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731 3/4
The Tailor of Panama 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Set amidst the controversy of the handover of the Panama Canal from America to Panama in late 1999, this espionage thriller follows seductive British spy Andrew Osnard (Pierce Brosnan), who has found himself recently banished to Panama. When Osnard stumbles into a tailor shop, he meets Harry Pendel (Geoffrey Rush), a garrulous sort with an unmatched penchant for "fluence" -- that is, fabricating wild tales with real-life details. Osnard threatens to expose his shady past, until Pendel agrees to provide him with information about the political situation in Panama. Pendel's wife Louisa (Jamie Lee Curtis) tries to remain unscathed by her husband's constant follies, which escalate and put him in the midst of international discord, while also threatening the shaky relationship between himself and Osnard, who cannot escape each other's grasp. Based on John le Carré's popular 1996 novel, the film also features Catherine McCormack, David Hayman, and young Daniel Radcliffe, who completed this film before his starring role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, released later in the year. -- Jason Clark

Themes : Cons and Scams | Political Corruption | Fighting the System | Political Unrest
Keywords : espionage, husband-and-wife, Panama, spy, storytelling, tailor, Panama-Canal
Attributes : Sleeper
Comedy Drama, Spy Film, Black Comedy, Satire, Political Satire, Spy Comedy 
Pierce Brosnan ... Andy Osnard
Geoffrey Rush ... Harry Pendel
Jamie Lee Curtis ... Louisa Pendel
Brendan Gleeson ... Mickie Abraxas
Catherine McCormack ... Francesca
Leonor Varela ... Marta
Harold Pinter ... Uncle Benny
David Hayman ... Luxmore
Mark Margolis ... Rafi Domingo
Martin Ferrero ... Teddy
John Fortune ... Ambassador Maltby
Daniel Radcliffe
Dylan Baker
732 3/4
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When America's number one NASCAR speed-demon is issued a direct challenge from a gay, French Formula One racer with a hunger for the top spot and a mean talent for tight-cornering, the race is on to become the number one man in all of NASCAR in a full throttle comedy starring Will Ferrell and directed by Anchorman cohort Adam McKay. Ricky Bobby (Ferrell) is a national hero with a "smokin' hot" trophy wife, pair of borderline-abusively precocious sons, and an endless line of endorsement deals filling his mansion with toys and driveway with sports cars and Hummers. His racing partner and lifelong friend Cal Naughton, Jr. (John C. Reilly), never fails to provide him with a hand on the racetrack, frequently performing their trademark "slingshot" maneuver to shoot Ricky into first place, leaving Cal in second. While the public loves these buddies (popularly known by the meaningless childhood nicknames they find so exceedingly cool: "Shake and Bake"), a wedge comes between the two, as Ricky Bobby's longstanding winning-streak is broken by flamboyand French Formula One driver Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen), robbing Ricky of everything in an instant as the trauma leaves him unable to drive. Ricky's wife takes his fortunes while Cal takes his wife, and now he's back with his mother (Jane Lynch) and long-estranged father (Gary Cole). Things look bad for Ricky, but his father was once a race car driver himself, and now with the help of a training montage, a live cougar, and the courage to drive without his gleaming white Wonder Bread endorsement, Ricky might be ready to face the track again. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Hotshots | Car Racing | Feuds | Rise and Fall Stories
Keywords : driver, NASCAR, stock-car
Comedy, Sports Comedy 
Will Ferrell ... Ricky Bobby
John C. Reilly ... Cal Naughton Jr.
Sacha Baron Cohen ... Jean Girard
Gary Cole ... Reese Bobby
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Lucius Washington
Leslie Bibb ... Carley Bobby
Jane Lynch ... Lucy Bobby
Amy Adams ... Susan
Andy Richter ... Gregory
Molly Shannon ... Mrs. Dennit
Greg Germann ... Larry Dennit Jr.
David Koechner ... Hershell
Jack McBrayer ... Glenn
Ian Roberts ... Kyle
Jason Davis ... Waffle House Manager
Lorrie Bess Crumley ... Schoolteacher
Dick Berggren
Luke Bigham ... 10-Year Old Ricky
Austin Crimm ... 10-Year Old Cal
Adam McKay ... Terry Cheveaux
John D. King ... ESPN Reporter
Pat Hingle ... Mr. Dennit Sr.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. ... Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Houston Tumlin ... Walker
Grayson Russell ... Texas Ranger
Ted Manson ... Chip
Danny Vinson ... Texas Ticket Seller
Sylvia G. Lyerly ... Texas Ticket Seller
Mike Joy ... Mike Joy
Larry McReynolds ... Larry McReynolds
Darrell Waltrip ... Darrell Waltrip
Jamie McMurray ... Jamie McMurray
Dan Cox ... Bartender
Bob Jenkins ... Bob Jenkins
Rob Riggle ... Jack Telmont
William Boyer ... Rescue Worker
Ruffin Copeland ... Doctor
Richard Benjamin ... Reporter
Matt Day ... Pizza Delivery Boy
Christoph Sanders ... Pizza Delivery Boy
Pete Burris ... Police Officer
Frank Hoyt Taylor ... Frank
Conrad Ricamora ... DMV Officer
Angie Fox ... Waitress
Jim Wise ... Jim Bohampton
Rebecca Koon ... Car Wash Customer
Elvis Costello ... Elvis Costello
Benny Parsons ... Benny Parsons
Jack Blessing ... Jarvis
Robert R. Lee ... Talladega Ticket Seller
Jake Johnson ... 5 Year-Old Ricky
733 0/4
Tarzan & Jane 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Even when you're the King of the Jungle, you don't want to forget your anniversary with your significant other, as taught in this direct-to-video sequel to the 1999 Disney animated adventure Tarzan. Tarzan (voice of Michael T. Weiss) and Jane (voice of Olivia d'Abo) are soon to celebrate their first anniversary together, and as the two find themselves looking back on the ups and downs of the past year, Jane decides she wants to get something special for Tarzan to mark the occasion. But Jane has a hard time deciding just what the special gift should be, and even their animal friends Terk the Gorilla (voice of April Winchell) and Tantor the Elephant (voice of Jim Cummings) are short on gift ideas. As it turns out, it's Tarzan who has the big surprise for Jane, as he plans something special to show how he's come to understand the life she left behind to be with him. Tarzan and Jane also features a new recording of the song "Two Worlds," written for the 1999 film Tarzan, and here performed by the song's composer, Phil Collins, with teen pop star Mandy Moore. -- Mark Deming

Michael T. Weiss ... Tarzan
Olivia D'Abo ... Jane
April Winchell ... Turk
Jim Cummings ... Tantor
John O'Hurley ... Neils
969 1/4
Ten Little Indians 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The third of many film and TV adaptations of the popular Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians is the title of the American edition, the hit play, and most of the movies), this 1965 version moves the action from a remote island to an isolated ski resort and otherwise rearranges the plot. The basic premise, however, remains the same. Ten strangers, eight of them guests and two of them servants, are lured to a dinner party and then trapped there to be killed one at a time by an unseen host who wishes to punish them for their disparate perceived crimes. The old nursery rhyme provides both the framing device, and, in the source material, the method of execution for each victim. In this version, however, the revised murder scenes include a hapless servant (Marianne Hoppe) falling to her death from a booby-trapped ski lift. Ten Little Indians features a varied cast that ranges from future Bond girls Shirley Eaton and Daliah Lavi to former teen idol Fabian and former Wyatt Earp TV star Hugh O'Brian. It also reunites My Fair Lady co-stars Stanley Holloway and Wilfrid Hyde-White. The film was the final directorial effort of George Pollock, who had previously helmed several adaptations of Christie's popular Miss Marple mysteries, starting with 1962's Murder, She Said. Christopher Lee makes an uncredited appearance as the recorded voice of absentee host/villain Mr. Owen. Despite its mountain setting, the picture was filmed in Ireland. --

Themes : Amateur Sleuths | Murder Investigations
Keywords : castle, guest, investigation, killing, mountains, murder
Mystery, Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Whodunit 
Hugh O'Brian ... Hugh Lombard
Shirley Eaton ... Ann Clyde
Fabian ... Mike Raven
Leo Genn ... Gen. Mandrake
Stanley Holloway ... William Blore
Marianne Hoppe ... Frau Grohmann
Wilfrid Hyde-White ... Judge Cannon
Daliah Lavi ... Ilona Bergen
Dennis Price ... Dr. Armstrong
Mario Adorf ... Herr Grohmann
734 2/4
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The second sequel to the 1984 sci-fi action classic, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is the first film without the involvement of director James Cameron. Instead, Jonathan Mostow, the man behind Breakdown and U-571, has stepped in to fill the shoes left vacant by Cameron. In addition, the role of John Connor from the second film has been recast, with In the Bedroom's Nick Stahl taking over for Edward Furlong. Set ten years after the events of 1991's Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the film finds Connor living on the streets as a common laborer. Sarah Connor, his mother, has since died, and their efforts in the second film have not stopped the creation of SkyNet artificial intelligence network. As he will still become the leader of the human resistance, Connor is once again targeted by a Terminator sent from the future by SkyNet. This new Terminator, T-X (Kristanna Loken), is a female and is more powerful than any of her predecessors. To protect Connor, the human resistance sends a new T-101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back from the future. Also starring Claire Danes, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines had its world premiere when it showed out of competition at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Eyepoppers | Tough Guys
Themes : Robots and Androids | Technology Run Amok | Heroic Mission | Time Travel | Future Dystopias
Keywords : killler-robot, fate, future, man-vs-machine, time-travel, artificial-intelligence, destiny, humanoid, nuclear-holocaust, coffin
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Arnold Schwarzenegger ... T-101
Nick Stahl ... John Connor
Claire Danes ... Kate
Kristanna Loken ... T-X
David Andrews ... Robert Brewster
Mark Famiglietti ... Scott Petersen
Alana Curry ... Bill's girlfriend
Mark Hicks ... Detective Martinez
Brian Sites ... Bill Anderson
Timothy Dowling ... Paramedic Stevens
Jerry Katell
Robert Alonzo ... Jose Barrera
Chopper Bernet ... Chief Engineer
Earl Boen ... Dr. Peter Silberman
Jon Foster ... Gas Station Cashier
M.C. Gainey ... Roadhouse Bouncer
Matt Gerald ... SWAT Team Leader
Kiki Gorton ... Roadhouse Clubgoer #3
Chris Hardwick ... 2nd Engineer
Moira Harris ... Betsy
Carolyn Hennesy ... Rich Woman
Christopher Lawford ... Brewster's Aide
Billy Lucas ... Angry Man
Larry McCormick ... KTLA Anchorman
Susan Merson ... Roadhouse Clubgoer #1
Elizabeth Morehead ... Roadhouse Clubgoer #2
William O'Leary ... Mr. Smith
Michael Papajohn ... Paramedic #1
Kim Robillard ... Detective Edwards
George E. Sack Jr. ... Semi Truck Driver
Jimmy Snyder ... Male Stripper
Rebecca Tilney ... Laura the CRS Tech
Walter von Huene ... CRS Victim
Rick Zieff ... Mr. Jones
946 4/4
The Terminator 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Endlessly imitated, The Terminator made the reputation of cowriter/director James Cameron -- who would go on to make 1997's titanic Titanic -- and solidified the stardom of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie begins in a post-apocalyptic 2029, when Los Angeles has been largely reduced to rubble and is under the thumb of all-powerful ruling machines. Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), a member of the human resistance movement, is teleported back to 1984. His purpose: to rescue Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), the mother of the man who will lead the 21st-century rebels against the tyrannical machines, from being assassinated before she can give birth. Likewise thrust back to 1984 is The Terminator (Schwarzenegger), a grim, well-armed, virtually indestructable cyborg who has been programmed to eliminate Sarah Connor. After killing two "Sarah Connors" who turn out to be the wrong women, he finally aims his gunsights at the genuine article. This is the film in which Schwarzenegger declared "I'll be baaaack" -- and back he was, in "kinder and gentler" form, in the even more successful Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Future Dystopias | Robots and Androids | Time Travel | Totalitarian States
Keywords : man-vs-machine, cyborg, killing, killler-robot, on-the-run, rebel-leader, technology, time-travel, protection, unborn-child, future, post-nuclear-holocaust
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance
Science Fiction, Action, Sci-Fi Action 
Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Terminator
Michael Biehn ... Kyle Reese
Linda Hamilton ... Sarah Connor
Paul Winfield ... Traxler
Lance Henriksen ... Vukovich
Rick Rossovich ... Matt
Bess Motta ... Ginger
Norman Friedman ... Cleaning Man
David Hyde Pierce ... Tanker Partner
Brad Reardon ... Punk
Tony Mirelez ... Station Attendant
Earl Boen ... Silberman
Dick Miller ... Pawn Shop Clerk
Shawn Schepps ... Nancy
Bruce M. Kerner ... Desk Sergeant
Franco Columbu ... Future Terminator
Bill Paxton ... Punk Leader
Brian Thompson ... Punk
Ken Fritz ... Policeman
Joe Farago ... TV Anchorman
Hettie Lynne Hurtes ... TV Anchorwoman
Philip Gordon ... Mexican Boy
Stan Yale ... Derelict
Leslie Morris ... Customer
Hugh Farrington ... Customer
Harriet Medin ... Customer
James Ralston ... Customer
Barbara Powers ... Ticket Taker
Patrick Pinney ... Bar Customer
Chino "Fats" Williams ... Truck Driver
Marianne Muellerleile ... Wrong Sarah
Ken Foree
870 4/4
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tobe Hooper's influential cult classic continues the subgenre of horror films based on the life and "career" of Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein, which began with Alfred Hitchcock's own influential cult classic Psycho. When Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) hears that the Texas cemetery where her grandfather is buried has been vandalized, she gathers her wheelchair-bound brother Franklin (Paul A. Partain) and several other friends together to see if grandpa's remains are still in one piece. While in the area, Sally and her friends decide to visit grandfather's old farmhouse. Unfortunately, a family of homicidal slaughterhouse workers who take their job home with them have taken over the house next door. Included amongst the brood is Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen), a chainsaw-wielding human horror show who wears a face mask made out of human skin. Sally's friends are rapidly exterminated one-by-one by the next-door neighbors, leaving only Sally left to fight off Leatherface and his clan. -- Paul Brenner

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Nightmare Vacations | Cannibals
Keywords : chainsaw, maniac, murder, teenagers, hitchhiker, slaughter-house, farmhouse, graverobber
Attributes : High Historical Importance, Low Budget, Low Production Values
Horror, Slasher Film 
Marilyn Burns ... Sally
Paul A. Partain ... Franklin
William Vail ... Kirk
Teri McMinn ... Pam
Gunnar Hansen ... Leatherface
Jerry Lorenz ... Truck Dtiver
William Creamer ... Bearded Man
John Henry Faulk ... Storyteller
John Larroquette ... Narrator
Edwin Neal ... Hitchhiker
Jim Siedow ... Old Man
John Dugan ... Grandfather
997 3/4
They Live 
AMG SYNOPSIS: John Carpenter wrote and directed this science fiction thriller about a group of aliens who try to take over the world by disguising themselves as Young Republicans. Wrestler Roddy Piper stars as John Nada, a drifted who makes his way into an immense encampment for the homeless. There he stumbles upon a conspiracy concerning aliens who have hypnotized the populace through subliminal messages transmitted through television, magazines, posters, and movies. When Nada looks through special Ray-Bans developed by the resistance leaders, the aliens lose their clean-cut "Dan Quayle" looks and resemble crusty-looking reptiles. Nada joins the underground, teaming up with rebel-leader Frank (Keith David) to eradicate the lizard-like aliens from the body politic. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Evil Aliens | Heroic Mission
Keywords : alien [not human], invasion, class-clash, drifter, brainwashing, bum, consciousness, conspiracy, glasses, hypnosis, indoctrination, manipulation, mind-control, poverty, subliminal-message, upper-class, media, deprogrammer
Horror, Science Fiction, Alien Film, Political Satire, Sci-Fi Action 
Roddy Piper ... John Nada
Keith David ... Frank
Meg Foster ... Holly
George "Buck" Flower ... Drifter
Peter Jason ... Gilbert
Christine Baur ... Woman on Phone
Norman L. Howell ... Blond-Haired Cop
Rezza Shan ... Arab Clerk
Jason Robards III ... Family Man
Raymond St. Jacques ... Street Preacher
Susan Barnes ... Brown-Haired Woman
Sy Richardson ... Black Revolutionary
Wendy Brainard ... Family Man's Daughter
Lucille Meredith ... Female Interviewer
Susan Blanchard ... Ingenue
Norman Alden ... Foreman
Dana Bratton ... Black Junkie
John F. Goff ... Well-dressed Customer
Norman D. Wilson ... Vendor
Thelma Lee ... Rich Lady
Stratton Leopold ... Depressed Human
Larry Franco ... Neighbor
Tom Searle ... Biker
Robert Grasmere ... Scruffy Blond Man
Jon Paul Jones ... Manager
Dennis Michael ... Male News Anchor
Nancy Gee ... Female News Anchor
Claudia Stanlee ... Young Female Executive
Eileen Wesson ... Pregnant Secretary
Jim Nickerson ... Security Guard
Kerry Rossall ... 2nd Unit Guard
Cibby Danyla ... Naked Lady
Jeff Imada ... Male Ghoul
735 4/4
The Thin Red Line 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The return of director Terrence Malick to feature filmmaking after a twenty year sabbatical, this World War II drama is an elegiac rumination on man's destruction of nature and himself, based on James Jones' semi-autobiographical novel, his follow-up to From Here to Eternity. James Caviezel stars as Private Witt, a deserter living in peace and harmony with the natives of a Pacific island paradise. Captured by the Navy, Witt is debriefed by a senior officer (Sean Penn) and returned to an active duty unit preparing for what will be the Battle of Guadalcanal. As Witt goes ashore in the company of his fellow soldiers, they meet diverse fates. Sergeant Keck (Woody Harrelson) is killed by an exploding grenade. Captain John Gaff (John Cusack) is an intelligent, sober leader facing the destruction of his command because his commanding officer Colonel Tall (Nick Nolte) is bucking for a general's star. Sergeant McCron (John Savage) loses his mind. Private Bell (Ben Chaplin) gets a "Dear John" letter from his beloved wife. However, as the U.S. troops advance up grassy slopes toward entrenched Japanese positions, it is Witt's voiced-over ruminations on life, death, and nature that are the real heart and soul of The Thin Red Line (1998). Adrien Brody appears as Private Fife, the major character of Jones' novel and the author's alter-ego, although Fife has been relegated to a minor supporting role by Malick's filmed adaptation. -- Karl Williams

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Great Battles | Military Life | Crisis of Conscience
Keywords : army, battle [war], courage, self-doubt, troops, war
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values, Sleeper
War, War Drama, Anti-War Film, Combat Films, Ensemble Film 
Sean Penn ... First Sgt. Edward Welsh
Adrien Brody ... Cpl. Fife
James Caviezel ... Pvt. Witt
Ben Chaplin ... Pvt. Bell
George Clooney ... Capt. Charles Bosche
John Cusack ... Capt. John Gaff
Woody Harrelson ... Sgt. Keck
Elias Koteas ... Capt. James "Bugger" Staros
Jared Leto ... Second Lt. Whyte
Dash Mihok ... Pfc. Doll
Tim Blake Nelson ... Pvt. Tills
Nick Nolte ... Lt. Col. Gordon Tall
John C. Reilly ... Sgt. Storm
Larry Romano ... Pvt. Mazzi
John Savage ... Sgt. McCron
John Travolta ... Brig. Gen. Quintard
Arie Verveen ... Pfc. Dale
David Harrod ... Cpl. Queen
Thomas Jane ... Pvt. Ash
Polyn Leona ... Melanesian Woman with child
Miranda Otto ... Marty Bell
Matt Doran ... Private Coombs
975 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Prolific production designer and art director Catherine Hardwicke makes her directorial debut with the coming-of-age drama Thirteen. Los Angeles teenager and overachiever Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood) is an excellent student in her seventh grade class and gets along well with her mother, Melanie (Holly Hunter). She fears that she's not cool enough to be friends with Evie (Nikki Reed), the most popular girl in school. Fueled with genuine adolescent energy, Tracy follows Evie's lead into the harsh realities of sex, drugs, and hard-edged adventure. Consumed with temptations and conflicting desires, Tracy loses her good-girl identity, greatly affecting her relationship with her mom. Partly autobiographical, Thirteen was co-written by Hardwicke and actual 13-year-old Reed, who are close family friends. Originally intending to write a teen comedy, they ended up creating a hard-hitting drama exposing the contemporary teenage experience. Thirteen was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, with Catherine Hardwicke taking home the Director's Award. --

Moods : Angsty | Only Human
Themes : Kids in Trouble | Peer Pressure [k] | Dangerous Friends | Drug/Alcohol Experimentation [k] | Mothers and Daughters | Managing Parental Relationships [k]
Keywords : girl, teenagers, adolescence, coming-of-age, over-achiever, drugs, juvenile-crime, self-mutilation, sexual-awakening, shoplifting
Drama, Coming-of-Age, Family Drama 
Holly Hunter ... Melanie
Evan Rachel Wood ... Tracy
Nikki Reed ... Evie Zamora
Jeremy Sisto ... Brady
Brady Corbet ... Mason
Deborah Kara Unger ... Brooke
Kip Pardue ... Luke
Sarah Clarke ... Birdie
D.W. Moffett ... Travis
Jenicka Carey ... Astrid
736 2/4
The Thirteenth Floor 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The increasingly blurry lines between what is real and what is an artificial construct - both physically and philosophically - are the point of focus in the science fiction drama The Thirteenth Floor. In 1937, a man named Fuller (Armin Mueller-Stahl) gives a note to Ashton (Vincent D'Onofrio), the bartender at a swank hotel, that's addressed to Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko). Fuller tells Ashton it's crucial that no one else sees the note, and that the information enclosed is of great importance. Moments later, Fuller transports himself to 1998. He's soon found murdered, and a shirt stained with Fuller's blood is found in Hall's apartment. Fuller and Hall both work for Intergraph Computer Systems, a cutting edge artificial intelligence firm, and the "past" Fuller was visiting was actually a stunningly realistic recreation of Los Angeles 50 years ago, complete with people you can meet and places you can visit, that exists only in a microchip. The message he left with Ashton, however, is real. Some people, including LAPD detective Larry McBain (Dennis Haysbert) believe Hall murdered Fuller to assume his position of leadership at Intergraph. Jane (Gretchen Mol), Fuller's daughter, soon arrives on the scene, and Hall finds himself infatuated; Hall is determined to clear his name, so with the help of Whitney (also played by (Vincent D'Onofrio), he into the virtual 1937 in hopes of discovering just what happened. The Thirteenth Floor makes copious use of digital effects technology to allow its characters to travel between 1937 and 1998 - ironically using computer technology to create a world that exists inside a computer. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions | Spellbinders
Themes : Time Travel | Virtual Reality | Murder Investigations
Keywords : accusation, investigation, murder, reality, time-travel, vindication, virtual-reality
Science Fiction, Tech Noir 
Craig Bierko ... Douglas Hall
Armin Mueller-Stahl ... Hannon Fuller
Gretchen Mol ... Jane Fuller
Vincent D'Onofrio ... Ashton, Whitney
Dennis Haysbert ... Det. Larry McBain
Steven Schub ... Zev Bernstein
Jeremy Roberts ... Tom Jones
737 2/4
This Is 40 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Judd Apatow's This Is 40 stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann star as Pete and Debbie, the same married couple they played in Apatow's Knocked Up. As the movie opens, Debbie is turning 40 but tells everybody she's younger. She runs a small, boutique clothing store that's breaking even financially, while Pete manages a retro-minded indie-music label that's under serious financial strain just as they are trying to launch a new album by Graham Parker. Their money troubles are compounded by Pete's dad Larry (Albert Brooks), who continually hits up his son for cash because he has toddler triplets after an overly successful fertilization treatment with his younger second wife. Debbie has daddy issues as well. Her father (John Lithgow), an emotionally cold, highly successful surgeon, seems to want no part of his daughter's life, even though they meet for lunch occasionally after not talking to each other for a lengthy period of time. All of these people, along with Debbie's trainer, Pete's employees, and salesgirls from Debbie's boutique, arrive at the couple's beautiful home for a birthday party where all the familial wounds are opened. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Foibles of Marriage | Midlife Crises | Nothing Goes Right
Keywords : aging, husband-and-wife, middle-age, couple, marriage
Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
Paul Rudd ... Pete
Leslie Mann ... Debbie
Megan Fox ... Desi
Albert Brooks ... Larry
Chris O'Dowd ... Ronnie
Melissa McCarthy ... Catherine
Maude Apatow ... Sadie
Iris Apatow ... Charlotte
Jason Segel ... Jason
Annie Mumolo ... Barb
Robert Smigel ... Barry
Charlyne Yi ... Jodi
Hugh Fink ... Male Boutique Customer
D.A. Sandoval ... Older Pregnant Parent
Megan Grano ... School Playdate Parent
Mackenzie Aladjem ... School Playdate Child
Tom Yi ... Charlotte's Teacher
Molly Shad ... Grandma Molly
Michael Ian Black ... Accountant
David Wild ... Jewish Journal Reporter
Barb Hernandez ... Mammogram Technician
Tom Everett ... Pete's Doctor
Tim Bagley ... Dr. Pellegrino
Damon Gupton ... Colonoscopy Technician
Dan Bakkedahl ... Dentist
Rebekah Johnson ... Gyno Nurse
Erica Vittana Phillips ... Gyno Nurse
Jack Metcalf ... Triplet
Travis Metcalf ... Triplet
Bradley Metcalf ... Triplet
Lisa Darr ... Claire
John Lithgow ... Oliver
Johnny Pemberton ... Room Service Waiter
Sam Dissanayake ... Eastern Doctor
Tatum O'Neal ... Realtor
Ava Sambora ... Wendy
Nyla Durdin ... Sadie's Set-Pain
Wyatt Russell ... Flirty Hockey Player
Joanne Baron ... Vice Principal Laviani
Spencer Daniels ... Obnoxious Teenager in SUV
Charlotte Townsend ... Obnoxious Teenager in SUV
Phil Hendrie ... Man in Range Rover
Nicol Paone ... ER Nurse
Ian McLagan ... Ryan Adams Band
738 2/4
The Thomas Crown Affair 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a priceless Monet painting is stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the police find themselves wondering which world-class art thief pulled the job. What they don't know is that the thief wasn't a professional, but an amateur. Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) was born poor but made his way through Oxford on a boxing scholarship. With his sharp sense for business and ruthless ambition, Crown has become a self-made billionaire; but despite his wealth and power, he still seeks new challenges, and he steals art not for the profits but for the sheer excitement. However, as fun as art theft might be, it's still illegal, and investigator Catherine Banning (Rene Russo) is brought in to track down the culprit. Certain clues point to Crown, so Banning introduces herself into Crown's social circle. Police detective Michael McCann (Denis Leary) warns Banning against getting too close to Crown. She takes McCann's suggestion lightly -- until she finds herself falling for the suave thief. The Thomas Crown Affair was adapted from the popular 1968 caper film of the same name starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway; Dunaway appears in the new film as Crown's analyst. -- Mark Deming

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Art Theft | Dangerous Attraction | Perfect Crime
Keywords : art-theft, billionaire, clue, heist, investigator, painting, sexual-attraction
Crime, Romance, Caper 
Pierce Brosnan ... Thomas Crown
Rene Russo ... Catherine Banning
Denis Leary ... Detective Michael McCann
Ben Gazzara ... Andrew Wallace
Frankie R. Faison ... Detective Paretti
Fritz Weaver ... John Reynolds
Charles Keating ... Golchan
Mark Margolis ... Knutzhorn
Faye Dunaway ... The Psychiatrist
739 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Exiled to Earth after his arrogance fans the flames of an ancient conflict, The Mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth) of Asgard discovers the meaning of humility when a powerful old foe dispatches a destructive force to crush humanity. Only when the banished prince has defeated an opponent capable of crushing him in battle will he learn what it takes to be a true leader. Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgård, and Tadanobu Asano co-star in a comic-book adventure from acclaimed director Kenneth Branagh. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Fantasy Lands | Fathers and Sons | Mythical Creatures
Keywords : gods, brother, mythological-legends, punishment
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Mythological Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster
Tom Hiddleston ... Loki
Anthony Hopkins ... Odin
Stellan Skarsgård ... Dr. Erik Selvig
Colm Feore ... Laufey
Ray Stevenson ... Volstagg
Idris Elba ... Heimdall
Kat Dennings ... Darcy
Jaimie Alexander ... Sif
Clark Gregg ... Agent Coulson
Tadanobu Asano ... Hogun
Rene Russo ... Frigga
Adriana Barraza ... Isabela Alvarez
Maximiliano Hernandez ... Agent Sitwell
Richard Cetrone ... Frost Giant Captain
Darren Kendrick ... Frost Giant Sentry
Josh Coxx ... Frost Giant Hallstrum
Joseph Gatt ... Frost Giant Grundroth
Luke Massy ... Frost Giant Raze
Matthew Ducey ... Einherjar Guard
Jason Camp ... Einherjar Guard
Buddy Sosthand ... Agent Delancey
Blake Silver ... Techie
Jamie McShane ... Agent Jackson
Dale Godboldo ... Agent Garrett
Patrick O'Brien Demsey ... Agent Cale
Jim Palmer ... Shield Guard
Seth Coltan ... Townie
J. Michael Straczynski ... Townie
Ryan Schaefer ... Townie
Matt Battaglia ... Pete
Dakota Goyo ... Young Thor
Stan Lee ... Stan the Man
Joel McCrary ... Drunk Townie
Isaac Kappy ... Pet Store Clerk
Juliet Lopez ... Admission Nurse
Rob Mars ... Orderly
Carrie Lazar ... Viking Mother
Harley Graham ... Viking Child
Alexander Wright ... Viking Elder
Hilary Pingle ... Viking
Shawn-Caulin Young ... Viking
Kinsey McLean ... Viking
Kelly Hawthorne ... Viking
Ted Allpress ... Young Loki
1058 3/4
Thor: Ragnarok 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After being defeated in combat by his half-sister Hela (Cate Blanchett), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) ends up as an imprisoned gladiator on a distant world ruled by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). Now, he must work together with fellow Avenger the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), another combatant fighting for the Grandmaster's pleasure, in order to escape and return to Asgard before Hela can unleash the world-ending event known as Ragnarok. Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban and Benedict Cumberbatch co-star. Directed by Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople). --

Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : contest, exile, gladiator, imprisonment, survival
Action, Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Tom Hiddleston ... Loki
Cate Blanchett ... Hela
Idris Elba ... Heimdall
Jeff Goldblum ... Grandmaster
Tessa Thompson ... Valkyrie
Karl Urban ... Skurge
Mark Ruffalo ... Bruce Banner/Hulk
Anthony Hopkins ... Odin
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Doctor Strange
Taika Waititi ... Korg
Rachel House ... Topaz
Clancy Brown ... Surtur
Tadanobu Asano ... Hogun
Ray Stevenson ... Volstagg
Zachary Levi ... Fandral
Ash Ricardo ... Odin's Assistant
Cohen Holloway ... Lead Scrapper
Shari Sebbens ... Asgardian Mother
Richard Green ... Asgardian Uncle
Rob Mayes ... Asgardian Man
740 3/4
Thor: The Dark World 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returns to do battle with Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), the vengeful leader of a primordial race that seeks to destroy the Nine Realms, in this big-budget comic-book adventure set after the events of Marvel's The Avengers. With even Odin (Anthony Hopkins) unable to protect Asgard from the approaching darkness, the god of thunder reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the world from certain destruction. Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, and Tadanobu Asano co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : End of the World | Fantasy Lands | Fathers and Sons | Mythical Creatures
Keywords : gods, adventurer, battle [war], destruction, elf, enemy, mythological-legends, quest, villain
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Mythological Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster
Tom Hiddleston ... Loki
Stellan Skarsgård ... Dr. Erik Selvig
Idris Elba ... Heimdall
Christopher Eccleston ... Malekith
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ... Algrim the Strong/Kurse
Kat Dennings ... Darcy
Ray Stevenson ... Volstagg
Zachary Levi ... Fandral
Tadanobu Asano ... Hogun
Jaimie Alexander ... Sif
Rene Russo ... Frigga
Anthony Hopkins ... Odin
Alice Krige ... Eir
Clive Russell ... Tyr
Jonathan Howard ... Ian Boothby
Ramone Morgan ... John
Obada Alassadi ... Navid
Imaan Chentouf ... Maddie
Henry Calcutt ... Volstagg's Child #1
Ava Estella Caton ... Volstagg's Child #2
Abbie McCann ... Volstagg's Child #3
Thomas Arnold ... Desk Officer
Sam Swainsbury ... Stonehenge TV News Reporter
Connor Donaghey ... Sad Child
Royce Pierreson ... Student
Annabel Norbury ... Woman on Platform
Sophie Cosson ... Wench #1
Chris O'Dowd ... Richard
Gruffudd Glyn ... Police Officer #2
Richard Brake ... Einherjar Lietenant
Stan Lee ... Himself
Steve Scott ... Himself
Brett Tucker ... Einherjar Guard
Talulah Riley ... Nurse
Richard Wharton ... Asylum Patient
741 2/4
Thoroughly Modern Millie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: George Roy Hill directed this original musical set the 1920s that mixes pop standards with new tunes written by Sammy Cahn and James Van Heusen. Julie Andrews, in a role that recalls her Broadway triumph in The Boy Friend, stars as Millie Dillmount, who comes to New York is search of a secretarial job and an unattached boss. She moves into a hotel for women, run by kindly Mrs. Meers (Beatrice Lillie), and she befriends the pretty, petite orphan Dorothy Brown (Mary Tyler Moore). Millie finds work with the handsome bachelor Trevor Graydon (John Gavin), but Trevor has his eyes on Dorothy. So too does Mrs. Meers, who despite her kindly exterior is actually an unscrupulous white slaver. Paper clip salesman Jimmy Smith (James Fox), on the other hand, pledges his undying love to Millie. One day, after attending a weekend party being given at the opulent Long Island mansion of Muzzy Van Hossmere (Carol Channing), Dorothy disappears. When Jimmy and Millie smell opium in Dorothy's room, they realize the awful truth about Mrs. Meers. Trying to rescue Dorothy and find the location of Mrs. Meers' hideout, Jimmy disguises himself as an orphaned woman and tries to get himself kidnapped. The scheme backfires, however, and Mrs. Meers drugs and kidnaps both Jimmy and Trevor. It is left to Millie to find the white slavers, free her friends from bondage and save the day. -- Paul Brenner

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Workplace Romance | Ladder to the Top
Keywords : flapper, woman, Americana, boss [employer], boyfriend, brothel, coming-of-age, girl
Musical, Comedy, Musical Comedy, Farce 
Julie Andrews ... Millie Dillmount
James Fox ... Jimmy Smith
Mary Tyler Moore ... Dorothy Brown
Carol Channing ... Muzzy Van Hossmere
John Gavin ... Trevor Graydon
Beatrice Lillie ... Mrs. Meers
Jack Soo ... Oriental #1
Philip Ahn ... Tee
Anthony Dexter ... Juarez
Lou Nova ... Cruncher
Victor Rogers ... Gregory Huntley
Lisabeth Hush ... Judith Tremaine
Herbie Faye ... Taxi Driver
Benny Rubin ... Waiter
Mae Clarke ... Woman in the Office
Buddy Schwab ... Dorothy's Dance Partner
Jay Thompson ... Pianist
Albert Carrier ... Adrian Huntley
Michael St. Clair ... Baron Richter
1072 4/4
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Frustrated with the lack of progress by the local police in finding those responsible for the brutal murder of her daughter, a mother (Frances McDormand) installs three controversial billboards on the edge of town to goad the department into action. Her decision leads to a clash with both the chief of police (Woody Harrelson) and his unhinged second-in-command (Sam Rockwell). Lucas Hedges, Clarke Peters, Peter Dinklage, John Hawkes, Abbie Cornish, and Caleb Landry Jones co-star in this crime drama from writer/director Martin McDonagh (In Bruges). --

Keywords : authority, challenge, daughter, investigation, mother, murder
Crime, Drama 
Frances McDormand ... Mildred Hayes
Woody Harrelson ... Sheriff Bill Willoughby
Sam Rockwell ... Officer Jason Dixon
Lucas Hedges ... Robbie
Clarke Peters ... Abercrombie
Abbie Cornish ... Anne Willoughby
Peter Dinklage ... James
Caleb Landry Jones ... Red
Zeljko Ivanek ... Desk Sergeant
John Hawkes ... Charlie
Kerry Condon ... Pamela
Alejandro Barrios ... Latino
Malaya Rivera Drew ... Gabriella
Sandy Martin ... Momma Dixon
Christopher Berry ... Tony
Jerry Winsett ... Geoffrey
Kathryn Newton ... Angela
Michael Aaron Milligan ... Pal
Nokitaka Kawaguchi
742 4/4
Three Kings 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Three stars team up for this unusual look at America's role in the war against Iraq. In 1991, as the Gulf War winds to a close, three American servicemen find themselves happy to have achieved victory but wondering about the ultimate importance of what they've done (especially since Saddam Hussein is still in power). Major Archie Gates (George Clooney) is a decorated Vietnam veteran and special forces officer with two weeks to go before he retires; Sgt. Troy Barlow (Mark Wahlberg) has a new baby at home; and Chief Elgin (Ice Cube) is probably just going to end up back in Detroit. So when one of them comes across a map that seems to point out where Saddam's forces have stashed a large cache of gold they stole from Kuwait, they decide to follow the trail and take some of the war booty for themselves. However, the deeper they journey into Iraq, the more they see of the consequences of America's policies in the Middle East. Although President George Bush and the American military urged Iraqi citizens to rise up against Saddam Hussein, and pledged their support to a people's movement against the leader, Iraqis found that when they took to the streets against Saddam, the United States did not back them up, and the loss of Iraqi lives was fearsome. When Gates, Barlow and Elgin become aware of what's happening, they're torn between their desire to grab the fortune they came for and the demands of their conscience to help the people they came to liberate. Three Kings was directed by David O. Russell and marked a significant change of direction after his dark-humored relationship comedies, Spanking the Monkey and Flirting with Disaster. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Behind Enemy Lines | Treasure Hunts | Crisis of Conscience | Culture Clash
Keywords : American [nationality], desert, group, Iraq, military, veteran [military], conscience, gold-shipment
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance
War, Comedy Drama, War Adventure, Anti-War Film, Military Comedy, Caper 
George Clooney ... Major Archie Gates
Mark Wahlberg ... Sergeant Troy Barlow
Ice Cube ... Chief Elgin
Spike Jonze ... Conrad Vig
Nora Dunn ... Adriana Cruz
Jamie Kennedy ... Walter Wogaman
Mykelti Williamson ... Colonel Horn
Cliff Curtis ... Amir Abdulah
Saïd Taghmaoui ... Captain Sa'id
Judy Greer ... Cathy Daitch
Liz Stauber ... Debbie Barlow
Holt McCallany ... Captain Van Meter
Pete Antico ... [uncredited] Oasis Bunker Guard
Peter Macdissi ... Oasis Bunker Iraqi Republic Guard Lieutenant
947 2/4
Three O'Clock High 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The first feature film from director Phil Joanou (State of Grace), Three O' Clock High chronicles a high school nerd's much hyped after-school bout with the infamous class bully. When the impish Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko) is assigned to interview the new transfer student with a supposedly violent past, Buddy Revell (Richard Tyson), he makes the fatal mistake of touching his subject. Revell, who hates being touched, responds by challenging the unwilling Mitchell to a fight at three o'clock in the parking lot. Spanning the course of the school day, the film follows the disaster-bound Mitchell as he soils his good-boy image through various misguided attempts at averting the fight. Also making noteworthy appearances in the film are Jeffrey Tambor and Philip Baker Hall. --

Moods : Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : Bullies | High School Life | New Kid in Town | Nothing Goes Right
Keywords : boy, bully, coming-of-age, high-school, journalism, school, student, teenagers
Comedy, Farce, Teen Movie 
Casey Siemaszko ... Jerry Mitchell
Anne Ryan ... Franny Perrins
Stacey Glick ... Brei Mitchell
Jonathan Wise ... Vincent Costello
Richard Tyson ... Buddy Revell
Jeffrey Tambor ... Mr. Rice
Liza Morrow ... Karen Clarke
Philip Baker Hall ... Detective Mulvahill
John Ryan ... Mr. O'Rourke
Scott Tiler ... Bruce Chalmer
Theron Read ... Mark Bojeekus
Mike Jolly ... Craig Mattey
Mitch Pileggi ... Duke Herman
E. Katherine Kerr ... Mrs. Phillips
Caitlin O'Heaney ... Miss Farmer
Vivian Brown ... Miss Vail
John Rothman ... Mr. Medved
Shirley Stoler ... Eva
Alice Nunn ... Nurse Palmer
Brian Andrews ... Nerdy Kid
Paul Feig ... Hall Monitor
Yeardley Smith ... Cheerleader
Tom Taylor ... Jock #3
743 1/4
A Time to Kill 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson) takes the law into his own hands after the legal system fails to adequately punish the men who brutally raped and beat his daughter, leaving her for dead. Normally, a distraught father could count on some judicial sympathy in those circumstances. Unfortunately, Carl and his daughter are black, and the assailants are white, and all the events take place in the South. Indeed, so inflammatory is the situation, that the local KKK (led by Kiefer Sutherland) becomes popular again. When Hailey chooses novice lawyer Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) to handle his defense, it begins to look like a certainty that Carl will hang, and Jake's career (and perhaps his life) will come to a premature end. Despite the efforts of the NAACP and local black leaders to persuade Carl to choose some of their high-powered legal help, he remains loyal to Jake, who had helped his brother with a legal problem before the story begins. Jake eventually takes this case seriously enough to seek help from his old law-school professor (Donald Sutherland). When death threats force his family to leave town, Jake even accepts the help of pushy young know-it-all lawyer Ellen Roark (Sandra Bullock). -- Clarke Fountain

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Race Relations | Social Injustice
Keywords : injustice, killing, bigotry, courtroom, murder, punishment, racism, rape, revenge, trial [courtroom]
Drama, Courtroom Drama, Message Movie 
Matthew McConaughey ... Jake Brigance
Samuel L. Jackson ... Carl Lee Hailey
Sandra Bullock ... Ellen Roark
Kevin Spacey ... Rufus Buckley
Brenda Fricker ... Ethel Twitty
Oliver Platt ... Harry Rex Vonner
John Diehl ... Tim Nunley
Nicky Katt ... Billy Ray Cobb
Joe Seneca ... Rev. Isaiah Street
Chris Cooper ... Deputy Looney
Anthony Heald ... Dr. Rodeheaver
Jonathan Hadary ... Norman Reinfield
Kurtwood Smith ... Stump Sisson
Patrick McGoohan ... Judge Omar Noose
Donald Sutherland ... Lucien Wilbanks
Ashley Judd ... Carla Brigance
Kiefer Sutherland ... Freddie Cobb
Beth Grant ... Cora Cobb
Doug Hutchison ... Pete Willard
Byron Jennings ... Brent Musgrove
Mark W. Johnson ... Hastings
Alexandra Kyle ... Hannah
Greg Lauren ... Buckley's Asst.
Terry Loughlin ... Jury Foreman
Benjamin Mouton ... KKK militant
Tonea Stewart ... Gwen Hailey
Graham Timbes ... Male Juror
M. Emmet Walsh ... Defense Psychologist
Charles S. Dutton ... Sheriff Ozzie Walls
Tim Parati ... Winston
744 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This made-for-TV drama is a prequel to the 1995 feature The Christmas Box, which starred Maureen O'Hara as the formidable dowager Mary Parkin. Set in the '40s, Timepiece stars Naomi Watts as the much-younger Mary, a British transplant not yet married to her widowed boss, small-town businessman David Parkin (Kevin Kilner). By way of explaining how the older Mary came into possession of the priceless watch which figured so prominently in Christmas Box, Timepiece unfolds the story of Lawrence Flynn (James Earl Jones), an old black clock-maker who is accused of murdering the bullying white bigot who'd been tormenting him. As the town's legal authorities are poised to throw the book at Flynn, David Parkin steps forward to make a statement that will win him the undying love and fidelity of the impressionable Mary. Weaving in and out of the proceedings is a poignant subplot involving Parkins' daughter, Andrea (Mercedes Villamil), a victim of meningitis. Adapted from a novel by Richard Paul Evans, Timepiece made its first CBS network appearance on December 22, 1996. -- Hal Erickson

Keywords : businessperson, clock, dowager, false-accusation
Naomi Watts ... Mary Chandler
Kevin Kilner ... David Parkin
James Earl Jones ... Lawrence Flynn
Ellen Burstyn ... Maud Gannon
Richard Thomas ... Richard Evans
Hadley Eure ... Barbara
J. Michael Hunter ... George
Jonathan Tabler ... Barker
745 2/4
Titan A.E. 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Titan A.E. combines cel and CG imagery in this science fiction saga. In 3028, after the Earth is destroyed by an invading alien race, a tiny number of surviving humans roam the universe in ragtag spaceships, trying to find each other and maintain some sense of community. Shortly before the final destruction of the planet, Cale (voice of Matt Damon) was given a map that would guide him to a space station called Titan, secretly constructed as a last hope in the event of alien Armageddon. Cale sets out in search of Titan and the fabled Ice Planet with the help of his friend Korso (voice of Bill Pullman), the beautiful Akima (voice of Drew Barrymore), and a crew of friendly aliens. Titan A.E. was directed by noted animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman and scripted by Ben Edlund, creator of the comic book series The Tick. Other members of the voice cast include Nathan Lane, Janeane Garofalo, John Leguizamo, and Tone Loc. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Evil Aliens | Heroic Mission | Space Wars
Keywords : alien [not human], attack, destruction, earth, escape, father, future, spacecraft
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Matt Damon ... Cale
Drew Barrymore ... Akima
Bill Pullman ... Korso
John Leguizamo ... Gune
Nathan Lane ... Preed
Janeane Garofalo ... Stith
Ron Perlman ... Prof. Sam Tucker
Alex D. Linz ... Young Cale
Jim Breuer ... The Cook
1089 0/4
The Titan 
AMG SYNOPSIS: "Earth is becoming uninhabitable, and military pilot Rick (Sam Worthington) is selected to be in an experiment on the sustainability on Saturn’s moon Titan. The rigorous program causes him to genetically mutate, proving deadly for him, his family, and potentially the entire human race. Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and Nathalie Emmanuel also star. Directed by Lennart Ruff." --

Science Fiction 
Sam Worthington
Taylor Schilling
Sofia Boutella
Tom Wilkinson
Nathalie Emmanuel
746 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This spectacular epic re-creates the ill-fated maiden voyage of the White Star Line's $7.5 million R.M.S Titanic and the tragic sea disaster of April 15, 1912. Running over three hours and made with the combined contributions of two major studios (20th Century-Fox, Paramount) at a cost of more than $200 million, Titanic ranked as the most expensive film in Hollywood history at the time of its release, and became the most successful. Writer-director James Cameron employed state-of-the-art digital special effects for this production, realized on a monumental scale and spanning eight decades. Inspired by the 1985 discovery of the Titanic in the North Atlantic, the contemporary storyline involves American treasure-seeker Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) retrieving artifacts from the submerged ship. Lovett looks for diamonds but finds a drawing of a young woman, nude except for a necklace. When 102-year-old Rose (Gloria Stuart) reveals she's the person in the portrait, she is summoned to the wreckage site to tell her story of the 56-carat diamond necklace and her experiences of 84 years earlier. The scene then shifts to 1912 Southampton where passengers boarding the Titanic include penniless Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and society girl Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), returning to Philadelphia with her wealthy fiance Cal Hockley (Billy Zane). After the April 10th launch, Rose develops a passionate interest in Jack, and Cal's reaction is vengeful. At midpoint in the film, the Titanic slides against the iceberg and water rushes into the front compartments. Even engulfed, Cal continues to pursue Jack and Rose as the massive liner begins its descent.
Cameron launched the project after seeing Robert Ballard's 1987 National Geographic documentary on the wreckage. Blueprints of the real Titanic were followed during construction at Fox's custom-built Rosarito, Mexico studio, where a hydraulics system moved an immense model in a 17-million-gallon water tank. During three weeks aboard the Russian ship Academik Keldysh, underwater sequences were filmed with a 35mm camera in a titanium case mounted on the Russian submersible Mir 1. When the submersible neared the wreck, a video camera inside a remote-operated vehicle was sent into the Titanic's 400-foot bow, bringing back footage of staterooms, furniture and chandeliers. On November 1, 1997, the film had its world premiere at the 10th Tokyo International Film Festival. -- Bhob Stewart

Moods : A Good Cry | In the Mood for Love
Themes : Disasters at Sea | Ship Cruises | Star-Crossed Lovers | Class Differences | Otherwise Engaged
Keywords : love, sea-disaster, star-crossed-lovers, shipwreck, necklace, survivor, drawing [art], drowning, rescue, class-consciousness, iceberg, ill-fated
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Budget, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Epic, Romance, Romantic Epic, Disaster Film, Period Film, Sea Adventure 
Leonardo DiCaprio ... Jack Dawson
Kate Winslet ... Rose DeWitt Bukater
Billy Zane ... Cal Hockley
Kathy Bates ... Molly Brown
Frances Fisher ... Ruth DeWitt Bukater
Gloria Stuart ... Old Rose
Bill Paxton ... Brock Lovett
Bernard Hill ... Captain Smith
Jonathan Hyde ... Bruce Ismay
Victor Garber ... Thomas Andrews
David Warner ... Spicer Lovejoy
Danny Nucci ... Fabrizio
Suzy Amis ... Lizzy Calvert
Bernard Fox ... Col. Archibald Gracie
Jenette Goldstein ... Irish Mommy
Ewan Stewart ... First Officer Murdoch
Ioan Gruffudd ... Fifth Officer Harold Lowe
Mark Lindsay Chapman ... Chief Officer Henry T. Wilde
Eric Braeden ... John Jacob Astor
747 4/4
To Kill a Mockingbird 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning autobiographical novel was translated to film in 1962 by Horton Foote and the producer/director team of Robert Mulligan and Alan J. Pakula. Set a small Alabama town in the 1930s, the story focuses on scrupulously honest, highly respected lawyer Atticus Finch, magnificently embodied by Gregory Peck. Finch puts his career on the line when he agrees to represent Tom Robinson (Brock Peters), a black man accused of rape. The trial and the events surrounding it are seen through the eyes of Finch's six-year-old daughter Scout (Mary Badham). While Robinson's trial gives the film its momentum, there are plenty of anecdotal occurrences before and after the court date: Scout's ever-strengthening bond with older brother Jem (Philip Alford), her friendship with precocious young Dill Harris (a character based on Lee's childhood chum Truman Capote and played by John Megna), her father's no-nonsense reactions to such life-and-death crises as a rampaging mad dog, and especially Scout's reactions to, and relationship with, Boo Radley (Robert Duvall in his movie debut), the reclusive "village idiot" who turns out to be her salvation when she is attacked by a venomous bigot. To Kill a Mockingbird won Academy Awards for Best Actor (Peck), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Art Direction. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Race Relations | Social Injustice | Sibling Relationships | Single Parents
Keywords : Black [race], childhood, courtroom, father, lawyer, racial-tension, racism, rape, small-town, Southerner, trial [courtroom]
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Drama, Childhood Drama, Family Drama 
Gregory Peck ... Atticus Finch
Mary Badham ... Jean Louise "Scout" Finch
Philip Alford ... Jem Finch
John Megna ... Dill Harris
Ruth White ... Mrs. Dubose
Paul Fix ... Judge Taylor
Brock Peters ... Tom Robinson
Frank Overton ... Sheriff Heck Tate
Rosemary Murphy ... Miss Maudie Atkinson
Robert Duvall ... Boo Radley
Estelle Evans ... Calpurnia
Alice Ghostley ... Stephanie Crawford
William Windom ... Gilmer
Richard Hale ... Mr. Radley
Tex Armstrong ... Man
David Crawford ... Tom Robinson, Jr.
Graham Denton ... Walter Cunningham
Charles Fredericks ... Court Clerk
Jester Hairston ... Spence Robinson
Kim Hamilton ... Helen Robinson
Nancy Marshall ... Schoolteacher
Paulene Myers ... Jessie
Hugh Sanders ... Dr. Reynolds
Kelly Thordsen ... Burly Man
Dan White
Guy Wilkerson ... Jury Foreman
Kim Stanley ... Narrator
Steve Condit ... Walter Cunningham
Collin Wilcox Paxton ... Mayella Ewell
James Anderson ... Bob Ewell
Bill Walker ... Rev. Sykes
1130 3/4
Tomb Raider 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lara Croft (Oscar winner Alicia Vikander) investigates the disappearance of her adventurer father (Dominic West) by following him to a mysterious island with the help of Lu Ren (Daniel Wu). After being shipwrecked, she's captured by Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins) and the enigmatic paramilitary organization Trinity, who demand her help in opening a mythical tomb. Directed by Roar Uthaug, Tomb Raider is based on the popular video-game series. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Femmes Fatales | Lost Worlds | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Reluctant Hero
Keywords : adventure, island, missing-person, secret-organization, suicide-mission, tomb
Action, Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Drama 
Alicia Vikander ... Lara Croft
Dominic West ... Lord Richard Croft
Walton Goggins ... Mathias Vogel
Daniel Wu ... Lu Ren
Kristin Scott Thomas ... Ana MIller
Hannah John-Kamen ... Sophie
Nick Frost ... Max
Michael Obiora ... Baxter
Derek Jacobi ... Mr. Jaffe
Adrian Collins ... Mercenaries
Keenan Arrison ... Mercenaries
Samuel Mak ... Chinese Kids
Josef Altin ... Bruce the Boss
Jaime Winstone ... Pamela
Duncan Airlie James ... Terry the Trainer
Annabella Wood ... Rose
Kenneth Fok ... Digger in Woods
941 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young tomboy learns about love in this undistinguished story that focuses on the coyly named Tommy Boyd (Betsy Russell) who has a penchant for riding motorcycles, expertly tinkering with the mysterious inner workings of car engines and moving parts, and playing basketball. Her interest in men is nonexistent until she meets a handsome racecar driver (model Jerry Dinome) who manages to divert her attention a few degrees away from the underside of a car. After establishing their relationship, the couple have a serious argument that does not seem easy to settle. And so the two end up in a Daytona 500 race in which he drives his usual souped-up version of automotive splendor, and she counterattacks with a super-improved, four-wheeled wonder she put together before the race. --

Themes : Tomboys
Keywords : auto-racing, boyfriend, girl, romance, self-discovery
Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
Betsy Russell ... Tommy Boyd
Kristi Somers ... Seville Ritz
Richard Erdman ... Chester
Philip Sterling ... Earl Delarue
Eric Douglas ... Ernie Leeds, Jr.
Paul Gunning ... Frankie
E. Danny Murphy ... Pimples
Rory Barish ... Jennifer
Cynthia Ann Thompson ... Amanda
Cory Hawkins ... Carlos
Shane McCabe ... Goodley
Aaron Butler ... Tod
Friday ... Bumper
Toby Iland ... Harold
Dennis Hayden ... Bartender
Danna Garen ... Girl in Hall
Alicia Hollinger ... Girl at Party
Carey Shearer ... Lanky Kid
Jacqueline Jacobs ... Wilde Abandon
1178 2/4
Top Gun 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Devil-may-care navy pilot Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is sent to Miramar Naval Air Station for advanced training. Here he vies with Tom Kasansky (Val Kilmer) for the coveted "Top Gun" award. When not so occupied, Mitchell carries on a romance with civilian consultant Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis). Shaken up by the death of a friend, Mitchell loses the Top Gun honor to Kasansky. Worried that he may have lost his nerve, Mitchell is given a chance to redeem himself during a tense international crisis involving a crippled US vessel and a flock of predatory enemy planes. The story wasn't new in 1986, but Top Gun scored with audiences on the strength of its visuals, especially the vertigo-inducing aerial sequences. The film made more money than any other film in 1986 and even spawned a 1989 takeoff, Hot Shots. An Academy Award went to the Giogio Moroder-Tom Whitlock song "Take My Breath Away." --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Military Life | Hotshots | In Training | Teachers and Students | War in the Sky
Keywords : fighter-pilot, training, Navy, friendship, grief, romance, barnstorming
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Drama, Buddy Film, Romantic Drama 
Tom Cruise ... Lt. Pete Mitchell
Kelly McGillis ... Charlotte Blackwood
Val Kilmer ... Tom Kasanzky
Anthony Edwards ... Lt. Nick Bradshaw
Tom Skerritt ... Cmdr. Mike Metcalf
Meg Ryan ... Carole
Michael Ironside ... Dick Wetherly
John Stockwell ... Cougar
Barry Tubb ... Henry Ruth
Rick Rossovich ... Ron Kerner
Tim Robbins ... Sam Wills
Whip Hubley ... Rick Neven
James Tolkan ... Stinger
Duke Stroud ... Air Boss Johnson
Adrian Pasdar ... Chipper
Frank Pesce ... Bartender
Randall Brady ... Lt. Davis
Brian Sheehan ... Sprawl
748 4/4
Toy Story 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Toy Story was the first feature-length film animated entirely by computer. If this seems to be a sterile, mechanical means of moviemaking, be assured that the film is as chock-full of heart and warmth as any Disney cartoon feature. The star of the proceedings is Woody, a pull-string cowboy toy belonging to a wide-eyed youngster named Andy. Whenever Andy's out of the room, Woody revels in his status as the boy's number one toy. His supremacy is challenged by a high-tech, space-ranger action figure named Buzz Lightyear, who, unlike Woody and his pals, believes that he is real and not merely a plaything. The rivalry between Woody and Buzz hilariously intensifies during the first half of the film, but when the well-being of Andy's toys is threatened by a nasty next-door neighbor kid named Sid -- whose idea of fun is feeding stuffed dolls to his snarling dog and reconstructing his own toys into hideous mutants -- Woody and Buzz join forces to save the day. Superb though the computer animation may be, what really heightens Toy Story are the voice-over performances by such celebrities as Tom Hanks (as Woody), Tim Allen (as Buzz), and Don Rickles (as an appropriately acerbic Mr. Potato Head). Director John Lasseter earned a special achievement Academy Award, while Randy Newman landed an Oscar nomination for his evocative musical score. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission | Unlikely Heroes | Toys Come to Life
Keywords : toy, friendship, rescue, good-guy, resourcefulness, bad-guy, good-vs-evil, rival, fantasy, reality
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Fantasy, Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Adventure, Fantasy Comedy, Odd Couple Film 
Tom Hanks ... Woody
Tim Allen ... Buzz Lightyear
Don Rickles ... Mr. Potato Head
Jim Varney ... Slinky Dog
Wallace Shawn ... Rex
John Morris ... Andy
John Ratzenberger ... Hamm
Annie Potts ... Bo Peep
Erik Von Detten ... Sid
Laurie Metcalf ... Mrs. Davis
R. Lee Ermey ... Sergeant
Sarah Freeman ... Hannah
Penn Jillette ... TV Announcer
Jack Angel
Greg Berg
Kendall Cunningham
Bill Farmer
Sherry Lynn
Scott McAfee
Patrick Pinney
Jan Rabson
Joe Ranft
749 4/4
Toy Story 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Woody the Cowboy, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of their friends from the toy box return in this computer-animated sequel to the 1995 hit Toy Story. This time around, Andy, the young boy who is the proud owner of most of our cast of characters, is off at summer camp, giving the toys a few weeks off to do as they please. Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) is unaware that in the years since his model went out of production, he's become a rare and valuable collector's item. An avid toy collector (voice of Wayne Knight) decides that he wants Woody for his collection and swipes him, so Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen), Hamm (voice of John Ratzenberger), Rex (voice of Wallace Shawn), Slinky Dog (voice of Jim Varney), and Mr. Potato Head (voice of Don Rickles) venture forth to rescue their kidnapped friend before Andy returns. Along with most of the original voice cast, composer Randy Newman returns with a new score and new songs. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Toys Come to Life | Daring Rescues | Race Against Time
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Adventure, Fantasy Comedy 
Tom Hanks ... Woody
Tim Allen ... Buzz Lightyear
Joan Cusack ... Jessie
Kelsey Grammer ... Stinky Pete the Prospector
Don Rickles ... Mr. Potato Head
Jim Varney ... Slinky Dog
Wallace Shawn ... Rex
John Ratzenberger ... Hamm
Annie Potts ... Bo Peep
Wayne Knight ... Al McWhiggin
John Morris ... Andy Davis
Laurie Metcalf ... Mrs. Davis
Estelle Harris ... Mrs. Potato Head
R. Lee Ermey ... Sergeant
Jodi Benson ... Barbie
Jonathan Harris ... The Cleaner
Joe Ranft ... Wheezy
Andrew Stanton ... Emperor Zurg
Jeff Pidgeon ... Aliens
1021 3/4
Trading Places 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The "nature-nurture" theory that motivated so many Three Stooges comedies is the basis of John Landis's hit comedy. The fabulously wealthy but morally bankrupt Duke brothers (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche) make a one-dollar bet over heredity vs. environment. Curious as to what might happen if different lifestyles were reversed, they arrange for impoverished street hustler Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) to be placed in the lap of luxury and trained for a cushy career in commodities brokerage. Simultaneously, they set about to reduce aristocratic yuppie Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd to poverty and disgrace, hiring a prostitute (Jamie Lee Curtis) to hasten his downfall. When Billy Ray figures out that the brothers intend to dump him back on the streets once their experiment is complete, he seeks out Winthorpe, and together the pauper-turned-prince and prince-turned-pauper plot an uproarious revenge. With the good-hearted prostitute and Winthorpe's faithful butler (Denholm Elliott) as their accomplices, they set about to hit the brothers where it really hurts: in the pocketbook. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Rags To Riches | Class Differences | Cons and Scams | Fish Out of Water | Down on Their Luck | Riches To Rags
Keywords : con/scam, broker, business, homelessness, rags-to-riches, revenge, role-switching, street-gang, prostitute/prostitution
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Satire 
Eddie Murphy ... Billy Ray Valentine
Dan Aykroyd ... Louis Winthorpe III
Ralph Bellamy ... Randolph Duke
Don Ameche ... Mortimer Duke
Denholm Elliott ... Coleman
Jamie Lee Curtis ... Ophelia
Kristin Holby ... Penelope
John Bedford Lloyd ... Andrew
Herb Peterson
W.B. Brydon ... Bank Manager
Maurice Woods ... Duke & Duke Employee
Jim Newell ... Duke & Duke Employee
Tom Degidon ... Duke Domestic
William Magerman ... Duke Domestic
Alan Dellay ... Duke Domestic
Florence Anglin ... Duke Domestic
Sue Dugan ... Duke Domestic
Walter Gorney ... Duke Domestic
B. Constance Barry ... Duke Domestics
P. Jay Sidney ... Heritage Club Doorman
Avon Long ... Ezra
Tom Mardirosian ... Officer Pantuzzi
Nicholas Guest ... Harry
Robert Earl Jones ... Attendant
Peter Hock ... Cop #2
Clint Smith ... Doo Rag Lenny
Ron Taylor ... Big Black Guy
Giancarlo Esposito ... Cellmate #2
James Eckhouse ... Guard
Paul Gleason ... Clarence Beeks
Gwyllum Evans ... President of Heritage Club
Frank Oz ... Corrupt Cop
Eddie Jones ... Cop #3
John McCurry ... Cop #4
Bill Cobbs ... Bartender
Joshua Daniel ... Party Goer
Jacques Sandulescu ... Creepy Man
Bo Diddley ... Pawnbroker
Alfred Drake ... President of Exchange
Lucianne Buchanan ... President's Mistress
Paul Garcia ... Jr. Executive #1
Philip Bosco ... Doctor
Bill Boggs ... Newscaster
James Belushi ... Harvey
Al Franken ... Baggage Handler
Tom Davis ... Baggage Handler
Don McLeod ... Gorilla
Stephen Stucker ... Station Master
Richard Hunt ... Wilson
Paul Austin ... Trader #1
John Randolph Jones ... Trader #2
Jack Davidson ... Trader #3
Bernie McInerney ... Trader
Maurice Copeland ... Secretary of Agriculture
Ralph Clanton ... Official #1
Gary Klar ... Longshoreman
Afemo Omilami ... Longshoreman
Barry Dennen ... Demitri
Bryan Clark ... Official #2
750 3/4
Training Day 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Fast and the Furious (2001) screenwriter David Ayer follows up that fast-paced action hit with this gritty cop drama from director Antoine Fuqua. Ethan Hawke stars as Jake Hoyt, a fresh-faced Los Angeles Police Department rookie anxious to join the elite narcotics squad headed up by 13-year veteran Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington). Harris has agreed to give Hoyt a shot at joining his team with a one-day ride-along during which Hoyt must prove his mettle. As the day wears on, however, it becomes increasingly clear to the greenhorn that his experienced mentor has blurred the line between right and wrong to an alarming degree, enforcing his own morally compromised code of ethics and street justice. As he struggles with his conscience, an increasingly alarmed Hoyt begins to suspect that he's not really being given an audition at all; he's being set up as the fall guy in an elaborate scheme. Training Day co-stars Tom Berenger, Scott Glenn, and recording artists Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Macy Gray. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Police Corruption | Rookie Cops | Rogue Cops | Inner City Blues | Innocence Lost
Keywords : police-brutality, police-corruption, inner-city, narcotics-division, police-detective, rookie, fall-guy
Crime, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Police Drama 
Denzel Washington ... Alonzo Harris
Ethan Hawke ... Jake Hoyt
Scott Glenn ... Roger
Tom Berenger ... Stan Gursky
Harris Yulin ... Doug Rosselli
Raymond J. Barry ... Lou Jacobs
Cliff Curtis ... Smiley
Dr. Dre ... Paul
Snoop Dogg ... Blue
Macy Gray ... Sandman's Wife
Charlotte Ayanna ... Lisa
Nick Chinlund ... Tim
Jaime Gomez ... Mark
Raymond Cruz ... Sniper
Eva Mendes ... Sara Harris
Sarah Danielle Madison ... Female Passenger
751 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A raunchy yet heartfelt comedy from director Judd Apatow about Amy (Amy Schumer), a commitment-phobic binge drinker living in New York City, who must reevaluate her feelings about intimate relationships when a sports doctor pursues a romance with her. -- Violet LeVoit

Themes : Opposites Attract | Thirtysomething Life
Comedy, Comedy of Manners, Romantic Comedy 
Amy Schumer ... Amy
Bill Hader ... Aaron
Colin Quinn ... Gordon
Devin Fabry ... Nine-Year-Old Amy
Carla Oudin ... Five-Year-Old Kim
Josh Segarra ... Staten Island Oli
Ryan Farrell ... One-Night Stand Guy
Robert E. Torres ... One-Night-Stand Guy
Jim Florentine ... One-Night-Stand Guy
Bobby Kelly ... One-Night-Stand Guy
Dan Soder ... Dumpster Guy
John Cena ... Steven
Dave Attell ... Noam
Vanessa Bayer ... Nikki
Tilda Swinton ... Dianna
Randall Park ... Bryson
Jon Glaser ... Schultz
Ezra Miller ... Donald
Brie Larson ... Kim
Evan Brinkman ... Allister
Mike Birbiglia ... Tom
Norman Lloyd ... Norman
Daniel Radcliffe ... The Dogwalker
Marisa Tomei ... The Dog Owner
Keith Robinson ... Guy in Back of Theater
Marina Franklin ... Woman in Back of Theater
Dave Hanson ... Alice's Tea Cup Waiter
Kim Caramele ... S'nuff Receptionist
Max Alexander ... Max the Wheelchair Orderly
Criscia Richardson ... Injured Knicks City Dancer
Claudia O'Doherty ... Wendy
Kyle Dunnigan ... Kyle
Kevin Kane, Jr. ... Kevin
Tim Meadows ... Tim
Nikki Glaser ... Lisa
Bridget Everett ... Kat
Alva Chinn ... Benefit Guest
Arnold Kim ... Benefit Guest
Rob Buntzen ... Benefit Guest
Karen Chamberlain ... Awards Luncheon Coordinator
Rachel Feinstein ... Nurse Rachel
Victoria Dicce ... Donald's Mother
Lisa Kicielinski ... Woman on Bench with One-Hitter
Kevin Thompson ... Vanity Fair Editor
Leslie Jones ... Angry Subway Patron
Estee Adoram ... Jostled Subway Patron
Leah O'Donnell ... Dancer
Selena Watkins ... Dancer
Alicia Mazepa ... Dancer
Nicole Serapiglia ... Dancer
Whitney Wiggins ... Dancer
Javoris Carlisle ... Trampoline Dunker
Aidan Charlery ... Trampoline Dunker
Eric Locklin ... Trampoline Dunker
Luciano Acuna, Jr. ... Trampoline Dunker
Derric Stotts ... Trampoline Dunker
Sterling Jones ... Trampoline Dunker
752 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The interstellar battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rains destruction down on planet Earth as director Michael Bay adapts Hasbro and Takara's popular Transformers franchise into a big-budget, live-action summer tentpole extravaganza in this ambitious sci-fi action feature starring Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Bernie Mac, John Turturro, Jon Voight, and, of course, Optimus Prime and Megatron. Long ago, on the planet of Cybertron, a massive, powerful alien race divided into two factions, the noble Autobots, and the devious Decepticons. They fought for the sole access to a talisman known as the Allspark, a cube with the capacity to grant infinite power, and eventually the Autobots smuggled it off the planet's surface, hiding it in an unknown location on Earth. Now, hundreds of years later, the Deceptacons have come looking for it, and if the Autobots don't find it first, the Earth will be enslaved or destroyed by the evil aliens' use of its massive power. The Autobots don't know where the cube was hidden, but the information may be stored in the most unlikely of sources, as a gangly young Earthling named Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) who's just picked up his first car, has a strange connection to the Allspark's history, making him the unlikely ally of these enormous creatures, as they fight for humankind's survival and the chance to return home. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Robots and Androids | Evil Aliens | Metamorphosis | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : robot, alien [not human], battle [war], transformation
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Alien Film 
Shia LaBeouf ... Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox ... Mikaela Banes
Josh Duhamel ... Sergeant Lennox
Tyrese Gibson ... USAF Tech Sergeant Epps
Rachael Taylor ... Maggie Madsen
Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime
Jon Voight ... Defense Secretary John Keller
John Turturro ... Agent Simmons
Michael O'Neill ... Tom Banachek
Kevin Dunn ... Ron Witwicky
Julie White ... Judy Witwicky
Amaury Nolasco ... ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa
Zack Ward ... First Sergeant Donnelly
Luis Echagarruga ... Ranger Team
Patrick Mulderrig ... Ranger Team
Brian Shehan ... Ranger Team
Michael Trisler ... Ranger Team
Ashkan Kashanchi ... Mahfouz
Rizwan Manji ... Akram
C.J. Thomason ... Sailor
Bernie Mac ... Bobby Bolivia
Johnny Sanchez ... Clown
John Robinson ... Miles
Travis Van Winkle ... Trent
Glenn Morshower ... SOCCENT Sergeant
Charlie Bodin ... SOCCENT Op-Centre Techs
Josh Feinman ... USAF Staff Sergeant
Chris Ellis ... Admiral Brigham
Steven Ford ... Four Star General
Michael Shamus Wiles ... Two Star General
Craig Barnett ... Air Force Major General
Brian Prescott ... Keller Aide
Scott Peat ... Pentagon Watch Commander
Colleen Porch ... Enlisted Aide
Jamie McBride ... Sector Seven Agent
Wiley M. Pickett ... Sector Seven Agent
Ronnie Sperling ... Lead Scientist
Sean Smith ... Scientist
Andy Milder ... R&D Team Leader
Brian Reece ... Moustache Man
Samantha Smith ... Sarah Lennox
Ravi Patel ... Telephone Operator
Rick Gomez ... Sheriff
Andy Dominguez ... Deputy
Mike Fisher ... Football Coach
Colin Fickes ... Analysts
Tom Lenk ... Analyst
Jamison Yang ... Analyst
Esther Scott ... Glen's Grandmother
Madison Mason ... CNN Reporter
Jeremy Jojola ... News Reporter
Jessica Kartalija ... News Reporter
Andrew Altonji ... Café Kid
Andrew Caldwell ... Café Kid
J.P. Manoux ... Witness
Pete Gardner ... Dad
Sophie Bobal ... Little Girl
Laurel Garner ... Mom in Car
Chip Hormess ... Boy in Car
Ray Toth ... Pilot
Dan Ferris ... Pilot
Michael Adams ... AWACS Controller
Ron Henry ... AWACS Controller
Benjamin Hoffman ... AWACS Controller
Michael McNabb ... AWACS Controller
Jason White ... AWACS Controller
Adam Ratajczak ... Control Tower Tech
Maya Klayn ... Socialite
Michelle Pierce ... Socialite
Anthony Anderson ... Glen Whitmann
Mark Ryan ... Bumblebee
Darius McCrary ... Jazz
Robert Foxworth ... Ratchett
Jess Harnell ... Ironhide, Barricade
Hugo Weaving ... Megatron
Reno Wilson ... Frenzy
753 2/4
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two years after saving the world with the Autobots, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is away at college when an ancient Decepticon named "The Fallen" returns to Earth on a mission of vengeance. With the Allspark destroyed, the Autobots lose all hope of returning to their home planet of Cybertron, and begin working with an elite military known as NEST to hunt down any remaining Decepticons. But even as they fight for humanity alongside Major Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and USAF Master Sergeant Epps (Tyrese Gibson), the Autobots are acutely aware that not all humans are thrilled by their presence on planet Earth. When National Security Advisor Theodore Galloway (John Benjamin Hickey) wages a heated campaign aimed at exiling the giant robots back into space, head Autobot Optimus Prime agrees to comply with the voice of the people, while warning them of the potential consequences of leaving the planet unprotected. Meanwhile, Sam contends with an overly cocky college roommate, and attempts to remain faithful to Mikaela (Megan Fox) by fending off advances from pretty -- and persistent -- coed Alice (Isabel Lucas). Just as Sam begins adjusting to the quirks of campus life, a series of inexplicable visions leaves him convinced that the struggle between good and evil is far from over. And he's correct, too, because the Decepticons have just discovered that Sam is the one human who possesses the ability to tip the balance of power to the Autobots' advantage, and they're determined to gain the upper hand by dispensing with him once and for all. Now, as Sam and Mikaela unearth a secret about the Transformers that alters the entire course of human history, the Decepticon known as The Fallen prepares to return -- and reclaim the plant once and for all. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Evil Aliens | Metamorphosis | Robots and Androids
Keywords : alien [not human], battle [war], earth, robot, transformation
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Shia LaBeouf ... Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox ... Mikaela Banes
Josh Duhamel ... Major Lennox
Tyrese Gibson ... USAF Tech Sergeant Epps
Kevin Dunn ... Ron Witwicky
Julie White ... Judy Witwicky
Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime
Isabel Lucas ... Alice
John Turturro ... Agent Simmons
John Benjamin Hickey ... NSA Advisor Theodore Galloway
Rainn Wilson
Hugo Weaving ... Megatron
Tony Todd ... The Fallen
1125 1/4
Transformers: The Last Knight 
AMG SYNOPSIS: With Optimus Prime gone and a war brewing between mankind and the Transformers, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) teams up with a British astronomer (Anthony Hopkins), a university professor (Laura Haddock), and the Autobot known as Bumblebee to save the world from a terrifying new threat. Along the way, the group investigate the secret history of the Transformers' time on Earth. Josh Duhamel, Isabela Moner, Stanley Tucci, and John Turturro co-star in action sequel from director Michael Bay. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Benign Aliens | Heroic Mission | Race Against Time | Robots and Androids
Keywords : car-chase, disaster, medieval, mythological-legends, robot, secret-society
Action, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales & Legends, Fantasy Adventure, Sci-Fi Action 
Mark Wahlberg ... Cade Yeager
Anthony Hopkins ... Sir Edmund Burton
Josh Duhamel ... Lt. Col. Lennox
Laura Haddock ... Vivian Wembley
Stanley Tucci ... Joshua Joyce
John Turturro ... Agent Simmons
Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime
John Goodman ... Hound
Ken Watanabe ... Drift
Santiago Cabrera ... Santos
Jerrod Carmichael ... Jimmy
Liam Garrigan ... Arthur
Rob Witcomb ... Percival
Daniel Adegboyega ... Saebert
Glenn Morshower ... General Morshower
Gemma Chan ... Quintessa
Tony Hale ... JPL Engineer
Jacob Zachar ... Young JPL Engineer
Maggie Steed ... Viviane's Grandmum
Phoebe Nicholls ... Aunt Helen
Rebecca Front ... Aunt Marie
Stephen Hogan ... Viviane's Father
Daniel Iturriaga ... Kid
Aisha Kabia ... Lawyer
Mark Dexter ... U.K. Prime Minister
Tim Downie ... Polo Player
Emily Tierney ... High Society Woman
Nicholas Khan ... Scientist
Pauline McLynn ... Female Researcher
Seeta Indrani ... News Reporter
John Burke ... Pentagon Colonel
Granville Ames ... Pentagon Official
Mitch Pileggi ... TRF Group Leader
Vincent Jerome ... TRF Operator
Alan Pietruszewski ... F-35 Pilot
Drew Waters ... F-16 Pilot
Walles Hamonde ... American Serviceman
Tom Wright ... Military Attache
Dan Warner ... Military Attache
Michael Richard ... Namibian Scientist
Frank Welker ... Megatron
Erik Aadahl ... Bumblebee
Steve Buscemi ... Daytrader
Omar Sy ... Hot Rod
Reno Wilson ... Mohawk/Sqweeks
John DiMaggio ... Nitros Zeus/Crosshairs
Tom Kenny ... Wheels
Jess Harnell ... Barricade
Mark Ryan ... WWI Tank/Lieutenant
Steven Barr ... Volleybot
1086 2/4
Transporter 3 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Strong-armed into transporting the kidnapped daughter of the head of the Environmental Agency for the Ukraine from Marseilles to Odessa, skilled wheelman Frank Martin (Jason Statham) enlists the aid of Inspector Tarconi (François Berléand) in accomplishing the treacherous assignment in this action-packed installment of the popular action series produced by Luc Besson (who also co-scripts). Frank isn't exactly thrilled with his latest assignment, but when his employer turns up the pressure, he has little choice but to deliver. His cargo is a feisty young girl named Valentina (Natalya Rudakova) -- who just happens to be the daughter of Leonid Vasilev (Jeroen Krabbé), the powerful top dog of the Ukraine EPA. Now, as Frank makes his way through Stuttgart and Budapest on the road to the Black Sea, Vasilev's men besiege his car from all sides, and his cynical young passenger gets a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. As the driver and his cargo grow increasingly close, they both realize that making even a single mistake could cost them dearly. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Keywords : delivery-person, driver, mercenary
Action, Action Thriller, Martial Arts 
Jason Statham ... Frank Martin
Natalya Rudakova ... Valentina Vasilev
François Berléand ... Tarconi
Alex Kobold ... Leonid's aide
David Atrakchi ... Malcom Manville
Yann Sundberg ... Flag
Eriq Ebouaney ... Ice
Silvio Simac ... Mighty Joe
Timo Dierkes ... Otto
1085 2/4
The Transporter 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An outlaw finds his life becoming all the more dangerous when he turns against a gang of criminals in this action drama. Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a former Special Forces officer who lives on the French Mediterranean and has a lucrative second career as a underworld courier for hire. Martin will deliver anything anywhere, but he has three iron-clad rules - once the plan is in motion it cannot be changed, neither he nor his customers are to ever use their real names, and under no circumstances will he open the package. Martin is hired to make a delivery to a wealthy but unscrupulous American known as Wall Street (Matt Schulze), but after taking possession of the package he realizes that whatever is inside happens to be alive. Breaking his own rule, Martin opens the bag to discover a beautiful Asian woman, Lai (Shu Qi), who is bound and gagged. Lai briefly escapes, but Martin captures her, and delivers her to Wall Street as promised. However, after being given a parcel to deliver by Wall Street, Martin finds out what Wall Street is up to - in partnership with Lai's father Mr. Kwai (Ric Young), Wall Street is part of a scheme to smuggle Asian illegal aliens into France. Martin's conscience gets the better of him, and he sets out to rescue Lai and put Wall Street and Mr. Kwai out of business; however, as if this wasn't enough of a challenge, Martin discovers a French detective, Tarconi (Francois Berleand) has gotten wind of his illegal business. The Transporter was the first English-language feature for Hong Kong-based director Corey Yuen, who along with directing a number of HK action flicks designed fight choreography for several American films. --

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Daring Rescues | Lone Wolves | Mercenaries | One Against the Mob | Out For Revenge
Keywords : courier, crime-ring, France, illegal-alien, smuggling, underworld, Special-Forces
Action, Action Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Jason Statham ... Frank Martin
François Berléand ... Tarconi
Matt Schulze ... Wall Street
Ric Young ... Mr. Kwai
Doug Rand ... Leader
Didier Saint Melin ... Boss
Tonio Descanvelle ... Thug 1
Laurent Desponds ... Thug 2
Vincent Tulli ... Thug
754 2/4
Treasure Planet 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of adventure Treasure Island gets a science fiction update in this animated feature from Walt Disney Pictures. Jim (voice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a young man who grew up reading tales of pirates and adventures on the high seas, and longs for similar excitement in his own life. One day, Jim happens upon a dying man who hands him a map and warns him to "Beware the cyborg" shortly before he passes on. Upon careful examination, Jim realizes the map charts the course to Treasure Planet, a distant world where hundreds of space pirates have stashed their loot. Jim is certain this is the adventure he's been dreaming of, and joins the crew of the spaceship R.L.S. Legacy and Captain Amelia (Emma Thompson) as they set out to find the fabled Treasure Planet. While Jim signs on along with his friend Dr. Doppler (voice of David Hyde Pierce), he soon becomes close friends with John Silver (voice of Brian Murray), who works in the galley but has big plans. Jim discovers just how big his plans are when Silver reveals he's part cyborg and all pirate, instigating a mutiny and attempting to take control of the ship. Despite his friendship with Silver, Jim refuses to take part in the mutiny, and soon finds himself attempting to defend law and order against a spacecraft full of reckless men. Treasure Planet's voice cast also includes Michael Wincott and Martin Short; Johnny Rzeznik from the rock group The Goo Goo Dolls contributed new music for the soundtrack. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Robots and Androids | Space Travel | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : black-hole, cabin-boy, cyborg, outer-space, space-travel, supernova, treasure
Children's/Family, Science Fiction, Family-Oriented Adventure, Space Adventure 
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Jim Hawkins
Brian Murray ... Long John Silver
David Hyde Pierce ... Doctor Doppler
Emma Thompson ... Captain Amelia
Michael Wincott ... Scroop
Martin Short ... B.E.N.
Laurie Metcalf ... Sarah
Patrick McGoohan ... Billy Bones
Roscoe Lee Browne ... Mr. Arrow
Corey Burton ... Onus
Austin Majors ... Young Jim
Michael McShane ... Hands
Tony Jay ... Narrator
1110 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tremors is actually two movies in one. On its own terms, it's an enjoyable modern sci-fi horror-thriller, with good pacing and a sense of humor; but it's also a loving tribute to such 1950s low-budget desert-based sci-fi-horror films like Them!, It Came From Outer Space, Tarantula, and The Monolith Monsters. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are the stars, a pair of small-town handymen living in a small desert community, who stumble upon several difficult-to-explain phenomena, including a couple of people who've died under extremely strange (and, in one instance, very grisly) circumstances. Eventually, they and a handful of their neighbors find the cause: gigantic prehistoric worm-like creatures that streak under the desert the way fish swim through oceans, reaching up and grabbing anything they need for food. Cut off from the outside world, they have to figure out how to get across the desert alive while these creatures -- that are smart as well as fast -- close in on them, stalking them like monster sharks. The film benefits from the presence of special effects that are good enough to pull this all off, keeping the shock value high, and also from a subtly humorous script and performances to match by the entire cast, and director Ron Underwood's breezy pacing of the whole picture. --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Mutants | Evil Aliens
Keywords : monster, man-eater, worm [animal], desert, attack, small-town, handyman
Attributes : Cult Film
Comedy, Horror, Creature Film, Horror Comedy 
Kevin Bacon ... Valentine McKee
Fred Ward ... Earl Basset
Finn Carter ... Rhonda LeBeck
Michael Gross ... Burt Gummer
Reba McEntire ... Heather Gummer
Bobby Jacoby ... Melvin Plug
Victor Wong ... Walter Chang
Charlotte Stewart ... Nancy
Tony Genaro ... Miguel
Ariana Richards ... Mindy
Richard Marcus ... Nestor
Sunshine Parker ... Edgar
Michael Dan Wagner ... Old Fred
Conrad Bachmann ... Jim, The Doctor
Bibi Besch ... Megan, The Doctor's Wife
John Goodwin ... Howard, Roadworker
755 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the earliest feature films to reflect the video-game craze of the 1980s, Disney's Tron stars Jeff Bridges as computer programmer Kevin Flynn, who becomes part of the very game that he's programming. Flynn's principal antagonist is his glory-grabbing boss, Ed Dillinger (David Warner), who likewise metamorphoses into a video-game character. The title character, a computer-generated superhero, is played by Bruce Boxleitner. Though antiquated by 1990s standards, Tron represented the last word in special effects back in 1982. Surprisingly, despite its long-range influence on the movie industry, the film was a box-office disappointment when first released. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : A World of Its Own | Eyepoppers | Other Dimensions
Themes : Finding a Way Back Home | Technology Run Amok | Experiments Gone Awry | Virtual Reality
Keywords : against-all-odds, business, competition, computers, corruption, dimension-travel, genius, gladiator, investigator, oppression, rampage, revenge, role-switching, technology, video-games
Attributes : High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Tech Noir 
Jeff Bridges ... Kevin Flynn/Clu
Bruce Boxleitner ... Alan Bradley/Tron
David Warner ... Ed Dillinger/Sark
Cindy Morgan ... Lora/Yori
Barnard Hughes ... Dr. Walter Gibbs/Dumont
Dan Shor ... Ram
Peter Jurasik ... Crom
Loyd Catlett ... Video Game Cowboy, Conscript #1
Michael Dudikoff ... Conscript
Tony Stephano ... Peter/Sark's Lieutenant
Craig Chudy ... Warrior
Sam Schatz ... Expert Disc Warrior
Jackson Bostwick ... Head Guard
Gerald Berns ... Guard #1
Bob Neill ... Guard #2
Ted White ... Guard #3
Mark Stewart ... Guard #4
Tony Brubaker ... Guard
Erik Cord ... Tank Gunner
Jack Manning ... Bit
756 2/4
Tron: Legacy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Master Control Program is booted back up in this revamped Tron continuation that sees the return of original star Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the brilliant computer programmer whose disappearance leads his son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), to search for him in and out of the computer world. Original director and co-writer Steven Lisberger produces the new film, which is helmed by commercial director Joseph Kosinski. James Frain, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, and Michael Sheen also star, with Bruce Boxleitner returning as Alan Bradley and Tron, the heroic protagonist of the original film. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Virtual Reality | Fathers and Sons | Future Dystopias | Computer Paranoia
Keywords : father, virtual-reality, disappearance, computers, high-tech, arcade [game], video-games
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Adventure, Tech Noir 
Jeff Bridges ... Kevin Flynn/Clu
Garrett Hedlund ... Sam Flynn
Olivia Wilde ... Quorra
Bruce Boxleitner ... Alan Bradley/Tron
James Frain ... Jarvis
Beau Garrett ... Gem
Michael Sheen ... Castor/Zuse
Anis Cheurfa ... Rinzler
Serinda Swan ... Siren #2
Yaya DaCosta ... Siren #3
Elizabeth Mathis ... Siren #4
Yurij Kis ... Half Faced Man
Conrad Coates ... Bartik
Dan Joffre ... Key Security Guard #1 - Ernie
Darren Dolynski ... Young Man on Recognizer
Kofi Yiadom ... Disc Opponent #2, Black Guard
Steven Lisberger ... Shaddix
Donnelly Rhodes ... Grandpa Flynn
Belinda Montgomery ... Grandma Flynn
Owen Best ... 7 Year Old Sam Flynn
Matt Ward ... Iso Boy
Zoe Fryklund ... Iso Girl
Dean Redman ... Light Jet Sunny
Christopher Logan ... Nervous Program
Sheldon Yamkovy ... Destitute Program
Dale Wolfe ... Irv Culpepper
Joanne Wilson ... Reporter #1
Catherine Lough Haggquist ... Reporter #2
Thomas Bradshaw ... Security Guard #2
Shafin Karim ... East Indian Taxi Driver
Rob Daly ... Lead Sentry
Mike Ching ... Blue Gaming Program
Michael Teigen ... Green Gaming Program
Brent Stait ... Purple Gaming Program
Shaw Madson ... Reporter #3
Amy Esterle ... Young Mrs. Flynn
Cody Laudan ... End of the Line Club Bouncer
Jeffrey Nordling ... Richard Mackey
Christine Adams ... Claire Atkinson
Kate Gajdosik ... News Anchor
Jack McGee ... Police Photographer
Dawn Mander ... Crying Program
Edie Mirman ... Computer
Allen Jo ... Black Guard, Disc Opponent #1
Aaron Toney ... Black Guard
Kim Do Nguyen ... Black Guard
Patrick Sabongui ... Gaming Program 1-S
Will Erichson ... Gaming Program 2-S
757 2/4
Trouble With the Curve 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An aging baseball scout (Clint Eastwood) with failing sight hits the road with his estranged daughter (Amy Adams) to pursue a promising young ballplayer, and they learn just how much they have in common as they make their way from Georgia to North Carolina in this sports drama produced and directed by frequent Eastwood collaborator Robert Lorenz. For decades, Gus Lobel (Eastwood) has been one of the best scouts in Major League Baseball. But these days his eyes just aren't what they used to be, and as a phenomenal young batter enters the draft, the owners of the Atlanta Braves cast a shadow of doubt over Gus' judgment. Meanwhile, his daughter Mickey ( Adams) is an aspiring partner at a major Atlanta law firm. In the wake of his wife's death, Gus sent Mickey away, and their relationship has been strained ever since. But she knows a thing or two about baseball, and recognizing that her father's job is in jeopardy, she decides to help him -- even at the risk of derailing her own career. Now, throwing caution to the wind (and ignoring her gruff father's objections), Mickey joins Gus for a scouting trip that could keep him in the game until he's ready to retire, as well as repair a father/daughter relationship that once seemed all but lost. Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Robert Patrick, and Matthew Lillard co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Baseball Players | Fathers and Daughters | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : disability, parent/child-relationship, road-trip, baseball, blindness [physical]
Drama, Road Movie, Sports Drama 
Clint Eastwood ... Gus
Amy Adams ... Mickey
Justin Timberlake ... Johnny
John Goodman ... Pete Klein
Robert Patrick ... Vince
Matthew Lillard ... Phillip Sanderson
Scott Eastwood ... Billy Clark
Joe Massingill ... Bo Gentry
Matt Bush ... Danny
Chelcie Ross ... Smitty
Ed Lauter ... Max
Clifton Guterman ... Neil
Carla Fisher ... Law Receptionist
George Wyner ... Rosenbloom
Bob Gunton ... Watson
Jack Gilpin ... Schwartz
Chandler George Brown ... Kid #2
Louis Fox ... Lloyd
Ricky Muse ... Jimmy
Don Young ... Regular #1
Leon Lamar ... Regular #2
Julia Walters ... Young Mickey
Peter Hermann ... Greg
Dane Davenport ... Waiter #1
Eric Mendenhall ... Waiter #2
James Patrick Freetly ... Todd
Norma Alvarez ... Grace Sanchez
Tyler Silva ... Carlos Sanchez
Jay Galloway ... Rigo Sanchez
Melissa Lorenz ... Mom in Diner
Rory Lorenz ... Girl in Diner
David Cohen ... Announcer #1
Seth Meriwether ... Wilson
Kenny Alfonso ... Umpire
Josh Warren ... Pitcher
Clayton Landey ... Manager
Matt R. Brady ... Swannanoa
Bart Hansard ... Bo's Father
Ryan Patrick Williams ... Grizzly Player #1
Xavier Floyd ... Grizzly Player 32
Rus Blackwell ... Rick
Brian F. Durkin ... Matt Nelson
Darren Le Gallo ... Nurse
Sammy Blue ... Musician
Patricia French ... Diner Waitress
Jackie Prucha ... Secretary
Rhubarb Jones ... Anouncer #2
Scott Estep ... Umpire
Tom Nowicki ... Red Sox GM
Jason S. Gondek ... Red Sox Exec
Mark Thomason ... Braves Official
758 0/4
True Story 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This psychological thriller, based on true events, tells the story of a disgraced journalist (Jonah Hill) who's drawn into a cat-and-mouse game with an accused murderer (James Franco) who has assumed the journalists' identity. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Unloveables
Themes : Amateur Sleuths | Assumed Identities | Betrayal | Clearing One's Name | Cons and Scams | Murder Investigations | Treacherous Spouses
Keywords : cat-and-mouse, murder, murder-suspect, reporter
Drama, Thriller, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
James Franco ... Christian Longo
Jonah Hill ... Michael Finkel
Felicity Jones ... Jill Barker
Ethan Suplee ... Pat Frato
Gretchen Mol ... Karen Hannen
759 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: James Vanderbilt wrote and directed this docudrama about the controversial 60 Minutes exposé on then-president George W. Bush's military service that aired just before the 2004 election. Cate Blanchett stars as Mary Mapes, the producer of CBS's newsmagazine series 60 Minutes, which was anchored at the time by the legendary Dan Rather (Robert Redford). Mapes gets a tip from a new source who claims to possess explosive documents proving that Bush received privileged treatment in the National Guard to avoid service in the Vietnam War. After the documents are presented to the American people, a whirlwind of controversy about the their veracity pits Mapes and Rather in a battle for their journalistic lives. Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid, and Elizabeth Moss co-star in this ensemble journalistic thriller. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Food for Thought | For Love of Country
Themes : Fall From Power | Members of the Press | Scandals and Cover-Ups | Whistleblowers
Keywords : career, news, newscaster, retirement, scandal
Drama, Biopic [feature], Political Drama 
Cate Blanchett ... Mary Mapes
Robert Redford ... Dan Rather
Topher Grace ... Mike Smith
Elisabeth Moss ... Lucy Scott
Dennis Quaid ... Lt. Colonel Roger Charles
Bruce Greenwood ... Andrew Heyward
Stacy Keach ... Lt. Colonel Bill Burkett
John Benjamin Hickey ... Mark Wrolstad
David Lyons ... Josh Howard
Dermot Mulroney ... Lawrence Lanpher
Rachael Blake ... Betsy West
Andrew McFarlane ... Dick Hibey
Noni Hazlehurst ... Nicki Burkett
Felix Williamson ... Mike Missal
Helmut Bakaitis ... Dick Thornburgh
Lewis Fitz-Gerald ... Louis Boccardi
Philip Quast ... Ben Barnes
Matt Ruscic ... Burly Security Guard
Steve Bastoni ... Gil Schwartz
Chris Mulkey ... Maurice Udell
Louis Herthum ... Bill Hollowell
Christopher Stollery ... Reporter Jim Moore
Martin Sacks ... Robert Strong
Nicholas Hope ... Marcel Matley
Adam Saunders ... Editor Tom
Aaron Glenane ... Fox News Reporter
Marcus Johnson ... Atlanta Anchor
Valerie Bader ... Mrs. Hodges
760 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A misfit snail with a need for speed strives to earn a slot in the Indy 500 in this adrenaline-charged adventure for the entire family. Turbo (voice of Ryan Reynolds) may live life at a snail's pace, but his dreams charge along at light speed. Whenever Turbo closes his eyes, he sees himself zooming past the checkered flag at the Indianapolis 500, and leaving all of his competitors in the dust. Unfortunately for Turbo, all of his fellow snails -- including his brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) -- seem to savor the slow life. Then, one day, it happens: Turbo is methodically making his way across a freeway overpass when he is suddenly sucked into the intake valve of a speeding muscle car. His molecular structure altered by the volatile nitrous oxide that fuels the car, Turbo gains the ability to travel at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Turbo is in the midst of mastering his newfound ability when he and Chet are unexpectedly captured by Tito (Michael Peña) -- a California taco-stand proprietor who organizes snail races on the side. Tito quickly takes his two newest racers to Starlight Plaza, where all of the speed-freak snails await their next run on the track. It's there that Turbo makes some colorful new friends, and learns to have some fun while trash-talking the competition. But his adventure is still far from over, and by the time Turbo realizes that his dreams are finally within reach, his newfound family will be right there to cheer him past the finish line. Samuel L. Jackson, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, and Snoop Dogg also lend their voices to this colorful adventure from the folks who brought you The Croods and Kung Fu Panda. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Car Racing | Underdogs
Keywords : love, race [competition], speed, snail
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Paul Giamatti ... Chet
Michael Peña ... Tito
Samuel L. Jackson ... Whiplash
Luis Guzman ... Angelo
Bill Hader ... Guy Gagné
Snoop Dogg ... Smoove Move
Maya Rudolph ... Burn
Ben Schwartz ... Skidmark
Richard Jenkins ... Bobby
Ken Jeong ... Kim Ly
Michelle Rodriguez ... Paz
Kurtwood Smith
761 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt and Carey Elwes may be billed as the stars of Twister, but the film's real attractions are the cyclones themselves. Best experienced in a theater, the nail-biting, blow-the-audience-out-of-their-seats computer generated graphics, cutting edge sound and other special effects are designed to take viewers straight into the roaring funnel of a gigantic tornado. In order to focus on special effects and action, the story is simple and the characters are drawn in broad strokes with little depth. Jo Harding (Hunt) became a storm chaser (a meteorologist who photographs and scientifically studies tornadoes in the field) after a large twister sucked her hapless daddy into oblivion when she was a girl. Bill (Paxton) was a storm chaser too, but left to become a successful weatherman. His change of profession ruined his marriage to Jo. Before separating, the Hardings invented DOROTHY, a gizmo designed to release thousands of tiny sensors when a tornado passes over it. The Hardings hope the information transmitted by the sensors will provide insight into the nature of the whirling windstorms. Backed by a large corporation, the villainous Dr. Jonas Miller (Elwes) has created a similar machine. Neither gadget has been field tested and both groups of storm chasers are anxious to find tornadoes. At the peak of the worst twister season in decades, Bill shows up at Jo's truck with his prissy fiancee Melissa (Jami Gertz) so Jo can sign divorce papers. Suddenly a twister is spotted. With little hesitation, Bill rejoins the mad rush to reach it in time to activate DOROTHY. Jonas and his team are right behind them. Throughout the day the storms become worse and the rivalrous race becomes more intense. As they continue facing incredible dangers together Jo and Bill find renewed love while poor Melissa finds only an intense desire to get away from these storm-obsessed lunatics. -- Sandra Brennan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Forces of Nature | Obsessive Quests | Race Against Time
Keywords : tornado, storm-chasers, love-triangle, marital-problems, weather, weatherperson, fertility
Action, Drama, Disaster Film 
Helen Hunt ... Jo Harding
Bill Paxton ... Bill Harding
Cary Elwes ... Dr. Jonas Miller
Jami Gertz ... Melissa
Lois Smith ... Aunt Meg
Alan Ruck ... Rabbit
Scott Thomson ... Preacher
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Dusty
Todd Field ... Beltzer
Joey Slotnick ... Joey
Jeremy Davies ... Laurence
Zach Grenier ... Eddie
Nicholas Sadler ... Kubrick
Anthony Rapp ... Tony
Abraham Benrubi ... Bubba
Jake Busey ... Mobile Lab Technician
Richard Lineback ... Father
Rusty Schwimmer ... Mother
Taylor Gilbert ... Bryce, NSSL Scientist
Bruce Wright ... Murphy, NSSL Scientist
Gregory Sporleder ... Willie
Anneke De Bont ... Farm Girl
Gary England ... TV Meteorologist
Patrick Fischler ... The Communicator
Melanie Hoopes ... Patty
Wendle Josepher ... Haynes
Dan Kelpine ... Diner Mechanic
Jeff Lazalier ... TV Meteorologist
J. Dean Lindsay ... Dean
Samantha McDonald ... Drive-In Girl
Sharonlyn Morrow ... Waitress
John Thomas Rhyne ... Paramedic
Ben Weber ... Stanley
Sean Whalen ... Sanders
762 2/4
Two for the Money 
AMG SYNOPSIS: D.J. Caruso's Two for the Money stars Matthew McConaughey as Brandon Lang, a former college quarterback whose life plans changed when he suffered a career-ending injury. Brandon turns out to have remarkable skill at picking winning football bets. Eventually, he comes to the attention of Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), a very successful business tycoon who runs a giant gambling operation. Walter brings Brandon to New York and introduces him to a glitzy, fast-paced, money-drenched lifestyle that Brandon eagerly soaks up. When Brandon's magic touch begins to falter, Walter starts to turn on his protégé. Soon the two men are attempting to outwit each other, with Walter's wife (Rene Russo) caught in the middle. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Gambling | Cons and Scams | Office Politics
Keywords : bookie, gambling, betrayal, con/scam, protegé, football
Drama, Crime Drama, Sports Drama 
Al Pacino ... Walter Abraham
Matthew McConaughey ... Brandon Lang/John Anthony
Rene Russo ... Toni Abraham
Jeremy Piven ... Jerry
Armand Assante ... Novian
Jaime King ... Alexandria
Jarrod Bunch ... Football Player
Kevin Chapman ... Southie
Ralph Garman ... Reggie
Gedde Watanabe ... Milton
Carly Pope ... Tammy
Charles Carroll ... Chuck
Gerard Plunkett ... Herbie
Craig Veroni ... Amir
Denise Galik ... Brandon's Mom
Gary Hudson ... Brandon's Dad
Jeremy Guilbaut ... Mitch
Stephen Dimopoulos ... Steve
William S. Taylor ... Leon
Veena Sood ... G. A. Hostess
Adrian Holmes ... G. A. Member 2
Trevor Roberts ... G. A. Member 3
Brad Kelly ... Novian's Bodyguard
Jason Schombing ... Mercedes Dealer
Louis Mustillo ... Doorman
Luciana Carro ... Gail
Kendall Cross ... Make-Up Artist
David Lovgren ... TV Technician
Malcolm Scott ... Man in Window
Robin Mossley ... Waiter at Restaurant
Raimund Stamm ... Man at Restaurant
Jonathan Bruce ... Man at Restaurant
Jim Rome ... Himself
John Clark ... Football Player
Dustin Dennard ... Football Player
Derek Graf ... Football Player
Tyrone Jones ... Football Player
Ty Law ... Football Player
O.J. McClintock ... Football Player
Dewayne Patmon ... Football Player
Justin Riemer ... Football Player
Jeff Sanders ... Football Player
Brandon Tully ... Football Player
763 2/4
Two Weeks Notice 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A woman finds herself attempting to foil one office romance while debating if she should take a chance on another in this romantic comedy. Lucy Kelton (Sandra Bullock) is a top-flight attorney who has risen to the position of Chief Legal Counsel for one of New York's leading commercial real estate firms, the Wade Corporation. However, Lucy's job has one significant drawback -- George Wade (Hugh Grant), the eccentric and remarkably self-centered head of the firm. George seems entirely incapable of making a decision without Lucy's advice, whether it actually involves a legal matter or not, and while she's fond of George, being at his beck and call 24 hours a day has brought her to the end of her rope. In a moment of anger, Lucy gives her two weeks notice, and George reluctantly accepts, under one condition -- Lucy has to hire her own replacement. After extensive research, Lucy picks June Carter (Alicia Witt), a Harvard Law graduate determined to make a career for herself. Lucy soon begins to suspect, however, that June plans to hasten her rise up the corporate ladder by winning George's hand, leaving Lucy to wonder if she should warn George about his beautiful but calculating new attorney -- and whether she should tell George that she has finally realized she's in love with him. Two Weeks Notice was written and directed by Marc Lawrence, who had previously scripted two other box-office hits for Sandra Bullock: Miss Congeniality and Forces of Nature. -- Mark Deming

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Lawyers | Opposites Attract | Stop the Wrecking Ball
Keywords : activism, community-center, corporate-ladder, hiring, lawyer, real-estate, replacement
Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Workplace Comedy 
Sandra Bullock ... Lucy Kelson
Hugh Grant ... George Wade
Alicia Witt ... June Carter
Dana Ivey ... Ruth Kelson
Robert Klein ... Larry Kelson
Heather Burns ... Meryl
David Haig ... Howard Wade
Dorian Missick ... Tony
Mark Feuerstein ... Rich Beck
Jason Antoon ... Norman
Becky Ann Baker ... RV Woman
David Aaron Baker ... Man Getting Into Cab
Teagle F. Bougere ... Willie the Bellboy
Bill Bowers ... Dance Floor Mime
Veanne Cox ... Melanie Corman
John Cunningham ... Justice of the Peace
Johnny Dee ... Homeless Man
Jonathan Dokuchitz ... Tom
Shannon Fiedler ... Cookie Girl
Adam Grupper ... Ex-Mrs. Wade's Lawyer
Norah Jones ... Herself
Dori Kancher ... Farewell Party Girl
Tim Kang ... Paul the Attorney
George Gearhart King III ... RV Son
Wynter Kullman ... Tyler
Janine LaManna ... Elaine Cominsky
Adam Le Fevre ... RV Man
Marina Lutz ... Lucy's Assistant
Charlotte Maier ... Helen Wade
Nadine Mozon ... Ms. Gonzales
Rocco Musacchia ... Fisherman
Elizabeth Owens ... Woman In Elevator
Mike Piazza ... Himself
Iraida Polanco ... Rosario
Sebastian R. Rand ... RV Son
Jose Ramon Rosario ... Assemblyman Perez
Mandy Siegfried ... Hana the Hostess
William Thourlby ... Man In Elevator
Donald Trump ... Himself
Libby West ... Masseuse
Sharon Wilkins ... Polly St. Clair
Katheryn Winnick ... Tiffany
Mark Zeisler ... Mr. Lowell
764 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this World War II action thriller, American reconnaissance agents learn that a German submarine is sinking. The doomed ship carries an Enigma Machine, a special coding device that allows high-level Axis forces to send messages that can't be read without a similar encryption mechanism. Obtaining a working Enigma device would be invaluable for the Allied war effort, so a U.S. sub is sent out to rescue the machine. However, German forces have already picked up the sub's distress signal and are en route to rescue their comrades. U-571 features a distinguished cast, including Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, and Jon Bon Jovi. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : War At Sea | Heroic Mission | Race Against Time
Keywords : assignment, Navy, retrieve, sea-disaster, sinking, submarine, technology, world-war
Adventure, War, Combat Films, Sea Adventure, War Adventure 
Matthew McConaughey ... Lt. Andrew Tyler
Bill Paxton ... Lt. Commander Mike Dahlgren
Harvey Keitel ... Chief Klough
Jon Bon Jovi ... Lt. Pete Emmett
Jake Weber ... Lt. Hirsch
David Keith ... Marine Major Coonan
Jack Noseworthy ... Wentz
Tom Guiry ... Trigger
Thomas Kretschmann ... Kapitanlieutenant Wassner
Matthew Settle ... Ensign Larson
Erik Palladino ... Mazzola
Dave Power ... Tank
Will Estes ... Rabbit
Derk Cheetwood ... Griggs
765 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the late 21st a disease called Hemophagia has genetically modified nearly an entire race of people, leaving them with such enhanced speed, intelligence, and strength that they resemble vampires in nearly every way. Fear begins to breed within the power elite as the disease continues to spread and those infected prove to be truly superhuman, and now, a civil war is brewing between uninfected humans and those altered by Hemophagia. Caught dead in the center of it is an infected woman called Violet (Milla Jovovich), who is bent on vengeance and has little left to lose. Provoked beyond reason by powers that will not rest until she and her people are dead, she will become everything her persecutors feared her to be. -- Cammila Collar

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Protecting the Innocent | Future Dystopias | Vampires
Keywords : genetic-engineering, super-power, on-the-run, disease, civil-war
Action, Sci-Fi Action 
Milla Jovovich ... Ultraviolet
Cameron Bright ... Six
Nick Chinlund ... Daxus
Sebastien Andrieu ... Nerva
William Fichtner ... Garth
Jennifer Caputo
766 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Actor Bruce Willis and writer/director M. Night Shyamalan reunite after the surprise success of The Sixth Sense for this supernatural thriller. David Dunne (Willis) is taking a train from New York City back home to Philadelphia after a job interview that didn't go well when his car jumps the tracks and collides with an oncoming engine, with David the only survivor among the 131 passengers on board. Astoundingly, David is not only alive, he hardly seems to have been touched. As David wonders what has happened to him and why he was able to walk away, he encounters a mysterious stranger, Elijah Prince (Samuel L. Jackson), who explains to David that there are a certain number of people who are "unbreakable" -- they have remarkable endurance and courage, a predisposition toward dangerous behavior, and feel invincible but also have strange premonitions of terrible events. Is David "unbreakable"? And if he is, what are the physical and psychological ramifications of this knowledge? Unbreakable also stars Robin Wright-Penn as Audrey, David's wife; the supporting cast includes Spencer Treat Clark and Joey Perillo. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Spellbinders
Themes : Psychic Abilities | Fathers and Sons | Heroic Mission | Mind Games | Miraculous Events | Crumbling Marriages
Keywords : invincibility, supernatural-powers, conflict, bones, clairvoyance, marital-problems, security-guard, survivor, train-disaster
Attributes : Sleeper
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Superhero Film 
Bruce Willis ... David Dunne
Samuel L. Jackson ... Elijah Prince
Charlayne Woodard ... Elijah's Mother
Spencer Treat Clark ... Joseph Dunn
James Handy ... Priest
Eamonn Walker ... Dr. Mathison
Elizabeth Lawrence ... School Nurse
Leslie Stefanson ... Kelly
Joey Perillo
Richard Council ... Noel
836 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Angelina Jolie directs this true-life tale of Louis Zamperini, the Olympic track star who survived a plane crash in World War II, only to fight for his life against nature and eventually as a prisoner of war. Joel and Ethan Coen provide the script. Louis (Jack O'Connell) grows up a rough-hewn kid on the verge of becoming a full-on delinquent, until his brother starts training him to be a track star. Louis excels at the sport, and eventually represents America at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. During his training, he learns to become resilient and disciplined; his brother's words of advice, "If you can take it, you can make it," push him to overcome any adversity.
He must live up to that adage under the most extreme circumstances after his plane is shot down during another bombing raid. He is stranded at sea for more than a month, only to be found by the Japanese and forced to endure constant physical abuse at the hands of sadistic prison-camp guard Mutsuhiro Watanabe (Japanese pop star Miyavi), who wants to break Louis' indomitable spirit. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Air Disasters | Behind Enemy Lines
Keywords : Air-Force, Olympic-Games, POW (Prisoner of War), track [track and field]
Drama, Docudrama, War Drama 
Jack O'Connell ... Lou Zamperini
Garrett Hedlund ... Fitzgerald
Domhnall Gleeson ... Phil
Finn Wittrock ... Mac
Jai Courtney ... Cup
Maddalena Ischiale ... Louise
Vincenzo Amato ... Anthony
John Magaro ... Tinker
Luke Treadaway ... Miller
Ross Anderson ... Blackie
Louis McIntosh ... Harris
John D'Leo ... Young Pete
Alex Russell ... Older Pete
Jordan Patrick Smith ... Clift
Spencer Lofranco ... Harry Brooks
Stephen J. Douglas ... Clarence Douglas
Marcus Vanco ... Lambert
Dylan Watson ... Engineer
Ryan Ahern ... Glassman
Ross Langley ... Mitchell
Michael Whalley ... Stan Pillsbury
Anthony Phelan ... Priest
David Roberts ... Officer Collier
Sandy Winton ... Coach
Chris Ovens ... Young Bully
Oliver Wright ... Young Bully
Kuni Hashimoto ... Kwajalein Officer
Shinji Ikefuji ... Japanese Translator
Shinji Ogata ... Kwajalein Guard
Taka Uematsu ... Kwajalein Guard
Taki Abe ... Radio Tokyo Man
Yutaka Izumihara ... Radio Tokyo Man
Erich Chikashi-Linzbichler ... Japanese Radio Host
Masako Fouquet ... Elegant Woman
Jiro Funamoto ... Omori Guard
Kunisha Goto ... Omori Guard
Katsuhito Nojiri ... Omori Guard
Katsuichi Shike ... Omori Guard
Atsuto Kitanobo ... Omori Running Guard
Shingo Usami ... Corporal Kono
Hiroshi Kasuga ... Naoetsu Guard
Yoji Tatsuta ... Naoetsu Guard
Talia Mano ... Young Sylvia
Savannah Lamble ... Teen Sylvia
Sophie Dalah ... Teen Virginia
Morgan Griffin ... Beautiful Young Blonde
Gulliver Page ... Waist Gunner
Damien Bryson ... Green Hornet Crew
Kristopher Bos ... POW Officer
Geoffrey Evans ... POW Officer
Nick Smith ... Enlisted POW
Tom Hobbs ... U.S. Naval Officer
Bangalie Keita ... Jesse Owens
Brooklan Frkovic ... Olympic Runner
767 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young man who has pledged his life to helping others finds himself in a pitched battle between two gangs of supernatural villains in this blend of horror story and action thriller. Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) is a medical student who is heading home after a long day of school and work when he unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of what appears to be a rumble between two well turned-out street gangs. What Michael doesn't know is he has witnessed a skirmish between two deadly underground communities, unknown to the mortal world, who are battling for supremacy -- the Death Dealers, a tribe of vampires, and the Lycans, a band of werewolves. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is a leading member of the Death Dealers who hears through the grapevine that the Lycans have plans to capture the aspiring doctor who witnessed their battle. Certain something is in the air, Selene begins following Michael around the city, and she finds herself growing emotionally attached to him. As Selene becomes more attracted to Michael, she becomes more convinced that the Lycans are planning a major attack against the Death Dealers, although vampire kingpin Kraven (Shane Brolly) is certain she's crediting the Lycans with more intelligence than they can muster. As Selene shadows Michael, she finds herself wanting to protect him, but her longing becomes a handicap when he's attacked by Lucian (Michael Sheen), the leader of the werewolf community, and the man she wants to save has now become a sworn enemy. Underworld was the first feature film from music video director Len Wiseman. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Feuds | Vampires | Werewolves
Keywords : vampire, werewolf, battle [war], medical-student, star-crossed-lovers, supernatural-forces, underground [below earth]
Action, Horror, Gothic Film, Action Thriller, Romantic Fantasy 
Kate Beckinsale ... Selene
Scott Speedman ... Michael
Michael Sheen ... Lucian
Shane Brolly ... Kraven
Bill Nighy ... Viktor
Erwin Leder ... Singe
Sophia Myles ... Erika
Wentworth Miller ... Dr. Adam Lockwood
Richard Cetrone ... Pierce
Kevin Grevioux ... Raze
1024 0/4
Underworld: Blood Wars 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the latest installment of this action-horror franchise about a war between vampires and werewolves, the bloodsuckers are caught off guard when a new werewolf leader named Marius (Tobias Menzies) launches a series of attacks against their kind. Their only hope may be vampire warrior Selene (Kate Beckinsale), who decides to fight back against Marius in order to protect her half-vampire-half-werewolf child, Eve. Theo James, Charles Dance, and Lara Pulver co-star. Directed by Anna Foerster. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Feuds | Vampires | Werewolves
Attributes : High Budget
Action, Fantasy, Horror, Action Thriller, Supernatural Drama 
Kate Beckinsale ... Selene
Theo James ... David
Tobias Menzies ... Marius
Lara Pulver ... Semira
Charles Dance ... Thomas
James Faulkner ... Cassius
Peter Andersson ... Vidar
Daisy Head ... Alexia
Oliver Stark ... Gregor
Zuzana Stivinova ... Vampire Council #1
Brian Caspe ... Vampire Council #2
Jan Nemejovsky ... Vampire Council #3
David Bowles ... Lycan Pack Leader #2
Jiri Jelinek ... Lycan Underling
Alicia Vela-Bailey ... Safehouse Lycan
1042 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Dedicated to his mentors Sergio Leone and Don Siegel, Clint Eastwood's 1992 Oscar winner examines the mythic violence of the Western, taking on the ghosts of his own star past. Disgusted by Sheriff "Little Bill" Daggett's decree that several ponies make up for a cowhand slashing a whore's face, Big Whiskey prostitutes, led by fierce Strawberry Alice (Frances Fisher), take justice into their own hands and put a 1000-dollar bounty on the lives of the perpetrators. Notorious outlaw-turned-hog farmer William Munny (Eastwood) is sought out by neophyte gunslinger the Schofield Kid (Jaimz Woolvett) to go with him to Big Whiskey and collect the bounty. While Munny insists, "I ain't like that no more," he needs the bounty money for his children, and the two men convince Munny's clean-living comrade Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman) to join them in righting a wrong done to a woman. Little Bill (Oscar winner Gene Hackman), however, has no intention of letting any bounty hunters impinge on his iron-clad authority. When pompous gunman English Bob (Richard Harris) arrives in Big Whiskey with pulp biographer W.W. Beauchamp (Saul Rubinek) in tow, Little Bill beats Bob senseless and promises to tell Beauchamp the real story about frontier life and justice. But when Munny, the true unwritten legend, comes to town, everyone soon learns a harsh lesson about the price of vindictive bloodshed and the malleability of ideas like "justice." "I don't deserve this," pleads Little Bill. "Deserve's got nothin' to do with it," growls Munny, simultaneously summing up the insanity of Western violence and the legacy of Eastwood's the Man With No Name. --

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Out For Revenge | Bounty Hunters | Sheriffs and Outlaws | Redemption
Keywords : gunfighter, bounty-hunter, aging, corruption, outlaw [Western], retirement, sheriff, town, west, frontier, killing, past, sidekick, good-vs-evil, prostitute/prostitution, rampage, farming
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance
Western, Drama, Revisionist Western, Outlaw (Gunfighter) Film 
Clint Eastwood ... Bill Munny
Gene Hackman ... Sheriff "Little Bill" Daggett
Morgan Freeman ... Ned Logan
Richard Harris ... English Bob
Jaimz Woolvett ... The "Schofield Kid"
Saul Rubinek ... W.W. Beauchamp
Frances Fisher ... Strawberry Alice
David Mucci ... Quick Mike
Rob Campbell ... Davey Bunting
Anthony James ... Skinny Dubois
Stuart Aikins
Phyllis Huffman
Liisa Repo-Martell ... Faith
Anna Levine ... Delilah Fitzgerald
Tara Dawn Frederick ... Little Sue
Beverley Elliott ... Silky
Josie Smith ... Crow Creek Kate
Shane Meier ... Will Munny
Aline Levasseur ... Penny Munny
Robert Koons ... Crocker
Ron White ... Clyde Ledbetter
Henry Kope ... German Joe Schultz
Jeremy Ratchford ... Deputy Andy Russell
John Pyper-Ferguson ... Charley Hecker
Jefferson Mappin ... Fatty Rossiter
Frank C. Turner ... Fuzzy
Lochlyn Munro ... Texas Slim
Ben Cardinal ... Johnny Foley
Michael Maurer ... Train Person #3
Larry Joshua ... Bucky
George Orrison ... The Shadow
Mina E. Mina ... Muddy Chandler
Philip Hayes ... Lippy MacGregor
Greg Goossen ... Fighter
768 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Liam Neeson headlines this thriller about a prominent doctor on a business trip to Germany when he awakens from a coma to find that another man has stolen his identity and taken over his life. Dr. Martin Harris (Neeson) has just arrived in Berlin to deliver an important presentation when he realizes that his briefcase has gone missing, and leaves his wife, Elizabeth (January Jones), at their hotel to try and retrieve it. During his cab ride back to the airport, however, a serious car accident lands Dr. Harris in the hospital, where he lies in a coma for four days. Upon awakening, Dr. Harris is horrified to discover that every relic of his identity has been completely erased. His shock is soon compounded when, upon seeking out his wife at a lavish party, another man (Aidan Quinn) appears by her side claiming to be the real Dr. Martin Harris, and requests that hotel security protect them from the unstable "imposter." Facing total denial from everyone he turns to, Dr. Harris gets a tip from a sympathetic nurse to seek out the assistance of Ernst Jürgen (Bruno Ganz), the former head of the German Secret Police, who implores him to track down Gina (Diane Kruger), the illegal immigrant taxi driver who narrowly saved his life, and may hold the answers to all of his questions. Now, the closer Dr. Harris gets to solving the mystery, the greater the danger becomes until the astonishing truth is revealed, plunging him into a desperate race against time. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Head Trips
Themes : Assumed Identities | Mind Games
Keywords : identity-theft, tourist, car-crash, coma, identity-switch
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Liam Neeson ... Dr. Martin Harris
Diane Kruger ... Gina
January Jones ... Elizabeth Harris
Aidan Quinn ... Martin B
Bruno Ganz ... Ernst Jürgen
Frank Langella ... Rodney Cole
Sebastian Koch ... Professor Bressler
Olivier Schneider ... Smith
Stipe Erceg ... Jones
Rainer Bock ... Herr Strauss
Mido Hamada ... Prince Shada
Clint Dyer ... Biko
Karl Markovics ... Dr. Farge
Eva Löbau ... Nurse Gretchen
Helen Wiebensohn ... Laurel Bressler
Merle Wiebensohn ... Lily Bressler
Adnan Maral ... Turkish Taxi Driver
Torsten Michaelis ... Airport Taxi Driver
Rainer Sellien ... Control Room Detective
Petra Hartung ... Control Room Detective
Michael Baral ... Hotel Adlon Receptionist
Sanny Van Heteren ... Hotel Adlon Receptionist
Ricardo Dürner ... Hotel Adlon Doorman
Marlon Putzke ... Hotel Adlon Bellhop
Herbert Olschok ... Hans Brandt
Karla Trippel ... Hotel Cashier
Petra Schmidt-Schaller ... Immigration Officer
Annabelle Mandeng ... TV Anchor
Janina Flieger ... University Receptionist
Fritz Roth ... Taxi Depot Manager
Heike Hanold-Lynch ... Lost & Found Clerk
Oliver Stolz ... River Samaritan
Oliver Lang ... Club DJ
Sebastian Stielke ... Brandt's Assistant
1179 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director/writer Leigh Whannell presents a vision of a utopian future where technology is supremely ubiquitous. In that future, technophobe Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) embraces an experimental computer chip implant named STEM after a mugging incident leaves him paralyzed and his wife dead. STEM proves to possess its own agency, making for an unpredictable ally in Trace’s vendetta. --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Death of a Partner | Future Dystopias | Out For Revenge | Robots and Androids
Keywords : computer-chip, death-in-family, future, paralysis, revenge, wife
Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Fantasy Adventure, Sci-Fi Action 
Logan Marshall-Green ... Grey Trace
Harrison Gilbertson ... Eron
Benedict Hardie ... Fisk
Manolo Cardona ... Sergio
Djedje Apali ... Battiste
Ramon Barea ... Padre
Yael Belicha ... Cooperante Ong
769 1/4
Uptown Girls 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this comedy from director Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans), Brittany Murphy stars as Molly Gunn, the daughter of a dead rock star, who lives off her inheritance and has never worked a day in her life. When her father's estate is swindled away from her, Molly suddenly finds her life of luxury and excess pulled out from under her. Begrudgingly, she decides that she has to get a job and is hired as a nanny for Ray Schliene (Dakota Fanning), the daughter of record executive Roma Schliene (Heather Locklear). At first Molly can't shake her spoiled-brat personality, but eventually she and Ray discover that they have a lot in common and a strong bond is formed. Jesse Spencer plays Molly's boyfriend, and Donald Faison, who previously worked with Murphy in Clueless, plays another record executive who offers Molly a place to live until she gets on her feet. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Nannies and Caregivers | Riches To Rags | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : friendship, musician, nanny, poor-little-rich-kid, riches-to-rags, socialite, inheritance
Comedy, Buddy Film, Coming-of-Age 
Brittany Murphy ... Molly Gunn
Dakota Fanning ... Ray Schleine
Marley Shelton ... Ingrid
Donald Faison ... Huey
Jesse Spencer ... Neal
Austin Pendleton ... Mr, McConkey
Heather Locklear ... Roma Schleine
770 3/4
V for Vendetta 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, V for Vendetta takes place in an alternate vision of Britain in which a corrupt and abusive totalitarian government has risen to complete power. During a threatening run in with the secret police, an unassuming young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) is rescued by a vigilante named V (Hugo Weaving) -- a caped figure both articulate and skilled in combat. V embodies the principles of rebellion from an authoritarian state, donning a mask of vilified would-be terrorist of British history Guy Fawkes and leading a revolution sparked by assassination and destruction. Evey becomes his unlikely ally, newly aware of the cruelty of her own society and her role in it. -- Cammila Collar

Moods : A World of Its Own | Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Totalitarian States | Future Dystopias | Fighting the System | Vigilantes | Terrorism | Social Injustice
Keywords : assassination, Fascism, freedom-fighter, guerrilla, resistance-fighters, totalitarianism
Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Natalie Portman ... Evey
Hugo Weaving ... V, William Rookwood
Stephen Rea ... Finch
Stephen Fry ... Deitrich
John Hurt ... Adam Sutler
Tim Pigott-Smith ... Creedy
Rupert Graves ... Dominic
Roger Allam ... Lewis Prothero
Ben Miles ... Dascomb
Natasha Wightman ... Valerie
Eddie Marsan ... Etheridge
Billie Cook ... Little Glasses Girl
John Standing ... Lilliman
Clive Ashborn ... Guy Fawkes
Ian Burfield ... Tweed Coat Fingerman
Mark Phoenix ... Willy Fingerman
Alister Mazzotti ... Baldy Fingerman
Guy Henry ... Heyer
Cosima Shaw ... Patricia
Megan Gay ... BTN News Poppet
Roderick Culver ... BTN News Poppet
Tara Hacking ... Vicky
Andy Rashleigh ... Fred
Chad Stahelski ... Storm Saxon
Antje Rau ... Laser Lass
Amelda Brown ... Wardrobe Mistress
Richard Campbell ... Security Guard
Mark Longhurst ... Little Glasses Girl Dad
Simon Holmes ... Barman
Charles Cork ... Barfly
John Ringham ... Old Man
Juliet Howland ... Middle Class Mum
Raife Patrick Burchell ... Studio Technician
Joseph Rye ... Jones
Malcolm Sinclair ... Major Wilson
Selina Giles ... Evey's Mother
Carsten Hayes ... Evey's Father
Derek Hutchinson ... Bureaucrat
Martin Savage ... Denis
Gregory Donaldson ... Operator
Imogen Poots ... Young Valerie
Jason Griffiths ... Biology Teacher
Laura Greenwood ... Sarah
Paul Antony-Barber ... Valerie's Father
Mary Stockley ... Ruth
Dulcie Smart ... Civil War News Poppet
Ben Posener ... Water Shortage News Poppet
Julie Brown ... Three Waters News Poppet
David Leitch ... Convenience Store V
Richard Laing ... Parliament Lieutenant
Michael Simkins ... Parliament General
William Tapley ... Radio Man
771 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Rusty Griswold, the youngest child from 1983's National Lampoon's Vacation is all grown up with a family of his own and fond childhood memories of a certain family road trip to Walley World, "America's Favorite Family Fun Park." Like his father, Clark (Chevy Chase), Rusty wants to forge closer bonds with his own family - wife Debbie (Christina Applegate) and boys James and Kevin (Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins) - so he buys a souped-up Albanian van and convinces them to set off on their own crazy cross-country jaunt to Walley World. Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein. -- Erin Demers

Themes : Family Vacations | Nightmare Vacations | Nothing Goes Right | Eccentric Families
Keywords : family-vacation, bumbler, cross-country, journey, road-trip
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Farce, Road Movie 
Ed Helms ... Rusty Griswold
Christina Applegate ... Debbie Griswold
Skyler Gisondo ... James Griswold
Steele Stebbins ... Kevin Griswold
Leslie Mann ... Audrey Griswold
Chris Hemsworth ... Stone Crandall
Keegan-Michael Key ... Jack Peterson
Regina Hall ... Nancy Peterson
Ron Livingston ... Ethan
Tim Heidecker ... Utah Copy
Kaitlin Olson ... Arizona Cop
Nick Kroll ... Colorado Cop
Michael Peña ... New Mexico Cop
Charlie Day ... Chad
Catherine Missal ... Adena
E'Myri Crutchfield ... Sheila Peterson
Alkoya Brunson ... Gary Peterson
Hannah Davis ... Ferrari Girl
David Clennon ... Harry Co-Pilot
Colin Hanks ... Jake
Kirstin Ford ... Mom on Plane
Ethan Maher ... Boy on Plane
Elizabeth Gillies ... Heather
Cristina Squyres ... Brooke
Nadine Avola ... Chelsea
Ryan Cartwright ... Terry
Valerie Payton ... Shuttle Driver
O'Clair Alexander ... Husky Lady at Monument
Miles Doleac ... Man at Monument
Holly Gardner ... Woman at Monument
R.F. Daley ... Furious Husband
Elizabeth Fendrick ... Furious Wife
Michael H. Cole ... Male Guest
Brooke Jaye Taylor ... Female Guest
Mitchell Warren ... Walley World Kid #2
John Francis Daley ... Ride Operator
1000 2/4
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Space adventurers Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) set off on a mission to stop sinister forces from destroying Alpha, an intergalactic metropolis where thousands of alien species live together in harmony. Written and directed by Luc Besson, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is based on a series of French comics by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières. Clive Owen, Rihanna, Elizabeth Debicki, Ethan Hawke, and Rihanna co-star. --

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Benign Aliens | Fantasy Lands | Hotshots | Protecting the Innocent
Keywords : against-the-system, behind-enemy-lines, cover-up, man-vs-aliens, space-disaster, space-station
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Budget, High Production Values
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure, Space Adventure 
Dane DeHaan ... Major Valerian
Cara Delevingne ... Sergeant Laureline
Clive Owen ... Commander Arun Filitt
Rihanna ... Bubble
Ethan Hawke ... Jolly the Pimp
Herbie Hancock ... Defence Minister
Kris Wu ... Sergeant Neza
Rutger Hauer ... President of the World State Federation
Sam Spruell ... General Okto-Bar
Alain Chabat ... Bob the Pirate
Peter Hudson ... Captain Crowford
Xavier Giannoli ... Captain Norton
Louis Leterrier ... Captain Welcoming Mercurys
Eric Rochant ... Captain Welcoming Palm Muret
Olivier Megaton ... Captain Welcoming KCO2
Gérard Krawczyk ... Captain Welcoming Martapurais
Stéphane Mir ... Mercurys
Aymeline Valade ... Emperor Haban-Limai
Elizabeth Debicki ... Emperor Haban-Limai
Barbara Scaff ... Empress Aloi
Ola Rapace ... Major Gibson
Stefan Konarske ... Captain Zito
Mahamadou Coulibaly ... Major Gibson's Soldier, Igon Junior
Gavin Drea ... Sergent Cooper
John Goodman ... Igon Siruss
Peter Eberst ... Igon Sirus Guard
Akim Chir ... Igon Sirus Guard
Aurelien Gaya ... Igon Sirus Guard
Sam Douglas ... Male Tourist
Tonio Descanvelle ... DA, Doghan-Daguis
Mathieu Kassovitz ... Hawker
Doug Rand ... Doghan-Daguis
Robbie Rist ... Doghan-Daguis
Claire Tran ... Bubble/Glamopod, Control Room Sergeant
772 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Inspired by the true-life story of carrier pigeons who were trained to carry vital information for the Allied forces across the English Channel during World War II, this computer-animated adventure comedy focuses on Valiant (voice of Ewan McGregor), a wood pigeon who has volunteered to do his part for England during the war. While Valiant believes in the cause, he's not exactly a quick study in his training under a no-nonsense sergeant (voice of Jim Broadbent), and his new pal Bugsy (voice of Ricky Gervais), a vermin-carrying former denizen of Trafalgar Square, fares even worse in the courage department. However, when one of the key British birds, Mercury (voice of John Cleese), is captured by notorious Nazi falcon Von Talon (voice of Tim Curry), Valiant and his crew must spring into action to keep the lines of communication open in time for D-day. Along the way, Valiant also finds time to romance avian nurse Victoria (voice of Olivia Williams) and French resistance agent Charles De Girl (voice of Sharon Horgan). Produced at the British Ealing Studios, Valiant also features the voice talents of John Hurt, Rik Mayall, and Hugh Laurie. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Finding a Way Back Home | Heroic Mission | War in the Sky
Keywords : carrier-pigeon, birds, battle [war], D-Day, English [nationality], forces [military], nurse, sergeant, world-war
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Ewan McGregor ... Valiant
Ricky Gervais ... Bugsy
Tim Curry ... Von Talon
Jim Broadbent ... Sergeant
Hugh Laurie ... Gutsy
John Cleese ... Mercury
John Hurt ... Felix
Pip Torrens ... Lofty
Rik Mayall ... Cufflingk
Olivia Williams ... Victoria
Sharon Horgan ... Charles De Girl
Harry Peacock ... Recruiting Officer
Curtis Augspurger ... Pigeon Guard
Jonathan Ross ... Big Thug
Michael Jenn ... Messenger Pigeon
Annette Badland ... Elsa
Alison Dowling
James Dale Robinson
Emma Tate
773 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: At the absolute height of World War II, German generals hatch a daring plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler and effectively render the German war machine impotent. Directed by Bryan Singer, Valkyrie stars Tom Cruise as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, the real-life mastermind behind the elaborate plot known as Project Valkyrie: a plan to assassinate Hitler and overthrow his government from the inside. Stauffenberg has been a loyal soldier and an asset to the Reich for his entire military career, but after losing an eye, a hand, and three fingers in an Allied bombing, he reaches a breaking point. The destructive madness that his country is unleashing on the world has become too terrible for the colonel to stand silent. He joins the resistance movement -- a treasonous act, punishable by death -- and risks his life and the life of his family for the chance to change history. Comprised of high-ranking officials working in secret, the German Resistance has access to the inner workings of the government and military, putting them in the perfect position to dispatch the dictator and then use his own official contingency plan to seize power -- before the army, the S.S., and loyal party members can put someone just as diabolical in the Führer's place. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Assassination Plots | Conspiracies | Heroic Mission | Military Life | Political Unrest | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : assassination, General, Nazi
War, Political Thriller 
Tom Cruise ... Col. Claus von Stauffenberg
Kenneth Branagh ... Major-Gen. Henning von Tresckow
Bill Nighy ... Gen. Friedrich Olbricht
Tom Wilkinson ... Gen. Friedrich Fromm
Carice van Houten ... Nina Von Stauffenberg
Thomas Kretschmann ... Maj. Otto Ernst Remer
Terence Stamp ... Gen. Ludwig Beck
Eddie Izzard ... Gen. Erich Fellgiebel
Kevin McNally ... Dr. Carl Goerdeler
Christian Berkel ... Col. Mertz von Quirnheim
David Bamber ... Adolf Hitler
Tom Hollander ... Col. Heinz Brandt
David Schofield ... Erwin von Witzleben
Kenneth Cranham ... Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel
Halina Reijn ... Margarethe von Oven
Werner Daehn ... Maj. Ernst John von Freyend
Harvey Friedman ... Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Matthias Schweighöfer ... Lt. Herber
Waldemar Kobus ... Police Chief Wolf-Heinrich von Helldorf
Florian Panzner ... Second Lt. Hagen
Ian McNeice ... Pompous General
Chris Larkin ... Sgt. Helm
Matthew Burton ... Lt. General Adolf Heusinger
Wotan Wilke Möhring ... Sgt. Kolbe
Christian Oliver ... Sgt. Major Adam
Bernard Hill ... Confident General - Desert
Julian Morris ... Young Lieutenant - Desert
Helmut Stauss ... Dr. Roland Freisler
Tim Williams ... Doctor
774 1/4
Van Helsing 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The greatest monster hunter of them all has his work cut out for him as he tracks down three deadly foes in this action-adventure saga. Gabriel Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is a man who has dedicated his life to battling evil forces who exist outside the bounds of nature; Van Helsing's work has not always made him friends, and a false accusation of murder still trails him. But when he's summoned to Transylvania at the behest of Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale), whose family has been fighting supernatural beings for generations, Van Helsing wastes no time answering her call. There, Van Helsing discovers that the undying vampire Count Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) has put a misshapen creature named Igor (Kevin J. O'Connor) under his spell, and, in turn, has forged an alliance with a hideous monster (Shuler Hensley) who was created by the misguided Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Samuel West). Adding to Anna's burden is her brother, Velkan (Will Kemp), a lycanthrope who becomes a bloodthirsty wolf under the light of the full moon. Van Helsing also co-stars Elena Anaya, Silvia Colloca, and Josie Maran as Dracula's vampire brides. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Vampires | Werewolves | Experiments Gone Awry | Mad Scientists
Keywords : Dracula, monster, creature, Frankenstein, hero, undead, vampire, werewolf
Action, Horror, Costume Horror, Creature Film 
Hugh Jackman ... Gabriel Van Helsing
Kate Beckinsale ... Anna Valerious
Richard Roxburgh ... Count Vladislaus Dracula
David Wenham ... Carl
Shuler Hensley ... Frankenstein's Monster
Elena Anaya ... Aleera
Will Kemp ... Velkan Valerious/Wolf Man
Kevin J. O'Connor ... Igor
Alun Armstrong ... Cardinal Jinette
Silvia Colloca ... Verona
Josie Maran ... Marishka
Tom Fisher ... Top Hat
Samuel West ... Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Robbie Coltrane ... Mr. Hyde
Martin Klebba ... Dwerger
Stephen H. Fisher ... Dr. Jekyll
Zuzana Durdinova ... Opera Singer
Jaroslav Vizner ... Gendarme
Marek Vasut ... Villager
Samantha Sommers ... Vampire Child
Dorel Mois ... Dracula's Ball Performer
Marianna Mois ... Dracula's Ball Performer
Laurence Racine ... Dracula's Ball Performer
Patrice Wojciechowski ... Dracula's Ball Performer
775 2/4
Vanilla Sky 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A remake of the Spanish film Open Your Eyes (1997), this thriller from director Cameron Crowe bears one of several discarded titles for his previous, Oscar-winning film Almost Famous (2000). Tom Cruise stars as David Ames, a womanizing playboy who finds romantic redemption when he falls in love with his best friend's girlfriend Sofia (Penelope Cruz, reprising her role from the original film). Before that relationship can begin, however, David is coaxed into a car driven by an ex-lover, Julie (Cameron Diaz), who turns out to be suicidal. Driving her car off a bridge, Julie kills herself and horribly disfigures David. Reconstructive surgery and the loving support of Sofia seem to reverse David's luck, but eerie incidents are soon making him question the reality of his existence and his control over his life, even while he is suspected of complicity in Julie's death. Vanilla Sky (2001) bears the expected Crowe trademark of an obsession with recent pop culture and particularly rock music, a more important element of the remake than the original film. That project's writer/director, Alejandro Amenabar, crafted his own supernatural hit the same year with The Others (2001), starring Nicole Kidman, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Cruise. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Head Trips
Themes : Haunted By the Past | Mind Games | Redemption | Virtual Reality
Keywords : disfigurement, virtual-reality, car-crash, love-triangle, plastic-surgery, psychiatrist, redemption, scorned-love
Thriller, Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Romantic Mystery, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Tom Cruise ... David Aames
Penélope Cruz ... Sofia Serrano
Cameron Diaz ... Julie Gianni
Kurt Russell ... McCabe
Noah Taylor ... Edmund Ventura
Timothy Spall ... Thomas Tipp
Tilda Swinton ... Rebecca Dearborn
Alicia Witt ... Libby
Johnny Galecki ... Peter Brown
Michael Shannon ... Aaron
776 2/4
Vantage Point 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, and Matthew Fox star in director Pete Travis' Rashomon-style thriller in which an assassination attempt on the president of the United States is detailed from five unique perspectives. As the president arrives in Salamanca, gunshots ring out. An American tourist (Whitaker) has captured footage of the would-be assassin on videotape, and now, as the stories of the other four witnesses unfold, each essential piece of the puzzle quickly falls into place. Only when all of the stories are told will the chilling truth to this shocking crime finally emerge. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Assassination Plots | Heads of State | Members of the Press | Terrorism
Keywords : assassination, President, tourist, witness
Thriller, Political Thriller 
Dennis Quaid ... Thomas Barnes
Matthew Fox ... Kent Taylor
Forest Whitaker ... Howard Lewis
Bruce McGill ... Phil McCullough
Edgar Ramirez ... Javier
Saïd Taghmaoui ... Suarez
Ayelet Zurer ... Veronica
Zoe Saldana ... Angie Jones
Sigourney Weaver ... Rex Brooks
William Hurt ... President Ashton
James LeGros ... Ted Heinkin
Eduardo Noriega ... Enrique
Richard T. Jones ... Holden
Holt McCallany ... Ron Matthews
Leonardo Nam ... Kevin Cross
Dolores Heredia ... Marie
Alicia Jaziz Zapien ... Anna
Justin Sundquist ... Parsons
Sean O'Bryan ... Cavic
Rodrigo Cachero ... Luis
Xavier Massimi ... Miguel
Shelby Fenner ... Grace Riggs
Ari Brickman ... Secret Service Agent
Brian McGovern ... Mark Reinhart
Lisa Owen ... American Woman
Rocío Verdejo ... Paulina
Marisa Rubio ... Police Woman
777 2/4
Varsity Blues 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In his first feature following the success of television's Dawson's Creek, James Van Der Beek stars as Jonathan Moxon, the back-up quarterback on his high-school football team, the West Canaan Coyotes. In West Canaan, the only thing that matters is football, and the man who matters is the one with 22 divisional championships, coach Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight). Mox, as the young "A" student is called, is wrapping up his senior year on his way to Brown University in the shadow of his childhood friend, star quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker). With only five games until the end of the season, Kilmer pushes his players too hard, and Lance suffers a career-ending injury, forcing Mox to play and win the game. Now the starter, Mox must deal with his newfound celebrity; the attentions of Lance's girlfriend, head-cheerleader Darcy (Ali Larter); prevent his friends and fellow players Billy Bob (Ron Lester) and Tweeder (Scott Caan) from self-destructing; prevent Coach Kilmer from crushing everybody; and hold on to his own girlfriend, Lance's sister Jules (Amy Smart). Oh, and Mox must also win the championship and prove himself the hero. -- Ron Wells

Themes : Football Players | High School Life | Authority Figures [k] | Death of a Friend | Drug/Alcohol Experimentation [k] | Underdogs
Keywords : coach, drugs, football, friendship, girlfriend, individuality, injury, school, winner, quarterback
Drama, Coming-of-Age, Sports Drama 
James Van Der Beek ... Jonathan "Mox" Moxon
Jon Voight ... Coach Bud Kilmer
Paul Walker ... Lance Harbor
Ron Lester ... Billy Bob
Scott Caan ... Tweeter
Richard Lineback ... Joe Harbor
Tiffany C. Love ... Collette Harbor
Amy Smart ... Julie Harbor
Eliel Swinton ... Wendell
Joe Pichler ... Kyle Moxon
Ali Larter ... Darcy
Tonie Perensky ... Miss Davis
Jesse Plemons ... Tommy Harbor
981 0/4
The Vault 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two sisters rob a bank in order to save their brother. However, their plan hits a snag when they head to the basement vault to collect the money, as they unleash dark forces hell-bent on stopping them. Directed by Dan Bush, this horror thriller stars James Franco, Francesca Eastwood, and Taryn Manning. --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Bank Robbery | Crime Gone Awry | Families in Crisis
Keywords : bank-robbery, family-in-danger, secret-room, ultimatum, vault [safe]
Horror, Thriller, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller, Family Drama 
James Franco ... Ed Mass
Taryn Manning ... Vee Dillon
Francesca Eastwood ... Leah Dillon
Scott Haze ... Michael Dillon
Q'orianka Kilcher ... Susan Cromwell
Keith Loneker ... Cyrus
Jill Jane Clements ... Mary
Rebecka Ray ... Samantha
Jackson Beals ... Detective Burton
1205 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Ruben Fleischer’s superhero film revolves around the chaotic exploits of the Marvel Comics villain of the same name. Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, a journalist who becomes the host of an alien symbiote – acquiring superhuman abilities and a malevolent alter-ego in the process – while investigating the true nature of the secretive experiments conducted by the unethical leader of the Life Foundation (Riz Ahmed). -- Augustine Chay

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Double Life | Experiments Gone Awry | Heroic Mission | Metamorphosis
Keywords : alien [not human], host, super-power, journalist, Superhero
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Superhero Film 
Tom Hardy ... Eddie Brock / Venom
Michelle Williams ... Anne Weying
Scott Haze ... Roland Treece
Reid Scott ... Patrick Mulligan
Woody Harrelson
Jenny Slate
Sope Aluko ... Dr. Rosie Collins
Wayne Pere ... Dr. Emerson
Melora Walters
Mac Brandt ... Jack the Bartender
Samuel Medina ... Parolee
Jane McNeill ... Restaurant Patron
Vickie Eng ... Donna Diego/Old Woman
Etienne Vick ... Window Shopper
Peggy Lu ... Mrs. Chen
Ellen Gerstein ... Mrs. Manfredi
Elizabeth Becka ... Restaurant Patron #2
Denney Pierce ... Merc Driver
Chris Stein ... Mission Control Operator
Grace Wan ... Actress
Paul Barlow, Jr. ... Tour Teacher
778 2/4
Vertical Limit 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Family differences and personal grudges add drama to an already tense situation as the lives of a team of mountain climbers hang in the balance in this action drama. Peter Garrett (Chris O'Donnell) and his sister Annie (Robin Tunney) are the children of Royce Garrett (Stuart Wilson), an avid outdoorsman and climbing enthusiast who died when an accident left all three hanging from a single rope; Royce ordered Peter to cut him loose to save the lives of his kids, even though he knew it would mean his death. Years later, Peter has given up climbing and become a respected nature photographer, while Annie, who holds Peter responsible for her father's death, is a famous world-class mountain climber who is hired by Elliot Vaughn (Bill Paxton), a self-made billionaire, to help him scale K2, a mountain in the Himalayas that's the second-highest peak in the world. In the midst of the climb, dangerous weather strikes, and Elliot, Annie, and their crew find themselves trapped in a cavern that's been sealed tight by an avalanche. Peter, who is near K2 working on an assignment, quickly organizes a crew of expert climbers to save Annie and the other mountaineers, who must work under a tight deadline before the trapped climbers run out of air. Peter's partners in the rescue include beautiful medic Monique (Izabella Scorupco), radical climbers Cyril (Steve Le Marquand) and Malcolm (Ben Mendelsohn), disciplined Pakistani crewman Kareem (Alexander Siddig), and Montgomery (Scott Glenn), an eccentric outdoorsman who has a score to settle with Elliot. While backgrounds were shot on location in Pakistan, most of the climbing sequences in Vertical Limit were actually filmed on mountain ranges in New Zealand. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Nail-biters
Themes : Daring Rescues | Haunted By the Past | Race Against Time | Sibling Relationships | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : avalanche, cavern, medic, mountain-climbing, outdoorsman, photographer, stranded, trapped
Action, Adventure, Action Thriller, Adventure Drama 
Chris O'Donnell ... Peter Garrett
Bill Paxton ... Elliot Vaughn
Robin Tunney ... Annie Garrett
Scott Glenn ... Montgomery Wick
Izabella Scorupco ... Monique Aubertine
Temuera Morrison ... Major Rasul
Stuart Wilson ... Royce Garrett
Nicholas Lea ... Tom McLaren
Alexander Siddig ... Kareem
Robert Taylor ... Skip Taylor
Roshan Seth ... Colonel Amir Salem
David Hayman ... Frank "Chainsaw" Williams
Ben Mendelsohn ... Malcolm Bench
Clinton Beavan ... WNN Cameraman
Rod Brown ... Ali Hasan
Campbell Cooley ... Campbell
Gavin Craig ... Summit Air Pilots
Augie Davis ... Aziz
Sally Spencer Harris ... Party Goers
Bruce Kingan ... Rasul Flying Double
Robert Mammone ... Brian Maki
Bryan Moore ... Climbing Doubles
Leela Patel ... Mayama Wick
Tamati Rice ... Party Goers
Leos Stransky ... Grunge Climbers
Tom Struthers ... Grunge Climbers
Nicole Whippy ... Spanish Climber
Craig Walsh Wrightson ... Party Goers
Shahid Zafar ... Prayer Leader
779 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A cop pursues a sentient female android that has escaped a hedonistic resort where people live out their wildest fantasies. Meanwhile, the owner of the resort dispatches a band of mercenaries to eliminate the android first. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Robots and Androids
Keywords : android, hedonism, mercenary, police-officer
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Thomas Jane ... Roy
Brett Granstaff ... James
Bruce Willis ... Julian Michaels
Ryan O'Nan ... Det. Matthews
Bryan Greenberg ... Evan
Johnathon Schaech ... Chris
Colin Egglesfield ... Reiner
Cameron Brexler ... Keith
Jesse Pruett ... Officer Pullman
Tyler Jon Olson ... Steve (as Tyler J. Olson)
Don Harvey ... Kasansky
Nikki BreAnne Wells ... Newscaster
Douglas M. Griffin ... Serrano
Martin Blencowe ... Sean
Damon Lipari ... Ryan
Ashley Kirk ... Rachel
Heather Alexandra ... Hannah
Ric Miller ... Paulie
Tamara Belous ... Andrea
Courtney Turk ... Hostess
Emily June Ellis ... Heather
Eddie Matthews ... Bozz
Grant Koo ... John
Gene Murrell ... Bank Manager
Stephen Cyrus Sepher ... Guard
Geoff Reeves ... Mercenary 4
Rachel Lantham ... Bank Customer #2
Ambyr Childers ... Kelly
780 1/4
The Village 
AMG SYNOPSIS: M. Night Shyamalan, the creative mind behind The Sixth Sense and Signs, wrote and directed this characteristically atmospheric thriller. The rustic village of Covington is a small town in rural Pennsylvania that is home to 60 souls. The citizens of Covington lead a quiet and peaceful life, but not without an unusual caveat -- terrible creatures lurk just outside the borders of the village, and the people of Covington have reached an agreement of sorts with the beasts, in which they are allowed to go about their business as long as they never cross the village's boundaries. However, this precarious balance is upset when a headstrong young man, Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix), decides to find out what lies outside Covington, and unwittingly invites the wrath of the creatures upon the town. The Village also stars Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, Adrien Brody, Judy Greer, and Bryce Dallas Howard; both Kirsten Dunst and Ashton Kutcher were at one time attached to the project, but both left the cast before filming began. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Haunted By the Past | Mind Games | Fathers and Daughters | Love Triangles | Small-Town Life
Keywords : village, beast, blindness [physical], injury, medicine, rurality, town-fool, creature
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Rural Drama 
Joaquin Phoenix ... Lucius Hunt
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Ivy Walker
Adrien Brody ... Noah Percy
William Hurt ... Edward Walker
Sigourney Weaver ... Alice Hunt
Brendan Gleeson ... August Nicholson
Cherry Jones ... Mrs. Clack
Jayne Atkinson ... Tabitha Walker
Judy Greer ... Kitty Walker
Fran Kranz ... Christop Crane
Michael Pitt ... Finton Coin
Celia Weston ... Vivian Percy
Frank Collison ... Victor
Jesse Eisenberg ... Jamison
Charlie McDermott ... Boy
781 2/4
Vision Quest 
AMG SYNOPSIS: According to high school wrestler Matthew Modine, a spiritual "Vision Quest" is necessary for him to decide his future. Thus, Modine starts behaving in a manner that amazes even himself. The crowning achievement of Modine's new outlook on life is his romance with 21-year-old artist Linda Fiorentino. Somehow, all of this boils down to the standard "underdog makes good at crucial sports event" finale. Essentially Rocky and Breaking Away redux, Vision Quest is saved by the spirited performances of its young protagonists. Of historical value is the brief appearance by Madonna, whose voice is heard throughout on the film's music track. -- Hal Erickson

Themes : High School Life | Underdogs | Wrestling | Age Disparity Romance
Keywords : boy, coming-of-age, athlete, underdog, wrestling-Greco-Roman, high-school, romance, artist
Drama, Romance, Sports Drama, Teen Movie 
Matthew Modine ... Louden Swain
Linda Fiorentino ... Carla
Michael Schoeffling ... Kuch
Ronny Cox ... Mr. Swain/Louden's Dad
Harold Sylvester ... Tanneran
Charles Hallahan ... Coach
J.C. Quinn ... Elmo
Daphne Zuniga ... Margie Epstein
Frank Jasper ... Shute
Nancy Klopper
Cash Stone ... Official
Forest Whitaker ... Bulldozer
R.H. Thomson ... Kevin
Gary Kasper ... Otto
Raphael Sbarge ... Schmoozler
Roberts Blossom ... Grandpa
James Gammon ... Kuch's Dad
Judith Hansen ... Elsie
Fred Miles ... Louden's Opponent
Sean Morgan ... Injured Salesman
Ken Pelo ... Hoover, Team Coach
Kevin Kahl Lease ... Exercise Leader
Tony Christianson ... Thompson Teammate
Jay Bonnett ... Thompson Teammate
Ted Collins ... Thompson Teammate
Paul Spangenberg ... Thompson Medic
David Haugen ... Student Manager
Tom Elkins ... Announcer
Jana Marie Hupp ... Sally
Madonna ... Special Appearance
782 1/4
The Visit 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Visit is a comedic horror film from director M. Night Shyamalan that follows a pair of children whose lives are changed drastically when their mother (Kathryn Hahn) takes them to visit their grandparents. After seeing their grandparents engaged in activities that they had been kept as a secret to the entire family previously, they are endangered and rendered potentially unable to ever return to their previous existence. The movie co-stars Peter McRobbie and Deanna Dunagan, with music from Hans Zimmer. -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Nightmare Vacations
Keywords : bizarre, craziness, farm, grandparent, sibling, vacation, visit
Horror, Supernatural Horror 
Kathryn Hahn ... Mom
Deanna Dunagan ... Nana
Peter McRobbie ... Pop Pop
Ed Oxenbould ... Tyler
Olivia DeJonge ... Becca
Patch Darragh ... Dr. Sam
Jorge Cordova ... Miguel
783 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Learn why you should never send your food back and other valuable lessons in this over-the-top comedy set in the food service industry. Dean (Justin Long) and Monty (Ryan Reynolds) are two longtime friends who work as waiters as Shenanigan's, a self-consciously "fun" chain restaurant. Both have been working at the restaurant since they graduated from high school; it's only recently occurred to Dean that he has nothing to show for the last four years of his life but a community college diploma and his name tag from work, and he's developed a sudden urgency to make something of himself. Monty, on the other hand, is more interested in making time with the women on the wait staff at work than accomplishing anything, though his recent relationship with fellow employee Serena (Anna Faris) has rather dramatically crashed and burned. Over the course of an evening at Shenanigan's, Dean and Monty confront obnoxious customers and train timid new employee Mitch (John Francis Daley) while dealing with wildly eccentric chef Raddimus (Luis Guzman), control-freak manager Dan (David Koechner), and a kitchen full of crazed cooks, prep workers, and dish-washers. Waiting was the first feature film from writer and director Rob McKittrick. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Playing the Field | Workplace Romance
Keywords : busboy, chef, dead-end-job, restaurant, waiter
Comedy, Ensemble Film, Workplace Comedy 
Ryan Reynolds ... Monty
Anna Faris ... Serena
Justin Long ... Dean
David Koechner ... Dan
John Francis Daley ... Mitch
Emmanuelle Chriqui ... Tyla
Kaitlin Doubleday ... Amy
Andy Milonakis ... Nick
Alanna Ubach ... Naomi
Vanessa Lengies ... Natasha
Chi McBride ... Bishop
Luis Guzman ... Raddimus
Monica Monica
Max Kasch ... T-Dog
Dane Cook ... Floyd
Jordan Ladd ... Danielle
Wendie Malick ... Monty's Mom
Travis Resor ... Dean's Mom
J.D. Evermore ... Redneck
Clay Chamberlain ... Video Host
Skyler Stone ... Cook #1
Don Brady ... Old Man
Anne Ewen ... Girl at Bar
Pat Hazell ... Jack
Jordan Werner ... Smooth Guy #1
Skylar Duhe ... Girly #1
Lauren Swinney ... Elderly Woman
Wayne Ferrara ... Rocco
Richard Netzberger ... German #1
Roland W. Hoffman ... German #2
Melissa Alonzo ... Stunt Bush
Todd Voltz ... Background Cook
Shedric ... Background Cook
784 2/4
A Walk in the Woods 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lauded travel writer Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) returns to America after decades abroad with the intention of retiring. However, he's drawn in by the lure of the Appalachian Trail, which he challenges himself to hike the entirety of. He's joined on his journey by a long lost friend, habitual criminal and line-stepper Katz (Nick Nolte), and the two embark on an unforgettable and challenging adventure. -- Daniel Gelb

Action, Comedy, Comedy Drama 
Robert Redford ... Bill Bryson
Nick Nolte ... Katz
Emma Thompson ... Catherine Bryson
Kristen Schaal ... Mary Ellen
Mary Steenburgen ... Jeannie
Nick Offerman ... Rei Dave
R. Keith Harris ... Sam Bryson
Randall Newsome ... TV Host
Hayley Lovitt ... Donna
Linds Edwards ... Darren
Chandler Head ... Granddaughter
Sandra Ellis Lafferty ... Widow
Danny Vinson ... Georgia Cab Driver
Valerie Payton ... Waitress Rayette
Stephanie Astalos-Jones ... Georgia Mountain Waitress
Kevin Harrison ... Southbound Hiker
Bridget Gethins ... Campground Jensine
Alex Van ... Bunkhouse Peter
John Kap ... Beulah's Husband
Mimi Gould ... Jeannie's Mother
785 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Disney and Pixar join forces for this computer-animated tale about a wide-eyed robot who travels to the deepest reaches of outer space in search of a newfound friend. The year is 2700, and planet Earth has long been uninhabitable. For hundreds of years, WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) has been taking out the trash, and collecting precious knick-knacks in order to stave off the boredom of his dreary routine. Little does WALL-E realize that he has recently stumbled onto a secret that could save planet Earth, and once again make the ravaged planet safe for all humankind. When highly advanced search robot EVE makes friends with WALL-E and realizes the value of his remarkable discovery, she excitedly races back to let the humans know that there's hope for their home planet after all. But after centuries alone in space, WALL-E can't stand the thought of losing the only friend he's ever known, and eagerly follows her into the deepest reaches of space on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, the friendly trash-collecting robot who has always known what he was made for gradually begins to understand what he was meant for. Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton returns to the helm for this family-friendly sci-fi adventure featuring the voices of Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, and Ben Burtt. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Robots and Androids | Race Against Time
Keywords : earth, future, robot, space, garbage
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Adventure Comedy, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Ben Burtt ... WALL-E, M-O
Elissa Knight ... Eve
Jeff Garlin ... Captain
Fred Willard ... Shelby Forthright / BnL CEO
John Ratzenberger ... John
Kathy Najimy ... Mary
Sigourney Weaver ... Ship's Computer
948 2/4
War for the Planet of the Apes 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the third installment of the Planet of the Apes prequel series -- which depicts the events that led to the primates taking control of Earth -- simian leader Caesar (played via motion capture by Andy Serkis) is horrified when his family are killed during an attack by humans on his community. Caesar soon plots revenge on the Colonel (Woody Harrelson), the human military leader behind the assault, which threatens to ignite all-out war between the two species. Directed by Matt Reeves. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Out For Revenge
Keywords : ape, battle [war], military-leader, quest, renegade, revenge
Action, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Andy Serkis ... Caesar
Woody Harrelson ... Colonel
Steve Zahn ... Bad Ape
Toby Kebbell ... Koba
Gabriel Chavarria ... Preacher
Judy Greer ... Cornelia
Karin Konoval ... Maurice
Terry Notary ... Rocket
Michael D. Adamthwaite ... Luca
Ty Olsson ... Red Donkey
Devyn Dalton ... Cornelius
Sara Canning ... Lake
Aleks Paunovic ... Winter
Alessandro Juliani ... Spear
Max Lloyd-Jones ... Blue Eyes
Timothy Webber ... Ape Elder
Lauro Chartrand ... Look Out Ape
Roger R. Cross ... Captain
Doug Chapman ... Alpha Omega Deserter
James Pizzinato ... Captured Soldier
Dean Redman ... Commanding Officer
Sandy Robson ... Gunner
Billy Wickman ... Gasping Soldier
Thomas J. Potter ... Platoon Leader
786 3/4
War of the Worlds 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An ordinary man has to protect his children against alien invaders in this science fiction thriller, freely adapted from the classic story by H.G. Wells. Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) is a dockworker living in New Jersey, divorced from his first wife Mary Ann (Miranda Otto) and estranged from his two children Rachel and Robbie (Dakota Fanning and Justin Chatwin), of whom he has custody on weekends. On one such visitation, looking after the kids becomes a little more difficult when, after a series of strange lighting storms hit his neighborhood, Ray discovers that a fleet of death-ray robotic spaceships have emerged nearby, part of the first wave of an all-out alien invasion of the Earth. Transporting his children from New York to Boston in an attempt to find safety at Mary Ann's parents' house, Ray must learn to become the protector and provider he never was in marriage. Also starring Tim Robbins, War of the Worlds was directed by Steven Spielberg, who had been planning the project for years, but set it aside until a wave of "alien invasion" films (led by Independence Day) had run its course. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Evil Aliens | Fathers and Daughters | Fathers and Sons
Keywords : alien [not human], crisis, custody, disaster, divorce, dockworker, father, journey, man-vs-aliens, plane-crash, ray [beam]
Science Fiction, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Tom Cruise ... Ray Ferrier
Dakota Fanning ... Rachel Ferrier
Miranda Otto ... Mary Ann
Justin Chatwin ... Robbie Ferrier
Tim Robbins ... Ogilvy
Rick Gonzalez ... Vincent
Lenny Venito ... Manny the Mechanic
Lisa Ann Walter ... Bartender
Ann Robinson ... Grandmother
Gene Barry ... Grandfather
Morgan Freeman ... Narrator
David Alan Basche
Daniel Franzese
James DuMont
David Harbour ... Dock Worker
845 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Humans and orcs clash in this feature-film adaptation of the popular fantasy video-game series. After realizing that their home is becoming uninhabitable, a race of orcs travel to the land of Azeroth. There, they encounter the realm's human denizens, who fight back against the invaders. In time, an orc warrior (Toby Kebbell) forges an alliance with a group of humans in order to overthrow his race's corrupt leader (Daniel Wu) and bring peace to the land. Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon), the film co-stars Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol), Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma), Dominic Cooper (The Devil's Double), Ruth Negga (World War Z), and Travis Fimmel (Vikings). -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : battle [war], crusade, mission [quest], soldier
Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy Adventure, Sword-and-Sorcery 
Travis Fimmel ... Anduin Lothar
Ben Foster ... Medivh
Dominic Cooper ... King Llane Wrynn
Daniel Wu ... Gul'dan
Clancy Brown ... Blackhand
Toby Kebbell ... Durotan, Antonidas
Rob Kazinsky ... Orgrim, Orgrim
Paula Patton ... Garona
Ben Schnetzer ... Khadgar
Ruth Negga ... Lady Taria
Anna Galvin ... Draka
Callum Keith Rennie ... Moroes
Ryan Robbins ... Karos
Dean Redman ... Varis/Caged Frostwolf
Glenn Ennis ... Compound Guard
Terry Notary ... Peon
Michael D. Adamthwaite ... King Magni
Anna Van Hooft ... Aloman
Callan Mulvey ... Warrior
Adrian McMorran ... Officer
Elisabeth Rosen ... Westfall Woman
Patrick Sabongui ... Footmen
Wesley Macinnes ... Gate Guard
Mackenzie Gray ... Lordaerian Delegate
Christian Sloan ... Elf Delegate
Valerie Wiseman ... Kul Tiran Delegate
Dan Payne ... Clansman
Eugene Lipinski ... Finden
Christina Jastrzembska ... Archmage
Travis MacDonald ... Prison Mages
Frank C. Turner ... Prison Mages
Donavon Stinson ... Prison Soldier
787 2/4
The Watcher 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A detective is urged on by the lunatic he's trying to put behind bars in this crime thriller. Joel Campbell (James Spader) is a police detective who has recently relocated to Chicago after spending eight frustrating years trying to track down a vicious serial killer who has been terrorizing Los Angeles. However, the slayer, David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves), doesn't want the game of cat and mouse to end; even though he previously put his murderous activities on hold, Griffin has started murdering young women again -- and is sending clues to Campbell, mailing him photos of his intended victims and urging Campbell to save them while he still can. Also starring Marisa Tomei, Ernie Hudson, and Chris Ellis, The Watcher was directed by Joe Charbanic. It marked Charbanic's first feature project after directing videos for a number of alternative rock groups, including Soul Coughing, Sonic Youth, and Reeves' band, Dogstar. The film was produced under the title Driven. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Race Against Time | Serial Killers
Keywords : cat-and-mouse, clue, police-detective, serial-killer, victim
Thriller, Crime Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
James Spader ... Joel Campbell
Marisa Tomei ... Polly
Keanu Reeves ... David Allen Griffin
Ernie Hudson ... Ibby
Chris Ellis ... Hollis
Robert Cicchini ... Mitch
Yvonne Niami ... Lisa
Jenny McShane ... Diana
Gina Alexander ... Sharon
Rebakah Louise Smith ... Ellie
Joe Sikora ... Skater
788 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: 300's Zack Snyder brings Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' critically acclaimed comic book Watchmen to the big screen, courtesy of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures. Set in an alternate universe circa 1985, the film's world is a highly unstable one where a nuclear war is imminent between America and Russia. Superheroes have long been made to hang up their tights thanks to the government-sponsored Keene Act, but that all changes with the death of The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a robust ex-hero commando whose mysterious free fall out a window perks the interest of one of the country's last remaining vigilantes, Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley). His investigation leads him to caution many of his other former costumed colleagues, including Dr. Manhattan, Night Owl (Patrick Wilson), Ozymandias (Matthew Goode), Sally Jupiter (Carla Gugino), and her daughter, The Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman). Heralded for bringing the world of superheroes into the literary world, Watchmen gave the super-powered mythos a real-life grounding that had been missing in mainstream comics to that point. The film adaptation had languished in one form of development hell or another for years after the book's release, with various directors on and off the project, including Terry Gilliam, David Hayter, and Darren Aronofsky, as well as Paul Greengrass, whose eventual dismissal stemmed from budget conflicts with the studio. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Experiments Gone Awry | Murder Investigations
Keywords : America, clue, Cold-War, commando, conspiracy, costume, nuclear-weapon, retirement
Science Fiction, Superhero Film 
Malin Akerman ... Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II
Billy Crudup ... Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman
Matthew Goode ... Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Carla Gugino ... Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre
Jackie Earle Haley ... Rorschach/Walter Kovacs
Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Edward Blake/Comedian
Matt Frewer ... Moloch
Stephen McHattie ... Hollis Mason
Laura Mennell ... Janey Slater
Rob La Belle ... Wally Weaver
Robert Wisden ... Richard Nixon
Gary Houston ... John McLaughlin
James Michael Connor ... Pat Buchanan
Jerry Wasserman ... Detective Fine
Don Thompson ... Detective Gallagher
Frank Novak ... Henry Kissinger
Ron Fassler ... Ted Koppel
Stephanie Belding ... Janet Black
Michael Kopsa ... Paul Klein
William Taylor ... Prison Psychiatrist
Chris Burns ... Dumb Thug
Malcolm Scott ... Fat Thug
Danny Wattley ... Huge
Walter Addison ... Lee Iacocca
789 3/4
Water for Elephants 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A handsome veterinary student falls for a married circus performer in this romantic drama adapted from author Sara Gruen's best-selling novel, and directed by Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend). When Jacob (Robert Pattinson) meets Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), it's love at first sight -- their shared affections for an extraordinary elephant stirring profound feelings of compassion within both of them. Theirs is a love that could span lifetimes, though the wrath of Marlena's dangerously domineering husband, August (Christoph Waltz), threatens to spell tragedy for all involved. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Circuses & Carnivals | Forbidden Love
Keywords : circus-performer, elephant, love, marital-problems, veterinarian
Drama, Romantic Drama, Animal Picture 
Reese Witherspoon ... Marlena
Robert Pattinson ... Jacob
Paul Schneider ... Charlie
Jim Norton ... Camel
Hal Holbrook ... Old Jacob
Mark Povinelli ... Kinko, Walter
Richard Brake ... Grady
Stephen Monroe Taylor ... Wade
Ken Foree ... Earl
Scott MacDonald ... Blackie
James Frain ... Rosie's Caretaker
Sam Anderson ... Mr. Hyde
John Aylward ... Mr. Erwin
Brad Greenquist ... Mr. Robinson
Tim Guinee ... Diamond Joe
E.E. Bell ... Cecil the Barker
Kyle Jordan ... Russ
Aleksandra Kaniak ... Mrs. Jankowski
Ilia Volok ... Mr. Jankowski
Bruce Gray ... Proctor
Jim Jansen ... Dean Wilkins
Karynn Moore ... Catherine Hale
Andrew Connolly ... Weehawken Officer
Doug McDougal ... Big Top Band Leader
Tracy Phillips ... Coochie Girl (Nell)
Rowan O'Hara ... Stampede Girl
Uggie ... Queenie
Ice ... Silver Star
Major ... Rex
David Hunt ... Circus Performer
Vladimir Sizov ... Circus Performer
Sebastien Stella ... Circus Performer
Dreya Weber ... Circus Performer
Kacie Borrowman ... Sideshow
Rob Crites ... Sideshow
Dalmicio Pueblos ... Sideshow
Joe Langer ... Big Top Band
Beresford Bennett ... Sideshow Band
Karl Vincent ... Speakeasy Jazz Band
1087 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Widely considered to be an expensive failure, Waterworld was an epic vehicle for Kevin Costner, who starred in and co-produced the film, with his friend Kevin Reynolds as director. It was based on a 1986 screenplay by Peter Rader and cost an estimated $235 million, more than any film in history up to that time. Costner eventually fired Reynolds and directed the last few scenes himself. The story was filmed in Hawaii, using several artificial islands, and is set in an apocalyptic future, after global warming has melted the polar ice caps and flooded civilization. The Mariner (Costner) is one of the human beings who has adapted by growing gills. The survivalist lives on a boat on which he is growing a precious tomato plant. He tries to sell the plant and its dirt to the residents of an artificial island built of industrial waste. They imprison him when they discover that he's a mutant with gills. But the island is attacked by the Smokers, a group of oil-guzzling raiders on jet skis headed by the Deacon (Dennis Hopper). The Mariner escapes with Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and her daughter Enola (Tina Majorino). Back at sea, the Smokers repeatedly attack, using planes and boats, until they kidnap Enola. Enola's back is tattooed with a map showing how to get to Dryland, the last unflooded area on Earth. But Deacon, who needs to get to Dryland to replenish the Smokers' oil supply, can't immediately decipher it. --

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Future Barbarians | Heroic Mission | Lone Wolves | Post-Apocalypse | Mutants
Keywords : toxic-waste, bad-guy, flood, good-guy, kidnapping, monster, mutant, pariah, post-nuclear-holocaust, rescue, sailor, survivor
Attributes : High Budget
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Sea Adventure, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Kevin Costner ... Mariner
Dennis Hopper ... Deacon
Jeanne Tripplehorn ... Helen
Tina Majorino ... Enola
Michael Jeter ... Gregor
Gerard Murphy ... Nord
Laurence Fishburne
Rick Aviles ... Gatesman
R.D. Call ... Enforcer
Zitto Kazann ... Elder #3/Survivor #1
Leo Cimino ... Elder
Sab Shimono ... Elder #1
Zakes Mokae ... Priam
Jack Kehler ... Banker
Lanny Flaherty ... Trader
Robert A. Silverman ... Hydroholic
Rita Zohar ... Atoller
Chris Douridas ... Atoller
Robert Joy ... Ledger Guy
John Fleck ... Doctor
William Preston ... Depth Guage
Jack Black ... Pilot
Kim Coates ... Drifter #2
Ari Barak ... Atoll Man
Sean Whalen ... Bone
Lee Arenberg ... Djeng
Neil Giuntoli ... Hellfire Gunner
Greg Goossen ... Sawzall Smoker
John Toles-Bey ... Plane Gunner
790 2/4
We Were Soldiers 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Screenwriter Randall Wallace, a specialist in sweeping historical epics, steps behind the camera for this fact-based Vietnam War drama that reunites him with his Braveheart (1995) star Mel Gibson. Gibson is Lt. Col. Hal Moore, commander of the First Battalion, Seventh Cavalry, the same regiment fatefully led by George Armstrong Custer. As part of the Pleiku Campaign of late 1965, Moore is assigned to an action at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Drang Valley, an area that would come to be known as the "The Valley of Death." Moore soon finds himself and his men contained to an area about the size of a football field, surrounded by more than 2,000 enemy troops and engaged in the first major battle of the war. Heroism becomes the order of the day as men like Moore, chopper pilot Bruce Crandall (Greg Kinnear), and Lt. Henry Herrick (Marc Blucas) refuse to yield, in spite of heavy losses of life. The film co-stars Madeleine Stowe, Chris Klein, Keri Russell, and Sam Elliott. We Were Soldiers is based on the book We Were Soldiers Once...and Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (retired) and UPI reporter Joe Galloway (played in the film by Barry Pepper). -- Karl Williams

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Heroic Mission | Great Battles | Military Life | Life on the Homefront | Women During Wartime
Keywords : Vietnam, army, battle [war], battlefield, cavalry, soldier, war
War, Combat Films, War Drama 
Mel Gibson ... Lt. Col. Harold G. Moore
Madeleine Stowe ... Julie Moore
Greg Kinnear ... Major Bruce Crandall
Sam Elliott ... SGM Basil Plumley
Chris Klein ... Lt. John L. Geoghegan
Keri Russell ... Barbara Geoghegan
Erik MacArthur ... Spec. 4 Russell Adams
Clark Gregg
Denis Leary
Barry Pepper ... Joseph L. Galloway
Marc Blucas
Jon Hamm
Desmond Harrington
Ryan Hurst
Taylor Momsen
Dylan Walsh
Don Duong ... Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An
Robert Bagnell ... 1st Lt. Charlie Hastings
Josh Daugherty ... Spec. 4 Bob Ouellette
Blake Heron ... Spec. 4 Galen Bungum
791 2/4
Weird Science 
AMG SYNOPSIS: John Hughes's third directorial effort, Weird Science, follows in the tradition of his previous teen-centered films, Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith play the wannabe hipster Gary and his nebbish weak-willed best friend, Wyatt, a pair of high-school geeks who are hapless with members of the opposite sex. Using Wyatt's computer, they create what they believe is the ideal woman. A lightning storm brings that woman to life, and she takes the form of Kelly Le Brock. Lisa sets about building their self-confidence, but trouble begins brewing when Wyatt's cruel, military-minded older brother, Chet (Bill Paxton), begins to realize that something is not as it should be. Hughes would finish his cycle of high-school themed films with his next movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : Inventors | When the Parents Are Away | Wishes Come True | Experiments Gone Awry
Keywords : nerd, technology, wish, computers, fantasy, friendship, genie, rampage, teenagers
Attributes : High Production Values
Comedy, Buddy Film, Sci-Fi Comedy, Teen Movie 
Anthony Michael Hall ... Gary
Ilan Mitchell-Smith ... Wyatt
Kelly LeBrock ... Lisa
Bill Paxton ... Chet Donnelly
Suzanne Snyder ... Deb
Judie Aronson ... Hilly
Robert Rusler ... Max
Jackie Burch
Vernon Wells ... Lord General
Britt Leach ... Al
Barbara Lang ... Lucy
Michael Berryman ... Mutant Biker
Ivor Barry ... Henry
John Kapelos ... Candy Bar Owner
Jill Whitlow ... Perfume Salesgirl
Theodocia Goodrich ... Lingerie Saleswoman
Johnny Timko ... Weenie
Mikul Robins ... Weenie
Darren Harris ... Weenie
Renee Props ... Weenie
Michael Cramer ... Weenie
Todd Hoffman ... Weenie
D'Mitch Davis ... Bartender
Mary Steelsmith ... Girl in Bathroom
Robin Frohman ... Girl in Bathroom
Alison Carole Lowe ... Girl in Upside Down Bathroom
Kym Malin ... Girl Playing Piano
Jennifer Balgobin ... Biker Girl
Jeff Jensen ... Metal Face
Prince Hughes ... Party Guest
Rick LeFevour ... Policeman
Rock Walker ... Policeman
Joe Gieb ... Blob Operator
Kevin Thompson ... Blob Operator
Doug MacHugh ... Wyatt's Father
Pamela Gordon ... Wyatt's Mother
Phillip Borsos ... Candy Bar Owner (uncredited)
Fred Daniel Scott ... Bar Patron
Steve James ... Guy at Table
1162 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Helen Memel (Carla Juri) is one troubled soul. The product of severe emotional abuse early in life, she developed weird, OCD-like attitudes toward sex and cleanliness as an adolescent, and began to harbor serious issues involving trust. As a young woman, she rebelled against the repression that she knew as a youngster, by engaging in unconventional sexual activity such as onanism with vegetables, and practicing horrible scatological acts, such as barefoot strolls through raw sewage, and direct exposure to filthy public toilet seats. When Helen clumsily attempts to shave her nether regions, she ends up with a serious injury and must be hospitalized; bedridden, she begins to reflect on her wild and colorful life and sexual history. Meanwhile, she also develops feelings for a male nurse in the hospital (Christoph Letkowski), though it remains unclear if she has the stability necessary to get out of her predicament and make the relationship work. --

Moods : Button Pushers | Comedy on the Edge | Trashy
Themes : Dysfunctional Families | Mental Illness
Keywords : buttocks, divorce, doctor, dysfunctional, experiment, germ, hospital, hygiene, perversion, produce [fruits & vegetables], self-mutilation, sexual-dysfunction, toilet, troublemaker, vagina, wound [injury]
Comedy Drama, Black Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Gross-Out Comedy 
Carla Juri ... Helen Memel
Christoph Letkowski ... Robin
Meret Becker ... Helen's Mother
Axel Milberg ... Helen's Father
Edgar Selge ... Dr. Notz
Clara Wunsch ... Helen - 8 years
Ludger Bokelmann ... Toni
Bernardo Porras ... Michael
Selam Tadese ... Kanell
Pia Röver ... New Girlfriend
Harry Baer ... New Friend
Merlin Rose ... Boy at Chip Stand
Florian Rummel ... Drummer
Anna König ... Marleen - Red-Haired Prostitute
Kathrin Wehlisch ... Madam
Ramona Kunze-Libnow ... Woman in Supermarket
Christian Natter ... Pizza Guy
Monika Obmalko ... Frederike - Pizza Girl
Amelie Plaas-Link ... Cordelia - Pizza Girl
792 2/4
What Dreams May Come 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on a metaphysical 1978 novel by science fiction and horror author Richard Matheson, this romantic fantasy-drama won an Oscar for its expensive and impressive visual vistas depicting an imaginative afterlife. Robin Williams stars as Chris Nielsen, a doctor who has suffered with his artist wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra) through the devastating loss of their children, Marie and Ian, who were killed in a car accident. Although Annie's all-consuming depression nearly destroyed their marriage, the couple rebuilt their relationship and are now living out a comfortable middle age. Stopping one night to help a motorist in a wreck, Chris is struck by a car and killed. At first confused about where he is, Chris meets Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a spiritual guide who helps him to realize he's passed away and that he must move on to the next world. After trying with only limited success to communicate with the devastated Annie, Chris moves on and discovers an afterlife that can become whatever one envisions, where even his pet dog awaits him. What Chris envisions as paradise are the paintings of his wife, and he happily takes up residence there, awaiting the far-off day when Annie will eventually join him. He also meets his children, although they have chosen different appearances than the ones they had in life. Then tragedy strikes when Annie, inconsolable, commits suicide and goes to Hell. Although it is rarely done, Chris insists on traveling there, risking his eternal soul to save the woman he loves. Accompanied part of the way by Albert and a wizened guide called The Tracker (Max von Sydow), Chris finally reaches Annie in Hell, and must convince her of the truth in order to release her from her dark prison. -- Karl Williams

Moods : A Good Cry | Eyepoppers | Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Star-Crossed Lovers | Suicide
Keywords : accident, afterlife, artist, guardian-angel, heaven, Hell, journey, reunion, suicide
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Fantasy, Romance, Romantic Fantasy 
Robin Williams ... Chris Nielsen
Annabella Sciorra ... Annie Nielsen
Max von Sydow ... The Tracker
Jessica Brooks Grant ... Marie Nielsen
Josh Paddock ... Ian Nielsen
Rosalind Chao ... Leona
1139 0/4
What Happened to Monday 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After a one-child policy is implemented on Earth due to overpopulation, a grandfather (Willem Dafoe) hides his septuplet granddaughters and teaches them how to avoid suspicion by pretending to be one individual. When one of the grown septuplets (all played by Noomi Rapace) goes missing, the others must band together and fight sinister government forces in order to protect their secret. Marwan Kenzari, Glenn Close, and Christian Rubeck co-star in this sci-fi thriller directed by Tommy Wirkola. --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Fighting the System | Future Dystopias | On the Run | Twins and Lookalikes
Keywords : future, over-population, sibling, sister
Science Fiction, Thriller, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Noomi Rapace ... Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturd
Glenn Close ... Nicolette Cayman
Willem Dafoe ... Terrence Settman
Marwan Kenzari ... Adrian Knowles
Christian Rubeck ... Joe
Pål Sverre Hagen ... Jerry
Vegar Hoel ... Enforcer Team Leader
Orjan Gamst ... Processor #2
Santiago Cabrera ... Infomercial Processor
793 2/4
What Lies Beneath 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this supernatural thriller, a woman believes that a visitor from another dimension is trying to guide her into a sinister mystery. Feeling lonely after her daughter leaves home for college, Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) begins to sense that something is wrong in her house, and feels a spirit is trying to contact her. At first her husband Norman (Harrison Ford), a scientist doing research in genetics, attributes her paranormal beliefs to stress or possibly a nervous breakdown, and sends her to a psychiatrist (Joe Morton) who puts no more stock in Claire's stories than does Norman. While Claire's contention that someone or something sinister is afoot leads her down a number of blind alleys, in time she becomes convinced that the mysterious happenings at her home are somehow connected to the disappearance of a woman who was a student at the nearby college -- and bore a striking resemblance to Claire. What Lies Beneath marked the debut of screenwriter Clark Gregg, whose script is based on a story by himself and Sarah Kernochan; the supporting cast includes Diana Scarwid as Claire's best friend Jody, and James Remar and Miranda Otto as a contentious couple living next door. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Ghosts | Woman In Jeopardy | Infidelity | Haunted By the Past
Keywords : clairvoyance, disappearance, ghost, paranormal, scientist, supernatural, psychiatrist
Attributes : High Production Values
Thriller, Supernatural Thriller, Haunted House Film 
Harrison Ford ... Norman Spencer
Michelle Pfeiffer ... Claire Spencer
Diana Scarwid ... Jody
Miranda Otto ... Mary Feur
James Remar ... Warren Feur
Joe Morton ... Dr. Drayton
Amber Valletta ... Madison Elizabeth Frank
Victoria Bidewell ... Beatrice
Katharine Towne ... Caitlin Spencer
Ray Baker ... Dr. Stan Powell
Mitch Carter ... Loop Group
Wendy Crewson ... Elena
Tom Dahlgren ... Dean Templeton
Moosie Drier ... Loop Group
Bridget Hoffman ... Loop Group
Donna Lynn Leavy ... Loop Group
Micole Mercurio ... Mrs. Frank
Edie Mirman ... Loop Group
Sloane Shelton ... Mrs. Templeton
Daniel Zelman ... PhD Student #4
Rachel Singer ... PhD Student #3
Jennifer Tung ... PhD Student #2
David Cowgill ... Loop Group
Eliott Goretsky ... Teddy
Dennison Samaroo ... PhD Student #1
958 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A talented young jazz drummer experiences a trial by fire when he's recruited by a ferocious instructor, whose unyielding search for perfection could destroy both of them. Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) has been watching his father fail for most of his life. Determined to make a name for himself no matter what it takes, he enrolls in a prestigious East Coast music conservatory, and his talent quickly catches the attention of Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), an esteemed music teacher notorious for his caustic approach in the classroom. The leader of the school's top jazz ensemble, Fletcher promptly transfers Neyman into his band, giving the ambitious young drummer a shot at true greatness. He may achieve it, too, if Fletcher's methods don't drive him to madness first. --

Moods : Unloveables
Themes : Teachers and Students | Musician's Life | Mind Games
Keywords : band [music group], drummer, instructor, jazz, passion, perfection, torment
Drama, Musical Drama, Psychological Drama 
Miles Teller ... Andrew Neyman
J.K. Simmons ... Terence Fletcher
Melissa Benoist ... Nicole
Paul Reiser ... Jim
Austin Stowell ... Ryan
Nate Lang ... Carl
Max Kasch ... Dorm Neighbor
Damon Gupton ... Mr. Kramer
Chris Mulkey ... Uncle Frank
Suanne Spoke ... Aunt Emma
Charlie Ian ... Dustin
Jayson Blair ... Travis
Kofi Siriboe ... Bassist (Nassau)
C.J. Vana ... Metz
Tarik Lowe ... Pianist (Studio Band)
Tyler Kimball ... Saxophonist #2 (Studio Band)
Rogelio Douglas, Jr. ... Trumpeter #1 (Studio Band)
Adrian Burks ... Trumpeter #2 (Studio Band)
Calvin C. Winbush ... Saxophonist (Studio Band)
Joseph Bruno ... Technician (Overbrook) - Mike
Jocelyn Ayanna ... Passerby (Bus station)
Keenan Henson ... Truck Driver
Janet Joskins ... Passerby (Dunellen)
April Grace ... Rachel Bornholdt
Clifton Eddie ... Drummer (Quartet)
Marcus Henderson ... Bassist (JVC)
Tony Baker ... Stagehand (Carnegie Hall)
Henry G. Sanders ... Red Henderson
Sam Campisi ... Andrew (8 years old)
Jimmie Kirkpatrick ... Nassau Trumpeter #2
Keenan Allen ... Studio Core Member #1
Ayinde Vaughn ... Studio Core Member #2
Shai Golan ... Studio Core Member #3
Yancey Wells ... Studio Core Member #4
813 2/4
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Eager for a new professional challenge, TV reporter Kim Baker (Tina Fey) decides to serve as a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan, where she is embedded with a Marine unit. During her time abroad, she is forced to contend with a fiery U.S. general (Billy Bob Thornton), and befriends a fellow reporter (Margot Robbie) and a British photographer (Martin Freeman). Alfred Molina, Josh Charles, and Christopher Abbott co-star. Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was adapted from journalist Kim Barker's memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan. -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Members of the Press
Keywords : Afghanistan, journalist, photographer, reporter, sexism, war
Comedy, Drama, War Drama 
Tina Fey ... Kim Barker
Margot Robbie ... Tanya
Martin Freeman ... Iain MacKelpie
Christopher Abbott ... Fahim Ahmadzai
Billy Bob Thornton ... Hollanek
Alfred Molina ... Ali Massoud Sadiq
Nicholas Braun ... Tall Brian
Sheila Vand ... Shakira
Stephen Peacocke ... Nic
Evan Jonigkeit ... Coughlin
Josh Charles ... Chris
Fahim Anwar ... Jaweed
Sterling K. Brown ... Sgt. Hurd
Monique Candelaria ... Gerl's Receptionist
Dylan Kenin ... Antoine
Matthew Page ... Captain Stern
Bernardo Saracino
Stafford Douglas ... Sgt. Gundacker
Roman Mitichyan ... Lt. Sanocki
John Trejo ... Force Recon Sergeant
Lauren Poole ... Embassy Beta Girl
Beth Bailey ... ZNN PA
Hank Rogerson ... Bow Tie Dude
Martin Palmer ... Afghan Elder
Scott Takeda ... Ed Faber
David Stanford ... Colin
Anthony Martins ... Taliban #1
Omid Zader ... Taliban #2
Mustafa Haidari ... Riot Interviewee
Kenneth Miller ... Force Recon Team Leader
Demosthenes Chrysan ... Pacha Khan
Brenden Wedner ... Pilot
Monica Sanchez ... Woman in Suit
William Sterchi ... NGO Stoner
Eric Steinig ... Force Recon Officer
Steve Corona ... Editor
Christopher Dempsey ... Rangers Fan
Tad Jones ... Sky News Reporter
Kevin Collins ... Sensor Operator
Jon Kristian Moore ... Andy
Christopher Atwood ... Drunk Random Guy
Cliff Gravel ... Ex-Patriot
Vanessa Martinez ... Wedding Guest
1213 2/4
White Boy Rick 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In 1980s Detroit, white teenager Rick Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt) sees an opportunity to get his family out of poverty by joining up in the cocaine operation taking place in his predominantly African-American neighborhood. He then becomes the youngest FBI informant in history when he's recruited by government officials to take down the drug ring from the inside. Directed by Yann Demange. Based on a true story. Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, and RJ Cyler co-star. -- Kaitlin Elise Miller

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Double Life | Drug Trade | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : drug-dealer, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), imprisonment, informer, poverty
Crime, Drama, Crime Drama 
Matthew McConaughey ... Richard Wershe, Sr.
Jennifer Jason Leigh ... FBI Agent Snyder
Rory Cochrane ... FBI Agent Byrd
Bruce Dern ... Ray Wershe
Piper Laurie ... Verna Wershe
Bel Powley ... Dawn Wershe
YG ... Leo Curry
RJ Cyler ... Rudell Curry
Eddie Marsan ... Art Derrick
Art Terry ... Mayor Coleman Young
Peter Lawson Jones ... Judge Thomas Jackson
Brad Carter ... Gun Show Dealer Bob
1035 3/4
White Men Can't Jump 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) wrote and directed the basketball-oriented seriocomedy White Men Can't Jump. Woody Harrelson plays Billy Hoyle, a white con artist who hustles basketball games against black players who don't realize Billy is actually a gifted hoopster. One of his unsuspecting victims, Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes), becomes Billy's "agent," arranging his various scams around L.A., and the duo quickly start piling up the wins together. The film breezes through several zany sequences, including one liberal-baiting satirical moment set at a black/white "solidarity" basketball game arranged by an ambitious politician. Crooked gamblers intrude upon the last scenes of the film, but Hoyle is rescued by his girlfriend, Gloria (Rosie Perez), a Jeopardy freak who realizes a lifelong dream by winning big on the Alex Trebek-hosted game show. --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Basketball Players | Cons and Scams | Race Relations
Keywords : basketball, con/scam, hustler, friendship, wager
Comedy, Buddy Film, Sports Comedy, Urban Comedy 
Woody Harrelson ... Billy Hoyle
Wesley Snipes ... Sidney Deane
Rosie Perez ... Gloria Clemente
Tyra Ferrell ... Rhonda Deane
Cylk Cozart ... Robert
Kadeem Hardison ... Junior
Ernest Harden Jr. ... George
Marques Johnson ... Raymond
David Roberson ... T.J.
Kevin Benton ... Zeke
John Gilbert ... "Jeopardy!" Announcer
John Charles Sheehan ... Cop
Victoria Thomas
Nigel Miguel ... Dwight "The Flight" McGhee
Duane Martin ... Willie Lewis
Bill Henderson ... Venice Beach Boys Member
Sonny Craver ... Venice Beach Boys Member
Jon Hendricks ... Venice Beach Boys Member
Frank Rossi ... Frank Stucci
Freeman Williams ... Duck Johnson
Alex Trebek ... Himself
Reggie Leon ... Reggie
Sarah Stavrou ... Etiwanda
Reynaldo Rey ... Tad
Lanei Chapman ... Lanei
Irene Nettles ... Real Estate Agent
Torri Whitehead ... Tanya
Lisa McDowell ... Alisa
David Maxwell ... Malcolm
Dion B. Vines ... The Bank
Bill Caplan ... Tournament Announcer
Richard James Baker ... Tournament Referee
Amy Golden ... Big Guy's Girlfriend
Jeanette Srubar ... Little Guy's Girlfriend
Zandra Hill ... Sponsor
Fred P. Gregory ... Sponsor
Carl E. Hodge ... Pickup Truck Driver
Ruben Martinez ... Ruben
Gary Lazar ... Oki-Dog Businessman
Donna Howell ... Yolanda
Donald Fullilove ... Jake
Leonard A. Oakland ... Dr. Leonard Allen
Allan Malamud ... Rocket Scientist
Jeanne McCarthy ... Dressing Room Staffer
Carl A. McGee ... Gambler
Chick Hearn ... NBA Announcer
Ronald Beals ... Ballplayer
Joe Metcalf ... Ballplayer
Mahcoe Moore ... Ballplayer
Mark Hill ... Ballplayer
Eric Kizziee ... Ballplayer
Chalmer Maddox ... Ballplayer
Leroy Michaux ... Ballplayer
Pete Duffy ... Ballplayer
Gary Moeller ... Ballplayer
Daniel Porto ... Ballplayer
Lester Hawkins ... Ballplayer
Jeffrey Todd ... Ballplayer
Eloy Casados ... Tony Stucci
1066 3/4
White Palace 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Screenwriters Ted Tally and Alvin Sargent adapted the novel by Glenn Savan into this intelligent drama about a May-December romance where the woman is the senior partner. James Spader is Max Baron, a 27-year-old St. Louis advertising executive who has completely shut himself off from the world in the two years since the auto accident death of his wife. When he meets free-spirited, 43-year-old burger joint waitress Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon), his attraction to the earthy, outspoken woman is immediate and overpowering. The difference in age isn't their only obstacle happiness: Nora's into Marilyn Monroe, drinking beer, and lives in Dogtown, the city's low-rent district, while Max is cultured, sophisticated, and wealthy. Despite their differences, Max and Nora are alike in their suffering and in their deep need for connection, but their charged relationship is put to the emotional test when it becomes clear that Max is hiding his affair with Nora from his upper middle-class, Jewish social circle. White Palace co-stars Renée Taylor, Eileen Brennan, Kathy Bates, Jason Alexander, and Corey Parker. --

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Age Disparity Romance | Class Differences | Looking For Love | Death of a Partner
Keywords : May-December-romance, free-spirit, lawyer, widow/widower, love
Drama, Romance, Romantic Drama 
Susan Sarandon ... Nora Baker
James Spader ... Max Baron
Jason Alexander ... Neil Horowitz
Kathy Bates ... Rosemary Powers
Eileen Brennan ... Judy
Steven Hill ... Sol Horowitz
Rachel Levin ... Rachel Horowitz
Corey Parker ... Larry Klugman
Jonathan Penner ... Mary Miller
Barbara Howard ... Sheri Klugman
Michael Arnett ... Country Western Singer
Griffin Dunne
Spiros Focas
Robert Plunket ... Director
Kim Meyers ... Heidi Solomon
Hildy Brooks ... Ella Horowitz
Mitzi McCall ... Sophie Rosen
Fannie Belle Lebby ... Marcia
Vernon Dudas ... Jimmy, the Bartender
Maria Pitillo ... Janey
Maryann Kopperman ... Reba Parker
Jeremy Piven ... Kahn
William Oberbeck ... Eddie Lobodiak
John Flack ... Advertising Executive
Wilma Myracle ... Helen
Janet Lofton ... Supermarket Checker
Patrick S. Harrigan ... Mr. Goodman
Jonathan Ames ... Restaurant Customer
Bart Braverman
Joan Crosby
Greg Finley
Javier Grajeda
Rosanna Huffman
Harvey Jason
David McCharen
Jan Rabson
Gary Schwartz
Suzanne Stone
912 2/4
The Whole Truth 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lawyer Richard Ramsay (Keanu Reeves) agrees to defend the son of a close friend (Renée Zellweger) after he is accused of killing his wealthy, abusive father. However, Ramsay quickly realizes that the case is more complex than he initially thought. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gabriel Basso, and Jim Belushi costar. Directed by Courtney Hunt. -- Jack Rodgers

Drama, Thriller 
Keanu Reeves ... Ramsay
Gugu Mbatha-Raw ... Janelle
Gabriel Basso ... Mike
James Belushi ... Boone
Jim Klock ... Leblanc
Ritchie Montgomery ... Judge Robichaux
Christopher Berry ... Legrand
Lara Grice ... Juror #3
Nicole Barre ... Angela Morley
Jason Kirkpatrick ... Detective Graves
Sean Bridgers ... Arthur Westin
Jackie Tuttle ... Trixie Westin
Mattie Liptak ... Alex Westin
Ryan Grego ... Young Mike
Thomas Francis Murphy ... Crime Tech
Dana Gourrier ... Courthouse Employee
Samantha Beaulieu ... Court Clerk
Mac Alsfeld ... Mac
883 1/4
Why Him? 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An adoring dad (Bryan Cranston) is horrified to discover that his adult daughter (Zoey Deutch) is dating a tech billionaire who's a tattooed, party-hearty lout (James Franco). Despite the boyfriend's heart of gold and generous (if inappropriate) gestures of affection, the father refuses to warm to him -- especially once he learns that he's planning to pop the question. Directed by John Hamburg. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Culture Clash | Fathers and Daughters | Wedding Bells
Keywords : bitterness, dating, daughter, father, grudge, parent, resentment
Comedy, Screwball Comedy 
James Franco ... Laird Mayhew
Bryan Cranston ... Ned Fleming
Zoey Deutch ... Stephanie Fleming
Megan Mullally ... Barb Fleming
Cedric the Entertainer ... Lou Dunne
Keegan-Michael Key ... Gustav
Griffin Gluck ... Scotty Fleming
Adam DeVine ... Tyson Modell
Zack Pearlman ... Kevin Dingle
Jee Young Han ... Marnie Dingle
Kaley Cuoco ... Justine
Mary Pat Gleason ... Joyce
Melissa Graver ... Applebee's Server #2
Steffen Dziczek ... Applebee's Server #3
Harrison Bieker ... Laird's Employees
Steve Bannos ... Tree Lot Owner Burt
794 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Adapted from Cheryl Strayed's best-selling memoir of the same name, director Jean-Marc Vallée's Wild stars Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon as a self-destructive divorcée who seeks to conquer her demons by hiking 1100 miles across the Pacific Crest Trail. Cheryl was just 22 years old when her mother Bobbi (Laura Dern) died of cancer in 1991. As children, Cheryl and her brother watched their mother endure intense suffering at the hands of their mentally and physically abusive father, and Bobbi was just getting her life together when she fell gravely ill. The loss was too much for Cheryl to take, and before long she sank so deeply into heroin addiction that it destroyed her marriage. Four years later, Cheryl has hit rock bottom. She knows that unless she makes a change, the future she had once hoped for will slip permanently out of reach. Later, as Cheryl begins her arduous journey through the wilderness, those painful memories come flooding back as she encounters numerous dangers and disheartening setbacks. However, the kindness of strangers helps her summon the courage and endurance she'll need to stay the path. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Death of a Parent | Drug Addiction | Infidelity | Journey of Self-Discovery
Keywords : addiction, death, drug-addiction, heroin, hiking, infidelity, journey, mother, Pacific-Northwest, soul-searching
Drama, Adventure Drama, Psychological Drama 
Reese Witherspoon ... Cheryl
Michiel Huisman ... Jonathan
W. Earl Brown ... Frank
Gaby Hoffmann ... Aimee
Kevin Rankin ... Greg
Laura Dern ... Bobbi
Mo McRae ... Jimmy Carter
Keene McRae ... Leif
Brian Van Holt ... Ranger
Cliff De Young ... Ed
Will Cuddy ... Josh
Leigh Parker ... Rick
Nick Eversman ... Richie
Ray Mist ... Joe
Randy Schulman ... Therapist
Cathryn de Prume ... Stacey
Kurt Conroyd ... Greg's Friend
Ted DeChatelet ... Greg's Friend
Jeffree Newman ... Greg's Friend
Lorraine Bahr ... Lou
Jerry Carlton ... Dave
Kevin Michael Moore ... Spider
Debra Pralle ... Saleswoman
Gray Eubank ... Doctor
Anne Sorce ... Nurse
Charles Baker ... T.J.
J.D. Evermore ... Clint
Beth Hall ... Desk Clerk
Jan Hoag ... Annette (Frank's Wife)
Carlee McManus ... Notary
Art Alexakis ... Tattoist
Anne Gee Byrd ... Vera
Evan O'Toole ... Kyle
Jeanine Jackson ... Lecturer
Jason Newell ... Cheryl's Dad
Richard Morris ... Young Suit #2
Bobbi Strayed Lindstrom ... Cheryl (6 Yrs Old)
Robert Alan Barnett ... Man At Gas Station
William Nelson ... Leif (3 Yrs Old)
Tony Doupe ... Man Behind Counter
Dan Considine ... Weird Dude
Greg James ... Man At The Hotel Bar
Orianna Herrman ... Paul's Girlfriend
Brian Borcherdt ... Grateful Dead Cover Band
Eric D. Johnson ... Grateful Dead Cover Band
Matt Pascua ... Wayne
Edric Carter ... Male Nurse
Matthew Noyes ... Grateful Dead Fan Musician
Denise McSweeny ... Toll Booth Operator
Alina Gatti ... College Freshman
Henry Shotwell ... Son Of Man At Gas Station
795 1/4
Wild Wild West 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Yet another TV series is revived for the big screen, as Will Smith and Kevin Kline join forces as James T. West and Artemus Gordon, the most sophisticated government agents of the 1860's, in the film adaptation of The Wild Wild West. West and Gordon represent two opposite ends of the personality scale: West is a smooth-talking charmer and man of action who prefers to shoot first and ask questions much, much later; while Gordon is intensely methodical and cerebral, with a genius for gadgets and mechanical innovations. They're brought together by no less an authority than the President of the United States to track down an evil genius named Dr. Arliss Loveless (Kenneth Branagh). Loveless was once an honored military leader and inventor until one of his schemes went awry and left him paralyzed from the waist down. Driven mad by the experience, Loveless is determined to get revenge on the United States by assassinating the President, using a 60-foot tall mechanical spider. Assisting Loveless is a team of beautiful female criminals, Miss East (Bai Ling), Amazonia (Frederique Van Der Wal), Munitia (Musetta Vander) and Miss Lippenreider (Sofia Eng). As the initially suspicious West and Gordon learn to work together, they also find themselves helped by an attractive woman, Rita Escobar (Salma Hayek), who has her own bone to pick with Loveless. Wild Wild West reunites star Will Smith with director Barry Sonnenfeld, who previously worked together on the hit Men In Black (1997). Wild Wild West features a hip-hop theme song from one-time Fresh Prince Smith, along with a more traditional Western score from composer Elmer Bernstein. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Heroic Mission | Mad Scientists
Keywords : gadgets, government-agent, inventor, mechanic, President, revenge, spider, west
Attributes : High Budget, Low Artistic Quality
Adventure, Comedy, Western, Adventure Comedy, Buddy Film, Comedy Western 
Will Smith ... James T. West
Kevin Kline ... Artemus Gordon / President Grant
Salma Hayek ... Rita Escobar
Kenneth Branagh ... Dr. Arliss Loveless
Ted Levine ... Gen. McGrath
M. Emmet Walsh ... Coleman
Bai Ling ... Miss East, Dr. Loveless' Personal Assistant
Rodney A. Grant ... Hudson
Garcelle Beauvais ... Girl In Water Tower
Musetta Vander ... Munitia
Sofia Eng ... Miss Lipenreider
Frederique Van Der Wal ... Amazonia
796 3/4
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Promoted as a family musical by Paramount Pictures, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is more of a black comedy, perversely faithful to the spirit of Roald Dahl's original book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Enigmatic candy manufacturer Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) stages a contest by hiding five golden tickets in five of his scrumptious candy bars. Whoever comes up with these tickets will win a free tour of the Wonka factory, as well as a lifetime supply of candy. Four of the five winning children are insufferable brats: the fifth is a likeable young lad named Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum), who takes the tour in the company of his equally amiable grandfather (Jack Albertson). In the course of the tour, Willy Wonka punishes the four nastier children in various diabolical methods -- one kid is inflated and covered with blueberry dye, another ends up as a principal ingredient of the chocolate, and so on -- because these kids have violated the ethics of Wonka's factory. In the end, only Charlie and his grandfather are left. Ostensibly set in England, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was lensed in Germany (as revealed by the film's final overhead shot). -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Authority Figures [k] | Big Break | Fish Out of Water | Inventors | Mischievous Children | Down on Their Luck
Keywords : contest, candymaker, chocolate, factory-owner, grandfather, grandson, poverty, wish-fulfillment, factory, fantasy-world, elevator, inheritance, tourist, hermit, reality, rival, Little-People
Attributes : Cult Film, High Production Values
Children's/Family, Musical, Coming-of-Age, Family-Oriented Adventure, Musical Fantasy 
Gene Wilder ... Willy Wonka
Jack Albertson ... Grandpa Joe
Peter Ostrum ... Charlie
Roy Kinnear ... Mr. Salt
Julie Dawn Cole ... Veruca Salt
Aubrey Woods ... Bill
Michael Bollner ... Augustus Gloop
Leonard Stone ... Mr. Beauregarde
Günter Meisner ... Otto Slugworth
Diana Sowle ... Mrs. Bucket
David Battley ... Mr. Turkentine
Peter Capell ... The Tinker
Denise Nickerson ... Violet Beauregarde
Ursula Reit ... Mrs. Gloop
Paris Themmen ... Mike Teevee
Werner J. Heyking ... Jopeck
1019 0/4
Wind River 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When wildlife officer Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) discovers the body of a young woman on Wyoming's Wind River Native American reservation, FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) is sent to investigate. After Banner hires Lambert as her tracker, the two must brave the isolated winter terrain and local criminal underworld in order to crack the case. Gil Birmingham, Jon Bernthal, and Julia Jones co-star in this thriller. Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan. --

Moods : Nail-biters | Spellbinders
Themes : Crime Gone Awry | Murder Investigations | Rape & Sexual Abuse | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : crime-solving, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Indian (Native-American)-reservation, rape, tracking [following]
Attributes : High Production Values
Mystery, Thriller, Action Thriller, Crime Thriller, Detective Film 
Jeremy Renner ... Cory Lambert
Elizabeth Olsen ... Jane Banner
Jon Bernthal ... Matt
Gil Birmingham ... Martin
Julia Jones ... Wilma
Martin Sensmeier ... Chip
Apesanahkwat ... Dan Crowheart
Graham Greene ... Ben
Tantoo Cardinal ... Alice Crowheart
Eric Lange ... Dr. Whitehurst
Tokala Clifford ... Sam Littlefeather
Ian Bohen ... Evan
Matthew Del Negro ... Dillon
Blake Robbins ... Tim
797 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Loosely based on a real-life operation during World War II, this action-adventure from director John Woo stars Nicolas Cage as Joe Enders, a Marine traumatized by the loss of his entire platoon in the Solomon Islands during an ambush he believes was deadlier than necessary due to his indecision. Suffering from eardrum damage in Hawaii, Joe manages to be declared fit for duty once again thanks to a sympathetic nurse (Frances O'Connor), but his new assignment isn't what he expects. Joe is ordered to safeguard a Navajo soldier named Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) because the military has developed a new secret code based on the near-dead Navajo language that is proving unbreakable to the Japanese. Any soldier that speaks Navajo is an immediate asset, including Ben and his pal, Charlie Whitehorse (Roger Willie). Joe's orders are to "baby sit" Ben during the invasion of Saipan, protecting him if possible, but -- if the code-talker's capture becomes imminent -- to kill him before he falls into enemy hands. Meanwhile, Charlie is to be guarded by affable harmonica player Ox Henderson (Christian Slater). Joe reluctantly accepts this new duty as a way to get back into the war, and in the ensuing carnage, his nearly suicidal acts of bravery make him a hero while Ben becomes paralyzed by fear. Determined to live up to Joe's example, Ben musters up his courage, even in the face of racism from a fellow soldier (Noah Emmerich), and ends up rescuing his own protector behind enemy lines by briefly posing as a Japanese soldier. Despite their growing mutual respect, Joe is eventually forced to take an action that threatens to shatter his bond with Ben, as the war's tragic losses strike closer to home for both men. Windtalkers co-stars Peter Stormare, Jason Isaacs, and Mark Ruffalo. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Tough Guys | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : battlefield, code [encryption], cryptography, invasion, Japan, Native-American, Navajo, prejudice, secret-mission, soldier, war-buddy
War, Combat Films, War Drama 
Nicolas Cage ... Joe Enders
Adam Beach ... Ben Yahzee
Peter Stormare ... Hjelmstad
Noah Emmerich ... Chick
Mark Ruffalo ... Pappas
Brian Van Holt ... Harrington
Martin Henderson ... Nellie
Frances O'Connor ... Rita
Roger Willie ... Charlie Whitehorse
Christian Slater ... Ox Henderson
Jason Isaacs ... Major Mellitz
Emily Mortimer
1180 0/4
Winter Ridge 

798 2/4
With Honors 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Harvard University graduate Alek Keshishian directed this tale about a homeless man who teaches some snotty Harvard students a thing or two about real life. Monty (Brendan Fraser) is a self-absorbed graduate student who is obsessed with finishing his thesis on government so that he can satisfy his demanding teacher, Professor Pitkannan (Gore Vidal). When Monty loses his precious thesis in the basement of the library's heating plant, it is found by a homeless man living there, Simon (Joe Pesci). Simon agrees to return the thesis one page at a time in return for certain favors. The relationship with the bearded vagabond changes Monty's view of life, and it also affects his housemates, who include Everett (Patrick Dempsey), a wisecracking radio host; Courtney (Moira Kelly), who is immature and sex-obsessed; and the studious nerd Jeff (Josh Hamilton). Simon becomes something of a father figure to Monty, argues history with Professor Pitkannan, and provides an earthy balance to the overly academic viewpoint of the students. -- Michael Betzold

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : College Life | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : class [social], friendship, blackmail, class-consciousness, life-choices, student, terminal-illness, thesis, university
Comedy Drama, Comedy of Manners 
Joe Pesci ... Simon Wilder
Brendan Fraser ... Monty Kessler
Moira Kelly ... Courtney
Patrick Dempsey ... Everett
Josh Hamilton ... Jeff
Gore Vidal ... Pitkannan
Nessa Hyams
Harve Kolzow ... Harvard Cop
James Deuter ... Judge
Mary Seibel ... Social Security Clerk
Clebert Ford ... Homeless Man
Rick LeFevour ... Mailman
799 4/4
The Wizard of Oz 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The third and definitive film adaptation of L. Frank Baum's 1900 children's fantasy, this musical adventure is a genuine family classic that made Judy Garland a star for her heartfelt performance as Dorothy Gale, an orphaned young girl unhappy with her drab black-and-white existence on her aunt and uncle's dusty Kansas farm. Dorothy yearns to travel "over the rainbow" to a different world, and she gets her wish when a tornado whisks her and her little dog, Toto, to the Technicolorful land of Oz. Having offended the Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton), Dorothy is protected from the old crone's wrath by the ruby slippers that she wears. At the suggestion of Glinda, the Good Witch of the North (Billie Burke), Dorothy heads down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, where dwells the all-powerful Wizard of Oz, who might be able to help the girl return to Kansas. En route, she befriends a Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), a Tin Man (Jack Haley), and a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr). The Scarecrow would like to have some brains, the Tin Man craves a heart, and the Lion wants to attain courage; hoping that the Wizard will help them too, they join Dorothy on her odyssey to the Emerald City.
Garland was MGM's second choice for Dorothy after Shirley Temple dropped out of the project; and Bolger was to have played the Tin Man but talked co-star Buddy Ebsen into switching roles. When Ebsen proved allergic to the chemicals used in his silver makeup, he was replaced by Haley. Gale Sondergaard was originally to have played the Wicked Witch of the West in a glamorous fashion, until the decision was made to opt for belligerent ugliness, and the Wizard was written for W.C. Fields, who reportedly turned it down because MGM couldn't meet his price. Although Victor Fleming, who also directed Gone With the Wind, was given sole directorial credit, several directors were involved in the shooting, included King Vidor, who shot the opening and closing black-and-white sequences. Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg's now-classic Oscar-winning song "Over the Rainbow" was nearly chopped from the picture after the first preview because it "slowed down the action." The Wizard of Oz was too expensive to post a large profit upon initial release; however, after a disappointing reissue in 1955, it was sold to network television, where its annual showings made it a classic. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Pick-Me-Ups | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Finding a Way Back Home | Farm Life
Keywords : city, dog, dream, family, fantasy-world, farmgirl, friendship, home, journey, lion, orphan, road, scarecrows, slipper, tornado, witch, wizard
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Budget, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Musical, Children's Fantasy, Musical Fantasy, Road Movie 
Judy Garland ... Dorothy Gale
Frank Morgan ... The Wizard of Oz, Prof. Marvel
Ray Bolger ... The Scarecrow, Hunk
Bert Lahr ... The Cowardly Lion, Zeke
Jack Haley ... The Tin Woodsman, Hickory
Billie Burke ... Glinda, the Good Witch
Margaret Hamilton ... The Wicked Witch of the West, Miss Gulch
Charles Grapewin ... Uncle Henry
Pat Walshe ... Nikko
Clara Blandick ... Auntie Em
Jerry Maren ... Guild Leader
Harlan Briggs ... Uncle Henry's Double
Billy Bletcher ... Mayor/Lollypop Guild
Tyler Brooke ... Ozmite
Adriana Caselotti ... Juliet
Pinto Colvig ... Munchkin
Billy Curtis ... City Father
Abe Dinovitch ... Apple Tree, Munchkin
Major Doyle ... Munchkin (uncredited)
Daisy Earles ... Munchkin Villager
Harry Earles ... Guild Singer
Buddy Ebsen ... Tin Woodman on "We're Off to See the Wizard"
Charles Irwin ... Ozmite
Lois January ... Cat Owner
Mitchell Lewis ... Head Winkie
Walter Miller ... Bespectacled Munchkin
George Ministeri ... Coach Driver
Yvonne Moray ... League Dancer
Lee Murray ... Winged Monkey
Lillian Porter ... Munchkin (uncredited)
Jimmy Rosen ... Munchkin (uncredited)
Oliver Smith ... Ozmite
Carol Tevis ... Munchkin
Bobby Watson ... Ozmite
Harry Monty ... Winged Monkey/Munchkin
927 3/4
Wonder Woman 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An Amazon princess named Diana (Gal Gadot) lives an idyllic existence on an island occupied solely by female warriors, but her life changes forever after American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash-lands nearby. When he tells her that a massive war is engulfing the planet, she decides to travel with him to the outside world, hoping to use her powers to put an end to the conflict. Along the way, she becomes the legendary superheroine known as Wonder Woman. Directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster), this is the first solo feature film for the iconic DC Comics character. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Great Battles | Heroic Mission | Immortality | Mysterious Strangers | Opposites Attract
Keywords : battlefront, crisis-of-conscience, gender-roles, good-vs-evil, mythology, world-war
Action, Adventure, Period Film, Superhero Film, War Adventure 
Gal Gadot ... Diana/ Wonder Woman
Chris Pine ... Steve Trevor
Connie Nielsen ... Hippolyta
Robin Wright ... Antiope
Danny Huston ... Ludendorff
David Thewlis ... Sir Patrick
Elena Anaya ... Mr. Maru
Ewen Bremner ... Charlie
Lucy Davis ... Etta
James Cosmo ... Field Marshall Haig
Wolf Kahler ... German Commander
Alexander Mercury ... German Lieutenant
Philippe Spall ... Trench Officer - Belgian
Ian Hughes ... German Soldier
Steffan Rhodri ... Colonel Darnell
Andrew Byron ... Weary Captain (Shot)
Peter Stark ... Soldier at Gala
Rainer Bock ... Von Hindenberg
Danielle Lewis ... Senator Timandra
Eleanor Matsuura ... Epione
Josette Simon ... Mnemosyne
Samantha Jo ... Euboea
Jacqui-Lee Pryce ... Niobe
Rekha Elizabeth Luther ... Amazon Townsfolk
Gana Bayarsaikhan ... Throne Room Amazon
800 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A school and football team combats racism in the 1970's in this religious-based period drama. After racial tensions begin to boil over at a high school, the school's football coach (Nic Bishop) allows a local man preaching a message of positivity, faith and love (Sean Astin) to speak to his players. Their play begins to improve, and the town begins to heal socially and spiritually in response. Jon Voight co-stars as college football coaching legend Paul "Bear" Bryant. -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Spiritual Awakening
Keywords : enlightenment, faith, football, high-school, racism, spiritual
Drama, Religious Drama 
Sean Astin ... Hank
C. Thomas Howell ... George "Shorty" White
Jon Voight ... Paul Bryant
Nicholas Bishop ... Tandy Geralds
Brando Eaton ... Mike Morton
Sherri Shepherd ... Momma Nathan
Kelly Greyson ... Shelia
Rhoda Griffis ... Brenda Howly
Jason Burkey ... Insurance Customer
Virginia Williams ... Debbie
Lance E. Nichols ... Junior
Jet Jurgensmeyer ... Todd Gerelds
Kevin Sizemore ... Jerry Stearns
Kevin Downes ... Birmingham Reporter
Michael Entrekin ... Woodlawn Player
Brett Rice ... Whitehurst
Richard Kohnke ... Jeff Rutledge
Steven Chester Prince ... Bull
DeVon Franklin ... Preacher
Joy Brunson ... Johnnie
Jeff Rose ... SI Reporter
Carlton Byrd ... Malik
Kirk B.R. Woller ... Owen Davis
Danny Vinson ... Banks Assistant Coach
Marcus Henderson ... Reggie Greene
Lee Perkins ... USC Coach John McKay
Rodney Clark ... AL Assistant Coach
Ron Flagge ... Johnnie's Dad
801 2/4
The World Is Not Enough 
AMG SYNOPSIS: James Bond, the world's greatest secret agent, is sent once more into the breach in the name of Queen, Country, and a dry martini. In the 19th Bond adventure, 007 (Pierce Brosnan) must resolve a potentially deadly power struggle between two unstable nations, with control of the world's oil supply as the ultimate prize. Bond is assigned as bodyguard to Elektra King (Sophie Marceau), the daughter of a petroleum magnate who was brutally murdered, and is trying to foil the fiendish plot of Renard (Robert Carlyle), a villain who was shot in the head with an unusual result: he cannot feel physical pain, an apparent failing that proves to be a considerable asset. Denise Richards appears as Dr. Christmas Jones, an expert on nuclear weapons, alongside Desmond Llewelyn as Q, Judi Dench as M, Samantha Bond as Miss Moneypenny, and John Cleese as R. Alternative rock band Garbage performs the theme song. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Kidnapping | Race Against Time | Terrorism
Keywords : daughter, nuclear-scientist, oil-tycoon, power-struggle, spy, terrorism
Action, Spy Film, Glamorized Spy Film 
Pierce Brosnan ... James Bond
Sophie Marceau ... Elektra King
Robert Carlyle ... Renard
Denise Richards ... Christmas Jones
Robbie Coltrane ... Valentin Zukovsky
Judi Dench ... M
Desmond Llewelyn ... Q
John Cleese ... R
Maria Grazia Cucinotta ... Cigar Girl
Samantha Bond ... Miss Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen ... Tanner
Colin Salmon ... Robinson
David Calder ... Sir Robert King
Serena Scott Thomas ... Dr. Holly Warmflash
Ulrich Thomsen ... Davidov
John Seru ... Gabor
Omid Djalili
1185 3/4
Wreck-It Ralph 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An 8-bit video-game character attempts to shed his bad-guy image by escaping into a popular first-person shooter, but inadvertently wreaks havoc in the video-game universe by freeing a digital villain who can only be contained with the help of a most unlikely ally in this colorful animated adventure. Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) is the arch nemesis of Fix-It Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer), one of the most beloved video-game icons of all time. In a noble bid to prove he is more than the sum of his programming, Ralph sneaks from his cozy retro home into a highly advanced combat game featuring battle-hardened soldier Sergeant Calhoun (voice of Jane Lynch), and strives to prove his bravery by winning a medal. In the process, however, Ralph accidentally frees the greatest threat the video-game world has ever seen. But all hope is not lost, because if Ralph can just convince unpredictable cart racer Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman) to help set things right, perhaps he can finally unleash his inner hero and save the arcade from certain destruction. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Fish Out of Water
Keywords : video-games
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy 
John C. Reilly ... Wreck-It Ralph
Sarah Silverman ... Vanellope von Schweetz
Jack McBrayer ... Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Jane Lynch ... Sergeant Calhoun
Alan Tudyk ... King Candy
Ed O'Neill ... Mr. Litwak
Mindy Kaling ... Taffyta Muttonfudge
Adam Carolla ... Wynnchel
Horatio Sanz ... Duncan
Dennis Haysbert ... General Hologram
Edie McClurg ... Mary
Roger Craig Smith ... Sonic the Hedgehog
Rachael Harris ... Deanna
Stefanie Scott ... Moppet Girl
Reuben Langdon ... Ken
Kyle Hebert ... Ryu
Joe Lo Truglio ... Markowski
Raymond S. Persi ... Gene
Rich Moore ... Sour Bill
1155 1/4
A Wrinkle in Time 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After her astrophysicist father (Chris Pine) goes missing, 13-year-old Meg (Storm Reid) meets three supernatural beings named Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), Mrs. Who (Mindy Kaling), and Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey). They transport her, her friend Calvin (Levi Miller), and her brother Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe) through the universe, where they must traverse strange new planets and unlock the power inside themselves to rescue her dad. Based on Madeleine L'Engle's novel of the same name, the first in a five-book series. Directed by Ava DuVernay. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Zach Galifianakis, Bellamy Young, and Michael Peña co-star. --

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Daring Rescues | Fathers and Daughters | Finding a Way Back Home | Missing Persons | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Space Travel | Time Travel
Keywords : captive, discovery, father, missing-person, space-travel
Attributes : High Production Values
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Adventure, Fantasy Adventure 
Storm Reid ... Meg Murry
Oprah Winfrey ... Mrs. Which
Reese Witherspoon ... Mrs. Whatsit
Zach Galifianakis ... The Happy Medium
Mindy Kaling ... Mrs. Who
Chris Pine ... Dr. Alex Murray
Gugu Mbatha-Raw ... Dr. Kate Murry
Michael Peña ... Red
Levi Miller ... Calvin
Bellamy Young ... Camazotz Woman
Andre Holland ... Principal Jenkins
Rowan Blanchard ... Veronica Kiley
David Oyelowo ... The It
Conrad Roberts ... Elegant Man
Will McCormack ... Mr. Teacher
Daniel MacPherson ... Calvin's Father
Tim Kang ... School Superindentent
802 1/4
Wrong Turn 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A turn down an uncharted dirt road leads six young people into a night of pure terror in this horror story. Chris (Desmond Harrington) is driving through West Virginia on his way to a job interview when an auto accident slows highway traffic to a near standstill. Afraid he'll be late, Chris takes a detour down an old dirt road; a distracted Chris doesn't see an SUV stuck in the middle of the road before it's too late, and he plows into the back after his tires suddenly blow. The driver of the SUV, Jessie (Eliza Dushku), was out on a camping trip with four of her friends -- Evan (Kevin Zegers), Francine (Lindy Booth), Carly (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and Scott (Jeremy Sisto) -- when their tires went out, and as Jessie and Chris compare notes on their accidents, they discover that the road has been sabotaged with barbed wire. With both parties in need of a telephone, Evan and Francine are left to look after the cars while the other four set out to find help. However, Evan and Francine soon discover they've been led into a horrible trap, and as Chris, Jessie, and their friends search for help, they find that they've fallen victim not to local pranksters, but a gang of inbred backwoods killers with a taste for blood. Wrong Turn was produced in part by Stan Winston, a legendary special-effects artist whose work has appeared in such films as Jurassic Park, Aliens, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Blood and Gore | Nail-biters
Themes : Nightmare Vacations | Cannibals
Keywords : cannibal, lost, backwoods, car-crash, deformity, detour, hillbilly, predators, prey, SUV [Sport Utility Vehicle]
Horror, Slasher Film, Teen Movie 
Desmond Harrington ... Chris Finn
Eliza Dushku ... Jessie
Emmanuelle Chriqui ... Carly
Jeremy Sisto ... Thomas Avon
Kevin Zegers ... Evan
Lindy Booth ... Francine
Julian Richings ... Three Finger
Garry Robbins ... Saw-Tooth
Ted Clark ... One-Eye
Yvonne Gaudry ... Halley
Joel Harris ... Rich
David Huband ... Trooper
Wayne Robson ... Old Man
James Downing ... Trucker
807 3/4
X2: X-Men United 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a failed assassination attempt occurs on the President's (Cotter Smith) life by the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), it's Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and his School for Gifted Youngsters who are targeted for the crime. While Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) and Storm (Halle Berry) try and locate the assassin, Cyclops (James Marsden) and Xavier (also known as 'Professor X') seek answers from their old foe Magneto (Ian McKellan) in his glass cell...Little do they know they're walking into a trap set by the villainous William Stryker (Brian Cox), a mysterious governmental figure that figures into Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) secretive past, along with information about the X-Men's operation, supplied by Magneto through a mind-controlling agent. Meanwhile Wolverine, just home from a failed mission to regain his memory, is in charge of the students when a crack-commando team led by Stryker infiltrates the school by order of the President. With a mansion full of young, powerful mutants and the ferocious Wolverine in babysitter mode, can he defend the school against the one man who can answer his questions? What roles do the sinister Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) and Lady Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) have in all of this? Why does Stryker want Professor X and his Cerebro machine? With the war between humanity and mutants escalating to extremes, can the rest of the X-Men trust their old foes to help them? Director Bryan Singer returns and raises the stakes in this sequel to the highly lauded 2000 adaptation of Marvel Comics' X-Men. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Mutants | Heroic Mission | Social Injustice | Assassination Plots
Keywords : mutant, boarding-school, anti-hero, conspiracy, evolution, super-power, bad-guy-turns-good, experiment, assassination, bigotry
Fantasy, Action, Superhero Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Patrick Stewart ... Prof. Charles Xavier, AKA 'Professor X'
Hugh Jackman ... Wolverine
Ian McKellen ... Magneto
Halle Berry ... Storm
Brian Cox ... William Stryker
Famke Janssen ... Dr. Jean Grey
Alan Cumming ... Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler
Rebecca Romijn ... Mystique
James Marsden ... Cyclops
Bruce Davison ... Senator Kelly
Shawn Ashmore ... Bobby Drake/Iceman
Aaron Stanford ... John/Pyro
Kelly Hu ... Anne Reynolds, AKA Yuriko Oyama, AKA Lady Deathstrike
Anna Paquin ... Rogue
Katie Stuart ... Kitty Pryde
Kea Wong ... Jubilee
Steve Bacic ... Hank McCoy, AKA Beast
Cotter Smith ... President McKenna
Peter Wingfield ... Lyman
Daniel Cudmore ... Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus
Sideah Alladice ... X-Kid
Devin Douglas Drewitz ... X-Kid
Nolan Funk ... X-Kid
Bryce Hodgson ... Arthur "Artie" Maddicks
Dylan Kussman ... Wilkins
Jermaine Lopez ... X-Kid
Michael Reid Mackay ... Jason 143
Ty Olsson ... Mitchell Laurio
Keely Purvis ... Little Girl 143
Charles Siegel ... Dr. Shaw
Stephen Spender ... Smith
Jill Teed ... Madeline Drake
Connor Widdows ... Jones
1111 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this film, the mysterious Kira (Olivia Newton-John) appears to assist and inspire a young artist, Sonny Malone (Michael Beck). When she helps him meet up with the rich Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly), the two join up together to create an artistic and business success, an unique club called "Xanadu." --

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Supernatural Romance
Keywords : divine-intervention, skating, love, muse, music, roller-skating, romance, sports
Fantasy, Musical, Musical Fantasy, Rock Musical 
Olivia Newton-John ... Kira
Gene Kelly ... Danny McGuire
Michael Beck ... Sonny Malone
James J. Sloyan ... Simpson
Dimitra Arliss ... Helen
Katie Hanley ... Sandra
Fred McCarren ... Richie
Ren Woods ... Jo
Cherise Bate
Julia Jennings
Yvette Van Voorhees
Sandahl Bergman ... Muse
Lynn Latham ... Muse 2
Melinda Phelps ... Muse 3
Juliette Marshall ... Muse 5
Marilyn Tokuda ... Muse 6
Teri Beckerman ... Muse
Coral Browne ... Hera
Wilfrid Hyde-White ... Zeus
Matt Lattanzi
803 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the most popular superhero teams in comic book history finally comes to the screen in this big-budget adaptation of the long-running Marvel Comics series. Psychic Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) leads a school of skilled mutants called X-Men, a peacekeeping force to safeguard the world against a race of genetically mutated humans known as Homo Sapiens Superior. However, Magneto (Ian McKellen), a mutant with a powerful magnetic charge, has also begun to organize a team to strike first against what he believes to be a threat from humanity. When he kidnaps Rogue (Anna Paquin) from the X-Men's compound, Xavier and his forces must rescue her, even as they continue to vie with Magneto for the fearsomely strong mutant battler Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Both Xavier and Magneto also have to contend with Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison), a heartless political leader who wants a final solution against mutants on both sides. Fighting for the forces of virtue with the X-Men are Famke Janssen as Jean Grey, Halle Berry as Storm, and James Marsden as Cyclops; Rebecca Romjin-Stamos as Mystique, Ray Park as the Toad, and Tyler Mane as Sabretooth are the minions of Magneto. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mutants | Righting the Wronged | Heroic Mission | Psychic Abilities | Social Injustice
Keywords : discrimination, evolution, mastermind, mutant, opponent, Senator, Superhero
Action, Fantasy, Superhero Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Hugh Jackman ... Wolverine
Patrick Stewart ... Prof. Charles Xavier
Ian McKellen ... Magneto
Famke Janssen ... Jean Grey
James Marsden ... Cyclops
Halle Berry ... Storm
Anna Paquin ... Rogue
Tyler Mane ... Sabretooth
Ray Park ... The Toad
Rebecca Romijn ... Mystique
Bruce Davison ... Senator Kelly
Matthew Sharp ... Henry Guyrich
Brett Morris ... Young Magneto
Stan Lee ... Hotdog vendor
819 2/4
X-Men: Apocalypse 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The X-Men are forced to confront an ancient mutant called Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) in this comic-book adventure set in the 1980s. Eager to take over the world and remake it in his own image, Apocalypse recruits mutants to act as his powerful "Four Horsemen" -- among them is the tortured Magneto (Michael Fassbender), who believes humanity might be a lost cause after a personal tragedy. In time, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and his charges must work together to save the planet from this threat. New additions to this X-Men team include the elusive Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), fiery Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), and telepathically gifted Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence, and Olivia Munn co-star. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mutants
Keywords : ancient, Apocalypse, end-of-the-world, mankind, mutant, peace, team, telepathy
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
James McAvoy ... Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender ... Erik Lensherr/Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence ... Raven/Mystique
Oscar Isaac ... Apocalypse
Nicholas Hoult ... Hank McCoy / Beast
Rose Byrne ... Moira MacTaggert
Tye Sheridan ... Cyclops
Sophie Turner ... Jean Grey
Olivia Munn ... Betsy Braddock/Psylocke
Lucas Till ... Alex Summers / Havok
Evan Peters ... Peter / Quicksilver
Kodi Smit-McPhee ... Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
Alexandra Shipp ... Storm
Josh Helman ... Col. William Stryker
Ally Sheedy ... Scott's Teacher
Anthony Konechny ... School Jock
Emma Elle Paterson ... School Cheerleader
Ryan Hollyman ... Mr. Summers
Joanne Boland ... Mrs. Summers
Manuel Tadros ... Clan Akkaba Leader
Carolina Bartczak ... Magda
T.J. McGibbon ... Nina
Ahmed Osman ... Threatening Cairo Vendor
Ziad Ghanem ... Egyptian Street Vendor
Zehra Leverman ... Ms. Maximoff
Herbert Luft ... News Anchor
Stephen Bogaert ... Pentagon General Hastings
John Bourgeois ... Pentagon General Radford
Conrad Coates ... Pentagon General Fields
Dan Lett ... Defense Secretary Weisberg
Joe Cobden ... Air Force Official
Ian Rosenberg ... Darts Guy
Allen Keng ... Student in Drapes
Desmond Campbell ... Alkali Guard
John Ottman ... Confused Tech
Zeljko Ivanek ... Pentagon Scientist
Christopher B. MacCabe ... Fishing Boat Captain
Chris Cavener ... Fisherman
804 3/4
X-Men: Days of Future Past 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In order to prevent a grim future in which mutants and their human sympathizers are systematically hunted and killed by towering, unstoppable robots called Sentinels, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) travels back in time to change the course of history in this sequel that finds X-Men and X2: X-Men United director Bryan Singer returning to the helm.
The film opens in a dark and desolate future that was set in motion in 1973, when brilliant scientist Dr. Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) created a series of giant robots called Sentinels for the sole purpose of wiping out mutants, whom he claimed were a direct threat to the human race. Although initially programmed solely to target mutants, the Sentinels soon began eradicating humans who possessed the DNA to breed mutants, and eventually, any mortal mutant sympathizers. Desperate, Prof. Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) devise a plan to have Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) send Wolverine back to the year when Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) assassinated Trask -- it turns out that Mystique inadvertently accelerated the Sentinel program when she was subsequently captured by Sgt. William Stryker (Josh Helman), who succeeded at harvesting her DNA to make the robots more powerful than ever before.
Upon arriving in the past, Wolverine quickly seeks out a much younger Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), as well as Beast (Nicholas Hoult) and Quicksilver (Evan Peters), and together they help break a young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) out of a heavily fortified prison cell hundreds of feet beneath the Pentagon. Meanwhile, with the help of Havok, Ink, Toad, and Spike, Mystique is already moving in for the kill. Although Wolverine, Beast, Charles, and Magneto manage to thwart the assassination, Charles and Magneto once again find themselves at odds after the latter attempts to alter the plan at the last moment, creating a mass panic during a post-Vietnam War peace summit in Paris. And Dr. Trask, still fuming from having had the Sentinel program rejected by Congress, takes his proposal directly to President Nixon (Mark Camacho), laying the groundwork for an even darker future than the one Wolverine was sent back to prevent. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Time Travel | Heroic Mission | Mutants | Technology Run Amok | Social Injustice | Future Dystopias
Keywords : assassination, future, genocide, history, mutant, past, President, robot, school, time-travel
Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Action, Superhero Film 
Hugh Jackman ... Logan/Wolverine
James McAvoy ... Charles Xavier/Professor X
Michael Fassbender ... Erik Lensherr/Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence ... Mystique/Raven
Patrick Stewart ... Charles Xavier/Professor X
Ian McKellen ... Erik Lensherr/Magneto
Nicholas Hoult ... Hank McCoy/Beast
Peter Dinklage ... Bolivar Trask
Omar Sy ... Bishop
Daniel Cudmore ... Peter "Colossus" Rasputin
BooBoo Stewart ... Warpath
Evan Peters ... Quicksilver
Anna Paquin ... Rogue
Lucas Till ... Alex Summers/Havoc
Halle Berry ... Storm
Shawn Ashmore ... Bobby Drake/Iceman
Ellen Page ... Kitty Pryde
Evan Jonigkeit ... Toad
Josh Helman ... Stryker
Mark Camacho ... President Nixon
Alexander Felici ... Young Mutant Scavenger
Jan Gerste ... Gwen
Massimo Cannistraro ... Ramone
Lee Villeneuve ... Black Coast Mafioso
Andreas Apergis ... Col. Sanders
Robert Montcalm ... Vietnam MP Guard
Greg Lowe ... Ink
Jaa Smith-Johnson ... Mutant Soldier
Alex Ivanovici ... Quarantine Doctor
Patricia Tougas ... Quarantine Nurse
Alain Dahan ... Quarantine Doctor #2
Michael Lerner ... Senator Brickman
Chris Claremont ... Congressman Parker
Lenn Wein ... Congressman Davis
François Paquette ... Congressman McCarter
Zabryna Guevara ... Trask Secretary
Zehra Leverman ... Ms. Maximoff
Angela Galuppo ... Pentagon Tour Guide
Milo Chang Sigel ... Pentagon Tour Boy
Kiana Chang Sigel ... Pentagon Young Girl
Kyle Gatehouse ... Pentagon Cook
Jean-Sebastien Côté ... Mustachioed Kitchen Guard
Stéphane Julien ... Kitchen Guard
Taris Tyler ... Pentagon Elevator Guard
Darryl Scheelar ... Armed Kitchen Guard
Thai-Hoa Le ... General Nhuan
Johnny Tran ... Vietnamese Captain
Dan Quoc Thinh ... Vietnamese Translator
Vladimir Aksenov ... Russian Translator
Jimmy Chan ... Chinese Translator
Julian Casey ... Peace Summit Reporter
Robert Crooks ... Nixon Aide
Matt Cooke ... Secretary of Defense
Tim Post ... US Army General
Jason Deline ... Desk Anchor
Karine Vanasse ... French Emergency Nurse
Jude Beny ... Female Traveler
Arthur Holden ... Blue Suit Traveler
Susanna Fournier ... Flight Attendant
Andrew Peplowski ... White House Reporter
John Moore ... White House Lawn Reporter
Moe Jeudy-Lamour ... White House Ticket Man
Harry Standjofski ... Groundskeeper
Brianna Bone ... Red Haired Girl
Neil Napier ... Secret Service Agent
Jason Koehler ... White House Stage Guard
Miya Shelton-Contreras ... Peter's Little Sister
805 3/4
X-Men: First Class 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Set in the era before Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr became mortal enemies as Professor X and Magneto, respectively, director Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class follows the two former allies as they lead a powerful team of mutants on a mission to save the planet from nuclear annihilation. Charles (James McAvoy) and Erik (Michael Fassbender) were just young men when it began to appear as if the world was careening toward destruction. As the Doomsday Clock ticks faster toward midnight, the time comes to take action. Realizing they could use their unique powers to avert a global thermonuclear war during the Bay of Pigs crisis, the two powerful mutants launch an intense recruitment campaign with the support of Dr. Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) and the CIA. Before long, Charles and Erik have assembled a crack team that includes Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Angel (Zoe Kravitz), Havok (Lucas Till), and Darwin (Edi Gathegi). Meanwhile, the malevolent Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) plots to plunge the world into war with the help of villainous mutants Riptide (Alex Gonzalez), Azazel (Jason Flemyng), and Emma Frost (January Jones). In the process of saving humanity, however, Charles and Erik clash, setting the stage for Professor X to lead the X-Men in the fight for good as Magneto and the Brotherhood spread chaos and destruction on a global scale. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mutants | Social Injustice
Keywords : mutant, nuclear-threat, school
Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Action, Superhero Film 
James McAvoy ... Charles Xavier/Professor X
Michael Fassbender ... Erik Lensherr/Magneto
Kevin Bacon ... Sebastian Shaw
Rose Byrne ... Dr. Moira MacTaggert
Oliver Platt ... Man in Black
Caleb Landry Jones ... Sean Cassidy/Banshee
Nicholas Hoult ... Hank McCoy/Beast
January Jones ... Emma Frost
Edi Gathegi ... Armando Munoz/Darwin
Jason Flemyng ... Azazel
Zoë Kravitz ... Angel Salvadore
Laurence Belcher ... Charles Xavier (12 Years)
Bill Milner ... Young Erik
Morgan Lily ... Young Raven (10 Years)
Beth Goddard ... Mrs. Xavier
Corey Johnson ... Chief Warden
Lucas Till ... Alex Summers/Havok
Demitri Goritsas ... Levene
Glenn Morshower ... Colonel Hendry
Don Creech ... William Stryker
Matt Craven ... CIA Director McCone
James Remar ... US General
Ludger Pistor ... 1st German, Pig Farmer
Greg Kolpakchi ... Russian Soldier No. 1
Andrei Zayats ... Russian Soldier No. 2
Ray Wise ... Secretary of State
Michael Medeiros ... Political Officer
Olek Krupa ... Soviet Captain
Yuri Naumkin ... Soviet Fire Control
David Agranov ... Soviet NCO
James Faulkner ... Swiss Bank Manager
Éva Magyar ... Edie Lensherr
Annabelle Wallis ... Co-Ed
Juan Herrera ... Airport Worker
Greg Savage ... Coastguard
Jarid Faubel ... US Fire Control Officer
Gregory Cox ... Dr. Leigh
Josh Cohen ... Junior Aget No. 1
David Crow ... Weasley Agent
Kieran Patrick Campbell ... Little Boy
Sasha Pieterse ... Teenage Girl
Brendan Fehr ... Communications Officer
Michael Ironside ... Captain
Jason Beghe ... XO
Veniamin Manzyuk ... Lt. Commander
Tony Curran ... Man in Black Suit Agent
Randall Batinkoff ... Man in Black Suit Agent
Peter Stark ... Storm Trooper No. 1
Leonard Redlich ... Storm Trooper No. 2
Carlos Peres ... German Bartender
Sean Brown ... Russian Chopper Pilot
Neil Fingleton ... Russian General's Bodyguard 1
Marios ... Russian General's Bodyguard 2
Georg Nikoloff ... Mr. Lensherr (Erik's Dad)
Arthur Darbinyan ... Aral Sea Captain
806 2/4
X-Men: The Last Stand 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The explosive X-Men motion picture trilogy officially draws to a close with this release that finds Rush Hour director Brett Ratner stepping in for Bryan Singer to tell the tale of a newly discovered mutant "cure," and the polarizing effect it has on mutant/man relations. With the pressure on mutants to give up their powers and pledge alliance with the human race reaching a critical turning point, Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) urges tolerance and understanding as his nemesis Magneto (Ian McKellen) gathers a powerful resistance in preparation for the ultimate war against humankind. Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, and James Marsden return to reprise the roles they played in the previous two X-Men films, with Kelsey Grammer and Vinnie Jones joining the cast as Beast and Juggernaut respectively. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Mutants | Psychic Abilities | Fighting the System | Finding the Cure
Keywords : super-power, cure, resurrection, good-vs-evil, boarding-school, protest, death, bridge [structure]
Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure, Superhero Film 
Hugh Jackman ... Logan/Wolverine
Halle Berry ... Ororo Munroe/Storm
Ian McKellen ... Eric Lehnsherr/Magneto
Famke Janssen ... Jean Grey/Phoenix
Anna Paquin ... Marie/Rogue
Kelsey Grammer ... Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy/Beast
James Marsden ... Scott Summers/Cyclops
Rebecca Romijn ... Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Shawn Ashmore ... Bobby Drake / Iceman
Aaron Stanford ... John Allerdyce / Pyro
Vinnie Jones ... Cain Marko / Juggernaut
Patrick Stewart ... Professor Charles Xavier
Ben Foster ... Warren Worthington III / Angel
Dania Ramirez ... Callisto
Ellen Page ... Kitty Pryde
Michael Murphy ... Warren Worthington II
Shohreh Aghdashloo ... Dr. Kavita Rao
Josef Sommer ... The President
Bill Duke ... Trask
Daniel Cudmore ... Peter Rasputin / Collossus
Eric Dane ... Multiple Man
Kea Wong ... Jubulation Lee / Jubilee
Connor Widdows ... Jones
Bryce Hodgson ... Artie
Luke Pohl ... Flea
Cameron Bright ... Jimmy/Leech
Adrian Hough ... Mr. Grey
Desiree Zurowski ... Mrs. Grey
Haley Ramm ... Young Jean Grey
Cayden Boyd ... Young Angel
Julian Richings ... Mutant Theatre Organizer
Benita Ha ... Worthington Technician
Omahyra ... Arclight
Ken Leung ... Kid Omega
Aaron Pearl ... Team Leader
Ron James ... Prison Truck Driver
Julian Christopher ... Prison Truck Guard
Makenzie Vega ... Prison Truck Little Girl
Anthony Heald ... FBI Mystique Interrogator
R. Lee Ermey ... Sergeant
Tanya Newbould ... Dr. McCoy's Assistant
Peter Kawasaki ... Photographer
John Pyper-Ferguson ... Minivan Father
Chelah Horsdal ... Minivan Mother
Justin Callan ... Minivan Son
Brenna O'Brien ... Minivan Daughter
Donna Goodhand ... Rogue's Mother
Stan Lee ... Waterhose Man
Chris Claremont ... Lawnmower Man
Via Saleaumua ... Phat
Emy Aneke ... Alcatraz Lieutenant
Richard Yee ... Little Phat
Alexis Ferris ... Minivan Son #2
Lloyd Adams ... Lizard Man
Lance Gibson ... Spike
Zoltain Buday ... Mutant Cure #1
Brad Kelly ... Prison Truck Guard
Clayton Watmough ... Glob Herman
808 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The director (Rob Cohen) and star (Vin Diesel) of the previous summer's hit The Fast and the Furious (2001) are reunited for this spy thriller billed as a next-generation James Bond adventure. Diesel stars as Xander Cage, a nihilist extreme sports enthusiast nicknamed "Triple X" because of a large tattoo covering his back and neck. Cage's illegal stunts and poor attitude (he's given to spouting dialogue such as, "Have you ever been punched in the face for talking too much?") land him in jail, where he's recruited/blackmailed into government service by the National Security Agency's Augustus Gibbons, who likes Cage for his skills and expendability. The new secret agent is assigned to infiltrate a Russian crime ring called Anarchy 99, whose access to biochemical weaponry is making the United States extremely nervous. With the help of some high-tech gadgets from weapons master Toby Lee Shavers (Michael Roof), Cage is able to make his way into Anarchy 99, where he targets the group's leader Yorgi (Marton Csokas) and falls for the organization's second-in-command, Yelena (Asia Argento). XXX (2002) is the first in a hoped-for franchise of sequels for the film's producer, Revolution Studios. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Daring Rescues | Going Straight | Heroic Mission | Switching Sides | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : rebel, secret-agent, crime-ring, government-agent, infiltration, national-security, undercover, biological-weapons, extreme-sports
Action, Action Thriller, Glamorized Spy Film 
Vin Diesel ... Xander "XXX" Cage
Asia Argento ... Yelena
Marton Csokas ... Yorgi
Samuel L. Jackson ... Agent Gibbons
Danny Trejo ... El Jefe
Michael Roof ... Toby Lee Shavers
Tom Everett ... Sen. Dick Hotchkiss
Richy Müller ... Milan Sova
Werner Daehn ... Kirill
Eve ... J.J.
Leila Arcieri ... Jordan King
Mike Vallely ... Skater
William Hope ... Agent Roger Donnan
Tony Hawk ... Caddy Driver
Mat Hoffman ... Extreme Guy
Joe Bucaro III ... Virg
Esteban Cueto ... Gold Tooth Narco
Jan Filipensky ... Viktor
Chris Gann ... T.J.
Tanner Gill ... Trucker
Mary-Pat Green ... Waitress
Thomas Ian Griffith ... Agent Jim McGrath
Martin Hub ... Ivan Podrov
Petr Jákl ... Kolya
Ted Maynard ... James Tannick
F. Valentino Morales ... Short Order Cook/NSA Agent
Leonard Thomas ... NSA Agent
Marek Vasut ... Czech General
Scott Waugh ... Stock Broker
Rich Wilkes ... Tall Guy
937 1/4
xXx: Return of Xander Cage 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Thrill-seeking secret agent Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) emerges from a sabbatical to retrieve a doomsday device called "Pandora's Box" from the clutches of supervillain Xiang (Donnie Yen). But when Cage and his crew uncover a major government conspiracy during their mission, they find themselves in the fight of their lives in this third installment of the action franchise. Deepika Padukone, Kris Wu, Ruby Rose, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev, Rory McCann, Toni Collette, and Samuel L. Jackson co-star. Directed by D.J. Caruso. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Heroic Mission | One Against the Mob
Keywords : conspiracy, extreme-sports, mission [quest], secret-agent, weapons-of-mass-destruction
Action, Thriller, Action Thriller 
Vin Diesel ... Xander Cage
Donnie Yen ... Xiang
Deepika Padukone ... Serena
Kris Wu ... Nicks
Ruby Rose ... Adele
Tony Jaa ... Talon
Nina Dobrev ... Becky
Toni Collette ... Jane Marke
Samuel L. Jackson ... Agent Augustus Gibbons
Rory McCann ... Tennyson Torch
Hermione Corfield ... Ainsley
Michael Bisping ... Hawk
Al Sapienza ... CIA Director
Nigel Bennett ... M16 Control
Terry Chen ... Chinese Politico
Daniel Kash ... Russian Spymaster
Andrey Ivchenko ... Red Erik
Shawn Roberts ... Jonas
Charles Carroll ... Friendly Man
Helena-Alexis Seymour ... Ainsley's Girl
Betty Zhou ... Club Announcer
809 2/4
You Don't Mess With the Zohan 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Judd Apatow teams up with his former roommate Adam Sandler to write a star comedy vehicle for the actor in You Don't Mess With the Zohan, the tale of an Israeli commando who fakes his own death so he can follow his dream -- to be a hairstylist in New York City. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry's Dennis Dugan directs for Happy Madison Productions and Columbia Pictures. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Going Undercover | Assumed Identities
Keywords : hairdresser, Israeli [nationality], spy, undercover
Comedy, Farce 
Adam Sandler ... Zohan
John Turturro ... Phantom
Emmanuelle Chriqui ... Dalia
Nick Swardson ... Michael
Lainie Kazan ... Gail
Ido Mosseri ... Oori
Rob Schneider ... Salim
Dave Matthews ... James
Michael Buffer ... Walbridge
Charlotte Rae ... Mrs. Greenhouse
Sayed Badreya ... Hamdi
Daoud Heidami ... Nasi
Kevin Nealon ... Kevin
Robert Smigel ... Yosi
Dina Doron ... Zohan's Mother
Shelley Berman ... Zohan's Father
Chris Rock ... Taxi Driver
Mariah Carey ... Mariah Carey
John McEnroe ... John McEnroe
George Takei ... Goerge Takei
Bruce Vilanch ... Bruce Vilanch
John Paul De Joria ... Paul Mitchell
Alec Mapa ... Claude
Ahmed Ahmed ... Waleed
Ben Wise ... Yitzhak
John Farley ... Tom
Guri Weinberg ... Aharon
Danny A. Abeckaser ... Ze'ev
Ido Ezra ... Hassan
Mousa Kraish ... Bashir
Roni Levy ... Ephraim
Reuven Bar-Yotam ... Levi
Barry Livingston ... Gray Kleibolt
Rick Gifford ... Philip
Tyler Spindel ... Doorman
Julia Wolov ... Mariah's Assistant
Dana Min Goodman ... Mariah's Assistant
Todd Holland ... Fred
Kevin Grady ... Coleman
Bobby Tisdale ... Skizzy
Herzl Tobey ... Commander
Ori Pfeffer ... Second Commander
Alex Luria ... Koby
Guy Oseary ... Avi
Donna Feldman ... Michal
Dennis Dugan ... Homeless Guy
Gerry Del Sol ... Exploded Shop Owner
Shulie Cowen ... Debbie
Helen Siff ... Mrs. Skitzer
Betty Murphy ... Mrs. Haynes
Cynthia Frost ... Mrs. Paulson
Anna Berger ... Older Lady In Salon
Susan Grace ... Older Lady In Salon
Bunny Levine ... Older Lady In Salon
Norma Michaels ... Older Lady In Salon
Margie Loomis ... Older Lady In Salon
Carol Schlanger ... Older Lady In Salon
Edith Wolfrey ... Older Lady In Salon
Phoebe Dorin ... Older Lady In Salon
Eloise DeJoria ... Blonde At Salon
Donielle Artese ... African American Salon Owner
Adria Tennor ... Kids' Salon Owner
Sid Ganis ... Doctor
Laurie Meghan Phelps ... Plus SIze Girl At Disco
Kenneth Greenaway ... DJ
Constance Barron ... First Woman In Cab
Penelope Windust ... Second Woman In Cab
Kathleen Noone ... Second Woman In Cab
Christopher Innvar ... Angry Tall Driver
Ray Garvey ... Truck Driver
Barbara Ann Davison ... Dog Owner
Jennifer De Minco ... Agruing Female Customer
Edmund Lyndeck ... Pharmacist
Kristina Haddad ... Hamdi's Wife
Larry Marko ... Phantom's Trainer
Anne Marie Howard ... Reporter
Billy Concha ... Kayaker
810 2/4
Young Guns 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this Western based loosely on actual events and people, Emilio Estevez stars as William H. Bonney (aka Billy the Kid). Sought for a petty crime in Lincoln County, Billy is taken in by John Tunstall (Terence Stamp), a British ranch owner seeking to make it in the cattle business. Tunstall employs a group of "regulators," comprised of wayward youths he's gathered over the years, to watch over his ranch; in turn, he teaches them how to read and reforms them into better men. Tunstall's business interests come into conflict with those of corrupt and murderous businessman Lawrence Murphy (Jack Palance), whose widespread connections make him a power to be reckoned with. When Tunstall won't budge from his right to pursue a living, Murphy's henchmen stage an ambush and kill him. This triggers a vow of vengeance from the quick-tempered Billy and his five fellow regulators, who are deputized to serve arrest warrants in the murder. However, when Billy decides to gun down the suspects instead of detaining them, his loyal pals become accessories in a vigilante spree to wipe the territory clean of Murphy and his web of conspirators. Soon, the supposed lawmen are on the run from bounty hunters, henchmen, and government soldiers, from all directions of the compass. This box-office hit also stars Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dermot Mulroney, and Casey Siemaszko. -- Derek Armstrong

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Sheriffs and Outlaws | Vigilantes
Keywords : law, bad-guy, cowboy, criminal, death, friendship, gangster, good-guy, gunfighter, murder, on-the-run, outlaw [Western], revenge, teenagers, weapons, west
Western, Outlaw (Gunfighter) Film 
Emilio Estevez ... William H. Bonney/"Billy the Kid"
Kiefer Sutherland ... Josiah "Doc" Scurlock
Lou Diamond Phillips ... Jose Chavez Y Chavez
Charlie Sheen ... Dick Brewer
Dermot Mulroney ... "Dirty Steve" Stephens
Jack Palance ... Lawrence G. Murphy
Casey Siemaszko ... Charley Bowdre
Terence Stamp ... John Henry Tunstall
Terry O'Quinn ... Alex McSween
Sharon Thomas ... Susan McSween
Geoffrey Blake ... J. McCloskey
Alice Carter ... Yen Sun
Brian Keith ... Buckshot Roberts
Patrick Wayne ... Pat Garrett
Craig M. Erikson ... Peppin
Jeff Prettyman ... Judge Bristol
Randy Travis ... Ring Member
Lisa Banes ... Mallory
Forrest Broadley ... Rynerson
Loyd Lee Brown ... Soldier
Gadeek ... Henry Hill
Sam Gauny ... Morton
Joey Hanks ... Hindman
Victor Izay ... Justice Wilson
Gary Kanin ... Col. Duoley
Allen Keller ... John Kinney
Pat Lee ... Janey
Jeremy H. Lepard ... Jimmy Dolan
Cody Palance ... Baker
Elena Parres ... Manuela's Mother
Richela Renkun ... Bar Girl
Alan Tobin ... Bartender
811 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Rob Lowe stars as the title character, a young hockey prodigy with a gift for scoring, but no such penchant for pugilism -- when the gloves drop, so does he. Despite his fragility, Coach Chadwick (Ed Lauter) takes him on the roster for his stick-handling ability alone. However, he ends up being sent home after being singled out by a particularly nasty goon, Racki (George Finn), who pummels the "pretty boy" in brutal fashion. Disheartened, Youngblood heads back to the rural Canadian farm he calls home, where his father (Eric Nesterenko, a former player for the Chicago Blackhawks) and older brother (Jim Youngs) teach him the invaluable lesson that hockey is "no place for a nervous person" (to quote a famous NHL announcer). Overseen by his elders, he immediately begins a combat-training regimen to prepare for his return and imminent showdown with the evil Racki; meanwhile, he strikes up a relationship with the coach's daughter (Cynthia Gibb). -- Jeremy Beday

Themes : Fathers and Sons | Haunted By the Past | Hockey Players | Redemption | Small-Town Life | Starting Over | Underdogs
Keywords : teenagers, coming-of-age, one-against-odds, romance, hockey, skating, champion, love, sports, team, youth
Drama, Sports Drama, Teen Movie, Romantic Drama 
Rob Lowe ... Dean Youngblood
Cynthia Gibb ... Jessie Chadwick
Patrick Swayze ... Derek Sutton
Ed Lauter ... Coach Murray Chadwick
Jim Youngs ... Kelly Youngblood
George Finn ... Racki
Fionnula Flanagan ... Miss McGill
Sebastiani Bianchi
Johnny Braybrook
Nick Calabrese
Don Campbell
John Coranci
Vito Cramarosa
Jain Dickson ... Bar Girl
Fred Fioruni
Andy Gribble
Kevin Hunter
Gerry Iuliano
Jules Jardine
Davin Kimber ... Hamilton Mustang
Mark Laniel
Brian Meharry
Dave Mezzaros
Jeff Palmateer
Bruno Pullara
James Richmond
Kevin Robinson
Tim Salmon
Rod Sapiensze ... Thunder Bay Assistant Coach
Steve Thomas
Steve Torkos
Steve Trearty
Neil Trineer
Rob Watson
Michael Winger ... Thunder Bay Bomber
Ken James ... Frazier
Peter Faussett ... Huey
Walker Boone ... Assistant Coach
Keanu Reeves ... Hiver
Martin Donlevy ... Referee Hannah
Harry Spiegel ... Thunder Bay Coach
Bruce Edwards ... Thunder Bay Trainer
Lorraine Foreman ... Teacher
Catherine Bray ... Bar Girl
Barry Swatik ... Skating Guard
Peter Zezel ... Rossini
Michael Legros ... Linesman
Murray Evans ... Linesman
Jason Warren ... Fan
Warren Dukes ... Fan
Sid Lynas ... Fan
Jamie McAllister ... Young Fan
Jay Hanks ... Young Fan
Greg Salter ... Young Fan
Charlie Wasley ... Young Dean
Ricky Davis ... Young Kelly
Joe Bowen ... Radio Announcer
968 2/4
Zack and Miri Make a Porno 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Their debts mounting as their bank accounts dry up, longtime friends Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) plot to solve all their financial problems by making an adult film with movie geek appeal. Zack is a barista who doesn't make big tips, and Miri isn't exactly making top dollar either. Friends since grade school, they share a cramped apartment together, but the bills are piling up faster than their paychecks. Then, at their class reunion, the two friends meet up with a former classmate who's shot to success in the adult film industry. Inspired after a YouTube video of Miri in her granny panties goes viral, Zack and his roommate round up a crew and begin production on their masterpiece. When the time comes for Zack and Miri to shoot their first scene together, however, unexpected emotions start to bubble to the surface, prompting them both to wonder if they've somehow mistaken true love for mere friendship all these years. --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Filmmaking
Keywords : pornography, debt, friendship, reunion
Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Sex Comedy 
Seth Rogen ... Zack Brown
Elizabeth Banks ... Miri Linky
Craig Robinson ... Delaney
Jason Mewes ... Lester
Jeff Anderson ... Deacon
Traci Lords ... Bubbles
Katie Morgan ... Stacey
Ricky Mabe ... Barry
Brandon Routh ... Bobby Long
Gerry Bednob ... Mr. Surya
Justin Long ... Brandon
812 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An old and forgotten game develops magical powers in this fantasy for the whole family. Twelve-year-old Walter Budwing (Josh Hutcherson) and his younger brother, Danny (Jonah Bobo), figure they're going to be in for a boring time when their father (Tim Robbins), who was supposed to spend the day with them, is suddenly called away on business, and gives them strict orders not to leave the house. Walter, who doesn't have much use for Danny, is motivated by boredom more than anything else when he agrees to play a board game Danny has found in the basement during a round of hide-and-seek. However, the boys quickly discover the space-themed game Zathura has some unusual qualities -- a roll of the dice unexpectedly launches the Budwing home into outer space, and Walter and Danny are suddenly fending off menacing robots, angry aliens, and showers of interstellar debris outside the Earth's atmosphere. As the boys try to figure out a way back home, they get some unexpected help from an earthling astronaut (Dax Shepard) who has also lost his way. Based on the book by children's author Chris Van Allsburg -- who also wrote The Polar Express and Jumanji -- Zathura was directed by Jon Favreau, the actor-turned-filmmaker who enjoyed a breakthrough success with Elf. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Finding a Way Back Home | Heroic Mission
Keywords : board-game, alien [not human], astronaut, intergalactic, robot, space-travel
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Space Adventure 
Jonah Bobo ... Danny
Josh Hutcherson ... Walter
Dax Shepard ... Astronaut
Kristen Stewart ... Lisa
Tim Robbins ... Dad
Frank Oz ... Robot
1013 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A cowardly shut-in named Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is forced to join up with a seasoned zombie slayer named Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. As Tallahassee sets out on a mission to find the last Twinkie on Earth, the duo meets up with Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), two young girls who have resorted to some rather unorthodox methods to survive amidst the chaos. Reluctant partners in the battle against the undead, all four soon begin to wonder if it might be better to simply take their chances alone. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Plagues and Epidemics | Post-Apocalypse | Unlikely Friendships | Zombies
Keywords : zombie, survivor, coward, friendship, undead, wasteland
Comedy, Horror Comedy 
Woody Harrelson ... Tallahassee
Jesse Eisenberg ... Columbus
Emma Stone ... Witchita
Abigail Breslin ... Little Rock
Amber Heard ... 406
Bill Murray ... Himself
Derek Graf ... Clown Zombie

Total: 128 movies