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2 Fast 2 Furious 
1.32 GB 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Vin Diesel opted to not appear in the sequel to the film the shot him to stardom in the first place, The Fast and the Furious. With the character of Dominic Toretto out of the picture, 2 Fast 2 Furious concentrates exclusively on the latest exploits of undercover agent Brian O'Connor, played by Paul Walker. In addition, with director Rob Cohen passing, producers have added a dash of credibility to the sequel by hiring John Singleton to helm. What does completely remain from the first film is the presence of fast-living underground street-racing gangs. Moving from Los Angeles to Miami, O'Connor is looking to redeem himself after the events of the first movie, so he again goes undercover to infiltrate another group of thuggish car enthusiasts. This time around he's enlisted the help of ex-con Roman Pierce (Tyrese) and fellow agent Monica Celemente (Eva Mendes) to bring down Carter Verone (Cole Hauser), an importer/exporter who heads up a massive drug trafficking operation. Heading up the supporting cast are hip-hop stars Ludacris and Fabolous. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Car Racing | Going Undercover | Drug Trade
Keywords : street-racing, ex-policeman, infiltration, surveillance, undercover, drug-trade, investigation, agent [representative]
Action, Action Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Paul Walker ... Brian O'Connor
Tyrese Gibson ... Roman Pearce
Eva Mendes ... Monica Fuentes
Cole Hauser ... Carter Verone
James Remar ... Agent Markham
Thom Barry ... Agent Bilkins
Michael Ealy ... Slap Jack
Devon Aoki ... Suki
Matt Gallini ... Enrique
Edward Finlay ... Agent Dunn
Amaury Nolasco ... Orange Julius
John Cenatiempo ... Dane Korpi
Corey Michael Eubanks ... Max Campisi
Sam Maloof ... Joe Osborne
Jose Perez ... Jose
Tony Bolano ... Gardener
Tara Carroll ... Seductress
Nievecita Dubuque ... Suki's Girl
Cobette Harper ... Agent
Mateo Herreros ... Detective
Tequilla Hill ... Suki's Girl
Bettina Huffer ... Suki's Girl
Tamara Jones ... Customs Technician
Marc Macaulay ... Agent
Zachary L. Mann ... U.S. Customs Lead Agent
Neal H. Moritz ... Swerving Cop
Phuong Tuyet Vo ... Suki's Girl
Felecia Rafield ... Detective
Sincerely A. Ward ... Slap Jack's Girlfriend
3:10 to Yuma 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Russell Crowe plays a desperado whose accomplices stage an ambush after he is taken into custody by a determined local sheriff in this remake of the 1957 film starring Glenn Ford and Van Heflin. James Mangold directs a script based on the Elmore Leonard short story and penned by Stuart Beattie, Michael Brandt, and Derek Haas. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Heroic Mission | Righting the Wronged
Keywords : bounty, train [locomotive], cat-and-mouse, ambush, captive, captor
Western, Outlaw (Gunfighter) Film, Psychological Western 
Russell Crowe ... Ben Wade
Christian Bale ... Dan Evans
Peter Fonda ... Byron McElroy
Gretchen Mol ... Alice Evans
Ben Foster ... Charlie Prince
Dallas Roberts ... Grayson Butterfield
Alan Tudyk ... Doc Potter
Vinessa Shaw ... Emma Nelson
Logan Lerman ... William Evans
Kevin Durand ... Tucker
Lennie Loftin ... Glen Hollander
Rio Alexander ... Campos
Johnny Whitworth ... Tommy Darden
Ramon Frank ... Kinter
Deryle J. Lujan ... Nez
Brian Duffy ... Sutherland
Jason Rodriguez ... Tighe
Chris Browning ... Crawley
Chad Brummett ... Kane
Forrest Fyre ... Walter Boles
Luke Wilson ... Zeke
Benjamin Petry ... Mark Evans
Arron Shiver ... Bill Moons
Sean Hennigan ... Marshal Will Doane
Jason Henning ... Train Clerk
The 5th Wave 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the acclaimed 2013 young-adult sci-fi novel by Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave follows a 16-year-old survivor of a catastrophic alien invasion. Cassie (Chloë Grace Moretz) is a high-school student leading a normal life, including a crush on a football star (Nick Robinson), when extraterrestrials invade Earth and kill millions of humans. Now, she must rescue her kidnapped brother (Zackary Arthur) while figuring out whom she can trust. Ron Livingston and Maggie Siff co-star as Cassie's parents. Directed by J Blakeson. -- Tom Ciampoli

Themes : End of the World | Evil Aliens | Obsessive Quests | Post-Apocalypse | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : alien [not human], Apocalypse, brother, crush, girl, invasion, search, zombie
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Disaster Film, Teen Movie 
Chloë Grace Moretz ... Cassie Sullivan
Tony Revolori ... Dumbo
Nick Robinson ... Ben Parish
Alex Roe ... Evan Walker
Liev Schreiber ... Colonel Vosch
Bailey Anne Borders ... Julia
Ron Livingston ... Oliver Sullivan
Maggie Siff ... Lisa Sullivan
E. Roger Mitchell ... White House Spokesman
Charmin Lee ... Ms. Paulson
Terry Serpico ... Hutchfield
Derek Roberts ... Private Parker
Justin Smith ... Armed Man
Maria Bello ... Sergeant Reznik
Adora Dei ... Exam Room Tech
Alex Macnicoll ... Flintstone
Nadji Jeter ... Poundcake
Maika Monroe ... Ringer
Kendrick Cross ... Situation Room Soldier
Chelsea Hayes ... Tech Soldier
Michael Beasley ... Major Bob
8 Mile 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Controversial rap star Eminem makes his acting debut in this hard-edged urban drama, inspired in part by incidents from the musician's own life. Jimmy Smith (Eminem), known to his friends as Rabbit, is a young man trying to make his way out of the burned-out shell of inner-city Detroit. Rabbit's entire life has been a hard climb, and it certainly hasn't gotten any easier lately; Rabbit has just been dumped by his girlfriend, forcing him to move back in with his emotionally unstable mother, Stephanie (Kim Basinger), and he's getting along especially poorly with Stephanie's new boyfriend. Rabbit has a factory job that's tough, demeaning, and doesn't pay especially well, and he's convinced his skills as a rapper are his only real hope at a better life. Rabbit makes music with a crew of DJ's and MC's who call themselves Three One Third, among them his close friend Future (Mekhi Phifer), but his status as a white kid making music in a predominantly African-American community and culture is extremely intimidating, and after Rabbit freezes up in the midst of an MC battle, he's convinced he's missed his chance and that he's doomed to lead a marginal life as a factory rat for the rest of his days. With the help of his friends, and his new girlfriend Alex (Brittany Murphy), Rabbit struggles to work up the courage and the confidence to take one more shot at making his dream a reality. 8 Mile was shot on location in Detroit; the name refers to 8 Mile Road, a thoroughfare along the city's perimeter which effectively separates the middle-class suburban neighborhoods from the lower-class inner-city. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Only Human | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Musician's Life | Mothers and Sons | Underdogs | Big Break | Inner City Blues | Race Relations | Down on Their Luck
Keywords : factory, girlfriend, hip-hop-music, mother, performer, slums, trailer-park
Drama, Musical Drama, Urban Drama 
Eminem ... Jimmy Smith, Jr., AKA Rabbit
Kim Basinger ... Stephanie Smith
Brittany Murphy ... Alex
Mekhi Phifer ... Future
Evan Jones ... Cheddar Bob
Omar Benson Miller ... Sol George
Eugene Byrd ... Wink
De'Angelo Wilson ... DJ Iz
Anthony Mackie ... Papa Doc
Taryn Manning ... Janeane
Michael Shannon ... Greg Buehl
Chloe Greenfield ... Lily
Craig Chandler ... Paul
Paul Bates ... Manny
Jennifer Kitchen
Brandon T. Jackson ... Club Patron
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tom Welles (Nicolas Cage) is a surveillance expert on the rise. He's living the American dream with a wife, Amy (Catherine Keener), infant daughter, and a house in the suburbs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After the completion of an assignment for a U.S. Senator, Welles is summoned to the house of a recently deceased captain of industry. His widow, in settling his estate, has discovered an 8MM film in her late husband's private safe. The silent short depicts the apparent murder of a young woman by a large, masked figure, what is known as a "snuff" film. Greatly disturbed by the film's contents, the widow hires Welles to find the identity of the woman and determine if she is still alive. Welles finds the girl's identity and follows her trail from the time she ran away from home to Hollywood. Once there, Welles meets adult bookstore clerk Max California (Joaquin Phoenix) to act as Virgil to Welles' Dante. As the two begin their descent into the world of underground pornography, the detective grows more and more distant from his family, as if he cannot shake the taint of the world in which he now walks. Tom and Max eventually meet pornographers Dino Velvet (Peter Stormare) and Eddie Poole (James Gandolfini). By this time the detective finds he can no longer walk out of the inferno. -- Ron Wells

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Obsessive Quests | Fish Out of Water | Private Eyes | Thrill Crime
Keywords : private-detective, pornography, snuff-film, runaway [from home], underground [counterculture], bookstore
Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Nicolas Cage ... Tom Welles
Joaquin Phoenix ... Max California
James Gandolfini ... Eddie Poole
Peter Stormare ... Dino Velvet
Anthony Heald ... Longdale
Catherine Keener ... Amy Welles
Myra Carter ... Mrs. Christian
Amy Morton ... Janet Mathews
Jenny Powell
Anne Gee Byrd
Jack Betts
Luis Oropeza
Rachel Singer
Don Creech
Norman Reedus
10 Cloverfield Lane 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Following a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) awakens in the basement fallout shelter of a conspiracy-crazed man (John Goodman) who claims to have saved her from the wreckage of the crash. He also informs her that a chemical attack has devastated the surrounding area, rendering the outside world uninhabitable. Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.), who barely made it into the shelter, corroborates this version of events, but Michelle remains suspicious. As the dynamics within the bunker continually shift, she begins to doubt the truth of both what's happening in the shelter and in the outside world. Dan Trachtenberg made his feature-length debut with this semi-sequel sci-fi thriller, produced by J.J. Abrams and written by Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken, and Damien Chazelle. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Experiments Gone Awry
Keywords : accident, attack, car, emergency, life, shelter, toxic-accident
Science Fiction, Thriller, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Mary Elizabeth Winstead ... Michelle
John Goodman ... Howard Stambler
John Gallagher, Jr. ... Emmett
Maya Erskine ... Darcy
Cindy Hogan ... Neighbor Woman
Douglas M. Griffin ... Driver
Suzanne Cryer ... Woman
Bradley Cooper ... Ben
Sumalee G. Montano ... Voice on Radio
12 Years a Slave 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave stars Chiwetel Ejifor as Solomon Northup, a free black man in 1840s America. He makes his living as a fiddle player, and his wife is a teacher. He is shanghaied by a pair of nefarious white men, and soon finds himself on a ship headed to New Orleans where he is informed he will be called Platt and is sold into slavery by an unscrupulous businessman (Paul Giamatti). As he toils away for the kindhearted but conflicted plantation owner Mr. Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch), who recognizes that Platt is both educated and an artist, he butts head with Ford's underlings, especially the casually cruel Tibeats (Paul Dano). After they have a violent altercation, Ford fears for his slave's life and sells him to Mr. Epps (Michael Fassbender), an alcoholic sadist who owns a cotton plantation.
Though Epps reads from the bible to his property, as he frequently refers to his slaves, he is himself not immune to sins of the flesh. He has taken the young Patsey (Lupita Nyong'o) - his best cotton picker -- as his lover, and this doesn't sit well at all with his severe wife (Sarah Paulson), whose particular hatred for blacks and her jealousy fuels her many degrading actions toward Patsey. Solomon bides his time, attempts to preserve a modicum of self-respect, and waits for the chance to reclaim his rightful name as well as his family. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Kidnapping | Social Injustice
Keywords : kidnapping, plantation, slavery
Drama, Historical Epic, Period Film, Rural Drama 
Chiwetel Ejiofor ... Solomon Northup
Michael Fassbender ... Edwin Epps
Brad Pitt ... Bass
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Ford
Paul Giamatti ... Freeman
Sarah Paulson ... Mistress Epps
Lupita Nyong'o ... Patsey
Alfre Woodard ... Mistress Shaw
Scoot McNairy ... Brown
Garret Dillahunt ... Armsby
Dwight Henry ... Uncle Abram
Dickie Gravois ... Overseer
Bryan Batt ... Judge Turner
Ashley Dyke ... Anna
Kelsey Scott ... Anne Northup
Quvenzhané Wallis ... Margaret Northup
Tony Bentley ... Mr. Moon
Taran Killam ... Hamilton
Bill Camp ... Radburn
Mister Mackey Jr. ... Randall
Chris Chalk ... Clemens
Craig Tate ... John
Adepero Oduye ... Eliza
Storm Reid ... Emily
Tom Proctor ... Biddee
Marc Macaulay ... Captain
Vivian Fleming-Alvarez ... Mulatto Woman
Douglas M. Griffin ... Sailor
John McConnell ... Jonus Ray
Marcus Lyle Brown ... Jasper
Richard Holden ... Fitzgerald
Anwan Glover ... Cape
Liza J. Bennett ... Mistress Ford
Nicole Collins ... Rachel
J.D. Evermore ... Chapin
Deneen D. Tyler ... Phebe
Mustafa Harris ... Sam
Gregory Bright ... Edward
Austin Purnell ... Bob
Thomas Francis Murphy ... Patroller
Andre Shanks ... Victim 1
Kelvin Harrison ... Victim 2
Scott M. Jefferson ... Master Shaw
Isaiah Jackson ... Zachary
Topsy Chapman ... Slave Spiritual Singer
Devin Maurice Evans ... Slave Spiritual Singer
Jay Huguley ... Sheriff
Willo Jean-Baptiste ... Margaret's Husband
Cameron Zeigler ... Alonzo Northup
Devyn Tyler ... Margaret Northup (adult)
858 2/4
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi 
AMG SYNOPSIS: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is an action thriller based on the 2014 non-fiction book written by journalist Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team. The film depicts the harrowing true story of the attack on a U.S. embassy outpost in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012, which killed four Americans (including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens). After the assault begins, an ex-military security team are tasked with protecting a covert CIA base approximately a mile from the outpost. Directed by Michael Bay, the film stars John Krasinski, James Badge Dale, and Pablo Schreiber. -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Behind Enemy Lines | Heroic Mission | Mercenaries | Military Life
Drama, War, Combat Films, War Drama 
John Krasinski ... Jack
Pablo Schreiber ... Tanto
Max Martini ... Oz
David Giuntoli ... Scott Wickland
Toby Stephens ... Glen "Bub" Doherty
David Costabile ... The Chief
Elektra Anastasi ... CIA Agent
Dominic Fumusa ... Tig
Alexia Barlier ... Sona Jillani
Demetrius Grosse ... DS Agent Dave Ubben
Freddie Stroma ... Brit Vaynor
David Denman ... Boon
Wrenn Schmidt ... Becky Silva
Peyman Moaadi ... Amahl
Andrei Claude ... Bandolier Militiaman
Kenny Sheard ... Delta 1
Ivy George ... Emily
Frida Cauchi ... Fareed's Wife
Sope Aluko ... BBC News Anchor
Husam Chadat ... Cleric
Andre Agius ... 17th Feb Militiaman
Nicholas Tabone ... CIA Staff
16 Blocks 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A hard-drinking, hard-living cop assigned the task of transporting a small-time criminal to the nearby courthouse finds that a simple, 16-block drive can be the longest ride of his life in director Richard Donner's urban action thriller. Hung-over, has-been cop Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) has seen better days, and all that the force expects out of him these days is to stay out of trouble while he's on the clock. Eddie Bunker (Mos Def) is set to testify before a grand jury at 10:00 a.m., and it's up to Mosely to make sure that Bunker makes it to the courthouse in one piece -- a job that Mosely estimates will take a maximum of 15 minutes. A black van has been trailing the pair unnoticed, though, and after stopping off at a nearby liquor store to pick up some breakfast, Mosely emerges from the store just in time to save Eddie from the lethal bullet of a determined assassin. When backup arrives in the form of Detective Frank Nugent (David Morse), Mosely quickly realizes that the detective on Nugent's team is the same cop that Bunker is set to testify against. Now faced with the tough task of dodging bullets and eluding a massive onslaught of corrupt cops, Mosely must keep Bunker alive long enough to get him before the judge and ensure that justice is served. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Crisis of Conscience | Police Corruption | Race Against Time | Witness Protection
Keywords : criminal, escort, police-corruption, police-detective, police-officer, testimony
Crime, Crime Thriller 
Bruce Willis ... Jack Mosley
David Morse ... Frank Nugent
Jenna Stern ... Diane Mosley
Casey Sander ... Captain Gruber
Cylk Cozart ... Jimmy Mulvey
David Zayas ... Robert Torres
Robert Racki ... Jerry Shue
Brenda Pressley ... Assistant Da MacDonald
Patrick Garrow ... Touhey
Sasha Roiz ... Kaller
Conrad Pla ... Ortiz
Hechter Ubarry ... Maldonado
Richard Fitzpatrick ... Deputy Commissioner Wagner
Peter McRobbie ... Mike Sheehan
Robert Clohessy ... Cannova
Jess Mal Gibbons ... Pederson
Kim Chan ... Sam
Scott McCord ... Lieutenant Kincaid
David Sparrow ... Holding Cell Officer
Angela Seto ... Chinese Wife
Nick Alachiotis ... Russian
Richard Wenk ... ADA's Detective
Ryan Wulff ... DA's Clerk
Stephen Kahan ... Restaurant Owner
Sam Moses ... Bus Passenger
Kathy Imrie ... Bus Passenger
Tom Wlaschiha ... Bus Passenger
Paul L.Q. Lee ... Asian Shop Owner
Heather Dawn ... The Juror
Daryl Dismond ... Man In Suit
Beatriz Yuste ... Subway Commuter
Rolando Alvarez Giacoman ... Subway Commuter
30 Minutes or Less 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Small-town pizza delivery driver Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) stumbles into an elaborate crime scheme when he's abducted by a pair of ambitious criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) who coerce him into robbing a bank on a strict timeline. Desperate, Nick implores his former best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari) to help him out of the predicament. But with each attempt to thwart the would-be criminal geniuses, Nick and Chet find their dire situation spinning faster out of control. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Nail-biters
Themes : Bank Robbery | Unlikely Criminals | Witnessing a Crime
Keywords : bank, criminal, pizza, predicament
Comedy, Action Comedy, Crime Comedy 
Jesse Eisenberg ... Nick
Danny McBride ... Dwayne
Aziz Ansari ... Chet
Nick Swardson ... Travis
Dilshad Vadsaria ... Kate
Michael Peña ... Chango
Bianca Kajlich ... Juicy
Fred Ward ... The Major
Samuel Johnston ... 15 Year Old #1
Jack Foley ... 15 Year Old #2
Elizabeth Wright Shapiro ... Chet's Date
Brett Gelman ... Pizza Boss
Paul Tierney ... Rodney
Staci Fletcher ... Family Dollar Cashier
Gary Brichetto ... Mr. Fisher
Ilyssa Fradin ... Mom
Grace Heemstra ... Daughter
Torey Adkins ... Big Guy
Rebecca Cox ... Sandra
Rick Irwin ... Bank Manager
Wayne Bibbs ... Bank Customer
Jamaal Hines ... Cop Outside Bank
Joseph Lyman ... Alley Cop
David Fleischer ... Bus Passenger #4
Lucas Fleischer ... Random Local
Matthew Napier Sullivan ... Random Tanning Guy
850 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Rob Zombie directed this horror thriller about five traveling carnival workers who are kidnapped on the morning of Halloween in 1976 and forced to play a deadly game known as "31." In order to survive, they must fight their way through a group of ravenous attackers, many of whom are armed with weapons. Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs star. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Blood and Gore
Themes : Kidnapping | Trapped or Confined
Keywords : carnival, fight, game, Halloween, kidnapping, weapons, worker
Horror, Sadistic Horror 
Malcolm McDowell ... Father Murder
Meg Foster ... Venus Virgo
Elizabeth Daily ... Sex-Head
Richard Brake ... Doom-Head
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs ... Panda Thomas
Kevin Jackson ... Levon Wally
Judy Geeson ... Sister Dragon
Pancho Moler ... Sick-Head
David Ury ... Schizo-Head
Lew Temple ... Psycho-Head
Torsten Voges ... Death-Head
Ginger Lynn Allen ... Cherry Bomb
Tracey Walter ... Lucky Leo
Daniel Roebuck ... Pastor Victor (Victim)
10 2/4
47 Ronin 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on a true-life 18th century tale, this fantasy epic tells a dramatic tale of clan warfare and revenge surrounding a band of 47 loyal samurai seeking vengeance after their master is murdered. Keanu Reeves stars in the Universal Pictures production, written by Hossein Amini and Wanted's Chris Morgan. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Heroic Mission | Righting the Wronged | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : emperor, Japanese [nationality], ronin, Samurai
Action, Fantasy, Samurai Film 
Keanu Reeves ... Kai
Hiroyuki Sanada ... Oishi
Tadanobu Asano ... Lord Kira
Rinko Kikuchi ... Witch
Min Tanaka ... Lord Asano
Jin Akanishi ... Chikara
Masayoshi Haneda ... Yasuno
Hiroshi Sogabe ... Hazama
Takato Yonemoto ... Basho
Hiroshi Yamada ... Hara
Shu Nakajima ... Horibe
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ... Shogun Tsunayoshi
Neil Fingleton ... Lovecraftian Samurai
Natsuki Kunimoto ... Riku
Togo Igawa ... Tengu Lord
Tanroh Ishida ... Shogun's Adjutant
Eizo Tomita ... Shogun's Adjutant
Dai Tabuchi ... Advisor
Masayuki Deai ... Isogai
Yorick Van Wageningen ... Kapitan
Junichi Kajioka ... Guard
Haruka Abe ... Mika's Handmaiden
Tomoko Komura ... Mika's Handmaiden
Takako Akashi ... Mika's Handmaiden
Akira Koieyama ... Kira's Spy
Arisa Maekawa ... Teen Mika
Daniel Barber ... Teen Kai
Masashi Fujimoto ... Lead Soldier
Gedde Watanabe ... Troupe Leader (Kabuki Actor)
Manato Sekiguchi ... Young Oishi
Rick Genest ... Foreman
Brian Hirono ... Background Ronin
Ron Bottitta ... Narrator
11 2/4
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A sequel to the original Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure arrives straight-to-video. Roger and Anita are planning to move to their Dalmatian Plantation with their dogs Pongo and Perdita to get away from Cruella DeVil and make room for all 101 puppies. However, young Patch (voice ofBobby Lockwood) gets left behind in London and wanders into an audition for his favorite TV show, The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour. Meanwhile, the superhero dog Thunderbolt (Barry Bostwick) almost loses his job. Patch is eager to help his TV hero, but Cruella DeVil (Susanne Blakeslee) intervenes with a kidnapping scheme. This time, she has gained an ally as the muse to artist Lars (Martin Short). -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Man's Best Friend
Keywords : dog, dognapping, puppy
Children's/Family, Musical, Animated Musical 
Barry Bostwick ... Thunderbolt
Jason Alexander ... Lightning
Martin Short ... Lars
Susan Blakeslee ... Cruella de Vil
Samuel West ... Pongo
Maurice LaMarche ... Horace
Jeff Bennett ... Jasper
Jodi Benson ... Anita
Kath Soucie ... Perdita
Mary Macleod ... Nanny
Michael Lerner ... Producer
12 1/4
102 Dalmatians 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Glenn Close goes to the dogs once again in this sequel to 101 Dalmatians, Disney's 1996 live-action adaptation of their beloved animated classic. After three years in prison, Cruella De Vil (Close) is judged to have paid her debt to society and is set free, as she pledges to have nothing to do with animal fur (especially dogs) ever again. Meanwhile, Kevin (Ioan Gruffudd) operates an animal shelter that has fallen on hard times; unless he's able to find new financial support, the lost dogs he's been caring for will have nowhere to go. Kevin and his girlfriend Chloe (Alice Evans), who happens to be Cruella's parole officer, get the idea of bringing their plight to the people through the press, but media reports of the shelter's problems attract an unlikely benefactor -- Cruella. While Ms. De Vil claims the purest of intentions, it seems the shelter is housing a large number of dalmatians, and in cahoots with mad fashion designer Monsieur Le Pelt (Gérard Depardieu), she plans to turn the puppies into haute couture. 102 Dalmatians was the first live-action feature for director Kevin Lima, who previously helmed two animated features for Disney, A Goofy Movie and Tarzan. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Man's Best Friend | Daring Rescues
Keywords : animal-rescue, dog, dognapping
Children's/Family, Animal Picture, Family-Oriented Comedy, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Glenn Close ... Cruella De Vil
Ioan Gruffudd ... Kevin Shepherd
Alice Evans ... Chloe Simon
Tim McInnerny ... Alonso
Ian Richardson ... Mr. Torte
Gérard Depardieu ... Jean Pierre Le Pelt
Ben Crompton ... Ewan
Carol Macready ... Agnes
Jim Carter ... Detective Armstrong
Ron Cook ... Mr. Button
David Horovitch ... Doctor Pavlov
Timothy West ... Judge
Eric Idle ... Waddlesworth
Tony Bluto ... Photocopier Repairman
Dick Brannick ... Pavlov's Assistant
Hugh Futcher ... Le Pelt's Assistant
Mike Hayley ... Constable
Nicholas Hutchison ... Reporter
Thierry Lawson ... Le Pelt's Assistant
Kerry Shale ... Le Pelt's Assistant
Charles Simon ... Lord Carnivore
June Watson ... Prison Warden
Tim Willcox ... ITN Reporter
13 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Sin City author Frank Miller's sweeping take on the historic Battle of Thermopylae comes to the screen courtesy of Dawn of the Dead director Zack Snyder. Gerard Butler stars as Spartan King Leonidas and Lena Headey plays Queen Gorgo. The massive army of the Persian Empire is sweeping across the globe, crushing every force that dares stand in its path. When a Persian envoy arrives in Sparta offering King Leonidas power over all of Greece if he will only bow to the will of the all powerful Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), the strong-willed leader assembles a small army comprised of his empire's best fighters and marches off to battle. Though they have virtually no hope of defeating Xerxes' intimidating battalion, Leonidas' men soldier on, intent on letting it be known they will bow to no man but their king. Meanwhile, back in Sparta, the loyal Queen Gorgo attempts to convince both the skeptical council and the devious Theron (Dominic West) to send more troops despite the fact that many view Leonidas' unsanctioned war march as a serious transgression. As Xerxes' fearsome "immortals" draw near, a few noble Greeks vow to assist the Spartans on the battlefield. When King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan warriors fell to the overwhelming Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae, the fearless actions of the noble fighters inspired all of Greece to stand up against their Persian enemy and wage the battle that would ultimately give birth to the modern concept of democracy. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Eyepoppers | Tough Guys
Themes : Great Battles | Heroic Mission
Keywords : against-all-odds, army, battle [war], Greece
Action, War Epic, Historical Epic 
Gerard Butler ... King Leonidas
Lena Headey ... Gorgo
Dominic West ... Theron
David Wenham ... Dilios
Vincent Regan ... Captain
Michael Fassbender ... Stelios
Tom Wisdom ... Astinos
Andrew Pleavin ... Daxos
Andrew Tiernan ... Ephialtes
Rodrigo Santoro ... Xerxes
Giovani Antonio Cimmino ... Pleistarchos
Stephen McHattie ... Loyalist
Greg Kramer ... Ephor #1
Alex Ivanovici ... Ephor #2
Kelly Craig ... Oracle Girl
Tyler Neitzel ... Leonidas @ 15 Yrs
Tim Connolly ... Leonidas' Father
Marie-Julie Rivest ... Leonidas' Mother
Peter Mensah ... Messenger
Arthur Holden ... Partisan
Michael Sinelnikoff ... Elder Councilman
John Dunn-Hill ... Councilman
Neil Napier ... Spartan With Stick
Dylan Scott Smith ... Sentry #1
Maurizio Terrazzano ... Sentry #2
Robert Paradis ... Spartan General
Kwasi Songui ... Persian
Alexandra Beaton ... Burned Village Child
Loucas Minchillo ... Spartan Baby A
Nicholas Minchillo ... Spartan Baby B
Tom Rack ... Ephor #3
David J. Francis ... Ephor #4
James Bradford ... Ephor #5
Andrew Shaver ... Free Greek-Potter
Robin Wilcock ... Free Geek-Sculptor
Kent McQuaid ... Free Greek-Blacksmith
Marcel Jeannin ... Free Greek-Baker
Jere Gillis ... Spartan General #2
Jeremy Thibodeau ... Spartan Boy
Tyrone Benskin ... Persian Emissary
Robert Maillet ... Uber Immortal (Giant)
Patrick Sabongui ... Persian General
Leon Laderach ... Executioner
Vervi Mauricio ... Armless Concubine
Charles Papasoff ... Blacksmith
Isabelle Champeau ... Mother at Market
Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz ... Daughter at Market (3/5 Years Old)
Maeva Nadon ... Girl at Market
David Thibodeau ... Boy #1 at Market
David Schaap ... Potter
Sara Giacalone ... Concubines
Ariadne Bourbonniere ... Kissing Concubines
Isabelle Fournel ... Kissing Concubines
Elisabeth Etienne ... Dancers
Danielle Hubbard ... Dancers
Ruan Vibegaard ... Dancers
Bonnie Mak ... Slave Girls
Amélie Sorel ... Slave Girls
Caroline Aspirot ... Slave Girls
Gina Gagnon ... Slave Girls
Tania Trudell ... Slave Girls
Mercedes Leggett ... Slave Girls
Chanelle Lamothe ... Slave Girls
Sabrina-Jasmine Guilbault ... Slave Girl
Manny Cortez Tuazon ... Transexual (Asian) #1
Atif Siddiqi ... Transexual (Asian) #3
Camille Rizkallah ... Giant With Arrow
Trudi Hanley ... Long Neck Woman
Neon Cobran ... Litter Bearer/Slave
14 2/4
300: Rise of an Empire 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) assembles his troops to fend off an invading Persian army led by the immortal Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and the vindictive Persian navy commander Artemisia (Eva Green) in this sequel to 300 based on the graphic novel Xerses by Frank Miller. In the wake of the Persians' victory over King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans, the God King Xerxes (Santoro) appears poised to conquer Greece. As the ruthless Artemisia (Eva Green) assembles a massive fleet of ships and sets sail for conquest, Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) strives to rally his countrymen to fight for freedom, and he manages to gain the upper hand over the invaders by confronting them at sea. Meanwhile, Leonidas' former advisor and wife Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) is reluctant to sacrifice any more Spartans in a fight that appears to be unwinnable. When the Greeks enjoy an early victory over Artemisia and her soldiers, however, it appears that Themistokles' unconventional tactics are more effective than the Persian Empire's formidable brawn. But later, after Artemisia's attempt to seduce Themistokles to her side proves unsuccessful, the spurned naval commander deals a devastating blow to her Greek opponents. In the aftermath of that skirmish, Themistokles is presumed dead and Athens falls. The Persian Empire seems on the verge of victory, though when Xerxes and Artemisia learn that Themistokles lives, they realize the fight won't be over until he takes his final breath. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Eyepoppers | Tough Guys
Themes : Great Battles | Heroic Mission
Keywords : army, battle [war], Persia
Action, Historical Epic, War Epic 
Sullivan Stapleton ... Themistokles
Eva Green ... Artemisia
Lena Headey ... Gorgo
Rodrigo Santoro ... Xerxes
David Wenham ... Dilios
Andrew Tiernan ... Ephialtes
Andrew Pleavin ... Daxos
Hans Matheson ... Aeskylos
Callan Mulvey ... Scyllias
Jack O'Connell ... Calisto
Peter Mensah ... Persian Emissary
Ben Turner ... General Artaphernes
Ashraf Barhom ... General Bandari
Christopher Sciueref ... General Kashani
Steven Cree ... Decapitated Greek Marine
Caitlin Carmichael ... 8 Year Old Artemisia
Kevin Fry ... Lascivious Greek
David Sterne ... Old Statesman
Clive Leviev-Sawyer ... Senator
Christopher Boyer ... Senator
Fred Ochs ... Senator
Price Carson ... Senator
John Michael Herndon ... Senator
David Pevsner ... Senator
Dimo Alexandrov Alexiev ... Rope Puller
Peter Ferdinando ... Greek Ambassador
Gregor Truter ... Small Ambassador
Vincent Walsh ... Naval Commander
Nick Court ... Theban Commander
Mark Killeen ... Greek Commander
Anthony Valentine ... Young Greek Soldier
Alexander Nikolov Dimitrov ... Greek Marine
Atanas Srebrev ... Blacksmith
Luke Roberts ... Butcher
George Georgiou ... Greek Citizen
Stefan Nikolaev Ivanov ... Persian Commander
Farshad Farahat ... Persian Officer
Daniel Rashev ... Persian General 1
Dimitar Martinov ... Persian General 2
15 4/4
2001: A Space Odyssey 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A mind-bending sci-fi symphony, Stanley Kubrick's landmark 1968 epic pushed the limits of narrative and special effects toward a meditation on technology and humanity. Based on Arthur C. Clarke's story The Sentinel, Kubrick and Clarke's screenplay is structured in four movements. At the "Dawn of Man," a group of hominids encounters a mysterious black monolith alien to their surroundings. To the strains of Strauss's 1896 Also sprach Zarathustra, a hominid invents the first weapon, using a bone to kill prey. As the hominid tosses the bone in the air, Kubrick cuts to a 21st century spacecraft hovering over the Earth, skipping ahead millions of years in technological development. U.S. scientist Dr. Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester) travels to the moon to check out the discovery of a strange object on the moon's surface: a black monolith. As the sun's rays strike the stone, however, it emits a piercing, deafening sound that fills the investigators' headphones and stops them in their path.
Cutting ahead 18 months, impassive astronauts David Bowman (Keir Dullea) and Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) head toward Jupiter on the spaceship Discovery, their only company three hibernating astronauts and the vocal, man-made HAL 9000 computer running the entire ship. When the all-too-human HAL malfunctions, however, he tries to murder the astronauts to cover his error, forcing Bowman to defend himself the only way he can. Free of HAL, and finally informed of the voyage's purpose by a recording from Floyd, Bowman journeys to "Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite," through the psychedelic slit-scan star-gate to an 18th century room, and the completion of the monolith's evolutionary mission.
With assistance from special-effects expert Douglas Trumbull, Kubrick spent over two years meticulously creating the most "realistic" depictions of outer space ever seen, greatly advancing cinematic technology for a story expressing grave doubts about technology itself. Despite some initial critical reservations that it was too long and too dull, 2001 became one of the most popular films of 1968, underlining the generation gap between young moviegoers who wanted to see something new and challenging and oldsters who "didn't get it." Provocatively billed as "the ultimate trip," 2001 quickly caught on with a counterculture youth audience open to a contemplative (i.e. chemically enhanced) viewing experience of a film suggesting that the way to enlightenment was to free one's mind of the U.S. military-industrial-technological complex. -- Lucia Bozzola

Moods : Eyepoppers | Other Dimensions
Themes : Space Travel | Computer Paranoia | Benign Aliens | Future Dystopias
Keywords : space, computers, space-exploration, technology, astronaut, evolution, exploration, spacecraft
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi, Space Adventure 
Keir Dullea ... Bowman
Gary Lockwood ... Poole
William Sylvester ... Dr. Heywood Floyd
Daniel Richter ... Moonwatcher, the Man-Ape
Douglas Rain ... HAL 9000
Leonard Rossiter ... Smyslov
Margaret Tyzack ... Elena
Robert Beatty ... Halvorsen
Sean Sullivan ... Michaels
John Ashley ... Astronaut
Glenn Beck
Simon Davis
Ann Gillis
David Hines ... Ape
John Jordan
Vivian Kubrick ... Floyd's Daughter
Bill Weston
Terry Duggan
Frank Miller ... Mission Controller
Ed Bishop ... Lunar shuttle captain
Alan Gifford ... Poole's Father
Edwina Carroll ... Stewardess
Penny Brahms ... Stewardess
Tony Jackson
16 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This belated sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is directed by Peter Hyams. Roy Scheider plays the astronaut/skipper of a U.S.-Soviet space mission, sent to find out what happened to the missing Discovery flight that carried Keir Dullea into the beyond in the original 2001. Scheider's polyglot crew includes Americans John Lithgow and Bob Balaban (the latter a computer whiz, responsible for the notorious HAL 9000) and Russians Helen Mirren, Elya Baskin and Natasha Schneider. The reason for this international mixture is that the world is on the brink of nuclear war, and it is hoped that the space mission will assure east-west solidarity (in this respect, 2010 dates far more than 2001, given the collapse of the Iron Curtain). When the astronauts catch up with Dullea, still in orbit around Jupiter, producer/director/writer Hyams attempts to demystify the enigmatic climax of 2001. Arthur C. Clarke, author of the story upon which 2001 was based, appears in 2010 as a man on a park bench. Incidentally, the voice-over credited to Olga Mallsnerd is actually Candice Bergen. (The name Mallsnerd is a play on the name of one of the characters created by her ventriloquist father Edgar.) -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Space Travel | Computer Paranoia | Benign Aliens
Keywords : computers, exploration, investigation, rampage, space, space-exploration, technology
Attributes : High Production Values
Mystery, Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi, Space Adventure 
Roy Scheider ... Heywood Floyd
John Lithgow ... Walter Curnow
Helen Mirren ... Tanya Kirbuk
Bob Balaban ... R. Chandra
Keir Dullea ... Dave Bowman
Douglas Rain ... HAL 9000
Madolyn Smith ... Caroline Floyd
Dana Elcar ... Dimitri Moisevitch
Taliesin Jaffe ... Christopher Floyd
James McEachin ... Victor Milson
Mary Jo Deschanel ... Betty Fernandez
Elya Baskin ... Maxim Brailovsky
Savely Kramarov ... Vladimir Rudenko
Vladimir Skomarovsky ... Yuri Svetlanov
Victor Steinbach ... Mikolai Ternovsky
Jan Triska ... Alexander Kovalev
Herta Ware ... Jessie Bowman
Arthur C. Clarke ... Man on Park Bench
Candice Bergen ... SAL 9000
Penny Perry
Natasha Schneider ... Irina Yakunina
Larry Carroll ... Anchorman
Cheryl Carter ... Nurse
Ron Recasner ... Hospital Neurosurgeon
Robert Lesser ... Dr. Hirsch
Delana Michaels ... Commercial Announcer
17 3/4
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the 1969 short story Super-Toys Last All Summer Long, by Brian Aldiss, this science fiction fantasy bears similarities to Pinocchio (1940) and originated as a long-gestating project of director Stanley Kubrick that passed to his friend Steven Spielberg after Kubrick's death. Haley Joel Osment stars as David, a "mecha" or robot of the future, when the polar ice caps have melted and submerged many coastal cities, causing worldwide starvation and human dependence upon robotic assistance. The first mecha designed to experience love, David is the "son" of Henry (Sam Robards), an employee of the company that built the boy, and the grief-stricken Monica (Frances O'Connor). David is meant to replace the couple's hopelessly comatose son, but when their natural child recovers, David is abandoned and sets out to become "a real boy" worthy of his mother's affection. Along the way, David is mentored by a pleasure-providing mecha named Gigolo Joe (Jude Law) and a talking "super toy" bear named Teddy. His adventures take him to the Roman Circus-style "Flesh Fair," where mechas are destroyed for the amusement of humans; Rouge City, where Gigolo Joe narrowly avoids capture by police; and finally a submerged New York City, where David's creator, Professor Hobby (William Hurt) reveals the secrets of the boy's creation. Brendan Gleeson and narrator Ben Kingsley co-star in A.I., which was adapted from Kubrick's treatment by Spielberg, in his first crack at screenwriting since Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). -- Karl Williams

Moods : In a Minor Key | Other Dimensions
Themes : Robots and Androids | Future Dystopias | Mothers and Sons
Keywords : android, artificial-intelligence, mother, robot, future, search, mechanical-man, doctor, identity
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Science Fiction, Psychological Drama, Psychological Sci-Fi, Tech Noir 
Haley Joel Osment ... David
Jude Law ... Gigolo Joe
Frances O'Connor ... Monica Swinton
Brendan Gleeson ... Lord Johnson-Johnson
William Hurt ... Professor Hobby
Sam Robards ... Henry Swinton
Jake Thomas ... Martin Swinton
Ken Leung ... Syatyoo-Sama
Michael Mantell ... Dr. Frazier
Michael Berresse ... Stage Manager
Kathryn Morris ... Teenage Honey
Adrian Grenier ... Teen in Van
April Grace ... Female Colleague
Enrico Colantoni ... The Murderer
Paula Malcomson ... Patricia in Mirrored Room
Ashley Scott ... Gigolo Jane
Clara Bellar ... FemMecha Nanny
Jack Angel ... Teddy
Robin Williams ... Dr. Know
Ben Kingsley ... Specialist/Narrator
Meryl Streep ... Blue Mecha
Chris Rock ... Comedian
Keith Campbell ... Roadworker
Vito Carenzo ... Big Man
Clark Gregg ... Supernerd
Jim Jansen ... Chef
Lily Knight ... Voice in the Crowd
Matt Malloy ... Robot Repairman
John Prosky ... Mr. Williamson the Bellman
R. David Smith ... Welder
Michael Shamus Wiles ... Cop
Diane Fletcher ... Sentient Machine Security
Matt Winston ... Executive
Sabrina Grdevich ... Secretary
Jeremy James Kissner ... Kid
Rena Owen ... Ticket Taker
Kevin Sussman ... Supernerd
Adam Alexi-Malle ... Crowd Member
Bobby Harwell ... TV Face
Brent Sexton ... Russell
Daveigh Chase ... Child Singer
Tim Rigby ... Yeoman
Michael Fishman ... Teen in Van
Tom Gallop ... Supernerd
Theo Greenly ... Todd
Justina Machado ... Assistant
Laurence Mason ... Tech Director/Luis Sarria
Eugene Osment ... Supernerd
Brian Turk ... Backstage Bull
Wayne Wilderson ... Comedian
18 2/4
About Time 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young man with the ability to time travel discovers that finding true love isn't as easy as he thought it would be in this romantic comedy from writer/director Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Pirate Radio). Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is 21 and lonely. In the harsh morning light following a depressing New Year's Eve party, however, he discovers a family secret that will change his life forever. Entrusted by his father (Bill Nighy) with the knowledge that the men in their family can time travel, Cornwall native Tim relocates to London to study law, and find a girlfriend. The moment Tim locks eyes with gorgeous Mary (Rachel McAdams) he knows he's found the woman of his dreams. But as soon as they've fallen in love, an unexpected glitch in the time travel renders them complete strangers again. Now, in order to win back Mary's heart, Tim will have to travel into the past time and again. Eventually, he seems to master the process, using his unique talent to create an unforgettable marriage proposal, ensure his wedding to Mary goes off without a hitch, and circumvent a massive traffic jam that blocks their route to the hospital when his wife goes into labor, but in time Tim discovers that the true key to happiness lies not in his ability to fix the problems of the past, but instead make the absolute most of his life in the present. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality | In the Mood for Love
Themes : Death of a Parent | Discovering One's Heritage | Fantasy Life | Race Against Time | Romantic Misunderstandings | Serendipity | Supernatural Romance | Time Travel
Keywords : love, time-travel, wife, dream-girl
Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Domhnall Gleeson ... Tim Lake
Tom Hughes ... Jimmy Kinkade
Rachel McAdams ... Mary
Bill Nighy ... Tim's Father
Lindsay Duncan ... Tim's Mother
Tom Hollander ... Harry
Margot Robbie ... Charlotte
Lydia Wilson ... Kit Kat
Vanessa Kirby ... Joanna
Joshua McGuire ... Rory
Richard Cordery ... Uncle D.
Will Merrick ... Jay
Clemmie Dugdale ... Ginger Jenny
Harry Hadden-Paton ... Rupert
Mitchell Mullen ... Mary's Father, Fitz
Lisa Eichhorn ... Mary's Mother, Jean
Jenny Rainsford ... Polly
Natasha Powell ... Aunty May
Ben Benson ... Theatre Deserter
Philip Voss ... Theatre Judge
Tom Godwin ... Prompter
Pal Aron ... Bhattie QC
Catherine Steadman ... Tina
Andrew Martin Yates ... Wedding Priest
Verity Fullerton ... Posy (Newborn)
Veronica Owings ... Posy (1 Year)
Olivia Konten ... Posy (2 1/2-3 Years)
Sarah Heller ... Posy (5 Years)
Jaiden Dervish ... Boy Posy
Jacob Francis ... Jeff (Newborn)
Jago Freud ... Jeff (5 Months)
Ollie Phillips ... Jeff (2 Years)
Sophie Pond ... Jo (6 Months)
Sophie Brown ... Jo (1 Year)
Molly Seymour ... Trudy (Party Guest)
Matilda Sturridge ... Flirty Girl
Tom Stourton ... John
Rebecca Chew ... Pret A Manger Server
Jon West ... Court Clerk
Kerrie Liane Studholme ... Jury Foreman
Ken Hazeldine ... Defendant
Barbar Gough ... Jazz Singer
Jon Boden ... Busker
19 3/4
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 
AMG SYNOPSIS: As a young boy, Abraham Lincoln watched his mother Nancy (Robin McLeavy) suffer an agonizing death following a midnight encounter with malevolent bloodsucker Jack Barts (Martin Csokas). Nine years later, a vengeful Lincoln (played as an adult by Benjamin Walker) attempts to vanquish Barts and has his first terrifying encounter with the creatures of the night. Fortunately for the future of the nation, the would-be assassin is saved by determined vampire hunter Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper) at the last possible moment, and he lives on to perfect his vampire-slaying skills under his rescuer. Flash forward to 1837, as Lincoln arrives in Springfield, IL, and quickly lands a job as a shopkeeper under Joshua Speed (Jimmi Simpson), while also dividing his personal time between studying law and slaughtering vampires. Shortly after falling under the spell of beautiful Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Lincoln has a belated reunion with his childhood friend Will Johnson (Anthony Mackie), who reinvigorates his passion to fight for freedom. But a war is coming, and immortal plantation owner Adam (Rufus Sewell) is determined to use it as a means of gaining the upper hand against mankind. Years later, as the 16th president of the United States, Lincoln is joined by his old friends in a last-ditch effort to save not just the Union, but the very future of humanity. --

Moods : Eyepoppers | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Vampires | Heads of State | Social Injustice
Keywords : axe, bloodsucker, Civil-War [US], conflict, emancipation, plantation, silver, slavery, social-injustice, train [locomotive], vampire, monster, President
Action, Fantasy, Action Thriller, Creature Film, Period Film 
Benjamin Walker ... Abraham Lincoln
Dominic Cooper ... Henry Sturges
Anthony Mackie ... Will Johnson
Mary Elizabeth Winstead ... Mary Todd Lincoln
Rufus Sewell ... Adam
Marton Csokas ... Jack Barts
Jimmi Simpson ... Joshua Speed
Joseph Mawle ... Thomas Lincoln
Robin McLeavy ... Nancy Lincoln
Erin Wasson ... Vadoma
John Rothman ... Jefferson Davis
Frank Brennan ... Senator Jeb Nolan
Lux Haney-Jardine ... Young Abraham Lincoln
Bill Martin Williams ... PR Pastor
Alex Lombard ... Gabrielle
Jacqueline Fleming ... Harriet Tubman
John Neisler ... Rev. Dresser
Aaron Toney ... Will's Brother
Meade Patton ... Doctor
Teri Wyble ... Henry's Wife
Lawrence Turner ... Pharmacist
Dane Rhodes ... Captain Slash
Earl Maddox ... Angry Resident
John McConnell ... Scroll Official
Bernard Hocke ... White House Doctor
20 0/4
AC/DC: No Bull 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This video is a live performance by AC/DC as part of their Ballbreaker tour in Europe. The concert by the venerable rock group took place in 1996, at a bullfighting ring in Madrid, Spain. The video features exciting special effects, such as a sequence with exploding cannons. The band performs many of its classic hits, including: "Hail Caesar," "Hell's Bells," "Show Down in Flames," "Dog Eat Dog," "Shoot to Thrill," "Hard as a Rock," "T.N.T.," "Back in Black," "Girl's Got Rhythm," "Thunderstock," and "Highway to Hell." -- Rose of Sharon Winter

Keywords : band [music group], concert-tours, greatest-hits, hard-rock music, heavy-metal-music, rock-music
Music, Concerts, Vocal Music 
AC/DC ... [Performer]
910 2/4
The Accountant 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a mathematical genius who works as a financial consultant for criminal organizations eager to hide their dirty money. While being investigated by the Treasury Department, Wolff agrees to help an accounting clerk at a robotics firm (Anna Kendrick) look into fraud at her company, but the assignment will prove far more dangerous than he could have ever anticipated. J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Lithgow co-star in this thriller directed by Gavin O'Connor (Warrior, Pride and Glory). -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Nail-biters | Tough Guys
Themes : Dishonor Among Thieves | One Against the Mob | Tortured Genius
Keywords : accountant, assignment, autism, combat, genius, investigation, scandal, treasury
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action Thriller, Crime Drama 
Ben Affleck ... Christian Wolff
Anna Kendrick ... Dana Cummings
J.K. Simmons ... Ray King
Jon Bernthal ... Brax
Jeffrey Tambor ... Francis Silverberg
John Lithgow ... Lamar Blackburn
Jean Smart ... Rita Blackburn
Andy Umberger ... Ed Chilton
Jason Davis ... Neurologist
Ron Prather ... Frank Rice
Gary Basaraba ... Don
Fernando Chien ... Sorkis
Tait Fletcher ... Thug #1
Curtis Lyons ... Thug #2
Buster Reeves ... Alpha Merc
Ron Yuan ... Pencak Silat Master
Kelly Collins Lintz ... Helen/Reporter #1
Jason MacDonald ... Reporter #2
Victor McCay ... IRS Agent
Michael Beasley ... FBI Agent In Charge
Greg Sproles ... Sniper #1
Carrie Walrond ... Austistic Boy's Mother
David A. Buglione ... Little Tony Bazzano
Johnny Giacalone ... FBI Agent #2
Richard Pearson ... Gordon Amundson (FBI Language Services)
David de Vries ... Widower
Scott Poythress ... Deputy
21 1/4
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the most popular characters on Sesame Street gets his own movie in this family comedy. Playful Elmo (voice of Kevin Clash) loves his blue blanket and would never want to lose it. So when it gets spirited off to parts unknown in the midst of a tug-of-war with one of his friends, Elmo sets out to find it and ends up in the grumpy kingdom of Grouchland, where Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) and the Queen of Trash (Vanessa Williams) rule over a dark and ill-mannered domain. Along with Elmo, several other favorite Sesame Street characters appear, including Oscar the Grouch (Carroll Spinney), Ernie (Steve Whitmire), and Bert (Frank Oz). -- Mark Deming

Themes : Fish Out of Water
Keywords : friendship, garbage, grouch, kingdom, sharing
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Kevin Clash ... Elmo, Grouch Cab Driver, Grouch Jailer, Pestie
Fran Brill ... Pestie, Prairie Dawn, Zoe
Dave Goelz ... Humongous Chicken
Jerry Nelson ... Count, Grouch Cop, Grouch Mayor, Pestie
David Rudman ... Baby Bear, Caterpillar, Collander Stenchman, Ice Cream Customer, Pestie
Steve Whitmire ... Ernie, Football Stenchman, Ice Cream Vendor, Parrot, Stuckweed
Frank Oz ... Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover
Mandy Patinkin ... Huxley
Vanessa Williams ... Queen of Trash
Sonia Manzano ... Maria
Roscoe Orman ... Gordon
Ruth Buzzi ... Ruthie
Emilio Delgado ... Luis
Loretta Long ... Susan
Bob McGrath ... Bob
Bill Barretta ... Additional Muppet Performer
Tim Parati ... Additional Muppet Performer
Lisa Sturz ... Additional Muppet Performer
Kirk Thatcher ... Additional Muppet Performer
Matt Vogel ... Additional Muppet Performer
Harland Williams
22 2/4
Aeon Flux 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the animated series by Peter Chung, Aeon Flux imagines a future in which 99 percent of the world's population is killed through industrial disease, and the survivors live in a single city that, despite utopian appearances, is quite totalitarian. Disinclined to embrace any particular ideology outside of a hatred for Trevor Goodchild (Marton Csokas), the leader of the council that governs the walled city, hyper-sexualized assassin Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) seeks to bring about a revolution. Retaining the title character's trademark jet-black hair and sleek, revealing clothing, this film adaptation fleshes out the story behind the sexual and romantic tension between Aeon and Trevor. -- Cammila Collar

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Future Dystopias | Hired Killers | Secret Organizations
Keywords : assassination, revolution, totalitarianism, spy, political-upheaval
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Charlize Theron ... Aeon Flux
Marton Csokas ... Trevor Goodchild
Jonny Lee Miller ... Oren Goodchild
Sophie Okonedo ... Sithandra
Frances McDormand ... The Handler
Pete Postlethwaite ... The Keeper
Amelia Warner ... Una Flux
Caroline Chikezie ... Freya
Nikolai Kinski ... Claudius
23 2/4
The Age of Adaline 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Adaline (Blake Lively) has kept to herself for decades in order to keep secret the fact that she has remained 29-years-old for nearly a century. However, when she meets a handsome philanthropist named Ellis (Michiel Huisman), she strains against the self-imposed exile she's lived in. When her secret may become public, she is forced to take greater control over her life. Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker co-star. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Immortality
Keywords : eternal-youth, immortality, near-death-experience
Drama, Fantasy, Fantasy Drama 
Blake Lively ... Adaline Bowman
Harrison Ford ... William Jones
Michiel Huisman ... Ellis Jones
Ellen Burstyn ... Flemming
Amanda Crew ... Kikki Jones
Kathy Baker ... Kathy Jones
Linda Boyd ... Regan
Hugh Ross ... Narrator
Richard Harmon ... Tony
Fulvio Cecere ... Cab Driver
Anjali Jay ... Cora
Hiro Kanagawa ... Kenneth
Peter James Gray ... Clarence James Prescott
Izabel A. Pearce ... Flemming (Age 5)
Cate Richardson ... Flemming (Age 20)
Jane Craven ... Miriam
Noel Johansen ... 1950's Policeman
Aaron Craven ... 1950's FBI Agent
Primo Allon ... 1940's Officer #1
Darren Dolynski ... 1940's Officer #2
Chris William Martin ... Dale Davenport
Daniel Bacon ... Boat Tunnel Guide
Barclay Hope ... Financial Advisor
Robert Maloney ... 1950's Financial Advisor
Deejay Jackson ... 1960's Cab Driver
Lane Edwards ... Veterinarian
Tony Levins ... Ellis Apartment Super
Anthony Ingruber ... Young William Jones
Keith McCafferty ... 1960's Hippie Photographer
Serge Houde ... Good Samaritan
Demord Dann ... Paramedic #2
Grace Chin ... E.R. Doctor
24 2/4
Agent Cody Banks 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A teen learns that all the gadgets in the world can't help him overcome his awkwardness around the opposite sex in this big-budget family entertainment. In Agent Cody Banks, Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz plays a young man plucked from suburban obscurity to be trained as a CIA super-agent. His mission? Get friendly with his classmate Natalie (played by another teen TV star, Lizzie McGuire's Hilary Duff) so that he can uncover her father's diabolical scheme to create indestructible robots. To compound his problems, Cody also has to deal with the same stresses as any adolescent: nagging parents, insufferable classwork, and a fragile sense of self-esteem. Agent Cody Banks was produced by MGM, not coincidentally the studio responsible for another popular spy franchise, the venerable James Bond series. -- Michael Hastings

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Double Life | Heroic Mission | Coping With Puberty [k]
Keywords : teenagers, mission [quest], spy, classmate, espionage, prep-school, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), robot
Children's/Family, Spy Film, Family-Oriented Adventure, Spy Comedy 
Frankie Muniz ... Cody Banks
Hilary Duff ... Natalie Connors
Keith David ... CIA Director
Cynthia Stevenson ... Mrs. Banks
Arnold Vosloo ... Molay
Daniel Roebuck ... Mr. Banks
Ian McShane ... Brinkman
Darrell Hammond ... Nigel
Martin Donovan ... Dr. Connors
Angie Harmon
Martin Henderson
Judge Reinhold
Andrew Francis ... Fenster Drooge
Connor Widdows ... Alex Banks
Alan C. Peterson ... Dark Agent
25 0/4
Air Bud: World Pup 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The world's most athletic Golden Retriever is back, and he's becoming a family man in this, the second sequel to the 1997 hit Air Bud. Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) suddenly has a lot to get used to -- his mom Jackie (Cynthia Stevenson) has just tied the knot with her boyfriend Patrick (Gregory Harrison), and now that Josh and his best friend Tom have made the school soccer team, Coach Montoya (Miguel Sandoval) informs them that the team has gone co-ed -- Emma, whose family has just moved to America from England, will be playing alongside the boys. As it turns out, Emma's family has a Golden Retriever named Molly, and Molly makes the acquaintance of Josh's basketball- (and football) playing pooch, Bud. Soon Bud and Molly are the proud parents of a litter of puppies, and Josh and Emma discover that Bud's previously displayed ball-handling skills apply to the soccer field as well. But while Josh, Emma, and Bud are trying to push their team to the state championships, the clown-turned-dogcatcher Snively (Michael Jeter) has evil plans for Bud and his new family. Air Bud: World Pup marked the directorial debut of Bill Bannerman, who had previously worked as a producer and assistant director. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Man's Best Friend | Soccer Players | Talented Animals
Keywords : dog, soccer, puppy, dognapping
Children's/Family, Comedy, Animal Picture, Family-Oriented Comedy, Sports Comedy 
Kevin Zegers
Caitlin Wachs
Miguel Sandoval
Martin Ferrero
Don McMillan
Dale Midkiff
26 2/4
Air Force One 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this action drama, Harrison Ford plays James Marshall, a onetime combat hero in the Vietnam War who is now President of the United States. While visiting the former Soviet Union, Marshall gives a speech in which he supports a get-tough attitude against both terrorists and a right-wing general and war criminal from Kazakhstan imprisoned in Moscow, earning him few friends in the Eastern Bloc. While flying back to the United States aboard Air Force One, Marshall and his staff discover that one of the journalists returning with them is actually Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman), a Kazakhstani terrorist, who hijacks the plane with three associates and holds the president hostage -- with his wife and daughter on board. Marshall must use his strength and intelligence to keep the terrorists at bay and devise a plan to allow his family to escape to safety, while on the ground the vice-president (Glenn Close), the secretary of defense (Dean Stockwell), and the attorney general (Philip Baker Hall) grapple over what to do and how much control to take in this crisis. Slam-bang action sequences and plot twists fly fast and furious in this nail-biter from director Wolfgang Petersen, who previously generated suspense under water (rather than in the air) with Das Boot. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Hijackings | Hostage Situations | Terrorism | Daring Rescues | Race Against Time | Under Siege
Keywords : hostage, President, terrorism, family, kidnapping, jet, negotiation, veteran [military], bad-guy, good-guy, hijacker, rescue, revenge, General, sacrifice, responsibility, victim
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Action, Action Thriller 
Harrison Ford ... President James Marshall
Gary Oldman ... Ivan Korshunov
Glenn Close ... Vice President Kathryn Bennett
Wendy Crewson ... Grace Marshall
Paul Guilfoyle ... Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd
William H. Macy ... Major Caldwell
Liesel Matthews ... Alice Marshall
Dean Stockwell ... Defense Secretary Walter Dean
Xander Berkeley ... Agent Gibbs
Bill Smitrovich ... Gen. Northwood
Elya Baskin ... Andrei Kolchak
David Vadim ... Igor Nevsky
Tom Everett ... NSA Adviser Jack Doherty
Spencer Garrett ... White House Aide Thomas Lee
Philip Baker Hall ... U.S. Attorney Gen. Ward
Donna Bullock ... Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell
David Gianopoulos ... Agent Johnson
Glenn Morshower ... Agent Walters
Jürgen Prochnow ... Gen. Alexander Radek
Mario Roberts ... Special Service Agent
27 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robin Williams's dizzying and hilarious voicing of the Genie is the main attraction of Aladdin, the third in the series of modern Disney animated movies that began with 1989's The Little Mermaid and heralded a new age for the genre. After a sultan (Douglas Seale) gives his daughter, Jasmine (Linda Larkin), three days to find a husband, she escapes the palace and encounters the street-savvy urchin Aladdin (Scott Weinger), who charms his way into her heart. While the sultan's Vizier, Jafar (Jonathan Freeman), weaves a spell so that he may marry Jasmine and become sultan himself, Aladdin discovers the Genie's lamp in a cave, rubs it, and sets the mystical entity free, leading the Genie to pledge his undying loyalty to the dazzled youth. Aladdin begins his quest to defeat Jafar and win the hand of the princess, with the Genie's help. Monsters, Disney's trademark talking animals, and a flying carpet all figure into the ensuing adventures, but Williams' Genie, who can change into anything or anybody, steals the show as he launches into one crazed monologue after another, impersonating figures from Ed Sullivan to Elvis Presley. -- Don Kaye

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Crowned Heads | Curses and Spells | Daring Rescues | Genie in a Bottle | Heroic Mission | Schemes and Ruses
Keywords : wish, wish-fulfillment, genie, good-vs-evil, love, princess, rags-to-riches, romance, coming-of-age, lamp, rescue, robbery, impersonation
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Animated Musical, Musical Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Children's Fantasy 
Scott Weinger ... Aladdin
Robin Williams ... Genie
Lea Salonga ... Singing Jasmine
Linda Larkin ... Jasmine
Frank Welker ... Abu
Gilbert Gottfried ... Iago
Douglas Seale ... Sultan
Jack Angel
Corey Burton
Jim Cummings ... Razoul
Jennifer Darling
Jerry Houser
Vera Lockwood
Sherry Lynn
Mickie T. McGowan
Patrick Pinney
28 1/4
Alex & Emma 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Rob Reiner directs Luke Wilson and Kate Hudson in Alex & Emma, a romantic comedy about an author and his secretary. Gangsters will kill Alex (Wilson) in 30 days if he doesn't pay back his gambling debts. The only way he can do that is to finish his new novel. He hires sassy court stenographer Emma (Hudson) to transcribe his dictation. The film intercuts between the two of them writing the story, and the story within the story. Hudson plays three roles in the film, and Wilson plays two. Sophie Marceau and David Paymer round out the cast. The premise is (very) loosely based on a series of events that befell Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Workplace Romance | Creative Block | Writer's Life
Keywords : novel, secretary, writer, writing, debt, gambling
Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy 
Kate Hudson ... Anna, Eldora, Elsa, Emma Dinsmore, Ylva
Luke Wilson ... Adam Shipley, Alex Sheldon
Jordan Lund ... Claude
Sophie Marceau ... Polina Delacroix
David Paymer ... John Shaw
Alexander Wauthier ... Andre
Earl Carroll ... M. Bernard Pompier
Leili Kramer ... Michele
Rip Taylor ... The General
Chino XL ... Tony Boyd, Flamenco Dancer #2
Rob Reiner ... Wirschafter
Francois Giroday ... Croupier
Lobo Sebastian ... Bobby, Flamenco Dancer #1
Cloris Leachman ... Grandmother
Gigi Bermingham ... Madame Blanche
Jordi Caballero ... Flamenco Dancer #3
Robert Costanzo ... Bus Driver
Michael Rapaport ... Casino Owner
Danica Sheridan ... Receptionist
Paul Willson ... "Whistling" John Shaw
29 3/4
Alice in Wonderland 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This Disney feature-length cartoon combines the most entertaining elements of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Chasing after the White Rabbit, who runs into view singing "I'm Late! I'm Late!," Alice falls down the rabbit hole into the topsy-turvy alternate world of Wonderland. She grows and shrinks after following the instructions of a haughty caterpillar, attends a "Very Merry Unbirthday" party in the garden of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, stands in awe as the Cheshire Cat spouts philosophy, listens in rapt attention as Tweedledum and Tweedledee relate the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter (a sequence usually cut when Alice is shown on TV), and closes out her day with a hectic croquet game at the home of the Red Queen. The music and production design of Alice in Wonderland is marvelous, but the film is too much of a good thing, much too frantic to do full honor to the whimsical Carroll original, and far too episodic to hang together as a unified feature film. One tactical error is having Alice weep at mid-point, declaring her wish to go home: This is Alice in Wonderland, Walt, not Wizard of Oz! Its storytelling shortcomings aside, Alice in Wonderland is superior family entertainment (never mind the efforts in the 1970s to palm off the picture as a psychedelic "head" film). -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Mischievous Children | Talking Animals
Keywords : girl, dimension-travel, fantasy, fantasy-world, reality
Attributes : High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends 
Kathryn Beaumont ... Alice
Ed Wynn ... Mad Hatter
Richard Haydn ... Caterpillar
Sterling Holloway ... Cheshire Cat
Jerry Colonna ... March Hare
Verna Felton ... Queen of Hearts
Pat O'Malley ... Walrus, Carpenter, Dee, Dum
Bill Thompson ... White Rabbit, Dodo
Heather Angel ... Alice's sister
Joseph Kearns ... Doorknob
Queenie Leonard ... Bird in the Tree
Dink Trout ... King of Hearts
Doris Lloyd ... The Rose
James MacDonald ... Dormouse
Wilfred Jackson
Hamilton Luske
857 1/4
Alice Through the Looking Glass 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to Wonderland after finding success in the real world as a ship's captain, only to discover that the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) is suffering from severe depression. Eager to help her friend, she steals a time-travel device called the Chronosphere and journeys into the past in order to save the Hatter's family. Elsewhere, the deposed Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) also attempts to go back in time and heal old wounds. Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Michael Sheen co-star. James Bobin (The Muppets) directed this time around, taking over from Tim Burton (who helmed 2010's Alice in Wonderland). -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Fantasy Lands
Action, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Johnny Depp ... Mad Hatter
Anne Hathaway ... The White Queen
Mia Wasikowska ... Alice Kingsleigh
Helena Bonham Carter ... The Red Queen
Rhys Ifans ... Zanik Hightopp
Matt Lucas ... Tweedledee/Tweedledum
Ed Speleers ... James Harcourt
Sacha Baron Cohen ... Time
Stephen Fry ... Cheshire Cat
Matt Vogel ... Wilkins
Alan Rickman ... Blue Caterpillar
Michael Sheen ... White Rabbit
Timothy Spall ... Bayard
Paul Whitehouse ... March Hare
Barbara Windsor ... Dormouse
Lindsay Duncan ... Helen Kingsleigh
Leo Bill ... Lord Hamish Ascot
Geraldine James ... Lady Ascot
Andrew Scott ... Dr. Addison Bennet
Richard Armitage ... King Oleron
Paul Hunter ... Chess King
Meera Syal ... Nobody
Hattie Morahan ... Queen Elsewhere
Joanna Bobin ... Alexandra
Amelia Crouch ... Young Mirana
Leilah de Meza ... Young Iracebeth
Simone Kirby ... Tyva Hightopp
Siobhan Redmond ... Bumalig Hightopp
Frederick Warder ... Poomally Hightopp
Tom Godwin ... Pimlick Hightopp
Edward Petherbridge ... Gentleman Fish
Richard Syms ... Board Member
Bill Thomas ... Driver
30 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: "In space, no one can hear you scream." A close encounter of the third kind becomes a Jaws-style nightmare when an alien invades a spacecraft in Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic. On the way home from a mission for the Company, the Nostromo's crew is woken up from hibernation by the ship's Mother computer to answer a distress signal from a nearby planet. Capt. Dallas's (Tom Skerritt) rescue team discovers a bizarre pod field, but things get even stranger when a face-hugging creature bursts out of a pod and attaches itself to Kane (John Hurt). Over the objections of Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), science officer Ash (Ian Holm) lets Kane back on the ship. The acid-blooded incubus detaches itself from an apparently recovered Kane, but an alien erupts from Kane's stomach and escapes. The alien starts stalking the humans, pitting Dallas and his crew (and cat) against a malevolent killing machine that also has a protector in the nefarious Company. -- Lucia Bozzola

Moods : Nail-biters | Other Dimensions
Themes : Evil Aliens | Space Travel | Robots and Androids
Keywords : man-vs-aliens, escape, trapped, spacecraft, parasite, alien [not human], creature, intergalactic, monster
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Horror, Creature Film 
Tom Skerritt ... Dallas
Sigourney Weaver ... Ellen Ripley
Veronica Cartwright ... Lambert
Yaphet Kotto ... Parker
Harry Dean Stanton ... Brett
John Hurt ... Kane
Ian Holm ... Ash
Helen Horton ... Mother
31 1/4
Alien vs. Predator 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, Alien vs. Predator follows billionaire Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) and his team of drillers, scientists, and archaeologists, to an obscure pyramid site in Antarctica. Among the icy ruins, allegedly, lies the proof of an empire predating humankind. Once there, however, the group finds more than ancient sarcophaguses and hieroglyphics; rather, their discovery consists of dismembered human skeletons and fossilized remains of the alien creatures that appear to have violently burst out of their chests. Even more horrifying is the evidence suggesting that the aliens may still exist. Indeed, there are aliens below the pyramids, but an equal threat looms above: three Predators, all on the verge of manhood, are engaged in a gruesome rite of passage -- every hundred years, young Predators must travel to Earth and take on a hunting ritual in order to complete the transition to adulthood or die in the process. Before long, the humans find themselves battling for their own lives as the Predators and aliens continue their fight for superiority. The film also features Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Ewen Bremmer, Colin Salmon, and Agathe de la Boulaye. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Evil Aliens
Keywords : alien [not human], ancient, Antarctica, predators, pyramid, ritual, rival
Action, Horror, Alien Film, Creature Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Sanaa Lathan ... Alexa Woods
Raoul Bova ... Sebastian De Rosa
Lance Henriksen ... Charles Bishop Weyland
Ewen Bremner ... Graeme Miller
Colin Salmon ... Maxwell Stafford
Joseph Rye ... Joe Connors
Agathe de la Boulaye ... Adele Rousseau
Carsten Norgaard ... Rusten Quinn
Sam Troughton ... Thomas Parks
Ian Whyte ... Scar
Petr Jákl ... Stone
Pavel Bezdek ... Bass
Kieran Bew ... Klaus
Carsten Voigt ... Mikkel
Jan Filipensky ... Boris
Adrian Bouchet ... Sven
Andy Lucas ... Juan Ramirez
Liz May Brice ... Supervisor
Glenn Conroy ... Technician
Eoin McCarthy ... Sacrificial Maiden
Karima Adebibe ... Sacrificial Maiden
915 2/4
Alien: Covenant 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this sci-fi horror film, which serves as both a sequel to 2012's Prometheus and a prequel to the larger Alien franchise, a spaceship called the Covenant is forced to make an emergency landing on a seemingly idyllic world. Unfortunately, the crew soon realize that this paradise contains a terrifying threat: the extraterrestrial predator known as the "xenomorph." Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Demián Bichir star in this film from Ridley Scott, director of the original Alien. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Evil Aliens | Space Travel | Technology Run Amok
Science Fiction, Alien Film, Creature Film, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Horror, Space Adventure 
Michael Fassbender ... David/Walter
Katherine Waterston ... Daniels
Billy Crudup ... Oram
Danny McBride ... Tennessee
Demián Bichir ... Lope
Carmen Ejogo ... Karine
Jussie Smollett ... Ricks
Callie Hernandez ... Upworth
Amy Seimetz ... Faris
Tess Haubrich ... Rosenthal
Lorelei King ... Voice of 'Mother'
Goran Kleut ... Xenomorph/Neomorph
32 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Big-budget special effects, swiftly paced action, and a distinct feminist subtext from writer/director James Cameron turned what should have been a by-the-numbers sci-fi sequel into both a blockbuster and a seven-time Oscar nominee. Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley, the last surviving crew member of a corporate spaceship destroyed after an attack by a vicious, virtually unbeatable alien life form. Adrift in space for half a century, Ripley grapples with depression until she's informed by her company's representative, Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) that the planet where her crew discovered the alien has since been settled by colonists. Contact with the colony has suddenly been lost, and a detachment of colonial marines is being sent to investigate. Invited along as an advisor, Ripley predicts disaster, and sure enough, the aliens have infested the colony, leaving a sole survivor, the young girl Newt (Carrie Henn). With the soldiers picked off one by one, a final all-female showdown brews between the alien queen and Ripley, who's become a surrogate mother to Newt. Several future stars made early career appearances in Aliens (1986), including Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, and Reiser. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Evil Aliens | Heroic Mission | Space Travel | Robots and Androids | Time Sleepers
Keywords : alien [not human], against-all-odds, escape, android, man-vs-aliens, Marines, parasite
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Creature Film, Sci-Fi Horror 
Sigourney Weaver ... Ellen Ripley
Michael Biehn ... Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen ... Bishop
Paul Reiser ... Carter Burke
Bill Paxton ... Pvt. Hudson
Jenette Goldstein ... Pvt. Vasquez
William Hope ... Lt. Gorman
Al Matthews ... Sgt. Apone
Mark Rolston ... Pvt. Drake
Daniel Kash ... Pvt. Spunkmeyer
Tip Tipping ... Pvt. Crowe
Trevor Steedman ... Pvt. Wierzbowski
Paul Maxwell ... Van Leuwen
Valerie Colgan ... ECA Rep
Alan Polonsky ... Insurance Man
Alibe Parsons ... Med Tech
Blain Fairman ... Doctor
Barbara Coles ... Cocooned Woman
Carl Toop ... Alien Warrior
John Lees ... Power Loader Operator
Kiran Shah ... Double for Newt
33 1/4
All Dogs Go to Heaven 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the most expensive of Don Bluth's animated cartoon features, All Dogs Go to Heaven was also among the most successful. Set in late-'30s New Orleans, the story centers upon a roguish German shepherd named Charlie B. Barkin (voice of Burt Reynolds), who is killed early in the proceedings by his business partner, Carface (voice of Vic Tayback). Charlie travels to Heaven, and is promptly warned that if he heads back to Earth, he can never return; he does decide to go back to Earth, however, to exact revenge on Carface, who has kidnapped Anne-Marie, a little orphan girl who can talk to Animals.
The film also includes the vocal skills of Dom DeLuise, Charles Nelson Reilly, Vic Tayback, Melba Moore, Loni Anderson, and a host of others. All Dogs Go to Heaven was the first production of the Dublin-based Sullivan Bluth Studios. -- Hal Erickson

Themes : Heroic Mission | Kidnapping
Keywords : angel, animal, bank, dog, kidnapping, killing, orphan, reunion, revenge, robbery
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Animated Musical, Heaven-Can-Wait Fantasies 
Burt Reynolds ... Charlie
Judith Barsi ... Anne-Marie
Dom DeLuise ... Itchy
Vic Tayback ... Carface
Charles Nelson Reilly ... Killer
Melba Moore ... Whippet Angel
Ken Page ... King Gator
Loni Anderson ... Flo
Robert Fuller ... Harold
Earleen Carey ... Kate
Anna Manahan ... Stella Dallas
Nigel Pegram ... Sir Reginald
Godfrey Quigley ... Terrier
John K. Carr
Dan Molina
34 1/4
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this tuneful animated sequel, that angelic ol' dog Charlie Barkin returns to create chaos in heaven and on earth. The trouble begins when Charlie gets bored with the peaceful bliss of life in doggy heaven and begins dreaming of returning to Earth. Even the arrival of his former best pal Itchy does little to cheer him up. Then the wicked Carface steals Gabriel's horn and in the struggle it falls into San Francisco. Charlie and Itchy jump at the chance to retrieve the holy horn. Once back on Earth, the two have many adventures and get entangled with a sexy Irish setter a kindly boy and a wicked cat with a nefarious scheme. -- Sandra Brennan

Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : afterlife, boredom, dog, earth, friendship, heaven, investigation, robbery, second-chance
Children's/Family, Animated Musical, Family-Oriented Adventure 
Charlie Sheen ... Charlie Barkin
Sheena Easton ... Sasha La Fleur
Dom DeLuise ... Itchy Itchiford
Ernest Borgnine ... Carface
George Hearn ... Red
Bebe Neuwirth ... Anabelle
Hamilton Camp ... Chihuahua
Bobby Di Cicco ... Thom
Adam Wylie ... David
Wallace Shawn ... Labradour MC
35 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A disgraced military defense contractor (Bradley Cooper) is rehired by an old boss to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite in Hawaii. Upon his arrival he reconnects with an old love (Rachel McAdams) but finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to an Air Force pilot (Emma Stone) assigned to watch over him. -- Erin Demers

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Families in Crisis | Hotshots | Looking For Love
Keywords : contractor, ex-girlfriend, satellite, defense-workers, Hawaii, pilot
Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy 
Bradley Cooper ... Brian Gilcrest
Emma Stone ... Allison Ng
Rachel McAdams ... Tracy Woodside
Bill Murray ... Carson Welch
John Krasinski ... Woody Woodside
Danny McBride ... Colonel Lacy
Alec Baldwin ... General Dixon
Edi Gathegi ... Cam Curtis
Bill Camp ... Bob Largent
Jaeden Lieberher ... Mitchell
Danielle Rose Russell ... Grace
Michael Chernus ... Roy
Elizabeth Marvel ... Launch Announcer - Natalie
Ivana Milicevic ... Carson Biographer
Fahim Fazli ... Afghani Tribesman
Sereme-Ab Etmet Yohannes ... Afghani Tribesman
Kaui Kauhi ... Kingdom Security
John Westley Leclay ... Reg
R. Kunani Nihipali ... Spiritual Elder
Ipo Nihipali ... Spiritual Elder
Ho' Opa'a ... Guyton Galdeira
Leslie Bramlett ... Colonel Apodaca
Don D. Davis, III ... Air Force Officer
Jarrett Pieske ... Air Force Officer
Jacob S. Sotiriadis ... Air Force Officer
Steven M. Murdzia ... Air Force Officer
Kelly Oxford ... Military Wife Angela
Jennifer Roscoe ... Military Wife Donna
Giovanni Marone ... Senior Airman
Kenneth Matepi ... CIA Technician
Jillian Torango ... CIA Technician
Sugar Lyn Beard ... Global One Volunteer
Mitch Wojnowski ... Launch Engineer
Alexander Terebenkov ... Launch Engineer
Guy Hagi ... Local Meteorologist
Mapuana Makia ... Local Reporter
Lisa Tam ... Cashier
Becky Zienkiewicz ... Moms Fitness Instructor
Jessica Morgan Southworth ... Grace's Friend Jessica
Calvin Dorn ... Global One Helo Pilot
Robert P. Moore ... Pilot
Stone Griffith ... Young Gilcrest
36 1/4
Along Came a Spider 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Morgan Freeman returns as forensic psychologist Dr. Alex Cross in this thriller based on the novel by James Patterson (whose work also formed the basis of the hit Kiss the Girls). Gary Soneji (Michael Wincott) is a brilliant but remorseless psychopath who has landed a teaching position at an exclusive private school in Washington, D.C. Using his extensive knowledge of kidnapping (he's taught a class on Charles Lindbergh), Soneji abducts one of his students - Megan (Mika Boorem), whose father Hank Rose (Michael Moriarty) is a United States senator. Ollie MacArthur (Dylan Baker), the detective investigating the case, has strong words for Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter), the Secret Service agent who mistakenly let Megan slip through her fingers. But when the kidnapper contacts Dr. Cross, the psychologist is brought in on the case, and Cross seeks out Flannigan, who he believes might have a valuable insight into the case. Soon, Cross and Flannigan come to the terrible realization that this crime only represents the tip of the iceberg for the ruthless Soneji. Along Came a Spider also features Penelope Ann Miller, Jay O. Sanders, and Kim Hawthorne. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Kidnapping | Star Detectives
Keywords : daughter, detective, kidnapping, psychology, psychopath, Secret-Service, Senator
Thriller, Police Detective Film, Psychological Thriller 
Morgan Freeman ... Alex Cross
Monica Potter ... Jezzie Flannigan
Michael Wincott ... Gary Soneji
Dylan Baker ... Ollie McArthur
Mika Boorem ... Megan Rose
Anton Yelchin ... Thomas Dunne
Kimberly Hawthorne ... Maggie Rose Dunne
Billy Burke ... Ben Devine
Jay O. Sanders ... Detective Kyle Craig
Michael Moriarty ... Senator Hank Rose
Penelope Ann Miller ... Elizabeth Rose
37 2/4
The Amazing Spider-Man 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Typical teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) embraces his incredible destiny after uncovering one of his father's most carefully guarded secrets as Columbia Pictures reboots the Spider-Man franchise with the help of director Mark Webb ((500) Days of Summer) and screenwriter James Vanderbilt (Zodiac). Sally Field, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Emma Stone co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Death in the Family | Haunted By the Past | Heroic Mission
Keywords : uncle, spider, super-power, teenagers
Action, Fantasy Drama, Superhero Film 
Andrew Garfield ... Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone ... Gwen Stacy
Rhys Ifans ... The Lizard/Dr. Curt Connors
Denis Leary ... Captain Stacy
Martin Sheen ... Uncle Ben
Sally Field ... Aunt May
Irfan Khan ... Rajit Ratha
Campbell Scott ... Richard Parker
Embeth Davidtz ... Mary Parker
Chris Zylka ... Flash Thompson
Max Charles ... Peter Parker (Age 4)
C. Thomas Howell ... Jack's Father
Jake Keiffer ... Jack
Kari Coleman ... Helen Stacy
Michael Barra ... Store Clerk
Leif Gantvoort ... Cash Register Thief
Andy Pessoa ... Gordon
Hannah Marks ... Missy Kallenbeck
Kelsey Chow ... Hot Girl
Kevin McCorkle ... Mr. Cramer
Andy Gladbach ... Physics Nerd
Barbara Eve Harris ... Miss Ritter
Stan Lee ... School Librarian
Danielle Burgio ... Nicky's Girlfriend
Tom Waite ... Nicky
Keith Campbell ... Car Thief
Steve DeCastro ... Car Thief Cop
Jill Flint ... Receptionist
Mark Daughtery ... OsCorp Intern
Milton Gonzalez ... Rodrigo Guevara
Skyler Gisondo ... Howard Stacy
Charlie DePew ... Phillip Stacy
Jacob Rodier ... Simon Stacy
Vincent Laresca ... Construction Worker
Damien Lemon ... Taxi Driver
Ty Upshaw ... Police Officer with Sketch
James Chen ... Police Officer
Alexander Bedria ... Officer (SWAT)
Tia Texada ... Sheila (Subway)
Jay Caputo ... Subway Guy
John Burke ... Newscaster (News Chopper)
Terry Bozeman ... Principal
Jennifer Lyons ... Second Girl (Subway)
Michael Massee ... Man in the Shadows
38 4/4
American Beauty 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Noted theater director Sam Mendes, who was responsible for the acclaimed 1998 revival of Cabaret and Nicole Kidman's turn in The Blue Room, made his motion picture debut with this film about the dark side of an American family, and about the nature and price of beauty in a culture obsessed with outward appearances. Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, a man in his mid-40s going through an intense midlife crisis; he's grown cynical and is convinced that he has no reason to go on. Lester's relationship with his wife Carolyn (Annette Bening) is not a warm one; while on the surface Carolyn strives to present the image that she's in full control of her life, inside she feels empty and desperate. Their teenage daughter Jane (Thora Birch) is constantly depressed, lacking in self-esteem, and convinced that she's unattractive. Her problems aren't helped by her best friend Angela (Mena Suvari), an aspiring model who is quite beautiful and believes that that alone makes her a worthwhile person. Jane isn't the only one who has noticed that Angela is attractive: Lester has fallen into uncontrollable lust for her, and she becomes part of his drastic plan to change his body and change his life. Meanwhile, next door, Colonel Fitts (Chris Cooper) has spent a lifetime in the Marine Corps and can understand and tolerate no other way of life, which makes life difficult for his son Ricky (Wes Bentley), an aspiring filmmaker and part-time drug dealer who is obsessed with beauty, wherever and whatever it may be. American Beauty was also the screen debut for screenwriter Alan Ball. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Angsty | Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Midlife Crises | Suburban Dysfunction | Crumbling Marriages | Dysfunctional Families | Fired or Laid-Off | Parenthood
Keywords : mid-life-crisis, repression, suburbs, extramarital-affair, family, family-strife, marital-problems, obsession
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Comedy Drama, Tragi-comedy, Coming-of-Age, Family Drama 
Kevin Spacey ... Lester Burnham
Annette Bening ... Caroline Burnham
Thora Birch ... Jane Burnham
Wes Bentley ... Ricky Fitts
Mena Suvari ... Angela Hayes
Chris Cooper ... Colonel Fitts
Peter Gallagher ... Buddy Kane
Allison Janney ... Barbara Fitts
Scott Bakula ... Jim Olmeyer
Sam Robards ... Jim Berkley
Marissa Jaret Winokur
39 3/4
American Hustle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams star in director David O. Russell's fictional period crime drama about a reckless FBI agent who recruits a con man and his alluring partner into a scheme to ensnare corrupt politicians and gangsters. Smooth-talking Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) is a hustler of the highest order. No mark is off limits for Rosenfeld, especially when his crafty partner Sydney Prosser (Adams) is by his side. When renegade FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper) thrusts the deceptive duo into the treacherous world of New Jersey power players and underworld heavies, the thrill of the hunt grows too strong to resist. Meanwhile, New Jersey politician Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner) gets caught in the middle, and Rosenfeld's capricious wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) holds more power than anyone could imagine. Louis C.K. and Jack Huston costar. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Slow Burn | Unloveables
Themes : Betrayal | Cons and Scams | Dishonor Among Thieves | Going Undercover | Love Triangles
Keywords : FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), government-agent, partner
Drama, Crime Drama, Period Film, Police Drama 
Christian Bale ... Irving Rosenfeld
Bradley Cooper ... Richie DiMaso
Amy Adams ... Sydney Prosser
Jeremy Renner ... Carmine Polito
Louis C.K. ... Stoddard Thorsen
Michael Peña ... Paco Hernandez/Sheik Abdullah
Alessandro Nivola ... Anthony Amado
Jack Huston ... Pete Musane
Jack Jones ... Jazz Quartet Singer
Shea Whigham ... Carl Elway
Elisabeth Röhm ... Dolly Polito
Paul Herman ... Alfonse Simone
Saïd Taghmaoui ... Irv's Sheik Plant
Matthew Russell ... Dominic Polito
Thomas Matthews ... Francis Polito
Adrian Martinez ... Julius
Anthony Zerbe ... Senator Horton Mitchell
Colleen Camp ... Brenda
Steve Gagliastro ... Agent Schmidt
Chris Tarjan ... Agent Stock
Zachariah Supka ... Young Irv
Simon Hamlin ... Photographer
Martie Barylick ... Helen
Dawn Olivieri ... Cosmo Girl
Becky Dennis ... Nanny
Jay Giannone ... Suburban Businessman
Arthur Birnbaum ... Queens Businessman
Rob Dininni ... Desperate Businessman
Michael Fennimore ... Car Salesman
Corbo Dante ... Danny Rosenfeld
Santino Corbo ... Danny Rosenfeld
Bo Cleary ... FBI Agent #1
Greg Maxwell ... FBI Agent #2
Mickey O'Keefe ... FBI Agent #3
Aaron Flanders ... Elway's Friend
Erica McDermott ... Carl Elway's Assistant
Alura Carbrey ... Elizabeth Polito
Kayla Feeney ... Lorna Polito
Shannon Halliday ... Doreen Polito
Volieda Webb ... Melora
Patsy Meck ... Richie's Mother
Abby Lavin ... Richie's Girlfriend
Damien Di Paola ... Baron Owner
Paul Campbell ... Baron's Patron
Jeff Avigian ... Disco Dancer
Stacy Hock ... Girl Outside Stall
Michael Trigg ... Baron's Manager
Richard Heneks ... Al Kalowski
Ted Zalewski ... Carpenter
Elias Birnbaum ... Carpenter Apprentice
Armen Garo ... Dick Helsing
Sal DiMino ... Lou Salvano
Gary Craig ... Jerry Catone
Barry Primus ... Tellegio's Consigliere
Sonny Gordon ... Tellegio's Consigliere
Deva Mahal ... Funk Band Singer
Dicky Eklund Jr. ... Street Thug #1
Sean Eklund ... Street Thug #2
Charley Broderick ... Rep. John 0'Connell
Richard Donnelly ... Rep. Sanders
Gary Zahakos ... Congressman Keshoygan
Melson Alford ... Simone's Gang #2
Melissa McMeekin ... Simone's Gang #3
Bob Taraschi ... Rep. Stelford
40 3/4
American Pie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: It's said that most American men think about sex once every two or three minutes, but this statistic would seriously underestimate the horniness of Jim (Jason Biggs), a high school senior in suburban Michigan. Jim is thoroughly obsessed with sex, a fact of which his parents become aware when they discover him performing the sin of Onan with a gym sock while watching scrambled pay-per-view porn. Jim's buddies Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Oz (Chris Klein) are no less anxious to relieve themselves of their virginity, so they all make a pledge: they will go to bed with a woman in the three weeks before senior prom or die trying. Kevin appears to have the advantage, since he already has a girlfriend, Vicky (Tara Reid), but before he ventures into the Final Frontier, Kevin is urged to consult "The Bible," a hand-written how-to manual possessing erotic wisdom passed down through the ages. Oz is a good-looking jock who is actually a nice guy -- which is part of the problem, since he has his heart set on a nice girl, Heather (Mena Suvari), who does not seem the type to leap into bed within 21 days. Finch has no immediate prospects, though Jessica (Natasha Lyonne) is in a position to know if those rumors about him are true. And Jim is a truly hopeless case -- after his attempted seduction of beautiful Czech exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) turns out to be a disaster, he ends up going to the prom with Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), an annoyingly chatty band geek who does, however, have a fascinating story about a flute. American Pie was the directorial debut of Paul Weitz, who, along with his brother Chris Weitz (who served as producer), previously wrote several screenplays, including Antz and Madeline (where they presumably worked all their wholesome ideas out of their system). -- Mark Deming

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Sexual Awakening | High School Life | First Love | Fathers and Sons
Keywords : adolescence, sexual-awakening, high-school, prom, seduction, virgin, coming-of-age, obsession, pact
Comedy, Sex Comedy, Teen Movie, Coming-of-Age, Gross-Out Comedy 
Jason Biggs ... Jim Levinstein
Shannon Elizabeth ... Nadia
Alyson Hannigan ... Michelle Flaherty
Chris Klein ... Oz
Natasha Lyonne ... Jessica
Thomas Ian Nicholas ... Kevin
Tara Reid ... Vicky
Seann William Scott ... Steve Stifler
Mena Suvari ... Heather
Eddie Kaye Thomas ... Finch
Eugene Levy ... Jim's Dad
Jennifer Coolidge ... Stifler's Mom
Chris Owen ... Sherman
Clyde Kusatsu ... English Teacher
Lawrence Pressman ... Coach Marshall
Molly Cheek ... Jim's Mom
James DeBello ... Enthusiastic Guy
Christina Milian ... Band Member
John Cho ... John
41 2/4
American Pie 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The horny teen heroes of American Pie (1999) return for further raunchy antics in this comedy sequel written by the first film's creator, Adam Herz. Returning home following their freshman year of college, old friends Jim (Jason Biggs), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Oz (Chris Klein), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Stifler (Seann William Scott) rent a summer house on Lake Michigan where they hope to score romantically. However, complications ensue due to Jim's relative lack of experience, requiring an interlude with a fellow student and a visit to his old friend Michelle (Alyson Hanigan), who's now a band camp counselor, all in preparation for the return of Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth). In the meantime, Oz is separated from Heather (Mena Suvari) by a trip abroad, Finch has another encounter with Stifler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge), and Jim's dad (Eugene Levy) is as clueless as ever about his son's love life. Director J.B. Rogers served as first assistant director on the first film and made his directorial debut with Say It Isn't So (2001). -- Karl Williams

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Party Film | Vacation Romances | Playing the Field | Summer Camp | College Life
Keywords : friendship, Summer, college-student, dating, attraction, romance, sexual-attraction, summer-job, long-distance
Comedy, Sex Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Ensemble Film, Teen Movie 
Jason Biggs ... Jim Levinstein
Jennifer Coolidge ... Stifler's Mom
Shannon Elizabeth ... Nadia
Alyson Hannigan ... Michelle Flaherty
Chris Klein ... Oz
Natasha Lyonne ... Jessica
Thomas Ian Nicholas ... Kevin
Tara Reid ... Vicky
Seann William Scott ... Steve Stifler
Mena Suvari ... Heather
Eddie Kaye Thomas ... Finch
Eugene Levy ... Jim's Dad
Chris Owen ... Sherman
Denise Faye ... Danielle
Lisa Arturo ... Lisa
John Cho ... John
Eli Marienthal ... Stifler's Brother
Casey Affleck ... Kevin's Brother
42 2/4
American Sniper 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Biopic of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the most-celebrated sniper in American military history. In the aftermath of 9/11, Kyle decides to serve his country by becoming a Navy SEAL. But with each tour of duty, he grows more detached from his wife and children.
As the story opens, we meet carefree brothers Chris and Jeff (Keir O'Donnell) as they work the Texas rodeo circuit. They're cowboys through and through, and despite being notably older than the usual enlistee, Chris pays a visit to his local recruitment office and decides to become a Navy SEAL. Later, at the firing range, he draws on his hunting lessons with his stern father to become an expert marksman. A booze-fueled barroom chat with pretty brunette Taya (Sienna Miller) soon leads to wedding bells, and following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Kyle is deployed to Iraq for his first tour of duty. There, his reputation as a sniper who never misses makes him a legend among his fellow troops, and earns him the moniker "The Devil of Ramadi" from his enemies.
With a substantial bounty on his head, Kyle makes it his personal mission to take out a sadistic Iraqi soldier known as "The Butcher," as well as an elusive enemy marksman with a skill to rival his own. The closer he gets to achieving his goals during repeat tours of duty, however, the more fellow soldiers he sees die, and the further he drifts from Taya and their two children back home. It all leads up to a tense rooftop gunfight in a raging sandstorm -- one that convinces the sniper once and for all to make his family his top priority. Unfortunately, all is not well as Kyle struggles to make the transition back to civilian life, but he discovers that helping his fellow veterans is an effective way to do good and make peace with his wartime experiences. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : For Love of Country | Tough Guys
Themes : Home From the War | Hotshots | Military Life
Keywords : military, skills, sniper, Special-Forces, war, American [nationality]
Action, Drama, War, Biopic [feature], War Drama 
Bradley Cooper ... Chris Kyle
Luke Grimes ... Marc Lee
Sienna Miller ... Taya
Kyle Gallner ... Goat-Winston
Ben Reed ... Wayne Kyle
Elise Robertson ... Debbie Kyle
Luke Sunshine ... Young Jeff Kyle
Brandon Salgado Telis ... Bully
Keir O'Donnell ... Jeff Kyle
Marnette Patterson ... Sarah
Leonard Roberts ... Instructor Rolle
Jason Walsh ... Instructor #2
Rey Gallegos ... Tony
Kevin Lacz ... Dauber
Jake McDorman ... Biggles
Eric Ladin ... "Squirrel"/Case
Brando Eaton ... Dapper Navy Guy
James Ryen ... PO Karnan
Jonathan Kowalsky ... 1st Marine #2
Shane Habberstad ... 1st Marine #1
Sammy Sheik ... Mustafa
Evan Gamble ... JAG Officer #1
Benjamin Mathes ... JAG Officer #2
Tim Griffin ... Colonel Gronski
Luis Jose Lopez ... Sanchez
Brian Hallisay ... Capt. Gillespie
Erik Aude ... Thompson
Jad Mhidi Senhaji ... Omar
Navid Negahban ... Sheikh Al-Obodi
Fehd Benchemsi ... Terp #1
Eric Close ... DIA Agent Snead
Zack Duhame ... Contractor
Mido Hamada ... The Butcher
Kathe E. Mazur ... Dr. Hallerman
Sam Jaeger ... Navy Seal Lt. Martin
Chance Kelly ... Lt. Col Jones
Ryan Sadaghiani ... Son
Ayman Samman ... Father
Assaf Cohen ... Terp #2
Fahim Fazli ... Messianic Tribal Leader
Salah Salea ... Angry Neighbor
Hector Bucio ... PFC Alvarez
Aidan McGraw ... Young Colton
Jonathan Groff ... Young VetMads
Ferguson Reid ... Navy Doctor
Mark Thomason ... Chaplain
Pamela Denise Weaver ... Marc Lee's Mom
Amie Farrell ... Marc Lee's Wife
Quay Terry ... Firing Party NCO
James Dever ... Funeral Detail OIC
Tami Goveia ... Navy Nurse
Leon Charles Farmer ... Marine Gate Guard #1
Paul Meixner ... Marine Gate Guard #2
Victoria Reina Sigloch ... Marine Gate Guard #3
Joel Lambert ... Delta Sniper
Owain Yeoman ... Ranger One
Tony Nevada ... Recon Sniper
Brett Edwards ... Recon Gunner
Nick Salter ... Navy Dispatch Officer
Ricky Ryba ... Cobra Pilot
Greg Duke ... MRAP Gunner
Max Charles ... Colton
Jet Jurgensmeyer ... Colton's Friend
Madeleine McGraw ... McKenna
Elizabeth Schmidt ... Boy's Mom
Robert Clotworthy ... VA Doctor
Bryan Anderson ... Wynn's Friend
Jacob Schick ... Wynn
Wade White ... Veteran #1
Anthony Jennings ... Veteran #2
Vincent Selhorst-Jones ... Veteran at Truck
43 1/4
An Occasional Hell 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This preposterous thriller stars Tom Berenger (Platoon) as Ernie Dewalt, a drug-addicted ex-cop with a catheter, and that isn't the worst of it. Ernie teaches creative writing at a small college where prominent professor Alex Laughton (Stephen Lang) has been blown apart with a shotgun while groping the frequently nude Jeri Kari Wuhrer in a car on Lover's Lane. Laughton's widow, Elizabeth (Valeria Golino) drags the reluctant Ernie out of retirement to clear her name, as she is the prime suspect. When he's not mainlining drugs or trading japes with investigating detective Robert Davi, Ernie is haunted by visions of Jeri, taunting him about his incompetence. It's not really Jeri, of course, and may even be the spirit of his former alcoholism, but the plot is so muddled that it's hard to tell. Ernie has a vision of himself snapping nude photos of Jeri and Laughton having sex in a field; Elizabeth is loudly whispered about in the local supermarket; and the ridiculous resolution will please no one. Bad film buffs should get a kick out of Ernie weeping to Elizabeth about his catheter, but other viewers should avoid this jaw-dropping stupidity at all costs. -- Robert Firsching

Themes : Murder Investigations | Haunted By the Past
Keywords : hallucination, handicap, investigation, love, murder, professor, suspect, widow/widower
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Tom Berenger ... Dr. Ernest Dewal
Kari Wuhrer ... Jeri Gillen (as Kari Wuhrer)
Stephen Lang ... Alex Laughton
Trent McDevitt ... Male Student
Sherril M. Turner ... Chadwick
Danny Comden ... Craig Fox
Valeria Golino ... Elizabeth Laughton
Bo Brinkman ... Trooper Brown
Robert Davi ... Trooper Abbott
Cameron Glaesner ... Chris
Richard Edson ... Rodney Gillen
Ellen Green ... Della
Selden Smith ... Aleta Jewett
Don Tilley ... Clifford Jewett
Geoffrey Lewis ... Draper Jewett
Jay Clifford ... Guitarist
Evan Bivins ... Drummer
Kevin Short ... Frat Rat
Matt Haverkamp ... Jimmy
William J. MacDonald ... Arresting Officer #1
Alan Preston ... Arresting Officer #2
George Moffly ... Drunken Santa
44 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A group of filmmakers looking for a lost native tribe instead find a man-eating monster in this thriller. Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) is a documentary filmmaker on assignment to make a film about the Shirishama Indians of the Amazon, a mysterious tribe known as "the People of the Mists." As Terri and her crew -- cameraman Danny Rich (Ice Cube), sound recordist Gary Dixon (Owen Wilson), anthropologist Steve Cale (Eric Stoltz), production manager Denise Kahlberg (Kari Wuhrer), and host Warren Westridge (Jonathan Hyde) -- head down the river, they discover a man whose boat has sunk and desperately needs rescue. Paul Sarone (Jon Voight), the mysterious stranger that they save from the waters, claims to know something of the Shirishama and says he will take the crew to them. Instead, he guides the group to the hiding place of the fearsome Anaconda, a gigantic snake that swallows a man whole, vomits him up, and eats him again (no small accomplishment, that). The snake is worth a fortune if captured, but can a creature so dangerous be captured at all? -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Nail-biters
Themes : Terror in the Water | When Animals Attack
Keywords : snake, killer-animal, man-vs-nature, expedition, man-eater, attack, exploration, animal, rescue
Horror, Thriller, Natural Horror, Jungle Film 
Jennifer Lopez ... Terri Flores
Ice Cube ... Danny Rich
Jon Voight ... Paul Sarone
Eric Stoltz ... Dr. Steven Cale
Jonathan Hyde ... Warren Westridge
Owen Wilson ... Gary Dixon
Kari Wuhrer ... Denise Kalberg
Vincent Castellanos ... Mateo
Danny Trejo ... Poacher
45 2/4
Analyze This 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the same year that a hit cable television series, The Sopranos, successfully mined the same premise, this comedy about a mobster seeking advice from a psychiatrist was a box office winner for director Harold Ramis. Billy Crystal stars as Dr. Ben Sobel, a New York shrink who's becoming a little bored with his upscale but neurotic clientele. Into Sobel's practice comes a guy with legitimate problems, Mafia kingpin Paul Viti (Robert DeNiro), a godfather who is being reduced to tears and panic attacks by stress and his guilt over his beloved father's assassination. Intimidated but also fascinated by Viti, Dr. Sobel becomes frustrated when his mob boss patient becomes a full-time occupation, as Viti summons the psychiatrist for his professional help at all hours and in all places, even including the doctor's Florida wedding to TV reporter Laura MacNamara (Lisa Kudrow). In the meantime, a power struggle is brewing with Viti's long-time rival Primo Sidone (Chazz Palminteri), but Viti begins employing the feel-good self-help jargon and techniques he's learned from Dr. Sobel to keep his enemy off balance. Just as the therapist and his powerful patient are making breakthroughs, the FBI attempts to persuade Sobel that Viti is going to have him murdered, leading to a nearly lethal misunderstanding. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Just for Fun | Tough Guys
Themes : Doctors and Patients | Therapy | Wedding Bells
Keywords : gangster, anxiety, psychiatry, rival, therapist, crime-lord, wedding
Comedy, Crime Comedy, Gangster Film 
Robert De Niro ... Paul Vitti
Billy Crystal ... Ben Sobel
Lisa Kudrow ... Laura MacNamara
Joe Viterelli ... Jelly
Chazz Palminteri ... Primo Sindone
Bill Macy ... Isaac Sobel
Kyle Sabihy ... Michael Sobel
Rebecca Schull ... Dorothy Sobel
Molly Shannon ... Caroline
Max Casella ... Nicky Shivers
Pat Cooper ... Salvatore Masiello
Richard C. Castellano ... Jimmy
Jimmie Ray Weeks ... Agent Steadman
Elizabeth Bracco ... Marie Vitti
Tony Darrow ... Moony
Donnamarie Recco ... Sheila
Michael Harkins ... Paretti's Family
46 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The first feature from the 20th Century-Fox animation unit in Phoenix, Arizona, this is the ninth film produced and directed by the Don Bluth/Gary Goldman duo (An American Tail) and the first animated feature to be made in CinemaScope since Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959). This $50 million animated fantasy retells the story of Anastasia, daughter of Czar Nicholas, beginning with her childhood in 1916 Russia. After Rasputin's curse on the Romanovs, little Anastasia is separated from her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Maria. After growing up in an orphanage, Anastasia emerges as a young woman called Anya. With no clear memory of her youth, Anya encounters entrepreneurs who seek an Anastasia look-alike in hopes of collecting a reward in Paris from the aged Dowager Empress. Despite demonic interference from Rasputin, the three travel to Paris where another problem awaits: the Dowager Empress is now skeptical of the parade of imposters. -- Bhob Stewart

Themes : Cinderella Stories
Keywords : amnesia, con/scam, curse, grandmother, impostor, inheritance, orphan, reward
Children's/Family, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy 
Meg Ryan ... Anastasia
John Cusack ... Dimitri
Kelsey Grammer ... Vladimir
Christopher Lloyd ... Rasputin
Hank Azaria ... Bartok
Bernadette Peters ... Sophie
Kirsten Dunst ... Young Anastasia
Angela Lansbury ... Empress Dowager Marie Fedorovna
Liz Callaway ... Anastasia [singing]
Lacey Chabert ... Young Anastasia [singing]
Jim Cummings ... Rasputin [singing]
Jonathan Dokuchitz ... Dimitri [singing]
Angelina Ballerina: The Lucky Penny 
Judi Dench - [Voice]
Jonell Elliott - [Voice]
Adrienne Posta - [Voice]
Keith Wickham - [Voice]
Finty Williams - [Voice]
Jo Wyatt - [Voice]
48 2/4
Angels & Demons 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Angels and Demons re-teams director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks for the sequel to their international blockbuster adaptation of Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code. Although the book Angels and Demons was written before the novel The Da Vinci Code, the movie transpires after the events of the earlier movie. Hanks stars as professor Robert Langdon, the most respected symbologist in the United States, who uses his knowledge in order to decode a symbol on the skin of a murder victim. The clues put him on the trail of an international conspiracy involving the Catholic Church. Ewan McGregor and Ayelet Zurer also star in the Sony Pictures production. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Members of the Clergy | Murder Investigations | Race Against Time | Religious Zealotry | Secret Organizations
Keywords : Christianity, secret-society, expert, symbolism
Thriller, Crime Thriller, Religious Drama 
Tom Hanks ... Robert Langdon
Ayelet Zurer ... Vittoria Vetra
Ewan McGregor ... Camerlengo
Stellan Skarsgård ... Commander Richter
Pierfrancesco Favino ... Inspector Olivetti
Nikolaj Lie Kaas ... Assassin
Armin Mueller-Stahl ... Cardinal Strauss
Thure Lindhardt ... Chartrand
David Pasquesi ... Claudio Vincenzi
Cosimo Fusco ... Father Simeon
Victor Alfieri ... Lt. Valenti
Franklin Amobi ... Cardinal Lamasse
Curt Lowens ... Cardinal Ebner
Bob Yerkes ... Cardinal Guidera
Carmen Argenziano ... Silvano Bentivoglio
Howard Mungo ... Cardinal Yoruba
Rance Howard ... Cardinal Beck
Steve Franken ... Cardinal Colbert
Gino Conforti ... Cardinal Pugini
Elya Baskin ... Cardinal Petrov
Richard Rosetti ... Conclave Cardinal
Silvano Marchetto ... Conclave Cardinal
Thomas Morris ... Urs Weber
Jonas Fisch ... Adrian Bachman
Xavier J. Nathan ... Phillippe
Anna Katarina ... Docent
49 2/4
Anger Management 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A man comes face to face with the rage he didn't know he had in this comedy. Dave Buznick (Adam Sandler) is an even-tempered businessman who, after a series of strange misunderstandings on an airline flight, finds himself accused of air rage. A judge sentences Dave to undergo anger management therapy, and he soon finds himself in the care of Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson), a celebrated therapist. However, Dave's group therapy sessions with a handful of truly disturbed individuals -- among them jumpy ex-con Chuck (John Turturro), obsessive sports fan Nate (Jonathan Loughran), slow-burning Lou (Luis Guzman), egocentric Andrew (Allen Covert), and bisexual porn stars Gina and Stacy (Krista Allen and January Jones) -- leave him far more unsettled than when he arrived. Later, when Buddy decides to move into Dave's home for intensive therapy, he soon discovers Buddy has more than a bit of his own anger to resolve, and that no one brings out Dave's deeply buried inner rage quite like Buddy. Anger Management also stars Marisa Tomei as Dave's girlfriend, Linda; in addition, the film features a number of notable actors in cameos, including Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly, Ray Liotta, Heather Graham, and Harry Dean Stanton. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Teachers and Students
Keywords : anger-management, girlfriend, court-order, odd-couple, milquetoast, boss [employer], group-therapy
Comedy, Comedy of Errors, Odd Couple Film 
Adam Sandler ... Dave Buznik
Jack Nicholson ... Dr. Buddy Rydell
Marisa Tomei ... Linda
Luis Guzman ... Lou
Allen Covert ... Andrew
Lynne Thigpen ... Judge Daniels
Kurt Fuller ... Frank Head
Jonathan Loughran ... Nate
Krista Allen ... Stacy
January Jones ... Gina
Woody Harrelson ... Galaxia
John Turturro ... Chuck
Bobby Knight ... Himself
John McEnroe ... Himself
Tony Carbonetti ... Himself
Roger Clemens ... Himself
Derek Jeter ... Himself
Lou Rawls
Harry Dean Stanton
Heather Graham ... Kendra
Kevin Nealon ... Sam
John C. Reilly ... Arnie Shankman
Adrian Ricard ... Rose Rydell
Peter Spruyt ... Ricky
Ray Liotta ... Himself
50 0/4
The Animatrix 

Themes : End of the World | Post-Apocalypse | Robots and Androids | Technology Run Amok
Action, Adventure, Avant-garde / Experimental, Drama, Science Fiction, Anime 
Akio Ôtsuka, Clayton Watson, Pamela Adlon, Hedy Burress, Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, Melinda Clarke, Olivia d'Abo, Dane A. Davis, John DeMita, Debi Derryberry, John Di Maggio, Alex Fernandez, Jack Fletcher, Julia Fletcher, Bette Ford, Rick Gomez, Tom Kenny, Phil LaMarr, Tress MacNeille, Matt McKenzie, Carrie-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves, Kevin Michael Richardson, Rodney Saulsberry, Dwight Schultz, Allison Smith, Kath Soucie, Tara Strong, Jill Talley, James Arnold Taylor, John Wesley, Victor Williams
51 2/4
Anna and the King 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The true story of Anna Leonowens' experiences as a governess to the children of an eccentric Asian king has been adapted into a book of memoirs, a biography, a stage play called Anna and the King of Siam -- which was adapted into a 1946 film, a stage musical called The King and I -- made into both the live-action The King and I (1956)) and the animated The King and I (1999) feature films, and a short-lived 1972 TV series. Now the story is brought to the screen yet again, as Jodie Foster stars as Leonowens, hired by the king of Thailand (Chow Yun-Fat) in the 19th century to help care for his children. The king wants the best for his children, but Anna soon discovers that he is a strong-willed but quixotic leader, and her stay in Thailand becomes a struggle for power with romantic overtones, as they decide who will have authority over the royal youngsters. Anna and the King was directed by Andy Tennant, best known for his 1998 variation on the Cinderella story, Ever After. -- Mark Deming

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Crowned Heads | Culture Clash | Interracial/Cross-Cultural Romance | Nannies and Caregivers | Opposites Attract | Servants and Employers
Keywords : governess, king, widow/widower, nanny, Thailand, culture-clash, will [document], child
Attributes : High Production Values
Epic, Romance, Period Film, Romantic Epic 
Jodie Foster ... Anna Leonowens
Chow Yun-Fat ... King Mongkut
Bai Ling ... Tuptim
Tom Felton ... Louis
Syed Alwi ... The Kralahome
Keith Chin ... Prince Chulalongkorn
Randall Duk Kim ... General Alak
Melissa Campbell ... Princess Fa-Ying
Deanna Yusoff ... Lady Thiang
52 2/4
Anna Karenina 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Joe Wright reteams with Keira Knightley for this version of Anna Karenina, which boasts a script by Tom Stoppard. Knightley stars as the title character, a Russian woman who cheats on her respected husband (Jude Law) with a young soldier (Aaron Johnson) and suffers greatly for her betrayal. Wright sets the action in a theater, often segueing from scene to scene by utilizing different spaces within the same set. Anna Karenina screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Infidelity | Star-Crossed Lovers
Romance, Period Film, Romantic Drama 
Keira Knightley ... Anna Karenina
Jude Law ... Karenin
Matthew MacFadyen ... Oblonsky
Domhnall Gleeson ... Levin
Alicia Vikander ... Kitty
Kelly MacDonald ... Dolly
Ruth Wilson ... Princess Betsy Tverskoy
Olivia Williams ... Countess Vronsky
Emily Watson ... Countess Lydia Ivanovna
Eric MacLennan ... Matvey
Theo Morrissey ... Grisha Oblonsky
Cecily Morrissey ... Lili Oblonsky
Freya Galpin ... Masha Oblonsky
Octavia Morrissey ... Tanya Oblonsky
Beatrice Morrissey ... Vasya Oblonsky
Marine Battier ... Mlle. Roland
Guro Nagelhus Schia ... Annushka
Aruhan Galieva ... Aruhan
Carl Grose ... Korney
Bryan Hands ... Mikhail Slyudin
Oskar McNamara ... Serozha
Luke Newberry ... Vasily Lukich
Michael Shaeffer ... Doorkeeper
Steven Beard ... Elderly Waiter
Pip Torrens ... Prince Shcherbatsky
Susanne Lothar ... Princess Shcherbatsky
Alexandra Roach ... Countess Nordston
Henry Lloyd-Hughes ... Burisov
Aaron Taylor-Johnson ... Vronsky
David Wilmot ... Nikolai
Tannishtha Chatterjee ... Masha
Joseph Macnab ... Guards Officer
Nick Holder ... Stationmaster
Claire Greenway ... Austrian Princess
Mike Shepherd ... Wheel Tapper
Arthur Nightingale ... Oblonsky's Servant
Buffy Davis ... Agafia
Gala Wesson ... Kitchen Maid
Eros Vlahos ... Boris
Kyle Soller ... Korsunsky
Sam Cox ... Kapitonich
Max Bennett ... Petritsky
Holliday Grainger ... Baroness
Jude Monk McGowan ... Tuskevitch
Antony Byrne ... Colonel
Michelle Dockery ... Princess Myagkaya
Emerald Fennell ... Princess Merkalova
Sarine Sofair ... Anna's Friend
Raphaël Personnaz ... Alexander Vronsky
Bill Skarsgård ... Makhotin
Cara Delevingne ... Princess Sorokina
Bodil Blain ... Princess Sorokina Senior
Hera Hilmar ... Varya
Kenneth Collard ... Prince Tverskoy
Steve Evets ... Theodore
Conor McCarry ... Young Peasant
Giles King ... Stremov
Martin Wimbush ... Anna's Doctor
James Northcote ... Princess Betsy's Footman
Duncan Wisbey ... Shopkeeper
Jamie Beamish ... Opera House Husband
Shirley Henderson ... Opera House Wife
Simon Muller ... Opera House Manager
Nikolai Lester ... Piano Prodigy
Tillie-Bett Grant ... Baby Anya
54 2/4
The Ant Bully 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A kid who hates ants finds himself living among the six-legged critters in this computer-animated comedy-adventure. Lucas Nickle (voice of Zach Tyler Eisen) is a ten-year-old boy whose family has just moved to a new town, and Lucas isn't enjoying it much -- he hasn't made any friends yet, his big sister ignores him, his parents (voices of Larry Miller and Cheri Oteri) are occupied with their upcoming vacation in Mexico, and his loving but slightly crazy grandmother (voice of Lily Tomlin) is convinced space aliens are casing out the neighborhood. To make matters worse, the local bully has found Lucas and is making his life miserable, so the boy looks for someone he can push around -- and he soon finds a large colony of ants in his yard. Lucas takes out his frustrations by stomping, drowning, and burying the bugs, little realizing the ants see him as a threat to their safety and aren't about take his attacks lying down. Zoc (voice of Nicolas Cage) is a "wizard ant" who creates a formula that shrinks Lucas to the size of an insect, and the tiny boy is brought before the leader of the Ant Council (voice of Ricardo Montalban) and the Queen of the Colony (voice of Meryl Streep) to answer for his crimes against the ants. Showing compassion, the queen sentences Lucas not to death, but to live among them and see how difficult their circumstances can be. Nurse Ant Hova (voice of Julia Roberts) is put in charge of looking after Lucas, and with the help of Scout Fugax (voice of Bruce Campbell) and Forager Kreela (voice of Regina King), Lucas gets an eye-opening picture of how the other half lives -- just in time for Lucas to help the ants in an all-out battle against Stan (voice of Paul Giamatti), a pest-control man brought in to get rid of the bugs. Produced by Tom Hanks, The Ant Bully was written and directed by John A. Davis, who handled the same chores on the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Bullies | Curses and Spells | Shrunken People | Getting Along [k]
Keywords : ant, bully
Children's/Family, Comedy, Fantasy Comedy 
Julia Roberts ... Hova
Nicolas Cage ... Zoc
Meryl Streep ... Queen
Paul Giamatti ... Stan Beals
Regina King ... Kreela
Bruce Campbell ... Fugax
Lily Tomlin ... Mommo
Cheri Oteri ... Doreen Nickle
Larry Miller ... Fred Nickle
Allison Mack ... Tiffany Nickle
Ricardo Montalban ... Head Of Council
Myles Jeffrey ... Steve
Jake T. Austin ... Nicky
Rob Paulsen ... Beetle
Frank Welker ... Spindle, Frog, Caterpillar
David Kaye ... Sleeping Ant #2, Guard Ant #3, Wrangler Ant
Denzel Whitaker ... Albert
Jake Goldberg ... Helmet Boy, Nob, Red Teammate #1
Keith Alcorn ... Ant #18, Pupa, Soldier Ant #3
John A. Davis ... Ant #19
Tom Kenny ... Drone Ant, Ant #2, Ant #6, Ant Dad #1
Nika Futterman ... Ant #1, Ant #7
Susan Silo ... Ant #4
Larry Cedar ... Ant #8
Nicole Sullivan ... Ant #9
Candi Milo ... Nurse Ant #3
Tyler James Williams ... Blue Teammate #1
Austin Majors ... Blue Teammate #3
Jaishon Fisher ... Blue Teammate #4
Aaron Michael Drozin ... Blue Teammate #5
Max Burkholder ... Blue Teammate #6
Colin Ford ... Red Teammate #4
Shane Baumel ... Red Teammate #6
Neil Ross ... Wasp #1, Wasp #5
Bob Joles ... Wasp #2
Tress MacNeille ... Old Council Ant
Richard Green ... Wasp Leader
Don Frye ... Soldier Ant
Earl Boen ... Old Wizard Ant
Billy West ... Ant Dad #2
Laraine Newman ... Ant Mom #1
53 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A con artist named Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) gets a shot at redemption when his mentor (Michael Douglas) asks him to protect a superpowered suit. Donning the stunning technology, which shrinks him down to minuscule size, he fights off villains seeking to steal the invention, and organizes a heist that could save the world. Peyton Reed directs this high-octane superhero flick. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Heroic Mission | Shrunken People
Keywords : ant, hero, scientist, shrinking
Action, Superhero Film 
Paul Rudd ... Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Michael Douglas ... Dr. Hank Pym
Matt Gerald
Corey Stoll ... Darren Cross/Yellowjacket
Evangeline Lilly ... Hope Van Dyne
Michael Peña ... Luis
Bobby Cannavale ... Paxton
Judy Greer ... Maggie
David Dastmalchian ... Kurt
Wood Harris ... Gale
John Slattery ... Howard Stark
Gregg Turkington ... Dale
Hayley Atwell ... Peggy Carter
Martin Donovan ... Mitchell Carson
Garrett Morris ... Car Driver
Rod Hallett ... Hydra Buyer
Joe Chrest ... Frank
Joe Bucaro III ... Buyer
Jean Louisa Kelly ... Buyer
Dax Griffin ... Young Pym
Norma Alvarez ... Spanish Woman
Darcie Isabella Cottrell ... Young Daughter
Tedd Williams ... Raver
Carol Anne Watts ... Raver
Chuck David Willis ... Raver
M. Neko Parham ... Pool BBQ Dad
Kylen Davis ... Pool BBQ Kid
Zamani Wilder ... Pool BBQ Kid
Jim Coleman ... Pym Tech Gate Guard
Desmond Phillips ... Pym Tech Security Guard
Michael A. Cook ... EMT
Ricki Noel Lander ... Gorgeous Blonde
Rus Blackwell ... Superior Officer
Johnny Pemberton ... Ice Cream Store Customer
Nicholas Barrera ... Ernesto
Carlos Aviles ... Carlos
Lyndsi Larose ... Emily
Robert Crayton ... Peachy
Ajani Perkins ... Cop on Speaker
Jesse James Locorriere ... Alpha Guard
Zack Duhame ... Beta Guard
Kevin Lacz ... Vault Guard
Michael Trisler ... Vault Guard
Daniel Stevens ... Armed Guard
Alex Chansky ... Armed Guard
Clay Donahue Fontenot ... Armed Guard
Michael Jamorski ... Armed Guard
Casey Pieretti ... Armed Guard
Antal Kalik ... Lab Guard
Adam Hart ... Lab Guard
Reuben Langdon ... Lab Guard
Todd Schneider ... Lab Guard
Kevin Buttimer ... Lab Tech
Danny Vasquez ... Ignacio
Anna Akana ... Writer
Stan Lee ... Bartender
Tom Kenny ... Hideous Rabbit
Rick Avery ... Helicopter Pilot
55 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: DreamWorks and Pacific Data Images collaborated on this all computer-animated comedy-adventure about the ant angst of misfit worker ant, Z (voice of Woody Allen), who feels trapped by the conformist confines of his totalitarian ant civilization and eventually sets forth in search of Insectopia. After DreamWorks began animating Prince of Egypt June 1, 1995, the company launched Antz in Palo Alto a year later (5/20/96), the same month the DreamWorks/PDI partnership was announced. The screenplay by Chris and Paul Weitz and Todd Alcott has uncredited input by Woody Allen (who matched dialogue to fit his usual style of verbal delivery). The story suggests the possible influence of Yevgeny Zamatin's classic novel We (1923) and Ayn Rand's similar-themed Anthem (1936), filmed in the early '70s in a rarely seen unauthorized film adaptation (which Rand never allowed to be shown commercially). Following the 1995 Toy Story (1995), Antz is the second fully computer-animated feature, preceding the release of Disney's all-CGI A Bug's Life by seven weeks. Antz begins with worker ant Z discussing his feelings of insignificance with a shrink (voice of Paul Mazursky) before heading off to his tunnel-digging job, work supervised by General Mandible (Gene Hackman) and Colonel Cutter (Christopher Walken). Mandible has big dreams of conquest, and he convinces the Queen (Anne Bancroft) an attack is necessary to prevent a termite invasion. Her daughter is Princess Bala (Sharon Stone), who's not overly enchanted by her engagement to Mandible. The Princess goes slumming, visiting the bar where Z hangs out with his friend Weaver (Sylvester Stallone). To the tune of "Guantanamera," Bala dances with Z -- in a scene with allusions to the dance in Pulp Fiction (1994). Entranced by the encounter, Z convinces Weaver to swap places, so a military parade will allow him to see Bala in the reviewing stand. Befriended by soldier ant Barbatus (Danny Glover) during the parade, Z nervously realizes he's actually marching into battle. Attacked by termites, the troops experience horrors highly reminiscent of the Starship Troopers (1997) bug battles. The dying Barbatus tells Z, "Don't follow orders all your life." As the only survivor of the slaughter, Z returns home a war hero. Threatened by Mandible, Bala and Z are thrown together in a journey into the outside world, and they travel toward the legendary Insectopia. Major city newspaper critics were almost unanimous in their praise of Antz. Shown at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival. -- Bhob Stewart

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fighting the System | Unlikely Heroes | Opposites Attract | Race Against Time | Redemption
Keywords : angst, bad-guy, battle [war], child, conformity, espionage, good-guy, hero, invasion, love, misfit, princess, royalty, search, survivor, war, worker
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy 
Woody Allen ... Z
Sharon Stone ... Bala
Sylvester Stallone ... Weaver
Gene Hackman ... Mandible
Christopher Walken ... Cutter
Danny Glover ... Barbatus
Dan Aykroyd ... Chip
Jennifer Lopez ... Azteca
Jane Curtin ... Muffy
John Mahoney ... Drunk Scout
Anne Bancroft ... Queen
Paul Mazursky ... Psychologist
56 2/4
Any Given Sunday 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Oliver Stone takes on professional football, a sport whose grace and delicacy are a good match for his filmmaking style. Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino), the head coach of the Miami Sharks, won back-to-back championships four years ago. But new team owner Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) has little enthusiasm for the finer points of the game and is concerned only with the bottom line. The longtime strongman of Tony's team has been "Cap" Rooney (Dennis Quaid), a 39-year-old quarterback, but Christina balks at renewing his contract. When Cap is injured during a game, third-string rookie quarterback Willie Beaman (Jamie Foxx) goes on in his place and becomes a major star. But Beaman is mostly interested in fame and money, and he has little regard for Tony and his teammates. Any Given Sunday also stars James Woods as the team's doctor, LL Cool J as a star running back, Jim Brown as a former football great turned Sharks' defensive coordinator, Ann-Margret as Christina's alcoholic mother, Bill Bellamy as a wide receiver, Elizabeth Berkley as Tony's favorite prostitute, and Charlton Heston as the football commissioner. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Football Players | Coaches and Players | All Washed Up | Redemption | Underdogs
Keywords : football, football-team, NFL (National Football League), coach, football-star, quarterback, ego, fame, teamwork
Drama, Ensemble Film, Sports Drama 
Al Pacino ... Tony D'Amato
Cameron Diaz ... Christina Pagniacci
Dennis Quaid ... Jack "Cap" Rooney
James Woods ... Dr. Harvey Mandrake
Jamie Foxx ... Willie Beamen
LL Cool J ... Julian "J Man" Washington
Matthew Modine ... Dr. Allie Powers
Jim Brown ... Montezuma Monroe
Charlton Heston ... The Commissioner
Ann-Margret ... Margaret Pagniacci
Aaron Eckhart ... Nick Crozier
John C. McGinley ... Jack Rose
Lauren Holly ... Cindy Rooney
Lela Rochon ... Vanessa Struthers
Lawrence Taylor ... Luther "Shark" Lavay
Bill Bellamy ... Jimmy Sanderson
James Karen ... Ed Phillips
Gianni Russo ... Joe Polito
Elizabeth Berkley ... Mandy Murphy
Andrew Bryniarski ... Patrick "Madman" Kelly
Duane Martin
Clifton Davis ... Mayor Tyrone Smalls
Marty Wright
Sean Stone ... Fan
Dick Butkus ... Coach
Archery Serving 
Instructional Video
58 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Michael Bay directed this 150-million-dollar science fiction action thriller about an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, sending fireballs down on Manhattan, prompting a plan to split the asteroid into two sections before it arrives and causes human extinction. NASA executive director Dan Truman (Billy Bob Thornton) brings in the world's number-one oil driller, Harry S. Stamper (Bruce Willis), who assembles his team that is trained for the task. The group includes top crew hand A.J. Frost (Ben Affleck), who is involved in a relationship with Stamper's daughter Grace (Liv Tyler). With only days remaining, two shuttles head into space to drill 800 feet into the asteroid and nuke the rock. Back on Earth, as mini-asteroids pelt Paris and Shanghai, humanity hopes and prays for a successful mission. -- Bhob Stewart

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission | Space Travel | Daring Rescues | Hotshots | Race Against Time | End of the World
Keywords : asteroid, collision-course, earth, mission [quest], astronaut, oil-rig
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Action, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Bruce Willis ... Harry S. Stamper
Billy Bob Thornton ... Dan Truman
Liv Tyler ... Grace Stamper
Ben Affleck ... A.J. Frost
Will Patton ... Charles (Chick) Chapple
Peter Stormare ... Lev Andropov
Keith David ... Gen. Kimsey
Steve Buscemi ... Rockhound
Owen Wilson ... Oscar Choi
William Fichtner ... Col. William Sharp
Jessica Steen ... Co-Pilot Jennifer Watts
Jason Isaacs ... Ronald Quincy
Grayson McCouch ... Gruber
Clark Heathcliffe Brolly ... Freddy Noonan
Chris Ellis ... Walter Clark
Eddie Griffin ... Little Guy
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Jayotis (Bear) Kurleenbear
John Mahon ... Karl
Grace Zabriskie ... Dottie
Udo Kier ... Psychologist
Seiko Matsuda ... Asian Tourist (Female)
Lawrence Tierney ... Hollis Vernon (Grap) Stamper
Charlton Heston ... Narrator
Ellen Cleghorne ... Helga (the Nurse)
Anthony Guidera ... Tucker, Shuttle Independence Co-Pilot
Judith Hoag ... Denise
852 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Denis Villeneuve directed this science-fiction suspense film about Earth's response to a possible alien invasion. After extraterrestrial spacecraft plant themselves at various locations around the globe, a linguist (Amy Adams) and a theoretical physicist (Jeremy Renner) must find a way to communicate with the mysterious visitors in order to learn what they want and whether they pose a threat to humanity. Forest Whitaker and Michael Stuhlbarg co-star. -- Violet LeVoit

Moods : Head Trips
Themes : Benign Aliens | Chosen One | Haunted By the Past | Heroic Mission | Miraculous Events
Keywords : alien [not human], close-encounter, humanity, language, language-barrier, time, translator, UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Alien Film, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Amy Adams ... Dr. Louise Banks
Jeremy Renner ... Ian Donnelly
Forest Whitaker ... Colonel Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg ... Agent Halpern
Mark O'Brien ... Captain Marks
Tzi Ma ... General Shang
Frank Schorpion ... Dr. Kettler
Andrew Shaver ... Environmental Tech
Pat Kiely ... Environmental Tech
Sonia Vigneault ... Dr. j. Bydwell
Mark Camacho ... Richard Riley
Julian Casey ... Australian Scientist
Larry Day ... CIA Officer Dan Ryder
Ruth Chiang ... Chinese Scientist
Russell Yuen ... Chinese Scientist
Sergey Marchenko ... Russian Officer
Anana Rydvald ... Swedish Scientist
Bineyam Girma ... Sudan Representative
Abdelghafour Elaaziz ... African Representative
Abdul Ayoola ... Sierra Leone Representative
Albert Kwan ... Chinese Man
Joe Cobden ... Cryptographer
Lorne Brass ... Cryptographer
Brent Skagford ... Nurse
Dan Duran ... TV Anchor
Lori Graham ... TV Anchor
Ola Sturik ... TV Anchor
Paul-Antoine Taillefer ... TV Anchor
59 2/4
The Arrival 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A shy radio telescope operator named Zane Ziminski (Charlie Sheen) picks up a series of regular signals coming from space -- and deliberately pointed toward Earth. Convinced that he has discovered alien transmissions, Ziminski is first chastised and then fired by his boss (Ron Silver). Obsessed, he builds a makeshift radio telescope in his house to find out where the signals were sent. Convinced that they're intended for aliens already hidden on Earth, he tracks them to a bleak, isolated Mexican village, where he joins forces with a female scientist (Lindsay Crouse), who has suspicions of her own after witnessing an acceleration of global warming. The villagers turn out to be aliens, and the village a front for an underground alien complex. The aliens are here to "terraform" Earth and prepare it for the arrival of the rest of their race, who will die unless they leave their homeworld and colonize elsewhere. Only Ziminski can stop them. Written and directed by David N. Twohy, The Arrival is a throwback to the genre chillers of the '50s. -- Don Kaye

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Evil Aliens | Heroic Mission | Amateur Sleuths | Assumed Identities
Keywords : attack, alien [not human], invasion, man-vs-aliens, message, on-the-run, paranoia, world-domination
Science Fiction, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Charlie Sheen ... Zane Ziminski
Ron Silver ... Phil Gordian
Lindsay Crouse ... Ilana Green
Teri Polo ... Char
Richard Schiff ... Calvin
Tony T. Johnson ... Kiki
Buddy Joe Hooker ... 2nd Department of Defence Man
Leon Rippy ... 1st Department of Defence Man
Phyllis Applegate ... Mrs. Roosevelt
Alan Coates ... Terraformer
Javier Morga ... co-worker
Catalina Botello ... N. C. A. R. Woman
Georg Lillitsch ... George, Computer Technician
David Villalpando ... cabbie
Ellen Bradley ... screaming woman
José Garcia ... planecorp guard
Jorge Zepeda ... detective
Roger Cudney ... JPL Official
Jacqueline Voltaire ... reporter
Reed Johnson ... maintenance man
Shane ... 1st JPL guard
60 3/4
As Good As It Gets 
AMG SYNOPSIS: James L. Brooks (Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News) directed this $50 million-plus romantic comedy, set in Manhattan. Dysfunctional, acid-tongued romance novelist Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson), who suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder, takes pride in his ability to offend. At a nearby cafe, the only waitress willing to stand up to his sarcastic tirades is Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt), a single mother struggling to raise her chronically asthmatic son. In Melvin's West Village apartment building, talented contemporary artist Simon Nye (Greg Kinnear) lives across the hall from Melvin. Simon is the current darling of the New York art world, reason enough to draw Melvin's verbal fire, but Simon's gay lifestyle is further grist for the novelist's malicious mill. These three New Yorkers, none of whom appears to have a chance in hell at finding true happiness, discover their fates intertwined because of the fourth complicated character in the piece, Verdell, a tiny Brussels Griffon dog (played by newcomer Jill, after a 15-week training program). Melvin seems to have no friends or family, and he lives alone, working on his 62nd book.
When Simon goes into the hospital after a brutal mugging, Melvin has to take care of Verdell, and the dog actually warms Melvin's cold heart -- to the degree that he sets up unsolicited medical care for Carol's son. Eventually, Melvin is cornered into driving Simon and Carol to Baltimore, and during a hotel stopover, Melvin confesses to Carol, "You make me want to be a better man." The trip becomes an odyssey of self-realization for all three. Locations included Brooklyn's Prospect Park (Carol's neighborhood) and Greenwich Village (where Melvin's building is on 12th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues). Other exteriors were shot in downtown Los Angeles, where a dilapidated transient hotel at the corner of 4th Street and Main was transformed into the chic cafe where Carol works. Sets for the Simon/Melvin apartment interiors were erected on a soundstage at the Sony Pictures lot. Simon's paintings were created for the film by New York artist Billy Sullivan, whose work is part of the modern art collection at NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art. -- Bhob Stewart

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Opposites Attract | Redemption | Age Disparity Romance | Looking For Love | Single Parents | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : friendship, love-triangle, love, dog, artist, homosexual, waiter
Attributes : High Production Values
Comedy Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life 
Jack Nicholson ... Melvin Udall
Helen Hunt ... Carol Connelly
Greg Kinnear ... Simon Bishop
Skeet Ulrich ... Vincent
Yeardley Smith ... Jackie
Lupe Ontiveros ... Nora
Harold Ramis ... Dr. Betz
Leslie Stefanson ... Cafe Waitress
Wood Harris
Jamie Kennedy ... Street Hustler
Jesse James ... Spencer Connelly
61 2/4
Assault on Precinct 13 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This action-packed remake of the John Carpenter classic tells the tale of an under-manned Detroit police precinct on its last day of operation that finds itself under siege by a ruthless force that will not stop. This time, a notorious cop-killer and mobster Marion Bishop (Laurence Fishbourne) is unexpectedly brought into the precinct during a blizzard on New Year's Eve, much to the dismay of police sergeant Jake Roenick (Ethan Hawke). By nightfall, the remaining cops and prisoners find themselves fighting for their lives against a group of rogue cops intent on taking down Bishop before he testifies against them in the courtroom. Now it's up to the officers, secretaries, and inmates on the inside to band together just to survive this one night. Also starring Gabriel Byrne, John Leguizamo, Drea de Matteo, and Brian Dennehy. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Hostage Situations | Rogue Cops | Police Corruption | Under Siege
Keywords : precinct, siege, cop-killer, hostage, police-corruption, gangster, organized-crime, demands, psychiatrist, negotiation
Action, Action Thriller, Police Drama 
Ethan Hawke ... Sgt. Jake Roenick
Laurence Fishburne ... Marion Bishop
Drea de Matteo ... Iris Ferry
Brian Dennehy ... Jasper O'Shea
John Leguizamo ... Beck
Ja Rule ... Smiley
Maria Bello ... Alex Sabian
Gabriel Byrne ... Marcus Duvall
Peter Bryant ... Liet. Holloway
Fulvio Cecere ... Ray Ray
Kim Coates ... Rosen
Matt Craven ... Capra
Courtney Cunningham ... Cop #1
Hugh Dillon ... Tony
Jasmin Geljo ... Marko
Currie Graham ... Kuhane
Jessica Greco ... Coral
Dorian Harewood ... Gil
Aisha Hinds ... Anna
Jeff Ironi ... Fireman #1
Ray Kahnert ... Priest
Brian King ... Fireman #2
Philip Marshall ... Hagen
Arnold Pinnock ... Carlyle
Roman Podhora ... Cop #3
Sasha Roiz ... Jason Elias
Titus Welliver ... Milos
62 3/4
The Astronaut Farmer 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An aspiring astronaut who was forced to forsake his dream of exploring space in order to save the family farm begins building his own personal rocket as a means of reaching the stars in this quirky rural drama starring Billy Bob Thornton. There once was a time when Charlie Farmer (Thornton) seemed like a shoo-in for NASA's esteemed astronaut training program. An Air Force pilot who held a degree in aerospace engineering, Charlie was well on his way to blasting off when a family crisis grounded his celestial aspirations. Of course, Charlie's feet may be firmly planted on terra firma these days, but his thoughts are constantly ascending into the clouds and beyond. It's been ten long years since the man who would navigate the stars began tending to the family farm, and during that time, Charlie has dedicated every moment of his spare time to building the rocket that will one day launch him into space. Though his devoted wife, Audie (Virginia Madsen), the pair's three children, Sunshine, Stanley, and Shepard, and even his father-in-law, Hal (Bruce Dern), all support Charlie in achieving his lifelong goal of becoming the nation's first independent astronaut, a last-minute hitch on the eve before the big launch unexpectedly stalls Charlie's countdown. It seems that Charlie's quest to obtain a substantial amount of high-grade rocket fuel has attracted the attention of not only the FBI, but the CIA, the FAA, and the United States military as well. Now, as the powers that be attempt to ground Charlie, citing concerns for civilian safety, a media frenzy descends upon the once-quiet farm as the reluctant renegade hero vows to show his children just how far one's courage and willingness to pursue one's own ideals can get a person when one refuses to give up hope. Northfork writing/directing duo Mark and Michael Polish team up to tell the tale of a man considered an oddity by his neighbors, a criminal by the government, and an inspiration by the media and the people. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Farm Life | Fighting the System | Obsessive Quests
Keywords : astronaut, dream, media-circus, ranch, rocket, suspicion
Drama, Americana, Rural Drama 
Billy Bob Thornton ... Charles Farmer
Virginia Madsen ... Audrey "Audie" Farmer
Max Thieriot ... Shepard Farmer
Jasper Polish ... Stanley Farmer
Logan Polish ... Sunshine Farmer
Bruce Dern ... Hal
Jon Gries ... Agent Kilborne, FBI Agent Killbourne
Mark Polish ... FBI Agen Mathis
Tim Blake Nelson ... Kevin Munchak
Sal Lopez ... Pepe Garcia
Bruce Willis ... The Colonel
J.K. Simmons ... Jacobson
Kiersten Warren ... Phyllis
Rick Overton ... Arnold "Amie" Millard
Richard Barela
Richard Edson ... Chopper Miller
Elise Eberle ... Madison Roberts
Julie White ... Beth Goode
Graham Beckel ... Frank
Marshall Bell ... Judge Miller
Kathleen Arc ... Mrs. Harder
Lois Geary ... Mrs. Graham
Dianne Anderson Mathis ... Reporter #1
William Lawrence Allen ... Reporter #2
Gregory Chase ... NASA Committee Member
Forrest Fyre ... State Senator
Janelle Sperow ... State Congresswoman
Robert E. Fleischer ... Will Beacon
Kathy Lamkin ... Jodie
Charlie Brown ... Phil
Gary Houston ... Dr. Livingston
Adam Taylor ... FBI Agent #1
David House ... FBI Agent #2
Matthew Kimbrough ... Henry Malone
Jay Leno ... Jay Leno
Steve Cormier ... Appraiser
Scarlett McAlister ... Local New Reporter
Deborah Martinez ... Reporter #3
Benjamin Petry ... Child #1
Cheyenne Serano ... Child #2
Kevin Wiggins ... Rocket Expert
Mary Sue Evans ... NASA Expert
Eugene Nomura ... Japanese Anchorman
Vikrum Shah ... Hindu Anchorman
Yvans Jourdain ... French Anchorman
John Burke ... Reporter
Esodie Geiger ... CNN News Reporter
Richard Gunn ... Square Dance Caller
Marc Miles ... Rocket Ride Operator
Jenny Gabrielle ... Vanessa
David Sullivan ... Young Man
63 0/4
Atlantis: Milo's Return 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Atlantis: Milo's Return is a direct-to-video animated sequel made up of three episodes. In the first episode, Milo (voice of James Arnold Taylor) and Queen Kida (voice of Cree Summer) find a town called Krakenstad, lead by Magistrate Edgar Volgud (voice of Clancy Brown). In the second story, the team of adventurers heads to the American Southwest to investigate a sandstorm and meet land prospector Sam McKeane (voice of Jeff Bennett). In the third episode, Whitmore (voice of John Mahoney) fights his old adversary Erik Hellstrom (voice of Morgan Sheppard). -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Lost Worlds
Keywords : Atlantis, adventurer, exploration, fight, lost-city, prospector, sea-monster
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Mythological Fantasy 
Cree Summer ... Princess Kida
Don Novello ... Vinny Santorini
Jacqueline Obradors ... Audrey Ramirez
John Mahoney ... Preston B. Whitmore
Corey Burton ... Mole
Florence Stanley ... Mrs. Packard
Phil Morris ... Dr. Sweet
James Arnold Taylor ... Milo Thatch
64 2/4
Atlantis: The Lost Empire 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The first Disney cartoon to be produced in the 70 mm format since The Black Cauldron (1985), this blend of traditional animation with computer-generated imagery is a straight adventure tale of the Jules Verne school, eschewing the studio's typical formula of cute critters mixed with song-and-dance routines. Michael J. Fox is the voice of Milo Thatch, a lowly museum employee and linguist in the early 20th century who's determined to continue his late grandfather's search for the lost, sunken empire of Atlantis. Bankrolled by eccentric millionaire Preston Whitmore (John Mahoney), Milo teams up with a diverse crew of mercenaries led by submarine commander Rourke (James Garner). After a sea battle with a giant denizen of the deep, the explorers locate the submerged civilization. Milo falls in love with Princess Kida (Cree Summer), the daughter of Atlantis' aged ruler (Leonard Nimoy), and must choose sides when it's revealed that some of his fellow expedition members intend to steal a mystical energy source from their hosts. Claudia Christian, Mark Hamill, David Ogden Stiers, Don Novello, and the late Jim Varney co-star. Although considered a shoo-in for a nomination in the debut year of the new Oscar category of Best Animated Feature, Atlantis: The Lost Empire faced stiff competition from other non-live-action entertainment in the summer of 2001, including Shrek, Final Fantasy, and Monsters Inc.. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Heroic Mission | Lost Worlds
Keywords : Atlantis, lost-civilization, museum, ruler, search, grandfather
Adventure, Children's/Family, Science Fiction, Sea Adventure, Fantasy Adventure 
Michael J. Fox ... Milo James Thatch
James Garner ... Commander Lyle T. Rourke
Cree Summer ... Princess Kidagakash "Kida"
Leonard Nimoy ... Kashekim Nedakh "King of Atlantis"
Don Novello ... Vincenzo "Vinny" Santorini
Claudia Christian ... Helga Sinclair
Jacqueline Obradors ... Audrey Ramirez
John Mahoney ... Preston B. Whitmore
Corey Burton ... Gaetan "Mole" Moliere
David Ogden Stiers ... Fenton Q. Harcourt
Jim Varney ... Jebidiah Allardyce "Cookie" Farnsworth
Florence Stanley ... Wilhelmina Bertha Packard
Phil Morris ... Dr. Joshua Sweet
65 2/4
Austin Powers in Goldmember 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mike Myers' phenomenally successful spy spoof gains a few more characters, a slew of celebrity cameos, and even more free-associative laughs in this third installment of the popular franchise. Austin Powers in Goldmember continues the exploits of the swinging-'60s leftover, who, as the film opens, is busy critiquing a big-budget Hollywood production of his life story, replete with a 20-million-dollar star in the lead role and a slew of John Woo-style action scenes. But not far from the soundstage lurks arch nemesis Dr. Evil (Myers), who has opened up a talent agency representing some of the industry's biggest stars -- all the while channeling their profits into a diabolical world-destruction plan with the unfortunate code name Preparation H. Dr. Evil presents a distraction to Austin by kidnapping his similarly swingin' father, Nigel Powers, and transporting him back in time to 1975. Travelling there to save his father -- and in turn win back his dad's sometimes-errant affection -- Austin comes across the alluring superspy Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles). The three of them travel back to the present day, where they join forces to battle Dr. Evil and his posse of nefarious evil-doers, including the trusty clone Mini-Me (Verne Troyer); his snotty son, Scott (Seth Green); the inimitable Fat Bastard (Myers); and the eponymous new addition to the fold: the epidermis-obsessed, precious-metal-fortified Dutchman called Goldmember (Myers). -- Michael Hastings

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Heroic Mission | Time Travel | End of the World
Keywords : spy, time-machine, time-travel, world-destruction, swinging-single, family-secrets
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Spy Comedy 
Mike Myers ... Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard, Goldmember
Beyoncé Knowles ... Foxxy Cleopatra
Seth Green ... Scott Evil
Robert Wagner ... Number Two
Michael York ... Basil Expedition
Mindy Sterling ... Frau Farbissina
Verne Troyer ... Mini-Me
Michael Caine ... Nigel Powers
Tom Cruise ... Austin Powers (in Movie)
Katie Couric ... Prison Guard
Danny DeVito ... Mini-Me (in Movie)
Quincy Jones ... Himself
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Dixie Normous
Fred Savage ... Number Three
Britney Spears ... Herself
Kevin Spacey ... Dr. Evil (in Movie)
Clint Howard ... Johnson Ritter
Carrie Ann Inaba ... Fook Yu
Josh Zuckerman ... Young Dr. Evil
Aaron Himelstein ... Young Austin Powers
Diane Mizota ... Fook Mi
John Travolta ... Goldmember (in Movie)
66 2/4
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Austin Powers -- fashion photographer, denizen of Swingin' London, international espionage agent, and bane of dental hygienists everywhere -- returns in his second screen adventure. Powers (once again played by Mike Myers), a 1960s superspy stranded in the 1990s, discovers that his nemesis, criminal genius Dr. Evil (also Mike Myers), has somehow stolen his "mojo" (the secret to his otherwise inexplicable sex appeal) and traveled back in time to the 1960s as part of his latest fiendish scheme. Powers must also travel back in time to retrieve it, but if Austin doesn't quite fit into 1998, he's been there just long enough not to fit in in 1968 anymore, either. Powers also discovers that Dr. Evil has new allies this time: Mini-Me (Verne Troyer), a clone of Dr. Evil one-eighth his size but just as nasty; Fat Bastard (Myers yet again), whose name describes him just fine; and vixenish assassin Robin Swallows (Gia Carides). Powers' lack of mojo also proves troublesome when he's paired with his new partner, saucy CIA operative Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham). Other characters returning from the first film include Elizabeth Hurley as Vanessa Kensington, Robert Wagner as Number Two, Michael York as Basil Exposition, Seth Green as Scott Evil, and Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me also includes cameo appearances from Tim Robbins, Jerry Springer, Woody Harrelson, and Burt Bacharach with his current songwriting partner, Elvis Costello. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Culture Clash | Time Travel | Heroic Mission
Keywords : CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), clone, evil, nemesis, partner, photography, spy, stranded
Comedy, Parody/Spoof, Spy Comedy, Absurd Comedy 
Mike Myers ... Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard
Heather Graham ... Felicity Shagwell
Michael York ... Basil Exposition
Robert Wagner ... Number Two
Rob Lowe ... Young Number Two
Seth Green ... Scott Evil
Mindy Sterling ... Frau Farbissina
Verne Troyer ... Mini-Me
Elizabeth Hurley ... Vanessa Kensington
Kristen Johnston ... Ivana Humpalot
Gia Carides ... Robin Swallows
Burt Bacharach ... Himself
Elvis Costello ... Himself
Will Ferrell ... Mustafa
Woody Harrelson ... Himself
Charles Napier ... General Hawk
Willie Nelson ... Himself
Tim Robbins ... President of the United States
Rebecca Romijn ... Herself
Jerry Springer ... Himself
Fred Willard ... Mission Commander
Muse Watson ... The Klansman
Clint Howard ... Johnson Ritter
67 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Set against the scenic backdrop of pre-World War II Australia, Baz Luhrmann's romantic period adventure stars Nicole Kidman as an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch, and Hugh Jackman as the rough-and-tumble cattle driver who helps protect her property from greedy English cattle barons. As the pair attempt to herd 2,000 head of cattle hundreds of miles across the treacherous Australian outback, they are stunned to bear witness to the bombing of Darwin by Japanese forces -- who just a few months prior launched a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : For Love of Country
Themes : Class Differences | Haunted By the Past | Life on the Homefront | Ranchers
Keywords : Australia, English [nationality], cattlemen, ranch
Adventure, Epic, Period Film, Romantic Epic 
Nicole Kidman ... Lady Sarah Ashley
Hugh Jackman ... Drover
David Wenham ... Neil Fletcher
Bryan Brown ... King Carney
Jack Thompson ... Kipling Flynn
David Gulpilil ... King George
Brandon Walters ... Nullah
David Ngoombujarra ... Magarri
Ben Mendelsohn ... Captain Dutton
Barry Otto ... Administrator Allsop
Kerry Walker ... Myrtle Allsop
Sandy Gore ... Gloria Carney
Ursula Yovich ... Daisy
Lillian Crombie ... Bandy Legs
Jacek Koman ... Ivan
Tony Barry ... Sergeant Callahan
Max Cullen ... Old Drunk
Eddie Baroo ... Bull
68 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A paraplegic ex-marine finds a new life on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find himself battling humankind alongside the planet's indigenous Na'vi race in this ambitious digital 3D sci-fi epic from Academy Award-winning Titanic director James Cameron. The film, which marks Cameron's first dramatic feature since 1997's Titanic, follows Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a war veteran who gets called to the depths of space to pick up the job of his slain twin brother for the scientific arm of a megacorporation looking to mine the planet of Pandora for a valued ore. Unfortunately the biggest deposit of the prized substance lies underneath the home of the Na'vi, a ten-foot-tall, blue-skinned native tribe who have been at war with the security arm of the company, lead by Col. Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Because of the planet's hostile atmosphere, humans have genetically grown half-alien/half-human bodies which they can jack their consciousnesses into and explore the world in. Since Jake's brother already had an incredibly expensive Avatar grown for him, he's able to connect with it using the same DNA code and experience first-hand the joys of Pandora while giving the scientific team, led by Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) and Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore), some well-needed protection against the planet's more hostile forces.
On a chance meeting after getting separated from his team, Jake's Avatar is rescued by Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), a Na'vi princess, who brings him into her tribe in order to give the humans a second chance at relating to this new environment. When word gets out of his increasing time with the alien species, Quaritch enlists Jake to do some reconnaissance for the company, as they'd like to persuade the tribe to move their home before taking more drastic measures to harness the treasure hidden below. Yet as Jake becomes one with the tribe and begins to understand the secrets of Pandora, his conscience is torn between his new adopted world and the wheelchair-bound one awaiting him when the psychic connection to his Avatar is broken. Soon battle lines are drawn and Jake needs to decide which side he will fight on when the time comes. The film was shot on the proprietary FUSION digital 3D cameras developed by Cameron in collaboration with Vince Pace, and offers a groundbreaking mix of live-action dramatic performances and computer-generated effects. The revolutionary motion-capture system created for the film allows the facial expressions of actors to be captured as a virtual camera system enables them to see what their computer-generated counterparts will be seeing in the film, and Peter Jackson's Oscar-winning Weta Digital visual-effects house supervises Avatar's complex special effects. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Eyepoppers | Other Dimensions
Themes : Chosen One | Crisis of Conscience | Heroic Mission | Space Wars | Switching Sides
Keywords : experiment, cross-cultural-relations, genetic-engineering, indigenous-peoples, invasion, native-uprising, twins
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Sam Worthington ... Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana ... Neytiri
Sigourney Weaver ... Grace
Stephen Lang ... Col. Miles Quaritch
Michelle Rodriguez ... Trudy Chacon
Giovanni Ribisi ... Parker Selfridge
CCH Pounder ... Moat
Wes Studi ... Eytukan
Laz Alonso ... Tsu'tey
Dileep Rao ... Dr. Max Patel
Matt Gerald ... Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
Jason Whyte ... Cryo Vault Med Tech
Scott Lawrence ... Venture Star Crew Chief
Kelly Kilgour ... Lock Up Trooper
James Pitt ... Shuttle Pilot
Sean Patrick Murphy ... Shuttle Co-Pilot
Peter Dillon ... Shuttle Crew Chief
Kevin Dorman ... Tractor Operator
Kelson Henderson ... Dragon Gunship Pilot
David Van Horn ... Dragon Gunship Gunner
Jacob Tomuri ... Dragon Gunship Navigator
Michael Blain-Rozgay ... Suit #1
Jon Curry ... Suit #2
Peter Mensah ... Horse Clan Leader
Julene Renee ... Ambient Room Tech
Luke Hawker ... Ambient Room Tech
Sonia Yee ... Link Room Tech
Jahnel Curfman ... Basketball Avatar
Ilram Choi ... Basketball Avatar
Kyla Warren ... Na'vi Child
69 4/4
The Avengers 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Marvel Studios delivers the ultimate comic-book film, which ties together such characters as Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) for a big-screen franchise team-up like no other. Taking center stage this time is Nick Fury (played once again by the note-perfect Samuel L. Jackson), leader of the peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury, along with former Russian spy Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), recruits a super team to combat Thor's ever-deceptive brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) after he brainwashes ace archer Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) while stealing a cosmic cube from an underground base. Thus the heroes must learn to work together alongside outlaw scientist Bruce Banner (Ruffalo), who can track down the artifact's gamma signals when he's not hulking out into a giant green monster. Show runner Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly) adapted and helmed the script by Zak Penn. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Evil Aliens | Heroic Mission | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects
Keywords : aircraft-carrier, billionaire, soldier, Superhero, team
Action, Superhero Film, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Chris Evans ... Steve Rogers/Captain America
Mark Ruffalo ... Bruce Banner/The Hulk
Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Scarlett Johansson ... Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Jeremy Renner ... Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Tom Hiddleston ... Loki
Clark Gregg ... Agent Phil Coulson
Cobie Smulders ... Agent Maria Hill
Stellan Skarsgård ... Selvig
Samuel L. Jackson ... Nick Fury
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Pepper Potts
Paul Bettany ... Jarvis
Alexis Denisof ... The Other
Tina Benko ... NASA Scientist
Jerzy Skolimowski ... Georgi Luchkov
Kirill Nikiforov ... Weaselly Thug
Jeff Wolfe ... Tall Thug
M'Laah Singh ... Young Girl
Rashmi Rustagi ... Calcutta Woman
Powers Boothe ... World Security Council Member
Jenny Agutter ... World Security Council Member
Arthur Darbinyan ... World Security Council Member
Donald Li ... World Security Council Member
Warren Kole ... Carrier BridgeTech
Alicia Sixtos ... Carrier BridgeTech
Maximiliano Hernandez ... Agent Jasper Sitwell
Dieter Riesle ... Gala Scientist
Kenneth Tigar ... German Old Man
Harry Dean Stanton ... Security Guard
Josh Cowdery ... Maintenance Guy
Ashley Johnson ... Waitress
Katsumi Komatsu ... Member of Japanese Family
Yumiko Komatsu ... Member of Japanese Family
Momoko Komatsu ... Member of Japanese Family
Robert Clohessy ... Police Sergeant
Enver Gjokaj ... Young Cop
Fernanda Toker ... Office Woman
Andrea Vecchio ... News Reporter
Robin Swoboda ... News Reporter
Brent McGee ... Faceless Pilot
Jamie McShane ... Celebration Montage Interviewee
Michael Zhang ... Celebration Montage Interviewee
William Christopher Stevens ... Celebration Montage Interviewee
Kelley Robins Hicks ... Celebration Montage Interviewee
Romy Rosemont ... Shawna Lynde
James Eckhouse ... Senator Boynton
Damion Poitier ... Man #1
70 3/4
Avengers: Age of Ultron 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This sequel to the smash-hit comic-book epic The Avengers finds the iconic superhero team dealing with a threat of their own making: a sentient robot called Ultron (voice of James Spader), who was originally designed as part of a peacekeeping program. Since the events of the last film, Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) have been working to take down various cells of a secret society of villains known as HYDRA. Their zeal to make the world a better, safer place inspires Tony Stark, genius billionaire and alter ego of Iron Man, to create Ultron in order to respond to additional threats that the Avengers aren't able to handle. Ultron, unfortunately, takes this directive way too seriously -- he believes that world peace can only be achieved by exterminating humanity, and he'll stop at nothing to accomplish this goal. The battle between the Avengers and Ultron is further complicated by the appearance of superpowered siblings Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), who ally themselves with the homicidal android. Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders co-star as, respectively, S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Joss Whedon, writer and director of the previous Avengers movie, returns in both capacities here. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : aircraft-carrier, billionaire, soldier, Superhero, team
Action, Superhero Film, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Chris Evans ... Steve Rogers/Captain America
Mark Ruffalo ... Bruce Banner/The Hulk
Chris Hemsworth ... Thor
Scarlett Johansson ... Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Jeremy Renner ... Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Samuel L. Jackson ... Nick Fury
James Spader ... Ultron
Elizabeth Olsen ... Scarlet Witch
Aaron Taylor-Johnson ... Quicksilver
Thomas Kretschmann ... Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
Paul Bettany ... The Vision
Don Cheadle ... Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine
Cobie Smulders ... Maria Hill
Stellan Skarsgård ... Erik Selvig
Anthony Mackie ... Sam Wilson/The Falcon
Hayley Atwell ... Peggy Carter
Idris Elba ... Heimdall
Claudia Kim ... Dr. Helen Cho
Andy Serkis ... Ulysses Klaue
Julie Delpy ... Madame B
Henry Goodman ... Dr. List
Chris Luca ... Fortress Soldier
Brian Schaeffer ... Strucker Mercenary
Dominique Provost-Chalkley ... Zrinka
Isaac Andrews ... Costel
Gareth Kieran Jones ... Sokovian Acid Student
Chan Woo Lim ... Dr. Cho's Assistant
Minhee Yeo ... Dr. Cho's Assistant
Bentley Kalu ... Klaue's Mercenary
Julian Bleach ... Ballet Instructor
Chris Beasley ... Johannesburg Cop
Vuyo Dabula ... Johannesburg Cop
Nondumiso Tembe ... Johannesburg Driver
Kabelo Thai ... Johannesburg Onlooker
Lele Ledwaba ... Johannesburg Onlooker
Mandla Gaduka ... Johannesburg Onlooker
Harriet Manamela ... Johannesburg Onlooker
Antony Acheampong ... Johannesburg Elevator Passenger
Chioma Anyanwu ... Johannesburg Elevator Passenger
Ingvild Deila ... World Hub Tech
Sunny Yeo ... Korean Train Passenger
Namju Go ... Korean TrainPassenger
Mina Kwon ... Korean Train Passenger
Verity Hewlett ... Sokovian Family
Michael Matovski ... Sokovian Family
Alma Noce ... Sokovian Family
Riccardo Richetta ... Sokovian Family
Constanza Ruff ... Sokovian Woman
Julia Krynke ... Sokovian Driver
Ian Kay ... Sokovian SUV Passenger
Barry Aird ... Sokovian Police Captain
935 3/4
The Babadook 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Amelia (Essie Davis), the heroine of Jennifer Kent's horror movie The Babadook, is an Australian single mother haunted by memories of her late husband's tragic death. He was in the midst of taking his very pregnant wife to the delivery room when the couple had a devastating car wreck. Mother and baby were saved; dad perished. That was six years ago. Now, as the story opens, Amelia is raising her young son Samuel (Noah Wiseman), a sweet-natured but very precocious and troubled little boy. On a nightly basis, Samuel grows convinced that monsters lurk beneath his bed, and he has even constructed homemade weapons, such as a miniature wooden catapult and crossbow, to fend off the invading enemies. His eccentric behavior alienates his schoolteachers, who insist on removing him from a group setting in the classroom in favor of a special-needs situation with a one-on-one tutor. Meanwhile, Samuel's conduct stresses Amelia to the breaking point. The situation at home grows much more bizarre when Samuel asks his mom to read to him, and produces a strange children's storybook from his bedroom shelf. Entitled "The Babadook," it's an eerie pop-up book with charcoal illustrations of a demonic figure that announces itself by knocking at the door of a house six times ("Ba-ba-ba-DOOK-DOOK-DOOK"), and then devours all who reside within. Neither Amelia nor Samuel have ever seen this volume before, nor do they know how it turned up in their home. Stranger still, it lacks an author and publishing information. The book instantly has Samuel in tears, and Amelia plans to dispose of it, but that same night, six knocks sound on the door and rattle the house... --

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Death of a Parent | Demonic Possession | Fathers and Sons | Haunted By the Past | Mothers and Sons | Single Parents
Keywords : child, demon, ghost, mother
Horror, Creature Film, Gothic Film, Supernatural Horror 
Essie Davis ... Amelia
Barbara West ... Mrs. Roach
Daniel Henshall ... Robbie
Hayley McElhinney ... Claire
Tim Purcell ... The Babadook
Tiffany Lyndall-Knight ... Supermarket Mom
Cathy Adamek ... Prue
Peta Shannon ... Eastern Suburbs Mom 2
Benjamin Winspear ... Oskar
Michael Gilmour ... Young Policeman 1
Adam Morgan ... Police Sergeant
John Maurice ... Car Guy
Terence Crawford ... Doctor
Carmel Johnson ... Teacher
Michelle Nightingale ... Eastern Suburbs Mom 3
Chloe Hurn ... Ruby
Lotte Crawford ... Kissing Woman
Stephen Sheehan ... Magician
Lucy Hong ... Supermarket Little Girl
Tony Mack ... Principal
Sophie Riggs ... Checkout Chick
Craig McArdle ... Young Policeman 2
Sophie Allan ... Fast Food Kid 5
Bridget Walters ... Norma
Isla Zorkovic ... Fast Food Kid 2
Ethan Grabis ... Fast Food Kid 4
Jacqy Phillips ... Beverly
928 3/4
Baby Driver 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Visionary director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) returns with possibly his most audacious film to date: Baby Driver, a mix of car-chase action flick and jukebox musical. The movie's protagonist is a fresh-faced getaway driver who goes by the name of Baby (Ansel Elgort); he works for a crew of bank robbers in Atlanta, and listens to music all the time (including during robberies) to drown out the severe tinnitus he developed from a childhood accident. Baby's solitary life changes after he falls in love with a waitress named Debora (Lily James), but when he tries to escape from the criminal underworld and start over, he finds that getting out is easier said than done. Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Eiza González, and Jon Bernthal co-star. Features music from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Beach Boys, Dave Brubeck, T. Rex, Beck, Blur, Barry White, Queen, Sky Ferreira, Simon & Garfunkel, Danger Mouse, Run the Jewels, and many more. --

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : One Last Heist | Rogue Cops
Keywords : bank-robbery, car-chase, crime, getaway-car, robbery
Action, Action Thriller, Chase Movie, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller 
Ansel Elgort ... Baby
Kevin Spacey ... Doc
Lily James ... Debora
Jon Bernthal ... Griff
Jon Hamm ... Buddy
Jamie Foxx ... Bats
Sky Ferreira ... Baby's Mom
Lanny Joon ... JD
Flea ... Eddie
Clay Donahue Fontenot ... Marine
Patrick Walker ... Frat Boy #1
Ben VanderMey ... Frat Boy #2
Big Boi ... Restaurant Patron #1
Killer Mike ... Restaurant Patron #2
Brogan Hall ... Samm
Andy McDermott ... Freeze Cop
Keith Hudson ... Diner Cop
Jonathan Spencer ... Prison Guard
Walter Hill ... Courtroom Interpreter
Wilbur Fitzgerald ... Judge
71 4/4
Back to the Future 
AMG SYNOPSIS: High schooler Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) doesn't have the most pleasant of lives. Browbeaten by his principal at school, Marty must also endure the acrimonious relationship between his nerdy father (Crispin Glover) and his lovely mother (Lea Thompson), who in turn suffer the bullying of middle-aged jerk Biff (Thomas F. Wilson), Marty's dad's supervisor. The one balm in Marty's life is his friendship with eccentric scientist Doc (Christopher Lloyd), who at present is working on a time machine. Accidentally zapped back into the 1950s, Marty inadvertently interferes with the budding romance of his now-teenaged parents. Our hero must now reunite his parents-to-be, lest he cease to exist in the 1980s. It won't be easy, especially with the loutish Biff, now also a teenager, complicating matters. Beyond its dazzling special effects, the best element of Back to the Future is the performance of Michael J. Fox, who finds himself in the quagmire of surviving the white-bread 1950s with a hip 1980s mindset. Back to the Future cemented the box-office bankability of both Fox and the film's director, Robert Zemeckis, who went on to helm two equally exhilarating sequels. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Time Travel | Race Against Time | Finding a Way Back Home | Fish Out of Water | Inventors
Keywords : time-machine, time-travel, past, family, scientist, teenagers, bully, love-choices, father, romance, self-confidence
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Comedy, Sci-Fi Adventure, Americana 
Michael J. Fox ... Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd ... Dr. Emmett Brown
Crispin Glover ... George McFly
Lea Thompson ... Lorraine Baines
Thomas F. Wilson ... Biff Tannen
James Tolkan ... Mr. Strickland
Claudia Wells ... Jennifer Parker
Wendie Jo Sperber ... Linda McFly
Marc McClure ... Dave McFly
George DiCenzo ... Sam Baines
J.J. Cohen ... Skinhead
Casey Siemaszko ... 3-D
Billy Zane ... Match
Donald Fullilove ... Goldie Wilson
Lisa Freeman ... Babs
Cristen Kauffman ... Betty
Elsa Raven ... Clocktower Lady
Will Hare ... Pa Peabody
Ivy Bethune ... Ma Peabody
Jason Marin ... Sherman Peabody
Katherine Britton ... Peabody Daughter
Jason Hervey ... Milton Baines
Maia Brewton ... Sally Baines
Courtney Gains ... Dixon
Jeff O'Haco ... Terrorist Van Driver
Johnny Green ... 1st Scooter Kid
Jamie Abbott ... 2nd Scooter Kid
Norman Alden ... Lou
Read Morgan ... Cop
Sachi Parker ... 1st Bystander
Robert Krantz ... 2nd Bystander
Gary Riley ... Guy
Karen Petrasek ... Girl
George "Buck" Flower ... Bum
Tommy Thomas ... Starlighter
David Harold Brown ... Starlighter
Lloyd L. Tolbert ... Starlighter
Paul Hansen ... Pinhead
Lee Brownfield ... Pinhead
Deborah Harmon ... Newscaster (uncredited)
Elizabeth Chambers
956 3/4
Bad Day at Black Rock 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This powerfully tense, fast-paced suspense drama also yields a grim social message about racial prejudice. Spencer Tracy is John J. MacReedy, a one-armed stranger who comes to the tiny town of Black Rock one hot summer day in 1945, the first time the train has stopped there in years. He looks for both a hotel room and a local Japanese farmer named Komoko, but his inquiries are greeted at first with open hostility, then with blunt threats and harassment, and finally with escalating violence. MacReedy soon realizes that he will not be allowed to leave Black Rock; town boss Reno Smith (Robert Ryan), who had Komoko killed because of his hatred of the Japanese, has also marked MacReedy for death. MacReedy must battle town thugs, a treacherous local woman (Anne Francis), and finally Smith himself to stay alive. The entire cast is flawless, especially Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin as the mean-spirited town bullies, and the relentlessly paced action never eclipses the film's sobering themes. --

Moods : Nail-biters | Tough Guys
Themes : Small-Town Life | Vigilantes | Missing Persons | Mysterious Strangers
Keywords : small-town, bigotry, outsider, stranger, showdown, townspeople, xenophobia, Japanese [nationality]
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Thriller, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Modern Western 
Spencer Tracy ... John J. Macreedy
Robert Ryan ... Reno Smith
Anne Francis ... Liz Wirth
Dean Jagger ... Tim Horn
Walter Brennan ... Doc Velie
Ernest Borgnine ... Coley Trimble
John Ericson ... Pete Wirth
Lee Marvin ... Hector David
Russell Collins ... Mr. Hastings
Walter Sande ... Sam
841 1/4
Bad Moms 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Three overstressed, overworked mothers (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn) decide to blow off their responsibilities and have some fun, but their wild ways cause them to clash with a rival mommy (Christina Applegate) who's dedicated to preserving the facade of her perfect life. Jada Pinkett Smith co-stars. Written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Arrested Adolescence | Battle of the Sexes | Mothers and Daughters | Mothers and Sons | Parenthood | Party Film | Suburban Dysfunction | Women's Friendship
Keywords : chaos, marital-problems, mid-life-crisis, mother, party-girl, rival
Comedy, Absurd Comedy, Domestic Comedy 
Mila Kunis ... Amy Mitchell
Kristen Bell ... Kiki
Kathryn Hahn ... Carla Dunkler
Jay Hernandez ... Jessie Harkness
Annie Mumolo ... Vicki Latrobe
Jada Pinkett Smith ... Stacy
Christina Applegate ... Gwendolyn James
Emjay Anthony ... Dylan Mitchell
Oona Laurence ... Jane Mitchell
David Walton ... Mike Mitchell
Clark Duke ... Dale Kipler
Wendell Pierce ... Principal Burr
Leah McKendrick ... Sharon
Megan Ferguson ... Tessa
Lyle Brocato ... Kent
Wanda Sykes ... Dr. Karl
Ann Mahoney ... Mousey Mom
Samantha Beaulieu ... Tiger Mom
Jackie Tuttle ... Mom Janet
Adria Tennor ... Conservative Mom
Kelly Lind ... Audrey
Lena Clark ... Departing Mom
Donna Duplantier ... Vera
Lindsey Garrett ... Intense Mom
Angela Larson ... Guilty Mom
Christina DeRosa ... Heather
Shauna Rappold ... Business Mom
Lara Grice ... Tired Mom
Carrie Lazar ... Strange Mother
Yan Feldman ... Bartender
Jaylen Moore ... Steve
David Simpson ... Monotone Hipster
Turner Crumbley ... Jeff
Billy Slaughter ... Veterinarian
Jay Jablonski ... Man in Suit
Dickson Obahor ... Moviegoer
Lajessie Smith ... Kid Playing Abe
Eugenia Kuzmina ... Alina
Mary Margaret McCloud ... Christina
Colin Egglesfield ... Astronaut
Nancy Priddy ... Christine Applegate's Mom
72 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The classic Felix Salter story Bambi provides the basis for this near-perfect Disney animated feature. We follow the male deer Bambi from birth, through his early childhood experiences with woodland pals Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk, the traumatic sudden death of Bambi's mother at the hands of hunters, his courtship of the lovely doe Faline, and his rescue of his friends during a raging forest fire; we last see the mature, antlered Bambi assuming his proper place as the Prince of the Forest. In the grand Disney tradition, Bambi is brimming with unforgettable sequences, notably the young deer's attempts to negotiate an iced-over pond, and most especially the death of Bambi's mother--and if this moment doesn't move you to tears, you're made of stone (many subsequent Disney films, including Lion King, have tried, most in vain, to match the horror and pathos of this one scene). The score in Bambi yielded no hits along the lines of "Whistle While You Work", but the songs are adroitly integrated into the action. Bambi was the last of the "classic" early Disney features before the studio went into a decade-long doldrums of disjointed animated pastiches like Make Mine Music. -- Hal Erickson

Themes : Death of a Parent
Keywords : deer, man, survivor, animal, coming-of-age, friendship, love, natural-selection
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Animated Musical 
Hardie Albright
Tim Davis
Donnie Dunagan
Sam Edwards
Ann Gillis
Sterling Holloway
Perce Pearce
Cammie King ... Faline
Bobby Stewart ... Bambi,
955 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A voluptuous outer space agent travels to another galaxy in search of a missing inventor in this science fiction send-up. Barbarella (Jane Fonda), an interstellar representative of the united Earth government in the 41st century, is dispatched to locate scientist Durand Durand, whose positronic ray, if not recovered, could signal the end of humanity. Outfitted in an array of stunning Star Trek/Bond girl outfits and cruising around in a plush, psychedelic spaceship, Barbarella travels to the Tau Seti system and promptly crash-lands. She then spends the rest of the film discovering the joys of interstellar sex with a keeper of feral children (Ugo Tognazzi), a blind, beatific angel (John Phillip Law), and an inept revolutionary named Dildano (David Hemmings). Slowly but surely, she also finds her way to Durand Durand by moving from one exotic, Wizard of Oz-style locale to another. Along the way, she meets the kindly Professor Ping (a surprisingly verbal Marcel Marceau), a Eurotrash dominatrix named the Great Tyrant (Rolling Stones gal pal Anita Pallenberg), and the Concierge (Milo O'Shea), a strangely familiar lackey of the Great Tyrant who tries to destroy Barbarella with his great big organ of love. Jean-Claude Forest, who created the character Barbarella in 1962 for V-Magazine, served as visual advisor on the adaptation. The film's missing scientist character famously inspired the band name of '80s pop stars Duran Duran (who altered the spelling slightly). Almost two decades later, the film also inspired electronic act Matmos, which was named after the aqueous personification of evil unleashed by the Concierge at the movie's climax. --

Moods : A World of Its Own | Other Dimensions
Themes : Heroic Mission | Space Travel | Evil Children
Keywords : inventor, scientist, search, alien [not human], angel, good-vs-evil, crash, rape, sexploitation
Attributes : Cult Film
Science Fiction, Fantasy Adventure, Satire, Space Adventure, Superhero Film 
Jane Fonda ... Barbarella
John Phillip Law ... Pygar
Anita Pallenberg ... Black Queen
Milo O'Shea ... Durand-Durand, The Concierge
David Hemmings ... Dildano
Marcel Marceau ... Prof. Ping
Talitha Pol ... Pipe-smoking girl
Antonio Sabato ... Jean-Paul (uncredited)
Ugo Tognazzi ... Mark Hand
Joan Greenwood ... The Great Tyrant [uncredited]
Claude Dauphin ... President of Earth
Veronique Vendell ... Captain Moon
Serge Marquand ... Captain Sun
Nino Musco
Umberto DiGrazia
Giancarlo Cobelli
73 0/4
Barbie as Rapunzel 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A beloved fairy tale gets a whole new look in this computer-animated feature for the whole family. The world's best-loved fashion doll, Barbie (voice of Kelly Sheridan) stars as Rapunzel, a lovely girl with beautiful golden hair who is locked in a tower by a wicked witch (voice of Anjelica Huston). However, Rapunzel's gifts as an artist provide a key to her escape, and to a better life with a handsome prince. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Fantasy Lands
Keywords : fairytale, hair, prince, rescue, tower [structure], witch
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends 
Kelly Sheridan ... Barbie/Rapunzel
Anjelica Huston ... Gothel
74 0/4
Barbie of Swan Lake 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Barbie of Swan Lake is the third direct-to video computer-animated feature starring a CGI Barbie, following Barbie in the Nutcracker and Barbie as Rapunzel. In this loose adaptation of the Tchaikovsky ballet, Barbie appears as Odette, a young girl who follows a unicorn into a forest. Kelsey Grammer voices the evil wizard Rothbart, the London Symphony Orchestra provides the music and the New York City Ballet is responsible for the choreography. Recommended for kids ages three to eight. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Themes : Fantasy Lands | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : courage, enchanted-forest, prince, queen [royalty], spell [magic], swan, transformation, unicorn, wizard
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Musical Fantasy 
Kelly Sheridan ... Barbie/Odette
Kelsey Grammer ... Rothbart
75 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A cow learns to walk like a man, both literally and figuratively, in this computer-animated comedy written and directed by Steve Oedekerk, the creator of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Ben (voice of Sam Elliott) is a cow who for years has been the leader and sober voice of reason among the animals at a farm where the critters are a bit unusual -- they can walk on two legs, talk, swim, and act like humans, though they have the good sense to avoid doing these things while humans are around. Ben has long dreamed that his son Otis (voice of Kevin James) would someday take over his duties on the farm, but Otis is a carefree and irresponsible type who would rather party with his friends and hang out with his girlfriend, Daisy (voice of Courteney Cox). Ben and his friend Miles (voice of Danny Glover), a wise and patient mule, wonder if Otis will ever make anything of himself, while Dasiy's best friend, Bessy (voice of Wanda Sykes), is convinced she can do better. However, one night Otis decides to do something about an obnoxious kid who enjoys tipping his fellow cows, and for the first time in his life he gets a taste of leadership -- and he likes it. Barnyard also features the voice talents of Andie MacDowell, Maria Bamford, and Maurice LaMarche. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Farm Life | Heroic Mission | Fathers and Sons
Keywords : party-animal, cow, barnyard, responsibility, chicken, coyote, mouse [animal], pig
Children's/Family, Comedy 
Kevin James ... Otis the Cow
Courteney Cox ... Daisy the Cow
Sam Elliott ... Ben the Cow
Danny Glover ... Miles the Mule
Wanda Sykes ... Bessy the Cow
Andie MacDowell ... Etta the Hen
David Koechner ... Dag the Coyote
Cam Clarke ... Freddy the Ferret
Rob Paulsen ... Peck the Rooster, Gopher
Tino Insana ... Pig the Pig
Maurice LaMarche ... Igg the Cow
Madeline Lovejoy ... Maddy the Chick
Steve Oedekerk ... Snotty Boy, Mr. Beady, Snotty Boy's Father
Maria Bamford ... Mrs. Beady
John DiMaggio ... Officer O'Hanlon
Fred Tatasciore ... Farmer
Jill Talley ... Snotty Boy's Mother
Laraine Newman ... Snotty Boy's Friend
Paul Butcher ... Chick
Khamani Griffin ... Chick
Liliana Mumy ... Chick
Leigh French ... Additional Barnyard Voice
Nicholas Guest ... Additional Barnyard Voice
Audrey Wasilewski ... Additional Barnyard Voice
Archie Hahn III ... Additional Barnyard Voice
Chad Einbinder ... Additional Barnyard Voice
Nika Futterman ... Additional Barnyard Voice
Eddie Frierson ... Additional Barnyard Voice
76 3/4
Batman Begins 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The origins of the Caped Crusader of Gotham City are finally brought to the big screen in this new adaptation of the perennially popular comic-book series. The young Bruce Wayne (Gus Lewis) leads a privileged life as the son of wealthy, philanthropist parents, both of whom stress their commitment to improving the lives of the citizens of crime-ridden Gotham City. After his mother and father are murdered by a mugger, however, Wayne grows into an impudent young man (Christian Bale), full of rage and bent on retribution until encouraged by his childhood sweetheart, Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes), to search for answers beyond his own personal vendettas. Wayne eventually finds discipline in the Far East under the tutelage of Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson), a member of the mysterious League of Shadows who guides him in the study of martial arts -- and the ways in which an ordinary man can hone his senses to an almost superhuman acuity. After seven years away from Gotham, Wayne returns, determined to bring peace and safety back to the city. With the help of his faithful manservant, Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine), and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), a scientist at his late father's corporation, Wayne develops a secret identity as Batman, a masked fighter for justice. But when a shady psychiatrist (Cillian Murphy) joins forces with the criminal underworld, Wayne realizes that putting an end to their nefarious plans will be very difficult indeed. Batman Begins also features Gary Oldman as Lt. James Gordon and Tom Wilkinson as the crime boss Carmine Falcone. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Double Life | Haunted By the Past | Dropping Out | Heroic Mission | Ninjas
Keywords : Superhero, crimefighting, mask [disguise], secret-identity, disguise, teacher, bat [animal], gadgets, cave, tank [vehicle]
Action, Superhero Film, Action Thriller, Crime Drama 
Christian Bale ... Batman/Bruce Wayne
Liam Neeson ... Henri Ducard
Katie Holmes ... Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman ... Jim Gordon
Cillian Murphy ... Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
Tom Wilkinson ... Carmine Falcone
Rutger Hauer ... Earle
Linus Roache ... Thomas Wayne
Morgan Freeman ... Lucius Fox
Gus Lewis ... Bruce Wayne (age 8)
Michael Caine ... Alfred Pennyworth
Larry Holden ... D.A. Fisk
Sara Stewart ... Martha Wayne
Richard Brake ... Joe Chill
77 2/4
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) clash over differing philosophies about what kind of heroism is needed to protect the world, while the public they're defending is becoming increasingly mindful of the damage that superheroes and masked vigilantes cause. However, the duo are soon forced to confront an even greater threat created by nefarious billionaire Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also co-stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons as Alfred the butler, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Heroic Mission | Righting the Wronged
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Ben Affleck ... Bruce Wayne/Batman
Henry Cavill ... Clark Kent/Superman
Amy Adams ... Lois Lane
Diane Lane ... Martha Kent
Laurence Fishburne ... Perry White
Gal Gadot ... Wonder Woman
Jesse Eisenberg ... Lex Luthor
Jeremy Irons ... Alfred
Holly Hunter ... Senator Finch
Scoot McNairy ... Wallace Keefe
Callan Mulvey ... Anatoli Knyazev
Tao Okamoto ... Mercy Graves
Brandon Spink ... Young Bruce Wayne
Lauren Cohan ... Martha Wayne
Alan Purwin ... Wayne Industries Pilot
Hugh Maguire ... Jack O'Dwyer
Michael Shannon ... Zod
Anish Jethmalani ... Metropolis Citizen
Ripley Sobo ... Sage
Julius Tennon ... General Security Chief
Sammi Rotibi ... General Amajagh
Michael Cassidy ... Jimmy Olsen
Wunmi Mosaku ... Kahina Ziri
Dennis North ... Senator Barrows
Kiff VandenHeuvel ... Officer Mazzuccheli
Sebastian Sozzi ... Cesar Santos
Ralph Lister ... Emmet Vale
Sammy Publes ... Metropolis Cops
Jay Adams ... Metropolis Cops
Julia Glander ... Hero's Park Jogger
Rebecca Buller ... Jenny
Michael D. Ellison ... Air Force MP
Christina Wren ... Major Farris
Danny Mooney ... Party Photographer
Henry Frost ... Party Doorman
Nicole Forester ... Leblanc - Library President
Debbie Stabenow ... Metropolis Governor
Milica Govich ... Colorado Woman
John Lepard ... Jail Guard
Sandra Love Aldridge ... Finch's Receptionist
Chris Newman ... Wayne Accountant
Lulu Dahl ... Diner Waitress
John Seibert ... McGraw (Finch's Aide)
Sam Logan Khaleghi ... DC Protestor
Connie Craig ... DC Protestor
Patrick Leahy ... Senator Purrington
Carla Gugino ... Ship Voice
78 0/4
Battlefield Earth 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This big-budget science fiction adventure centers on a final battle between good and evil for control of the world. In the year 3000, Earth is ruled by the Psyclos, a vicious alien race of which Terl (John Travolta) is a member, that has laid waste to the planet, killed the majority of the population, and stripped Earth of its valuable resources. Pockets of resistance remain among the surviving humans; Jonnie "Goodboy" Tyler (Barry Pepper) is one such rebel, living in hiding in the mountains near Boulder, CO. Eventually, Johnny begins organizing like-minded humans for a final stand against the Psyclos. The film is based on the novel by L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction author also known as the founder of the Church of Scientology; it covers only the first half of the book, saving the remainder for a possible sequel. Battlefield Earth also stars Forest Whitaker, Kim Coates, and Kelly Preston. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Evil Aliens | Fighting the System | Future Barbarians
Keywords : adventurer, alien [not human], Apocalypse, battle [war], civilization, evil, hero, intergalactic, mountains, planet, slavery, tyrant, war, warrior
Attributes : High Budget, Low Artistic Quality
Science Fiction, Alien Film, Sci-Fi Action 
John Travolta ... Terl
Barry Pepper ... Jonnie "Goodboy" Tyler
Forest Whitaker ... Ker
Kim Coates ... Carlo
Richard Tyson ... Robert the Fox
Sabine Karsenti ... Chrissie
Michael MacRae ... District Manager Zete
Michael Byrne ... Parson Staffer
Sean Hewitt ... Heywood
Michel Perron ... Rock
Shaun Austin-Olsen ... Planetship
Christian Tessier ... Mickey
Marie-Josée Croze ... Mara
Kelly Preston ... Chirk
79 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Milton Bradley's enduringly popular strategic board game makes the leap to the big screen in Hancock director Peter Berg's epic sci-fi adventure pitting an international naval fleet against an army of invading aliens. When the two forces find themselves evenly matched, each must rely on strategy and cunning in order to emerge the victor. Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard head-up a cast also featuring Liam Neeson, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Tadanobu Asano. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Evil Aliens | War At Sea
Keywords : battle [war], battleship, Naval-Academy
Science Fiction, War, Sci-Fi Action, War Adventure 
Taylor Kitsch ... Lieutenant Alex Hopper
Alexander Skarsgård ... Commander Stone Hopper
Rihanna ... Petty Officer Cora "Weps" Raikes
Brooklyn Decker ... Sam
Tadanobu Asano ... Captain Yugi Nagata
Hamish Linklater ... Cal Zapata
Liam Neeson ... Admiral Shane
Peter MacNicol ... Secretary of Defense
John Tui ... Chief Petty Officer Walter "The Beast" Lynch
Jesse Plemons ... Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy "Ordy" Ord
Gregory D. Gadson ... Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales
Jerry Ferrara ... Sampson JOOD Strodell
Adam Godley ... Dr. Nogrady
Rico McClinton ... Captain Browley
Joji Yoshida ... Chief Engineer Hiroki
Louis Lombardi ... Bartender
Norman Vincent McLafferty ... Old Salt
Dante Jimenez ... JPJ XO Mullenaro
Daven Arce ... JPJ Helmsman
Ralph Richardson ... JPJ Starboard Gunner
Biunca Love ... JPJ BMOW
Michael Sherman ... JPJ JOOD
Austin Naulity ... JPJ Fireman
Patricia Brown ... JPJ Fireman
Gregory Harvey ... JPJ Fireman
James Rawlings ... JPJ Scat
Andrew Serpas ... JPJ Armorer
Damien Parker ... JPJ Helibay Sailor
Carson Aune ... CIC Gunner
Doug Penty ... CIC Watch Supervisor
Josh Pence ... Combat Systems Coordinator
Jason Henderson ... Radar System Controller
Brint Terrell ... Chart Table Plotter
Brad Faucheux ... Chart Table Log Keeper
Dustin J. Reno ... Electronic Warfare Supervisor
John Schmotzer ... CIC Watch Officer
Peter Berg ... JPJ 2nd Gunner
Jonathon Groves ... JPJ Port Gunner
Lloyd Pitts ... JPJ Port Gunner
Ryan Tinio ... JPJ Radar Op
Allie Sillah ... JPJ Lead Helmsman
John Santiago ... JPJ Switchboard Operator
Kiley Margeson ... Gun Console Operator
Jeffrey Johns ... Surface Warfare Coordinator
Esther Solomon ... JPJ CIWS Operator
Kevin Garlington ... JPJ Air Warfare Coordinator
Dylan Gillooly ... Thom
Jackie Johnson ... As Herself
Kevin Kearns ... Jimmy
John Bell ... Angus
Marcus Lyle Brown ... Regent Land Commander
Dallas Kane Hewitt ... POFC Dallas
Clarence Greenwood ... Singer at Bar
Conor McCarry ... Ronnie
Dane Justman ... Sampson OOD
Dustin Watchman ... Sampson Helmsman
Drew Rausch ... Sampson XO
Ryland Reamy ... Sampson CIC TAO
Donald Willcutt ... Sampson Starboard Lookout
Eli Miranda ... Sampson Boatswain
Chris Darling ... Sampson OS DA
Tyrone Gregg ... Sampson Gunner
Brian Hirono ... Myoko OOD
Yutaka Takeuchi ... Myoko XO
Nobuharu Harada ... Myoko JOOD
Masaomi Uchida ... Myoko Helmsman
Kyle Ken Shimabukuro ... Myoko Radar Operator
Masashi Takekawa ... Myoko Starboard Lookout
Hyoe Joe Takahashi ... Myoko BMOW
Zach Selwyn ... Soccer Announcer
Robin Atkin Downes ... Soccer Announcer
Rick Hoffman ... Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Stephen Baldini ... State Department Official
Bill Stinchcomb ... Marine Commandant
Bruce Mandell ... Army Chief of Staff
Gary Grubbs ... Air Force Chief of Staff
David Jensen ... NASA Director
Hunter Meldman ... Ensign
George Arine ... Japanese Vice Admiral
Adrian Bellani ... Ensign Chavez
Ronald Chavez ... Commander Rivera
Benjamin Lloyd ... Officer Blake
Billy Slaughter ... BIP Technician
Griff Furst ... BIP HQ Controller #2
Terri Battee ... BIP Journalist
Angelo Denova ... BIP Journalist
James Ward ... Old Salt
Christopher McGahan ... Cal's Jr. Tech
Kerry Cahill ... Cal's Female Colleague
Liz Wicker ... Female Newscaster
Michelle Arthur ... British Newscaster
Natalia Castellanos ... Spanish Newscaster
Dan Cooke ... Hawaiian Newscaster
Leni Ito ... Japanese Newscaster
Jason Wilken ... Director of Rehabilitation
957 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this big-screen reboot of the popular '90s TV series, legendary California lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) is frustrated when a cocky, hard-partying Olympic swimmer named Matt Brody (Zac Efron) joins his beach-patrol team. However, the two men must learn to work together when they stumble upon a criminal conspiracy. Directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), Baywatch co-stars Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra, Kelly Rohrbach, Ilfenesh Hadera, and Jon Bass, and includes cameos from David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. --

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Drug Trade | Redemption | Vigilantes
Keywords : justice, lifeguard, power-struggle, pride, sexual-attraction, trust
Action, Comedy, Beach Film, Crime Comedy, Farce 
Dwayne Johnson ... Mitch Buchannon
Zac Efron ... Matt Brody
Priyanka Chopra ... Victoria Leeds
Alexandra Daddario ... Summer Quinn
Ilfenesh Hadera ... Stephanie Holden
Jon Bass ... Ronnie Greenbaum
Hannibal Buress ... Dave the Tech
Rob Huebel ... Captain Thorpe
Amin Joseph ... Frankie
Jack Kesy ... Leon
Oscar Nuñez ... Councilman Rodriguez
David Hasselhoff ... The Mentor
Pamela Anderson ... Casey Jean Parker
Clem Cheung ... Murray Chen
Charlotte McKinney ... Julia
Arian Foster ... Arian Foster
Karin Silvestri ... Pier Mom
Vincenzo Hinckley ... Pete
David Weiss ... Cell Phone Customer
Pedro Anaya Perez ... Huntley Waiter
Brandon Lee ... Scull Rower
James Sutton ... Huntley Security Guard
Samantha Harris ... Interviewer
80 3/4
A Beautiful Mind 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The true story of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. is the subject of this biographical drama from director Ron Howard. Russell Crowe stars as the brilliant but arrogant and conceited professor Nash. The prof seems guaranteed a rosy future in the early '50s after he marries beautiful student Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) and makes a remarkable advancement in the foundations of "game theory," which carries him to the brink of international acclaim. Soon after, John is visited by Agent William Parcher (Ed Harris), from the CIA, who wants to recruit him for code-breaking activities. But evidence suggests that Nash's perceptions of reality are cloudy at best; he is struggling to maintain his tenuous hold on sanity, and Alicia suspects a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Battling decades of illness with the loyal Alicia by his side, Nash is ultimately able to gain some control over his mental state, and eventually goes on to triumphantly win the Nobel Prize. Based loosely on the book of the same name by Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind (2001) co-stars Paul Bettany, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp, Christopher Plummer, and Judd Hirsch. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Tortured Genius | Redemption | Mental Illness | Rise and Fall Stories | Double Life | Doctors and Patients
Keywords : genius, mental-breakdown, schizophrenia, code-breaking, husband-and-wife, mathematics, mental-illness, Nobel-Prize, paranoia, prodigy, marital-problems, shock-therapy, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency)
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Biopic [feature], Psychological Drama, Marriage Drama 
Russell Crowe ... John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Jennifer Connelly ... Alicia Nash
Ed Harris ... William Parcher
Paul Bettany ... Charles Herman
Adam Goldberg ... Sol
Judd Hirsch ... Helinger
Josh Lucas ... Hansen
Anthony Rapp ... Bender
Christopher Plummer ... Dr. Rosen
Austin Pendleton ... Thomas King
Jason Gray-Stanford ... Ainsley
Vivien Cardone ... Marcee
81 4/4
Beauty and the Beast 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Beauty And The Beast is widely considered the best animated Disney feature of the studio's 1980s/1990s renewal of the form. Based on the classic French fairy tale, it tells the story of Belle (voiced by Paige O'Hara), an intelligent young woman scorned by her townspeople for being a bookworm, weary of fighting off the advances of the arrogant Gaston (Richard White), and dreaming of escape. When her father gets lost in the woods and captured by the forbidding Beast (Robby Benson), a once-handsome prince turned into a monster by a witch, Belle goes off to rescue him. Taken with her, the Beast agrees to release Belle's father if she agrees to stay with him forever. Initially repulsed, Belle soon finds much to appreciate in the Beast's hidden, tender nature. The Beast's servants -- a clock (David Ogden Stiers), a teapot (Angela Lansbury), and a candlestick (Jerry Orbach) -- see Belle as their salvation: if the Beast and a woman fall in love before his 21st birthday, he will be free from the curse. The songs are first-class, the tale is told with sincerity but not sentimentality, and the characters of Belle and the Beast, complex individuals who defy stereotyping and change over the course of the story, are more three-dimensional than in most live-action movies. The eye-popping animation is beautifully rendered, and Beauty And The Beast certainly deserves its place amongst Disney's animated classics. In 2002, a special 89-minute edition of the film was released in IMAX theaters with the addition of a newly animated song, ""Human Again."" -- Don Kaye

Moods : Fantastic Reality | In the Mood for Love | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Curses and Spells | Fathers and Daughters | Opposites Attract | Servants and Employers
Keywords : disfigurement, inheritance, beast, beauty [physical], beauty-and-the-beast, love, race-against-time, rescue, romance
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Musical Fantasy 
Paige O'Hara ... Belle
Robby Benson ... Beast
Jerry Orbach ... Lumiere
Angela Lansbury ... Mrs. Potts
Richard White ... Gaston
David Ogden Stiers ... Cogsworth/Narrator
Jesse Corti ... Le Fou
Rex Everhart ... Maurice
Kimmy Robertson ... Featherduster
Mary Kay Bergman ... Bimbette
Brian Cummings ... Stove
Tony Jay ... Monsieur D'Arque
Frank Welker ... Footstool
Kath Soucie ... Bimbette
Hal Smith ... Philippe
Vanna Bonta
82 1/4
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This animated story for the whole family revisits the characters from the Disney favorite Beauty and the Beast, as Belle tries to overcome the Beast's cynicism about the Christmas season with a lesson about the warmth and giving of the holiday, though Forte the evil pipe organ tries to foil her good intentions for reasons of his own. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Opposites Attract
Keywords : beauty-and-the-beast, Christmas, cynic, organ [musical instrument]
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Animated Musical 
83 2/4
Because of Winn-Dixie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: It's not finishing school or a traditional upbringing that causes ten-year-old Opal to learn about the world outside of her own backyard, but rather a particularly awkward-looking mutt named Winn-Dixie. Based on a novel by Kate DiCamillo, Winn-Dixie and Opal not only become privy to the eventful, if eccentric, lives of their neighbors (including a librarian who fought off a bear with nothing but a novel, a blind woman who claims to "see" with her heart, and a sensitive ex-con turned pet store clerk), but Opal herself manages to reconcile some of the depression left over after her mother had abandoned the family seven years earlier. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Fathers and Daughters | Man's Best Friend | Mischievous Children
Keywords : depression, dog, friendship, mother, neighbor, neighborhood, pets
Children's/Family, Animal Picture, Childhood Drama 
AnnaSophia Robb ... Opal
Jeff Daniels ... Preacher
Cicely Tyson ... Gloria Dump
Eva Marie Saint ... Miss Franny
Dave Matthews ... Otis
Courtney Jines ... Amanda Wilkenson
Elle Fanning ... Sweetie Pie Thomas
Luke Benward ... Stevie Dewberry
Nick Price ... Dunlap Dewberry
B.J. Hopper ... Mr. Alfred
Marca Price ... Mrs. Dewberry
Lenore Banks ... Mrs. Detweller
Harland Williams ... Policeman
Julia LaShae ... SPCA Officer
Lara Grice ... Opal's Mom
84 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: How far will a man go to win the woman he loves? That's the devilish question behind this satirical romantic comedy. Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser), a low-level white-collar worker, has fallen in love with his co-worker Allison (Frances O'Connor), who barely knows he exists. Desperate to win her love, sad sack Elliot is approached by the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley), who offers him seven wishes in exchange for his soul. Elliot accepts, but none of his wishes works out quite the way that he had hoped; after transforming himself into a South American tycoon, a champion NBA basketball player, a famous author, the most sensitive man in the world, and even the president of the United States, Elliot discovers that the Devil has added a crucial loophole each time, and for all his troubles, Allison still isn't interested in him. Directed by Harold Ramis, Bedazzled was adapted from the 1968 cult movie of the same name written by and starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Deal With the Devil | Fish Out of Water
Keywords : deal-with-the-devil, devil, loop-hole, loser, soul, soul-collector, unrequited, wish
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Romantic Comedy 
Brendan Fraser ... Elliot Richards
Elizabeth Hurley ... The Devil
Frances O'Connor ... Alison, Nicole
Miriam Shor ... Carol, Penthouse Hostess
Orlando Jones ... African Party Guest, Beach Jock, Dan, Esteban, Sportscaster
Paul Adelstein ... Beach Jock, Bob, Lincoln Aide, Roberto, Sportscaster
Toby Huss ... Alejandro, Beach Jock, Jerry, Lance, Sportscaster
Gabriel Casseus ... Elliot's Cellmate
Brian Doyle-Murray ... Priest
Jeff Doucette ... Desk Sergeant
Aaron Lustig ... Synedyne Supervisor
Rudolph Martin ... Raoul
Julian Firth ... John Wilkes Booth
Bonnie Somerville
85 2/4
Bedtime Stories 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Pacifier director Adam Shankman helms this children's fantasy concerning a hotel handyman who gradually begins to realize that the imaginative bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew are somehow beginning to manifest themselves in the real world. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Magically Transported | Wishes Come True
Keywords : bedtime [children], hotel, nephew, niece, uncle, architecture, bedtime-story
Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Comedy 
Adam Sandler ... Skeeter Bronson
Keri Russell ... Jill
Guy Pearce ... Kendall
Russell Brand ... Mickey
Richard Griffiths ... Barry Nottingham
Teresa Palmer ... Violet Nottingham
Lucy Lawless ... Aspen
Courteney Cox ... Wendy
Jonathan Morgan Heit ... Patrick
Laura Ann Kesling ... Bobbi
Jonathan Pryce ... Marty Bronson
Nick Swardson ... Engineer
Kathryn Joosten ... Mrs. Dixon
Allen Covert ... Ferrari Guy
Carmen Electra ... Hot Girl
Tim Herlihy ... Young Barry Nottingham
Aisha Tyler ... Donna Hynde
Blake Clark ... Biker
Bill Romanowski ... Biker
Paul Dooley ... Hot Dog Vendor
Mikey Post ... Angry Dwarf
Adam Shankman
86 1/4
Behind Enemy Lines 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A television commercial for a Sega game system that aired during the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards landed debut director John Moore a gig behind the camera of this military action thriller. Owen Wilson stars as Lt. Chris Burnett, a naval aviator aboard the U.S.S. Carl Vinson who's frustrated with the strict "hands-off" political policies that prevent him from experiencing combat against hostile Bosnian forces in his F/A-18 Superhornet jet. Burnett's commander, Admiral Reigert (Gene Hackman), thinks that the brash pilot doesn't have what it takes to be in the millitary, but the eager young officer soon gets the chance to prove his mettle. While conducting a routine photographic reconnaissance over a remote area of the Balkans, Burnett captures grisly images that serve as proof of genocidal crimes, but his plane is blown out of the sky. He's soon pursued on the ground by the forces of Lokar (Olek Krupa), a Serbian paramilitary leader intent on covering up unthinkable crimes, while Reigert defies the NATO orders of his superior (Joaquim de Almeida) and risks his career to mount a covert rescue mission. Behind Enemy Lines (2001), the first of two back-to-back releases starring Wilson and Hackman (the other being The Royal Tenenbaums), also stars David Keith, Gabriel Macht, and Charles Malik Whitfield. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Behind Enemy Lines | Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : behind-enemy-lines, escape, genocide, Navy, reconnaissance, Serbia, war-atrocities
Action, War, Escape Film, War Adventure 
Gene Hackman ... Reigart
Owen Wilson ... Lt. Chris Burnett
Gabriel Macht ... Stackhouse
Charles Malik Whitfield ... Rodway
Joaquim de Almeida ... Piquet
David Keith ... O'Malley
Olek Krupa ... Lokar
Vladimir Mashkov ... Tracker
859 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this adaptation of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ (previously brought to the screen in 1925 and 1959), a Jewish prince (Jack Huston) spends years toiling in slavery after an old friend, now an officer in the Roman army occupying Jerusalem (Toby Kebbell), falsely accuses him of a crime. In time, he wins his freedom and competes against his betrayer in a violent chariot race, but an encounter with Jesus Christ (Rodrigo Santoro) teaches him the importance of mercy and compassion. This version of Ben-Hur was penned by Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave scribe John Ridley, and directed by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). Morgan Freeman co-stars. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Faltering Friendships | Keeping a Secret | Message From God | Redemption
Keywords : chariot, Christ [Jesus], compassion, freedom, gladiator, Jewish, prince, race [competition], Roman-Empire, slave
Action, Drama, Epic, Religious Epic, Sword-and-Sandal 
Jack Huston ... Ben-Hur
Toby Kebbell ... Messala
Rodrigo Santoro ... Jesus Christ
Nazanin Boniadi ... Esther
Ayelet Zurer ... Naomi Ben-Hur
Morgan Freeman ... Ildarin
Sofia Black-D'Elia ... Tirzah Ben-Hur
Pilou Asbæk ... Pontius Pilate
Marwan Kenzari ... Druses
Moisés Arias ... Dismas
James Cosmo ... Quintas
Haluk Bilginer ... Simonides
Francesco Scianna ... Kadeem
Gabriel Farnese ... Elijah
Jarreth Merz ... Flores
Dato Bakhtadze ... Hortator
Yorgos Karamihos ... Sick Oarsman
Simone Spinazze ... Garrison Captain
Alan Cappelli Goetz ... Burley Centurion
Jay Natelle ... Natelle
Stefano Scherini ... Peter
Alessandro Giuggioli ... Judas
87 2/4
Benji's Very Own Christmas Story 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This TV special was directed by long-time Benji entrepreneur Joe Camp. When Benji leads her human pals on a journey to the North Pole, loveable old Santa shows them how different cultures celebrate Christmas. And yes, they discuss the "True Meaning" of the Holiday. The video version of Benji's Very Own Christmas Story includes a documentary called The Phenomenon of Benji. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Man's Best Friend | Fantasy Lands | Heroic Mission
Keywords : dog, Christmas, cross-cultural-relations, fantasy-world, holiday, North-Pole, quest
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Animal Picture, Children's Fantasy 
88 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Inspired by the epic Old English poem of the same name, director Robert Zemeckis's digitally rendered film follows the Scandinavian hero Beowulf (Ray Winstone) as he fights to protect the Danes from a ferocious beast named Grendel (Crispin Glover). Though at first Grendel seems invincible, Beowulf eventually manages to defeat him in a desperate battle to the death. Devastated by her son's violent demise at the hands of Beowulf, Grendel's mother (Angelina Jolie) sets out in search of revenge. Later, Beowulf faces the biggest challenge of his life when he attempts to slay a powerful dragon. Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright Penn, Alison Lohman, John Malkovich, and Brendan Gleeson co-star in an epic fantasy adventure penned by Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions | Tough Guys
Themes : Heroic Mission | Obsessive Quests | Crowned Heads | Vikings
Keywords : Danish [nationality], hero, queen [royalty], quest, Viking
Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Ray Winstone ... Beowulf, Golden Man, Dragon
Anthony Hopkins ... King Hrothgar
John Malkovich ... Unferth
Brendan Gleeson ... Wiglaf
Crispin Glover ... Grendel
Alison Lohman ... Ursula
Angelina Jolie ... Grendel's Mother
Paul Baker ... Musician #1
Sonje Fortag ... Gitte
Sharisse Baker-Bernard ... Hild
Charlotte Salt ... Estrith
Julene Renee ... Cille
Greg Ellis ... Gramund
Rik Young ... Eofor
Tyler Steelman ... Young Cain
Nick Jameson ... Drunken Thane
Shay Duffin ... Scylding's Watch
Costas Mandylor ... Hondshew
Chris Coppola ... Olaf
Dominic Keating ... Cain
Fredrik Hiller ... Frisian Leader
Kevin Dorman
Christopher Cummins
Shawn Driscoll
Timothy J. Trobec
John Littlefield
Amy Esacove
Nadine Stenovitch
Fred Tatasciore
Neil Dickson
Peter Dennis
940 2/4
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When Texas authorities attempt to close down The Chicken Ranch, a popular Texas brothel, the local Madam fights to save her business -- singing and dancing all the way. This raucous musical comedy is based on the hit Broadway play. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Fighting the System | Prostitutes
Keywords : bad-woman, brothel, love, prostitute/prostitution, robbery, romance, sheriff
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Musical, Musical Comedy, Sex Comedy 
Burt Reynolds ... Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd
Dolly Parton ... Mona Stangely
Dom DeLuise ... Melvin P. Thorpe
Charles Durning ... Governor
Jim Nabors ... Deputy Fred
Robert Mandan ... Senator Wingwood
Lois Nettleton ... Dulcie Mae
Theresa Merritt ... Jewel
Noah Beery, Jr. ... Edsel
Raleigh Bond ... Mayor
Barry Corbin ... C.J.
Ken Magee ... Mansel
Mary Jo Catlett ... Rita
Mary Louise Wilson ... Modene
Howard K. Smith ... Himself
Stanley de Santis
Karyn Harrison ... Chicken Girl
Lily Mariye ... Chicken Ranch Girl
Terri Robinson ... Chicken Ranch Girl
Terri Treas ... Chicken Ranch Girl
Melanie Winter ... Chicken Ranch Girl
Jeff Calhoun ... Aggie
Joe Hart ... Aggie
Tim Topper ... Aggie
Arnetia Walker ... Dogette
John Walter Davis ... Melvin's Crew
Gregory Itzin ... Melvin's Crew
Tim Stack ... Melvin's Crew
Larry B. Williams ... Melvin's Crew
Harvey Christiansen ... Old Farmer
Helen Kleeb ... Dora
Mickey Jones ... Henry
Bobby Fite ... Dulcie Mae's Son
Paula Shaw ... Wulla Jean
Kenneth White ... Sheriff Jack Roy
Ted Gehring ... Sheriff Chapman
Wayne Heffley ... TV Station Manager
Lee Ritchey ... Governor's Aide
Alice Drummond ... Governor's Secretary
Randy Bennett ... Privates Boy
John Edson ... Male Reporter
Robert Ginnaven ... Male Reporter
Suzi McLaughlin ... Female Reporter
873 2/4
The BFG 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Steven Spielberg directed this adaptation of Roald Dahl's beloved novel, which centers on the unlikely friendship between a lonely orphan named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) and the titular "big friendly giant" (brought to life via a motion-capture performance from Mark Rylance). Together, the pair explore Giant Country and collect dreams; later, they try to warn the Queen of England (Penelope Wilton) about the threat posed by the other giants, who, unlike the vegetarian BFG, eat children for sustenance. The BFG made its world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and is dedicated to the memory of screenwriter Melissa Mathison (who also wrote the script for Spielberg's E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial). Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement, and Rafe Spall co-star. -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Crowned Heads | Human Giants
Keywords : child, giant, queen [royalty]
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Mark Rylance ... The Big Friendly Giant
Ruby Barnhill ... Sophie
Penelope Wilton ... The Queen
Jemaine Clement ... Fleshlumpeater
Rebecca Hall ... Mary
Rafe Spall ... Mr. Tibbs
Bill Hader ... Bloodbottler
Olafur Darri Olafsson ... Maidmasher/Cook
Adam Godley ... Manhugger/Lout #1
Michael D. Adamthwaite ... Butcher Boy/Danish Driver
Daniel Bacon ... Bonecruncher/Lout #2
Chris Gibbs ... Gizzardgulper/Late Night Walker
Marilyn Norry ... Matron
Haig Sutherland ... Danish Boy's Father
Denise Jones ... Danish Driver's Wife
Gabrielle Rose ... Cook
Chris Shields ... General #1
Matt Frewer ... General #2
Geoffrey Wade ... General #3
John Emmet Tracy ... Palace Staff #1 (aka Footman)
William Samples ... Palace Staff #2 (aka Footman)
Andy Thompson ... Palace Staff #3 (aka Footman)
89 1/4
Bicentennial Man 
AMG SYNOPSIS: If a robot spends enough time around humans, can he learn to become one of them? The Martin family purchases a domestic android as a servant and names him Andrew (Robin Williams). Andrew comes to know the man of the house as Sir (Sam Neill), his wife as Ma'am Wendy Crewson, and their daughter as Portia (Embeth Davidtz); before long, the Martins suspect that they do not have an ordinary robot on their hands. Andrew seems capable of expressing emotion and generating original thoughts, and the longer he stays with the Martins, the more strongly these human traits manifest themselves. Over the next 200 years, Andrew becomes less a machine and more a member of the family, until a mechanic (Oliver Platt) tells Andrew that he might be able to turn him into a human being. Based on a short story by renowned science fiction author Isaac Asimov (surprisingly, it's only the second Asimov story to be brought to the screen), Bicentennial Man was directed by Chris Columbus, who previously worked with Robin Williams on Mrs. Doubtfire. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Journey of Self-Discovery | Opposites Attract | Robots and Androids
Keywords : android, emotion, freedom, humanity, identity, lovesick, mortality, personality
Comedy, Science Fiction, Domestic Comedy, Sci-Fi Comedy 
Robin Williams ... Andrew
Sam Neill ... Sir
Wendy Crewson ... Ma'am
Embeth Davidtz ... Little Miss / Portia
Oliver Platt ... Rupert Burns
Hallie Kate Eisenberg ... Little Miss, age 7
Stephen Root ... Dennis Mansky
Lynne Thigpen ... Female President
Bradley Whitford ... Lloyd
Kiersten Warren ... Galatea
John Michael Higgins ... Bill Feingold
90 1/4
Big Daddy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Prospective parents everywhere, meet the world's least likely paternal role model: Adam Sandler! In Big Daddy, Sandler plays 30-year-old bachelor Sonny Koufax, a carefree slob who has never much taken to adult responsibilities; he works one day a week as a tollbooth collector, and spends the remainder of his time living off of a $200,000 reward he collected from an auto accident. All told, the life suits him just fine. However, as his old buddies start getting married and drifting away, Sonny realizes that if he doesn't do something soon, he could end up all alone for the rest of his life. When his most recent girlfriend, Vanessa (Kristy Swanson), indicates that she needs some time off because she's sick of being with a man who can't act like a grown-up, he decides that it's time to take drastic action to win her back. Conveniently enough, a little boy named Julian (Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse) turns up on his doorstep, claiming that he's the biological son of Sonny's roommate and friend from law school, Kevin (Jon Stewart). The kid tells Sonny that he's from Buffalo, New York; Kevin has never been to Buffalo, New York, but no matter - Sonny foresees, in Julian, an opportunity to convince Vanessa that he can face adult responsibilities. He thus takes charge of the little boy over a long Columbus Day weekend, pretending to be Kevin. However, the plan doesn't work as expected, and the authorities hone in on a discovery of Sonny's real identity. Meanwhile, Sonny finds himself genuinely drawn to the tyke. Also supporting Sandler in Big Daddy are Joey Lauren Adams, Josh Mostel and Rob Schneider. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Adoption | Arrested Adolescence | Looking For Love | Orphans
Keywords : adoption, bachelor, immaturity, relationship, responsibility, slob
Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Slapstick 
Adam Sandler ... Sonny Koufax
Joey Lauren Adams ... Layla
Cole Sprouse ... Julian
Dylan Sprouse ... Julian
Josh Mostel ... Mr. Brooks
Leslie Mann ... Corinne
Allen Covert ... Phil
Rob Schneider ... Delivery Guy
Kristy Swanson ... Vanessa
Joseph Bologna ... Mr. Koufax
Peter Dante ... Tommy
Jonathan Loughran ... Mike
Steve Buscemi ... Homeless Guy
George Hall ... Eldery Driver
91 2/4
Big Hero 6 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a criminal plot threatens the hi-tech metropolis of San Fransokyo, brilliant young robotics whiz Hiro Hamada (voice of Ryan Potter) leaps into action with his tech-savvy friends, and his robot companion Baymax (voice of Scott Adsit) in Disney Animation's adaptation of the popular Marvel Comics series. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Heroic Mission | Robots and Androids | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : criminal, hero, robot
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Family-Oriented Comedy, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Scott Adsit ... Baymax
T.J. Miller ... Fred
Jamie Chung ... Go Go Tomago
Damon Wayans Jr. ... Wasabi
Génesis Rodríguez ... Honey Lemon
Daniel Henney ... Tadashi
Maya Rudolph ... Aunt Cass
James Cromwell ... Professor Robert Callaghan
Alan Tudyk ... Alistair Krei
Abraham Benrubi ... General
Katie Lowes ... Abigail
Billy Bush ... Newscaster
Daniel Gerson ... Desk Sergeant
Paul Briggs ... Yama
92 3/4
The Big Short 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This adaptation of Michael Lewis' nonfiction book The Big Short explores the 2008 financial crisis through the lens of four unorthodox moneymen, who foresaw the consequences of the fraudulent mortgage-lending practices of large banks on Wall Street. Christian Bale plays Michael Burry, a former hedge-fund manager who was one of the first to forecast the collapse of the credit bubble due to excessive subprime lending. Steve Carell is Mark Baum (based on the real-life Steve Eisman), a money manager who rose to fame after successfully betting against subprime mortgages. Directed by Adam McKay. Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Marisa Tomei co-star. -- Erin Demers

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Fighting the System | Rise and Fall Stories | Social Injustice
Keywords : bank, con/scam, deception, finances, mortgage, real-estate
Drama, Docudrama 
Christian Bale ... Michael Burry
Steve Carell ... Mark Baum
Ryan Gosling ... Jared Vennett
Brad Pitt ... Ben Rickert
Melissa Leo ... Georgia Hale
Marisa Tomei ... Cynthia Baum
Tracy Letts ... Lawrence Fields
Hamish Linklater ... Porter Collins
John Magaro ... Charlie Geller
Byron Mann ... Mr. Chau
Rafe Spall ... Danny Moses
Jeremy Strong ... Vinny Daniel
Finn Wittrock ... Jamie Shipley
Karen Gillan ... Evie
Max Greenfield
Billy Magnussen
Sue-Lyn Ansari ... Swimmer
Al Sapienza ... Dan Detone
Brandon Stacy ... Burry's Dad
Vanessa Cloke ... Lucy Thalia
Aaron V. Williamson
Adepero Oduye ... Kathy Tao
Judd Derek Lormand ... Lawyer
Lyle Brocato ... Casey
Dave Davis ... Burry's Assistant - Lewis
Shauna Rappold ... Michael Burry's Mom
Aiden Flowers ... 11-Year-Old Michael Burry
Nicole Barre ... Woman at Party
Billy Slaughter ... Younger Agent
Charlie Talbert ... Charlie
Lara Grice ... Host
Garrett Hines ... Deutsche Bank RepRandall
Juliet Reeves ... Front Point Receptionist
Carrie Lazar ... Mark's Mom
Jeff Caperton ... Wall Street Journal Reporter
Tony Bentley ... Bruce Miller the Bull
Hunter Burke ... Young Analyst David
Candice Harrison ... Investor
Jay Jablonski ... Matt Wright
Marcus Lyle Brown ... Merrill Lynch Trader
Elton LeBlanc ... Convention Delegate/Strip Club Drunk/Blackjack Player
Jeffry Griffin ... Chris
Nazeema Bartek ... Analysis/Silicone Valley Manager/International Traveller
Tracy Mann ... Banker
David Kallaway ... Game Jersey Guy
Mike R. Moreau ... Business Executive
Colin Lawless ... Nicolas
Stanley Wong ... Ted Jiang
Andrea Vittoria Alvarado ... Clothing Boutique Clerk
Leslie Castay ... Therapist
Anthony Marble ... Therapy Businessman #1
Jack Millard ... Lehman Executive
Tyler Kunkle ... Doug
Patrick Kearns ... Casino Security
Jesse Yarborough ... Mortgage Broker
Kelly Lind ... Font Point Receptionist
John Neisler ... Seminar Leader #2
Daryl Thibodaux ... Analyst
Cynthia LeBlanc ... Blackjack Player/Convention Delegate
Oscar Gale ... Tattoo Neck Guy
David Michael Cefalu ... Analyst
Elliott Grey ... Lehman Brothers Rep
Peter Epstein ... Paul Baum
Christopher Gulas ... Businessman
Jay Potter ... Deutsche Rep
Christina Michelle Williams ... Banker/Airport Passenger
Paul Campanella ... Banker
Richard R. Corapi ... JP Morgan Employee
Colette Divine ... B Of A Lobby Security Guard
93 2/4
The Big White 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A travel agent in deep debt attempts to swindle a by-the-books insurance agent by claiming the corpse of a gangland hit as his long-missing brother in director Mark Mylod's dark crime comedy. Paul Barnell (Robin Williams) is in trouble. Saddled with a cantankerous wife (Holly Hunter) and unable to convince ambitious insurance company agent Ted (Giovanni Ribisi) to pay off the one-million-dollar claim on his brother, who has been missing for five years, Paul's debts are mounting as fast as his life is crumbling. When Paul discovers the corpse of a nameless man who ended up on the wrong side of the mob, desperation drives him to stage a grizzly death scene and make it look as if his brother has suffered a horrible fate. Though the local police force is easily taken by Paul's elaborate ruse, it's going to take a little more convincing before Ted is willing to sign off on the hefty insurance payment. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Cons and Scams | Down on Their Luck | Nothing Goes Right | Bumbling Cops | Small-Town Life | Unlikely Criminals
Keywords : agent [representative], claim, gangster, insurance, missing-person, mob-boss, travel-agent, wife
Comedy, Black Comedy, Crime Comedy 
Robin Williams ... Paul Barnell
Holly Hunter ... Margaret Barnell
Giovanni Ribisi ... Ted Watters
Woody Harrelson ... Raymond Barnell
Tim Blake Nelson ... Gary
Alison Lohman ... Tiffany
W. Earl Brown ... Jimbo
Deborah Aquila
Frank Adamson ... Detective
Andrea Shawcross ... hair stylist
Ryan Miranda ... Korean-Am Teenager
Craig March ... Howard
Frank C. Turner ... Dave
Brenda McDonald ... Mrs Wherry
Deena Fontaine ... Female Cop
Joanne Rodriguez ... TV Reporter
Eric Epstein ... Minister
Harry Nelken ... Warehouse Owner Spellman
94 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A fading actor (Michael Keaton) best known for his portrayal of a popular superhero attempts to mount a comeback by appearing in a Broadway play. As opening night approaches, his attempts to become more altruistic, rebuild his career, and reconnect with friends and family prove more difficult than expected. Lindsay Duncan, Zach Galifianakis, and Edward Norton co-star in this black comedy from Biutiful director Alejandro González Iñárritu. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Actor's Life | Down on Their Luck | Redemption | Underdogs
Keywords : actor, Broadway, career, comeback, comedy, daughter, ego, Superhero, supernatural-powers, telekinesis
Comedy, Black Comedy, Satire, Showbiz Drama 
Michael Keaton ... Riggan
Edward Norton ... Mike
Zach Galifianakis ... Jake
Andrea Riseborough ... Laura
Lindsay Duncan ... Tabitha
Amy Ryan ... Sylvia
Emma Stone ... Sam
Naomi Watts ... Lesley
Kenny Chin ... Korean Grocer
Jamahl Garrison-Lowe ... Daniel (Stagehand)
Jeremy Shamos ... Ralph
Katherine O'Sullivan ... Costume Assistant
Damian Young ... Gabriel
Keenan Shimizu ... Han
Akira Ito ... Translator
Natalie Gold ... Clara
Merritt Wever ... Annie
Michael Siberry ... Larry
Clark Middleton ... Sydney
William Youmans ... Bartender (Tommy)
Paula Pell ... Lady in Bar
David Fierro ... Man in Bar
Hudson Flynn ... Kid in Bar (Billy)
Warren Kelly ... Dresser
Joel Garland ... Stagehand
Brent Bateman ... Broadway Tourist
Donna Lynne Champlin ... Broadway Lady
Valentino Musumeci ... Broadway Kids
Taylor Schwencke ... Broadway Kids
Craig Mums Grant ... Broadway Man on Street
Kyle Knauf ... Annoying Times Square Guy
Dave Neal ... Annoying Times Squares Guy
Kelly Southerland ... Annoying Times Squares Guy
Roberta Colindrez ... Broadway Woman on Street
Frank Ridley ... Mr. Roth
Janis Corsair ... Female Usher
Rakesh G. Shaw ... Liquor Store Owner
Bill Camp ... Crazy Man
Malachi Weir ... Guy in Window
Jackie Hoffman ... Lady on Balcony (Mary)
Glenn Wein ... Young Male Usher
Nicolas Rain Noe ... Intermission Woman
Susan Blackwell ... Intermission Woman
Anna Hardwick ... Blonde Reporter
Dusan Dukic ... Newscaster
Helena-Alexis Seymour ... Newscaster
95 3/4
Black Hawk Down 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A quickly forgotten chapter in United States military history is relived in this harrowing war drama from director Ridley Scott, based on a series of Philadelphia Inquirer articles and subsequent book by reporter Mark Bowden. On October 3rd, 1993, an elite team of more than 100 Delta Force soldiers and Army Rangers, part of a larger United Nations peacekeeping force, are dropped into civil war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia, in an effort to kidnap two of local crime lord Mohamed Farah Aidid's top lieutenants. Among the team: Staff Sgt. Matt Eversmann (Josh Hartnett), Ranger Lt. Col. Danny McKnight (Tom Sizemore), the resourceful Delta Sgt. First Class Jeff Sanderson (William Fichtner), and Ranger Spec. Grimes (Ewan McGregor), a desk-bound clerk getting his first taste of live combat. When two of the mission's Black Hawk helicopters are shot down by enemy forces, the Americans -- committed to recovering every man, dead or alive -- stay in the area too long and are quickly surrounded. The ensuing firefight is a merciless 15-hour ordeal and the longest ground battle involving American soldiers since the Vietnam War. In the end, 70 soldiers are injured and 18 are dead, along with hundreds of Somalians. Black Hawk Down was voted one of the top ten films of the year by the National Board of Review prior to its limited Oscar-qualifying release. On the basis of his work in this film, co-star Eric Bana, a relatively unknown Australian actor playing Delta Sgt. First Class "Hoot" Gibson, won the lead in director Ang Lee's version of The Hulk (2003). -- Karl Williams

Moods : Food for Thought | Tough Guys
Themes : Great Battles | Military Life
Keywords : government, guerrilla, helicopter, mission [quest], Somalia, troops, warlord, war-torn
War, Combat Films, War Drama 
Josh Hartnett ... Ranger Staff Sgt. Matt Eversmann
Ewan McGregor ... Ranger Spec. Grimes
Jason Isaacs ... Steele
Tom Sizemore ... Ranger Lt. Col. Danny McKnight
Eric Bana ... Delta Sgt. First Class "Hoot" Gibson
William Fichtner ... Delta Sgt. First Class Jeff Sanderson
Ewen Bremner ... Spec. Sgt. Shawn Nelson
Sam Shepard ... Maj. Gen. William F. Garrison
Kim Coates ... Wex
Hugh Dancy ... Ranger Sgt. First Class Kurt Schmid
Ron Eldard ... Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant
Ioan Gruffudd ... Beales
Tom Guiry ... Yurek
Charlie Hofheimer ... Smith
Danny Hoch ... Pilla
Glenn Morshower ... Matthews
Gabriel Casseus ... Ranger Spec. Mike Kurth
Jeremy Piven ... Walcott
Brendan Sexton III ... Kowalewski
Johnny Strong ... Shughart
Richard Tyson ... Busch
Brian Van Holt ... Struecker
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ... Gordon
Steven Ford ... Cribbs
Ian Virgo ... Waddell
Tom Hardy ... Twombly
Carmine Giovinazzo ... Goodale
Chris Beetem ... Joyce
Tac Fitzgerald ... Thomas
Matthew Marsden ... Sizemore
Orlando Bloom ... Blackburn
Kent Linville ... Othic
Michael Roof ... Maddox
George Harris ... Atto
Razaaq Adoti ... Mo'alim
Treva Etienne ... Firimbi
Ty Burrell ... Wilkinson
Boyd Kestner ... Goffena
Jason Hildabrant ... Jollata
Gregory Sporleder ... Galentine
Johann Myers ... Somali Father
Dana Woods ... Fales
Abdibashir Mohamed Hersi ... Somali Spy
Pavel Vokoun ... Briley
Kofi Amankwah ... Somali Kid
Joshua Quarcoo ... Somali Kid
Lee Geohagen ... Somali son with gun
964 2/4
The Black Hole 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An ambitious sci-fier from the Disney folks, The Black Hole takes place in the future. A quintet of space travelers stumble across a "black hole." Not wishing to be sucked into the void, the crew prepares to flee, but stops long enough to investigate a mysterious space vessel near the entrance of the hole. Manning this craft is mad scientist Dr. Hans Reinhardt (Maximillian Schell), who intends to explore the black hole in hopes of finding the universe's energy source. The cast includes Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster, Yvette Mimieux, and others. The Black Hole marked one of the Disney company's first PG-rated films. --

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Mad Scientists | Robots and Androids | Space Travel
Keywords : good [quality], bad-guy, black-hole, exploration, genius, good-guy, investigator, mad-scientist, rampage, robot, space, space-exploration, technology
Attributes : High Production Values
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Maximilian Schell ... Dr. Hans Reinhardt
Anthony Perkins ... Dr. Alex Durant
Robert Forster ... Capt. Dan Holland
Joseph Bottoms ... Lt. Charles Pizer
Yvette Mimieux ... Dr. Kate McGraw
Ernest Borgnine ... Harry Booth
Tom McLoughlin ... Capt. S.T.A.R.
Roddy McDowall ... V.I.N.CENT
Slim Pickens ... Bob
973 1/4
Black Mama, White Mama 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two female prisoners, one black and one white attempt to escape a women's reformatory in this violent exploitation film that is a cheap knock- off of The Defiant Ones. The black woman is in for prostitution while her blonde counterpart was involved with a radical group. They escape after lesbian guards make passes at them. Though chained together, the two manage to make their way through the Filipino jungle to a camp filled with revolutionaries and drug smugglers. There more action ensues as the crooks engage in a climactic battle with a crooked cop. --

Themes : Escape From Prison | Women in Prison | Race Relations
Keywords : abuse, captor, cross-cultural-relations, doctor/nurse, exploitation, island, prison-escape, prison-warden, radical
Action, Sexploitation, Prison Film 
Lotis Key ... Jeanette
Bruno Punzalan ... Truck Driver
Alona Alegre ... Juana
Alfonso Carvajal ... Galindo
Vic Diaz ... Vic
Dindo Fernando ... Rocco
Wendy Green ... Ronda
Ricardo Herrero ... Luis
Pam Grier ... Lee Daniels
Sid Haig ... Ruben
Lynn Borden ... Densmore
Laurie Burton ... Logan
Eddie Garcia ... Capt. Cruz
Margaret Markov ... Karen Brent
Jess Ramos ... Alfredo
96 3/4
Black Mass 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The true story of one of America's most violent and infamous gangsters, Whitey Bulger. Johnny Depp stars as Bulger, who was the brother of a state senator and was eventually convinced to wear a wire for the FBI to bring down the Italian mafia in Boston after they invaded his territory. Scott Cooper directs, with Mark Mallouk penning the screenplay based on Dick Lehr and Gerald O'Neill's 2001 best-seller Black Mass: The True Story of An Unholy Alliance Between The FBI and The Irish Mob. -- Daniel Gelb

Themes : Mafia Life | Police Corruption
Crime, Biopic [feature], Crime Drama 
Johnny Depp ... Whitey Bulger
Benedict Cumberbatch ... William Bulger
Jesse Plemons ... Kevin Weeks
Joel Edgerton ... John Connolly
Sienna Miller ... Catherine Greig
Dakota Johnson ... Lindsey Cyr
Rory Cochrane ... Stephen Flemmi
Julianne Nicholson ... Marianne Connolly
Adam Scott ... FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick
David Harbour ... John Morris
Jeremy Strong
Brad Carter ... John McIntyre
W. Earl Brown ... John Martorano
Corey Stoll ... Fred Wyshak
Kevin Bacon ... FBI Agent Charles McGuire
Peter Sarsgaard ... Brian Halloran
Bill Camp ... John Callahan
Juno Temple ... Deborah Hussey
Scott Anderson ... Tommy King
Lonnie Farmer ... DEA Agent Eric Olsen (Interrogator)
Mary Klug ... Mom Bulger
Erica McDermott ... Mary Bulger
Owen Burke ... Buddy Leonard
Jamie Donnelly ... Mrs. Cody
David DeBeck ... Roger Wheeler
David Conley ... Officer Flynn
Anthony Molinari ... Charlie McTiernan
Todd Ryan Jones ... Charlie's Friend
Bates Wilder ... Agent James
Gary Galone ... State Captain
Brian A. White ... Prisoner
Tom Kemp ... Father Mackey
Naheem Garcia ... DEA Agent
Cary "Big Shug" Guy ... Drug Dealer
Sean Malone ... Crook
Jack Neary ... Barman
Jimmy Joe Maher ... Boot Shop Owner
Forry Buckingham ... World Jai Alai Chairman
Michael F. Murphy ... Porthole Customer
Alexander Cook ... DEA Agent Dan Doherty
97 2/4
Black Sea 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A rogue submarine captain accepts a potentially lucrative offer to seek out a missing treasure in the Black Sea despite the sneaking suspicion that he may be double crossed in this sea adventure starring Jude Law and Scoot McNairy, and directed by Kevin Macdonald. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Dangerous Friends | Haunted By the Past | Treasure Hunts
Keywords : captain [ship], deep-sea, double-cross, gold, rogue, salvage, sea, submarine, sunken, survival, suspicion, treasure, undersea
Thriller, Caper, Psychological Thriller, Sea Adventure 
Jude Law ... Robinson
Scoot McNairy ... Daniels
Ben Mendelsohn ... Fraser
David Threlfall ... Peters
Karl Davies ... Liam
Jodie Whittaker ... Chrissy
921 2/4
Black Snake Moan 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a weathered, God-fearing ex-blues musician finds the town nymphomaniac severely beaten and left for dead on the side of the road, he vows to cure her of her wicked ways in Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer's raw and unflinching follow-up. Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson) is a hard-living ex-blues guitarist for whom the troubled days are beginning to outnumber the good. Rae (Christina Ricci) is a 22-year-old sex addict whose wild ways are finally about to catch up with her. When Lazarus discovers Rae covered in dust and clinging to life on the side of the road, he takes her in and nurses her back to health; but Lazarus isn't your typical caregiver, he's more concerned for Rae's immortal soul than he is for her physical well-being. Now, after chaining Rae down and employing the power of the Good Book to curb the salacious seductress' hedonistic ways, Lazarus will be forced to confront his own darkest demons in order to save the soul of a woman whose one-way ticket to hell has already been paid in full. Now, as Lazarus wages a righteous struggle to redeem the soul of the fallen Rae while simultaneously ensuring that his own life hasn't been lived in vain, the situation threatens to explode as Rae's possessive boyfriend, Ronnie (Justin Timberlake) -- a roughneck Guardsman currently preparing for a tour of duty in Iraq -- comes searching for his missing lover. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Southern Gothic | Haunted By the Past | Redemption
Keywords : Bible, blues-music, chain, father-figure, nymphomaniac, reform [improve]
Drama, Psychological Drama 
Samuel L. Jackson ... Lazarus Woods
Christina Ricci ... Rae
Justin Timberlake ... Ronnie
S. Epatha Merkerson ... Angela
John Cothran, Jr. ... Reverend R.L.
David Banner ... Tehronne
Michael Raymond-James ... Gill
Adriane Lenox ... Rose Woods
Kim Richards ... Sandy (Rae's Mother)
Neimus K. Williams ... Lincoln
Leonard Thomas ... Deke Woods
Claude Phillips ... Bojo
Amy Lavere ... Jesse
Clare Grant ... Kell
Jeff Pope ... Batson
Willie Hall ... Pinetop
John Malloy ... Gene
T.C. Sharpe ... Archie
John Still ... Herman
Jared Hopkins ... Auto Worker
Tosh Newman ... Conner
Cody Block ... Bryan
Benjamin Rednour ... Guardsman
Carnell Pepper ... Melvin
David Chapman ... Red
Jolynne Palmer ... Ella Mae
John Pickle ... Arty
Kim Justis ... Waitress
Cedric Burnside ... Himself
Kenny Brown ... Himself
98 4/4
Blade Runner 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A blend of science fiction and noir detective fiction, Blade Runner (1982) was a box office and critical bust upon its initial exhibition, but its unique postmodern production design became hugely influential within the sci-fi genre, and the film gained a significant cult following that increased its stature. Harrison Ford stars as Rick Deckard, a retired cop in Los Angeles circa 2019. L.A. has become a pan-cultural dystopia of corporate advertising, pollution and flying automobiles, as well as replicants, human-like androids with short life spans built by the Tyrell Corporation for use in dangerous off-world colonization. Deckard's former job in the police department was as a talented blade runner, a euphemism for detectives that hunt down and assassinate rogue replicants. Called before his one-time superior (M. Emmett Walsh), Deckard is forced back into active duty. A quartet of replicants led by Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) has escaped and headed to Earth, killing several humans in the process. After meeting with the eccentric Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel), creator of the replicants, Deckard finds and eliminates Zhora (Joanna Cassidy), one of his targets. Attacked by another replicant, Leon (Brion James), Deckard is about to be killed when he's saved by Rachael (Sean Young), Tyrell's assistant and a replicant who's unaware of her true nature. In the meantime, Batty and his replicant pleasure model lover, Pris (Darryl Hannah) use a dying inventor, J.F. Sebastian (William Sanderson) to get close to Tyrell and murder him. Deckard tracks the pair to Sebastian's, where a bloody and violent final confrontation between Deckard and Batty takes place on a skyscraper rooftop high above the city. In 1992, Ridley Scott released a popular director's cut that removed Deckard's narration, added a dream sequence, and excised a happy ending imposed by the results of test screenings; these legendary behind-the-scenes battles were chronicled in a 1996 tome, Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, by Paul M. Sammon. -- Karl Williams

Moods : A World of Its Own | Other Dimensions
Themes : Future Dystopias | Experiments Gone Awry | Obsessive Quests | Robots and Androids | Technology Run Amok
Keywords : android, cyborg, future, detective, killing, man-vs-machine, technology, killler-robot
Attributes : Cult Film, High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Tech Noir, Sci-Fi Action 
Harrison Ford ... Rick Deckard
Rutger Hauer ... Roy Batty
Sean Young ... Rachael
Edward James Olmos ... Gaff
M. Emmet Walsh ... Harry Bryant
Daryl Hannah ... Pris
William Sanderson ... J.F. Sebastian
Brion James ... Leon
Joe Turkel ... Tyrell
Joanna Cassidy ... Zhora
James Hong ... Chew
Morgan Paull ... Holden
Kevin Thompson ... Bear
John E. Allen ... Kaiser
Hy Pyke ... Taffey Lewis
Kimiko Hiroshige ... Cambodian Woman
Charles Knapp ... Bartender
Robert Okazaki ... Sushi Master
99 3/4
The Blair Witch Project 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Combining Hi-8 video with black-and-white 16 mm film, this film presents a raw look at what can happen when college students forego common sense and enter the world of voodoo and witchcraft. Presented as a straightforward documentary, the film opens with a title card explaining that in 1994, three students went into the Maryland back woods to do a film project on the Blair Witch incidents. These kids were never seen again, and the film you are about to see is from their recovered equipment, found in the woods a year later. The entire movie documents their adventures leading up to their final minutes. The Blair Witch incident, as we initially learn from the local town elders, is an old legend about a group of witches who tortured and killed several children many years ago. Everyone in town knows the story and they're all sketchy on the details. Out in the woods and away from their parked car (and civilization), what starts as a school exercise turns into a nightmare when the three kids lose their map. Forced to spend extra days finding their way out, the kids then start to hear horrific sounds outside their tents in the pitch-black middle of night. They also find strange artifacts from (what can only be) the Blair Witch, still living in the woods. Frightened, they desperately try to find their way out of the woods, with no luck. Slowly these students start to unravel, knowing they have no way of getting out, no food, and it's getting cold. Each night they are confronted with shrieking and sounds so haunting that they are convinced someone is following them, and they quickly begin to fear for their lives. The film premiered in the midnight movie section at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. -- Chris Gore

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Witches | Filmmaking | Nightmare Vacations | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : film-student, witch, woods [place], camping, legend [fable], filmmaker, video-camera
Attributes : High Historical Importance, Low Budget, Low Production Values
Horror, Supernatural Horror 
Heather Donahue
Joshua Leonard
Bob Griffith
Jim King
Sandra Sanchez
Ed Swanson
Patricia Decou
Kim Richards
100 2/4
The Blind Side 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Taken in by a well-to-do family and offered a second chance at life, a homeless teen grows to become the star athlete projected to be the first pick at the NFL draft in this sports-themed comedy drama inspired by author Michael Lewis' best-seller The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. Michael Oher was living on the streets when he was welcomed into the home of a conservative suburban family, but over time he matured into a talented athlete. As the NFL draft approaches, fans and sports radio personalities alike speculate that Oher will be the hottest pick of the year. Sandra Bullock stars in a film written and directed by John Lee Hancock (The Rookie, The Alamo). -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Football Players | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : adoption, African-American, football, high-school, homelessness, mother
Drama, Docudrama, Family Drama, Inspirational Drama, Sports Drama 
Sandra Bullock ... Leigh Anne Tuohy
Tim McGraw ... Sean Tuohy
Quinton Aaron ... Michael Oher
Jae Head ... S.J. Tuohy
Lily Collins ... Collins Tuohy
Ray McKinnon ... Coach Cotton
Kim Dickens ... Mrs. Boswell
Adriane Lenox ... Denise Oher
Kathy Bates ... Miss Sue
Catherine Dyer ... Mrs. Smith
Tom Nowicki ... Literature Teacher
Libby Whittemore ... Sarcastic Teacher
Brian Hollan ... Jay Collis
Melody Weintraub ... History Teacher
Sharon Morris ... Investigator Granger
Omar J. Dorsey ... "Big Tony" Hamilton
Paul Amadi ... Steven Hamilton
IronE Singleton ... Alton
Hampton Fluker ... David
Rhoda Griffis ... Beth
Eaddy Mays ... Elaine
Ashley LeConte Campbell ... Sherry
Stacey Turner ... DMV Employee
Elizabeth Omilami ... CPS Employee
Afemo Omilami ... CPS Welfare Worker
Eric Benson ... Milford #66
David Dwyer ... MilfordDad
Catherine Combs ... Collins's Friend #1
Kelly Johns ... Collins's Friend #2
Whitney Branan ... Lemming's Secretary #1
Brian Sutherin ... Lemming's Secretary #2
Brandon Rivers ... Michael Age Seven
Jody Thompson ... Paramedic
James Donadio ... Photographer
L. Warren Young ... Big and Tall Salesman
Brett Rice ... Cousin Bobby
John Newberg ... Official
Kevin Nichols ... Memphis Policeman
Preston Brant ... Michael's Brother
Matthew Atkinson ... Valet Parker
Trey Best ... Michael's Brother Age Twelve
Omid Soltani ... Rug Salesman
Destiny Long ... Alton's Girlfriend
April Rich ... Teacher in Lounge
Jaye Tyroff ... Milford Player #35
Ben Keen ... Wingate Quarterback
John Henry Hancock ... Rabid Ole Miss Fan
Joseph Chrest ... Clemson Coach
Lamont Koonce ... Tennessee Assistant Coach
Tom Lemming ... Himself
Houston Nutt ... Himself
Ed Orgeron ... Himself
Nick Saban ... Himself
Tommy Tuberville ... Himself
101 2/4
The Bodyguard 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lawrence Kasdan originally wrote his script for The Bodyguard in the late 1960s as a vehicle for Steve McQueen; by the time it reached the screen, Kasdan's star was another movie hearthrob, Kevin Costner. When imperious musical superstar Whitney Houston begins receiving death threats, she is compelled to hire a bodyguard. Enter Costner, who immediately incurs the wrath of Houston and her entourage by imposing prison-like security measures. An ex-Secret Service agent, Costner still hasn't purged himself of his guilt feelings over his inability to protect President Reagan from would-be assassin John Hinckley (in the original concept, the agent had been guarding JFK in Dallas, but Costner was too young to make this credible; besides, he and Oliver Stone had been there before). Gradually, and inevitably, Costner and Houston fall in love. Ralph Waite is cast as Costner's father, while Robert Wuhl and Debbie Reynolds please the crowd in their cameo roles. The Bodyguard was a huge box-office success, helped along in no small part by Whitney Houston's bestselling rendition of the old Dolly Parton hit "I Will Always Love You." -- Hal Erickson

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Interracial/Cross-Cultural Romance | Bodyguards | Musician's Life | Protecting the Innocent | Woman In Jeopardy
Keywords : diva, music-star, singer, death-threat, fanatic, obsession, stalking, bodyguard, investigation, love, forbidden-love, battle-of-the-sexes, music
Romance, Thriller, Romantic Drama, Showbiz Drama, Melodrama 
Kevin Costner ... Frank Farmer
Whitney Houston ... Rachel Marron
Gary Kemp ... Sy Spector
Bill Cobbs ... Bill Devaney
Ralph Waite ... Herb Farmer
Tomas Arana ... Portman
Christopher Birt ... Henry
Christopher Connelly ... Oscar Arrivals MC
Mike Starr ... Tony
Gerry Bamman ... Ray Court
Joe Urla ... Minella
Tony Pierce ... Dan
Charles Keating ... Klingman
Robert Wuhl ... Oscar Host
Debbie Reynolds ... Herself
Dan Kamin ... Thuringer
Ethel Ayler ... Emma
Richard Schiff ... Skip Thomas
Nathaniel Parker ... Clive Healy
Bert Remsen ... Rotary President
Donald Hotton ... Reverend Hardy
Patricia Healy ... 1st Sound Winner
Rob Sullivan ... Best Sound Presenter
Stephen Shellen ... Tom Winston
Victoria Bass ... Woman in Green
Phil Redrow ... Video Director
Joe Unger ... Journalist
Susan Traylor ... Dress Designer
Linda Thompson ... Female Academy Member
Michele Lamar Richards ... Nikki Marron
102 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes Bolt, the tale of a superstar TV pup (voiced by John Travolta) who gets plopped in the middle of America with seemingly no way back to the glam and glitz of Hollywood. Thanks to his starring role on a hit television show, Bolt the pooch has become a household name. But Bolt has bought into his own heroic image, now believing that he really possesses the super-canine powers of his fictional television series. When he's accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York City, he must rely on the help from his two newfound friends -- an abandoned house cat named Mittens (voiced by Susie Essman) and a television-addicted hamster named Rhino (voice of Mark Walton) -- as he embarks on a cross-country quest to get back to his owner (and co-star), Penny (voice of Miley Cyrus). -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Finding a Way Back Home | Fish Out of Water | Man's Best Friend
Keywords : cat, cross-country, dog, television-show, television-star
Comedy, Adventure Comedy 
John Travolta ... Bolt
Miley Cyrus ... Penny
Susie Essman ... Mittens
Mark Walton ... Rhino
Malcolm McDowell ... Dr. Calico
James Lipton ... The Director
Greg Germann ... The Agent
Chris Williams ... Oaken
Diedrich Bader ... Veteran Cat
Nick Swardson ... Blake
J.P. Manoux ... Tom
Dan Fogelman ... Billy
Kari Wahlgren ... Mindy
Randy Savage ... Thug
Ronn Moss ... Dr. Forrester
Grey DeLisle ... Penny's Mom
Tim Mertens ... Bobby
Jeff Bennett ... Lloyd
Daran Norris ... Louie
John DiMaggio ... Saul
103 2/4
The Bone Collector 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Filmed on location in Montreal and New York, The Bone Collector is a suspense thriller that combines Rear Window and Seven. Two cops on the trail of a brutal serial killer must see as one, act as one, and think as one before the next victim falls. Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) is an intelligent forensics detective who was paralyzed in the line of duty. The author of several books, he has a keen eye for detail and nose for clues that have made him a legend in the law enforcement community. Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie) is a street-smart policewoman in her twenties. On her last day as a street cop, before being transferred to a desk job, Amelia discovers a badly mutilated corpse. Rhyme is asked to investigate the case, but he declines. To him, it is an open-and-shut case not worth his time. But when he takes a close look at the evidence, he is intrigued, as the photos reveal complex messages in their details. The lunatic, who might be a taxi driver (a Scorsese allusion), amuses himself by paying homage to legendary murders in his own gruesome acts. Amelia is assigned to assist Rhyme, and she must be the eyes and ears of the quadriplegic detective. And they must capture the killer before he strikes again. Written by Jeremy Iacone and based on a book of the same title by Jeffrey Deaver, The Bone Collector was directed by the Australian thriller specialist Phillip Noyce, who directed such films as Clear and Present Danger and Dead Calm. -- Gönül Dönmez-Colin

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Mind Games | Serial Killers | Murder Investigations | Rookie Cops | Race Against Time
Keywords : expert, detective, rookie, serial-killer, clue, quadriplegic, evidence
Thriller, Police Detective Film, Psychological Thriller 
Denzel Washington ... Lincoln Rhyme
Angelina Jolie ... Amelia Donaghy
Queen Latifah ... Thelma
Michael Rooker ... Capt. Howard Cheney
Mike McGlone ... Detective Kenny Soloman
Luis Guzman ... Eddie Ortiz
Leland Orser ... Richard Thompson
John Benjamin Hickey ... Dr. Barry Lehman
Bobby Cannavale ... Steve
Ed O'Neill ... Detective Paulie Sellitto
Zena Grey
Fulvio Cecere ... Forensics Expert
104 1/4
The Bonfire of the Vanities 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Brian De Palma's Hollywood sanitization of Tom Wolfe's scabrous satire stars Tom Hanks as Sherman McCoy, the "master of the universe," a shallow Wall Street investor who makes millions while enjoying the good life and the sexual favors of Maria Ruskin (Melanie Griffith), a Southern belle golddigger. Sherman and Maria are driving back to Maria's apartment from the airport when Maria takes a wrong turn on the expressway and the two find themselves in the South Bronx. She sees a black youth approaching Sherman's car and Maria, frightened, guns the engine, running over the teenager and killing him. The two drive away and decide not to report the accident to the police. Meanwhile, indigent alcoholic journalist Peter Fallow (Bruce Willis), anxious for a story to make good with his editor, comes upon the hit-and-run tale through local black community activist, Reverend Bacon (John Hancock). Bacon plans to use the hit-and-run case as a rallying point for the black community, while Fallow recognizes the press coverage inherent in prosecuting the callow Sherman. As Sherman is brought to his knees, the New York community fragments into different factions who use the case to suit their own cynical political purposes. Finally, Sherman is left without any allies to support him except for the sympathetic Judge White (Morgan Freeman) and the remorseful Fallow. -- Paul Brenner

Themes : Class Differences | Members of the Press | Office Politics
Keywords : accident, blackmail, business, confession [criminal], courtroom, cross-cultural-relations, hit-and-run, manslaughter, mistress, stockbroker, urban-problems
Attributes : High Production Values
Comedy, Black Comedy, Satire 
Tom Hanks ... Sherman McCoy
Bruce Willis ... Peter Fallow
Melanie Griffith ... Maria Ruskin
Kim Cattrall ... Judy McCoy
Morgan Freeman ... Judge Leonard White
Saul Rubinek ... Jed Kramer
F. Murray Abraham ... D.A. Abe Weiss
John Hancock ... Reverend Bacon
Kevin Dunn ... Thomas Killian
Clifton James ... Albert Fox
Louis Giambalvo ... Ray Andruitti
Barton Heyman ... Detective Martin
Norman Parker ... Detective Goldberg
Donald Moffat ... Mr. McCoy (Sherman's Father)
Alan King ... Arthur Ruskin
Beth Broderick ... Caroline Heftshank
Kurt Fuller ... Pollard Browning
Adam Le Fevre ... Rawlie Thorpe
Richard Libertini ... Ed Rifkin
Rita Wilson ... Public Relations Woman
Debbie Lee Carrington
William Clark ... Eddie, Doorman
Brian De Palma ... Prison Guard
Sarah Essex
George Merritt ... Poe Picketers
Troy Winbush ... Roland Auburn
Walker Joyce ... "Don Giovanni"
Mary Alice ... Annie Lamb
Robert Stephens ... Sir Gerald Moore
Marjorie Monaghan ... Evelyn Moore
Kirsten Dunst ... Campbell McCoy
Patrick Malone ... Henry Lamb
Emmanuel Xuereb ... Filippo Chirazzi
Scotty Bloch ... Sally Rawthrote
Hansford Rowe ... Leon Bavardage
Elizabeth Owens ... Inez Bavardage
Malachy McCourt ... Tony, Doorman
John Bentley ... Bill, Doorman
Jeff Brooks ... Bondsman
T.J. Coan ... Bondsman
James Lally ... Bondsman
William Woodson ... Gene Lopwitz
Nelson Vasquez ... Pimp
Fanni Green ... Prostitute
Roy Milton Davis ... Latino
Shiek Mahmud-Bey ... Lockwood
Stewart J. Zully ... Court Clerk
Helen Stenborg ... Mrs. McCoy
Timothy Jenkins ... Billy Cortez
Sam Jenkins ... Fox's Assistant
Vito D'Ambrosio ... Intercom Man
Paul Bates ... Buck
Camryn Manheim ... Poe Picketer
J.D. Wyatt ... Poe Picketer
Kirk Taylor ... Aide
O. Laron Clark ... Cecil Hayden
Louis P. Lebherz ... "The Commandatori"
Anatoly Davydov ... Boris Karlevskov
Nancy McDonald ... Media Jackal
Ray Iannicelli ... Media Jackal
Daniel Hagen ... Media Jackal
Kimberleigh Aarn ... Media Jackal
Walter Flanagan ... Media Jackal
Mike Hodge ... Media Jackal
Ernestine Jackson ... Media Jackal
Novella Nelson ... Media Jackal
Noble Lee Lester ... Media Jackals
Adina Winston ... Female Guest
Richard Belzer ... TV Producer
Cynthia Mason ... Maid
Ermal Williamson ... Butler
W.M. Hunt ... Nunally Voyd
Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi ... Maitre D'
Jon Rashad Kamal ... French Waiter
Channing Chase ... Shocked Woman
Hal England ... French Restaurant Patron
Joy Claussen ... French Restaurant Patron
John Fink ... French Restaurant Patron
Judith Burke ... French Restaurant Patron
Barry Michlin ... Funeral Director
Connie Sawyer ... Ruskin Family Member
Johnny Crear ... Manny Leerman
Sherri Paysinger ... Anchorwoman
Staci Francis ... Gospel Singer
Barbara Gooding ... Gospel Singer
Kathleen Murphy Palmer ... Gospel Singer
Lorraine Moore ... Gospel Singer
Kathryn Danielle ... Public Relations Assistant
Oliver Dixon ... Diplomat
Jennifer Bassey ... Diplomat's Wife
Katrina Braque ... Diplomat's Daughter
Geraldo Rivera ... Robert Corso TV Journalist
942 4/4
Boogie Nights 
AMG SYNOPSIS: While set within the milieu of the Los Angeles adult film industry, Boogie Nights is less a film about pornography than the serio-comic story of a group of misfits, losers, and lost souls who are embraced by Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds), a director who makes "adult films, exotic motion pictures." In 1977, while hanging out at a disco, Jack spots Eddie (Mark Wahlberg), the new busboy at the club, and tells him he's convinced "there's something wonderful inside those jeans waiting to get out." Jack knows his business well and his expert eye has not betrayed him; Eddie is a pornographer's dream -- good looking, remarkably endowed, and willing and able to do as many takes as might be needed. The product of a woefully dysfunctional upbringing, Eddie is not terribly bright but is very ambitious and eager to prove he has a "special something" to share with the world. Eddie changes his name to Dirk Diggler and quickly becomes the biggest star in hardcore. Working alongside "Dirk" in Jack's films are Amber Waves (Julianne Moore), a porn actress who applies her misplaced maternal instincts to anyone who needs nurturing; Rollergirl (Heather Graham), a cheerful but blank-faced high school drop-out who never removes her roller skates; Reed Rothchild (John C. Reilly), a none-too-bright actor, aspiring magician, and failing songwriter; Buck (Don Cheadle), a black actor fascinated with cowboy iconography who wants to open a stereo shop; Scotty J (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a stocky and awkward soundman infatuated with Dirk; Little Bill (William H. Macy), Jack's assistant director, who has trouble dealing with his wife's brazen infidelity; and Colonel James (Robert Ridgely), Jack's backer, who has a weakness for young girls. In the brief, late-'70s moment when porn was chic and sex films seemed poised to break into the mainstream, Dirk becomes a star and Jack a respected name. But a few years later, drugs and pride have taken their toll on Dirk and many of his friends, while the advent of the VCR radically changes the adult movie business; Jack goes from being a "filmmaker" to manufacturing and wholesaling videocassettes, a wealthy but emotionally broken man. In his second film, wunderkind director Paul Thomas Anderson juggled a broad range of characters in a manner reminiscent of Robert Altman's ensemble films, making Boogie Nights a sad but funny story of a makeshift family of damaged people and what happens before and after their brief moment in the sun. --

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Rise and Fall Stories | Innocence Lost | Drug Addiction | Custody Battles
Keywords : pornography, family, sex, director, mother, drugs, disco, ego, film, industry
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Production Values
Comedy Drama, Ensemble Film, Period Film, Showbiz Drama 
Mark Wahlberg ... Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler
Burt Reynolds ... Jack Horner
Julianne Moore ... Amber Waves
John C. Reilly ... Reed Rothchild
Don Cheadle ... Buck Swope
Heather Graham ... Rollergirl
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Scotty
William H. Macy ... Little Bill
Luis Guzman ... Maurice T. Rodriguez
Alfred Molina ... Rahad Jackson
Robert Ridgely ... The Colonel
Ricky Jay ... Kurt Longjohn
Philip Baker Hall ... Floyd Gondolli
Nina Hartley ... Little Bill's Wife
Melora Walters ... Jessie St. Vincent
Nicole Ari Parker ... Becky Barnett
Thomas Jane ... Todd Parker
Laurel Holloman ... Eddie's Girlfriend
105 2/4
The Book of Eli 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In a post-apocalyptic America where the once-picturesque countryside has become a desolate and violent wasteland, one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect that sacred tome that could hold the key to the survival of the human race in this futuristic thriller from filmmaking duo Albert and Allen Hughes (From Hell and Dead Presidents). Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, and Ray Stevenson co-star in the Warner Bros. production. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Tough Guys
Themes : Future Dystopias | Lone Wolves | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Future Barbarians
Keywords : post-nuclear-holocaust, book, sacred, United-States, wasteland
Action, Sci-Fi Action 
Denzel Washington ... Eli
Gary Oldman ... Carnegie
Mila Kunis ... Solara
Ray Stevenson ... Redridge
Jennifer Beals ... Claudia
Evan Jones ... Martz
Joe Pingue ... Hoyt
Frances de la Tour ... Martha
Michael Gambon ... George
Tom Waits ... Engineer
Chris Browning ... Hijack Leader
Richard Cetrone ... Hijacker
Keith Davis ... Hijacker
Lateef Crowder ... Hijacker/Construction Thug
Lora Martinez Cunningham ... Young Woman Hijacker
Scott Wilder ... Middle-Aged Man
Heidi Pascoe ... Middle-Aged Woman
Jennifer Caputo ... Biker
Spencer Sano ... Biker/Town Thug
Karin Silvestri ... Biker
Mike Gunther ... Sniper
John Koyama ... Sniper
Mike McCarty ... Sniper
Scott Michael Morgan ... Construction Thug Leader
Sala Baker ... Construction Thug
Arron Shiver ... Bartender
Justin Tade ... Town Doctor
Mike Seal ... Door Guard
Richard Smith ... Orpheum Patron
David Wald ... Town Thug
Jermaine Washington ... Town Thug
Paul Crawford ... Town Thug
Clay Donahue Fontenot ... Convoy Thug
Al Goto ... Convoy Thug
Brad Martin ... Convoy Thug
Tim Rigby ... Convoy Thug
Luis Bordonada ... Carnegie Gunman #1
Angelique Midthunder ... Catling Gun Gunner
Todd Schneider ... Caddy Driver
Laurence Chavez ... Ice Cream Truck Driver
Brian Lucero ... Alcatraz Guard
David Midthunder ... Alcatraz Soldier
106 2/4
The Boss 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Hugely successful businesswoman Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is convicted of insider trading and sentenced to prison. After being released, she is forced to move in with a long-suffering employee of hers (Kristen Bell), and tries to earn redemption and revamp her public image by helping a group of young girls in their quest to sell brownies. Peter Dinklage, Kristen Schaal, and Kathy Bates co-star in this comedy, which was directed by Ben Falcone (McCarthy's real-life husband), and co-written by McCarthy, Falcone, and Steve Mallory. -- Jack Rodgers

Melissa McCarthy ... Michelle Darnell
Kristen Bell ... Claire
Peter Dinklage ... Renault
Kristen Schaal ... Sandy
Kathy Bates ... Ida Marquette
Margo Martindale ... Sister Aluminata
Tyler Labine ... Mike
Parker Young ... Moisa
Ella Anderson ... Rachel
Cecily Strong ... Dana Dandridge
Annie Mumolo ... Helen
Ben Falcone ... Marty
Michael McDonald ... Bryce Crean
Larry Dorf ... Guard Kenny
Cedric Yarbrough ... Tito
Mark Oliver ... Boss
Rico Ball ... Helicopter Pilot Phil
Carla Fisher ... Cammy
Sharon Conley ... Prison Guard
Steve Mallory ... Carl
Chandler Head ... 5-Year-Old Michelle
Damon Jones ... Waiter
Dylan Cheek ... Darnell Dancer
107 2/4
The Bourne Identity 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The best-selling suspense novel by late author Robert Ludlum comes to the screen for a second time, following a 1988 made-for-TV movie. Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne, a barely alive amnesiac with a pair of bullet wounds in his back, pulled from the Mediterranean by Italian fishermen. Bourne's only clue to his own identity is a bank account number etched on a capsule implanted in his body. He quickly finds the Zurich bank where money, a gun, and a few identification documents await, but after he's pursued by security goons at the American consulate, Bourne realizes he can trust no one and offers a German gypsy named Marie (Franka Potente) ten thousand dollars for a ride to Paris. Encountering more professional killers bent on his destruction, Bourne discovers that he possesses a surprising degree of skill in combat, martial arts, and linguistics -- handy talents that clearly indicate his past includes work as a spy and assassin, but for whom? With Marie's reluctant help, Bourne edges closer to the truth, something CIA officials want concealed at all costs. The Bourne Identity co-stars Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Brian Cox, and Julia Stiles. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Amnesia | Haunted By the Past | Race Against Time
Keywords : amnesia, assassination, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), espionage, spy
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film, Paranoid Thriller 
Matt Damon ... Jason Bourne
Franka Potente ... Marie Kreutz
Clive Owen ... The Professor
Chris Cooper ... Ted Conklin
Brian Cox ... Ward Abbott
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ... Nykwana Wombosi
Gabriel Mann ... Zorn
Walton Goggins ... Research Tech
Josh Hamilton ... Research Tech
Julia Stiles ... Nicolette
Orso Maria Guerrini ... Giancarlo
Tim Dutton ... Eamon
Judy Parfitt
Jimmy Jean-Louis ... Wombosi Bodyguard
108 2/4
The Bourne Legacy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The fourth installment of the highly successful Bourne series sees the return of the franchise's screenwriter, Tony Gilroy, this time stepping into the director's seat for an entry which sidelines main character Jason Bourne in order to focus on a fellow estranged assassin (Jeremy Renner). Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz co-star, with Joan Allen and Albert Finney reprising their roles from the previous films. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Themes : Fighting the System | Race Against Time | Haunted By the Past
Keywords : secret-organization, spy
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film 
Jeremy Renner ... Aaron Cross
Edward Norton ... Retired Col. Eric Byer, USAF
Rachel Weisz ... Dr. Marta Shearing
Joan Allen ... Pam Landy
Albert Finney ... Dr. Albert Hirsch
Stacy Keach ... Retired Adm. Mark Turso, USN
Scott Glenn ... Ezra Kramer
Oscar Isaac ... Outcome #3
Donna Murphy ... Dita Mandy
Michael Chernus ... Arthur Ingram
Corey Stoll ... Zev Vendel
Alice Gainer ... Lean Forward MSNBC Anchor
Prue Lewarne ... CNN Reporter
Howard Leader ... MSNBC Man Analyst
James Joseph O'Neil ... Sterisyn-Morlanta Gateman
Tony Guida ... Dr. Benezara
Sonnie Brown ... Dr. Lieberburg
Neil Brooks Cunningham ... Dr. Dan Hillcott
Rob Riley ... Outcome #6
Noel Wilson ... Neuro Luncheon MC
Dennis Boutsikaris ... Terrence Ward
David Strathairn ... Noah Vosen
Corey Johnson ... Ray Wills
Jennifer Kim ... Outcome #4
Page Leong ... Mrs. Yun
John Douglas Thompson ... Lt. Gen. Paulsen
Adi Hanash ... Outcome #1
Robert Prescott ... Air Force Officer
David Wilson Barnes ... Drone Spec.
Don Guillory ... Drone Pilot
Patrick Vincent Marro ... Drone Command Guard
Gita Reddy ... Dr. Chandra
Tom Riis Farrell ... Blue Lab Doctor
Steve Routman ... Blue Lab Doctor
Peter Lewis ... Blue Lab Doctor
Anitha Gandhi ... Blue Lab Doctor
Heather Lupton Rasche ... Blue Lab Doctor
Natalie Bird ... Blue Lab Doctor
Christopher Mann ... Lab Guard
Billy Smith ... Lab Guard
Murray Knudsen ... Alaska Airport Guard
Susan Egbert ... DIA Attorney
Tim Devitt ... FBI Honcho
Brian Poteat ... State Investigator
Clayton Barber ... Gene
Elizabeth Marvel ... Dr. Connie Dowd
Michael Papajohn ... Larry
David Leitch ... The Driver
Michael Berresse ... Leonard
Deidre Goodwin ... Candent Spokesperson
Laura Spaeth ... Walking Woman
Sam Gilroy ... C-Team
Rachel Black ... C-Team
Sharon Washington ... C-Team
Frank Deal ... C-Team
Rob Yang ... C-Team
Catherine Curtin ... C-Team
Matt Oberg ... C-Team
Gary Lee Mahmoud ... C-Team
Faye Yvette McQueen ... TSA Guard
Pat Battle ... MSNBC Anchor
Nico Bernuth ... Flight Attendant
Jane Jameston ... Flight Attendant
Roland Manansala ... Steri-M Guard
John Arcilla ... Joseph
Josh Banks ... Mackie's Assistant
Shane Jacobson ... Mackie
Allen Jo ... Guard
Jonathan Eusebio ... Guard
Jon Valera ... Guard
Carl Villa Roman ... Sterival Catwalk Guard
Louis Ozawa Changchien ... LARX #3
Madeleine Nicolas ... Landlady
Ruby Ruiz ... Philippine Pharmacist
Cherry Devera ... Crisis Translator
Julienne Orindain ... TV Girl
Antonette R. Garcia ... TV Mom
Sonny Tuazon ... Manila Cop
Normandy Bacaltos ... Manila Cop
Edgar Letran ... Manila Cop
Alvin Zalamea ... Manila Cop
Spencer Sano ... Manila Cop
Julie R. Ysla ... Woman with the Bag
Joel Torre ... Citrus Samaritan
Hermie Concepcion ... Pissed-Off Guy
Adrian Talinga ... Captain's Son
Lou Veloso ... Captain
Ian Blackman ... Landy's Attorney
Jodi Applegate Kay ... Landy Reporter
Tony Carlin ... Landy Reporter
Karen Pittman ... Landy Reporter
Ana Berry ... Landy Reporter
Matthew Walters ... Landy Reporter
Brian O'Neill ... Landy Reporter
109 3/4
The Bourne Supremacy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The second chapter in the "Bourne Trilogy," based on Robert Ludlum's best-selling espionage novels, reaches the screen in this sequel to the 2002 thriller The Bourne Identity. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) has abandoned his life as a CIA assassin and has been traveling beneath the agency's radar, eventually reconnecting with Marie Kreutz (Franka Potente), the woman he loves. But Bourne is haunted by vivid dreams and troubling memories of his days as a killer, and he's not certain how much really happened and how much is a product of his imagination. When Bourne is led out of hiding by circumstances beyond his control, he must reconcile his past and present as he struggles to keep Marie out of harm's way and foil an international incident with dangerous consequences. The Bourne Supremacy also features Joan Allen as one of Bourne's superiors, while Julia Stiles and Brian Cox reprise their roles as intelligence agents from the first film. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Amnesia | Haunted By the Past | Assassination Plots | Race Against Time | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : espionage, assassination, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), double-agent, double-cross, evidence
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Paranoid Thriller 
Matt Damon ... David Webb/Jason Bourne
Franka Potente ... Marie
Brian Cox ... Ward Abbott
Julia Stiles ... Nicky Parsons
Karl Urban ... Kirill
Gabriel Mann ... Danny Zorn
Joan Allen ... Pamela Landy
Marton Csokas ... Jarda
Karel Roden ... Gretkov
Tomas Arana ... Martin Marshall
Tom Gallop ... Tom Cronin
Tim Griffin ... Nevins
Michelle Monaghan ... Kim
Ethan Sandler ... Kurt
John Bedford Lloyd ... Teddy
Oksana Akinshina ... Irena Neski
Marina Weis-Burgaslieva ... Mrs. Neski
Sean Smith ... Vic
Maxim Kovalevski ... Ivan
Patrick Crowley ... Weller, Jack
Jon Collin ... Jarhead
Shane Sinutko ... Jarhead
Barnaby P. Smith Jr. ... CIA Techie
Dominique Chiout ... Waitress
Wanja Mues ... Night Clerk
Aleksey Shmarinov ... Moscow Taxi Driver
Olov Ludwig ... Market Security Guard
Keshav Nadkarni ... Mr. Mohan
Violetta Grafin Tarnowska Bronner ... Neski Neighbor
Aleksey Medvedev ... Young Cop
Aleksander Doobina ... 2nd Cop
110 3/4
The Bourne Ultimatum 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) races to solve the mystery of his past while being hunted by members of the very organization he was hired into as director Paul Greengrass brings author Robert Ludlum's popular character back to the big screen for his third feature outing. David Strathairn, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen, and Paddy Considine co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Amnesia | Fighting the System | Out For Revenge | Race Against Time | Haunted By the Past
Keywords : on-the-run, secret-organization, spy, amnesia, mystery [enigma]
Action, Spy Film, Action Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film, Paranoid Thriller 
Matt Damon ... Jason Bourne
Julia Stiles ... Nicky Parsons
David Strathairn ... Noah Vosen
Scott Glenn ... Ezra Kramer
Paddy Considine ... Simon Ross
Edgar Ramirez ... Paz
Albert Finney ... Dr. Albert Hirsch
Joan Allen ... Pam Landy
Tom Gallop ... Tom Cronin
Corey Johnson ... Wills
Daniel Brühl ... Martin Kreutz
Joey Ansah ... Desh
Colin Stinton ... Neal Daniels
Dan Fredenburgh ... Jimmy
Lucy Liemann ... Lucy
Bryan Reents ... Technician
Arkie Reece ... Technician
John Roberson ... Technician
Russ Huards ... Technician
Mark Bazeley ... Bentacourt
Chucky Venice ... Agent Hammond
Scott Adkins ... Agent Kiley
Branko Tomovic ... Russian Policemen
Laurentiu Possa ... Russian Policemen
Trevor St. John ... Tactical Team Leader
Jeffrey Lee Gibson ... Tactical Team Agent
Uriel Emil ... Morgue Attendant
Omar Hernandez ... NYPD Officer
William H. Burns ... NYPD Officer
Michael Wildman ... CRI Agent
Kai Martin ... Hoody
111 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A group of wanna-be filmmakers and actors concocts a scheme to make a movie with a major star without having to pay him in this comedy. Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) has struggled for years to make it in Hollywood with no real success; he's convinced that he has to make his big break soon or it will be too late. Bobby has a script, and he has a cast, including an ingenue straight off the bus from Ohio (Heather Graham), a one-time regional stage star who fondly recalls her brief moment of glory (Christine Baranski), and a hunky aspiring matinee idol (Kohl Sudduth). He also has a young associate named Dave (Jamie Kennedy), who has a low-level job at a movie studio as a gofer -- which means that he has keys to every part of the lot and can "borrow" whatever they need. All they need is a star, but without any money, how do they get one? Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) is a leading action star, and he is obviously beyond Bowfinger's budget. But Bobby has an idea: what if he tricked Kit into appearing in the film without his knowing it? Steve Martin also wrote the film's screenplay, and former Muppets performer Frank Oz directs. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Just for Fun | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Filmmaking | Underdogs | Twins and Lookalikes | Actor's Life | All Washed Up
Keywords : filmmaker, ambition, scheme, celebrity, twins, desperation, incompetence, paranoia, success
Attributes : Sleeper
Comedy, Showbiz Comedy, Comedy of Errors 
Steve Martin ... Bobby Bowfinger
Eddie Murphy ... Jiff Ramsey, Kit Ramsey
Heather Graham ... Daisy
Christine Baranski ... Carol
Jamie Kennedy ... Dave
Terence Stamp ... Terry Stricter
Adam Alexi-Malle ... Afrim
Barry Newman ... Kit's Agent
Kohl Sudduth ... Slater
Marisol Nichols
112 1/4
The Box 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Screen siren Cameron Diaz and former X-Man James Marsden star in the supernatural horror picture The Box (2008), directed by Donnie Darko cult fave Richard Kelly. The film's premise involves a strange and ominous box granted to a young couple by a mysterious stranger (Frank Langella). They are informed that pressing various buttons on the box will grant them riches while killing a person unknown to them in the process. Executive produced by Ted Hamm, the film was adapted by Kelly from Richard Matheson's 1970 short story Button, Button. -- Nathan Southern

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Conspiracies | Crisis of Conscience | Down on Their Luck
Keywords : astronaut, conspiracy, NASA, murder, proposition, stranger
Thriller, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Cameron Diaz ... Norma Lewis
James Marsden ... Arthur Lewis
Frank Langella ... Arlington Steward
James Rebhorn ... Norm Cahill
Holmes Osborne ... Dick Burns
Sam Oz Stone ... Walter Lewis
Gillian Jacobs ... Dana
Celia Weston ... Lana Burns
Deborah Rush ... Clymene Steward
Lisa K. Wyatt ... Rhonda Martin
Mark Cartier ... Martin Teague
Kevin Robertson ... Wendell Matheson
Ian Kahn ... Vick Brenner
John Magaro ... Charles
Ryan Woodle ... Jeffrey Carnes
Basil Hoffman ... Don Poates
Robert Harvey ... NASA Executive #1
Gentry Lee ... Chief Engineer
Andrew Levitas ... Black Op
Gabriel Field ... Waiter
Frank Ridley ... Detective Starrs
Daniel Stewart Sherman ... Police Officer #1
Matthew C. Flynn ... Police Officer #2
Patrick Eugene Canty ... Police Officer #3
Sam Blumenfeld ... Timothy
Kevin DeCoste ... Malcolm
Mary Klug ... Female Neighbor
Allyssa Maurice ... Suzanne Weller
Danielle Heaton ... Estelle
Cheryl McMahon ... Female 911 Operator
Evelina Oboza ... Deborah Burns
Bill Buell ... Dr. Earl Stupe
Paul Marini ... Santa Claus
Don Warnock ... Doctor Y
W. Kirk Avery ... Doctor Z
Jenna Lamia ... Voice of Diane Carnes
113 0/4
Bratz: The Video - Starrin' & Stylin' 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Bratz brand name aimed this animated video at their target demographic, pre-teen and teen girls. Bratz: The Video - Starrin' & Stylin' features the characters Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade attempting to finish a difficult school project while simultaneously getting themselves ready for their prom. -- Perry Seibert

Keywords : fashion, gossip-columnist, home-video, homework, prom
Children's/Family, Teen Movie 
Nataasja Saint-Satyr - [Voice]
114 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Mel Gibson, long-time heartthrob of the silver screen, came into his own as a director with Braveheart, an account of the life and times of medieval Scottish patriot William Wallace and, to a lesser degree, Robert the Bruce's struggle to unify his nation against its English oppressors. The story begins with young Wallace, whose father and brother have been killed fighting the English, being taken into the custody of his uncle, a nationalist and pre-Renaissance renaissance man. He returns twenty years later, a man educated both in the classics and in the art of war. There he finds his childhood sweetheart Murron (Catherine McCormack), and the two quickly fall in love. There are murmurs of revolt against the English throughout the village, but Wallace remains aloof, wishing simply to tend to his crops and live in peace. However, when his love is killed by English soldiers the day after their secret marriage (held secretly so as to prevent the local English lord from exercising the repulsive right of prima noctae, the privilege of sleeping with the bride on the first night of the marriage), he springs into action and single-handedly slays an entire platoon of foot soldiers. The other villagers join him in destroying the English garrison, and thus begins the revolt against the English in what will eventually become full-fledged war. Wallace eventually leads his fellow Scots in a series of bloody battles that prove a serious threat to English domination and, along the way, has a hushed affair with the Princess of Wales (the breathtaking Sophie Marceau) before his imminent demise. For his efforts, Gibson won the honor of Best Director from the Academy; the movie also took home statuettes for Best Picture, Cinematography, Makeup, and Sound Effects. -- Jeremy Beday

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Heroic Mission | Political Unrest | Crowned Heads | Social Injustice
Keywords : freedom, Scotland, English [nationality], king, rebel, hero, princess, war
Epic, Historical Film, Historical Epic, Costume Adventure 
Mel Gibson ... William Wallace
Sophie Marceau ... Princess Isabelle
Patrick McGoohan ... Edward I Longshanks
Catherine McCormack ... Murron
Brendan Gleeson ... Hamish
Ian Bannen ... Robert the Bruce's leprous father
James Robinson ... Young William
James Cosmo ... Campbell
Alun Armstrong ... Mornay
Angus MacFadyen ... Robert the Bruce
Peter Hanly ... Prince Edward
Sean Lawlor ... Malcolm Wallace
Sandy Nelson ... John Wallace
Sean McGinley ... MacClannough
Alan Tall ... Elder Stewart
Ralph Riach ... Priest No 1
Robert Paterson ... Priest No 2
Brian Cox ... Argyle Wallace
Barry McGovern ... King's Advisor No 2
John Kavanagh ... Craig
Alex Norton ... Bride's Father
Rupert Vansittart ... Lord Bottoms
Michael Byrne ... Smythe
Malcolm Tierney ... Magistrate
Tam White ... MacGregor
Donal Gibson ... Stewart
Martin Dunne ... Lord Dolecroft
John Murtagh ... Lochlan
David McKay ... Young Soldier
Peter Mullan ... Veteran
Gerard McSorley ... Cheltham
Bernard Horsfall ... Balliol
Niall O'Brien ... English General No 2
Liam Carney ... Sean
Phil Kelly ... Farmer
Martin Dempsey ... Drinker No 1
Jimmy Keogh ... Drinker No 2
Joe Savino ... Chief Assassin
David Gant ... Chief Justice/Executioner
Mal Whyte ... Jailor
115 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Shattered Glass director Billy Ray directs Chris Cooper and Ryan Philippe in this fact-based drama concerning the FBI traitor who carried out what many historians refer to as the most notable national security breach in U.S. history. A key member of the FBI's elite Soviet Analytical Unit, Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper) would, for 15 years beginning in 1985, sell thousands of pages of classified documents to the Soviets. After making roughly 600,000 dollars on his clandestine endeavor and compromising everything from the identities of KGB spies working for the American government to nuclear war contingency plans, Hanssen was eventually transferred to a newly created position at the FBI's Washington headquarters and assigned the task of guarding his country's most sensitive secrets. It was while working in this capacity that a young agent named Eric O'Neill (Phillipe) was assigned the task of keeping tabs on Hanssen by suspicious higher-ups. Later, after being arrested while delivering a cache of secret documents to a "dead drop" spot in a Virginia park, the notorious traitor was arrested and sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Political Corruption | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), secrets, spy, traitor, undercover
Spy Film, Docudrama, Unglamorized Spy Film 
Mary Jo Deschanel
Chris Cooper ... Robert Hanssen
Ryan Phillippe ... Eric O'Neill
Laura Linney ... Kate Burroughs
Dennis Haysbert ... Dean Plesac
Gary Cole ... Rich Garces
Caroline Dhavernas ... Juliana O'Neill
Bruce Davison ... John O'Neill
Kathleen Quinlan ... Bonnie Hanssen
116 3/4
The Breakfast Club 
AMG SYNOPSIS: John Hughes wrote and directed this quintessential 1980s high school drama featuring the hottest young stars of the decade. Trapped in a day-long Saturday detention in a prison-like school library are Claire, the princess (Molly Ringwald); Andrew, the jock (Emilio Estevez); John, the criminal (Judd Nelson); Brian, the brain (Anthony Michael Hall); and Allison, the basket case (Ally Sheedy). These five strangers begin the day with nothing in common, each bound to his/her place in the high school caste system. Yet the students bond together when faced with the villainous principal (Paul Gleason), and they realize that they have more in common than they may think, including a contempt for adult society. "When you grow up, your heart dies," Allison proclaims in one of the film's many scenes of soul-searching, and, judging from the adults depicted in the film, the teen audience may very well agree. Released in a decade overflowing with derivative teen films, The Breakfast Club has developed an almost cult-like status. -- Dylan Wilcox

Moods : Angsty | Strictly Speaking
Themes : High School Life | Authority Figures [k] | Cliques | Teen Angst
Keywords : detention, adolescence, angst, coming-of-age, high-school, misfit, self-discovery, teenagers
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Ensemble Film, Teen Movie 
Emilio Estevez ... Andrew Clark
Judd Nelson ... John Bender
Molly Ringwald ... Claire Standish
Anthony Michael Hall ... Brian Johnson
Ally Sheedy ... Allison Reynolds
Paul Gleason ... Richard Vernon
John Kapelos ... Carl
Jackie Burch
Tim Gamble ... Claire's Father
Maureen McGovern
Perry Crawford ... Allison's Father
Mary Christian ... Brian's Sister
Ron Dean ... Andy's Father
Fran Gargano ... Allison's Mother
Mercedes Hall ... Brian's Mother
976 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Paul Feig and producer Judd Apatow team up again for this comedy that stars Kristen Wiig as Annie, a romantically unattached failed bakery owner who fears she's losing her BFF, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), the best thing in her life, when Lillian announces she's gotten engaged. Annie's anxieties deepen as Lillian grows close to Helen (Rose Byrne), a wealthy and beautiful new friend who quickly assumes control of planning all the pre-wedding festivities. On top of the main storyline of a female friendship being torn apart, the movie adds a romantic storyline for Annie, who starts the film answering a booty call from the casually cruel yet undeniably handsome Ted (Jon Hamm), but develops a lovely flirtation with an Irish cop named Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd) after he pulls Annie over one night thinking she's driving drunk. As the low-self-esteem Annie sabotages this new possibility for love, she also feels the most important friendship in her life slipping away. --

Moods : Comedy on the Edge | Gutbusters
Themes : Nothing Goes Right | Women's Friendship | Faltering Friendships | Wedding Bells
Keywords : friendship, police-officer, bridesmaid, wedding-plans
Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Farce 
Kristen Wiig ... Annie
Maya Rudolph ... Lillian
Rose Byrne ... Helen
Melissa McCarthy ... Megan
Wendi McLendon-Covey ... Rita
Ellie Kemper ... Becca
Jill Clayburgh ... Annie's Mom
Chris O'Dowd ... Rhodes
Rebel Wilson ... Brynn
Michael Hitchcock ... Don Cholodecki
Matt Lucas ... Gil
Tim Heidecker ... Dougie
Terry Crews ... Boot Camp Instructor
Tom Yi ... Jewelry Store Couple
Elaine Kao ... Jewelry Store Couple
Kali Hawk ... Kahlua
Joseph A. Nuñez ... Oscar the Security Guard
Greg Tuculescu ... Kevin
Steve Bannos ... Annie's Mistaken Husband
Hugh Dane ... Annie's Mistaken Fella
Franklyn Ajaye ... Lillian's Dad .
Andy Buckley ... Helen's Husband
Molly Buffington ... Helen's Stepdaughter
Matt Bennett ... Helen's Stepson
Nancy Carell ... Helen's Tennis Partner
Melanie Hutsell ... Annie's Tennis Partner
Eloy Casados ... Churra Chi Waiter
Jessica St. Clair ... Whitney
Dana Powell ... Flight Attendant Claire
Mitch Silpa ... Flight Attendant Steve
Annie Mumolo ... Nervous Woman on Plane
Ben Falcone ... Air Marshall Jon
David Hoffman ... Doorman at Shower
Jillian Bell ... Girl at Shower
Ariane Price ... Girls at Shower
Frederik Hamel ... Shower Waiter
Richard Riehle ... Bill Cozbi
Jimmy Brogan ... Minister
Carnie Wilson ... Herself
Chynna Phillips ... Herself
Wendy Wilson ... Herself
117 3/4
Bridge of Spies 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this historical drama set during the Cold War, a Brooklyn attorney (Tom Hanks) is tasked with negotiating a prisoner exchange between an American pilot who was shot down over the USSR and a Soviet spy serving a 45-year sentence for espionage against the U.S. Bridge of Spies was directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Matt Charman and Joel and Ethan Coen. -- Erin Demers

Moods : For Love of Country | Only Human
Themes : Behind Enemy Lines | Behind the Iron Curtain | Fighting the System | Heroic Mission | Hostage Situations | Military Life | Totalitarian States | Traitorous Spies/Double Agents
Keywords : hostage, lawyer, negotiation, Soviet, trading, world-war
Drama, Historical Film, Thriller, Political Thriller, POW Drama, War Drama, War Spy Film 
Tom Hanks ... James Donovan
Mark Rylance ... Rudolf Abel
Amy Ryan ... Mary
Alan Alda ... Thomas Watters
Sebastian Koch ... Vogel
Domenick Lombardozzi ... Agent Blasco
Victor Verhaeghe ... Agent Gamber
Brian Hutchison ... FBI Agent
Joshua Harto ... Bates
Henny Russell ... Receptionist
John Rue ... Lynn Goodnough
Billy Magnussen ... Doug Forrester
Noah Schnapp ... Roger Donovan
Eve Hewson ... Carol Donovan
Joel Brady ... Police Officer - Brooklyn Courthouse
Austin Stowell ... Francis Gary Powers
Michael Pemberton ... Lie Detector Test Administrator
Jesse Plemons ... Joe Murphy
Michael Gaston ... Agent Williams
Dakin Matthews ... Judge Byers
Stephen Kunken ... William Tompkins
Jon Curry ... Agent Somner
Wes McGee ... US Pilot
Victoria Leigh ... Classroom Girl #2
Ashlie Atkinson ... Classroom Teacher
Laurie Dawn ... Secretary on Subway
Patricia Squire ... Older Lady on Subway
Donavon Dietz ... Foreman
Le Clanche DuRand ... Millie Byers
Mike Houston ... Man in Courtroom
Joe Starr ... Courthouse Reporter
Hamilton Clancy ... Courthouse Reporter
Jonathan Walker ... Courthouse Reporter
Greg Nutcher ... NYPD Lieutenant
Tracy Howe ... Angry NYPD Cop
Edward James Hyland ... Justice Warren
John Taylor ... Radio Newscaster
Steven Boyer ... Marty
Mark Zak ... Soviet Judge (Powers' Trial)
Peter McRobbie ... Allen Dulles
Will Rogers ... Frederic Pryor
Moritz Berg ... Family #1 at Berlin Wall Construction
Nadja Bobyleva ... Katje
Kristoffer Fuss ... East German Soldier #2
David Wilson Barnes ... Mr. Michener
Ketel Weber ... Checkpoint Soldier #1
Tim Morten Uhlenbrock ... Checkpoint Soldier #3
Rafael Gareisen ... East German Youth
Radik Golovkov ... Soviet Embassy Receptionist
Michael Schenk ... Cousin Drews
Mikhail Gorevoy ... Ivan Schischkin
Stefan Langel ... Soviet Guard
Ivan Shvedoff ... 2nd Soviet Interrogator
Merab Ninidze ... Soviet Main Interrogator
Steve Cirbus ... Michael Verona
Michael Kranz ... Checkpoint Guard #1
Max Kidd ... Checkpoint Guard #2
Nina Gummich ... Hilton Waitress
Burghart Klaußner ... Harald Ott
Maximilian Mauff ... Ott's Secretary
Jon Donahue ... Agent Faye
Martin D. Dew ... CIA Agent (Glienicke Bridge)
118 3/4
Bridge to Terabithia 
AMG SYNOPSIS: From the producers of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the mind of author Katherine Paterson comes a rousing fantasy adventure about family, friendship, and the wondrous power of imagination. A perpetual outsider both at home and at school, Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) just never seems to fit in no matter how hard he tries. When his goal to become the fastest runner in middle school is unexpectedly thwarted by newly arrived classmate Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb), who enters in an "all boys" race and leaves her competitors in the dust, Jess soon strikes up a friendship with the imaginative outsider. Their bond is soon cemented thanks to Leslie's love for storytelling and Jess' skill as an artist, and the two lonely kids create a secret kingdom called Terabithia that is only accessible by swinging over a stream on a nearby rope. Though Jess and Leslie may be considered outcasts by their classmates, their adventures in Terabithia find the pair doing battle against the dreaded Dark Master and his malevolent creatures while plotting revenge against the schoolyard bullies. Now, thanks to his adventures in Terabithia and his friendship with Leslie, Jess finally finds the confidence needed to stand tall and be himself. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Misfits and Outsiders | Mischievous Children | Fantasy Life | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : artist, bully, friendship, outsider, race [competition], storytelling
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Josh Hutcherson ... Jess Aarons
AnnaSophia Robb ... Leslie Burke
Zooey Deschanel ... Ms. Edmonds
Robert Patrick ... Jack Aarons
Bailee Madison ... May Belle Aarons
Devon Wood ... Brenda Aarons
Emma Fenton ... Ellie Aarons
Grace Brannigan ... Joyce Aarons
Latham Gaines ... Bill Burke
Judy McIntosh ... Judy Burke
Patricia Aldersley ... Grandma Burke
Lauren Clinton ... Janice Avery
Isabelle Rose Kircher ... Carla
Cameron Wakefield ... Scott Hoager
Elliot Lawless ... Gary Fulcher
Carly Owen ... Madison
Jen Wolfe ... Mrs. Myers
James Gaylyn ... Principal Turner
Ian Harcourt ... Kenny (Bus Driver)
Brandon Cook ... First Grade Boy
Tyler Atfield ... Eighth Grade Boy
Hudson Mills ... Willard Hughes
Matt Gibbons ... Dark Master
Philip Grieve ... Mr. Bailey
119 1/4
Broken Bridges 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a fading country music superstar Bo Price (Toby Keith) returns to his hometown for the funeral of his younger brother, a reunion with his high-school sweetheart drags the pain of the past into the present day and soon promises to change his life forever. Bo and Angela (Kelly Preston) have both lost the ones they love in a tragic accident, and now the time has come to say goodbye. For every end there is a new beginning though, and when Bo reunites with Angela and meets the daughter he has never known, the life-changing encounter stirs feelings that Bo had long-since buried after achieving stratospheric success. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Coming Home | Death in the Family | Fathers and Daughters | Members of the Press
Keywords : country-music, daughter, funeral, musician, sweetheart
Drama, Rural Drama 
Toby Keith ... Bo Price
Kelly Preston ... Angela Denton
Lindsey Haun ... Dixie
Burt Reynolds
Tess Harper
Willie Nelson
Joshua Henderson
Anna Maria Horsford
120 2/4
Brother Bear 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In the Disney-animated adventure Brother Bear, Joaquin Phoenix provides the voice of Kenai, a young Native American boy whose brother, Sitka (voice of D.B. Sweeney), is killed by a mother bear protecting her cubs. With revenge in mind, Kenai sets out into the woods only to find himself magically transformed into a bear himself. Seeing the world through the eyes of his prey, Kenai is forced to learn a lesson about nature and life. On a comic footnote: Brother Bear also features the voices of Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as Rutt and Tuke, moose characters reminiscent of their beer-guzzling McKenzie brothers from SCTV and Strange Brew; because this is a family-oriented cartoon - and it would be inappropriate for the moose to quaff beer -- the two moose express a fondness for eating wheat hops instead. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Young and Old Alike
Themes : Death in the Family | Journey of Self-Discovery | Mischievous Children | Otherwise Engaged | Reincarnation | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : bear, brother, compassion, moose, nature, hunting, love
Children's/Family, Animal Picture 
Joaquin Phoenix ... Kenoia
Jeremy Suarez ... Koda
Rick Moranis ... Rutt
Dave Thomas ... Tuke
D.B. Sweeney ... Sitka
Joan Copeland ... Tanana
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Tug
Harold Gould ... Old Denahi
Paul Christie ... Ram #1
Daniel Mastrogiorgio ... Ram #2
Estelle Harris ... Old Lady Bear
121 2/4
The Brothers Grimm 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two men who have made a career out of spinning remarkable stories find themselves bringing them to life in this inventive fantasy inspired by the creators of some of the world's best-loved fairy tales. Will Grimm (Matt Damon) and his brother Jake Grimm (Heath Ledger) earn their living by traveling from village to village and vanquishing strange supernatural beasts that have been menacing the populace. Or at least that's what their clients think has been happening; as it happens, Will and Jake are confidence men who cleverly stage the ghostly attacks and then take payment for making the creatures they fabricated go away. One day, the brothers arrive in a town and offer to help its people drive away evil spirits, unaware that the community is bordered by a genuine enchanted forest, and that young girls in the village have been disappearing at a frightful rate. The Grimm Brothers must now learn how to deal with real magic, with the help of the lovely but fearless Angelika (Lena Headey). Directed by Terry Gilliam, The Brothers Grimm also stars Monica Bellucci, Peter Stormare, and Jonathan Pryce. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Ghosts | Kidnapping | Mythical Creatures | Cons and Scams
Keywords : folklore, enchanted-forest, haunted, sorceress, brother, creature, village
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Matt Damon ... Will Grimm
Heath Ledger ... Jake Grimm
Jonathan Pryce ... Delatombe
Lena Headey ... Angelika
Peter Stormare ... Cavaldi
Monica Bellucci ... The Evil Queen
Mackenzie Cook
Richard Ridings
Uma Thurman
Roger Ashton-Griffiths ... Mayor
Julian Bleach
Bruce MacEwen
Miroslav Táborský
Jan Unger ... Gregor
Jakub Zindulka
122 2/4
Bruce Almighty 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After a bad day at work, a man suddenly gets a new job -- as the world's new Heavenly Father -- in this comedy. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a television reporter working in Buffalo, NY, who has been growing increasingly dissatisfied with his existence, and after an especially bad day, he flies into a rage and curses God for making his life miserable. To Bruce's great surprise, the Supreme Being Himself (Morgan Freeman) appears, and tries to convince Bruce of the enormity of his task. Bruce, however, isn't buying it, so God gives him a chance to find out what he's up against; God bestows all of his powers on Bruce for a week, to see how he'd handle things. At first, Bruce has a great time bending the world around him to his will, much to the puzzlement of his girlfriend, Grace (Jennifer Aniston), but after six days God stops by to remind Bruce he hasn't done much to make the Earth a better place. Disappointed, God presents Bruce with an ultimatum -- he has one day to improve the world in a concrete way, or God will toss the planet back into the void. Bruce Almighty was directed by Tom Shadyac, who previously teamed with Jim Carrey for Liar, Liar and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fired or Laid-Off | Message From God | Miraculous Events | Race Against Time | Redemption
Keywords : supernatural-powers, deal-with-God, divine-intervention, God, omnipotent, race-against-time, reporter
Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Heavenly Comedy 
Jim Carrey ... Bruce Nolan
Jennifer Aniston ... Grace
Morgan Freeman ... God
Philip Baker Hall ... Jack Keller
Catherine Bell ... Susan Ortega
Lisa Ann Walter ... Debbie
Steve Carell ... Evan Baxter
Nora Dunn ... Ally Loman
Sally Kirkland ... Anita Mann
Tony Bennett ... Himself
Lillian Adams ... Mama Kowolski
Christopher Darga ... Vol Kowolski
Dan Desmond ... Bill the Ferry Owner
Lou Felder ... Pete Fineman
Jack Jozefson ... Homeless Guy with Signs
Mark Kiely ... Fred Donohue
Madeline Lovejoy ... Zoe
Darius Rose ... Tyler
Paul Satterfield ... Dallas Coleman
Selma Stern ... Irene Dansfield
Miah Won ... Connie
Timothy Di Pri ... Bruce's Cameraman
Brian Tahash ... Bruce's Soundman
Mark Adair-Rios ... Hood
Enrique Almeida ... Hood
Rolando Molina ... Hood
Emilio Rivera ... Hood
Albert P. Santos ... Hood
Jovan Allie ... Martin
Koby Allie ... Martin
Alfred Dennis ... Old Man
Rina Fernandez ... Pretty Woman
Michael Brownlee ... Newscaster
Ted Garcia ... Newscaster
Maria Quiban ... Newscaster
Shaun Robinson ... Newscaster
Saida Rodriguez-Pagan ... Newscaster
Ken Rudulph ... Newscaster
Gina St. John ... Newscaster
Michael Villani ... Newscaster
Christina Grandy ... Office Staffer
Jamison Yang ... Office Staffer
Andrew Hateley ... Teenager
Nick Huff ... Teenager
Greg Collins ... Coach Tucker
Dougald Park ... Stalled Car Guy
Susan Ware ... Party Woman
John Rosenfeld ... Business Man
Mary Pat Gleason ... Heavyish Woman
Carey Scott ... Partying Sports Guy
David A. Clemons ... Rioter
Bradley Stryker ... College Rioter
Laura Carson ... Nurse
Zachary Aaron Krebs ... Paramedic
Ben Livingston ... Paramedic
Nelson Mashita ... Doctor
Dohn Norwood ... Police Training Center Officer
Michael Olifiers ... Police Training Center Officer
David Carrera ... Phil's Cameraman
Howard S. Lefstein ... Phil's Soundman
Darcy Fowers ... Attractive Woman at Restaurant
Micayla Bowden ... Day Care Kid
Samantha Boyarsky ... Day Care Kid
Dylan Ferguson ... Day Care Kid
Cubbie Kile ... Day Care Kid
Emily Needham ... Day Care Kid
Alex Villiers ... Day Care Kid
Moe Daniels ... Day Care Teacher
Ara Celi ... Woman at Party
Jessica Mattson ... Woman at Party
Allison McCurdy ... Woman at Party
Patti O'Donnell ... Woman at Party
Janelle Perzina ... Woman at Party
Annie Wersching ... Woman at Party
Ashley Yegan ... Woman at Party
Micah Williams ... Boy on Bike
P.J. Byrne ... Panicked newsroom staffer
William Thomas ... Technical Director
123 2/4
The Butler 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Lee Daniels (Precious) teams up with Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Danny Strong to tell the remarkable story of White House butler Eugene Allen (played by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker), who served eight U.S. presidents over the course of 30 years, and witnessed sweeping social change during his three decades of service at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Inspired by Wil Haygood's Washington Post article, the film features Robin Williams as Dwight D. Eisenhower, James Marsden as John F. Kennedy, Liev Schreiber as Lyndon B. Johnson, John Cusack as Richard M. Nixon, and Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan. Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Jane Fonda, David Oyelowo, Lenny Kravitz, Melissa Leo, and Vanessa Redgrave co-star. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Fathers and Sons | Heads of State | Race Relations | Social Injustice
Keywords : high-society, social-issues, White-House, butler
Drama, Biopic [feature] 
Forest Whitaker ... Cecil Gaines
Oprah Winfrey ... Gloria Gaines
Terrence Howard ... Howard
Alan Rickman ... Ronald Reagan
Jane Fonda ... Nancy Reagan
John Cusack ... Richard Nixon
James Marsden ... John F. Kennedy
Minka Kelly ... Jacqueline Kennedy
David Oyelowo ... Louis Gaines
Alex Pettyfer ... Thomas Westfall
Robin Williams ... Dwight D. Eisenhower
Alex Manette ... H.R. Haldeman
Mariah Carey ... Hattie Pearl
Lenny Kravitz ... James Holloway
Vanessa Redgrave ... Annabeth Westfall
Liev Schreiber ... Lyndon B. Johnson
Yaya Alafia ... Carol Hammie
Colman Domingo ... Freddie Fallows
Nelsan Ellis ... Martin Luther King, Jr.
Elijah Kelley ... Charlie Gaines
Aml Ameen ... Young Cecil Gaines (15)
Jesse Williams ... Rev. James Lawson
David Banner ... Earl Gaines
Lajessie Smith ... Abraham
124 1/4
The Butterfly Effect 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Final Destination 2 screenwriters Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber make their directorial debut with the sci-fi thriller The Butterfly Effect. Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher with facial hair) wants to free himself from his disturbing childhood memories. As a kid, he often blacked out for long periods of time and tried to detail his life in a journal. As a young adult, he revisits the journal entries to figure out the truth about his troubled childhood friends Kayleigh (Amy Smart), Lenny (Elden Henson), and Tommy (William Lee Scott). When he discovers he can travel back in time in order to set things right, he tries to save his beloved friends. However, he finds out that relatively minor changes can make major problems for the future. The Butterfly Effect also stars Eric Stoltz, Ethan Suplee, and Melora Walters. The title was inspired by the story A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Head Trips | Uncomfortable Viewing
Themes : Time Travel | Haunted By the Past
Keywords : time-travel, child-abuse, childhood, childhood-friend, journal, physical-abuse, sexual-abuse
Science Fiction, Thriller, Psychological Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller 
Ashton Kutcher ... Evan Treborn
Amy Smart ... Kayleigh Miller
William Lee Scott ... Tommy Miller
Elden Henson ... Lenny Kagan
Melora Walters ... Andrea Treborn
Eric Stoltz ... George Miller
Logan Lerman ... Evan at 7
Ethan Suplee ... Thumper
Jesse James ... Tommy at 13
Cameron Crigger ... Tommy Miller at 8
Callum Keith Rennie
John Patrick Amedori ... Evan Treborn at 13
Irene Gorovaia
Brandy Heidrick ... Kristin
125 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: The smash success Caddyshack became a prototype for countless other wacky T&A-tinged teen comedies of the early 1980s. At an exclusive country club for WASPish snobs, an ambitious young caddy (Michael O'Keefe) from an overpopulated home eagerly pursues a caddy scholarship in hopes of attending college and, in turn, avoiding a job at the lumber yard. In order to succeed, he must first win the favor of the elitist Judge Smails (Ted Knight), then the caddy golf tournament which the good judge sponsors. Of course, there are love interests as well -- one good, one naughty -- not to mention several foes he must vanquish along the way. The story itself serves to string along a series of slapstick scenes involving an obnoxious nouveau riche land developer (Rodney Dangerfield) who wants to turn the site into a condominium community; an oddball, Zen-quoting, millionaire slacker/golf ace (Chevy Chase); and a psychotic groundskeeper (Bill Murray) with a gopher-fixation. Caddyshack was a bona fide hit; throughout the '80s and '90s, director Harold Ramis would continue to create such hits as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and Analyze This. -- Jeremy Beday

Moods : Gutbusters
Themes : Class Differences | Fish Out of Water | Generation Gap
Keywords : caddy, golf, gopher, groundskeeper, competition, millionaire, class-consciousness, swimming-pool, clubhouse, judge, scholarship, tournament
Comedy, Slapstick, Gross-Out Comedy, Sports Comedy 
Chevy Chase ... Ty Webb
Rodney Dangerfield ... Al Czervik
Bill Murray ... Carl Spackler
Michael O'Keefe ... Danny Noonan
Ted Knight ... Judge Smails
Cindy Morgan ... Lacey Underall
Sarah Holcomb ... Maggie O'Hooligan
Scott Colomby ... Tony D'Annunzio
Dan Resin ... Dr. Beeper
Henry Wilcoxon ... Bishop
Elaine Aiken ... Mrs. Noonan
Albert Salmi ... Noonan
Ann Ryerson ... Grace
Brian Doyle-Murray ... Lou Loomis
Hamilton Mitchell ... Motormouth
Brian McConnachie ... Scott
Cordis Heard ... Wally
Jackie Davis ... Smoke
Thomas A. Carlin ... Sandy MacReedy
Fred Buch ... Angry Husband
Frank Schuller ... Charlie the Cook
Mel Pape ... Butler
Bruce McLaughlin ... Old Crony
Minerva Scelza ... Joey D'Nunzio
John F. Barmon Jr. ... Spaulding Smails
943 0/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: This lavish big-budget epic was the pinnacle of a uniquely Italian subgenre, the historical hardcore gore/porn extravaganza. The star-studded cast, perhaps lured by the high-profile involvement of producer Bob Guccione and screenwriter Gore Vidal, includes such luminaries as John Gielgud, Peter O'Toole, and Helen Mirren. Director Tinto Brass, whose similar treatment of Nazi Germany in Salon Kitty won him the job, did his best with the mammoth enterprise, but numerous production problems and re-edits took their toll on the finished product. When Caligula works best, it works because of Malcolm McDowell, whose crazed portrayal of the title Emperor is the embodiment of villainous corruption. McDowell raises his performance level to match the gaudy spectacle around him, which led to charges of overacting, but there are moments when he is absolutely riveting. Some of the cast doesn't fare as well, as O'Toole makes a particularly unsubtle Tiberius. The sex is graphic and steamy, particularly a feverish lesbian interlude between Penthouse Pets Lori Wagner and Marjorie Thorsen (using the pseudonym "Anneka di Lorenzo"), and the various carnival freaks used as atmosphere imbue the film with a grotesque, Fellini-like opulence. There are many memorable scenes and a magnificent score by Paul Clemente, but the heady brew of historical epic, hardcore sex, and gory violence proved overwhelming to many viewers. Still, Gore Vidal's script is surprisingly accurate, and manages to be entertainingly vulgar while bringing a rather loathsome slice of human history to vivid life, warts and all. The more explicit scenes were directed by Bob Guccione and Giancarlo Lui, causing both Vidal and Brass to remove their names from the credits. --

Themes : Crowned Heads | Rise and Fall Stories | Political Unrest
Keywords : aristocracy, bestiality, craziness, decadence, decapitation, emperor, insanity, masochism, necrophilia, rape
Attributes : Low Artistic Quality
Epic, Historical Film, Historical Epic, Sexploitation, Biopic [feature] 
Malcolm McDowell ... Caligula
Teresa Ann Savoy ... Drusilla
Helen Mirren ... Cesonia
Peter O'Toole ... Tiberius
John Gielgud ... Nerva
John Steiner ... Longino
Paolo Bonacelli ... Cherea
Giancarlo Badessi ... Claudio
Adriana Asti ... Ennia
Leopoldo Trieste ... Caricle
Guido Mannari ... Macrone
Mirella D'Angelo ... Livia
Osiride Pevarello ... Giant
Lori Wagner ... Agrippina
Anneka Di Lorenzo
916 2/4
The Cannonball Run 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Burt Reynolds and director Hal Needham team up for the fourth time, this time bringing an all-star cast of characters on a cross-country car race in the vein of 1976 release The Gumball Rally. The police are the least of the Cannonballers' worries as they push the pedal to the metal in a race from Connecticut to California. Reynolds stars as J.J. McClure, a speed-loving racer disguised as an ambulance driver to outsmart the police. He is paired up with Dom Deluise, who plays his dimwitted sidekick Victor and who, on occasion, dons the suit of Captain Chaos. Rat Packers Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. join the lineup as Ferrari-driving priests, while martial arts expert Jackie Chan takes on one of his first U.S. film roles driving a souped-up Subaru. Among the many other stars are Roger Moore doing a parody of his 007 character, complete with secret devices and weapons, Farrah Fawcett as Pamela, a woman McClure and Chaos pick up, and Jamie Farr as a deranged Islamic sheik. Jack Elam joins the cast as a crazed proctologist along for McClure's ambulance ride, and Needham makes a cameo as a patient. -- Rachel Koetje

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Car Racing | Underdogs
Keywords : car, auto-racing, competition, cross-country, on-the-road, racer, racing
Action, Comedy, Action Comedy, Adventure Comedy, Buddy Film, Chase Movie, Road Movie 
Burt Reynolds ... J.J. McClure
Roger Moore ... Seymour
Farrah Fawcett ... Pamela
Dom DeLuise ... Victor
Dean Martin ... Jamie Blake
Sammy Davis Jr. ... Fenderbaum
Jack Elam ... Doctor
Adrienne Barbeau ... Marcie
Terry Bradshaw ... Terry
Bert Convy ... Brad
Jamie Farr ... Sheik
Peter Fonda ... Chief Biker
George Furth ... A.F. Foyt
Michael Hui ... Subaru Driver #2
Bianca Jagger ... Sheik's Sister
Molly Picon ... Mom Goldfarb
Mel Tillis ... Mel
Rick Aviles ... Mad Dog
Warren Berlinger ... Shakey Finch
Tara Buckman ... Jill
Norman Grabowski ... Petoski
Robert Tessier ... Biker
John Fiedler ... Desk Clerk
Alfie Wise ... Barman
Johnny Yune ... TV Talk Show Host
Lois Areno ... Seymour's Girl
Susan McDonald ... Seymour's Girl
Fred Smith ... Californian Patrolman 1
Roy Tatum ... Connecticut Patrolman
Dudley Remus ... New Jersey Patrolman 1
Brock Yates ... Organizer
Kathleen M. Shea ... Starting Girl
John Megna ... Arthur Rose
Linda McClure ... Dour Lady
Laura Lizer Sommers ... Lady in Distress
Richard Losee ... Trans Am Driver
Lois Hamilton ... Seymour's Girl (Spike)
Grayce Spence ... Chair Person
126 3/4
Captain America: Civil War 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this superhero epic, the denizens of the Marvel Universe are forced to pick sides when Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) come to blows over ideological differences. After a mission involving a new Avengers squad led by Cap ends with several civilian casualties in Lagos, the team are asked to sign an agreement that would force them to take orders from a United Nations panel. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) pressures Cap to accept this new arrangement, in part because he feels deeply guilty about his own past recklessness; Captain America, however, fears that the Avengers will only be corrupted by bureaucracy. Their disagreement eventually escalates into all-out war when Cap's old friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), now a brainwashed assassin known as the Winter Soldier, reenters the picture.
Captain America: Civil War brings back former Avengers characters such as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Vision (Paul Bettany); it also drags into the fray low-rent superhero Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), and introduces both the powerful African prince Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and a new, younger incarnation of Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Heroic Mission
Keywords : bureaucracy, determination, friendship, humanity, responsibility, strength, Superhero, war
Action, Superhero Film 
Chris Evans ... Steve Rogers/Captain America
Robert Downey, Jr. ... Tony Stark/Iron Man
Scarlett Johansson ... Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Sebastian Stan ... Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Anthony Mackie ... Sam Wilson/Falcon
Don Cheadle ... Jim Rhodes/War Machine
Jeremy Renner ... Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Chadwick Boseman ... T'Challa/Black Panther
Paul Bettany ... The Vision
Elizabeth Olsen ... Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Paul Rudd ... Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Emily VanCamp ... Agent Sharon Carter
Marisa Tomei ... May Parker
Frank Grillo ... Brock Rumlow
Martin Freeman ... Everett Ross
William Hurt ... Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross
Daniel Brühl ... Zemo
John Kani ... King T'Chaka
John Slattery ... Howard Stark
Alfre Woodard ... Miriam
Michael A. Cook ... MRI Tech
Gene Farber ... Karpov
Cornell John ... Attache
Josh Peck ... GSG9 Task Force Gunner
Brent McGee ... GSG9 Task Force Pilot
Blair Jasin ... Raft Guard
David de Vries ... Custodian
Brett Gentile ... Delivery Truck Driver
Silvina Buchbauer ... News Reporter
Damion Poitier ... Hero Merc #1
David Brown ... Hero Merc #3
Guy Fernandez ... Hero Merc #4
Jim Rash ... M.I.T. Liaison
Gozie Agbo ... Dr. Broussard
Stan Lee ... FedEx Driver
Kerry Condon ... Friday
Julianna Guill ... Stark's Assistant
Brian Schaeffer ... Cultural Attache
Hope Davis ... Maria Stark
127 3/4
Captain America: The First Avenger 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Meek U.S. Army soldier Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) takes part in an experimental military program that infuses him with super-human powers, and uses his newfound strength to battle the villainous Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) in this comic-book adventure from director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman, The Rocketeer). Tommy Lee Jones, Neal McDonough, and Stanley Tucci co-star in a film written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley (who previously collaborated on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : For Love of Country | Tough Guys
Themes : Heroic Mission | Time Sleepers | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : serum, soldier, Superhero
Action, Action Thriller, Superhero Film 
Chris Evans ... Captain America/Steve Rogers
Hayley Atwell ... Peggy Carter
Sebastian Stan ... James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Tommy Lee Jones ... Colonel Chester Phillips
Hugo Weaving ... Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
Dominic Cooper ... Howard Stark
Richard Armitage ... Heinz Kruger
Stanley Tucci ... Dr. Abraham Erskine
Samuel L. Jackson ... Nick Fury
Toby Jones ... Dr. Arnim Zola
Neal McDonough ... Timothy 'Dum Dum' Dugan
Derek Luke ... Gabe Jones
Kenneth Choi ... Jim Morita
JJ Feild ... James Montgomery Falsworth
Bruno Ricci ... Jacques Dernier
Lex Shrapnel ... Gilmore Hodge
Michael Brandon ... Senator Brandt
Martin T. Sherman ... Brandt's Aide
Natalie Dormer ... Pvt. Lorraine
Oscar Pearce ... Search Team Leader
William Hope ... SHIELD Lieutenant
Nicholas Pinnock ... SHIELD Tech
Marek Oravec ... Jan
David Bradley ... Tower Keeper
Leander Deeny ... Steve Rogers Double/Barman
Simon Kunz ... 4F Doctor
Kieran O'Connor ... Loud Jerk
Jenna-Louise Coleman ... Connie
Sophie Colouhoun ... Bonnie
Doug Cockle ... Young Doctor
Ben Batt ... Enlistment Office MP
Mollie Fitzgerald ... Stark Girl
Damon J. Driver ... Sergeant Duffy
David McKail ... Johann Schmidt's Artist
Amanda Walker ... Antique Store Owner
Richard Freeman ... SSR Doctor
Katherine Press ... Project Rebirth Nurse
Marcello Walton ... Undercover Bum
Vincent Montuel ... Undercover Bum
Fabrizio Santino ... Kruger's Driver
Maxwell Newman ... Boy at Dock
Anatole Taubman ... Roeder
Jan Pohl ... Hutter
Erich Redman ... Schneider
Rosanna Hoult ... Star-Spangled Singer
Naomi Slights ... Star-Spangled Singer
Kirsty Mather ... Star-Spangled Singer
Megan Sanderson ... Kid in USO Audience
Darren Simpson ... Kid in USO Audience
Fernanda Toker ... Newsstand Mom
Laura Haddock ... Autograph Seeker
James Payton ... "Adolph Hitler"
Kevin Millington ... Stark's Engineer
Peter Stark ... HYDRA Lieutenant
Amanda Righetti ... SHIELD Agent
128 3/4
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Steve Rogers continues his journey as the super-powered American soldier who's grasping to find his place in a modern world after being frozen in ice since WWII with this Marvel Studios sequel. Chris Evans returns to star, with Community director/producers Joe and Anthony Russo helming. -- Jeremy Wheeler

Moods : For Love of Country | Tough Guys
Themes : Heroic Mission | Time Sleepers
Keywords : serum, soldier, Superhero
Action, Action Thriller, Superhero Film 
Chris Evans ... Captain America/Steve Rogers
Anthony Mackie ... Sam Wilson/Falcon
Sebastian Stan ... Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Samuel L. Jackson ... Nick Fury
Scarlett Johansson ... Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Frank Grillo ... Brock Rumlow
Robert Redford ... Agent Alexander Pierce
Cobie Smulders ... Agent Maria Hill
Hayley Atwell ... Peggy Carter
Toby Jones ... Arnim Zola
Emily VanCamp ... Agent 13
Maximiliano Hernandez ... Agent Jasper Sitwell
Stan Lee ... Smithsonian Guard
Callan Mulvey ... Jack Rollins
Jenny Agutter ... Councilwoman Hawley
Bernard White ... Councilman Singh
Alan Dale ... Councilman Rockwell
Garry Shandling ... Senator Stern
Zack Duhame ... Engine Pirate
Adetokumboh M'Cormack ... French Radio Pirate
Christopher George Sarris ... Skinny Steve
Aaron Himelstein ... Launch Tech #1
Allan Chanes ... Launch Tech #2
Gozie Agbo ... Dr. Fine
Christopher Markus ... SHIELD Interrogator #1
Stephen McFeely ... SHIELD Interrogator #2
Ed Brubaker ... Scientist #2
D.C. Pierson ... Apple Employee
Danny Pudi ... Com Tech #1
Branka Katic ... Renata
Jon Sklaroff ... Charlie XO
Chad Todhunter ... Charlie Weapons Tech
Abigail Marlowe ... SHIELD Tech
Jeremy Maxwell ... Lead SHIELD Pilot
Emerson Brooks ... Senior SHIELD Agent
Evan Parke ... SHIELD Agent
Ricardo Chacon ... Strike Sgt. #1
Griffin M. Allen ... Strike Sgt. #2
Ann Russo ... Strike Agent
Joe Rosalina ... Strike Agent
Jody Hart ... 25th Floor Strike Agent
Steven Culp ... Scudder
Derek Hughes ... Human Resources Executive
Wendy Hoopes ... Doctor
Dominic Rains ... CIA Instructor
Charles Wittman ... Capitol Hill Police
Andy Martinez Jr. ... Capitol Hill Police
Terence O'Rourke ... FBI Agent
Anne Grimenstein ... Committee Member
Dante Rosalina ... Little Boy in The Smithsonian
Robert Clotworthy ... Fury Car Voice
June Christopher ... SHIELD Computer
Gary Sinise ... The Smithsonian Narrator
856 3/4
Captain Fantastic 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Determined to shield his family from the decadence and distractions of modern life, an eccentric father (Viggo Mortensen) raises his six children in a remote forest in the Pacific Northwest. But when his wife commits suicide, the kids are forced to interact with the outside world for the first time as he takes them on a road trip to New Mexico for her funeral. Kathryn Hahn, Steve Zahn, Frank Langella, and Ann Dowd co-star. Written and directed by Matt Ross (28 Hotel Rooms), Captain Fantastic made its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Button Pushers | Only Human
Themes : Death of a Parent | Dropping Out | Eccentric Families | Fathers and Daughters | Fathers and Sons
Comedy, Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Family Drama 
Viggo Mortensen ... Ben Cash
Frank Langella ... Jack
George MacKay ... Bodavan (Bo)
Ann Dowd ... Abigail
Missi Pyle ... Ellen
Kathryn Hahn ... Harper
Steve Zahn ... Dave
Samantha Isler ... Kielyr
Annalise Basso ... Vespyr
Nicholas Hamilton ... Rellian
Trin Miller ... Leslie
Erin Moriarty ... Karin
Hannah Horton ... Teenage Girl
Louis Hobson ... Doctor
926 3/4
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Two fourth-graders (voiced by Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch) hypnotize their principal (Ed Helms) in order to transform him into Captain Underpants, the superhero from their homemade comic book. The trio soon battle a new teacher at their school (Nick Kroll), who's secretly a mad scientist. This animated comedy was adapted from the series of children's novels by Dav Pilkey, and also features the voices of Jordan Peele and Kristen Schaal. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Child Prodigies | Fantasy Life | Generation Gap | Kids in Trouble
Keywords : animation, children, comic-book, prank, school, Superhero
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Fantasy Comedy, Superhero Film 
Kevin Hart ... George Beard
Ed Helms ... Mr. Krupp / Captain Underpants
Nick Kroll ... Professor Poopypants
Thomas Middleditch ... Harold Hutchins
Jordan Peele ... Melvin
Kristen Schaal ... Edith
Dee Dee Rescher ... Ms. Ribble
Brian Posehn ... Mr. Rected
David Soren ... Tommy
Mel Rodriguez ... Mr. Fyde
James Ryan ... Mime
Leslie David Baker ... Officer McPiggly
Sugar Lyn Beard ... Goody Two-Shoes Girl
Lesley Nicol ... Nobel Moderator
Chris Miller ... Nobel Audience Member
129 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A pedal-to-the-metal race car determined to prove his worth on the tracks discovers that life isn't always about crossing the finish line first in Toy Story director John Lasseter's mechanically minded tale of friendship and loyalty. Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) may be just a rookie, but he's convinced that he can realize his dream of zooming by the checkered flag if he can only make it to California in time to compete in the upcoming Piston Cup Championship. When Lightning takes a detour into the slow-moving, Route 66 town of Radiator Springs, however, it begins to appear as if his shot at the big time has effectively stalled out. Of course, Lightning's exciting cross-country trek wasn't all for naught, and after befriending such quirky Radiator Springs residents as Sally the Porsche (voice of Bonnie Hunt), Doc Hudson (voice of Paul Newman), and Mater the Tow Truck (voice of Larry the Cable Guy), the eager young racer learns that sometimes life is more about the voyage than the outcome of the race. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Memory Lane | Young and Old Alike
Themes : Fish Out of Water | Small-Town Life | Car Racing | Culture Clash
Keywords : auto-racing, NASCAR, race-car
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Road Movie 
Owen Wilson ... Lightning McQueen
Paul Newman ... Doc Hudson
Bonnie Hunt ... Sally Carrera
Larry the Cable Guy ... Mater
Cheech Marin ... Ramone
Tony Shalhoub ... Luigi
Guido Quaroni ... Guido
Jenifer Lewis ... Flo
Paul Dooley ... Sarge
Michael Wallis ... Sheriff
George Carlin ... Fillmore
Katherine Helmond ... Lizzie
John Ratzenberger ... Mack, Hamm Truck, Abominable Snow Plow, P.T. Flea Car
Joe Ranft ... Red, Peterbilt
Michael Keaton ... Chick Hicks
Jeremy Piven ... Harv
Bob Costas ... Bob Cutlass
Darrell Waltrip ... Darrell Cartrip
Richard Kind ... Van
Edie McClurg ... Minny
Richard Petty ... The King
Andrew Stanton ... Fred
Dale Earnhardt Jr. ... Junior
Michael Schumacher ... Michael Schumacher Ferrari
Jay Leno ... Jay Limo
Mario Andretti ... Mario Andretti
Lou Romano ... Snotrod
Elissa Knight ... Tia
Lindsey Collins ... Mia
Tom Hanks ... Woody Car
Tim Allen ... Buzz Lightyear Car
Billy Crystal ... Mike Car
John Goodman ... Sullivan Truck
Dave Foley ... Flik Car
Jack Angel
Bob Bergen
Rodger Bumpass
John Cygan
Jennifer Darling
Paul Eiding
Bill Farmer
Teresa Ganzel
Jess Harnell
Sherry Lynn
Danny Mann
Mickie T. McGowan
Laraine Newman
Teddy Newton
Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Bob Peterson
Jan Rabson
Ken Schretzmann
Jim Ward
949 2/4
Cars 3 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Famed race car Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) suffers a catastrophic crash while trying to compete with a younger rival named Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). Afterwards, McQueen embraces new technologies as he trains for a return to the racetrack. Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington, and Bonnie Hunt also lend their voices to this animated sequel from Pixar and Disney. --

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : All Washed Up | Car Racing
Keywords : car, race [competition], race-car, stock-car
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Owen Wilson ... Lightning McQueen
Cristela Alonzo ... Cruz Ramirez
Armie Hammer ... Jackson Storm
Nathan Fillion ... Sterling
Chris Cooper ... Smokey Yunick
Kerry Washington ... Natalie Certain
Bonnie Hunt ... Sally Carrera
Tony Shalhoub ... Luigi
Lea DeLaria ... MIss Fritter
Margo Martindale ... Louise 'Barnstormer' Nash
Cheech Marin ... Ramone
Bob Costas ... Bob Cutlass
Darrell Waltrip ... Darrell Cartrip
Isiah Whitlock, Jr. ... River Scott
Bob Peterson ... Chick Hicks
Guido Quaroni ... Guido
Tom Magliozzi ... Rusty
John Ratzenberger ... Mack
Lewis Hamilton ... Hamilton
Lloyd Sherr ... Fillmore
Paul Newman ... Doc Hudson
Katherine Helmond ... Lizzie
Paul Dooley ... Sarge
Jenifer Lewis ... Flo
Madeleine McGraw ... Maddy McGear
Michael Wallis ... Sheriff
Mike Joy ... Mike Joyride
Jeff Gordon ... Jeff Gorvette
Richard Petty ... The King
Ray Magliozzi ... Dusty
130 3/4
Cast Away 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An exploration of human survival and the ability of fate to alter even the tidiest of lives with one major event, Cast Away tells the story of Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a Federal Express engineer who devotes most of his life to his troubleshooting job. His girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt) is often neglected by his dedication to work, and his compulsive personality suggests a conflicted man. But on Christmas Eve, Chuck proposes marriage to Kelly right before embarking on a large assignment. On the assignment, a plane crash strands Chuck on a remote island, and his fast-paced life is slowed to a crawl, as he is miles removed from any human contact. Finding solace only in a volleyball that he befriends, Chuck must now learn to endure the emotional and physical stress of his new life, unsure of when he may return to the civilization he knew before. Cast Away reunites star Hanks with director Robert Zemeckis, their first film together since 1994's Oscar-winning Forrest Gump. -- Jason Clark

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Stranded | Survival in the Wilderness | Living In Exile | Air Disasters | Lovers Reunited
Keywords : castaway, island-deserted, island-tropical, isolation, plane-crash, old-flame, presumed-dead
Drama, Adventure Drama 
Tom Hanks ... Chuck Noland
Helen Hunt ... Kelly Frears
Chris Noth ... Jerry Lovett
Nick Searcy ... Stan
Lari White ... Bettina Peterson
Michael Forest ... Pilot Jack
Viveka Davis ... Pilot Gwen
131 3/4
Castle in the Sky 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Hayao Miyazaki's fantasy adventure Castle in the Sky begins with a chase scene through a flying ship, where all the passengers are after the young girl, Sheeta (voice of Anna Paquin). Going overboard to avoid capture, Sheeta is rescued by her powerful crystal necklace which floats her down to safety. She's recovered by Pazu (voice of James Van Der Beek), a young resourceful boy who works in a small mining town. Sharing a common desire to see Laputa, the castle in the sky, Pazu and Sheeta team up to outrun the pirates and the military. Led by hard-bitten matriarch Dola (voice of Cloris Leachman), the pirates are a rowdy yet dimwitted group of brothers who are after Laputa's treasure. Led by the greedy yet civilized Muska (voice of Mark Hamill), the military is after Laputa's secret powers. Everyone races to get to the abandoned castle of Laputa, which has been overgrown with vines and plant life. Its only inhabitants are the animals and robots who protect a magical garden. As the different parties fight over who gets to control Laputa, it's up to Sheeta to use her ancient knowledge to save it from ultimate destruction. The English-language version also includes the voices of Mandy Patinkin and Andy Dick. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Pirates
Keywords : flight, on-the-run, fantasy-world, flying, girl, kidnapping, magic, mining-town, princess, stone, government-agent, pirate [seafarer]
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Anime, Family-Oriented Adventure 
James Van Der Beek ... Pazu [English version]
Anna Paquin ... Sheeta [English version]
Mark Hamill ... Muska [English version]
Cloris Leachman ... Dola [English version]
Richard Dysart ... Uncle Pom [English version]
Jim Cummings ... General [English version]
John Hostetter ... Boss [English version]
Michael McShane ... Charles [English version]
Mandy Patinkin ... Louie [English version]
Andy Dick ... Henri [English version]
Mayumi Tanaka ... Pazu [Japanese version]
132 3/4
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This dynamic and commanding adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning play focuses on a troubled Southern family and the discord over their dying father's millions. Wealthy plantation owner Big Daddy Pollitt (Burl Ives), celebrating his 65th birthday, is visited by his sons, Brick (Paul Newman) and Gooper (Jack Carson). He has cancer, but a doctor has deliberately and falsely declared it in remission. Seemingly perfect son Gooper and his wife, Mae (Madeleine Sherwood), have several children and are anxiously expecting to inherit Daddy's millions. By contrast, Big Daddy's "favorite," Brick, is a has-been football star who's taken to drinking his days away since the suicide of his "best friend" a year earlier. He resents his wife, Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor), because he believes that she had an affair with his deceased friend. As a result, he refuses to sleep with her, although she remains devoted to him. Since Brick and Maggie have failed to produce any grandchildren, Big Daddy is inclined to leave his estate to Gooper, but Maggie attempts to prevent that by telling him that she is pregnant. Big Daddy knows better, yet he recognizes that Maggie loves Brick so much that she would be willing to do anything for him. Although Brick is self-destructive and resentful, unable to come to terms with his losses, it takes Big Daddy's recognition of his own mortality to make Brick change his perspective. Brick's struggle with his sexual identity, and the nature of his relationship with his "friend," had to be toned down for mass consumption, although this intelligently written and acted film covers such topics as infertility, adultery, and alcoholism that were still considered taboo in the 1950s. Newman brings depth and feeling to the role as Brick, while Taylor succeeds brilliantly in portraying Maggie as a passionate and understanding woman despite her own real-life emotional turmoil over the death of her husband at the time, producer Mike Todd. -- Don Kaye

Moods : A Good Cry
Themes : Crumbling Marriages | Fathers and Sons | Alcoholism | Haunted By the Past | Southern Gothic | Inheritance at Stake
Keywords : alcoholism, birthday, family-secrets, greed, inheritance, love, obsession
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Ensemble Film, Family Drama, Marriage Drama, Psychological Drama 
Paul Newman ... Brick Pollitt
Elizabeth Taylor ... Maggie Pollitt
Burl Ives ... Big Daddy Pollitt
Jack Carson ... Gooper Pollitt
Judith Anderson ... Big Mama Pollitt
Madeleine Sherwood ... Mae Pollitt
Larry Gates ... Dr.Baugh
Vaughn Taylor ... Deacon Davis
Patty Ann Gerrity ... Dixie Pollitt
Hugh Corcoran ... Buster Pollitt
Deborah Miller ... Trixie Pollitt
Brian Corcoran ... Boy Pollitt
Zelda Cleaver ... Sookey
Jeane Wood ... Party Guest
Mildred Dunnock
Bobby Johnson ... Groom
Tony Merrill ... Party Guest
133 3/4
Catch Me If You Can 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A gifted forger and confidence man attempts to stay one step ahead of the lawman determined to bring him to justice in this comedy-drama from Steven Spielberg, based on a true story. Frank W. Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a 16-year-old high school student who finds himself emotionally cut adrift when his mother, Paula (Nathalie Baye), leaves his father, Frank Abagnale Sr. (Christopher Walken), after Frank Sr. falls into arrears with the Internal Revenue Service. One day at school, Frank Jr. attempts to pass himself off as a substitute teacher, and easily makes the subterfuge work. His small-scale success gives Frank some ideas, and he soon discovers bigger and more profitable ways of hoaxing others, passing himself off as an airline pilot, a doctor, and an attorney. Along the way, Frank learns how to become a master forger, and uses his talent and charm to pass over 2.5 million dollars in phony checks. Frank's increasingly audacious work soon attracts the attention of Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks), an FBI agent who is determined to put Frank behind bars. Frank seems to enjoy being pursued by Carl, and even goes so far as to call Carl on the phone to chat every once in a while. While posing as a doctor, Frank falls in love with Brenda Strong (Amy Adams), a sweet girl working as a candy striper. When Frank asks Brenda to marry him, he decides to assume a new identity to impress her father, Roger (Martin Sheen) -- who happens to be the District Attorney of New Orleans, LA. Catch Me If You Can was based on the autobiography of the real Frank W. Abagnale Jr., who has a cameo in the film and today works on the side of the law as a top consultant on preventing forgery and designing secure checking systems. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Cons and Scams | Unlikely Criminals | Assumed Identities | Fathers and Sons | Hotshots
Keywords : assumed-identity, cat-and-mouse, con/scam, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), forgery, fraud, get-rich-quick-scheme, impostor, doctor, pilot
Crime, Biopic [feature], Chase Movie 
Leonardo DiCaprio ... Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Tom Hanks ... Carl Hanratty
Christopher Walken ... Frank Abagnale, Sr.
Martin Sheen ... Roger Strong
Nathalie Baye ... Paula Abagnale
Amy Adams ... Brenda Strong
James Brolin ... Jack Barnes
Brian Howe ... Tom Fox
Frank John Hughes ... Earl Amdursky
Steve Eastin ... Paul Morgan
Chris Ellis ... Special Agent Witkins
John Finn ... Assistant Director Marsh
Jennifer Garner ... Cheryl Ann
Jamie Anderson ... Ailene
Kam Heskin ... Candie
Phil Reeves
Amy Acker ... Miggy
Jasmine Jessica Anthony ... Little Girl
Jim Antonio ... Victor Griffin
Candice Azzara ... Darcy
Mike Baldridge ... Terry
Alexandre Bisping ... French Police
Jean-François Blanchard ... French Police Captain
Stan Bly ... Blind Man
Jane Bodle ... TWA Ticket Agent
Dominic Bond ... Choir
Joshua Boyd ... Football Player
Jonathan Brent ... Dr. Ashland
Francis Campeau ... Choir
Lilyan Chauvin ... Mrs. Lavalier
Ashley Cohen ... Party Twin
Kelly Cohen ... Party Twin
Lauren Cohn ... Female Teller
Jessica Collins ... Peggy
Mercedes Cornett ... Heather
Thomas Crawford ... FBI Agent
Jonathan Danker ... Student #1
Fred Datig Jr. ... Co-Pilot
Kyle Davis ... Kid
Alfred Dennis ... Ira Penner
Kaitlin Doubleday ... Joanna
Antoine Drolet-Dumoulin ... Choir
Celine Du Tertre ... Little Girl on Street
James DuMont ... FBI Agent
Stephen Dunham ... Pilot
Patrice Dussault ... French Police
Shane Edelman ... Doctor Harris
Joel Ewing ... Party Guy
Eugene Fleming ... Ticket Clerk
Joe Garagiola ... Himself
Mathieu Gaudreault ... French Police
Brian Goodman ... Motel Owner
Dave Hager ... Judge
Ellis Hall ... Piano Player/Singer
Kitty Carlisle Hart ... Herself
Simon Houle-Gauthier ... Choir
Jeremy Howard ... Teen Waiter
Kelly Hutchinson ... Young Female Teller
Alex Hyde-White ... Mr. Kesner
Jennifer Kan ... Female Bank Teller
Brandon Keener ... Pilot
Deborah Kellner ... Debra Jo
Max J. Kerstein ... Penner Brother
Donna Kimball ... TWA Stewardess
Matthew Kimbrough ... Loan Officer
Jack Knight ... Man #3
Thomas Kopache ... Principal Evans
Sarah Lancaster ... Riverbend Woman
Pascal Larouche ... Choir
William Lauzon ... Choir
Florent Legault ... Choir
Nancy Lenehan ... Carol Strong
Jennifer Manley ... Ashley
J. Patrick McCormack ... Auctioneer
Kelly McNair ... Girl #1
Jason McNally ... Choir
Andrew Meeks ... Young Patient
Steven Meizler ... Piano Player
Maggie Mellin ... Teacher
Gerald R. Molen ... FBI Agent
Ritchie Montgomery ... Young Doctor
James Morrison ... Pilot
Jan Munroe ... Captain Oliver
Benita Krista Nall ... Emergency Nurse
Jaime Ray Newman ... Monica
Julien Normandeau ... Choir
Alexandre Pepin ... Choir
Ana Maria Quintana ... Hotel Maid
Angela Sorensen ... Party Girl
Anthony Powers ... NY Savings Bank Manager
Ellen Pompeo ... Marci
Guy Thauvette ... Warden Garren
Guy-Daniel Tremblay ... French Police
Jack Wagner ... Kid
Jane Edith Wilson ... Bar Examiner
Jimmie F. Skaggs ... Bartender
Malachi Throne ... Abe Penner
Margaret Travolta ... Ms. Davenport
Morgan Rusler ... FBI Agent
Nicolas Radeschi ... Choir
Patrick Thomas O'Brien ... Mr. Hendricks
Paul Todd ... Maitre D'
Ray Proscia ... Salesman
Robert Peters ... FBI Agent
Robert Ruth ... Hotel Manager
Robert Symonds ... Mr. Rosen
Samuel St. Amour ... Choir
Sarah Rush ... Secretary
Steve Witting ... Manager
Wendy Worthington ... Receptionist
134 2/4
Cats & Dogs 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This talking-animal action comedy from Lawrence Guterman, the co-director of Antz (1998), follows on the heels of the Babe and Dr. Dolittle films. Unknown to humans, a secret war has been raging between cats and dogs for eons, but a fragile truce has long held the order of the animal kingdom in place. Now the balance of power has tipped, as a researcher, Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum), is about to invent a vaccine that will erase all human allergies to dogs. This is too much for the autocratic Mr. Tinkles (Sean Hayes), a white Persian kitty bent on world domination. The Brody home becomes ground zero for the renewed conflict between feline and canine, with a young Beagle puppy named Lou (Tobey Maguire) caught in the middle as the new point man for his species' cause. Cats and Dogs co-stars Elizabeth Perkins and Alexander Pollock, as well as the vocal talents of Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Jon Lovitz, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Joe Pantoliano. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Man's Best Friend | Talking Animals | Heroic Mission
Keywords : cat, dog, war, allergies, scientist, vaccine, world-domination
Children's/Family, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Comedy 
Jeff Goldblum ... Professor Brody
Elizabeth Perkins ... Carolyn Brody
Miriam Margolyes ... Sophie
Alexander Pollock ... Scott Brody
Tobey Maguire ... Lou
Alec Baldwin ... Butch
Sean Hayes ... Mr. Tinkles
Susan Sarandon ... Ivy
Joe Pantoliano ... Peek
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Sam
Jon Lovitz ... Calico
Charlton Heston ... Mastiff
Salome Jens ... Collie at HQ
Glenn Ficarra ... Russian Kitty
Danny Mann ... Ninja 1
Billy West ... Ninja, Ninja 2
135 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Patience Philips (Halle Berry) seems destined to spend her life apologizing for taking up space. Despite her artistic ability -- she has a more than respectable career as a graphic designer for Hedare Beauty, a Goliath cosmetics company -- Patience is excruciatingly shy, quick to take blame, and, not surprisingly, more than a little depressed at the end of the day. This comes to somewhat of a screeching halt when Patience not only inadvertently lands herself in the middle of a corporate conspiracy of gargantuan proportions, but on the city police force's most wanted list. Newly quipped with a mysterious feline prowess, Patience is a different person come nighttime -- more accurately, a catwoman. Elusive, untamed, powerful, stealthy, and not necessarily prone to erring on the side of good, Patience has gone from doormat to vigilante. Police officer Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt), who has fallen for shy Patience, is determined to apprehend Catwoman and figure out her role in a recent crime spree, though his fascination with her doesn't cease with the end of his shift and it threatens to lead to the downfall of himself, his investigation, and the woman who was once the timid Patience Philips. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Out For Revenge | Righting the Wronged | Unlikely Criminals | Vigilantes
Keywords : business-corruption, cat, cosmetics, crime-spree, police-officer, transformation, vigilante, wallflower, super-power
Action, Superhero Film 
Halle Berry ... Patience Philips/Catwoman
Benjamin Bratt ... Detective Tom Lone
Sharon Stone ... Laurel Hedare
Lambert Wilson ... George Hedare
Alex Borstein ... Sally
Michael Massee ... Armando
Byron Mann ... Wesley
Kim Smith ... Drina
Peter Wingfield ... Dr. Ivan Slavicky
Frances Conroy ... Ophelia
Berend McKenzie ... Lance
Chase Nelson-Murray ... Kid #1
Manny Petruzzelli ... Kid #2
Harley Reiner ... Kid #3
Ona Grauer ... Sandy
Landy Cannon ... Randy
Judith Maxie ... Jeweler
Michael Daingerfield ... Forensics Cop
Benita Ha ... Forensics Technician
Jill Krop ... Newscaster
Dagmar Midcap ... Television Reporter
Ryan Robbins ... Bartender
John Cassini ... Graphologist
Patricia Mayan Salazar ... housekeeper
Diego Del Mar ... Barker
Connor Crash Dunn ... Little Boy
Michael P. Northey ... Jail Guard
Aaron Douglas ... Detective #1
Peter Williams ... Detective #2
John Mann ... bouncer
Brooke Theiss ... Ferris Wheel Mom
Michasha Armstrong ... ferris wheel operator
James Ashcroft ... Janitor
Herbert Duncanson ... Security Guard
Lori Fung ... performance dancer
Ursula Haczkiewicz ... performance dancer
Alisoun Payne ... performance dancer
Laurence Racine ... performance dancer
Nito Larioza ... performance dancer
825 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on Stephen King's best-selling novel of the same name, Cell follows a desperate New England artist (John Cusack) as he searches for his son following the broadcast of a mysterious cell-phone signal that transforms people into rampaging maniacs. In time, he and two other survivors (Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman) attempt to find safety as society disintegrates. (Interestingly, Cusack and Jackson also starred in 1408, another adaptation of King's work.) Directed by Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2). -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Fathers and Sons | Plagues and Epidemics
Keywords : father, plague, radio
Horror, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
John Cusack ... Clay Riddell
Samuel L. Jackson ... Tom McCourt
Isabelle Fuhrman ... Alice Maxwell
Stacy Keach ... Charles Ardai
Griffin Freeman ... Mike Mattick
Owen Teague ... Jordan
Joshua Mikel ... Raggedy
Anthony Reynolds ... Ray
Jeffrey Hallman ... Hog-Tied Man
Mark Ashworth ... Bartender
Wilbur Fitzgerald ... Geoff
Catherine Dyer ... Sally
E. Roger Mitchell ... Roscoe
Rey Hernandez ... Cop (Rick)
136 3/4
Changing Lanes 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Roger Michell follows up the hit romantic comedy Notting Hill (1999) with this thought-provoking thriller. Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson star, respectively, as Gavin Banek and Doyle Gibson, two New York men whose lives become accidentally intertwined in a Good Friday fender bender on the FDR Drive. Late for a crucial appointment, hotshot lawyer Gavin tosses Doyle a blank check and leaves the scene, while Doyle, whose car is inoperable, is late for a court-appointed custody hearing. A recovering alcoholic, Doyle's tardiness doesn't sit well with the judge, who - sick of waiting for Gipson - grants custody to Doyle's ex-wife in Doyle's absence. The situation worsens when it becomes evident that Doyle has an equally important file belonging to Gavin, which proves that an elderly man gave Banek's firm power-of-attorney over his foundation. So begins an escalating war of words and deeds between the two men. Soon, egged on by an associate (Toni Collette), Gavin hires a "fixer" (Dylan Baker) to destroy Doyle's credit, forcing Doyle to fire back with some cunning moves of his own. Changing Lanes co-stars William Hurt, Sydney Pollack, and Toni Collette. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Food for Thought | Only Human
Themes : Class Differences | Crisis of Conscience | Out For Revenge | Work Ethics | Death of a Friend | Feuds | Intersecting Lives | Race Relations | Alcoholism | Custody Battles
Keywords : lawyer, accident, custody, document, ex-wife, judge, mix-up, traffic, urban-problems, will [document]
Attributes : Sleeper
Drama, Message Movie, Urban Drama, Melodrama 
Ben Affleck ... Gavin Banek
Samuel L. Jackson ... Doyle Gipson
Toni Collette ... Michelle
Sydney Pollack ... Andrew Delano
William Hurt ... Doyle's sponsor
Amanda Peet ... Cynthia Banek
Kim Staunton ... Valerie Gipson
Richard Jenkins ... Walter Arnell
John Benjamin Hickey ... Carlyle
Dylan Baker ... Finch
Matt Malloy ... Ron Cabot
Bradley Cooper ... Gordon Pinella
Tina Sloan ... Mrs Delano
Akil Walker ... Stephen Gipson
Ileen Getz ... Ellen
Bruce Altman ... Joe Kaufman
Joe Grifasi ... Judge Cosell
Lisa Leguillou ... Gina Gugliotta
Angela Goethals ... Sarah Windsor
Susan Varon ... Buckburg, Sheryl
Noel Wilson ... bartender at Arlo's
James Lovelett ... security guard at school
Julia Gibson ... receptionist as AD & S
Suzanne Hevner ... Delanos secretary
Caleb Archer ... kid on bike
Jordan Gelber ... priest
Olga Merediz ... Mrs Miller
Jayne Houdyshell ... Miss Tetley
Shabazz Richardson ... cops at precinct
Raymond Anthony Thomas ... Cop at Precint
Michael Pitt ... music teacher/conductor
Genevieve Elam ... waitress
Anastasia Rojas ... orchestra children
Nicole Wright ... orchestra children
Clive Oliver Greenberg ... orchestra children
Sophia Guaspari ... orchestra member
Ruben J. Seraballs ... orchestra member
Father Bonneau ... himslef
Jewel Brimage ... teacher
Vanessa Quel ... Kate
Howard I. Laniado ... Barry
Tony Machine ... office worker
Carolyn Feldschuh ... office worker
Maria Alaina Mason ... office worker
Harvey Waldman ... author in newsroom
Pamela Hart ... newscaster
Neal Jones ... newsroom writer
Susan Blackwell ... newsroom producer
James Soviero ... newsrom associate producer
Anthony DiGiacomo ... newsroom associate director
Richard Velasco ... newsroom director
Leonard Thomas ... newsroom reporter
Richard Kelly ... AA group leader
Selena Blake ... insurance broker
Harriet Rosenthal ... family court
John Kohl ... family court
Lisa Vogel ... family court
Bob Heffernan ... Simon Dunne
137 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) expands on his 2003 short film Tetra Val in this futuristic sci-fi saga written in collaboration with screenwriter Terri Tatchell (who previously worked with Blomkamp on the screenplay for District 9), centering on the story of a police robot named Chappie, who develops the ability to think and feel for himself. As people fight back against the mechanized police force, sinister forces seek to capture Chappie for their nefarious purposes. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Robots and Androids
Keywords : artificial-intelligence, robot, science-fiction
Action, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Sharlto Copley ... Chappie
Dev Patel ... Deon Wilson
Jose Pablo Cantillo ... Yankie (Amerika)
Sigourney Weaver ... Michelle Bradley
Hugh Jackman ... Vincent Moore
Brandon Auret ... Hippo
Maurice Carpede ... Police Chief
Jason Cope ... Tetravaal Lead Mechanic
Kevin Otto ... Interviewer
Chris Shields ... Journalist
Bill Marchant ... Professor
Mark K. Xulu ... Gang Member
Sherldon Marema ... Gang Member
Shaheed Hajee ... Gang Member
David Davadoss ... Mercedes Benz Driver
Anneli Muller ... BMW Driver
Kendal Watt ... Nissan Driver
Eugene Khumbanyiwa ... King
Chan Marti ... Field Reporter
Vuyelwa Booi ... Field Reporter
Mike Blomkamp ... Police Officer
Anthony Bishop ... Police Officer
Paul Dobson ... Police Robots
Max Poolman ... Hippo's Thug
Alistair Prodgers ... Tetravaal Mechanic
Wandile Molebatsi ... Armored Truck Guard
Arran Henn ... VSN News Desk Reporter
Thami Ngubeni ... VSN News Desk Reporter
James Bitonti ... Gun Store Owner
Andea DeJager ... Tetravaal Office Assistant
Hein DeVries ... Special Forces Soldier
Daniel Hirst ... Merc
Paul Hampshire ... Merc
978 2/4
Charlie Bartlett 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Longtime film editor Jon Poll (Meet the Fockers and Austin Powers in Goldmember) makes his directorial debut with this coming-of-age comedy about a wealthy public school system newcomer (Anton Yelchin) who wins over his skeptical classmates by serving as a surrogate psychiatrist to the troubled student body. Robert Downey Jr., Hope Davis, and Kat Dennings co-star. --

Moods : Triumph of the Geeks
Themes : Misfits and Outsiders | High School Life | Therapy | Dysfunctional Families | Mothers and Sons
Keywords : drugs, psychiatrist, school-principal, wealth, bully
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Teen Movie 
Anton Yelchin ... Charlie Bartlett
Hope Davis ... Marilyn Bartlett
Kat Dennings ... Susan Gardner
Tyler Hilton ... Murphy Bivens
Mark Rendall ... Kip Crombwell
Megan Park ... Whitney Drummond
Dylan Taylor ... Len Arbuckle
Jake Epstein ... Dustin Lauderbach
Jonathan Malen ... Jordan Sunder
Derek McGrath ... Superintendent Sedgwick
Stephen Young ... Dr. Stan Weathers
Ishan Dave ... Henry Freemont
Eric Fink ... Thomas
Noam Jenkins ... Dean West
Lauren Collins ... Kelly
Annick Obonsawin ... Daisy
Sarah Gadon ... Priscilla
Aubrey Graham ... A/V Jones
Michael D'Ascenzo ... Scott
Dwayne McLean ... Bus Driver
Quancetia Hamilton ... Mrs. Albertson
Richard Campbell ... Dr. Sam Costell
Kim Roberts ... Dr. Linda Jenkins
David Fraser ... Dr. Jacob Kaufmann
Marvin Karon ... Dr. P. Sarossy
Brendan Murray ... Dorm Head
Abigail Bernardez ... Cheerleader #1
Laura Jeanes ... Cheerleader #2
Annamaria Janice McAndrew ... Cheerleader #3
Amelia Tenttave ... Len's Girlfriend #1
Julia Cohen ... Receptionist
Abby Zotz ... Kip's Mom
139 4/4
A Charlie Brown Christmas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: As incredible as it seems, CBS head man James Aubrey originally vetoed his network's presentation of the animated A Charlie Brown Christmas on the grounds that Charles M. Schultz's round-headed protagonist was a "loser" who wouldn't attract an audience! The story proposes that Charlie Brown is convinced that the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten by his Peanuts friends, not to mention the rest of the world. "Psychiatrist" Lucy advises Charlie Brown to get into the holiday spirit by directing the kids' upcoming Christmas play. Despite his utter lack of control over his cast, Charlie Brown takes his job seriously, even setting out to find a genuine Christmas tree to decorate the set instead of the usual aluminum job. But Charlie Brown's tree is a scrawny, pathetic thing, and all seems lost. That is, until the rest of the Peanuts gang decide to pitch in and decorate the woebegone tree. An instant hit when first telecast December 9, 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been rebroadcast virtually every year since. It was produced by Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez, the latter providing the squeals and growls of Charlie Brown's hyper-intelligent dog, Snoopy. -- Hal Erickson

Themes : Underdogs
Keywords : animal, Christmas, dog, friendship, holiday, pets
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Peter Robbins ... Charlie Brown
Tracy Stratford ... Lucy Van Pelt
Christopher Shea ... Linus Van Pelt
Sally Dryer ... Peppermint Patty
Bill Melendez ... Snoopy
140 3/4
Charlie Wilson's War 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Produced by Tom Hanks, written by Aaron Sorkin, and directed by Mike Nichols, this adaptation of George Crile III's incendiary bestseller tells the remarkable story of the Texas congressman whose efforts to prevent the Red Army from overtaking Afghanistan eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union while simultaneously fueling the rise of radical Islam. In the early 1980s, a hastily assembled army of Afghan "freedom fighters" achieved the remarkable feat of fending off Soviet invaders despite the fact that the odds were overwhelmingly stacked against them. At the time, Texas congressman Charlie Wilson (Hanks) was a key member of the hugely powerful House Appropriations Committee. Illuminated to the specifics of this remarkable war by a high-profile Houston socialite, Wilson spearheaded an effort to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons and training to the Mujahideen with more than a little help from brilliant but prickly CIA operative Gust Avrokotos. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Food for Thought | Strictly Speaking
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Political Unrest
Keywords : Afghanistan, arms [military weapons], army, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), fall [downfall], freedom-fighter, Islam, secret-mission, Soviet-Union, weapons-dealer
Drama, Political Drama, Docudrama 
Tom Hanks ... Charlie Wilson
Julia Roberts ... Joanne Herring
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Gust Avrakotos
Amy Adams ... Bonnie Bach
Ned Beatty ... Doc Long
Emily Blunt ... Jane Liddle
Om Puri ... President Zia
Ken Stott ... Zvi
John Slattery ... Cravely
Denis O'Hare ... Harold Holt
Jud Tylor ... Crystal Lee
Peter Gerety ... Larry Liddle
Brian Markinson ... Paul Brown
Christopher Denham ... Mike Vickers
Tracy Phillips ... Belly Dancer
Wynn Everett ... Charlie's Angel
Mary Bonner Baker ... Charlie's Angel
Rachel Nichols ... Charlie's Angel
Shiri Appleby ... Charlie's Angel
138 2/4
Charlie's Angels 
AMG SYNOPSIS: They're beautiful, they're brilliant, and they can kick your butt -- the most glamorous private eyes in the world are back in action in this big-screen adaptation of the popular '70s television series. Natalie (Cameron Diaz) is the smart but silly one, Dylan (Drew Barrymore) is the tough but fun-loving one, and Alex (Lucy Liu) is the classy but hard-as-nails one, and they work for a man named Charlie (voice of John Forsythe), who never meets his employees face to face. Along with their helper Bosley (Bill Murray), the Angels are sent into action when electronics genius Eric Knox (Sam Rockwell) is kidnapped, with the nefarious Roger Corwin (Tim Curry) as the prime suspect. But they soon learn even bigger danger is afoot -- the kidnappers have gotten their hands on Knox's latest invention, a system that can monitor voice communication from anywhere in the world, virtually ending the notion of private conversation. Charlie's Angels also stars Crispin Glover, Luke Wilson, Kelly Lynch, and Tom Green. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Private Eyes | Looking For Love | Women's Friendship
Keywords : crime-solving, private-detective, corporate-espionage, kidnapping, martial-arts, high-tech, inventor
Action, Comedy, Action Comedy, Buddy Film, Parody/Spoof 
Cameron Diaz ... Natalie
Drew Barrymore ... Dylan
Lucy Liu ... Alex
Bill Murray ... Bosley
Sam Rockwell ... Eric Knox
Tim Curry ... Roger Corwin
Kelly Lynch ... Vivian Wood
Crispin Glover ... Thin Man
Matt LeBlanc ... Jason
LL Cool J ... Mr. Jones
Tom Green ... Chad
Luke Wilson ... Pete
John Forsythe ... Charlie
Mike Smith ... Knox Thug
Sean Whalen ... Pasqual
Reggie Hayes ... Red Star Systems techie
141 1/4
Cheaper by the Dozen 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Shawn Levy directs the family-oriented comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, a loose remake of the 1950 film starring Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy, which was itself based on a novel. Tom (Steve Martin) and Kate Baker (Bonnie Hunt) have made many sacrifices in their professional lives in order to raise their 12 children. When Tom is offered a job as a Division I college football coach, he moves the entire pack to a suburb of Chicago. This move shakes up the whole family, especially when Kate's memoirs get published and she takes off on a book tour. The lack of parental guidance creates problems for all the Baker kids, particularly handsome jock Charlie (Tom Welling), fashion plate Lorraine (Hilary Duff), and grown child Nora (Piper Perabo). Ashton Kucher stars in a cameo role as Nora's actor boyfriend, Hank. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Eccentric Families | Parenthood | Mischievous Children | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : family, coach, father, moving, actor, chaos, disorder, sibling, football
Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Steve Martin ... Tom Baker
Bonnie Hunt ... Kate Baker
Piper Perabo ... Nora Baker
Tom Welling ... Charlie Baker
Hilary Duff ... Lorraine Baker
Alyson Stoner ... Sarah Baker
Jacob Smith ... Jake Baker
Liliana Mumy ... Jessica Baker
Morgan York ... Kim Baker
Forrest Landis ... Mark Baker
Blake Woodruff ... Mike Baker
Brent Kinsman ... Kyle Baker
Shane Kinsman ... Nigel Baker
Paula Marshall
Steven Anthony Lawrence
Alan Ruck
Richard Jenkins
Regis Philbin
Kelly Ripa
Ashton Kutcher ... Hank
142 0/4
The Cheetah Girls 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the popular series of children's books by Deborah Gregory, the made-for-cable The Cheetah Girls is all about four teenage girlfriends, all from different ethnic and economic backgrounds, all attending a Manhattan high school specializing in fashion design. The foursome includes the unofficial leader, Galleria Garibaldi (Raven) and her pals Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan) and Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), as well as comparative newcomer Aqua (Kiely Williams). Aspiring to pop-music stardom, the quartet forms a girl group, whereupon they attract the interest of music teacher (and former disco queen) Drinka Champagne (Sandra Caldwell) -- who, in turn, refers the girls to Jackal Johnson (Vincent Corazza), a charming but duplicitous producer for Def Duck Records. Sensing that the Cheeta Girls' first taste of showbiz success will degenerate into exploitation and backstabbing, Galleria's mom, ex-model Dorothea (Lynn Whitfield), tries to save her daughter and friends from the cruelties of life in the fast lane. The Cheetah Girls debuted August 15, 2003, on the Disney Channel. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : High School Life | Musician's Life | Mothers and Daughters
Keywords : pop-music, music-agent, show-business, betrayal, clique, cultural-diversity, design, exploitation, fashion, quartet
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Ensemble Film 
Lynn Whitfield ... Dorothea Garibaldi
Sabrina Bryan ... Dorinda Thomas
Adrienne Bailon ... Chanel
Kiely Williams ... Aqua
Kyle Schmid ... Derrick
Sandra Caldwell ... Drinka Champagne
Shane Daly ... Police Officer
Ennis Esmer ... Stand-Up Comic
143 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An out-of-work L.A. chef (writer/director Jon Favreau) opens a food truck in a bid to realize his culinary potential and reconnect with his estranged family in this indie ensemble comedy co-starring Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Cooks and Chefs | Estrangement
Keywords : chef, family, food, restaurant
Comedy, Ensemble Film, Family Drama 
Jon Favreau ... Carl Casper
Sofía Vergara ... Inez
John Leguizamo ... Martin
Bobby Cannavale ... Tony
Dustin Hoffman ... Riva
Oliver Platt ... Ramsey Michel
Emjay Anthony ... Percy
Scarlett Johansson ... Molly
Amy Sedaris ... Jen
Russell Peters ... Miami Cop
Chase Grimm ... Vendor
Will Schutze ... Mr. Bonetangles
Gloria Sandoval ... Flora
Alberto Salas ... Band Member
Daniel Palacio ... Band Member
Mauricio DelMonte ... Band Member
Leonardo DaNilo ... Versailles Host
Nili Fuller ... Marvin's Assistant
Charles Lao ... Kitchen Supply Clerk
144 0/4
Chestnut: Hero of Central Park 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Soon after being taken in by a loving new mother and father, two young former orphans do their best to keep their furry, four-legged friend - a loveable Great Dane named Chestnut - a secret from their adoptive parents and save him from a grim fate at the city pound. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Man's Best Friend
Keywords : adoption, dog
Children's/Family, Animal Picture 
Abigail Breslin
Barry Bostwick
Christine Tucci
Ethan Phillips
Maurice Godin
Makenzie Vega
145 2/4
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of the stars of Walt Disney's Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke, is re-united with that film's composer and lyricist, Richard M.Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, in this big budget and bloodless children's fantasy musical, based on the children's book by James Bond author Ian Fleming. Van Dyke plays Caractacus Potts, a failed inventor who lives in a big house with his two children -- Jemima Heather Ripley and Jeremy Adrian Hall -- and eccentric father Lionel Jeffries. Potts has to raise 30 shillings so his children can buy a broken-down racing car from the junkyard. After a disastrous attempt to sell his invention of whistling sweets to Lord Scrumptious (James Robertson-Justice), the local candy maker, he finally gets enough money for the car by doing a Dick Van Dyke dance routine at the county fair. Potts takes the car and miraculously transforms the vehicle into a shiny new car named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. While on a picnic with the children and Truly Scrumptious (Sally Ann Howes), Lord Scrumptious' beautiful daughter, Potts concocts a fantasy tale about the magical powers of the car, which can now float on water and fly. In the tale, Baron Bomburst (Gert Frobe) wants the car for himself and kidnaps the automobile and the inventor. But Bomburst captures Grandpa by mistake along with the wrong car, so Potts, Truly, and the children have to enlist Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on a rescue mission to Bomburst's lair to save Grandpa. -- Paul Brenner

Themes : Heroic Mission | Daring Rescues | Inventors | Kidnapping | Miraculous Events
Keywords : car, eccentric, evil, flying, inventor, ruler, county-fair
Fantasy, Musical, Family-Oriented Adventure, Musical Fantasy 
Dick Van Dyke ... Caractacus Potts
Sally Ann Howes ... Truly Scrumptious
Lionel Jeffries ... Grandpa Potts
Gert Fröbe ... Baron Bomburst
Anna Quayle ... Baroness Bomburst
Benny Hill ... Toymaker
James Robertson Justice ... Lord Scrumptious
Robert Helpmann ... Child Catcher
Heather Ripley ... Jemima
Barbara Windsor ... Blonde
Davy Kaye ... Admiral
Bernard Spear ... Second Spy
Stanley Unwin ... Chancellor
Peter Arne ... Capt.of Guard
Desmond Llewelyn ... Coggins
Victor Maddern ... Junkman
Arthur Mullard ... Big Man
Ross Parker ... Chef
Gerald Campion ... Minister
Felix Felton ... Minister
Monte de Lyle ... Minister
Totti Truman Taylor
Larry Taylor ... Lieutenant
Max Bacon ... Orchestra Leader
Max Wall ... Inventor
Michael Darbyshire
John Baskcomb ... Chef
Richard Wattis ... Secretary at Sweet Factory
Kenneth Waller
Adrian Hall ... Jeremy Potts
146 2/4
The Christmas Box 

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Keywords : family, Christmas, groundskeeper, widow/widower, finances
Drama, Family Drama 
Maureen O'Hara
Annette O'Toole
Richard Thomas
Kelsey Mulrooney ... Jenna Evans
147 3/4
A Christmas Carol 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale of one man learning the true meaning of Christmas is brought to the screen once again in this made-for-TV movie. Ebenezer Scrooge (George C. Scott) is a cynical old man whose greatest concern is money, and who regards compassion as a luxury he can't afford. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley (Frank Finlay), his former business partner, who arranges for Scrooge to be visited by three spirits in an attempt to show him the error of his ways -- the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Angela Pleasence), Christmas Present (Edward Woodward), and Christmas Yet to Come (Michael Carter). The spirits force Scrooge to examine the failings of his own life, as well as the bravery and optimism of his loyal but ill-treated employee Bob Crachit (David Warner). A Christmas Carol also features Susannah York as Mrs. Crachit, Anthony Walters as Tiny Tim, and Joanne Whalley as Fan. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Crisis of Faith | Redemption
Keywords : Christmas, redemption, awakening, future, ghost, miser, reconciliation, reform [improve], self-discovery, selfishness, spiritual-awakening
Fantasy, Children's/Family, Heavenly Comedy, Holiday Film 
George C. Scott ... Ebenezer Scrooge
Frank Finlay ... Jacob Marley
Angela Pleasence ... Ghost of Christmas Past
Edward Woodward ... Ghost of Christmas Present
Michael Carter ... Ghost of Christmas Future
David Warner ... Bob Cratchit
Susannah York ... Mrs. Cratchit
Anthony Walters ... Tiny Tim
Roger Rees ... Fred Holywell
Caroline Langrishe ... Janet Holywell
Lucy Gutteridge ... Belle
Nigel Davenport ... Silas Scrooge
Joanne Whalley ... Fan
Timothy Bateson ... Mr. Fezziwig
Michael Gough ... Mr. Poole
John Quarmby ... Mr. Harking
Peter Woodthorpe ... Old Joe
Liz Smith ... Mrs. Dilber
Brian Pettifer ... Ben
891 0/4
Christmas Eve 
AMG SYNOPSIS: When a power outage strikes New York City on Christmas Eve, six groups of people trapped in different elevators find their lives changed forever as new friendships are formed and romances blossom with the help of a little holiday magic. Patrick Stewart, Cheryl Hines, James Roday, Julianna Guill, Max Casella, Jon Heder, and Gary Cole co-star. -- Erin Demers

Moods : In the Mood for Love | Only Human | Pick-Me-Ups
Keywords : apartment, building, Christmas, elevator, trapped
Comedy, Drama, Ensemble Film, Holiday Film, Romantic Comedy 
Patrick Stewart ... Harris
Jon Heder ... James
James Roday ... B
Gary Cole[act] ... Dr. Roberts
Cheryl Hines ... Dawn
Max Casella ... Randy
Julianna Guill ... Ann
Juliet Aubrey ... Marta
Christina Chong ... Karen
David Bamber ... Walt
Simon Chadwick ... Evan
Steve John Shepherd ... Glen
Nate Fallows ... Glen
Martyn Ellis ... Jacob
Lex Shrapnel ... Tim
Lawrence Stevenson ... Chauffeur
148 4/4
A Christmas Story 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Nine years after the Yuletide slasher flick Black Christmas, Porky's director Bob Clark once again took on the holiday genre, switching from gasps to laughs with A Christmas Story. Adapted from a memoir by humorist Jean Shepherd (who narrates), the film centers on Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley), a young boy living in 1940s Indiana, desperately yearning for a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. Despite protests from his mother (Melinda Dillon) that he'll shoot his eye out, Ralphie persists, unsuccessfully trying to enlist the assistance of both his teacher and Santa Claus. All the while, Ralphie finds himself dealing with the constant taunts of a pair of bullies and trying to not get in the middle of a feud between his mother and father (Darren McGavin) regarding a sexy lamp. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Memory Lane | Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Eccentric Families | Mischievous Children | Bullies
Keywords : childhood-adventures, Christmas, family-dynamics, obsession, bully, gun, scheme, sibling, small-town
Comedy Drama, Americana, Domestic Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Holiday Film 
Melinda Dillon ... Mother
Darren McGavin ... The Old Man
Peter Billingsley ... Ralphie
Ian Petrella ... Randy
Scott Schwartz ... Flick
R.D. Robb ... Schwartz
Tedde Moore ... Miss Shields
Zack Ward ... Scut Farkus
Yano Anaya ... Grover Dill
Patty Johnson ... Head Elf
Tommy Lee Wallace ... Boy in School
Colin Fox ... Ming, the Merciless
Paul Hubbard ... Flash Gordon
Les Carlson ... Tree Man
Jim Hunter ... Freight Man
Dwayne McLean ... Black Bart
Fred Lee Own ... Waiter #2
Jean Shepherd ... Adult Ralphie
Jeff Gillen ... Santa Claus
149 3/4
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The adventure continues as producer/director Andrew Adamson teams with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to tell the tale of the dashing Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) -- who sets out to defeat a tyrannical king who has overtaken Narnia and secure his rightful place on the throne. One year has passed since the events of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and now the kings and queens of that land have returned to make a shocking discovery. Though by their calendars it has been only 12 months since their last voyage into Narnia, the four children are aghast to realize that 1,300 years have passed in the wondrous alternate universe. The Golden Age of Narnia has come to an end, and now the malevolent King Miraz rules over the land without mercy or compassion. Miraz is determined to ensure that the power stays in his bloodline, even if that means killing his nephew Prince Caspian so that Miraz's own son will be next in line for the throne. Fortunately Prince Caspian has the Narnians on his side, and with a little help from the kings, the queens, and some loyal old friends, he may be able to ensure that peace and prosperity are restored on the once-beautiful realm of Narnia. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Crowned Heads | Fantasy Lands | Heroic Mission | Righting the Wronged
Keywords : courage, evil, heir, king, kingdom, prince, throne
Fantasy, Children's/Family, Fantasy Adventure 
Georgie Henley ... Lucy Pevensie
Skandar Keynes ... Edmund Pevensie
William Moseley ... Peter Pevensie
Anna Popplewell ... Susan Pevensie
Ben Barnes ... Prince Caspian
Sergio Castellitto ... Miraz
Peter Dinklage ... Trumpkin the Dwarf
Pierfrancesco Favino ... General Glozelle
Liam Neeson ... Aslan
Vincent Grass ... Doctor Cornelius
Warwick Davis ... Nikabrik the Black Dwarf
Damián Alcázar ... Lord Sopespian
Alicia Borrachero ... Prunaprismia
Cornell John ... Glenstorm
Tilda Swinton ... The White Witch
David Bowles ... Lord Gregoire
Douglas Gresham ... Telmarine Crier
Klara Issova ... Hag
Shane Rangi ... Asterius/We-Wolf
Sim Evan-Jones ... Peepiceek, Bulgy Bear
Curtis Matthew ... Faun
David Walliams ... Bulgy Bear
Alina Phelan ... Midwife #5
Jan Filipensky ... Wimbleweather
John Bach ... British Homeguard #1
Ken Stott ... Trufflehunter
Harry Gregson-Williams ... Pattertwig the Squirrel
Eddie Izzard ... Reepicheep
150 3/4
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Four siblings -- Edmund (Skandar Keynes), Lucy (Georgie Henley), Peter (William Moseley), and Susan (Anna Popplewell) -- are sent from their London home to the country estate of an eccentric professor in order to ensure their safety during World War II. The house is very dull, except for a large, ornate wardrobe discovered by young Lucy during a game of hide-and-seek. Venturing inside of it in the hopes of finding a hiding place, Lucy is transported to a snowy alternate universe: a magical world called Narnia. The land is populated by talking animals and ruled over by the benevolent lion god Aslan (voiced by Liam Neeson), but sadly, the world is also in a state of perpetual winter. The white witch Jadis (Tilda Swinton), lustful for power and governed by narcissism, has cursed Narnia with a tyrannical decree that it will always be winter but never Christmas. Now, the children must fight alongside Aslan for the salvation of Narnia, but one of them, seduced by the charisma of the white witch, may choose to fight on the wrong side. -- Cammila Collar

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Heroic Mission | Mythical Creatures | Righting the Wronged
Keywords : lion, professor, sibling, Winter, witch, hide-and-seek
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure 
Georgie Henley ... Lucy Pevensie
Skandar Keynes ... Edmund Pevensie
William Moseley ... Peter Pevensie
Anna Popplewell ... Susan Pevensie
Tilda Swinton ... Jadis, the White Witch
James McAvoy ... Mr. Tumnus
Jim Broadbent ... Professor Kirke
Liam Neeson ... Aslan
Kiran Shah ... Ginarrbrik
James Cosmo ... Father Christmas
Judy McIntosh ... Mrs. Pevensie
Elizabeth Hawthorne ... Mrs. MacReady
Patrick Kake ... Oreius
Shane Rangi ... General Otmin
Ray Winstone ... Mr. Beaver
Dawn French ... Mrs. Beaver
Rupert Everett ... Mr. Fox
Morris Lupton ... Train Conductor
Shelley Edwards ... Distraught Mother
Susan Haldane ... Distraught Mother
Margaret Bremner ... Distraught Mother
Jaxin Hall ... Soldier
Terry Murdoch ... German Pilot
Lee Tuson ... Rumblebuffin the Giant
Elizabeth Kirk ... Hag
Felicity Hamill ... Hag
Kate O'Rourke ... Hag
Sonya Hitchcock ... Hag
Tiggy Mathias ... Hag
Russell Pickering ... Faun
Vanessa Cater ... Centaur
Alina Phelan ... Centaur Archer
Stephen Ure ... Satyr
Sam Lahood ... Satyr
Ajay Ratilal Navi ... Red & Black Dwarf
Zakiuddin Mohd Farooque ... Red & Black Dwarf
M. Ramaswami ... Red & Black Dwarf
Nikhom Nusungnern ... Red & Black Dwarf
Rachael Henley ... Lucy (Older)
Mark Wells ... Edmund (Older)
Noah Huntley ... Peter (Older)
Philip Steuer ... Philip the Horse
Jim May ... Vardan
Sim Evan-Jones ... Wolf
Douglas Gresham ... Radio Announcer
151 1/4
The Chronicles of Riddick 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Vin Diesel returns as the nocturnally gifted antihero Riddick in this sequel to the 2000 cult item Pitch Black. Riddick, on the run from the law and evading mercenaries eager to claim the price on his head, seeks refuge on the planet of Helion, only to discover he's walked into a world in chaos. Helion has been seized by the Lord Marshall (Colm Feore), leader of the Necromongers, a race of bloodthirsty warriors determined to wipe out humanity throughout the universe. Aereon (Judi Dench), leader of Helion's "elementals," pleads with Riddick to join them in their fight for survival; Riddick agrees, hoping to fill out some of the blank chapters in his history along the way. As he plots his battle strategy against the Necromongers, Riddick becomes reacquainted with Kyra (Alexa Davalos), whom he knew as a girl but has since grown into a strong and beautiful woman eager to join him in the fight against the Lord Marshall. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions | Tough Guys
Themes : Space Wars | Future Dystopias | Lone Wolves | Post-Apocalypse
Keywords : warrior, fight, intergalactic, mercenary, battle [war], planet
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Space Adventure 
Vin Diesel ... Richard B. Riddick
Colm Feore ... Lord Marshal
Thandie Newton ... Dame Vaako
Judi Dench ... Aereon
Karl Urban ... Vaako
Alexa Davalos ... Kyra
Linus Roache ... Purifier
Yorick Van Wageningen ... The Guv
Nick Chinlund ... Toombs
Keith David ... Imam
Roger R. Cross ... Toal
Terry Chen ... Merc Pilot
Christina Cox ... Eve Logan
Nigel Vonas ... Mercs
Shawn Reis ... Mercs
Fabian Gujral ... Mercs
Ty Olsson ... Mercs
Peter Williams ... convict
Darcy Laurie ... convict
John Mann ... convict
Alexandr Kalugin ... slam boss
Douglas H. Arthurs ... slam guard
Vitaliy Kravchenko ... slam guard
Raoul Ganeev ... slam guard
Mark Acheson ... slam guard
Shohan Felber ... slam guard
Ben Cotton ... slam guard
Kimberly Hawthorne ... Lajjun
Alexis Llewellyn ... Ziza
Charles Zuckermann ... Scales
Andy Thompson ... scalp taker
Cedric De Souza ... Black Robed/ Meccan Cleric
Ahmad Sharmrou ... Black Robed Cleric
Stefano Colacitti ... Black Robed Cleric
Mina E. Mina ... coptic cleric
John Prowse ... Bump Pilot
Lorena Gale ... Defense Minister
Michasha Armstrong ... Lead Meccan Officer
Aaron Douglas ... Young Meccan Soldier
Colin Corrigan ... Vault Officer
153 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Kenneth Branagh directs Disney's 2015, live-action take on the classic fairy tale Cinderella, which stars Lily James as the put-upon young women forced to endure a life of labor at the hands of her stepmother (Cate Blanchett) after her father dies unexpectedly. Forced to do every menial chore imaginable, Ella maintains her good spirits and eventually strikes up a friendship with a stranger in the woods who turns out to be the prince. When the royal court holds a gala ball, Cinderella wants nothing more to attend, and although her stepmother won't allow it, she gets help from a surprising source. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Cinderella Stories | Crowned Heads | Curses and Spells
Keywords : fairy-tale-romance, love-conquers-all
Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends 
Lily James ... Ella
Cate Blanchett ... The Wicked Stepmother
Richard Madden ... Kit
Helena Bonham Carter ... The Fairy Godmother
Holliday Grainger ... Anastasia
Stellan Skarsgård ... Grand Duke
Derek Jacobi ... King
Nonso Anozie ... Captain
Ben Chaplin ... Ella's Father
Hayley Atwell ... Ella's Mother
Rob Brydon ... Master Phineus
Jana Perez ... Princess Chelina of Zaragosa
Alex MacQueen ... Royal Crier
Tom Edden ... Lizard Footman
Gareth Mason ... Goose Coachman
Eloise Webb ... Ella (10 Years)
Joshua McGuire ... Palace Official
Matthew Steer ... Halberdier
Mimi Ndiweni ... Slipper Lady
Laura Elsworthy ... Slipper Lady
Ella Smith ... Slipper Lady
Ann Davies ... Slipper Lady
Gerard Horan ... Lord Veneering
Katie West ... Cook
Daniel Tuite ... Gardener
Anjana Vasan ... Maid
Stuart Neal ... Stable Roy
Adetomiwa Edun ... Trooper
Richard McCabe ... Baron
Joseph Kloska ... Royal Crier's Assistant
Andy Apollo ... Prince Retinue Member
Michael Jenn ... King's Doctor
Josh O'Connor ... Ballroom Palace Guard
152 4/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Cinderella was Walt Disney's return to feature-length "story" cartoons after eight years of turning out episodic pastiches like Make Mine Music and Three Caballeros. A few understandable liberties are taken with the original Charles Perrault fairy tale (the wicked stepsisters, for example, do not have their eyes pecked out by crows!) Otherwise, the story remains the same: Cinderella, treated as a slavey by her selfish stepfamily, dreams of going to the Prince's ball. She gets her wish courtesy of her Fairy Godmother, who does the pumpkin-into-coach bit, then delivers the requisite "be home by midnight" warning. Thoroughly enchanting the prince at the ball, our heroine hightails it at midnight, leaving a glass slipper behind. The Disney people do a terrific job building up suspense before the inevitable final romantic clinch. Not as momentous an animated achievement as, say, Snow White or Fantasia, Cinderella is a nonetheless delightful feature, enhanced immeasurably by the introduction of several "funny animal" characters (a Disney tradition that has held fast into the 1990s, as witness Pocahontas), and a host of a sprightly songs, including "Cinderelly," "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes," and -- best of all -- "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo." -- Hal Erickson

Themes : Cinderella Stories | Curses and Spells
Keywords : ball [dance], fairy-godmother, fairy-tale-romance, prince, stepmother, stepsister, romance, love-conquers-all
Children's/Family, Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Animated Musical, Children's Fantasy 
Ilene Woods ... Cinderella
Eleanor Audley ... Stepmother, Lady Tremaine
Verna Felton ... Fairy Godmother
Claire Du Brey
Helene Stanley ... Live-action model Cinderella
Luis Van Rooten ... King and Grand Duke
Rhoda Williams ... Drizella
James MacDonald ... Gus/Jacques/Bruno
Charles Judels
Lucille Bliss ... Anastasia
June Foray ... Lucifer
Betty Lou Gerson ... Narrator
William Phipps ... Prince Charming
911 1/4
The Circle 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A young woman (Emma Watson) lands a job at a successful social-media company that preaches the value of complete transparency and inspires a cult-like devotion in its employees. However, she soon learns that the corporation and its messianic founder (Tom Hanks) are hiding a nefarious agenda. John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Ellar Coltrane, Ellen Wong, Bill Paxton, Patton Oswalt, and Glenne Headly co-star. James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) directed this adaptation of Dave Eggers' novel of the same name. -- Jack Rodgers

Tom Hanks ... Eamon Bailey
Emma Watson ... Mae Holland
John Boyega ... Ty
Karen Gillan ... Annie
Ellar Coltrane ... Mercer
Patton Oswalt ... Tom Stenton
Glenne Headly ... Bonnie
Bill Paxton ... Vinnie
Ellen Wong ... Renata
Elvy Yost ... Sabine
Nathan Corddry ... Dan
Eve Gordon ... Senator Williamson
Amir Talai ... Matt
Poorna Jagannathan ... Dr. Villalobos
Judy Reyes ... Congresswoman Santos
Steven Klein ... Man from the Crowd
Hunter Burke ... EMT
Drew Droege ... Improv Actor
Andrew Hwang ... Foreign Born Circler
Sandeep Parikh ... Foreign Born Circler
Elizabeth Prestel ... Advertising Circler
Ken Narasaki ... Older Circler
Frederick Koehler ... Kevin
154 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: With a plot that is a cross between a teen, low-brow farce and a coming-of-age story, Class opens with scenes of two best friends -- nerdy whiz Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) and carefree jock Skip (Rob Lowe) -- going around in lingerie; they also barf on a double date, break into a quiet meeting at a girls' school, and generally behave as emotional throwbacks. But when the nerd Jonathan is picked up in a Chicago bar by Skip's mother Ellen (Jacqueline Bisset), the tone changes completely. The affair between the student and the older woman is torrid until they rendezvous in New York and Ellen dumps Jonathan because she finds out he is not a Ph.D. candidate from Northwestern University. Meanwhile, Jonathan does not know who Ellen is until Skip brings him home for the Christmas holidays and the two clandestine, September-May ex-lovers come face to face with the truth. -- Eleanor Mannikka

Themes : Age Disparity Romance | Boarding School Life
Keywords : teenagers, coming-of-age, elderly, extramarital-affair, friendship, lover, mother, roommate, school, student
Comedy Drama, Romance, Sex Comedy, Teen Movie 
Rob Lowe ... Skip
Jacqueline Bisset ... Ellen
Andrew McCarthy ... Jonathan
Stuart Margolin ... Balaban
Cliff Robertson ... Mr. Burroughs
John Cusack ... Roscoe
Alan Ruck ... Roger
Rodney Pearson ... Allen
Virginia Madsen ... Lisa
Deborah Thalberg ... Susan
Aaron Douglas Zuber ... Barry
Nancy Serlin
Remak Ramsay ... Kennedy
Fern Persons ... Headmistress DeBroul
Casey Siemaszko ... Doug
Anna Maria Horsford ... Maggie
Hal Frank ... Schneider
Dick Cusack ... Chaplain Baker
Virginia Morris ... Mrs. Delowie
Joan Cusack ... Julia
John Kapelos ... Bellman
George Womack ... Liquor Store Proprietor
Maria Ricossa ... Table Friend
Bruce Norris ... Student
Wayne Kneeland ... Student
Bruno Aclin ... Bartender
Mike Bacarella ... Man (Beer can)
Lance Kinsey ... Dog Trainer
Gary Houston ... Salesman
Lolita Davidovich ... 1st Girl (motel)
Meg Thalken ... Bar Patron
Dean Hill ... Bar Patron
155 2/4
Clear and Present Danger 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This is the third film based on Tom Clancy's high-tech espionage potboilers starring CIA deputy director Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford, returning to the Ryan role after his first go-round in 1992's Patriot Games, is assigned to a delicate anti-drug investigation after a close friend of the President (a Reaganesque Donald Moffat) is murdered by a Colombian drug cartel. When Ryan discovers that the President's wealthy friend was in league with the cartel, the President's devious national security adviser (Harris Yulin) and an ambitious CIA deputy director (Henry Czerny) send a secret paramilitary force into Colombia to wipe out the drug lords. The force is captured and then abandoned by the President's lackeys. It falls to Ryan to enter Colombia and rescue them, aided only by a renegade operative named Clark (Willem Dafoe), with both his life and career on the line. -- Don Kaye

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Daring Rescues | Political Corruption | Whistleblowers | Drug Trade | Fighting the System | Terrorism
Keywords : government, oppression, against-the-system, agent [representative], bad-guy, betrayal, CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), corruption, drugs, good-guy, guerrilla, investigation, investigator, killing, murder, one-against-odds, terrorism
Attributes : High Production Values
Action, Action Thriller, Political Thriller 
Harrison Ford ... Jack Ryan
Willem Dafoe ... Clark
Anne Archer ... Cathy Ryan
Joaquim de Almeida ... Felix Cortez
Henry Czerny ... Robert Ritter
Harris Yulin ... James Cutter
Donald Moffat ... President Bennett
Miguel Sandoval ... Ernesto Escobedo
Benjamin Bratt ... Captain Ramirez
Raymond Cruz ... Chavez
Dean Jones ... Judge Moore
Thora Birch ... Sally Ryan
Ann Magnuson ... Moira Wolfson
Hope Lange ... Senator Mayo
Tom Tammi ... Emile Jacobs
Tim Grimm ... Dan Muray
Belita Moreno ... Jean Fowler
James Earl Jones ... Admiral James Greer
Jorge Luke ... Sipo
Jaime Gomez ... Sergeant Oso
Jared Chandler ... Radio Man
Greg Germann ... Petey
Ellen Geer ... Rose
Theodore Raimi ... Satellite Analyst
Vondie Curtis-Hall ... Voice-Print Analyst
John La Fayette ... CIA Analyst
Rex Linn ... Washington Detective
Ken Howard ... Committee Chairman
Reg E. Cathey ... Sergeant Major
Clark Gregg ... Staff Sergeant
Chris Conrad ... Sniper Sergeant
Vaughn Armstrong ... Blackhawk Pilot
John Putch ... Blackhawk Co-Pilot
Colleen Flynn ... Coast Guard Captain
Cam Brainard ... Coast Guardman
Cameron Thor ... DEA Surveillance Agent
Harley Venton ... DEA Agent
Patrick Bauchau ... Enrique Rojas
Juan Carlos Colombo ... Cortez's Bodyguard
Blanca Guerra ... Escobedo's Wife
Honorato Magaloni ... Mining Company Manager
Alejandro Bracho ... Fernandez
Diana Sowle ... Cartel Maid
Mark Bailey ... Reporter
Elizabeth Dennehy ... Reporter
Patricia Belcher ... INS Officer
Aaron Lustig ... Dr. Polk
Tom Isbell ... Restaurant Doctor
Kim Flowers ... Restaurant Hostess
Denice Kumagai ... Nurse
Christine Moore ... Greer's Widow
Marjorie Lovett ... President's Secretary
Kevin Cooney ... CIA Counsel
John Rixey Moore ... Spock
Reed Diamond ... Coast Guard Chief
156 2/4
The Client 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A sterling cast headed by Oscar-nominated Susan Sarandon makes this slick thriller one of the better adaptations of a John Grisham bestseller. Mark Sway (Brad Renfro) witnesses the suicide of a Mafia lawyer, who confesses that the Mob was behind the murder of a U.S. senator. Mark's brother is traumatized into a coma by the incident; gangster Barry Muldano (Anthony LaPaglia) is soon on Mark's trail, and in desperation, he arrives at the office of recovering alcoholic lawyer Reggie Love (Sarandon). With the Mob after them, and a ruthless federal attorney (Tommy Lee Jones) trying to force Mark to reveal what he knows, Love battles to guarantee the safety of her client and his family. The relationship between Reggie Love and Mark Sway is the center of the film, adding considerable character development to plot's routine elements. Director Joel Schumacher helmed another Grisham adaptation, A Time To Kill, in 1996. -- Don Kaye

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Fighting the System | Lawyers | Witnessing a Crime | Flight of the Innocent
Keywords : criminal, assassination, boy, coma, confession [criminal], danger, death, gangster, hidden, killing, lawyer, on-the-run, prosecutor, pursuit, revenge, secrets, Senator, suicide, trauma, witness, youth
Thriller, Courtroom Drama, Psychological Thriller 
Susan Sarandon ... Reggie Love
Tommy Lee Jones ... Roy Foltrigg
Mary-Louise Parker ... Dianne Sway
Anthony LaPaglia ... Barry Muldano
Anthony Edwards ... Clint Von Hooser
Ossie Davis ... Harry Roosevelt
Brad Renfro ... Mark Sway
David Speck ... Ricky Sway
J.T. Walsh ... McThune
Will Patton ... Sgt. Hardy
Bradley Whitford ... Thomas Fink
Anthony Heald ... Trumann
Kim Coates ... Paul Gronke
William H. Macy ... Dr. Greenway
Micole Mercurio ... Mama Love
Kimberly Scott ... Doreen
William Sanderson ... Wally Boxx
Walter Olkewicz ... Romey Clifford
Amy Hathaway ... Karen
Jo Harvey Allen ... Claudette
Ron Dean ... Johnny Sulari
William Richert ... Harry Bono
Mali Finn
Will Zahrn ... Gill Beale
Dan Castellaneta ... Slick Moeller
John Diehl ... Jack Nance
Tom Kagy ... Wheelchair Patient
Alex Coleman ... Newscaster
Macon McCalman ... Ballatine
John Fink ... Lieutenant
Rebecca Jernigan ... Emergency Nurse
Tommy Cresswell ... FBI Agent
Mary McCusker ... Pretty Girl
Bettina Rose ... Woman at Desire
Anthony C. Hall ... Pizza Man
George Klein ... Announcer
157 4/4
A Clockwork Orange 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Stanley Kubrick dissects the nature of violence in this darkly ironic, near-future satire, adapted from Anthony Burgess's novel, complete with "Nadsat" slang. Classical music-loving proto-punk Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his "Droogs" spend their nights getting high at the Korova Milkbar before embarking on "a little of the old ultraviolence," such as terrorizing a writer, Mr. Alexander (Patrick Magee), and gang raping his wife (who later dies as a result). After Alex is jailed for bludgeoning the Cat Lady (Miriam Karlin) to death with one of her phallic sculptures, Alex submits to the Ludovico behavior modification technique to earn his freedom; he's conditioned to abhor violence through watching gory movies, and even his adored Beethoven is turned against him. Returned to the world defenseless, Alex becomes the victim of his prior victims, with Mr. Alexander using Beethoven's Ninth to inflict the greatest pain of all. When society sees what the state has done to Alex, however, the politically expedient move is made. Casting a coldly pessimistic view on the then-future of the late '70s-early '80s, Kubrick and production designer John Barry created a world of high-tech cultural decay, mixing old details like bowler hats with bizarrely alienating "new" environments like the Milkbar. Alex's violence is horrific, yet it is an aesthetically calculated fact of his existence; his charisma makes the icily clinical Ludovico treatment seem more negatively abusive than positively therapeutic. Alex may be a sadist, but the state's autocratic control is another violent act, rather than a solution. Released in late 1971 (within weeks of Sam Peckinpah's brutally violent Straw Dogs), the film sparked considerable controversy in the U.S. with its X-rated violence; after copycat crimes in England, Kubrick withdrew the film from British distribution until after his death. Opinion was divided on the meaning of Kubrick's detached view of this shocking future, but, whether the discord drew the curious or Kubrick's scathing diagnosis spoke to the chaotic cultural moment, A Clockwork Orange became a hit. On the heels of New York Film Critics Circle awards as Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, Kubrick received Oscar nominations in all three categories. -- Lucia Bozzola

Moods : A World of Its Own | Head Trips
Themes : Future Dystopias | Experiments Gone Awry
Keywords : future, gang-leader, life-of-crime, sociopath, crime-spree, murder, rape, experiment, mind-control
Attributes : Cult Film, High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Science Fiction, Satire, Juvenile Delinquency Film, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Malcolm McDowell ... Alex
Patrick Magee ... Mr. Frank Alexander
Michael Bates ... Chief Guard
Adrienne Corri ... Mrs. Alexander
Warren Clarke ... Dim
Aubrey Morris ... P.R. Deltoid
Steven Berkoff ... Constable
Gaye Brown
Peter Burton
Lindsay Campbell ... Inspector
Vivienne Chandler ... Handmaiden
Carol Drinkwater ... Nurse Feeley
Lee Fox
Gillian Hills ... Sonietta
Virginia Wetherell ... Stage Actress
Neil Wilson
Katya Wyeth ... Girl
James Marcus ... Georgie
John Clive ... Stage Actor
Carl Duering ... Dr. Brodsky
Paul Farrell ... Tramp
Clive Francis ... Lodger
Michael Gover ... Prison Governor
Miriam Karlin ... Cat Lady
Godfrey Quigley ... Prison Chaplain
Sheila Raynor ... Mum
Madge Ryan ... Dr. Branum
John Savident ... Conspirator
Anthony Sharp ... Minister
Philip Stone ... Dad
Pauline Taylor ... Psychiatrist
Margaret Tyzack ... Conspirator
David Prowse ... Julian
Richard Connaught
Jan Adair
Barrie Cookson
Prudence Drage
Cheryl Grunwald ... Rape Victim
Craig Hunter ... Dr. Friendly
Shirley Jaffe
Michael Tarn ... Pete
158 2/4
Cloud Atlas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Directors Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, and Lana Wachowski team up to helm this adaptation of David Mitchell's popular novel Cloud Atlas. The trio have put together an all-star cast, including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, and Hugh Grant, to play various characters over the course of several different historical time periods. The various narrative threads weave in and out of each other, painting a portrait of mankind's quest for tolerance and peace throughout the ages. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Eyepoppers
Keywords : budget, confusion, time, murder, savior
Drama, Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi 
Tom Hanks ... Dr. Henry Goose, Isaac Sachs, Zachry, Dermot Hoggins, Hotel Manager, Cavendish Look-a-Like Actor
Halle Berry ... Jocasta Ayrs, Meronym, Luisa Rey, Ovid, Native Woman, Indian Party Guest
Jim Broadbent ... Captain Molyneux, Timothy Cavendish, Vyvyan Ayrs, Korean Musician, Prescient 2
Hugo Weaving ... Haskell Moore, Bill Smoke, Old Georgie, Tadeusz Kesselring, Boardman Mephi, Nurse Noakes
Jim Sturgess ... Adam Ewing, Hae-Joo Chang, Poor Hotel Guest, Highlander, Megan's Dad, Adam/Zachry's Brother-in-Law
Bae Doo-na ... Tilda, Mexican Woman, Sonmi Prostitute, Sonmi-351, Sonmi-451, Megan's Mom
Ben Whishaw ... Robert Frobisher, Store Clerk, Tribesman, Cabin Boy, Georgette
Keith David ... Kupaka, Joe Napier, Prescient, An-Kor Apis
Susan Sarandon ... Madame Horrox, Abbess, Yusouf Suleiman, Older Ursula
Hugh Grant ... Rev. Giles Horrox, Denholme Cavendish, Lloyd Hooks, Seer Rhee, Hotel Heavy, Kona Chief
David Gyasi ... Duophysite, Autua, Lester Rey
James D'Arcy ... Young Rufus Sixsmith, Nurse James, Archivist, Old Rufus Sixsmith
Brody Nicholas Lee ... Javier Gomez, Jonas, Zachry's Older Nephew
Robert Fyfe ... Prescient 1, Old Salty Dog, Mr. Meeks
Alex Wuttke ... Mr. Boerhaave, Leary the Healer, Guard
Robin Morrissey ... Young Cavendish
Amanda Walker ... Veronica
Ralph Riach ... Ernie
Andrew Havill ... Mr. Hotchkiss
Tanja De Wendt ... Mrs. Hotchkiss
Raeven Lee Hanan ... Little Girl with Orison at Papa Song's, Catkin, Zachry Relative 1
Götz Otto ... Groundsman Withers
Victor Esteban Sole ... Mr. Roderick
Nial Fulton ... Mozza Hoggins
Louis Dempsey ... Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 3, Jarvis Hoggins
Martin Docherty ... Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest 4, Eddie Hoggins
Dulcie Smart ... Ursula's Mother
Alistair Petrie ... Musician, Felix Finch
Jojo Schoning ... Papa Song Punk
Zhu Zhu ... Megan Sixsmith
Sylvestra Le Touzel ... Aide in Slaughtership, Nurse Judd
Emma Werz ... Ursula's Granddaughter
Marie Ronnenbeck ... Ursula's Daughter
159 3/4
Cold Mountain 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Based on the novel by Charles Frazier, Anthony Minghella's star-studded Cold Mountain is a sweeping tale set in the final days of the American Civil War. Jude Law stars as Inman, a young soldier who, despite an injury, is struggling to make his way home to Cold Mountain, NC, where his beloved Ada (Nicole Kidman) awaits. In Inman's absence, Ada befriends Ruby (Renée Zellweger), who helps her keep up her late father's farm. Meanwhile, in his travels, Inman encounters a menagerie of interesting folks. Also starring Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Donald Sutherland, and Philip Seymore Hoffman, Cold Mountain features original music by Jack White of the White Stripes. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Star-Crossed Lovers | Women During Wartime | Brief Encounters
Keywords : Civil-War [US], injury, soldier, desertion, star-crossed-lovers, war, farmer's-daughter
Attributes : High Budget
Romance, War, War Drama, Anti-War Film, Period Film, War Romance 
Jude Law ... Inman
Nicole Kidman ... Ada Monroe
Renée Zellweger ... Ruby Thewes
Eileen Atkins ... Maddy
Brendan Gleeson ... Stobrod
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Reverend Veasey
Natalie Portman ... Sara
Giovanni Ribisi ... Junior
Donald Sutherland ... Monroe
Ray Winstone ... Teague
Kathy Baker ... Sally Swanger
James Gammon ... Esco Swanger
Charlie Hunnam ... Bosie
Jack White ... Georgia
Ethan Suplee
Jena Malone
Melora Walters ... Lila
Lucas Black ... Oakley
Taryn Manning ... Shyla
Tom Aldredge ... Blind Man
James Rebhorn ... Doctor
Jen Apgar ... Dolly
Emily Deschanel
Mark Jeffrey Miller ... Sheffield
Robin Mullins ... Mrs. Castlereagh
Jay Tavare ... Swimmer
881 0/4
Collateral Beauty 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A New York adman (Will Smith) deals with the heartache of losing a child by writing letters to Time, Death, and Love. He is soon visited by representations of the three concepts, and they, along with his close friends, help him return to some semblance of a normal life. Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Michael Peña, Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris, Keira Knightley, and Jacob Latimore co-star. Directed by David Frankel. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : A Good Cry | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Death of a Child | Haunted By the Past | Mysterious Strangers | Starting Over
Keywords : advertising, advertising-executive, daughter, dropout, tragedy
Drama, Ensemble Film, Inspirational Drama, Melodrama 
Will Smith ... Howard
Edward Norton ... Whit
Kate Winslet ... Claire
Helen Mirren ... Brigitte
Naomie Harris ... Madeline
Keira Knightley ... Amy
Jacob Latimore ... Raffi
Ann Dowd ... Sally Price
Liza Colon-Zayas ... Trevor's Mom
Natalie Gold ... Adam's Mom
Kylie Rogers ... Allison
Shirley Rumierk ... Simon's Wife
Ben Snyder ... Sally's Grandson
Mary Beth Peil ... Whit's Mother
Andy Taylor ... Father with Photo
Michael Cumpsty ... Chairman of the Board
Jimmy Palumbo ... Super
Elia Monte-Brown ... Support Group Member
Crystal Anne Dickinson ... Support Group Member
Andres Munar ... Support Group Member
Harriett D. Foy ... Board Member
Maureen Mueller ... Board Member
Steven Hauck ... Board Member
Willie C. Carpenter ... Board Member
160 2/4
The Company You Keep 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Working from a script by Lem Dobbs, Robert Redford directs and stars in The Company You Keep as Jim Grant, a former member of the Weather Underground who has been hiding out under an assumed identity ever since members of the group participated in a bank heist that ended in a guard's death. When a young reporter figures out the truth, Grant must stay one step ahead of the FBI, who want to bring charges against him for the decades-old murder. The Company You Keep screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Clearing One's Name | Haunted By the Past | Members of the Press | On the Run
Keywords : revelation, wanted-man, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), reporter, underground [counterculture]
Thriller, Political Thriller 
Robert Redford ... Jim Grant
Shia LaBeouf ... Ben Shepard
Julie Christie ... Mimi Lurie
Susan Sarandon ... Sharon Solarz
Nick Nolte ... Donal Fitzgerald
Chris Cooper ... Daniel Sloan
Terrence Howard ... FBI Agent Cornelius
Stanley Tucci ... Ray Fuller
Richard Jenkins ... Jed Lewis
Anna Kendrick ... Diana
Brendan Gleeson ... Henry Osborne
Brit Marling ... Rebecca Osborne
Sam Elliott ... Mac Mcleod
Stephen Root ... Billy Cusimano
Jackie Evancho ... Isabel Grant
922 1/4
Con Air 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Former war hero Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) is sentenced to eight years in prison when he accidentally kills a man in a barroom brawl while defending his pregnant wife. When his release comes through, he's eager to see the daughter he's never met. However, Poe's original flight is delayed, so he's put aboard a flight transporting ten of the most dangerous men in the American penal system to a new high-security facility. One of the criminals, Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom (John Malkovich), is a serial killer and insane genius who has hatched a diabolical plot: with the help of several other hoods, including Diamond Dog (Ving Rhames), Johnny 23 (Daniel Trejo), and Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi), Cyrus and his men will hijack the plane and fly to a neutral nation where they can live as free men. Poe finds himself stuck in the middle; he has to find a way to get home, keep himself alive, look after his cellmate Baby-O (Mykelti Williamson), who will die without proper medicine, and try to help the cops on the ground, including agent Vince Larkin (John Cusack). Producer Jerry Bruckheimer's first film after the death of his partner Don Simpson, Con Air shows he learned well how to assemble the formula all by himself, with plenty of action, stunts, and special effects and not a lot of story to get in the way. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Nail-biters
Themes : Escape From Prison | Criminal's Revenge | Haunted By the Past | Hijackings | Miscarriage of Justice
Keywords : convict, parolee, hijacker, serial-killer, airplane, air-disaster, explosion, rape
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Action, Action Thriller 
Nicolas Cage ... Cameron Poe
John Cusack ... Vince Larkin
John Malkovich ... Cyrus (The Virus) Grissom
Steve Buscemi ... Garland Greene
Ving Rhames ... Diamond Dog
Colm Meaney ... Duncan Malloy
Mykelti Williamson ... Baby-O
Danny Trejo ... Johnny 23
Rachel Ticotin ... Sally Bishop
Monica Potter ... Tricia Poe
Dave Chappelle ... Pinball
M.C. Gainey ... Swamp Thing
John Roselius ... Devers
Jesse Borrego ... Francisco Cindino
Nick Chinlund ... Billy Bedlam
Angela Featherstone ... Ginny
José Zuñiga ... Sims
Landry Allbright ... Casey Poe
Renoly Santiago ... Ramon "Sally-Can't Dance" Martinez
Mario Roberts ... Mongoose
Pete Antico ... Guard Garner
Mongo Brownlee ... Ajax
161 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Filmmaker Peter Landesman (Parkland) wrote and directed this sports-themed drama based on Jeanne Marie Laskas' GQ article "Game Brain," about the potentially horrific cost of playing football. Pittsburgh-based neuropathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) discovers a degenerative brain disease now known as CTE in the autopsies of several deceased pro-football players, but after presenting his research, he finds himself under fire from the NFL. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Luke Wilson, Alec Baldwin, Bitsie Tulloch, and Albert Brooks co-star. -- Tom Ciampoli

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Doctors and Patients | Fighting the System | Football Players | Living With Disability | Scandals and Cover-Ups
Keywords : brain, brain-damage, conspiracy, cover-up, doctor, football, football-player
Drama, Medical Drama, Sports Drama 
Will Smith ... Dr. Bennet Omalu
Gugu Mbatha-Raw ... Prema Mutiso
Alec Baldwin ... Dr. Julian Bailes
Albert Brooks ... Dr. Cyril Wecht
David Morse ... Mike Webster
Matthew J. Willig ... Justin Strezelczyk
Paul Reiser ... Dr. Elliot Pellman
Arliss Howard ... Dr. Joseph Maroon
Luke Wilson ... Roger Goodell
Mike O'Malley ... Daniel Sullivan
Hill Harper ... Spellman Jones
Eddie Marsan ... Dr. Steven DeKosky
Stephen Moyer ... Dr. Ron Hamilton
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ... Dave Duerson
Bitsie Tulloch ... Keana Strezelczyk
Richard T. Jones ... Andre Waters
Sara Lindsey ... Gracie
Kevin Jiggetts ... FBI Agent
Gary Grubbs ... FBI Agent
Randy Kovitz ... Deputy Mayor
L. Scott Caldwell ... Waters' Mother
Dan Ziskie ... Paul Tagliabue
Larry John Meyers ... Father D'Amico
Jason Davis ... Defense Attorney
Dan Anders ... College Coach
Joshua Elijah Reese ... Graveyard Tech
Holt McCallany ... Angry Neurologist
Jared Pfennigwerth ... Techs
Phillip Chorba ... Techs
David Flick ... Hospital Security Guard
Alison Moir ... Colleen Bailes
Samara Lee ... Strzelczyk's Daughter
Nathan Hollabaugh ... Young Reporter
Dihlon McManne ... Reporter at Westin
162 2/4
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 
AMG SYNOPSIS: British actress/director Sara Sugarman makes her U.S. feature debut with the Disney-produced comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, based on the young-adult novel by Dyan Sheldon and adapted for the screen by Gail Parent. The story concerns a popular urban teenager named Mary Elizabeth Cep (Lindsay Lohan), who is convinced her real name is Lola. Unfortunately, her family moves from fashionable New York City to a small suburb in New Jersey. Disturbed by her environment, Lola is quick to wage war against the popular Carla Santini (Megan Fox). She's also pursued by high school hunk Stu Wolff (Adam Garcia), but chooses to focus her attention on winning back her title of Most Popular Girl in School. With the help of a frumpy drama teacher (Carol Kane) and shy new friend Ella (Alison Pill), Lola creates a dramatic performance to earn her coveted high status. -- Andrea LeVasseur

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Fish Out of Water | High School Life | Mothers and Daughters | Cliques | New Kid in Town | Single Parents
Keywords : new-kid-in-town, high-school, popularity, actor, musical [play], suburbs
Comedy, Teen Movie 
Lindsay Lohan ... Mary Elizabeth "Lola" Cep
Megan Fox ... Carla Santini
Adam Garcia ... Stu Wolff
Glenne Headly ... Karen
Alison Pill ... Ella Gerard
Richard Fitzpatrick ... Mr. Gerard
Eli Marienthal ... Sam Creek
Carol Kane ... Miss Baggoli
Kyle Kassardjian ... Andy
Adam MacDonald ... Steve Maya
Barbara Mamabolo ... Robin
Sheila McCarthy ... Mrs. Gerard
Tom McCamus ... Calum
163 3/4
The Constant Gardener 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A man discovers a deadly secret when he tries to find out who killed the woman he loves in this suspense drama based on a novel by John Le Carré. Justin Quale (Ralph Fiennes) is a low-level British diplomat who has been given a new assignment in Kenya. Justin's wife, Tessa (Rachel Weisz), is an activist with a keen interest in issues of poverty and social justice; Justin urges her to avoid getting too deeply involved in the people living in Kenya, who are constantly dogged by poverty, but she shows little interest in obeying these instructions. This isn't the only area where Tessa has disregarded her husband, who suspects that she may have had an affair - for she started spending time with a handsome doctor once they settled in Kenya. One day, Tessa disappears, and is found brutally murdered; officials believe that she was murdered by the doctor after some sort of argument. However, before long Justin becomes convinced that there was a larger scheme that led to Tessa's death, and he begins digging into areas where he's not especially welcome, given his reputation as a man willing to let the wealthy and powerful do as they will. The Constant Gardener was the first English-speaking feature from Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, who directed the international success City of God. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Murder Investigations | Conspiracies | Death of a Partner | Obsessive Quests
Keywords : corporate-espionage, drug-company, Africa, Kenya, medical-research, murder, activism, diplomat, government-official, political-conspiracy
Thriller, Drama, Political Thriller, Psychological Drama 
Ralph Fiennes ... Justin Quayle
Rachel Weisz ... Tessa Quayle
Danny Huston ... Sandy Woodrow
Bill Nighy ... Sir Bernard Pellegrin
Pete Postlethwaite ... Lorbeer
Pernilla August
Donald Sumpter
Archie Panjabi
164 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: An ordinary man with an extraordinary gift must save the planet from evil in this action-packed fantasy. Unknown to most people, the world is crowded with spirits both good and evil who walk among us in human guise. One of the few who can see these spirits is John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), but the responsibility of his vision is more than he can stand, and he tries to kill himself. Saved from death, Constantine must now atone for his actions by acting as a guardian in the middle ground between Paradise and Hell. Constantine also makes the acquaintance of Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), a police detective who becomes aware of his unusual gift while looking into the death of her sister; he leads her into the unknown world of the spirits and soon circumstances demand that they join forces in a desperate bid to save humanity from evil. Constantine also features Tilda Swinton, Peter Stormare, and Gavin Rossdale, the latter best known as the lead singer of the rock group Bush. Michelle Monaghan (Made of Honor) was originally in the film (cast as a half-breed demon) but director Francis Lawrence cut her scenes. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Fantastic Reality
Themes : Demonic Possession | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Race Against Time
Keywords : exorcism, Catholicism, demon, Hell, demonic-possession
Horror, Supernatural Horror 
Keanu Reeves ... John Constantine
Rachel Weisz ... Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson
Shia LaBeouf ... Chas
Djimon Hounsou ... Midnite
Max Baker ... Beeman
Pruitt Taylor Vince ... Father Hennessy
Gavin Rossdale ... Balthazar
Tilda Swinton ... Gabriel
Peter Stormare ... Satan
Jesse Ramirez ... Scavenger
Larry Cedar ... Vermin Man
April Grace ... Dr. Archer
Suzanne Whang ... Mother
Alice Lo ... Old Woman
Tanoai Reed ... Midnite Bouncer
Ann Ryerson ... Old Woman on Bus
Stephanie Fabian ... Molly's Server
Connor Dylan Wryn ... Teenage Constantine
Laz Alonso ... Morgue Security Guard
Jeremy Ray Valdez ... Liquor Store Clerk
Sharon Omi ... Female Tenant
Edward J. Rosen ... Liquor Store Clerk
165 2/4
The Core 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An unlikely band of scientists and soldiers join forces to save the world from certain destruction in this action-drama. As the world is struck with a variety of inexplicable phenomena -- attacks by enormous swarms of birds in London, the explosion of the Colosseum in Rome, a potentially deadly malfunction which forces the Space Shuttle into a Los Angeles riverbed, and the simultaneous deaths of 32 people with pacemakers in Boston -- a team of top scientific minds from around the globe is assembled to determine what has thrown the world into such a frenzy. Dr. John Keyes (Aaron Eckhart) makes the startling discovery that the Earth's electromagnetic forces have begun to collapse, thanks to a sudden lack of movement of the molten ore at the center of the Earth. If the planet is to be saved, the core of the Earth needs a jump start, and Keyes assembles a team to burrow to the center of the planet and bomb the insides back into action. Joining Keyes on this dangerous, last-chance mission are the brilliant but arrogant Conrad Zimsky (Stanley Tucci), French arms expert Dr. Serge Levesque (Tchéky Karyo, maverick researcher "Brazz" Brazzleton (Delroy Lindo), geeky computer genius Rat (DJ Qualls), and two no-nonsense military types, Commander Richard Iverson (Bruce Greenwood) and Major Rebecca Childs (Hilary Swank). However, as the crew digs deeper into the Earth, the more they discover what they haven't been told about their mission and what's really been causing the worldwide chaos. The Core was originally scheduled for release in the fall of 2002, but the movie didn't reach theaters until the spring of 2003 as special-effects experts perfected the film's more spectacular scenes. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : End of the World | Heroic Mission | Race Against Time
Keywords : end-of-the-world, terranaut, earth, physics, nuclear-weapon, scientist, hacker
Action, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Disaster Film 
Aaron Eckhart ... Dr. Josh Keyes
Hilary Swank ... Major Rebecca "Beck" Childs
Delroy Lindo ... Dr. Ed "Braz" Brazzelton
Stanley Tucci ... Dr. Conrad Zimsky
Richard Jenkins ... General Purcell
Tchéky Karyo ... Dr. Serge Levesque
Bruce Greenwood ... Commander Richard Iverson
Alfre Woodard ... NASA Chief Talma Stickley
Christopher Shyer ... Dave Perry
Ray Galletti ... Paul
Eileen Pedde ... Lynne
Rekha Sharma ... Danni
Glenn Morshower ... FBI Agent
Anthony Harrison ... FBI Agent
Bart Anderson ... Dad
Nicole Leroux ... Mom
Justin Callan ... Little Boy
Chris Humphreys ... GBTV Reporter, Trafalgar Square
Dion Johnstone ... Flight Engineer Timmins
Fred Ewanuick ... Endeavor Flight Engineer
Hrothgar Matthews ... Chief Engineer, Mission Control
Shawn Green ... Himself
Jennifer Spence ... Zimsky's Assistant
John Shaw ... FBI Agent, Rat's Apartment
Nickolas Baric ... Security Policeman, Tribunal
Fred Keating ... Court Martial Presiding Officer
Rosa DiBrigida ... Rome Café Patron
Roberto Roberto ... Rome Café Patron
Ermanno De Biagi ... Rome Café Patron
Marcello Laurentis ... Rome Café Patron
Matt Winston ... Luke Barry
Claire Riley ... News Anchor
Marke Driesschen ... News Anchor
Laurie Murdoch ... Project Destiny Engineer
Costa Spanos ... Project Destiny Engineer
Monique Martel ... Paris Café Lady
166 2/4
Country Strong 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A fallen country star (Gwyneth Paltrow) strives to resurrect her ailing career with a little help from her supportive husband (Tim McGraw), an ambitious young songwriter (Garrett Hedlund), and an emerging country artist (Leighton Meester) with a rapidly growing fan base. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Alcoholism | Big Break | Death of a Child | Musician's Life
Keywords : alcoholism, celebrity, comeback, country-music, grief, marital-problems, proving-oneself, self-destruction
Drama, Marriage Drama, Musical Drama, Showbiz Drama 
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Kelly Canter
Tim McGraw ... James Canter
Garrett Hedlund ... Beau Hutton
Leighton Meester ... Chiles Stanton
Marshall Chapman ... Winnie
Lari White ... Hair Stylist
Jeremy Childs ... JJ
Lisa Stewart Seals ... Travis' Mom
Jackie Welch ... Teacher
Cinda McCain ... Misty
Gabe Sipos ... Travis
Sandra Harris ... Orderly
Megan Henderson ... Herself
Danny Beene ... Bob
Reegus Flenory ... Security Guard
Terri Minton ... James's Assistant
Ed Bruce ... Clint
Darrin Dickerson ... Tex
Alana Grace ... Ginny
Katie Groshong ... Richard's Assistant
Candace Michelle Coffee ... Denise
Katie Cook ... Gossip Show Host
Adam Skaggs ... PA #1
Travis Nicholson ... PA #2
Jeffrey Buckner Ford ... Richard
Jeri Sager ... Stylist
Kirt Lahew ... Biker
Ranjit Bhullar ... Doctor
Tina White ... Interviewee
Brett Warren ... Jesse Clark
Olivia Haley ... Fan
Jim Melton ... Fan
Holly Watson ... Interviewer
Cory Younts ... Beau's Bandmate
Skylar Wilson ... Beau's Bandmate
Josh Graham ... Beau's Bandmate
Chris Scruggs ... Beau's Bandmate
Loney Hutchins ... Beau's Bandmate
Ian Fitchuk ... Beau's Bandmate
Bucky Baxter ... Kelly's Bandmate
John Bohlinger ... Kelly's Bandmate
Neal Casal ... Kelly's Bandmate
Doug Frasure ... Kelly's Bandmate
Amanda Shires ... Kelly's Bandmate
John Deaderick ... Kelly's Bandmate
Johnny Gates ... Chiles' Bandmate
Jamie Jarbeau ... Chiles' Bandmate
Matt Scanlon ... Chiles' Bandmate
Michael Ollin Lotten ... Chiles' Bandmate
Smith Curry ... Chiles' Bandmate
Kristen Wilkinson ... String Quartet Member
David Angeli ... String Quartet Member
Gregory Martin ... String Quartet Member
Sara Reist ... String Quartet Member
James Hamlet ... Honky Tonk Band Member
Steve Hinson ... Honky Tonk Band Member
Fred Eltringham ... Studio Band Member
Beau Stapleton ... Studio Band Member
Danny Flowers ... Studio Band Member
Nancy Amons ... Reporter
Jim Taylor ... Reporter
Jonathan Martin ... Reporter
Katrina Hagger Smith ... Reporter
Nick Beres ... Reporter
Kelly Sutton ... Reporter
Shane Tallant ... Reporter
Christine Maddela ... Reporter
Stephanie Langston ... Reporter
167 1/4
Coyote Ugly 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An aspiring musician becomes one of the most famous bartenders in New York in this high-spirited comedy-drama. Small-town girl Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo) dreams of making a name for herself as a singer and songwriter, so she moves to New York City in hopes of landing her big break. Needing to support herself until stardom rolls around, she takes a job as a barmaid at a new nightspot called Coyote Ugly, where the owner Lil (Maria Bello) and the staff of attractive young women dance on the bar, flirt with the mostly male clientele, sing along with the jukebox, and goad the customers into matching them shot for shot. Soon, local media pick up on the bar's success, turning the staff into unexpected celebrities, a situation that presents its own set of problems. Coyote Ugly also stars John Goodman as Violet's straight-laced father, Adam Garcia as a customer Violet becomes involved with, and Tyra Banks, Melanie Lynskey, Bridget Moynahan, and Izabella Miko as the barmaids; action-film titan Jerry Bruckheimer produced. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Pick-Me-Ups
Themes : Fathers and Daughters | Musician's Life | New Kid in Town
Keywords : bar [pub], bartender, singer, songwriter, friendship, father
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Urban Comedy, Urban Drama 
Piper Perabo ... Violet Sanford
Adam Garcia ... Kevin O'Donnell
Maria Bello ... Lil
John Goodman ... Bill
Melanie Lynskey ... Gloria
Izabella Miko ... Cammie
Bridget Moynahan ... Rachel
Tyra Banks ... Zoe
Michael Weston ... Danny
LeAnn Rimes ... Herself
Chris Wylde ... College Student
Johnny Knoxville ... College Guy
168 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Adonis Johnson Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, attempts to follow in his father's footsteps and become a boxing legend in his own right. Apollo died in the ring in the 1980s at the hand of Russian pugilist Ivan Drago, forcing Adonis to grow up without his dad in his life. The young man travels to Philadelphia to find his late father's nemesis-turned-best friend, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), in order to recruit him as a trainer. Balboa soon takes the young Creed under his wing and helps him get in shape for a shot at the title. Ryan Coogler directs this spin-off of the hugely successful Rocky franchise. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Boxers | Coaches and Players | Death of a Parent | In Training | Underdogs
Drama, Sports Drama 
Sylvester Stallone ... Rocky Balboa
Michael B. Jordan ... Adonis Johnson
Tessa Thompson ... Bianca
Phylicia Rashad ... Mary Anne Creed
Anthony Bellew ... "Pretty" Ricky Conlan
Andre Ward ... Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler
Ritchie Coster ... Pete Sporino
Jacob "Stitch" Duran ... Stitch
Graham McTavish ... Tommy Holiday
Malik Bazille ... Amir
Ricardo "Padman" McGill ... Padman
Gabriel Rosado ... Leo "The Lion" Sporino
Wood Harris ... Tony "Little Duke" Burton
Buddy Osborn ... Conlan's Cut Man
Rupal Pujara ... Dr. Kathari
Brian Anthony Wilson ... James
Joey Eye ... Sporino Cut Man
Johanna Tolentino ... Lady Cop
Tony Brice ... Tone Trump
Kash Goins ... Larry
Clare O'Malley ... Reporter
Kevin King-Templeton ... Press Conference Moderator
Roy James Wilson ... City Jail Cop
Mauricio Ovalle ... Flores' Trainer
Mark Rhino Smith ... Conlan's Buddy
Josue Rivera ... Tijuana Fight Promoter
Hans Marrero ... Flores
Derrick Webster ... Kev
Manny Ayala ... Welterweight #1
Anthony Martins ... Welterweight #2
Ricky Vera ... Referee #1 (Tijuana)
Shawn Clark ... Referee #2 (Blue Horizon)
Christian D. Ellison ... Referee #3 (Liverpool)
Frank Pesce ... Mickey's Gym Doorman
Robert Sale ... Leo Trainer #2
Richard Lyntton ... Ringside Doctor
Kathleen M. Deegan ... Nurse Kathy
Marquise Noel ... Young Dirt Bike Rider
Liev Schreiber ... HBO 24/7 Narrator
Khareem Hinton ... Thomas
Noah Coogler ... Staff Member #1
Nelson Bonilla ... Staff Member #2
Troy Faruk ... Staff Member #3
Angela Davis ... Staff Member #4
Claire Bronson ... Social Worker
Deborah Ingersoll ... Max's Cashier
Troy K. Weston ... Max's Cook
Ludwig Göransson ... Bianca's Band
Moses Sumney ... Bianca's Band
Kenneth Martin ... Dirt Bike Rider
Jermaine T. Holt ... Dirt Bike Rider
Horace Knight ... Dirt Bike Rider
Sli Lewis ... Dirt Bike Rider
Brionna Maria Lynch ... Dirt Bike Rider
Jalil Lynch ... Dirt Bike Rider
Zedric Harris ... Security Guard
Chris Gombos ... Security Guard
Terry Lee Fields ... Fire Breather
169 0/4
Cricket on the Hearth 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Cricket on the Hearth is based on one of Charles Dickens' lesser-known Christmas stories. Bertha, the toymaker's daughter, is the central character. She searches for love and understanding from her father Caleb, who just wants his family to be happy. With the appearance of a good luck cricket, fortunes seem to change. This release features the voices of real-life father and daughter Danny and Marlo Thomas and Roddy McDowell as the Cricket. As all ends well, The Cricket on the Hearth closes with a catchy tune, "The First Christmas." The animated seasonal program was a predecessor to better known fare. It now serves as godfather to Christmas tales told since. -- Sarah Ing

815 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Sociopathic death-row inmate Jerico Stewart (Kevin Costner) is implanted with the memories of a deceased CIA agent (Ryan Reynolds) in a desperate attempt to thwart a deadly plot involving a Dutch hacker (Michael Pitt). At the same time, Jerico reconnects with his own humanity as he bonds with the late agent's family. Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Gal Gadot co-star in this espionage thriller directed by Ariel Vromen (The Iceman). -- Jack Rodgers

Themes : Biotechnology [Anime] | Heroic Mission
Keywords : CIA (Central-Intelligence-Agency), espionage, implant, memories, prisoner, secret-mission, secret-plan
Action, Crime, Drama, Glamorized Spy Film, Sci-Fi Action 
Kevin Costner ... Jerico Stewart
Gary Oldman ... Quaker Wells
Tommy Lee Jones ... Dr. Franks
Ryan Reynolds ... Bill Pope
Jordi Mollà ... Xavier Heimdahl
Gal Gadot ... Jill Pope
Michael Pitt ... Jan Strook - The Dutchman
Amaury Nolasco ... Esteban Ruiza
Alice Eve ... Marta Lynch
Antje Traue ... Elsa Mueller
Scott Adkins ... Pete Greensleeves
Freddy Bosche ... CIA Agent Pfeffer
Doug Cockle ... Extraction Team Leader
Colin Salmon ... Warden
Steve Nicolson ... SSBN Captain
Sope Dirisu ... SSBN Fire & Control
Gisella Marengo ... Luggage Shop Saleswoman
Mark Kempner ... Black Cab Driver
Joshua James ... Higgs
David Avery ... Kebab Clerk
Joe Fidler ... Radio Man Fred Bosh
Michael Webber ... Pawnbroker
Richard Reid ... James Osborne
Joanna Brookes ... Librarian
Matthew Steer ... Librarian
Andrew Byron ... Russian Sentry
Elizabeth Ross ... Mrs. Franks
Henry Garrett ... Air Force Technician
Tim Woodward ... Roderick Armstrong
Nathan Osgood ... Professor Callowell
Sarah Middleton ... Researcher
Dragos Savulescu ... Akhmadov
Priyanga Burford ... Pharmacist
Steven Brand ... News Anchor
Ian Burfield ... Fisherman/Father
170 4/4
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee took a break from making Western period dramas to fashion this wild and woolly martial arts spectacular featuring special effects and action sequences courtesy of the choreographer of The Matrix (1999), Yuen Woo Ping. In the early 19th century, martial arts master Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) is about to retire and enter a life of meditation, though he quietly longs to avenge the death of his master, who was killed by Jade Fox (Cheng Pei-pei). He gives his sword, a fabled 400-year-old weapon known as Green Destiny, to his friend, fellow martial arts wizard and secret love Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh), so that she may deliver it to Sir Te (Sihung Lung). Upon arrival in Peking, Yu happens upon Jen (Zhang Ziyi), a vivacious, willful politician's daughter. That night, a mysterious masked thief swipes Green Destiny, with Yu in hot pursuit -- resulting in the first of several martial arts action set pieces during the film. Li arrives in Beijing and eventually discovers that Jen is not only the masked thief but is also in cahoots with the evil Jade. In spite of this, Li sees great talent in Jen as a fighter and offers to school her in the finer points of martial arts and selflessness, an offer that Jen promptly rebukes. This film was first screened to much acclaim at the 2000 Cannes, Toronto, and New York film festivals and became a favorite when Academy Awards nominations were announced in 2001: Tiger snagged ten nods and later secured four wins for Best Cinematography, Score, Art Direction, and Foreign Language Film. -- Jonathan Crow

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Star-Crossed Lovers | Heroic Mission | Opposites Attract
Keywords : coming-of-age, forbidden-love, Kung-Fu, legend [fable], love, master [expert], revenge, star-crossed-lovers, sword, swordfight, unrequited
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Historical Importance, High Production Values
Adventure, Romance, Martial Arts, Romantic Adventure, Period Film 
Chow Yun-Fat ... Li Mu Bai
Michelle Yeoh ... Yui Hsui Lien
Sihung Lung ... Sir Te
171 2/4
Cruel Intentions 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In an adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' novel, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillippe) are step-brother and step-sister living in Manhattan. With their absent parents travelling in Europe, the wealthy pair have the family penthouse to themselves as they while away their summer break before beginning senior year at a private high school. Sebastian, bad-boy lothario, has apparently slept with all the girls in town and appears numb to it all. Kathryn, who appears to be the good girl class president, is actually far more amoral and malicious than Sebastian, but maintains appearances to the contrary. When she is dumped by her boyfriend, Court Reynolds (Charlie O'Connell), for the innocent Cecile Caldwell (Selma Blair), she schemes revenge by destroying Cecile's reputation. She challenges Sebastian to deflower Cecile and transform her into a tramp to humiliate Court. Sebastian isn't as interested as Cecile -- she's spent her whole life in a Catholic girl's school and presents no challenge. The girl who has caught his attention is Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon), the new headmaster's daughter. Annette had written an article for Seventeen Magazine on her plans to stay a virgin until she finds her one true love. Kathryn makes a wager. If Sebastian fails to lure Annette into bed before the summer is over, Kathryn gets his car. If he succeeds, Sebastian gets Kathryn, whom he wants anyway. Sebastian accepts the bet, but Annette turns out to be more than either of them bargained for. -- Ron Wells

Moods : In the Mood for Love
Themes : Mind Games | Social Climbing | Sexual Awakening
Keywords : cruelty, manipulation, wealth, wager, decadence, ego, narcissist, reputation, revenge, teenagers
Drama, Teen Movie, Melodrama 
Sarah Michelle Gellar ... Kathryn Merteuil
Ryan Phillippe ... Sebastian Valmont
Reese Witherspoon ... Annette Hargrove
Selma Blair ... Cecile Caldwell
Louise Fletcher ... Helen Rosemond
Joshua Jackson ... Blaine Tuttle
Eric Mabius ... Greg McConnell
Sean Patrick Thomas ... Ronald Clifford
Swoosie Kurtz ... Dr. Greenbaum
Christine Baranski ... Bunny Caldwell
Tara Reid ... Marci Greenbaum
172 3/4
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 
AMG SYNOPSIS: David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's story, re-teams the director with Brad Pitt, who takes on the title role. What makes Button such a curious case is that when he is born in New Orleans just after World War I, he is already in his eighties, and proceeds to live his life aging in reverse. This sweeping film follows the character's unusual life into the 21st century as he experiences joy and sadness, loves lost and found, and the meaning of timelessness. Cate Blanchett co-stars along with Tilda Swinton, Elias Koteas, and Julia Ormond. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : A Good Cry | In the Mood for Love
Themes : Age Disparity Romance | Miraculous Events | Metamorphosis
Keywords : fate, love, aging
Drama, Romantic Drama, Fantasy Drama 
Brad Pitt ... Benjamin Button
Cate Blanchett ... Daisy
Taraji P. Henson ... Queenie
Julia Ormond ... Caroline
Jason Flemyng ... Thomas Button
Jared Harris ... Captain Mike
Elias Koteas ... Mr. Gateau
Phyllis Somerville ... Grandma Fuller
Tilda Swinton ... Elizabeth Abbott
Lance E. Nichols ... Preacher
Rampai Mohadi ... Ngunda Oti
Elle Fanning ... Daisy (Age 6)
Madisen Beaty ... Daisy (Age 10)
Ed Metzger
Peter D. Badalamenti
Robert Towers
Lois Hall
173 2/4
The Cutting Edge 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Can a rough and tumble hockey player and a snooty ice dancer find love and a gold medal at the same time? That's the burning (or more appropriately freezing) question in this romantic drama. Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly) is a world-class figure skater training for the Olympics; she has genuine talent, but years of being spoiled by her wealthy family have made her all but impossible to work with. Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney) is a hockey player with drive, skill, and a full complement of arrogance; his team is also on the fast track to the Olympics. Unfortunately, an eye injury suffered during a game affects Doug's peripheral vision enough to put him on the bench for the rest of the season. At the same time, Kate's colossal ego scares off yet another skating partner, and her coach, Anton (Roy Dotrice), needs to find a replacement as soon as possible. Desperate to stay in Olympic competition, Doug agrees to try working as Kate's partner, even though he has a hockey player's macho contempt for figure skating. Needless to say, the first few practices between Kate and Doug do not go well, but in time they learn to work together and become a pair to be reckoned with both on and off the ice. The Cutting Edge was released within a few months of the 1992 Winter Olympic Games. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Opposites Attract | Fish Out of Water | Starting Over
Keywords : athlete, hockey-player, ice-skating, injury, Olympic-Games, partner, spoiled, eye
Comedy Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Sports Drama, Romantic Drama 
D.B. Sweeney ... Doug Dorsey
Moira Kelly ... Kate Moseley
Roy Dotrice ... Anton Pamchenko
Terry O'Quinn ... Jack Moseley
Dwier Brown ... Hale
Chick Roberts ... Drunk
Chris Benson ... Walter Dorsey
Barry Flatman ... Tuttle
Rachelle Ottley ... Lorie
Michael Hogan ... Doctor
R.D. Reid ... Calgary Cop
Dick Grant ... Olympic Commentator
Judy Blumberg ... Nationals Commentator
Robin Cousins ... Nationals Commentator
Edwin Stephenson ... Costumer
Roger Periard ... French Official
Graham Harley ... Official
Peter Messaline ... International Reporter
Robert Buck ... Butler
Scott MacDonald ... 2nd Nationals Pair
John Jenkins ... 3rd Olympic Pair
Kirsten Kieferle ... Woman in Bar
174 2/4
The Da Vinci Code 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Dan Brown's controversial best-selling novel about a powerful secret that's been kept under wraps for thousands of years comes to the screen in this suspense thriller from director Ron Howard. The stately silence of Paris' Louvre museum is broken when one of the gallery's leading curators is found dead on the grounds, with strange symbols carved into his body and left around the spot where he died. Hoping to learn the significance of the symbols, police bring in Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), a gifted cryptographer who is also the victim's granddaughter. Needing help, Sophie calls on Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a leading symbologist from the United States. As Sophie and Robert dig deeper into the case, they discover the victim's involvement in the Priory of Sion, a secret society whose members have been privy to forbidden knowledge dating back to the birth of Christianity. In their search, Sophie and Robert happen upon evidence that could lead to the final resting place of the Holy Grail, while members of the priory and an underground Catholic society known as Opus Dei give chase, determined to prevent them from sharing their greatest secrets with the world. Also starring Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, and Alfred Molina, The Da Vinci Code was shot on location in France and the United Kingdom; the Louvre allowed the producers to film at the famous museum, but scenes taking place at Westminster Abbey had to filmed elsewhere when church officials declined permission. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Flight of the Innocent | Members of the Clergy | Murder Investigations | Obsessive Quests | Priceless Artifacts and Prized Objects | Religious Zealotry
Keywords : Christianity, scholar, secret-society, cover-up, painting, Vatican
Mystery, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Religious Drama 
Tom Hanks ... Robert Langdon
Audrey Tautou ... Sophie Neveu
Ian McKellen ... Sir Leigh Teabing
Alfred Molina ... Bishop Aringarosa
Jürgen Prochnow ... Vernet
Paul Bettany ... Silas
Jean Reno ... Captain Bezu Fache
Jean-Yves Berteloot ... Remy Jean
Jean-Pierre Marielle ... Jacques Saunière
Rita Davies ... Elegant Woman at Rosslyn
Francesco Carnelutti ... Prefect
Seth Gabel ... Michael
Fausto Maria Sciarappa ... Youngest Church Official
Denis Podalydès ... Controller
Harry Taylor ... British Police Captain
Clive Carter ... Biggin Hill Police Captain
Garance Mazureck ... Sophie at 13 Years
Daisy Doidge-Hill ... Sophie at 8 Years
Crisian Emanuel ... Sophie's Mother
Charlotte Graham ... Mary Magdalene
Xavier De Guillebon ... Junkie
Tonio Descanvelle ... Bank Guard
David Bark-Jones ... Hawker Pilot
Serretta Wilson ... American Woman
Eglantine Rembauville ... Student
Dan Tondowski ... Student
Aewia Huillet ... Student
Roland John-Leopoldie ... Student
David Saracino ... DCPJ Agent
Lionel Guy-Bremond ... Officer Ledoux
Yves Aubert ... Louvre Computer Cop
Rachael Black ... Policewoman
Dez Drummond ... London Police
Mark Roper ... London Policeman
Roland Menou ... DCPJ Technician
Tina Maskell ... Silas' Mother
Peter Pedrero ... Silas' Father
Sam Mancuso ... Pope
Mario Vernazza ... Young Constantine
Agathe Natanson ... Ritual Priestess
Daz Parker ... Peasant Mother
Andrew Robb ... Peasant Father
Tom Barker ... Peasant Boy
Maggie McEwan ... Peasant Girl
Michael Bertenshaw ... Priest
Sarah Wildor ... Priestess
David Bertrand ... French Newscaster
175 3/4
Dallas Buyers Club 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Matthew McConaughey headlines director Jean-Marc Vallée's biographical drama centering on the story of Ron Woodroof, a Texas electrician who was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1986, and who subsequently devoted his life to providing fellow HIV patients with non-FDA-approved drugs and supplements during an era when doctors were still struggling to understand the devastating disease. Defying his surprise death sentence, Woodroof set out to procure any and all non-toxic alternative HIV treatments available, and established a "buyers club" to provide the treatments to others afflicted with the disease. But that mission quickly made him a target for both the U.S. medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry, both of which resented his defiance of government sanctions, and joined forces to shut down his operation by any means necessary. -- Jason Buchanan

Themes : Living With AIDS | Obsessive Quests | Plagues and Epidemics
Keywords : AIDS, electrician, HIV, lawsuit, medical, pharmaceutical-industry
Drama, Biopic [feature], Medical Drama, Psychological Drama 
Matthew McConaughey ... Ron Woodroof
Jared Leto ... Rayon
Jennifer Garner ... Dr. Eve Saks
Dallas Roberts ... David Wayne
Steve Zahn ... Tucker
Griffin Dunne ... Dr. Vass
Denis O'Hare ... Dr. Sevard
Kevin Rankin ... T.J.
Michael O'Neill ... Richard Barkley
Donna Duplantier ... Nurse Frazin
Deneen D. Tyler ... Denise
J.D. Evermore ... Clint
Ian Casselberry ... Hispanic Orderly
Noelle Wilcox ... Kelly
Bradford Cox ... Sunny
Rick Espaillat ... Michael
Lawrence Turner ... Foreman
Lucius Falick ... Freddie
James DuMont ... Rayon's Father
Jane McNeill ... Francine Suskind
Don Brady ... Tucker's Father
Matthew Thompson ... Effeminate Man
Tony Bentley ... Judge
Sean Boyd ... Border Agent
Rachel Wulff ... News Anchor
Neeona Neal ... Stripper
Scott Takeda ... Mr. Yamata
Joji Yoshida ... Dr. Hiroshi
Carl Palmer ... FDA Customs Agent
Martin Covert ... Ian
Douglas M. Griffin ... Rog
David Lichtenstein ... Cop
Craig Borten ... Quicksilver Cowboy
176 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: One of Marvel Comics' most popular characters comes to the screen for the first time in this sci-fi action-thriller. Matthew Murdock (Ben Affleck) is a lawyer whose father, a prizefighter, was killed by gangsters when Murdock was just a boy. Since then, Murdock has devoted his life to bringing wrongdoers to justice and is willing to help others by taking on cases no other attorney will touch. Murdock is also blind, after being struck down by a truck while trying to save a man from being hit. What no one knows is that Murdock was also doused with an unusual radioactive isotope which had a strange effect on him -- while Murdock's sight may be gone, his other senses have been raised to such a keen pitch that they act like radar, allowing him to tell where he's going and what happens around him, both near and far away. Murdock puts his gifts to use at night as the costumed crime-fighter Daredevil, whose pursuit of justice has earned him the wrath of underworld leader Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan). Kingpin wants Daredevil out of his way once and for all, and hires Bullseye (Colin Farrell), a super-assassin with an uncanny ability to throw blades, to do the job. Daredevil also makes the acquaintance of Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner), a woman with super-heroic talents who is also on Kingpin's bad side, though it remains to be seen if she has aligned herself with the forces of good as Daredevil has done. Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano, and David Keith highlight Daredevil's supporting cast. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Double Life | Heroic Mission | Vigilantes
Keywords : Superhero, blindness [physical], crimefighting, crime-ring, lawyer, supernatural-powers
Action, Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Ben Affleck ... Matt Murdock/Daredevil
Jennifer Garner ... Elektra
Colin Farrell ... Bullseye
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Kingpin
Jon Favreau ... Franklin Nelson
Joe Pantoliano ... Ben Ulrich
Ellen Pompeo ... Karen Page
David Keith ... Jack Murdock
Erick Avari ... Natchios
Paul Ben-Victor ... Jose Quesada
Derrick O'Connor ... Father Everett
Leland Orser ... Wesley
Scott Terra ... Young Matt
Jude Ciccolella ... McKenzie
Kane Hodder
Kevin Smith ... Morgue Attendant Jack Kirby
John S. Bakas ... Greek Priest
Louis Bernstein ... Judge 1
Dan Brinkle ... Referee
Pat Crawford Brown ... Sweet Old Lady
Greg Collins ... Fisk Bodyguard
Sonya Didenko ... Quesada's Friend 3
David Doty ... Drunken Englishman
Lakeith S. Evans ... Kid
Jim Fitzgerald ... Ring Announcer
Joe J. Garcia ... Meat Packer
Carrie Geiben ... Flight Attendant
Albert Gutierrez ... Kid
Robert Iler ... Bully
Lennie Loftin ... Manolis
Jamie Mahoney ... Bully
Ron Mathews ... Sharpshooter
Casey McCarthy ... Angela Sutton
Bruce Mibach ... Rookie Cop
Stefanos Miltsakakis ... Stavros
Jorge Noa ... NY Cop 1
Jeff Padilla ... Quesada's Friend
Christopher Prescott ... Policeman
Ari Randall ... Waitress
Jackie Reiss ... Boxing Referee 2
John Rothman ... Quesada Attorney
Luke Strode ... Little Boy
Chad Christopher Tucker ... Bully
Levett M. Washington ... Kid
Daniel B. Wing ... Quesada's Friend
Jorn H. Winther ... Stavros' Friend
177 3/4
The Dark Knight Rises 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy concludes with this Warner Brothers release that finds The Dark Knight pitted against Bane, an unstoppable foe possessed of tremendous physical and intellectual strength. Nearly a decade after taking the fall for Harvey Dent's death and disappearing into the darkness, a fugitive Batman (Christian Bale) watches from the shadows as the Dent Act keeps the streets of Gotham City free of crime. Meanwhile, an elusive cat burglar seizes the chance to strike, and a masked anarchist plots a devastating series of attacks designed to lure Bruce Wayne out of the shadows. Determined not to abandon the people who he once risked his life to protect, The Dark Knight emerges from his self-imposed exile ready to fight. But Bane (Tom Hardy) is ready, too, and once Batman is within his grasp, he will do everything in his power to break Gotham City's shadowy savior. Oscar-winner Michael Caine and Gary Oldman return in a sequel also starring Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Heroic Mission | Double Life | Race Against Time | Terrorism
Keywords : anarchy, nuclear-weapon, police-commissioner, police-detective, prison, punishment, return, Superhero, crimefighter, revenge
Crime, Action, Crime Drama, Superhero Film 
Christian Bale ... Bruce Wayne/Batman
Anne Hathaway ... Selina
Tom Hardy ... Bane
Marion Cotillard ... Miranda
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Blake
Michael Caine ... Alfred
Gary Oldman ... Commissioner Gordon
Morgan Freeman ... Fox
Liam Neeson ... Ra's al Ghul
Juno Temple ... Jen
Nestor Carbonell ... Mayor
Burn Gorman ... Stryver
Josh Pence ... Ra's Al Ghul (young)
Matthew Modine ... Foley
Tom Conti ... Prisoner
Joey King ... Older Prison Child
Chris Ellis ... Fr. Reilly
Brett Cullen ... Congressman
Daniel Sunjata ... Captain Jones
178 4/4
The Dark Knight 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Christopher Nolan steps back into the director's chair for this sequel to Batman Begins, which finds the titular superhero coming face to face with his greatest nemesis -- the dreaded Joker. Christian Bale returns to the role of Batman, Maggie Gyllenhaal takes over the role of Rachel Dawes (played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins), and Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger dons the ghoulishly gleeful Joker makeup previously worn by Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero. Just as it begins to appear as if Batman, Lt. James Gordon (Gary Oldman), and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) are making headway in their tireless battle against the criminal element, a maniacal, wisecracking fiend plunges the streets of Gotham City into complete chaos. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : A World of Its Own | Abandon All Hope
Themes : Disfigured Criminals | Police Corruption | Heroic Mission | Double Life
Keywords : mask [disguise], secret-identity, disguise, crimefighter, Superhero, clown
Attributes : High Artistic Quality, High Budget, High Production Values
Crime, Action, Crime Drama, Superhero Film 
Christian Bale ... Batman/Bruce Wayne
Heath Ledger ... Joker
Aaron Eckhart ... Harvey Dent
Michael Caine ... Alfred
Maggie Gyllenhaal ... Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman ... Gordon
Morgan Freeman ... Lucius Fox
Ron Dean ... Wuertz
Cillian Murphy ... Scarecrow
Chin Han ... Lau
Nestor Carbonell ... Mayor
Eric Roberts ... Maroni
Ritchie Coster ... Chechen
Anthony Michael Hall ... Engel
Colin McFarlane ... Loeb
Joshua Harto ... Reese
Melinda McGraw ... Barbara Gordon
Nathan Gamble ... James Gordon
Michael Vieau ... Rossi
Michael Stoyanov ... Dopey
Bill Smille ... Grumpy
Michael Jai White ... Gambol
Matthew O'Neill ... Chuckles
William Fichtner ... Bank Manager
Olumiji Olawumi ... Drug Dealer
Beatrice Rosen ... Natascha
Vincenzo Nicoli ... Crime Boss
Edison Chen ... LSI VP
Nydia Rodriguez Terracina ... Judge Surrillo
Andy Luther ... Brian
Thomas McElroy ... Man No. 2
Will Zahrn ... Assistant DA
James Fierro ... Thug at Party
Sam Derence ... Male Guest
Patrick Clear ... Judge Freel
Winston Ellis ... Gamble Bodyguard
David Dastmalchian ... Joker's Thug
Keith Kupferer ... Heckler
Richard Dillane ... Acting Commissioner
Aidan Feore ... Fat Thug
Philip Bulcock ... Murphy
Paul Birchard ... Cop with Fat Thug
Vincent Riotta ... Cop at 250 52nd St.
Nancy Crane ... Nurse
K. Todd Freeman ... Pol
Lanny Lutz ... Bartender
Peter DeFaria ... Civilian
Matt Rippy ... First Mate
Andrew Bicknell ... Prison Ferry Pilot
Ariyon Bakare ... Guard Commander
Doug Ballard ... Businessman
Tommy Campbell ... Passenger
Lorna Gayle ... Passenger
William Armstrong ... Evans
Adam Kalesperis ... Honor Guard Man
Tristan Tait ... Uniform Cop
Bronson Webb ... Bounty Hunter
Jonathan Ryland ... Passenger Ferry Pilot
James Scales ... Guardsman
Ian Pirie ... Prisoner
Lateef Lovejoy ... Prisoner
Ronan Summers ... Prisoner
Michael Corey Foster ... Honor Guard Leader
Brandon Lambdin ... Armored Car SWAT
954 3/4
The Dark Tower 
AMG SYNOPSIS: An imaginative boy (Tom Taylor) is transported to a fantasy realm, where he gets caught up in an epic battle between a noble gunslinger named Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) and a villainous figure known as the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey). Later, Roland's quest to defend a magical tower from the Man in Black leads him to follow the boy back to Earth. Directed by Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair), The Dark Tower was adapted from Stephen King's hugely popular series of fantasy novels. --

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Curses and Spells | Fantasy Lands | Lost Worlds | Out For Revenge | Unlikely Friendships
Keywords : adventurer, alternate-reality, cowboy, fantasy, good-vs-evil, gunfighter, knight, magic, quest, tower [structure]
Science Fiction, Western, Action Thriller, Fantasy Drama, Hybrid Western, Mythological Fantasy 
Idris Elba ... Roland Deschain / The Gunslinger
Matthew McConaughey ... Man in Black
Claudia Kim ... Arra Champignon
Fran Kranz ... Pimli
Abbey Lee ... Tirana
Jackie Earle Haley ... Satre
Nicholas Hamilton ... Lucas Hanson
Katheryn Winnick ... Laurie Chambers
Karl Thaning ... Elmer Chambers
Dennis Haysbert ... Steven Deschain
José Zuñiga ... Dr. Hotchkiss
Kenneth Fok ... Johnny
Eva Kaminsky ... Jill
Nicholas Pauling ... Lon
Ben Gavin ... Soldier
Andre Robinson ... Boy in the Park
Jabari Gray ... Bystander
Joe Vaz ... Worker Taheen
Daniel Hirst ... Village Engineer
179 4/4
Das Boot 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Das Boot is one of the most gripping and authentic war movies ever made. Based on an autobiographical novel by German World War II photographer Lothar-Guenther Buchheim, the film follows the lives of a fearless U-Boat captain (Jurgen Prochnow) and his inexperienced crew as they patrol the Atlantic and Mediterranean in search of Allied vessels, taking turns as hunter and prey. There's very little plot, so the movie's power comes from both its riveting, epic battle scenes and its details of the boring hours spent waiting for orders or signs of the enemy. With the exception of one staunch Hitler Youth lieutenant, none of the crew is particularly loyal to the Nazis, and some are openly hostile toward their Fuhrer; this allows viewer sympathy with the men as they perform their laborious, monotonous duties in cramped, filthy quarters, or await death as depth charges explode all around the sub. Prochnow is excellent as the nerves-of-steel commander, and many of the supporting actors -- all German -- are solid as well, although the characterizations border on war movie clichés (the young crewman who has left behind his pregnant girlfriend, the Chief Engineer whose wife is seriously ill). The real star, however, is cinematographer Jost Vacano, who makes the sub's grimy, claustrophobic interior come to vivid life, as his camera follows the crew through hatches, up ladders, into bunks, and under pipes, creating a palpable sense of claustrophobia while injecting it with movement. Originally edited by writer/director Wolfgang Petersen as both a two-and-a-half hour theatrical release and a six-hour German miniseries, Das Boot was re-released in a restored version in 1997 with nearly one hour of added footage which made it even more suspenseful than before. -- Don Kaye

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : War At Sea | Military Life
Keywords : submarine, captain [military], German [nationality], commander, sea-battle, war
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
War, Action, Sea Adventure, War Drama 
Jürgen Prochnow ... The Capt.
Herbert Grönemeyer ... Lt. Werner/Correspondent
Klaus Wennemann ... Chief Engineer
Hubertus Bengsch ... First Lt. /Number One
Martin Semmelrogge ... 2nd Lieutenant
Bernd Tauber ... Chief Quartermaster
Erwin Leder ... Johann
Jan Fedder ... Pilgrim
Ralf Richter ... Frenssen
Heinz Hoenig ... Hinrich
Martin Hemme ... Bruckenwilli
Lutz Schnell ... Dufte
Oliver Stritzel ... Schwalle
Otto Sander ... Thomsen in "Bar Royal"
Rita Cadillac ... Monique
Edwige Pierre ... Nadine
Günter Lamprecht ... Capt. of the Weser
Joachim Bernhard ... Preacher
Martin May ... Ullman
U.A. Ochsen ... Chief Bosun
180 4/4
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A war begins to brew between man and ape in this sequel to the 2011 hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It's been ten years since the Simian Flu wiped out most of humanity, and somewhere deep in the woods outside of San Francisco, Caesar (voice and performance capture by Andy Serkis) and his primate companions have established a thriving village built on the principles of peace and community. Shortly after welcoming a baby brother into the family, Caesar's son Blue Eyes (Nick Thurston) is walking through the forest with his friend Ash (Doc Shaw) when they cross paths with a human named Carver (Kirk Acevedo), who impulsively draws his gun and shoots Ash at the first sign of aggression. As it turns out, Carver is part of a human expedition led by Malcolm (Jason Clarke), who, along with the rest of his crew, races to Carver's side just as Caesar and the rest of the apes answer Blue Eyes' desperate call for help. An enraged Caesar drives the humans away after realizing they are no longer a threat, and decides to dispatch a small crew to follow them rather than yield to the pleas of his aggressive advisor Koba (Toby Kebbell) to launch an all-out attack. Instead, he decides to show the apes' strength by amassing outside of the humans' makeshift community at the base of an unfinished tower, making it unmistakably clear that the two species should remain apart.
Meanwhile, the point of the human excursion was to get a dormant dam running again in order to power their community, which will soon be thrust into darkness should they fail to take action. Convinced that he could strike a truce with Caesar that would allow the humans to repair the dam, which is located on the apes' land, Malcolm gets permission from human leader Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) to set out on his mission. Incredibly, thanks to the help of his girlfriend Ellie (Keri Russell), his son Alexander (Kodi Smit-McPhee), and a few other key allies, Malcolm succeeds. Still, his truce with the apes is a fragile one, and just when it seems that the primates and humans have learned to coexist in peace, a shocking act of betrayal threatens to spark a war that will determine the dominant species. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Food for Thought
Themes : Post-Apocalypse | Survival in the Wilderness | When Animals Attack
Keywords : animal-rights, experiment, intelligence [knowledge], man-vs-animal
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure, War Drama 
Jason Clarke ... Malcolm
Gary Oldman ... Dreyfus
Keri Russell ... Ellie
Kodi Smit-McPhee ... Alexander
Kirk Acevedo ... Carver
Judy Greer ... Cornelia
Andy Serkis ... Caesar
Toby Kebbell ... Koba
Karin Konoval ... Maurice
Terry Notary ... Rocket
Nick Thurston ... Blue Eyes
Jon Eyez ... Foster
Laramie Shaw ... Ash (as Doc Shaw)
Lee Ross ... Grey
Keir O'Donnell ... Finney
Kevin Rankin ... McVeigh
Jocko Sims ... Werner
Al Vicente ... Man 1
Matthew James ... Man 2
Deneen Tyler ... Woman
Mustafa Harris ... Officer
Lombardo Boyar ... Terry
Mike Seal ... Driver
J.D. Evermore ... Sniper
Chase Boltin ... Recruit
Michael Papajohn ... Cannon-Gunner
181 2/4
The Day After Tomorrow 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Directed by Roland Emmerich, this mega-budget, special-effects-laden epic revolves around the onset of an international series of crises brought on by the long-term results of the greenhouse effect. At the eye of the storm is paleoclimatologist (a professor dedicated to the study of weather patterns throughout the ages) Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), who voluntarily takes on the preservation of the world in the dawn of the next ice age and all the disaster that comes along with it -- violent hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, massive floods, etc. Hall must also contact his son, Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal), who was in the middle of an academic competition in New York City when the chaos begun. In addition to facing the largest-scale onslaught of natural catastrophes in the history of humankind, Jack, in his journey north, must contend with the masses fleeing south in an attempt to resettle in a warmer climate. The Day After Tomorrow also features Emmy Rossum, Sela Ward, and Joe Cobden. -- Tracie Cooper

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Forces of Nature | Fathers and Sons | Heroic Mission | Race Against Time
Keywords : global-warming, disaster, ecological-disaster, weather, blizzard, tornado
Science Fiction, Thriller, Disaster Film 
Dennis Quaid ... Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal ... Sam Hall
Ian Holm ... Terry Rapson
Emmy Rossum ... Laura Chapman
Sela Ward ... Lucy Hall
Dash Mihok ... Jason Evans
Kenneth Welsh ... Vice President Becker
Jay O. Sanders ... Frank Harris
Austin Nichols ... J. D.
Perry King ... President of the United States
Nestor Serrano ... Gomez
Adrian Lester ... Simon
Sheila McCarthy ... Judith
Arjay Smith ... Brian Parks
Glenn Plummer ... Luther
Tamlyn Tomita ... Janet Tokada
Jared Harris
Rick Hoffman
Joe Cobden ... Zack
182 4/4
Dazed and Confused 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Like George Lucas' American Graffiti, Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused is an affectionate look at the youth culture of a bygone era. While Lucas took aim at the conservative 1950s, Linklater jumps ahead a generation to the bicentennial year of 1976 to celebrate the joys of beer blasts, pot smoking and Frampton Comes Alive. Set on the last day of the academic year, the film follows the random activities of a sprawling group of Texas high schoolers as they celebrate the arrival of summer, their paths variously intersecting at a freshman hazing, a local pool parlor and finally at a keg party. -- Jason Ankeny

Moods : Memory Lane | Strictly Speaking
Themes : High School Life | Peer Pressure [k] | Party Film
Keywords : friendship, graduation, hazing, high-school, party, school, teenagers
Comedy Drama, Coming-of-Age, Teen Movie, Ensemble Film, Period Film 
Jason London ... Randy "Pink" Floyd
Wiley Wiggins ... Mitch Kramer
Rory Cochrane ... Slater
Milla Jovovich ... Michelle
Joey Lauren Adams ... Simone
Marissa Ribisi ... Cynthia
Adam Goldberg ... Mike
Anthony Rapp ... Tony
Sasha Jenson ... Don Dawson
Parker Posey ... Darla
Matthew McConaughey ... Wooderson
Ben Affleck ... O'Bannion
Michelle Burke ... Jodi Kramer
Cole Hauser ... Benny
Jason Smith ... Melvin
Nicky Katt ... Clint
Deena Martin ... Shavonne
John L. Martin ... 2nd Cop
Diane Perella ... Sabrina's Mom
Don Phillips
Zack Taylor ... 1st Geek
Christine Harnos ... Kaye
Esteban Powell ... Carl
Kim Krizan ... Ms. Stroud
Julius Tennon ... Mr. Payne
Erika Geminder ... Freshman Girl
Zeke Mills ... Old Timer
Fred Lerner ... Guy with Pistol
David Blackwell ... Liquor Store Clerk
Doug Taylor ... 1st Cop
Mona Lee Fultz ... Mitch's Mother
Richard Dillard ... Pickford's Dad
Shawn Andrews ... Kevin Pickford
183 4/4
Dead Man Walking 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tim Robbins' second directorial effort (after the political satire Bob Roberts) was this drama based on a true story, which explores the issue of capital punishment. Sister Helen Prejean (Susan Sarandon) is a nun and teacher living in rural Louisiana. One day, she receives a letter from Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn), who is scheduled to be executed soon for the rape and murder of two teenagers. After meeting Matthew, Sister Helen agrees to serve as spiritual counselor and see what she can do to stay the execution. However, Matthew's claims of innocence seem shaky at best, and it's clear he's a reprehensible, amoral racist. When it becomes obvious that Matthew's sentence will be carried out, Sister Helen offers what comfort she can to Matthew, but also tries to guide him to an open admission of the extent of his crimes and an acceptance of divine forgiveness, telling him "I want the last face you see to be the face of love." Susan Sarandon won an Oscar for her performance as Sister Prejean, and Sean Penn was similarly nominated for Best Actor as Matthew. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Food for Thought
Themes : Death Row | Members of the Clergy | Redemption
Keywords : capital-punishment, death-row, killer, counselor, death-penalty, execution, nun
Attributes : High Artistic Quality
Drama, Prison Film, Religious Drama 
Susan Sarandon ... Sister Helen Prejean
Sean Penn ... Mathew Poncelet
Robert Prosky ... Hilton Barber
Raymond J. Barry ... Earl Delacroix
R. Lee Ermey ... Clyde Percy
Celia Weston ... Mary Beth Percy
Lois Smith ... Helen's Mother
Roberta Maxwell ... Lucille Poncelet
Margo Martindale ... Sister Colleen
Barton Heyman ... Captain Beliveau
Steve Boles ... Sgt. Neal Trapp
Nesbitt Blaisdell ... Warden Hartman
Ray Aranha ... Luis Montoya
Larry Pine ... Guy Gilardi
Kevin Cooney ... Governor Benedict
Clancy Brown ... State Trooper
Adele Robbins ... Nurse
Michael Cullen ... Carl Vitello
Jack Black ... Craig Poncelet
Steve Carlisle ... Helen's Brother
Amy Long ... Opossum Kid #3
Sally Ann Roberts ... Reporter #2
Alec Gifford ... Reporter #3
Mike Longman ... News Anchor
Lenore Banks ... Parent #4
Adam Nelson ... Guard #4
Pamela Garmon ... Mirabeau
Scott Sowers ... Guard #2
Peter Sarsgaard ... Walter Delacroix
184 3/4
Dead Poets Society 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robin Williams toned down his usually manic comic approach in this successful period drama. In 1959, the Welton Academy is a staid but well-respected prep school where education is a pragmatic and rather dull affair. Several of the students, however, have their thoughts on the learning process (and life itself) changed when a new teacher comes to the school. John Keating (Williams) is an unconventional educator who tears chapters of his textbooks and asks his students to stand on their desks to see the world from a new angle. Keating introduces his students to poetry, and his free-thinking attitude and the liberating philosophies of the authors he introduces to his class have a profound effect on his students, especially Todd (Ethan Hawke), who would like to be a writer; Neil ( Robert Sean Leonard), who dreams of being an actor, despite the objections of his father; Knox (Josh Charles), a hopeless romantic; Steven (Allelon Ruggiero), an intellectual who learns to use his heart as well as his head; Charlie (Gale Hansen), who begins to lose his blasé attitude; unconventional Gerard (James Waterston); and practical Richard (Dylan Kussman). Keating urges his students to seize the day and live their lives boldly; but when this philosophy leads to an unexpected tragedy, headmaster Mr. Nolan (Norman Lloyd) fires Keating, and his students leap to his defense. Dead Poets Society was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Williams; it won one, for Tom Schulman's original screenplay. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Teachers and Students | Boarding School Life | Mentors | Teen Angst | Suicide
Keywords : against-the-system, poet, teacher, boys'-school, charisma, coming-of-age, education, friendship, generation-gap, one-against-odds, school, student, suicide, suicide-attempt, teenagers
Attributes : High Production Values
Drama, Coming-of-Age, Teen Movie, Ensemble Film 
Robin Williams ... John Keating
Robert Sean Leonard ... Neil Perry
Ethan Hawke ... Todd Anderson
Josh Charles ... Knox Overstreet
Gale Hansen ... Charlie Dalton
Dylan Kussman ... Richard Cameron
Allelon Ruggiero ... Steven Meeks
James Waterston ... Gerard Pitts
Norman Lloyd ... Mr. Nolan
Kurtwood Smith ... Mr. Perry
Carla Belver ... Mrs. Perry
Leon Pownall ... McAllister
Howard Feuer
George Martin ... Dr. Hager
Joe Aufiery ... Chemistry Teacher
Kevin Cooney ... Joe Danburry
Jane Moore ... Mrs. Danburry
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Ginny Danburry
Alexandra Powers ... Chris Noel
Melora Walters ... Gloria
Alan Pottinger ... Bubba
John Cunningham ... Mr. Anderson
Debra Mooney ... Mrs. Anderson
Charles N. Lord ... Mr. Dalton
185 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this irreverent spin on the superhero genre, mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) agrees to participate in a top-secret experiment after learning that he has terminal cancer. When the procedure leaves him with advanced healing powers and a disfigured face, he reinvents himself as a wisecracking, spandex-clad antihero known as Deadpool, and seeks revenge on those responsible. Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, and Gina Carano co-star. Directed by Tim Miller. -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Misfits and Outsiders | Unlikely Heroes | Vigilantes
Keywords : anti-hero, comedian, humor, mercenary, Superhero
Action, Black Comedy, Superhero Film 
Ryan Reynolds ... Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Morena Baccarin ... Vanessa Carlysle / Copycat
Ed Skrein ... Ajax
T.J. Miller ... Weasel
Gina Carano ... Angel Dust
Brianna Hildebrand ... Ellie Phimister / Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Karan Soni ... Dopinder
Michael Benyaer ... Warlord
Stefan Kapicic ... Voice of Colossus
Style Dayne ... Jeremy (Pizza Guy)
Kyle Cassie ... Gavin Merchant
Taylor Hickson ... Meghan Orlovsky
Ayzee ... Teen Girl #1
Naika Toussaint ... Teen Girl #2
Randal Reeder ... Buck
Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. ... Boothe
Justyn Shippelt ... Arcade Ticket Taker
Donna Yamamoto ... Oncologist
Jed Rees ... Recruiter
Hugh Scott ... David Cunningham
Cindy Piper ... Chinatown Merchant
Emily Haine ... Whisper Girlfriend
Amir Aatash ... Whisper Boyfriend
Chad Riley ... Pool Hall Goon
Paul Belsito ... Fight Club Boss
Darcey Johnson ... Garbage Truck Driver
Leslie Uggams ... Blind Al
Stan Lee ... Strip Club DJ
Rachel Shaw ... Strip Club Worker
Paul Lazenby ... Flight Deck Guard
Rob Hayter ... Bob
186 1/4
Death Race 
AMG SYNOPSIS: The Transporter star Jason Statham takes the wheel in director Paul W.S. Anderson's remake of the Roger Corman classic about a hyper-violent cross-country race that breaks all of the traditional rules of the road. The time is the not-so-distant future, and as America's prisons begin overflowing with violent criminals, the powers that be devise a grisly game that will free up space in the cells and entertain the masses at the same time. Jensen Ames (Statham) is a three-time speedway champion with a dark past. A survival expert and ex-con whose sordid history comes back to haunt him when he is framed for a murder he didn't commit, Ames is forced to choose between donning the metallic mask of a mythical racer known as Frankenstein or languishing away on Terminal Island -- America's most notorious penitentiary. Over the course of the next three days, this unlikely champion will get behind the wheel of a nightmare machine outfitted with machine guns, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers in a desperate attempt to outrun some of the most violent criminals ever imprisoned. Should Ames be the first to cross the checkered flag, he will win his freedom; should he come in second, however, death would be preferable to a grim future in a cramped concrete cell. Co-stars include Joan Allen, Ian McShane, Natalie Martinez, and Tyrese Gibson, who takes over the role of Machine Gun Joe, made famous by Sylvester Stallone in the original. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Car Racing | Future Dystopias
Keywords : race [competition], frame-up, auto-racing, cross-country, ex-convict, prison
Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Action 
Jason Statham ... Jensen Ames/Frankenstein
Tyrese Gibson ... Machine Gun Joe
Ian McShane ... Coach
Joan Allen ... Hennessey
Natalie Martinez ... Case
Max Ryan ... Pachenko
Jason Clarke ... Ulrich
Jacob Vargas ... Gunner
Justin Mader ... Travis Colt
Robin Shou ... 14K
Janaya Stephens ... Suzy
843 3/4
Deepwater Horizon 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lone Survivor director Peter Berg helmed this docudrama about the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the 2010 oil-rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that resulted in the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history. The film depicts the challenges that Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and the rest of the rig's crew faced as they fought for survival. Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell, and John Malkovich co-star. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Adrenaline Rush
Themes : Daring Rescues | Disasters at Sea | Forces of Nature | Race Against Time | Terror in the Water
Keywords : courage, disaster, gulf, Mexico, oil-spill
Action, Drama, Disaster Film, Docudrama 
Mark Wahlberg ... Mike Williams
Kurt Russell ... Jimmy Harrell
John Malkovich ... Vidrine
Gina Rodriguez ... Andrea Fleytas
Dylan O'Brien ... Caleb Holloway
Kate Hudson ... Felicia
Douglas M. Griffin ... Landry
James DuMont ... O'Bryan
Joe Chrest ... Sims
Brad Leland ... Ka;uza
J.D. Evermore ... Dewey A. Revette
Ethan Suplee ... Jason Anderson
Jason Kirkpatrick ... Aaron Dale Burkeen
Jonathan Angel ... Gordon Jones
Bill McMullen ... Halliburton Rep
Peter Berg ... Mr. Skip
Juston Street ... Anthony Gervasio
Chris Ashworth ... Coast Guard Officer #1
Mustafa Harris ... Bankston Crewman/Medic
Henry Frost ... Shane M. Roshto
Terry Milam ... Keith Blair Manuel
Garrett Kruithof ... Karl Kleppinger Jr.
Deneen Tyler ... Paula Walker
Jim Klock ... Sacred Crew Member
Garrett Hines ... Wyman Wheeler
Robert Steinberg ... BP Rep
Trace Adkins ... Massive Man
Kurt Peterson ... Rescue Swimmer
Cedric Gervais ... Frenchman/Schlumberger #2
Saundra Santiago ... Worried Mother
Scott Campbell ... BP Escort
Mark Schotz ... Cowboy
Tracy Mann ... Bankston Survivor #2
Fred North ... Helicopter Pilot
187 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Inspired by a true story, director Edward Zwick's epic World War II drama Defiance tells the tale of three Jewish Eastern European brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell) who narrowly escape certain death at the hands of the Nazis, subsequently vowing to avenge the deaths of their loves ones by launching a desperate battle against the forces that seek to exterminate their entire race. The year is 1941, and the setting is Nazi-occupied Belarus. The Final Solution is in full effect, and the Jews of Eastern Europe are being slaughtered wholesale. Tuvia (Craig), Zus (Schreiber), and Asael (Bell) have miraculously managed to escape into the dense surrounding forest. Having played in these woods since childhood, the brothers have a distinct advantage over their adversaries, and soon decide that simply surviving is not enough. In order to make a difference, they must take action, but in order to take action they will need support. As whispers of their bravery take wind, others like them appear determined to lay their lives on the line for the cause of freedom. Tuvia has become the de facto leader of the group, but he's still somewhat reluctant to take on such a heavy responsibility and his brother Zus expresses concern that his idealistic plan will ultimately bring about the group's downfall. With winter setting in, everyone works to create a functioning community that will help them endure the frigid months that lie ahead, and Asael reluctantly finds himself caught in the crossfire of his older siblings' rivalry. Is it possible to keep faith alive in a time when the world seems devoid of humanity and survival becomes a way of life? -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Life Under Occupation | Crimes Against Humanity | Sibling Relationships
Keywords : brother, Jewish, resistance-fighters, Holocaust, Poland, forest, Nazi
War, Resistance Film, War Drama 
Daniel Craig ... Tuvia Bielski
Liev Schreiber ... Zus Bielski
Jamie Bell ... Asael Bielski
Alexa Davalos ... Lilka Ticktin
Alan Corduner ... Shimon Haretz
Mark Feuerstein ... Isaac Malbin
Tomas Arana ... Ben Zion Gulkowitz
Jodhi May ... Tamara Skidelsky
Kate Fahy ... Riva Reich
Iddo Goldberg ... Yitzhak Shulman
Iben Hjejle ... Bella
Martin Hancock ... Peretz Shorshaty
Ravil Isyanov ... Viktor Panchenko
Jacek Koman ... Konstanty "Koscik" Kozlowski
George MacKay ... Aron Bielski
Sam Spruell ... Arkady Lubczanski
Mia Wasikowska ... Chaya Dziencielsky
Mark Margolis ... Jewish Elder
Markus von Lingen ... German SS Scout
188 1/4
Déjà Vu 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Adrenaline-loving director Tony Scott teams with iconic action producer Jerry Bruckheimer for this high-flung sci-fi action thriller concerning a New Orleans-based maverick ATF agent named Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) who is brought in on a top-secret government program to catch the terrorist (Jim Caviezel) responsible for a ferry bombing that kills hundreds. Able to do what most law enforcement officers only dream of, Carlin is now able to look back in time at the perpetrator's movements, and at the life of the innocent woman whose death would set the events into motion. Carlin's instincts tell him that something is amiss, however, and while the government agent who tapped him for the job (Val Kilmer) and the team of ultra-cool scientists who run the project (Adam Goldberg, Erika Alexander) tell him one story about the quantum physics behind this marvel of technology, the hotshot agent suspects that there is a greater power at their fingertips -- one that might not just solve the crime at hand, but prevent it. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Race Against Time | Terrorism | Time Travel | Technology Run Amok
Keywords : ferry, quantum-physics, terrorist-attack, time-travel
Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Denzel Washington ... Doug Carlin
Paula Patton ... Claire Kuchever
Val Kilmer ... Agent Pryzwarra
James Caviezel ... Carroll Oerstadt
Adam Goldberg ... Denny
Elden Henson ... Gunnars
Erika Alexander ... Shanti
Bruce Greenwood ... Jack McCready
Rich Hutchman ... Agent Stalhuth
Matt Craven ... Minuti
Elle Fanning ... Abbey
Brian Howe ... Medical Examiner
Mark Phinney ... Agent Donnelly
Shondrella Avery ... Kathy - Secretary
Dane Rhodes ... Ferry Captain
Clay Steakley ... Ferry Worker
Lorry Houston ... Cop at Disaster
Polly Craig ... Elderly Woman at Disaster
Ted Manson ... Crying Man at Disaster
Yvonne Landry ... Shellshocked Woman
Brian F. Durkin ... National Guard Officer
Kenneth Lee ... Priest
Ron Flagge ... Mayor
Scott Alan Smith ... Trauma Doctor
Nadia Shazana ... Trauma Nurse
Lew Temple ... Paramedic
Charlie Hirsch ... Paramedic
Justin Colvin ... Sailor
Brandi Coleman ... Sailor
J. Todd Smith ... Sailor
Jerrod Paige ... Sailor
John Will Clay ... Sailor
Bart Hansard ... Ed Elkins
Scott Klace ... Police Lieutenant #1
Andy Umberger ... NTSB Investigator
Patt Noday ... News Reporter
Ritchie Montgomery ... Agent #1
Maureen Brennan ... Harbor Cop
Randy Austin ... Harbor Cop
J.W. Williams ... Harbor Cop
Rio Hackford ... Beth's Boyfriend
Gary Grubbs ... Police Lieutenant #2
Bill Ladd ... Coast Guardsman
Lara Grice ... Reporter
Michael Arata ... Reporter
Sylvia Jefferies ... Reporter
Julia LaShae ... Eyewitness/Survivor
Douglas M. Griffin ... Dock Worker
Margaret Lawhon ... Channel 8 Reporter
Roy McCrerey ... National Guardsman at Disaster
David Jensen ... Ferry Official
James Huang ... ATF Agent
Ann Turkel ... Technician
Nolan North ... Voice of Ex-Fiance
919 3/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: After accusing fellow historian David Irving (Timothy Spall) of being a Holocaust denier, Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) is sued for libel and forced to provide proof of her claims in court. Tom Wilkinson co-stars as her lawyer, Richard Rampton. Mick Jackson directed this docudrama, with David Hare penning the screenplay based on Lipstadt's 2005 account of the trial. -- Daniel Gelb

Moods : Only Human | Triumph of the Spirit
Themes : Crimes Against Humanity | Lawyers | Social Injustice | Whistleblowers
Keywords : court [law], denial, Holocaust, lawyer, libel, trial [courtroom]
Drama, Courtroom Drama, Message Movie 
Rachel Weisz ... Deborah Lipstadt
Tom Wilkinson ... Richard Rampton
Timothy Spall ... David Irving
Andrew Scott ... Anthony Julius
Mark Gatiss ... Professor Robert Jan van der Pelt
Jack Lowden ... James Libson
Caren Pistorius ... Laura Tyler
Alex Jennings ... Sir Charles Gray
Harriet Walter ... Vera Reich
John Sessions ... Prof. Richard Evans
Nikki Amuka-Bird ... Libby Holbrook
Pip Carter ... Anthony Forbes-Watson
Daniel Cerqueira ... Sam Glass
Elliot Levey ... Roger Levy
Helen Bradbury ... Rachel Levy
Hilton McRae ... Judge John Trench
Andrea Deck ... Leonie
Lachelle Carl ... Gloria
Paul Hunter ... Judge's Clerk
Amanda Lawrence ... Court Usher
Sean Power ... Mitch
Amber Batty ... Kate Kelland
Todd Boyce ... Network Reporter 3
Ian Bartholomew ... TV Historian
189 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: A clandestine love affair may claim a terrible price from two desperate people in this psychological thriller. Charles Schine (Clive Owen) is an advertising executive who is married to Deanna (Melissa George) and has a young diabetic daughter whose third kidney operation has just failed. Charles' life turns a most unexpected corner when he meets Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston) on a commuter train. Lucinda, who is also married with a daughter, keeps bumping into Charles on the train, and they strike up a friendship that soon grows into something deeper. Eventually Charles and Lucinda meet for lunch, then dinner, then check into a posh hotel, but the consequences turn out to be greater than they imagined; the dangerous criminal Philippe LaRoche (Vincent Cassel) breaks into the couple's hotel room, beats Charles nearly unconscious, and rapes Lucinda. The problem doesn't end there, however; LaRoche soon unveils both his certainty that the couple avoided calling the police, and -- more troublingly -- his possession of Charles' personal information. When he makes the ill-advised attempt to blackmail the couple, Charles turns to a rough-cut friend from his workplace, who offers to help out -- for a small commission.Derailed was the first American project for Swedish filmmaker Mikael Håfström. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Slow Burn
Themes : Blackmail | Infidelity | Rape & Sexual Abuse
Keywords : advertising-executive, blackmail, commuter, daughter, extramarital-affair, marriage, train [locomotive]
Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Erotic Thriller 
Clive Owen ... Charles Schine
Jennifer Aniston ... Lucinda Harris
Vincent Cassel ... Philippe LaRoche
Melissa George ... Deanna Schine
Giancarlo Esposito ... Det. Church
David Morrissey ... Sam Griffin
Georgina Chapman ... Candy
Denis O'Hare ... Jerry the Lawyer
Tom Conti ... Elliot Firth
Xzibit ... Dexter
190 2/4
Despicable Me 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A mysterious criminal mastermind has stolen one of the pyramids in Egypt, sparking a fit of jealous envy in evil genius Gru (Steve Carell), who hasn't managed to make headlines since he and his minions swiped the Times Square JumboTron years back. Ever since Gru was a little boy, he dreamed of going to the moon. Now, if Gru can just build a rocket and get his hands on a powerful shrink-ray, he can cement his reputation as the greatest thief who ever lived by stealing the Earth's satellite right out of the sky. But immediately after Gru heists the shrink-ray, the cunning super-nerd Vector (Jason Segel) swoops in and snatches it right out of his hands. Now, in order to claim the moon, Gru must first reacquire the weapon from Vector. Armed with the knowledge that his nemesis has a mean sweet tooth, Gru adopts cookie-selling orphans Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes (Elsie Fisher), and Edith (Dana Gaier) and commissions a new line of cookie robots from the evil Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), his personal weapons specialist. But as Gru and his diminutive yellow minions prepare to carry out the biggest heist in history, something strange happens. Gru discovers that the three little girls who have come into his life are much more than simple pawns. They actually seem to care about Gru, and it turns out the scheming evildoer makes a pretty good father. When Gru realizes that his upcoming moon mission clashes with a ballet performance by the girls, he must decide what's more important -- being a present parent or cementing his nefarious reputation once and for all. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Unlikely Heroes | Adoption
Keywords : criminal, mastermind, moon, orphan
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Adventure, Superhero Film 
Steve Carell ... Gru
Jason Segel ... Vector
Russell Brand ... Dr. Nefario
Julie Andrews ... Gru's Mom
Will Arnett ... Mr. Perkins
Kristen Wiig ... Miss Hattie
Miranda Cosgrove ... Margo
Dana Gaier ... Edith
Elsie Fisher ... Agnes
Pierre Coffin ... Tim/Bob/Mark/Phil/Stuart the Minions
Chris Renaud ... Dave the Minion
Jemaine Clement ... Jerry the Minion
Jack McBrayer ... Carnival Barker/Tourist Dad
Danny McBride ... Fred McDade
Mindy Kaling ... Tourist Mom
Rob Huebel ... Anchorman
Ken Daurio ... Egyptian Guard
Ken Jeong ... Talk Show Host
191 2/4
Despicable Me 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Once upon a time, Gru (voice of Steve Carrell) dreamt of stealing the moon - these days he's a single adoptive father of three precocious girls. Having given up his spectacular life of crime, Gru now aims to produce a delicious new line of jams with the help of his tiny minions and his old pal Dr. Nefario (voice of Russell Brand). Feeling unfulfilled in his newfound role as a jam-maker, Dr. Nefario announces that he will be departing for more evil pastures just as Gru is approached by the Anti-Villain League to capture the mysterious culprit who just stole a top-secret research lab filled with PX 41 -- an experimental serum with the strength to transform harmless animals into ravenous monsters. The AVL is certain that the culprit is covering his tracks by posing as a small business owner at a local mall, and assign their best agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig) to aid Gru in identifying him. Meanwhile, Gru's oldest adopted daughter Margo (voice of Miranda Cosgrove) falls for rebellious teen Antonio (voice of Moises Arias), the leather-jacketed son of boisterous Mexican cantina owner Eduardo (voice of Benjamin Bratt). Now, with Gru's paternal instincts kicking into full gear just as a dastardly plot begins to unfold, the devoted new father must divide his time between saving the world from an enigmatic super-villain, and saving Miranda from total heartbreak. All the while, a suitable mother for the girls may have been standing right under Gru's pointy nose the entire time. -- Perry Seibert

Themes : Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : villain
Children's/Family, Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Superhero Film 
Steve Carell ... Gru
Kristen Wiig ... Lucy
Benjamin Bratt ... Eduardo/El Macho
Miranda Cosgrove ... Margo
Russell Brand ... Dr. Nefario
Ken Jeong ... Floyd
Steve Coogan ... Silas
Elsie Fisher ... Agnes
Dana Gaier ... Edith
Moisés Arias ... Antonio
Nasim Pedrad ... Jillian
Kristen Schaal ... Shannon
Pierre Coffin ... Kevin the Minion, Bob the Minion, Stuart the Minion, Additional Minions, Evil Minions
Chris Renaud ... Additional Minions, Evil Minions, Italian Waiter
Nickolai Stoilov ... Arctic Lab Guards
Vanessa Bayer ... Flight Attendant
193 2/4
The Devil Wears Prada 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Lauren Weisberger's best-selling novel about a young woman who stumbles into the hectic worlds of high fashion and publishing comes to the big screen in this comedy. Andrea "Andy" Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is a bright young woman from the Midwest who has just graduated from college and wants to work as a magazine writer. Andy has applied for a job at "Runway," America's most prestigious fashion journal; though Andy has little to no interest in the garment trade, they are one of the only magazines in New York with a job opening -- second assistant to editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). As Andy quickly learns, Miranda is a diva with plenty of power within the magazine business and she isn't afraid to use it, and though Andy lands the job (primarily by being in the right place at the right time), she soon learns that working for Miranda could test the patience of a saint thanks to her endless demands and refusal to acknowledge the end of a work day. Andy struggles to hold on to the job and her sanity, knowing that a recommendation from Miranda can open nearly any door at any magazine, but can she handle the pressure without losing her mind along the way? The Devil Wears Prada also stars Stanley Tucci, Emily Blunt, and Adrian Grenier. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Estrogen Shot
Themes : Boss from Hell | Big Break | Fashion World | Office Politics | Women's Friendship | Fish Out of Water
Keywords : assistant, career, editor, fashion-industry, integrity, magazine
Comedy Drama, Workplace Comedy, Urban Comedy 
Meryl Streep ... Miranda Priestly
Anne Hathaway ... Andy Sachs
Emily Blunt ... Emily
Stanley Tucci ... Nigel
Adrian Grenier ... Nate
Tracie Thoms ... Lilly
Rich Sommer ... Doug
Simon Baker ... Christian Thompson
Daniel Sunjata ... James Holt
Jimena Hoyos ... Lucia
Rebecca Mader ... Jocelyn
Tibor Feldman ... Irv Ravitz
Stephanie Szostak ... Jaqueline Follet
David Marshall Grant ... Richard Barnes
James Naughton ... Stephen
Colleen Dengel ... Caroline
Suzanne Dengel ... Cassidy
Eric Seltzer ... Roy
Davide Callegati ... Massimo
Alexie Gilmore ... Clacker #1
Alyssa Sutherland ... Clacker #2
Ines Rivero ... Clacker In Elevator
John Rothman ... Editor
L.J. Ganser ... Marty
George C. Wolfe ... Paul
Gisele Bündchen ... Serena The Talking Clacker
Paul Keany ... St. Regis Butler
Rori Cannon ... Girl At Party
Stan Newman ... John Folger
Heidi Klum ... Heidi Klum
Valentino Garavani ... Valentino Garavani
Robert Verdi ... Fashion Reporter
Lindsay Brice ... PR Woman
John Graham ... Book Guy
Wells Dixon ... Henry
Valentino ... Himself
Mamie Gummer ... Barista
192 2/4
The Devil's Advocate 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Supernatural forces hover over the courtroom in this devilish drama adapted from the novel by Andrew Neiderman. Attorney Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) doesn't heed the Bible-based warnings of his mother (Judith Ivey), who views New York City as "the dwelling place of demons." Instead, he leaves Gainesville, Florida, with his wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron) to put his legalistic skills to the test at a leading Manhattan law firm run by John Milton (Al Pacino). It all goes smoothly -- with Milton urging them to stay, putting Kevin on a $400-per-hour salary, and moving the couple into a luxurious apartment in his own building on Fifth Avenue -- where Mary Ann falls under the influence of neighbor Jackie (Tamara Tunie). After Kevin defends a weird animal sacrificer (Delroy Lindo, uncredited), he moves up to an important case with an apparent murderer, real-estate tycoon Alexander Cullen (Craig T. Nelson). Ignored by Kevin, the troubled Mary Ann has some disturbing experiences, verging on the occult, while Kevin, at work, becomes attracted to redhead Christabella (Connie Neilsen). Dazzled by his entrance into paradise, Kevin doesn't grasp who handed him this Big-Apple success. Could it be...Satan? The film features demonic creatures by Rick Baker. Cameos (Senator Alfonse D'Amato, Don King, others) add to the ambiance of ambition and power in the canyons of Manhattan. -- Bhob Stewart

Themes : Deal With the Devil | Boss from Hell | Ladder to the Top
Keywords : deal-with-the-devil, lawyer, Satan, ambition, life-choices, occult, temptation, wife, courtroom, marital-problems, power, obsession, tycoon
Horror, Supernatural Horror 
Keanu Reeves ... Kevin Lomax
Al Pacino ... John Milton
Charlize Theron ... Mary Ann Lomax
Jeffrey Jones ... Eddie Barzoon
Judith Ivey ... Mrs. Lomax
Monica Keena ... Alessandra Cullen
Connie Nielsen ... Christabella
Craig T. Nelson ... Alexander Cullen
Tamara Tunie ... Jackie Heath
Ruben Santiago-Hudson ... Leamon Heath
Debra Monk ... Pam Garrety
Vyto Ruginis ... Weaver
Laura Harrington ... Melissa Black
Pamela Gray ... Diana Barzoon
Heather Matarazzo ... Barbara
Delroy Lindo ... Santeria Practitioner
Gloria Lynne Henry ... Tiffany
194 4/4
Die Hard 
AMG SYNOPSIS: It's Christmas time in L.A., and there's an employee party in progress on the 30th floor of the Nakatomi Corporation building. The revelry comes to a violent end when the partygoers are taken hostage by a group of terrorists headed by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), who plan to steal the 600 million dollars locked in Nakatomi's high-tech safe. In truth, Gruber and his henchmen are only pretending to be politically motivated to throw the authorities off track; also in truth, Gruber has no intention of allowing anyone to get out of the building alive. Meanwhile, New York cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) has come to L.A. to visit his estranged wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), who happens to be one of the hostages. Disregarding the orders of the authorities surrounding the building, McClane, who fears nothing (except heights), takes on the villains, armed with one handgun and plenty of chutzpah. Until Die Hard came along, Bruce Willis was merely that wisecracking guy on Moonlighting. After the film's profits started rolling in, Willis found himself one of the highest-paid and most sought-after leading men in Hollywood. -- Hal Erickson

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Daring Rescues | Hostage Situations | Race Against Time | Rogue Cops | Terrorism | Unlikely Heroes
Keywords : hostage, captor, high-rise, police-negotiator, rescue, marital-problems, one-against-odds, captive, escape, police, terrorism
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Action, Action Thriller 
Bruce Willis ... John McClane
Alan Rickman ... Hans Gruber
Bonnie Bedelia ... Holly Gennero McClane
Reginald VelJohnson ... Sgt. Al Powell
William Atherton ... Thornburg
Paul Gleason ... Dwayne T. Robinson
De'Voreaux White ... Argyle
Hart Bochner ... Ellis
James Shigeta ... Takagi
Robert Davi ... Big Johnson
Grand L. Bush ... Little Johnson
Al Leong ... Uli
Bruno Doyon ... Franco
Andreas Wisniewski ... Tony
Joey Plewa ... Alexander
Lorenzo Caccialanza ... Marco
Gerard Bonn ... Kristoff
Dennis Hayden ... Eddie
Gary Roberts ... Heinrich
Hans Buhringer ... Fritz
Wilhelm von Homburg ... James
Bill Marcus ... City Engineer
Rick Ducommun ... City Worker
Matt Landers ... Capt. Mitchell
Carmine Zozzora ... Rivers
Dustyn Taylor ... Ginny
George Christy ... Hasseldorf
Anthony Peck ... Young Cop
Cheryl Baker ... Woman
Richard Parker ... Man
David Ursin ... Harvey Johnson
Mary Ellen Trainor ... Gail Wallens
Diana James ... Supervisor
Shelley Pogoda ... Dispatcher
Selma Archerd ... Hostage
Rebecca Broussard ... Hostage
Kate Finlayson ... Hostage
Kym Malin ... Hostage
Taylor Fry ... Lucy McClane
Noah Land ... John Jr.
Betty Carvalho ... Paulina
Kip Waldo ... Convenience Store Clerk
Mark Goldstein ... Station Manager
Tracy Reiner ... Thornburg's Assistant
Rick Cicetti ... Guard
Fred Lerner ... Guard
Bill Margolin ... Producer
David Katz ... Soundman
Robert Lesser ... Businessman
Stella Hall ... Stewardess
Terri Lynn Doss ... Girl at Airport
Jon E. Greene ... Boy at Airport
P. Randall Bowers ... Kissing Man
Michele Laybourn ... Girl in Window
195 3/4
Die Hard 2 
AMG SYNOPSIS: "Another basement, another can the same thing happen to the same guy twice?" asks John McClane (Bruce Willis), in what is doubtless the key question of this film. A year after foiling the terrorist takeover of a high-rise office building in the first movie, McClane is waiting to pick up his wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), at Dulles International Airport just outside Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve. Scheduled to arrive the same evening is Ramon Esperanza (Franco Nero), a South American political figure who is being brought to the United States to stand trial for his role in a drug-smuggling ring. However, a group of terrorists, led by renegade American military officer Col. Stuart (William Sadler), take control of the airport, scuttling radio transmissions and placing their own men in the control tower. Stuart and his men ensure that Esperanza's plane lands safely, and then demand that Stuart and his men be given a fully-fueled 747 and free passage wherever they choose to go. Otherwise, they will guide the many circling jets waiting for landing instructions into definite crash landings, killing the many passengers on board. Not willing to stand aside as terrorists once again threaten his wife's life, the wise-cracking McClane once again leaps into action to foil Stuart's plans and bring the passenger jets safely to the ground. William Atherton, John Amos, Dennis Franz, and John Leguizamo highlight the supporting cast. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Tough Guys
Themes : Daring Rescues | Rogue Cops | Hostage Situations | Race Against Time | Terrorism | Hijackings
Keywords : air-disaster, airport, one-against-odds, drug-lord, rescue, police, terrorism
Attributes : High Budget, High Production Values
Action, Action Thriller 
Bruce Willis ... John McClane
Bonnie Bedelia ... Holly McClane
William Atherton ... Dick Thornberg
Franco Nero ... Gen. Ramon Esperanza
Dennis Franz ... Carmine Lorenzo
John Amos ... Capt. Grant
Reginald VelJohnson ... Sgt. Al Powell
Art Evans ... Barnes
Fred Dalton Thompson ... Trudeau
Tom Bower ... Marvin
Sheila McCarthy ... Samantha Copeland
Don Harvey ... Garber
Tony Ganios ... Baker, Terrorist
Robert Patrick ... O'Reilly, Terrorist
Michael Cunningham ... Sheldon, Terrorist
John Leguizamo ... Burke, Terrorist
Tom Verica ... Kahn, Terrorist
John Costelloe ... Cochrane, Terrorist
Michael Francis Clarke ... Northeast Plane Pilot
Steve Pershing ... Northeast Plane Copilot
Tom Everett ... Northeast Plane Navigator
Sherry Bilsing ... Northeast Plane Stewardess
Jeanne Bates ... Older Woman
Colm Meaney ... Windsor Plane Pilot
Steffan Gregory Foster ... Windsor Plane Copilot
James Lancaster ... Windsor Plane Navigator
Jackie Burch
Jessica Gardner ... Little Girl
Patrick O'Neal ... Cpl. Telford
Joseph Roth ... Airport Cop
David Willis Sr. ... Tow Truck Driver
Peter Nelson ... Thompson, Terrorist
Ken Baldwin ... Mulkey, Terrorist
Danny Weselis ... Blue Light Team Member
Don Charles McGovern ... Blue Light Team Member
Jeff Langton ... Blue Light Team Member
Danial Donai ... Blue Light Team Member
Dale Jacoby ... Blue Light Team Member
Ben Lemon ... Sergeant
Jason Ross-Azikiwe ... Second Sergeant
Anthony Droz ... Soldier
Amanda Hillwood ... Windsor Plane Stewardess
Felicity Waterman ... Windsor Plane Stewardess
Alan Berger ... Windsor Plane Passenger
Vance Valencia ... Foreign Military Plane Pilot
Gilbert Garcia ... Foreign Military Plane Copilot
Julian Reyes ... Young Corporal
Richard Domeier ... TV Cameraman
David Katz ... TV Soundman
Robert Lipton ... Chopper Pilot
Paul Abascal ... TV Director
John Rubinow ... TV Producer
Bob Braun ... TV Newscaster
Dominique Jennings ... TV Newscaster
Jerry Parrott ... Engineer
Robert Sacchi ... Engineer
Edward Gero ... Engineer
Robert J. Bennett ... Engineer
Jim Hudson ... Engineer
Thomas Tofel ... Engineer
Wynn Irwin ... Engineer
Ken Smolka ... Engineer
Martin Lowery ... Engineer
Dick McGarvin ... Engineer
Stafford Morgan ... Engineer
Nick Angotti ... Engineer
Tom Finnegan ... Engineer
Rande Scott ... Engineer
Robert Costanzo ... Vito Lorenzo
Lauren Letherer ... Rent-A-Car Girl
Connie Lillo-Thieman ... Information Booth Girl
Charles Lanyer ... Justice Man
Bill Smille ... Custodian
Dwayne Hargray ... Luggage Worker
John Cade ... Lobby Cop
Paul Bollen ... Airport Cop
196 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Walt Disney Pictures redefined computer animation with this technically accomplished fantasy of prehistoric life, combining live-action backgrounds with computer-generated animals. After a pterodactyl snatches a dinosaur's egg and accidentally drops it while flying away, the egg is rescued by a family of lemurs, who keep it warm until it hatches. They raise the baby dinosaur, named Aladar, as one of their own, and as he grows to adulthood, Aladar protects the primates that he has come to regard as his family. When a giant meteor appears in the sky, packs of dinosaurs have no idea what to make of the strange fiery light, but Aladar and the lemurs are convinced that they must escape to a safer place before the huge flaming stone destroys their home, leading Aladar to encounter his own kind for the first time. D.B. Sweeney provides the voice of Aladar; other actors in the voice cast include Joan Plowright, Julianna Margulies, Alfre Woodard, and Ossie Davis. -- Mark Deming

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Daring Rescues | Heroic Mission | Survival in the Wilderness
Keywords : animation, comet, community, destruction, dinosaurs, family, prehistoric, struggle
Attributes : High Budget
Children's/Family, Family-Oriented Adventure, Prehistoric Fantasy 
D.B. Sweeney ... Aladar
Alfre Woodard ... Plio
Ossie Davis ... Yar
Max Casella ... Zini
Hayden Panettiere ... Suri
Sam Wright ... Kron
Julianna Margulies ... Neera
Peter Siragusa ... Bruton
Joan Plowright ... Baylene
Della Reese ... Eema
199 2/4
Disney Princess Stories Volume One: A Gift from the Heart 
*** Plot Synopsis by Mark Deming
The heroines of four of Disney's best-loved animated stories -- Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Cinderella -- are featured in this collection of new and previously seen material. Ariel dreams of being able to dance and encounters a fellow mermaid who speaks in sign language, Belle and her Beast exchange presents in a read-along story, Cinderella has to brainstorm for a gift for the king, and Jasmine is traveling with Aladdin when they encounter a land run on the whims of a boy king. The episodes featuring Ariel and Jasmine were originally produced as episodes of Disney-produced television series.
Animation, Family 
197 2/4
Disney's A Christmas Carol 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Robert Zemeckis directs this animated version of the Yuletide classic A Christmas Story. The story centers on Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey), a penny-pinching miser who cares nothing for the people around him, least of all his hopelessly downtrodden employee Bob Cratchit (Gary Oldman) and infectiously optimistic nephew, Fred (Colin Firth). On Christmas Eve, after a frightening encounter with the ghost of his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, Scrooge is visited by three spirits -- the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come -- who take him on an eye-opening journey to expose the truths he is reluctant to face. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : Fantastic Reality
Themes : Ghosts | Redemption
Keywords : employee, ghost, miser, nephew, Christmas, Christmas-spirit, wealth
Fantasy, Fantasy Adventure, Holiday Film 
Jim Carrey ... Ebenezer Scrooge, Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, Ghost of Christmas Future
Gary Oldman ... Bob Cratchit, Marley, Tiny Tim
Colin Firth ... Fred
Bob Hoskins ... Fezziwig, Old Joe
Cary Elwes ... Portly Gentleman #1, Dick Wilkins, Mad Fiddler, Guest #1, Business Man #1
Fionnula Flanagan ... Mrs. Dilber
Jacquie Barnbrook ... Mrs. Fezziwig, Fred's Sister-in-Law
Ryan Ochoa ... Young Cratchit Boy, Ignorance Boy
Sammi Hanratty ... Young Cratchit Girl, Want Girl
Daryl Sabara ... Peter Cratchit, Undertaker's Apprentice
Lesley Manville ... Mrs. Cratchit
Raymond Ochoa ... Caroline's Child
Matthew Henerson ... Poulterer
Steve Valentine ... Funerary Undertaker, Topper
Julian Holloway ... Fat Cook
Fay Masterson ... Martha Cratchit, Caroline
Callum Blue ... Caroline's Husband
Molly Quinn ... Belinda Cratchit
Julene Renee ... Adult Want
Sonje Fortag ... Fred's Housemaid
198 3/4
Disney's American Legends 
Consists of new narration by James Earl Jones, which is interspersed with the Disney shorts John Henry (2000), Johnny Appleseed (1948), Paul Bunyan (1958), and The Brave Engineer (1950).
Animation, Family, Fantasy 
James Earl Jones
200 4/4
District 9 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Neill Blomkamp teams with producer Peter Jackson for this tale of extraterrestrial refugees stuck in contemporary South Africa. It's been 28 years since the aliens made first contact, but there was never any attack from the skies, nor any profound technological revelation capable of advancing our society. Instead, the aliens were treated as refugees. They were the last of their kind, and in order to accommodate them, the government of South Africa set up a makeshift home in District 9 as politicians and world leaders debated how to handle the situation. As the humans begin to grow wary of the unwelcome intruders, a private company called Multi-National United (MNU) is assigned the task of controlling the aliens. But MNU is less interested in the aliens' welfare than attempting to understand how their weaponry works. Should they manage to make that breakthrough, they will receive tremendous profits to fund their research. Unfortunately, the highly advanced weaponry requires alien DNA in order to be activated. When MNU field operative Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) is exposed to biotechnology that causes his DNA to mutate, the tensions between the aliens and the humans intensifies. Wikus is the key to unlocking the alien's technology, and he quickly becomes the most wanted man on the planet. Ostracized and isolated, Wikus retreats to District 9 in a desperate bid to shake his dogged pursuers. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Food for Thought
Themes : Benign Aliens | Flight of the Innocent
Keywords : Africa, alien [not human], biotechnology, concentration-camp, DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), escape, mutant, refugee-camp, South-Africa, technology, virus, weapons
Science Fiction, Psychological Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Adventure 
Sharlto Copley ... Wikus van der Merwe
Jason Cope ... Grey Bradnam/UKNR Chief Correspondent, Christopher Johnson
Vanessa Haywood ... Tania Van de Merwe
Mandla Gaduka ... Fundiswa Mhlanga
Kenneth Nkosi ... Thomas
Eugene Khumbanyiwa ... Obesandjo
Louis Minnaar ... Piet Smit
William Allen Young ... Dirk Michaels
Nathalie Boltt ... Sarah Livingstone - Sociologist
Sylvaine Strike ... Dr. Katrina McKenzie
Elizabeth Mkandawie ... Interviewee
John Sumner ... Les Feldman - MIL Engineer
Greg Melvill-Smith ... Interviewer
Nick Blake ... Francois Moraneu - CIV Engineer Team
Jed Brophy ... James Hope - Police Officer
Marian Hooman ... Sandra Van de Merwe
Vittorio Leonardi ... Michael Blomstein - MNU Alien Civil Affairs
Johan van Schoor ... Nicolas Van de Merwe
Stella Steenkamp ... Phyllis Sinderson - MNU Alien Relations
Mampho Brescia ... Reporter
Tim Gordon ... Clive Henderson - Entomologist
Morne Erasmus ... MNU Medic
Anthony Bishop ... Paramedic
David Clatworthy ... Doctor
Mike Huff ... Doctor
Anthony Fridjhon ... MNU Executive
Hlengiwe Madlala ... Sangoma
Siyabonga Radebe ... Obesandjo's Lieutenant
Melt Sieberhagen ... Anton Grobler
Andre Odendaal ... Mike Van Kerland
John Ellis ... MNU Medical Scientest
Louise Saint Claire ... MNU Medical Scientist
Alan Glauber ... MNU Operating Room Doctor
Nicolas Herbstein ... MNU Biolab Technician
Norman Anstey ... MNU Lead Medical Technician
Nick Boraine ... Craig Weldon
Mahendra Raghunath ... SABC Anchor Person
201 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In a world where the population is divided into factions by personality types, Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) is classified as Divergent. When she uncovers a conspiracy to eliminate all Divergents, she teams with the mysterious Four (Theo James) to find out what makes the powers-that-be so frightened of them. Kate Winslet also stars in this action thriller adapted from the novel by Veronica Roth, and directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist, Limitless). -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Race Against Time | Conspiracies | Future Dystopias
Keywords : conspiracy, future, mentor, misfit, personality
Action, Action Thriller, Sci-Fi Action 
Shailene Woodley ... Tris Prior
Theo James ... Four
Kate Winslet ... Jeanine Matthews
Ansel Elgort ... Caleb
Ray Stevenson ... Marcus
Miles Teller ... Peter
Zoë Kravitz ... Christina
Christian Madsen ... Al
Amy Newbold ... Molly
Ben Lamb ... Edward
Jai Courtney ... Eric
Mekhi Phifer ... Max
Maggie Q ... Tori
Ashley Judd ... Tris' Mother
Tony Goldwyn ... Andrew
Janet Ulrich Brooks ... Erudite Teacher
Clara Burger ... Little Abnegation Girl
Anthony Fleming, III ... Guard
Ryan Carr ... Dauntless Man
Alex Hashioka ... Erudite Guard
William Blagrove ... Dauntless Patrol Man
Rotimi ... Ezra
Justine Wachsberger ... Lauren
Michael Sherry ... Bullied Abnegation Boy
Lukas Burger ... Jonathan Ziegler
Austin Lyon ... Zipline #1
Renee Puente ... Zipline #2
Lucas Ross ... Zipline #3
Ana Corbi ... Factionless Girl
Eric Kaldor ... Factionless Man #1
Alice Bowden ... Factionless Man #2
Bob Rumnock ... Older Abnegation Man
Elyse Cole ... Ten Year Old Tris
Efe McWorter ... Candor Judge
Christopher Weir ... Candor Lawyer
Doyle Brand ... Candor Witness
Faye Jackson ... Abnegation Woman
Scott Roberts ... Abnegation Man
Sophia Marzocchi ... Candor Attorney #2
202 2/4
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Screenwriter Callie Khouri makes her directorial debut with this adaptation of a pair of popular novels by author Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Little Altars Everywhere. Sandra Bullock stars as Sidda Lee Walker, a New York playwright who opens a can of emotional worms with her estranged, boozy mother, Vivi (Ellen Burstyn), when she discusses her painful childhood and particularly Vivi's less-than-enviable mothering skills in a Time magazine article. The eccentric Louisiana drama queen Vivi has already been barred from her daughter's oft-delayed wedding to her fiancé, Connor (Angus Macfadyen), so the article sends her into a rage. Coming to the rescue of the relationship are Necie (Shirley Knight), Caro (Maggie Smith), and Teensy (Fionnula Flanagan), a trio of bickering women, who, along with Vivi, formed a secret society of feminist empowerment and friendship 60 years earlier that they dubbed the "Ya-Ya Sisterhood." The Ya-Yas kidnap Sidda and bring her home to Louisiana, where they reveal to Sidda via a carefully maintained scrapbook her mother's painful past (with Vivi portrayed in flashback by Ashley Judd), effecting a rapprochement between mother and daughter. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood also stars James Garner. -- Karl Williams

Moods : Estrogen Shot | Only Human
Themes : Mothers and Daughters | Women's Friendship | Golden Years | Haunted By the Past
Keywords : daughter, Deep-South, estrangement, friendship, mother, parent/child-relationship, secret-society, Southern-belle
Comedy Drama, Americana, Ensemble Film, Family Drama 
Sandra Bullock ... Sidda Lee Walker
Ellen Burstyn ... Vivi Abbott Walker
Ashley Judd ... Younger Vivi Abbott Walker
Fionnula Flanagan ... Teensy
Maggie Smith ... Caro
Cherry Jones ... Buggy
James Garner ... Shep Walker
Angus MacFadyen ... Connor McGill
Allison Bertolino ... Little Sidda Lee Walker
Caitlin Wachs ... Little Vivi Abbott
Jacqueline McKenzie ... Younger Teensy
Katy Selverstone ... Younger Caro
Kiersten Warren ... Younger Necie
Leslie Silva ... Willetta
Matthew Settle ... Jack
Gina McKee ... Genevieve
David Lee Smith ... Younger Shep Walker
Ron Dortch ... Chaney
Frederick Koehler ... Pete Abbott
David Rasche ... Taylor Abbott
Boyd Kestner
Mark Jeffrey Miller ... Lyle
Austin R. Cooper ... Little Shep Jr.
Sarah Huck ... Lulu
Alex Cooper ... Baylor
Alyssa May Gold ... Little Teensy
Mary Katherine Weiss ... Little Caro
Nicki Tschudi ... Little Necie
Deborah Hobart ... Aunt Louise
Clint Lienau ... James Jr.
David Bridgewater ... Dr. Beau Poche
Sarallen ... Older Willetta
Veda Wilson ... Shirley
Mark Joy ... Mr. Whitman
Michael Mattison ... Officer Roscoe Jenkins
Barbara Weetman ... Female Interviewer
Suellen Yates ... Stage Manager
Don Baker ... Confessional Priest
E. Michael Hewett ... Airplane Man
Robert Longstreet ... Pilot
Nina Repeta ... Lady at Gas Station
Michael Moyer ... Pawn Broker
Taj Mahal ... Swing Band Singer
Ursula Burton ... Sister Solange
854 2/4
Doctor Strange 
AMG SYNOPSIS: After a car accident leaves him with nerve damage that ends his career as a New York neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) travels to Kathmandu in the hope of finding an otherworldly cure for his injuries. There, a powerful mystic known as the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) accepts him as her pupil and trains him in the art of sorcery. Eventually, Strange must use his new powers to stop a rival (Mads Mikkelsen) from causing chaos by accessing the Dark Dimension. Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Benedict Wong co-star in this entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister). -- Jack Rodgers

Moods : Adrenaline Rush | Other Dimensions
Themes : Curses and Spells | Fantasy Lands | Heroic Mission | Wizards and Magicians
Keywords : magic, mentor, power, sorcerer, surgeon, tutelage, universe, wizard
Action, Fantasy, Superhero Film 
Benedict Cumberbatch ... Dr. Stephen Strange
Chiwetel Ejiofor ... Baron Mordo
Rachel McAdams ... Christine Palmer
Benedict Wong ... Wong
Mads Mikkelsen ... Kaecilius
Tilda Swinton ... The Ancient One
Michael Stuhlbarg ... Dr. Nicodemus West
Benjamin Bratt ... Jonathan Pangborn
Scott Adkins ... Lucian / Strong Zealot
Zara Phythian ... Brunette Zealot
Alaa Safi ... Tall Zealot
Meera Syal ... Dr. Patel
Amy Landecker ... Dr. Bruner
Eben Young ... Dr. Weiss
Elizabeth Healey ... Concerned Doctor
Guillaume Faure ... Reluctant Surgeon
Pat Kiernan ... Himself
203 2/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: Would you believe that the last living descendent of Jesus Christ is a woman working at an abortion clinic in Illinois? And that she's been sent on a holy mission with two minor characters from Clerks and Mallrats as her guides? Prepare to suspend any and all disbelief as you watch the religious satire Dogma, the fourth film from writer/director Kevin Smith. Bethany (Linda Fiorentino) has been disappointed in life and has found her faith severely tested after her husband leaves her when she discovers she cannot have children. So Bethany is all the more puzzled when she's approached by Metatron (Alan Rickman), a grumpy angel. Metatron wants her to help him stop Bartleby (Ben Affleck) and Loki (Matt Damon), two fallen angels who were ejected from paradise, have escaped from exile and are heading to New Jersey. If they are able to pass through the arc of a certain church, it will prove God is fallible and the world will come to a swift end. Bethany has no idea what to do or why she's been given this project, but she heads out anyway, with her assigned assistants Jay (Jason Mewes), an appallingly rude former dope dealer and self-styled ladies man, and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith). Along the way, Bethany picks up more helpers, including a celestial muse named Serendipity (Salma Hayek) and Rufus (Chris Rock), who claims to have been the 13th apostle and that Jesus owes him 12 dollars. Boasting a huge supporting cast -- including George Carlin, Jason Lee, Janeane Garofalo, Bud Cort, and Alanis Morissette (as God) -- Dogma proved to be highly controversial even before its release. Miramax Pictures, owned by Disney, financed the film, but several weeks before Dogma's world premier at the Cannes Film Festival, they announced they would not release the picture and intended to sell it to another distributor (which would turn out to be Lions Gate Films). Director Smith, however, has always contended that Dogma is a film about the importance of faith, if not organized religion. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Comedy on the Edge
Themes : Message From God | Unlikely Heroes | Crisis of Faith | Obsessive Quests | Religious Zealotry
Keywords : angel, crisis, demon, exile, faith, mission [quest], religion
Comedy, Religious Comedy, Road Movie, Satire 
Ben Affleck ... Bartleby
George Carlin ... Cardinal Glick
Matt Damon ... Loki
Linda Fiorentino ... Bethany
Salma Hayek ... Serendipity
Jason Mewes ... Jay
Alan Rickman ... Metatron
Chris Rock ... Rufus
Bud Cort ... John Doe Jersey
Alanis Morissette ... Woman-God
Kevin Smith ... Silent Bob
Jeff Anderson ... Gun Salesman
Brian O'Halloran ... Grant Hicks
Janeane Garofalo ... Clinic Girl
Betty Aberlin ... Nun
Dan Etheridge ... Priest At St. Stephens
Guinevere Turner ... Bus Station Attnedant
Barrett Hackney ... Stygian Triplet
Kitao Sakurai ... Stygian Triplet
205 3/4
Donnie Darko 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a bright and charming high-school student who also has a dark and willfully eccentric side; he does little to mask his contempt for many of his peers and enjoys challenging the authority of the adults around him. Donnie is also visited on occasion by Frank, a monstrous six-foot rabbit that only Donnie can see who often urges him to perform dangerous and destructive pranks. Late one night, Frank leads Donnie out of his home to inform him that the world will come to an end in less than a month; moments later, the engine of a jet aircraft comes crashing through the ceiling of Donnie's room, making him think there might be something to Frank's prophesies after all. The rest of Donnie's world is only marginally less bizarre, as he finds himself dealing with his confused parents (Mary McDonnell and Holmes Osborne), his college-age sister (Maggie Gyllenhaal), his perplexed analyst (Katherine Ross), a rebellious English teacher (Drew Barrymore), a sleazy self-help expert (Patrick Swayze), and the new girl at school who is attracted by Donnie's quirks (Jena Malone). Donnie Darko was the first feature film from writer and director Richard Kelly; Drew Barrymore, who plays teacher Karen Pomeroy, also lent her support to the project as executive producer. A director's cut played in select theaters on a limited basis in the summer of 2004, featuring original music cues and trimmed scenes originally in Kelly's first cut of the film. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Spellbinders
Themes : Fantasy Life | Time Travel | First Love | High School Life
Keywords : schizophrenia, time-travel, end-of-the-world, hallucination, plane-crash, prep-school, suburbs, vision [mystical], psychiatrist, rabbit, doomsayer, motivational-speaker
Attributes : Cult Film, High Artistic Quality
Fantasy, Comedy Drama, Psychological Drama, Coming-of-Age 
Jena Malone
Jake Gyllenhaal
Noah Wyle
Mary McDonnell
Katharine Ross
Drew Barrymore
Patrick Swayze
204 2/4
Don't Say a Word 
AMG SYNOPSIS: This psychological thriller from screenwriter Patrick Smith Kelly reunites him with his A Perfect Murder (1998) star Michael Douglas. Dr. Nathan Conrad (Douglas) is a respected adolescent therapist faced with a nightmarish scenario when his young daughter (Skye McCole Bartusiak) is snatched by Koster (Sean Bean), a criminal with a talent for high-tech surveillance. Conrad learns that the kidnapper is desperate for a critical piece of information known only to Elisabeth Burrows (Brittany Murphy), one of his catatonic pro bono patients. While his wife Aggie (Famke Janssen) remains at home, bedridden due to a broken leg, Conrad races to unlock the secret stored in Elisabeth's fractured mind, while a New York City detective (Jennifer Esposito) inches closer to discovering the Conrads' dilemma. Don't Say a Word co-stars Oliver Platt and Guy Torry and is directed by Gary Fleder, who follows up his suspense smash Kiss the Girls (1997). -- Karl Williams

Moods : Nail-biters
Themes : Race Against Time | Mind Games | Criminal's Revenge | Haunted By the Past | Kidnapping
Keywords : therapist, daughter, kidnapping, criminal, mental-patient, mystery [enigma], psychology
Thriller, Psychological Thriller 
Michael Douglas ... Dr. Nathan Conrad
Sean Bean ... Patrick B. Koster
Brittany Murphy ... Elisabeth Burrows
Skye McCole Bartusiak ... Jessie Conrad
Guy Torry ... Martin J. Dolen
Jennifer Esposito ... Det. Sandra Cassidy
Shawn Doyle ... Russel Maddox
Victor Argo ... Sydney Simon
Conrad Goode ... Max J. Dunlevy
Paul Schulze ... Jake
Lance Reddick ... Arnie Carter
Famke Janssen ... Aggie Conrad
Oliver Platt ... Dr. Louis Sachs
967 3/4
The Door in the Floor 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Tod Williams served as both director and screenwriter for this drama, adapted from a portion of John Irving's novel A Widow for One Year. Ted and Marion Cole (Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger) are a couple whose marriage is on the verge of collapse. After their two teenage sons died in an auto accident, Marion fell into a deep depression from which she has never fully emerged. Meanwhile, Ted has drifted into repeated infidelity, his most recent mistress being the sexually ravenous Mrs. Vaughn (Mimi Rogers), and neither Ted nor Marion are willing or able to devote their full attention to their surviving daughter, Ruth (Elle Fanning). Ted, a successful author of books for children, hires Eddie (Jon Foster), a bright 16-year-old prep-school student, to help him edit his latest manuscript. But Ted is fully aware that Eddie bears a striking resemblance to one of his late sons -- and that this would have a powerful effect on Marion. Eddie quickly develops a strong attraction to his employer's beautiful wife, and Marion, torn between grief and desire, draws him into a sexual relationship that brings the family's many emotional crises to the breaking point. The Door in the Floor also features Bijou Phillips and Louis Arcella. --

Moods : In a Minor Key
Themes : Crumbling Marriages | Infidelity | Death of a Child | Love Triangles
Keywords : daughter, drawing [art], extramarital-affair, marital-problems, sex, writer, car-crash, grief, teenagers
Drama, Marriage Drama, Romantic Drama 
Jeff Bridges ... Ted Cole
Kim Basinger ... Marion Cole
Jon Foster ... Eddie O'Hare
Mimi Rogers ... Eleanor Vaughn
Elle Fanning ... Ruth Cole
Bijou Phillips ... Alice
Louis Arcella ... Eduardo Gomez
206 1/4
Double Jeopardy 
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this thriller, Ashley Judd plays Elizabeth Parsons, who is convicted of murdering her husband and sentenced to a long stretch in prison. After Elizabeth has spent six years behind bars, it turns out that her husband is still alive: he faked his own death as part of an insurance scam, and Elizabeth is soon released. However, Elizabeth's feelings for her husband can hardly be described as warm, and she wants custody of her son. Elizabeth's parole officer (Tommy Lee Jones) wonders if she might try to make his murder a real thing after all, especially since the law states a person cannot be convicted of the same crime twice. Double Jeopardy was directed by Bruce Beresford, from a screenplay by Douglas S. Cook and David Weisberg. -- Mark Deming

Themes : Miscarriage of Justice | Out For Revenge | Treacherous Spouses | Flight of the Innocent
Keywords : wife, false-conviction, revenge, husband, murder-trial, parole, parole-board/officer, child, custody, death-fake, prison
Thriller, Crime Thriller 
Tommy Lee Jones ... Travis Lehman
Ashley Judd ... Elizabeth "Libby" Parsons
Bruce Greenwood ... Nick Parsons
Annabeth Gish ... Angie
Roma Maffia ... Margaret Skolowski
Davenia McFadden ... Evelyn Lake
Jay Brazeau ... Bobby
Gillian Barber ... Rebecca Tingely
Benjamin Weir ... Matty Parsons (age 4)
Spencer Treat Clark ... Matty Parsons (age 11)
207 1/4
The Double 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Richard Ayoade's stylized adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novella The Double stars Jesse Eisenberg as Simon James, a meek office drone who bumbles his way through his day, forever pining for a pretty girl (Mia Wasikowska) who lives near him and working hard for a boss (Wallace Shawn) who doesn't see any of his accomplishments. One day Simon discovers that he has a new co-worker, James Simon (also Eisenberg), who looks just like him and possesses all of the confidence and charisma that Simon lacks. Simon befriends this new person, and soon the put-upon man is asserting himself. However, he begins to fear he's becoming just another pawn in James' relentless self-interests. The Double screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. -- Perry Seibert

Moods : A World of Its Own
Themes : Future Dystopias | Twins and Lookalikes
Keywords : apartment, corporation, doppelganger, dream-girl, job
Comedy, Black Comedy, Satire, Surrealist Film, Workplace Comedy 
Jesse Eisenberg ... Simon James, James Simon
Mia Wasikowska ... Hannah
Wallace Shawn ... Mr. Papadopoulos
Yasmin Paige ... Melanie Papadopoulos
Noah Taylor ... Harris
James Fox ... The Colonel
Craig Roberts ... Detective
Paddy Considine
Sally Hawkins ... Receptionist
Chris O'Dowd ... Nurse
Cathy Moriarty ... Kiki
Phyllis Somerville ... Simon's Mother
Tony Rohr ... Rudolph
Susan Blommaert ... Liz
Jon Korkes ... Detective
Tim Key ... Staff Member
Lloyd Woolf
Lydia Ayoade
J. Mascis ... Janitor
Kierston Wareing
208 2/4
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas 
AMG SYNOPSIS: He's mean, he's green, and he's doesn't like the Yuletide season one bit -- Jim Carrey stars in this live-action adaptation of the classic children's story by Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel). High atop Mt. Crumpet, the Grinch (Carrey) observes the residents of Whoville joyously preparing to celebrate Christmas. The Grinch was born in Whoville years ago, but was shunned due to his scary appearance, and his unrequited love for Martha May Whovier has turned him bitter; the good cheer of the Whos has been a thorn in his side ever since. Finally the Grinch decides he's had enough of all this happiness, and with the wary aid of his dog Max, the Grinch conspires to steal Christmas from Whoville, making off with their presents, holiday decorations, Christmas trees, and everything else used to enjoy the holiday. Molly Shannon, Christine Baranski, Jeffrey Tambor, and Clint Howard play several of the citizens of Whoville, while Anthony Hopkins narrates (taking over from the late Boris Karloff, who memorably read Dr. Seuss' story in Chuck Jones' 1966 animated adaptation of the story). Ron Howard directs. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Heads of State | Redemption | Sharing [k] | Assumed Identities
Keywords : Christmas, Christmas-spirit, monster, redemption, village, girl, heart
Children's/Family, Comedy, Children's Fantasy, Holiday Film 
Jim Carrey ... The Grinch
Jeffrey Tambor ... Mayor May Who
Christine Baranski ... Martha May Whovier
Bill Irwin ... Lou Lou Who
Molly Shannon ... Betty Lou Who
Clint Howard ... Whobris
Taylor Momsen ... Cindy Lou Who
Anthony Hopkins ... Narrator
Mindy Sterling ... Clarnella
209 1/4
Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Following up on the success of 2000's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Imagine Entertainment presents The Cat in the Hat, their second live-action adaptation of a classic Dr. Seuss book. Starring Mike Myers, the film follows the adventures of Conrad (Spencer Breslin) and Sally Walden (Dakota Fanning), a young brother and sister who find themselves visited by the titular mischievous cat (Meyers) and his entourage when their mother (Kelly Preston) leaves them home alone. Also starring Alec Baldwin and the voice of Sean Hayes, The Cat in the Hat is the directorial debut of Oscar-nominated art director Bo Welch. -- Matthew Tobey

Moods : Fantastic Reality | Just for Fun
Themes : Mischievous Children | When the Parents Are Away | Authority Figures [k] | Talking Animals
Keywords : imagination, cat, fun, rainy-day, sibling
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Family-Oriented Comedy 
Mike Myers ... The Cat in the Hat
Alec Baldwin ... Lawrence Quinn
Kelly Preston ... Joan Walden
Dakota Fanning ... Sally Walden
Spencer Breslin ... Conrad Walden
Amy Hill ... Mrs. Kwan
Sean Hayes ... Mr. Humberfloob, Fish
Paris Hilton ... Female Club-Goer
Paige Hurd ... Denise
Danielle Chuchran ... Thing 1
Taylor Rice ... Thing 1
Brittany Oaks ... Thing 2
Talia-Lynn Prairie ... Thing 2
Dan Castellaneta ... Voice of Thing 1/Thing 2
Victor Brandt ... Narrator
Daran Norris ... Announcer
Stomy Bugsy ... Nevins
Frank Welker ... Nevins
Clint Howard ... Kate The Caterer
Steven Anthony Lawrence ... Dumb Schweitzer
Candace Dean Brown ... Secretary
Stephen Hibbert ... Jim McFlinnigan
Roger Morrissey ... Mr. Wompatatat
210 2/4
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Dr. Seuss' classic, environmentally themed children's book comes to the big screen in this tale of a young boy who encounters a cantankerous forest creature after venturing outside of his artificial city in search of a tree. Ted (voice of Zac Efron) lives in a town where nothing is quite as it appears; everything is plastic, including the plants. Hopelessly smitten by the beautiful Audrey (voice of Taylor Swift), who dreams of one day seeing a real tree, Ted boldly leaves the city determined to find the flora and grant her wish. Along the way, the young adventurer crosses paths with the Lorax (voice of Danny DeVIto), a diminutive, mustached defender of nature who doesn't take kindly to human intruders. The better Ted gets to know the Lorax, however, the more he learns that his newfound friend has good reason for being a bit surly. Also featuring the voices of Betty White, Ed Helms, and Rob Riggle. -- Jason Buchanan

Moods : Just for Fun
Themes : Fantasy Lands
Keywords : creature, forest, tree, woods [place], logging
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Message Movie 
Danny DeVito ... The Lorax
Ed Helms ... The Once-ler
Zac Efron ... Ted
Taylor Swift ... Audrey
Betty White ... Grammy Norma
Rob Riggle ... Mr. O'Hare
Jenny Slate ... Ted's Mom
Nasim Pedrad ... Once-ler's Mom
Michael Beattie ... 2nd Marketing Guy
Dempsey Pappion ... 2nd Commercial Guy
Elmarie Wendel ... Aunt Grizelda
Danny Cooksey ... Brett, Chet
Stephen Tobolowsky ... Uncle Ubb
Chris Renaud ... Forest Animals
Jack Angel ... Additional Voices
Bob Bergen ... Additional Voices
John Cygan ... Additional Voices
Debi Derryberry ... Additional Voices
Bill Farmer ... Additional Voices
Jess Harnell ... Additional Voices
Sherry Lynn ... Additional Voices
Danny Mann ... Additional Voices
Mona Marshall ... Additional Voices
Mickie T. McGowan ... Additional Voices
Laraine Newman ... Additional Voices
Jan Rabson ... Additional Voices
Claira Nicole Titman ... Additional Voices
Jim Ward ... Additional Voices
211 2/4
Dr. T & The Women 
AMG SYNOPSIS: Director Robert Altman reteams with Cookie's Fortune scribe Anne Rapp for this tale of a Dallas gynecologist and the parade of anxious patients, haggard family members, and potential love interests who come his way. Richard Gere plays the titular role of Dr. Sullivan Travis, a calm, successful, and much sought-after ob-gyn who witnesses his normally stable life come apart over the course of one rainy autumn. As the film opens, Dr. T and his wife Kate (Farrah Fawcett) are preparing for the wedding of their Dallas Cowboys cheerleader daughter Dee Dee (Kate Hudson). Their other daughter -- the Kennedy-assassination conspiracy theorist Connie (Tara Reid) -- has her doubts about the impending nuptials, but Dr. T chalks them up to routine sibling jealousy. Meanwhile, escaping a messy divorce, boozy sister-in-law Peggy (Laura Dern) moves into the Travis household with her three toddler daughters in tow. For release, Dr. T finds solace target shooting and golfing (occasionally at the same time) with his buddies, and at his country club, he meets a beguiling golf pro, Bree (Helen Hunt). When the childlike Kate loses her grip on reality during a flatware shopping spree, Bree offers to give the kindly doctor some lessons in his swing -- both on and off the fairways. Dr. T had its North American Premiere at the 2000 Toronto International Film Fest. -- Michael Hastings

Moods : Only Human
Themes : Eccentric Families | Fathers and Daughters | Infidelity | Parenthood | Wedding Bells
Keywords : gynecologist, patient [medical], temptation, cheerleading, conspiracy-theories, golf, target-shooting
Comedy Drama, Romance, Comedy of Manners, Ensemble Film, Romantic Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Workplace Comedy 
Richard Gere ... Dr Sullivan Travis
Helen Hunt ... Bree
Farrah Fawcett ... Kate
Laura Dern ... Peggy
Shelley Long ... Carolyn
Tara Reid ... Connie
Kate Hudson ... Dee Dee
Liv Tyler ... Marilyn
Robert Hays ... Harlan
Matt Malloy ... Bill
Lee Grant ... Dr Harper
Janine Turner ... Dorothy
Andy Richter ... Eli
212 2/4
Dracula Untold 
"The Legend Is Born"

As his kingdom is being threatened by the Turks, young prince Vlad Tepes must become a monster feared by his own people in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the families of his kingdom.
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, War 
Luke Evans ... Dracula
Sarah Gadon ... Mirena
Dominic Cooper ... Mehmed
Diarmaid Murtagh ... Dimitru
Art Parkinson ... Ingeras
Charles Dance ... Master Vampire
Paul Kaye ... Brother Lucian
William Houston ... Cazan
Noah Huntley ... Cpatain Petru
Ronan Vibert ... Simion
Zach McGowan ... Shkelgim
Ferdinand Kingsley ... Hanza Bey
Joseph Long ... General Omer
Thor Kristjansson ... Bright Eyes
Jakub Gierszal ... Acemi
Joe Benjamin ... Mihai
Paul Bullion ... Nicolae
Mish Boyko ... Andrei
Dilan Gwyn ... Governess
Arkie Reece ... General Ismail
Phil Zimmerman ... Mihai's Father
Dominic Borrelli ... Wealthy Boyar
Tom Benedict Knight ... Turkish General
Paul Casar ... Ingrigued Boyar
Stavros Demetraki ... Mehmed's Adjutant
Ruth Baxter ... Mirena's Handmaiden
Rachel Kennedy ... Mirena's Handmaiden
Louise Parker ... Mirena's Handmaiden
Glen Barry ... Lucian's Monk
Shane McCaffrey ... Lucian's Monk
Guillaume Meliot ... Omer's Adjutant
Jason Coalter ... Vlad's Castle Guard
Colan Currin ... Vlad's Castle Guard
John Friel ... Vlad's Castle Guard
Andrew Laverty ... Vlad's Castle Guard
Matthew Akerfeldt ... Vlad's Soldier
Chris Cherry ... Vlad's Soldier
Eugene Furphy ... Vlad's Soldier
Graham Hutton ... Vlad's Soldier
Chris Keenan ... Vlad's Soldier
Gordon Bell ... Boyar Men
Graham Cave ... Boyar Men
Norman Coates ... Boyar Men
Xander Duffy ... Boyar Men
Ann Louise Bresnaham ... Ladies of the Court
Charlene Gleeson ... Ladies of the Court
Ann O'Connor ... Ladies of the Court
Gretta Shore ... Ladies of the Court
Hunter Boland ... Children of the Court
Maria Laird ... Children of the Court
Aodhan McGowan ... Children of the Court
213 0/4
Dragon Hunters 
AMG SYNOPSIS: A little girl helps two would-be heroes save the world from a rampaging beast in this GCI-animated feature from France. Lord Arnold was once a brave warrior who frequently did battle with the World Gobbler, a fearsome dragon who would return every five years to bring destruction to everything (and everyone) in its path. However, Arnold is growing old, his vision is failing him and he's no longer up to the challenge of battling dragons. Arnold's niece Zoe is a spunky young girl who has learned to best the tiny dragons that play in the woods and wants to move on to more ambitious game, but Arnold is wary of letting her face the beasts he's chased most of his life. Fate steps in when Zoe gets lost in the forest and a pair of opportunistic wanderers, brave Lian Chu and conniving Gwizdo, find her and attempt to return her to her uncle in hopes of a reward. As they make their way back to Lord Arnold's castle, Lian Chu and Gwizdo find they've been misidentified as a pair of knights who've come to vanquish the World Gobbler, and with Zoe's help they square off against one of the world's most powerful dragons. The voice cast for the original French release of Chasseurs de Dragons included Marie Drion, Vincent Lindon, Patrick Timsit and Philippe Nahon; for its release in English-langue territories as Dragon Hunters, Forest Whitaker, Mary Mouser, Rob Paulsen and Dave Wittenberg headlined the vocal cast. -- Mark Deming

Moods : Other Dimensions
Themes : Fantasy Lands | Mythical Creatures | Obsessive Quests
Keywords : dragon, knight, niece, warrior
Children's/Family, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends 
Mary Matilyn Mouser
Rob Paulsen
Forest Whitaker
214 1/4
AMG SYNOPSIS: In this supernatural thriller, Kevin Costner plays Joe Darrow, a physician mourning the death of his wife Emily (Susannah Thompson) in a bus accident in South America, where she was providing medical outreach. Wracked by grief, Joe works extra shifts at the hospital to take his mind off the tragedy, but the intense workload triggers his short temper and some careless mistakes. His officious boss (Joe Morton) forces Joe to take time off, but Joe feels obligated to check in on his wife's pediatric patients, fulfilling a promise he made before she left. Visiting the ward, Joe starts to believe that Emily is using the near-death experiences of her terminal patients to communicate with him, through images the children report seeing in their dreams, and symbols they are inexplicably compelled to draw. While the children see Joe as a kindred spirit, the hospital staff worries about how these interactions are agitating them. At home, Joe begins finding other ethereal evidence of his wife's attempt to contact him from beyond the grave, some of it featuring the image of a dragonfly, which was the shape of the birthmark on her shoulder. His friends and a caring neighbor (Kathy Bates) worry that Joe is losing his marbles, especially as his quest becomes more frantic, putting his job in jeopardy. -- Derek Armstrong

Moods : Spellbinders
Themes : Death of a Partner | Doctors and Patients | Haunted By the Past | Psychic Abilities | Supernatural Romance
Keywords : death-in-family, doctor,