroen Krabbé ... Van der Woude
Jared Harris ... Basher's Engineer
Martina Stella ... Nagel's Assistant
Ed Kross ... Bank Officer
David Sontag ... Plainclothes Goon #1
Larry Sontag ... Plainclothes Goon #2
Nelson Peltz ... Partygoer
Mini Anden ... Supermodel
Craig Susser ... Men's Club Waiter
Nichelle Hines ... Assistant Manager
Johan Widerberg ... Johan
Jeroen Willems ... Paul
Chris Tates ... Paul's Partner
Candice Azzara ... Saul's Lady
Anne-Solenne Hatte ... Toulour Woman #8
Jerry Weintraub ... American Businessman
Mattia Sbragia ... Commissario Giordano
Luciano Miele ... Hotel Manager
Ana Caterina Morariu ... Bruce Willis' Companion
Adriano Giannini ... Museum Director
Giulio Magnolia ... Photographer
Scott L. Schwartz ... Bruiser
Giselda Volodi ... Toulour's Butler
Mathieu Simonet ... Backpack Kid
Albert Finney ... Gaspar La Marque
Eddie Jemison
1147 1/4
The Octagon 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Karate champ Chuck Norris returns for another chop-socky vigilante flick in The Octagon, one of a handful of undistinguished Ninja pictures released during the early '80s. Norris appropriately plays a retired karate champ hired as a bodyguard for a wealthy woman (Karen Carlson) plagued by a gang of vicious ninjas. Reluctant at first to take the job, he reconsiders when he learns the gang is headed by his longtime arch rival Tadashi Yamashita (Lee Van Cleef). The script -- as is the case in nearly every Ninja film -- has holes bigger than Okinawa, and the acting is downright atrocious, particularly that of Norris, who, thankfully, improved with time. However, the production values are fair, as is the direction, and the action sequences are often exciting and comparatively realistic. Recommended for genre fans only. --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Bodyguards | Ninjas | Out For Revenge
Keywords : bodyguard, karate, martial-arts, nemesis, Ninja
Action, Action Thriller, Martial Arts 
Chuck Norris ... Scott James
Karen Carlson ... Justine
Lee Van Cleef ... McCarn
Tadashi Yamashita ... Seikura
Carol Bagdasarian ... Aura
Art Hindle ... A.J.
Kim Lankford ... Nancy, Dancer
Kurt Grayson ... Doggo
Yuki Shimoda ... Katsumoto
Larry D. Mann ... Tibor
John Fujioka ... Isawa
Jack Carter ... Sharkey
John Barrett ... Justine's Killer
Aaron Norris ... Hatband
Brian Tochi ... Seikura at Eighteen
Gerald Okamura ... Ninja Instructor
Carlos Romano ... Pilot
Don Pike ... Chauffer (sic)
Elizabeth Carder ... Desk Clerk
Ken Gibbel ... Meat
Redmond Gleeson ... Duffy
Ted Duncan ... Truckdriver
Kevin Brando ... Scott at Eight
Jo McDonnell ... Amy Lee
Enrique Lucero ... One Armed Man
Alan Marcus ... Truckdriver
Ernie Hudson ... Quinine
Brian Libby ... Deadwyler
Crane Jackson ... House Detective
534 2/4
Oedipus Rex 
"A Shattering Experience!"

The land ruled by King Oedipus is plagued by ill-fortune and the people are promised relief by the gods...
Douglas Campbell, Eleanor Stuart, Robert Goodier, William Hutt, Donald Davis, Douglas Rain, Tony Van Bridge, Eric House, Roland Bull, Robert Christie, Ted Follows, David Gardner, Bruno Gerussi, Richard Howard, Roland Hewgill
866 1/4
Office Christmas Party 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An office manager (T.J. Miller) throws a wild Christmas party in the hope of finalizing a deal with a big-time client (Courtney B. Vance). If the party is unsuccessful and the client gets away, the manager's boss and older sister (Jennifer Aniston) will close the branch and lay off all of the employees. Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, and Kate McKinnon co-star in this holiday comedy directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Just for Fun
Themes : Party Film | Boss from Hell | Schemes and Ruses | Underdogs
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Comedy of Errors, Workplace Comedy 
Jason Bateman ... Josh
Jennifer Aniston ... Carol
Olivia Munn ... Tracey
Jillian Bell ... Trina
Courtney B. Vance ... Walter
Rob Corddry ... Jeremy
Kate McKinnon ... Mary
Randall Park ... Fred
Jamie Chung ... Meghan
Vanessa Bayer ... Allison
Sam Richardson ... Joel
Karan Soni ... Nate
Abbey Lee ... Savannah
Da'Vine Joy Randolph ... Carla
Andrew Leeds ... Tim
Oliver Cooper ... Drew
Matt Walsh ... Ezra
Ben Falcone ... Doctor
Adrian Martinez ... Larry
Fortune Feimster ... Lonny
Erick Chavarria ... Alan
Vince Pisani ... Airline Concierge
Ricky Muse ... Elevator Operator
David Kallaway ... Huge Doorman
Richard Cotovsky ... Salvation Army Collector
Lauren Boyd ... Drunk Woman #1
Joshua Mikel ... Destructive Party Crasher
Deja Dee ... Nurse #1
Brooke Jaye Taylor ... Nurse #2
535 3/4
Office Space 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) is a computer programmer working for Initech in Houston. Every day, he and his friends Samir (Ajay Naidu) and Michael Bolton (David Herman as not THAT Michael Bolton), suffer endless indignities and humiliations in their soulless workspace from their soulless boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole). For Peter, stuck in his cookie-cutter apartment with paper-thin walls and IKEA furniture, every day is worse than the one before it -- so every day is the worst of his life. To cap it off, Initech has hired a pair of "efficiency experts" to downsize the company. One Friday night, Peter's soon to be ex-girlfriend Anne (Alexandra Wentworth) forces him to go to an occupational hypnotherapist to relieve work stress. While Peter is under hypnosis, the therapist keels over and dies. As he never snaps out of his hypnotic state, Peter has a new outlook on life. If something annoys him, he just ignores it or walks away from it. He is completely relaxed and enjoying life for the first time in a long time. On Monday, Peter skips work and sleeps in. He gets up for lunch and drives down to a restaurant next to his office and asks the waitress he's had a crush on, Joanna (Jennifer Aniston), on a date. When Peter stops into the office to pick up his organizer, he's called in to talk to the efficiency experts. Relaxed and friendly, Peter charms them as he describes everything wrong with the office, including his boss. Even as Peter now appears at work only as the mood strikes him, the experts decide he's management material and give him a promotion even as they lay off the hardworking Samir and Michael. Peter then convinces his friends to exact revenge on Initech based upon an idea from Superman III. Not everything works out quite as planned. Office Space originated from writer/director Mike Judge's first animated short of the same name, created in 1991. The short was about Milton (reproduced in the film by Stephen Root), a damaged office drone whose complaints and threats about his sufferings go unheeded. -- Ron Wells

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Unlikely Criminals | Cons and Scams | Boss from Hell | Existential Crisis | Fired or Laid-Off | Office Politics
Keywords : office, office-worker, job, manager, work [occupation], boss [employer], employer/employee, work-ethic, boredom, downsizing, scheme, self-discovery, stress [worry], hypnosis, jealousy, revenge, waiter
Attributes : Sleeper
Comedy, Workplace Comedy, Black Comedy 
Ron Livingston ... Peter Gibbons
Jennifer Aniston ... Joanna
David Herman ... Michael Bolton
Ajay Naidu ... Samir
Alexandra Wentworth ... Anne
Diedrich Bader ... Lawrence
Stephen Root ... Milton
Richard Riehle ... Tom Smykowski
John C. McGinley ... Bob Slydell
Todd Duffey ... Brian (waiter)
1043 3/4
On Golden Pond 
AMG SYNOPSIS: There's little that happens in On Golden Pond that isn't thoroughly predictable from the start, but the film is blessed with so much star power, charm and honest sentiment that everyone in the audience is willing to ignore the cliches and go the distance. In his last film, Henry Fonda plays Norman Thayer, a cranky 80-year-old retired professor, making his annual pilgrimage with his wife Katharine Hepburn (in her only teaming with Henry Fonda) to their New England summer cottage. Their solitude is interrupted when the couple's daughter Chelsea (Jane Fonda) arrives with her fiance Bill (Dabney Coleman) and his son Doug McKeon in tow. It takes a while, but Jane Fonda and Coleman, about to go on a vacation of their own, persuade Henry Fonda and Hepburn to take care of McKeon. Henry Fonda and the kid dislike each other from Square One, and it looks as though this summer (which may very well be Henry Fonda's last) will be a depressing experience. Gradually, Henry Fonda and McKeon grow to love one another; their bond is strengthened during a near-fatal accident while fishing. It is through the warm relationship between Henry Fonda and the boy that the old man and his daughter Jane Fonda are at last able to display affection towards each other--the first time they've done so in years. Gorgeously photographed by Billy Williams, On Golden Pond is a wonderful valedictory for Henry Fonda, who died not long after the film's completion; Katharine Hepburn has less to do, but few can do so much with so little. Academy Awards were bestowed upon Henry Fonda, Hepburn, and screenwriter Ernest Thompson (who adapted the film from his stage play). --

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Fathers and Daughters | Family Gatherings | Generation Gap | Golden Years
Keywords : aging, alienation, cottage, elderly, family, family-tragedy, fishing, generation-gap, lake, patriarch, reconciliation, relationship, self-discovery, Summer, teenagers, vacation
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Drama, Family Drama, Melodrama, Reunion Films 
Katharine Hepburn ... Ethel Thayer
Henry Fonda ... Norman Thayer Jr.
Jane Fonda ... Chelsea Thayer Wayne
Doug McKeon ... Billy Ray
Dabney Coleman ... Bill Ray
William Lanteau ... Charlie Martin
Chris Rydell ... Sumner Todd
951 4/4
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 
AMG SYNOPSIS: With an insane asylum standing in for everyday society, Milos Forman's 1975 film adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel is a comically sharp indictment of the Establishment urge to conform. Playing crazy to avoid prison work detail, manic free spirit Randle P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) is sent to the state mental hospital for evaluation. There he encounters a motley crew of mostly voluntary inmates, including cowed mama's boy Billy (Brad Dourif) and silent Native American Chief Bromden (Will Sampson), presided over by the icy Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). Ratched and McMurphy recognize that each is the other's worst enemy: an authority figure who equates sanity with correct behavior, and a misfit who is charismatic enough to dismantle the system simply by living as he pleases. McMurphy proceeds to instigate group insurrections large and small, ranging from a restorative basketball game to an unfettered afternoon boat trip and a tragic after-hours party with hookers and booze. Nurse Ratched, however, has the machinery of power on her side to ensure that McMurphy will not defeat her. Still, McMurphy's message to live free or die is ultimately not lost on one inmate, revealing that escape is still possible even from the most oppressive conditions. --

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Doctors and Patients | Fighting the System | Mental Illness | Wrongly Committed
Keywords : personnel, convict, craziness, doctor/nurse, escape, human-rights, mental-illness, mental-institution, patient [medical], rebel, suicide, suicide-attempt, troublemaker
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Comedy Drama, Tragi-comedy, Psychological Drama 
Jack Nicholson ... Randle Patrick McMurphy
Louise Fletcher ... Nurse Mildred Ratched
William Redfield ... Harding
Dean R. Brooks ... Dr. John Spivey
Scatman Crothers ... Turkle Crothers
Danny DeVito ... Martini
William Duell ... Sefelt
Brad Dourif ... Billy Bibbit
Christopher Lloyd ... Taber
Will Sampson ... Chief Bromden
Vincent Schiavelli ... Frederickson
Delos V. Smith ... Scanlon
Marya Small ... Candy
Louisa Moritz ... Rose
Mimi Sarkisian ... Nurse Pilbow
Nathan George ... Attandant Washington
Phil Roth ... Woolsey
Michael Berryman ... Ellis
Peter Brocco ... Col. Matterson
Mwako Cumbuka ... Warren
Josip Elic ... Bancini
Lan Fendors ... Nurse Itsu
Sidney Lassick ... Charlie Cheswick
Dwight Marfield ... Ellsworth
Ted Markland ... Hap Arlich
536 2/4
One Hour Photo 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Funnyman Robin Williams steps out of character in this tense, low-key thriller that marked the feature-film directorial debut of music video veteran Mark Romanek. Semour "Sy" Parrish (Williams) runs the photo processing department at a large discount store; Sy is dedicated to his job, and takes great pride in his work. Sy's favorite customers are Nina and Will Yorkin (Connie Nielsen and Michael Vartan), an attractive and cheerful young couple with a nine-year-old boy, Jake (Dylan Smith). Sy dotes on the Yorkins and their son whenever they drop off film to be processed -- something they've been doing quite often ever since Jake was born -- and Nina and Will are indulgent of Sy's attentions, regarding his as a harmless eccentric. What the Yorkins don't know is Sy is a desperately lonely man with no real life of his own, and he's been obsessively making copies of their photos, for years, imagining himself to be "Uncle Sy," a member of the family. Sy's tenuous hold on reality begins to collapse when he develops a roll of film brought in by a new customer that suggests Will has been unfaithful to Nina; the notion that his ideal family may be falling apart is troubling enough for Sy, and when he loses his job, Sy reaches the breaking point. One Hour Photo was screened in competition at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Crumbling Marriages | Mind Games | Voyeurs | Stalkers | Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | Fantasy Life
Keywords : family-strife, loner, obsession, voyeur, extramarital-affair
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Robin Williams ... Seymour "Sy" Parrish
Connie Nielsen ... Nina Yorkin
Michael Vartan ... Will Yorkin
Gary Cole ... Bill Owens
Dylan Smith ... Jake Yorkin
Eriq La Salle ... Detective Van Der Zee
Erin Daniels ... Maya Burson
537 1/4
The One 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Former X-Files writer James Wong makes his sophomore feature as a director at the helm of this science fiction thriller that's reminiscent of Timecop (1994). In the near future, a technology called "quantum tunneling" allows human beings to travel between parallel universes. The abuse of this ability by criminal elements has led to the formation of the Multi-Verse Authorities or "MVA," an agency of quantum traveling cops who apprehend violators of inter-dimensional laws. The MVA faces its greatest crisis when a former agent named Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li) goes renegade, traveling between one universe and the next, murdering his own parallel selves and gaining enormous power with each slaying. It is believed that when Yulaw has become "the one," the only version of himself to exist, he will be omnipotent, but the final Gabriel Yulaw exists in our plane of existence (the "magna universe") and is also becoming stronger, though he doesn't understand why. Hot on the evil Yulaw's trail are his former partner Harry Roedecker (Delroy Lindo) and Harry's new colleague Evan Funsch (Jason Statham). Created with Wong's longtime writing and producing partner Glen Morgan, The One (2001) co-stars Carla Gugino. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Tough Guys | Trashy
Themes : Daring Rescues | Race Against Time | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents | Twins and Lookalikes
Keywords : law-enforcement, parallel-dimensions, omnipotent, renegade
Action, Science Fiction, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Jet Li ... Gabe/Yulaw/Lawless
Carla Gugino ... Massie, T.K., Walsh
Delroy Lindo ... Harry Roedecker/Attendant
Jason Statham ... Funsch
James Morrison ... Aldrich/"A" World Inmate #1
Dylan Bruno ... Yates
Richard Steinmetz ... D'Antoni
Bill Dunnam ... Penal Colony Inmate
Ken Kerman ... "A" World Inmate
Dean Norris ... Sgt. Siegel
Denney Pierce ... ER Security Guard
Tucker Smallwood ... Prison Warde
Boots Southerland ... ER Security Guard
B.T. Taylor ... Male Orderly
Clement Blake ... Penal Colony Inmate
Harriet Sansom Harris ... Nurse Besson
Mark Borchardt ... Cesar
Alan Purwin ... Helicopter Pilot
Kevin Indio Copeland ... "A" World Inmate
Edward James Gage ... Factory Worker
David Keats ... MRI Technician
Teddy Lane Jr. ... "C" World Inmate
Darin Morgan ... Hugo
Kimberly Patton ... Dr. Hamilton
Steve Rankin ... MVA Supervisor
Narinder Samra ... Dr. Hackler
Joel Stoffer ... Dr. Franklin
Thanh T. Tran ... Sleeping Boy
Marco Verdier ... "C" World Inmate
Archie Kao ... Woo
Ron Zimmerman ... Rotten Ronnie
1063 3/4
Only the Brave 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This fact-based drama centers on the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite firefighting team in Arizona known for their bravery in directly confronting wildfires. The film depicts the team's efforts in battling the deadly 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire. Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly, and Andie MacDowell star. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Keywords : fire-disaster, firefighter, protection, risk-taking, town
Action, Drama 
Josh Brolin ... Eric Marsh
Miles Teller ... Brendan McDonough
Jeff Bridges ... Duane Steinbrink
James Badge Dale ... Jesse Steed
Taylor Kitsch ... Christopher MacKenzie
Jennifer Connelly ... Amanda Marsh
Andie MacDowell ... Marvel Steinbrink
Geoff Stults ... Travis Turbyfill
Natalie Hall ... Natalie Johnson
Alex Russell ... Andrew Ashcraft
Thad Luckinbill ... Scott Norris
Scott Haze ... Clayton Whitted
Dylan Kenin ... Robert Caldwell
Ryan Jason Cook ... William Warneke
Sam Quinn ... Grant McKee
Rachel Singer ... Brendan's Mother
Ralph Alderman ... Evaluator Hayes
Forrest Fyre ... Mayor Worthington
Josh Hopkins ... California Hot Shot Supervisor
Jenny Gabrielle ... Desiree Steed
Pell James ... Claire Caldwell
Kevin Wiggins ... Yarnell Commander
John Trejo ... Chiricahua IC
Jermaine Washington ... Bouncer #1
Keith Jardine ... Bouncer #2
Colin Jones ... California Hot Shot
Matt Nolan ... Medic in Helicopter
Casey Messer ... Local Hottie #1
Sarah Minnich ... Local Hottie #2
Bob Wood ... Rusty Pistols #4
538 2/4
Open Season 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A domesticated grizzly bear finds that there's more to life than being the star attraction of a mountain town nature show when a fast-talking mule deer offers him a crash course in woodland living in Sony Pictures Animation's first full-length animated feature. Raised by kindly park ranger Beth (Debra Messing) since he was a just a cub, 900-pound grizzly Boog (Martin Lawrence) is content to spend his days entertaining Timberline tourists and his nights nestled safely in Beth's luxurious garage. Boog's life is about to get much more complicated, however, when paranoid hunter Shaw (Gary Sinese) returns from a recent foray in the woods with a frightened, one-horn mule deer named Elliot strapped trophy-like to the hood of his truck. Though at first reluctant to answer Elliot's desperate cries for help, gentle giant Boog eventually frees the thankful creature, who in turn decides to teach his hulking friend what it truly means to be free. Subsequently tranquilized and relocated into the wilderness after momentarily reverting to his true animalistic nature, Boog is forced to team with seasoned forest-dweller Elliot in order to find their way out of the woods before hunting season starts and Shaw comes gunning for all creatures great and small. Things are different in the woods than they were back in the safe confines of park ranger Beth's garage, though, and in order to find their way back to Timberline, Boog and Elliot are going to have to rely on the kindness of their fellow creatures, a rowdy and unruly bunch that includes an army of Scottish squirrels led by rogue critter McSquizzy (Billy Connolly), and a productive beaver construction team whose foreman, Reilly (Jon Faverau), is more than willing to lend a helping tail. With hunting season now upon them and time running out as the hunters close in, the unlikely duo of bear and mule deer put their new life lessons to good use by turning the tables on the gun-toting gamesmen, and once again making the woods safe for the furry critters who call the forest home. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Young and Old Alike
Keywords : grizzly-bear, moose, wilderness, woods [place], hunting
Children's/Family, Comedy, Buddy Film, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Martin Lawrence ... Boog
Ashton Kutcher ... Elliot
Gary Sinise ... Shaw
Debra Messing ... Park Ranger Beth
Billy Connolly ... McSquizzy
Jon Favreau ... Reilly
Georgia Engel ... Bobbie
Jane Krakowski ... Giselle
Gordon Tootoosis ... Gordy
Patrick Warburton ... Ian
1028 3/4
Operation Avalanche 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two young CIA agents (Matthew Johnson and Owen Williams) pose as documentary filmmakers at NASA in 1967 in order to capture an alleged Soviet mole who's sabotaging the U.S. space program. However, their assignment leads them to uncover an even more shocking conspiracy: NASA is planning to fake the moon landing with the help of Stanley Kubrick. Directed by Johnson, Operation Avalanche received its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. --

Moods : Head Trips
Themes : Conspiracies | Going Undercover
Keywords : Cold-War, conspiracy, film, NASA, project [plan], space, undercover
Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film 
Krista Madison ... Julie
Samantha Michelle ... Helena
539 1/4
Original Sin 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A lonely man's search for companionship soon takes him to dangerous and unexpected places in this erotically charged drama. Luis Antonio Vargas (Antonio Banderas) is a successful coffee salesman living in Cuba in the 1880s. Luis has had little luck finding love among the women of his native island, and he sends away to America for a mail-order bride. To his pleasant surprise, his fiancée from the United States, Julia Russell (Angelina Jolie), turns out to be not only beautiful but passionate and devoted. But Luis' happiness proves to be short-lived when he learns that Julia is not the person he imagined her to be, and detective Walter Downs (Thomas Jane) appears, trying to get to the bottom of Julia's mysterious past and possibly deadly secrets. Original Sin is based on the novel Waltz Into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, which Francois Truffaut previously adapted for the screen as La Sirene du Mississippi. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Carnal Knowledge
Themes : Femmes Fatales | Arranged Marriages | Assumed Identities | Cons and Scams
Keywords : Cuba, coffee, salesperson, companion, deception, mail-order-bride, past, detective
Drama, Crime Drama, Erotic Drama, Period Film, Romantic Mystery 
Antonio Banderas ... Luis Antonio Vargas
Angelina Jolie ... Julia Russell
Thomas Jane ... Walter Downs
Jack Thompson ... Alan Jordan
Gregory Itzin ... Colonel Worth
Allison Mackie ... Augusta Jordan
John Pringle ... Sara
Cordelia Richards ... Emily Russell
James Haven ... Faust (Stage)
Harry Porter ... Stage Manager
Fernando Torre Lapham ... Wedding Priest
Shaula Vega ... Dressmaker Girl
Lisa Owen ... Margareta (Stage)
Farnesio DeBernal ... Bank Clerk
Nitzi Arellano ... Prostitute
Roger Cudney ... Ship's Captain
Francis Laboriel ... Ship's Stewardess
Patricio Castilla ... French Dining Steward
Derek Rojo ... Bell Boy
Abraham Stavans ... Mr. Gutiérrez
Julian Sedgwick ... Card Player
Alejandro Corp ... Card Player
Alejandro Reza ... Train Station Man
Guy de Saint Cyr ... Chief Jailer
Julio Bracho ... Guard
George Belanger ... Gentlemen in Morocco
Osami Kawano ... Gentlemen in Morocco
540 3/4
The Others 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar's first English-language production is a creepy period ghost story that continues in the vein of his earlier art house hit Open Your Eyes (1997). Nicole Kidman stars as Grace, a devoutly religious mother of two ailing children who has moved with her family to a mansion on the English coast while awaiting her husband's return from World War II, though he has been declared missing. Their children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), both suffer from a rare photosensitivity disease that renders them extremely vulnerable to sunlight, prompting Grace's rule of having only one door open in the house at a time. When Anne begins claiming to see ghosts, Grace at first believes her newly arrived family of eccentric servants to be responsible, but chilling events and visions soon lead her to believe that something supernatural is indeed going on. The Others was released only a few months prior to Vanilla Sky (2001), the American remake of Alejandro's Open Your Eyes (1997), ironically starring Kidman's then-estranged husband Tom Cruise. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Ghosts | Servants and Employers
Keywords : ghost, haunted, mansion, daughter, mother, son, disease, servant, religion
Thriller, Gothic Film, Haunted House Film, Period Film, Supernatural Thriller 
Nicole Kidman ... Grace
Christopher Eccleston ... Charles
Fionnula Flanagan ... Mrs. Mills
Elaine Cassidy ... Lydia
Alakina Mann ... Anne
Eric Sykes ... Mr. Tuttle
James Bentley ... Nicholas
Renée Ashershon ... Old Lady
Gordon Reid ... Assistant
Keith Allen ... Mr. Marlish
Michelle Fairley ... Mrs. Marlish
Alexander Vince ... Victor
Ricardo Lopez ... 2nd Assistant
Aldo Grilo ... Gardener
541 2/4
Our Brand Is Crisis 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This satirical comedy starring Sandra Bullock as a political consultant gives viewers an inside look at the high-stakes, win-at-all-costs world of politics. Bullock stars as "Calamity" Jane Bodine, who is hired to work on the campaign of a Bolivian presidential candidate who has fallen behind in the polls. She faces off against her rival Pat Candy (Billy Bob Thornton), who is working on the opponent's campaign and is also looking for every opportunity to antagonize Jane. The film is loosely based on the 2005 documentary of the same name by Rachel Boynton. Directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, George Washington). Produced by Oscar-winners George Clooney and Grant Heslov. -- Jennifer Lackman

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Heads of State | On the Campaign Trail
Keywords : political-campaign, politics, presidential-candidate, presidential-election, South-America
Comedy Drama, Political Satire 
Sandra Bullock ... Jane
Billy Bob Thornton ... Pat Candy
Anthony Mackie ... Ben
Scoot McNairy ... Buckley
Ann Dowd ... Nell
Joaquim de Almeida ... Castillo
Zoe Kazan ... LeBlanc
Dominic Flores ... Hugo
Reynaldo Pacheco ... Eddie
Louis Arcella ... Rivera
Octavio Gómez Berríos ... Pepe
Damian Delgado ... Velasco
Nina Leon ... Rivera Reporter
Edgar Arreola ... Demonstration Chant Leader
Carmela Zumbado ... Female American Reporter
Fernandez Osvaldo ... Jail Policeman
Dan Hewitt Owens ... American IMF Man
Erick Chavarria ... Devil Mask Man
Harry Van Gorkum ... Interviewer (Main title sequence)
Mickey Giacomazzi ... Stunt Coordinator
Eddie J. Fernandez ... Stunt Coordinator
542 3/4
Over the Hedge 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A group of feisty forest critters awaken following the winter freeze to discover that not only has a new neighborhood cropped up during the cold months, but living in close proximity to humans may have its benefits in this computer-animated comedy-adventure for all ages featuring the voices of Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling, Steve Carell, Wanda Sykes, Avril Lavigne, Eugene Levy, and William Shatner. Despite Verne the Turtle's (Garry Shandling) initial hesitance to breach the formidable foliage that has appeared on his doorstep since last fall, the arrival of fearless raccoon RJ (Willis) and revelation that their new human neighbors throw out enough food in one day to feed a whole forest lead the gang to consider taking the plunge and exploring the snack-filled suburbs. As Verne and RJ learn to work together in taking on their strange new surroundings, Stella the Skunk (Sykes), Hammy the Squirrel (Carrel), Heather the Opossum (Lavigne), and Heather's father, Ozzie (Shatner), join in on the fun by scavenging for Girl Scout cookies and attempting to scuttle past the pesky new suburbanites undetected. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Cons and Scams | Fish Out of Water | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : suburbs, scavenger, pest-control, raccoon, scheme, suburban-sprawl, turtle
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Bruce Willis ... RJ
Garry Shandling ... Verne
Steve Carell ... Hammy
Wanda Sykes ... Stella
William Shatner ... Ozzie
Nick Nolte ... Vincent
Thomas Haden Church ... Dwayne, The Verminator
Allison Janney ... Gladys
Eugene Levy ... Lou
Avril Lavigne ... Heather
Catherine O'Hara ... Penny
Omid Djalili ... Tiger
Shane Baumel ... Spike
Madison Davenport ... Quillo
Debra Wilson ... Debbie
Sean Bishop ... Police Officer
Jeannie Elias ... Janis
Paul Butcher ... Skeeter
Joel McCrary ... Dr. Dennis
Steve Alterman
Kirk Baily
Nicholas Guest
Bridget Hoffman
Marcelo Tubert
Ariel Winter

Total: 133 movies